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Saturday Satire: Hot Russian Women
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In 2013 Victoria Secret came with a new advertising campaign “The perfect Body.”

Victoria Secret campaign

This campaign may not look any different from their previous advertisements: a slew of tall and thin models posing sexily in lingerie. But with the words “The Perfect Body” splashed across the ad, this controversial campaign has created a lot of heat for the company.

A backlash spread across the internet and a social media wave with the hash tag #iamperfect soon took hold. More and more across the net some women shared how much they hate Victoria Secret:

Fat woman complains about victoria's secret

And here:

The perfect body 05

Because of the backlash, Victoria’s Secret changed the slogan to “A Body For Every Body,” but this didn’t actually solve anything.

The perfect body 04

Because the advertisement still falsely suggested that every body type was represented by these thin models, women became even more angry.

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There are many more comments you can find here: Victoria Secret Controversy

Lane Bryant created their own campaign to capture the sales of women who didn’t fit into Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

(Notice the one word “Sexy”).

But what is really funny is that the one word “Sexy” DOSEN’T sell. But, Victoria’s Secret Angels sells A LOT.

The controversy still continues.

Now, the UK lingerie company Curvy Kate is launching a contest to find its next poster girl—and it’s making a not-so-subtle dig at that tone-deaf Victoria’s Secret ad in the process.

Fat substitutes for victoria's secret


Throughout the history of advertisement, companies invited beautiful women, perhaps even unrealistically looking beautiful women. The aim was to sell the companies products. I truly believe that everyone inside has an aesthetic feeling of beauty. But the modern Western Society tries to create a new model of beauty to make some women feel better about themselves. To me it just looks silly and not attractive and works against the companies. I don’t think that these ads will make a lot of sales.

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Saturday Satire: Hot Russian Women
Seth Update: Visa Approved

32 thoughts on “The perfect body

    • Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The bottom line is that men want to f#ck, date, marry, and produce children with the VS models or women with similar bodies. Deep down inside no man (that is not a feminist) would pick the curvy (fat) chicks in the second pic.

      These chicks are so full of it! How many of them would give a short, fat, and broke guy a second look or their phone number in the grocery store or bar?

      Not eating for short periods of time is something any woman can do to reach and maintain her normal weight. No excuses.

      • Actually I was being too generous…it’s men that have been far too lax in their standards over the centuries…

        “On the other hand, from a purely physical perspective, it’s women’s idealized masculine form that hasn’t changed in millennia. While there may have been a rubenesque period when men loved the fatties of the 1600′s, no such era ever existed for women’s physical preferences. The classic broad chest, wide shoulders, six-pack abs and squared jaws of greco-roman athleticism are still the idealized male form that has graced EVERY romance novel cover in existence. I’m still waiting for someone to post me a link for a dating site that caters exclusively to women’s fetish of BBMs – average to good looking, fit women specifically looking overweight men. Executive Introductions caters to women seeking affluent, influential men, but women just looking for overweight men, that site doesn’t exist.”

        If you look at the bodies of the man and woman being used for the protein supplement ad…any person that has competed in athletics…knows which body is harder to attain and maintain…the male model’s not the female model…case closed.

        Countries that are Boris friendly are more fair and less sexist.

          • Wow, everyone should watch that video.

            How backwards has our society become?

            The first fat lady says, “I’m gluten free, fat free and sugar free.” All I can say to that is, she’s either lying or she eats A LOT of carbs. Because the only way she can maintain that body size is to eat about 3,000 calories a day. Just a 40 minute walk each day and she would shed the weight.

            Alana is DAILY surprised at how big American women are, “How is it possible?” Then we go to a bar-b-que an she watches the pigs line up to the trough and just gorge themselves.

            Funny, every fat person I know says they eat so well but when I go out with them, they easily eat 2 to 3 times what I eat.

            All of the fat women in this clip are fat because they get away with it. Lazy Men, who won’t go East will sleep with them. When one day, Men just say no, then maybe women will care about their appearance.

          • These liars are saying they are happy with the way they look? BS. If any one of these BBW had to wear a bikini on a beach in Venezuela.
            Each one of those gluten free, fat free, sugar free women are the size of 5 Argentine women.

          • If only those women were funny like Jake the Dog. I’d get some amusement by watching them jiggle.

          • LOL!
            Only if it were that funny in real life but those big women are serious. They expect men that actually have something valuable to offer to accept them the same way men accept a thin and toned women.

  1. Nice post Alana.

    Also a timely article, with the recent controversy over this advertising campaign from Protein World:

    Apparently, it’s offensive for a fitness company to promote images of fit women, which I would have thought is an obvious marketing strategy for the fitness industry? Feminists obviously believe that gyms and fitness companies should only show the ‘before’ shot, while banning the ‘after’. Fitness is a crime!

    Quite amusing that the social justice warriors have apparently only succeeded in providing free publicity and increased sales for this fledgling company. Protein World should be respected for standing up to these emotional bullies.

    It’s amazing how the Western world is engaged in a swift race to the bottom, which is usually the case under most forms of leftism.

  2. I have never slept with or even dated a fat chick.
    If she does not care about her own health enough to stay a healthy weight, then how the hell could she be a role model for her kids.
    These “women” are not only lazy, but also selfish.

    My god i work out hard 4-5 days a week to keep that college athletic build and looking like Brad Pit Body from the movie Troy.
    And these lazy ass and selfish women can’t even control the way they eat to be healthy.

    I need out of the western world, like yesterday.

    • Jay,
      The same.
      Even among the average to terrible Western of my past…I have never dated an ugly fat chick. If a girl is young and single without kids…what excuse does she have to be fat? If she’s fat now…how fat is she going to get after she get’s married and comfortable?…after she pops out some kids?
      Plus it always very surprising that most women that can’t cook for themselves are the fattest…but the ones that can cook very well are usually thin?
      I read few scientific articles claiming obesity can change a woman’s DNA, which could potentially increase future unborn children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren risk of developing certain types of diseases/health issues.

  3. The Protein World uproar was hilarious. So many women felt the need to strip down to their swimwear to show the world what ‘real women’ look like, including a plus-sized model.

    Yes, the plus-sized model IS sexy, but she still doesn’t look half as attractive as the Australian model Protein World engaged for its ads.

    I don’t understand why they caused such a stink. If the ad causes them to feel their bodies are inadequate, maybe spend less time protesting and more time on balancing food portion sizes and exercise? *roll eyes*

    And sorry ladies, the Victoria’s Secret models are far hotter than the Lane Bryant ones.

  4. Interesting post from Huffington…
    “What The ‘Ideal’ Woman’s Body Looks Like In 18 Countries”

    “The company hired designers from countries around the world to photoshop a stock image via Shutterstock to reflect the beauty standards of their specific countries. ”

    “In order to highlight a woman’s perception of her culture’s beauty standards, Superdrug asked the four male designers to photoshop the image based on messages women in their countries receive about what an ideal body should look like. ”
    …but it totally misses the mark…they never ask the people (the average man or woman) in those countries…what’s the ideal body? In particular they never ask the men in those countries…what they want!? What good is an ideal…if it is not highly desired by the opposite sex?

    • According to the pictures, it’s Italy for me, but the upper chest was too flat for an Italian. Ukraine was far off the mark, in my opinion, with the large, upper thighs. Many of the Latin countries were not what I’ve experienced either, except Argentina was ok. Strange. Anything to buy up their journal, I guess.

      • Could not agree more.

        Single and married women with children from those places and the photo shopped images they designed…way off mark. They used the word IDEAL in the article too. Was this article created to help American women fill better about themselves? I started laughing when I saw the pics representing Colombia and Venezuela…I was thinking they have to be joking right?! That’s ideal?

        Definition from the dictionary.

        ideal (ī-dēˈəl, ī-dēlˈ): 1. A conception of something in its absolute perfection. 2. One that is regarded as a standard or model of perfection or excellence. 3. An ultimate object of endeavor; a goal.

        Obviously the ideal standard is represented very well in a certain type of entertainment industry (cough cough) but if the editors did not want to go there on the internet…chicas car audio (or at least the beach, lakes/rivers, or gyms–that are usually packed with women sweating not men) would have been a good place to start in Venezuela or Colombia.

  5. Girl power!

    “Beauty pageants have long been the target of ire and viewed as both archaic and demeaning to women.” … from a recent CNN Money article.
    Miss Teen USA gets rid of swimsuit portion of contest.

    How’s that female empowerment and fat acceptance working?

    “Over this same period (2004 to 2014), obesity rates for teens rose from about 17 percent to 21 percent, CDC researchers report in the second study.” … “Obesity rates rising for US women and teens.” … from a June 7th Fox News article.

    Everyone knows those numbers are skewed and there are drastically more obese (and fat) women and teens than they are reporting.

    While further south in Latin America or east in Russia and South East Asia … they call it like they see it in their local language … Fat is fat! Have you no shame? … just stop shoving piles of food down your mouth and start exercising then something amazing will start to happen.

    • You know what is insane? They’re now accusing slender women of being unhealthy and anorexic!

      You’re right. In Southeast Asia, we still refer to fat as fat and view it as unhealthy. They’re trying to spread body positivity (fat acceptance in reality) here too. Whatever. It just makes me want to remain thin all the more.

      • That is crazy!

        What’s great about diabetes, strokes, cancer, and heart attacks?

        At house party some guy (his wife is fat!) tried to publically shame me by referring to the type of women I liked as “12 year-old boys” because I simply stated my preference in female body types when I was asked. I stated (paraphrasing) well if you are calling what I like that…I’ll take that over the typical American hog any day of the week…”I wish they all were anorexic and looked like…” This is the same guy that was blown away by the last Latina girlfriend I had. Go figure!

        • Seeker,
          That guy is trying to justify his marriage to a fat woman. He has been brainwashed into accepting the new “normal” and has forgotten what real women SHOULD look like. Score one for the feminists. Another politically correct mangina.

          • Does he really need a real woman?
            He’d be happy with a piece of fat meat with a hole in the middle as a vagina replacement and won’t notice any difference.

          • Hey Robert and FC!
            Thanks and I know but it’s getting old real quick…I have been getting some serious pushback over the last couple of months…and it’s really starting to piss me off…a lot. I am not even volunteering my opinion…I’m being asked…if they don’t like my answer then they can go **you know what** but I will not be pressured or shamed into tolerating in my own life what is not acceptable.

          • Seeker, the problem with the West is that the mainstream is now trying to make people think that ugly is indeed beautiful, dishonesty is the new honesty, lies are the new truth and hidden agenda is the new personal integrity.
            Every damn day loads of mainstream propaganda are being pushed on sheeple around the world and primarily in North America.
            Yes, few individuals like YOU are able to withstand the pressure and not to succumb to the ideas of the mainstream brainwashing propaganda, but an overoveroverwhelming majority will gladly follow while finding all kinds of excuses as to WHY they were unable to have an own opinion and why they lost all self respect.
            Sheeple these days can’t stand the truth and are scared to face reality thus they run and hide behind all kinds of propaganda and virtual games like that new shit called Pokémon GO!
            I just can’t believe how many sheeple are now playing this Pokémon game… and that it’s so damn easy to turn an adult male into a fucking 12 year old child chasing Pokémons…

          • FC. Totally agree. My dad is just can’t believe the number of “grown men” that are playing P0kémon G0 in their free time. Oh well. Less competition for me…nature get’s rid of what is no longer useful. So many people in the US are focused on Nov 2016…I have other things to do with my mental energy and free time…I piss people off in this area too…and I don’t care.

          • You know, Seeker, this Pokémon GO shit is yet another tool to control sheeple.
            Adult sheeple are given a toy start following or chasing that Pokémon figure meaning they’ll never even try to think about what’s going on around them, will never protest and show displeasure and will never question anything the mainstream does!

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