Saturday Satire: Before and after marriage

Seth Update: Visa Approved
Never Ever Marry an American Woman

These photos were making the rounds in the Russian social media circuit; expectations for before and after marriage.

The title above each photo reads: “Before marriage,” and “after marriage.” I had a good chuckle because I’ve thought some of these myself.

The bathroom;

Before and after marriage in Russia

The bedroom:

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Before and after marriage in Russia

The kitchen:

Before and after marriage in Russia


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Seth Update: Visa Approved
Never Ever Marry an American Woman

11 thoughts on “Saturday Satire: Before and after marriage

  1. Pretty funny Scott!
    The third pic about the kitchen seems like a winner.
    A hot young woman that knows her way around a clean kitchen, she’s a keeper, since she would be on the endangered species list in the West.

    • Pretty sexy kitchen skirt outfit , that she is wearing.You do notice , that there are no buttons , on it ??

      And as you know , these women tend to look after themselves , pretty well.So , yes , to me it`s no surprise , that most of the things , in the bathroom , will be from/for her.

      Better get used to the idea.

  2. Hello Scott

    This is probably different than many comments you receive but thought you should know this. This blog is making a difference, at least to me and some of my group of friends. I am 15 years old. I am originally from Russia, my family moved to US a year ago. When my family came here I was very surprised to see how different american culture is. I think it is sad that a lot of Western women are willing to live their life making excuses for themselves and thinking they are better than every body else. Is that really what is going to make you happy ? Here you see so many women who have let themselves of and have this strange attitude like the world owes them something. A lot of girls even my age are feminists, there is a feminist club at my school and it is pretty big. Some guys are even in it! I think it’s sad. In one post you talk about how men and women are equal, just different. They have different roles they give to marriage and the world. I think that is very true and forgotten right now in the West. A friend of mine told me that she does not care about her body or wearing makeup because guys should like her for what’s inside. Well, that nice to think but there is phrase that goes something like “you cannot see a good personality from across the room”. My parents are both in their 40s, but people are always surprise to hear how old my mom is. I think that is why my parents have happy marriage, they take care of themselves and do what they are supposed to do. A lot of my friends mom are overweight and divorced, posting things on Facebook about how much men suck! Well maybe if you opened your mind and took care of your self, you would feel better about your self and more of men would be attracted to you. Don’t women want husbands here? Why would you not want to settle down and have happy marriage? I think a life of “independence” as these feminist women say can be lonely. A lot of my friends thought like this at first but when I explained how Russian culture is, and told them my perspective a lot of their opinions changed. Now they think this type of liberal women are silly. I also showed them this blog. We all like to read it a lot now. It seems like this blog is not afraid to say the truth. Every one else is concerned about hurting people’s feelings. But you make some great points and have helped some of my friends American understand and change the way they thought. So be happy to know that you have helped change at least a few Western youth over to your side !

    • Anna, thank you very much for your comment. Not only is it well written, but also very insightful. By the way, Молодец on your English; your comments are very well written for a non-native English speaker (and one who has only been here for a year).

      Don’t be surprised when you get hostility from American women when you have an attractive body shape and when you act like a feminine Woman. Nothing is more threatening to a fat-American woman than a pretty, fit and feminine Woman. Always hold your head high and know that you will be in great demand by Men while the feminist women who let themselves go will be at home with their cats.

      I just read your comment to Alana and she had a big smile and said, “Молодец for her!.” We mix English and Russian sentences all the time ~ something that I’m sure that you’re familiar with ;-)

      Thank you for your comments to me and about this blog. It is obvious to me by your comments, the comments of others and that this website is fast approaching 1,000,000 hits that I’ve struck a nerve in Western Society.

      Hope to see you back soon!

      • Thanks for the comments Anna!
        Scott is correct you will face many forms of hostility from western feminist women but please resist becoming one of them or letting them crush your spirit. Yes, you will be in great demand by many western men seeking a wife when you hit your 20s. Real men that are informed prefer classy Slavic, Asian, and Latina women over typical American women…period!

    • Hi Anna, I am really glad you wrote to Scott’s blog. As is very common with young ladies from your country, you are quite mature in your thoughts and behavior. As I have talked to my wife from Ukraine, I have asked her to not change for the sake of wanting to be like Western women. We run into a lot of Eastern European ladies here in Germany and we can see how they’ve begun to get Super Sized bodies and their materialistic ways of thinking. One lady from Sevastopol, who has lived in Germany for 15 years now, criticized me (told my wife, not me!) for not buying my wife a diamond bracelet for our wedding anniversary. I had bought my wife a large plant with beautiful white blooming flowers, which she/we never had in Ukraine, due to size limitations of apartments there and expense. So, she was thrilled to have such a plant in our home and such a gift, rather than a diamond bracelet, which is worn for awhile, then eventually dropped into a jewelry case. My point is, keep your Russian feminine values close. Remember your fashions. Don’t succumb to throwing on the gym shorts or wearing all clothes with running shoes. Don’t go there!! Keep your heels, make up and nails, like your Russian sisters. Keep your shyness when dating and save your heart for only the guy that deserves it. My daughter is only 4 months, but today she was wearing a pretty yellow dress that her papa bought her! Take care and best wishes for your new life in America!

  3. Hi Scott

    1) How do you keep the home fires burning once you bring your girl back home?
    2) How do you help your wife adjust to life in America and would a girl from a bigger town mind living in a smaller town?

    3) Also do you have to rich? I have friend that are interested in this and they are nice guys, but they are blue collar workers.

    4) Finally: When I am there for two to three months for my university trip will I be able to date any girls or take any girls that I meet to a nightclub or would I get turned down because I will only be there for 2-3 months?


    William Cavers

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