Never Ever Marry an American Woman

Saturday Satire: Before and after marriage
Saturday Satire: Most Men ask, "Is she pretty?"

Davide Serra

Italian hedge fund manager Davide Serra was recently interviewed and he gave his opinion regarding marriage and Western Women.

And this is a guy we should listen to. He is a rich and successful multi-millionaire who was educated in Italy, Norway and Belgium. He skis, sport fishes and sails his yatch around icebergs in Greenland. When you open a Maxim magazine, this is the guy they’re talking about.

And his opinion of Western women?

“Never, ever marry an American woman. That’s the advice I give my friends.”

Its not his original thought; you’ll hear this sentiment echoed widely in European (and less frequently in American) circles. However, being that it isn’t politically correct, most public people won’t say it to a newspaper or magazine. Davide is quite brash and on top of his game and I suppose that he is able to get away with a little more political incorrectness than the average Fortune 500 executive. Serra runs a hedge fund – for those not familiar with hedge funds, it is a financial fund in which he has a wide latitude for making decisions. In essence, rich people give him their money and he invests it for them. Hedge funds attract a lot of old money and his opinions should tell you a little about the old rich and how they think about feminism and the ails it has brought our society.

I’ve been meaning to write about this subject for some time because I often get asked, “How is it going with Alana?” I get regular hate mail from femi-nazis who are counting the days to the 3 year mark when Alana can run off with her green card. There is a huge stereotype that Eastern European (EE) Women only come west for financial gain. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is easy to believe for American women who think of marriage as a temporary condition. For such a woman, who thinks that the term on a marriage is similar to a car lease, she just can’t imagine a Woman coming from the East and having a “til death do us part” mentality. But that is exactly what you’re in store for if you marry an EE Woman.

When I met Alana’s parents to ask for their blessing, the first thing that Pop said (and Ma nodded in agreement) was, “We don’t believe in divorce.” He was telling me, “If you plan to marry my daughter, you had better be prepared to stay with her until death.” Think about the societal pressures on a Ukrainian/Russian Woman who’s Parents and Grandparents are looking at her only to succeed in marriage. If she ever comes to them with thoughts of divorce, the entire family will rebuke her. Compare to an American woman who might complain that she doesn’t get enough of this or that and she will hear from her co-workers, girlfriends and maybe even her Mother (who burned her bra in 1964), “Oh, forget him, divorce him, get 1/2 of his money and find yourself a new young stud.”

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There is almost no societal pressure anymore for an American woman to remain in her marriage, even if she is (slightly) unhappy.

Before you get carried away with yourself, you need to understand, “What is it that I want?”

If you only want to get laid, go and download a copy of “The Pickup Artist,” read it, study it, master it and just troll your local bar or grocery store and prey on weak-miinded American women with Daddy issues.

If you’re interested in a life-long committed relationship with a beautiful and cultured Woman then you would do best to marry OUTSIDE of the US (outside of Western society). What qualities are important in a Wife for you? That she cooks & cleans, that she is college educated, that she has a maternal instinct? Once you know what you’re looking for, then it is as easy as searching in Russia, Ukraine or in other non-Western countries and finding the Woman of your dreams.

Will it be easy? Maybe, maybe not. Will it be worth it? Ask any Man who’s been through divorce court in the US or talk to a Man who is married with 2 or 3 kids to a woman who doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean and is always complaining about how hard her life is. I was just in a Starbucks in Orange County, California and there were 6 or 7 women, all married, all with kids, at 11am and they were all COMPLAINING. One complained about her child’s day care – DAY CARE? You’re not at work, why isn’t your child with you? Another, complained her husband wasn’t attentive enough after a 12 hour work day. No wonder, she sits on her ass gossiping with all of her friends at Starbucks all day. These women all drove Mercedes, Lexus, Range Rover, etc. Their Men bust their ass to give them a huge house in the sunny OC and still they aren’t satisfied. I’m in Spain now, do you know what is the average size of the diamond on a Married Woman’s hand in Europe? None – they wear a gold band.

American women are the most spoiled in the world, have the biggest sense of entitlement, have the worst attitudes, are the most lazy of all the women in the world.

It should be obvious to all considering the number of Men who go East looking for Wives. Interestingly, American women who work in Russia have almost no chance to land a Russian husband. Why would any sane Man go from a thin, well mannered, feminine Woman to date an overweight self-entitled monster of an American woman?

Like Davide Serra says, “Never, ever marry an American woman.”

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Saturday Satire: Before and after marriage
Saturday Satire: Most Men ask, "Is she pretty?"

166 thoughts on “Never Ever Marry an American Woman

  1. I can’t say dating A foreign women would be better. But whatever makes you happy. Because it is getting worse. And pretty soon the wall silence will be a full affect. And by the time they will be too late for these western women

    • I can say marring a foreign Woman is better, because I’ve done it. What’s your status Carl, married, divorced? Have you married a Russian Woman? Have you been to Russia?

    • my 2c worth. I WAS married to the typical American woman for 8 years. I worked between 12 and 13 hours daily to pay for the cars (one new for her), house, vacations, college courses (for her, not me), clothes, shoes (my god, the shoes!), and assorted useless junk that was must-have to keep her haaaaappppy. In the end, after being found with her boyfriend, I divorced her cheating ass as quickly as the law permitted it. The excuse for her adultery was completely laughable, she was feeling “trapped” in marriage and wanted her “freedom”.

      Ah, the lovely workings of the US legal system; she got half of everything and a generous amount of child support as well for the next 12 years. Nice, huh? All of my possessions fit into a single medium sized bag that was no effort to carry as I boarded a plane to go oversea to work and rebuild my finances, recover and heal emotionally, take care of myself in body and spirit.

      Shall I fast forward 5 years? I believe I will, thanks. Working as an engineer in EE and Asia, I meet this delightful and petite green-eyed young lady who was just that, a lady. From head to toe, completely feminine and warm; and knew not a single word of English. I wanted to court this beautiful 23 year old lady and communicate well, so I took the time to learn her language; badly at first but it quickly improved with use. That came in rather handy when I conversed with her father and brothers (you WILL inherit a new family when you marry, get used to it) and asked Dad for her hand in marriage.

      Again fast forward in time; I am still happily married to the same green-eyed lady who gave me her heart and youthful years 23 years ago. We are getting older together as companions, lovers and friends; only death will one day part us. Life is good.

      • I’m getting flashbacks reading your comment… yeah, US Women are the worst, the legal system is set up to screw you and nothing beats a Woman from a traditional country…

        • Scott, personally I cannot vouch for American women being the worst since I only have one sample to evaluate, my ex, and she indeed was a total dud. But I also have heard from other men that their “wimmin” suck too so there may be a trend here.

          You have given one bit of advice that is a true gem on your blog, to learn at least some of the language of the area you will be traveling to. Leaning a few key words and phrases, in my opinion, shows a degree of respect and interest as soon as you open your mouth to speak. In only a few hours I learned some words in the language of my wife-to-be before we met, to great effect! “Hello”; “Please”, Thank You”. “You are beautiful” “I’m learning your language” “My name is……”
          Again, just my 2c worth.

  2. I completely agree, Never ever marry or even date an American woman, random sex, sure why not if that is your thing, but never marry or bother to have a long term relationship with one.
    Now with that said, no not all are bad, there are the older women that grew up in the 50’s if that is your age rang, but even some of them are crazy. There are your random women from small towns in the south and midwest that are traditional but they are rare and married up as soon as someone finds them.

    I have been engaged 3 times, never once did the relationships follow through for one reason or another, dated many, many women here in the US and looking back on it I wonder why I had ever dated any of them or even want to marry any of the 3 I proposed to, what was I thinking?
    I tell you, I had no idea that there was anything different, until Jan. this year when I met the woman I am going to marry. I did about 2 months research on Eastern women, marrying one and reading about the good and bad, this site was great reference by the way..
    I did not follow suit with a woman from the former USSR, I found the websites a little complicating and expensive, I did however talk to a few on the site I joined (cherryblossems) but they where all scams.
    I actually prefer Asian women, hence the CB account, but I would never turn down a beautiful woman that had interest in me no matter where they were from.
    Anyway, after 6 months of talking to my mid 30’s Filipino girlfriend on Skype 2-3hr a day if we both have the free time, I have no idea why anyone would even half way think an American woman for more then just sex, and that opinion may be changed in Aug. when I fly to the Philippines to visit for a month…

    I am in no way a Fortune 500 business person, heck I don’t even qualify for middle class, but you know what, my Filipino gal does not care, and she got mad that I wasted money to send her a birthday card and was upset that I was apologizing that I didn’t buy her anything for her birthday, since I had no idea what to buy her, she does not like jewelry, perfume or anything expensive. When was the last time an American woman that was not some dirty hippy said anything like that?

    Marry someone from the east, let these western fembots rot in there own misery..

  3. My experience with American women has not been positive – that is not to say I haven’t been with some nice ladies. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I should have never divorced my ex-wife. She was probably the best woman I have ever been with; beautiful, hard-working (a very successful lawyer), funny, charming, and very down-to-earth. She is still that way thirty years later. My bad. I was just not a happy person at the time. I struggled with depression while I was in law school, and she never gave up on me. I was the love of her life.

    That being said, my experience since then has been primarily negative and disheartening. I am 59 years old and tired of the whole game here. I know everyone is going to think I lost my mind when I bring some beautiful thirty+ girl over here. I just don’t give a shit. I will protect myself with a pre-nup and hope she doesn’t “play me”. If she does, I will pay her a small enough amount of money for her to survive temporarily and be on my way back to the Ukraine. It doesn’t cost me anymore to bring one back here than to date an American girl.

    Why be with a 50+ year old for a couple of years when for the same price I can be with one almost half her age. If that doesn’t make sense to the average American male, then they are beyond stupid. The buy a new car every two years and “lose” an enormous amount of money on the depreciation but never complain. Right? And spend $5k plus a year (on the low side – that’s $100/week) to date an American girl.

    So I won’t confuse them with the facts if their minds are made up about “buying” a mail-order bride for two years; which that is not what I want to do, but I am also looking at this as a business decision given my financial and emotional losses on American women.

    This business of love is a very serious decision. I take it to heart, but I am not going to wear my heart on my sleeve this time. I will adore her, love her, and be devoted to her. But if she leaves me I will simply lick my wounds and be back on a plane so quick it will make her’s and everyone else’s head spin. I can do this all day . . .

    Case closed.

    • Lance,

      I have a good friend that lives in Odessa. He’s 68 years old, but young as a puppy in his heart and personality. He’s financially independent and can live year round there. He’s bought his own, very modern, incredibly beautiful apartment where he puts me up when I am transferring through. He was married to a Ukrainian but after 7 years they divorced because she wanted a child and he did not at his age. They’ve remained friends and stay in contact constantly.

      A few years ago when I stayed with him, he was living with a young lady (about 21), who could have been a Playboy model. My eyes popped out when he showed me pictures of her and them in Thailand. He had bought her a car and was just enjoying his life. He is always smiling and never down. He told me then that he knows that she’s with him because of the money, but he was enjoying her company and their intimacy. He also told me that she could leave tomorrow and if that happened, he’d just go out and meet someone else. About 2 years later, when I was leaving Ukraine to move to Germany and stayed with him again, sure enough, she had left after their 3 year relationship.

      I felt bad for him until the moment he told me he had already met another 22 year old at a restaurant and they’d been dating for a few weeks. He asked her to move in with him and he’d take care of her, financially and otherwise. She was moving in the following day after I left.

      I don’t want to hear any crap from any feminists about this because your mantra is fkg old. From my perspective, I admire this guy. He’s got a heart the size of a house, he’s totally happy, and he’s living out his life in pure joy. Contrast him to grumpy old men, who fart in public and chase kids off their lawns.

      I shared this story for you Lance, to let you know, there is a pioneer similar to your thoughts, and he’s leading the way.

      Go East guys, if you want to keep your sanity and live your life happily and with an incredible lady.

      • Michael Douglas or Sean Penn does this and he’s the rage of all American women. A “regular” guy does it and he’s some kind of pervert.

        This guy pays the bills, his girlfriend cooks and he gets sex. Seems pretty straightforward.

        Marry an American woman, get no sex, get no dinner, get a bad mother and then lose 1/2 of your stuff in divorce court.

        Yeah, that seems fair.

      • Spot on Rodney! Not sure I would be prepared to move to Odessa. Yet, it is not something I would be opposed to doing down the road once the Russian Midget is put back in his cage.

        We live in an era where the institution of marriage is somewhat antiquated. And business is done online. What better place than to have a series of relationships with various beautiful, intelligent women whom might fit one’s fancy. I would think the odds are high that living there will either leave your head spinning with too many choices, or find you with the soul mate you have been looking for.

        The upshot is “where is the down side?” Cuz I ain’t seeing it.

        Searching for a soul mate, and having great relationships with younger women along the path to your final angel. Well maybe Heaven can wait . . . just a little longer? Or not . . .

        Either way, it’s a win-win!

    • And Rodney, I have been trying to reach out to you to learn about the EE culrtre, and have a respectable convo, but Scott keeps erasing/ not approving. They have not >been rude, only curious, I would love to pass my info on to you. I have much respect for arrangement and woman/ culture you describe.

      • Lil, you are mental. I’ve never deleted or modified any of your posts. All posts from your regular login/email combo are set to “auto approve” and I’ve approved, as they were typed, all comments that you put under different aliases.

        If you put 2 or more links on your other posts, Askimet dumped them as Spam without remorse. For that, I have no control (read the rules).

        Since you’re so grand on using big words, maybe you can use some memory recall and share with us your grand ideas on how finance and gender should be reconstructed for the betterment of humanity.

  4. Perfect!
    This article and most of the comments, are the emotions and thoughts that run through my head.
    Just perfect.

  5. Hey all, Happy Father’s Day to any Dad’s and your own Dad’s out there. I am celebrating my first today and the day has started out super. My wife brought our baby to our bed in the morning and we got to all lie down together and babble with her. Then, my wife took care of her and fed her and started cooking my Father’s Day brunch, which turned out to be enchiladas, like my birthday. My daughter and I watched music videos. She likes these more than cartoons, at this point. Our favorites are Carly Rae Jepson, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Its awesome to hold her in my arms while she her attention is captured. Ever since she was a baby, I’ve sung to her using the lyrics from “”

    Then, my beautiful wife presented me with a plate of hot enchiladas and we watched some of her Ukrainian programs that she records and watches on her computer. Later, we’ll go to the lake, take a walk with the baby and play mini-golf, a recent craze with us. She’s hooked and its great for me. Get to practice my putting stroke.

    So, just sharing a day in the life of a normal American guy, married and living with an extraordinary Ukrainian wife and baby. Have a good day everyone!

      • They are probably more likely to be abducted by an Alien or see an UFO, than get that type of treatment from the younger ones on Father’s Day.

        For example.

        Option A
        If I married and produced children with an American or Canadian woman; would she treat me extra special (and enjoy doing it) on Father’s Day? I would have some serious doubts.

        Option B
        If I married and produced children with a Brazilian or Russian woman; would she treat me extra special (and enjoy doing it) on Father’s Day? I would wonder what is she going to surprise me with this year.

        Option A seems to risky.

    • Men, Happy Father’s Day!
      Thx, just spoke to my Dad, he’s enjoying the gift and card I sent him, while my mom is treating him to one of his favorite meals and gave him a gift as well. I’m just wondering how many other American women are doing the same for their man these days??? Of course maybe that’s one of the reasons why my parents are still married.

  6. I want to to the E.E really bad but I am still trying to loose more weight.i also dont know wether i want to build a house here in america or maybe mexico and live there.i think its a lot cheaper to pay for housing, food, medical there than the u.s. any opinions?

    • Consider Panama & Spain. The former is almost giving away residency and you can get an ocean front apartment for around $250k. The real estate in Spain is down 40% from the highs; if you buy a house valued at $550k or more, they’ll give you a green card.

          • Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
            I guess I’ll stick to SEA and CA for my overseas banking.
            I heard some people were banking in Croatia and Mongolia a few years ago…any opinions?

          • I talked about , opening a bank account in Ukraine , with my girlfriend.She advised me , not to do it , because the banks were not good.
            This was before the Russian invasion , in Crimea.

            Apparently now , the situation , is different now.


          • Thanks for the information. Sounds a bit risky compared to the other options available.

      • Spain is strongly disadvised.
        1. The tax rate is extremely high, especially in the most attractive area, Andalusia has an income tax rate up to 43%. Foreign source incomes are also taxed!

        2. The government is very cunning. They make up regulations to rip off foreigners living in Spain. (they charge 0.003% of your deposit every year for example)

        3. The Spaniard genuinely see foreigners as “prey”. They always try to rip you off, everywhere. They consider themselves entitled to do this because they are poor and foreigners are rich.

        4. You need ten years of actually living there for the Spanish citizenship. And Spain doesn’t allow dual citizenship.

        To sum it up, Spain sucks balls.

        Panama isn’t ideal either since this country is considered a tax haven, hence the US government will withold 30% of your US based income.

        Portugal is the best choice hands down
        1. People are genuine and more friendly than Spaniards. (#3 most welcoming countries in the world)

        2. People speak much better English than Spaniards

        3. No nuclear power plant in the country

        4. By far not as touristy as Spain. (It really sucks living in a touristy location in the long run)

        5. You get the Portuguese citizenship after six years. Portugal allows dual citizenship! With an EU citizenship, your children can study in UK for roughly half the tuition fee.

        6. Most importantly, for ten years, you pay zero tax on your foreign sourced income, including US pension!
        (US government cannot tax you due to the tax treaty with Portugal)
        Google for “non habitual tax regime portugal” for more on this.

        If you want to live abroad in the best climate possible, Portugal is a no-brainer…..

        No, I’m no agent. I’m saving money for a ticket to Portugal myself. (destination changed from Spain)

        Just imagine an American living in Western (most) Europe with his Eastern European wife and tri-cultural children…..

        • Thanks for your “unbiased and balanced” opinion ;-)

          Regardless of Spain’s tax rate for foreign income, Spain, like many countries, has a tax treaty with the US. You’ll pay US income taxes in the US and Spanish income taxes on Spanish sourced income.

          You say living in a tourist area like it is a bad thing (it is nice to have in influx of foreign people – makes for great coffee band beer time) but then also bash the Spanish as unfriendly. My Wife and I have found the Spanish to be very inviting, very polite and very child friendly. The biggest obstacle to business in Spain is not the “negative” attitude towards foreigners but instead the “Siesta, I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude. Getting a Spaniard to do anything for pay takes time.

          The big advantage to Spain, the same as Russia and other “disorganized” countries is the presence of “black money.” Many of my Wife’s clients, though exceedingly rich, will never move to Germany or England even if it offers an “easier” lifestyle because they can’t make $ there like they do in Russia. Its all about cash, cash, cash. The reason Spain charges 42% in income tax is because a large part (40% – 60%) of the economy is cash and no one pays any taxes at all.

          A few years ago, we went to Greece with the expectation that it would have an economy on par with Somalia. Quite to our surprise, we found a VIBRANT economy and a LOT of money moving around. But, its all cash. The government can’t tap it and a lot of business people siphon off quite a bit and put it in the mattress. We laughed at the “Greece crisis,” because we came to realize that who were affected were those on fixed government salaries – police, teachers, BUREAUCRATS. The average coffee shop guy, the taxi driver, the small inn keeper were doing fine. They take Euros from Germans and Swedes and don’t care about the 30% government salary haircut.

          I have a family member who pays 55% or more in INCOME tax in California. Whereas Andalusia is 7% lower in nominal income tax, a Spanish beach front home is a 1/2 million whereas a Cali beachfront home is $15-20 million.

          • Didn’t the Spanish merchants suggest DCC (dynamic currency conversion) every time you pulled out your US credit card? If you agreed and still don’t know what’s DCC, congrats, you donated up to 8% of the purchase price in addition. 3% to the merchant, 2% to his boss, and 3% to the POS holder.
            When it comes to DCC, Spain is in the black list together with some banana republics.
            I experience this in person in Spain, from five star hotels to some tiny souvenir shops. – pretty much everywehre.
            Consider youself lucky if it was an AMEX card since this DCC scam dosen’t work on AMEX cards.

            I don’t think I’m biased or unbalanced when I say the Spainiards tried to rip me off. Your mileage may vary.

            In these blacklisted touristic countries, people’s attitude towards foreigners change drastically once they realize the foreigners aren’t easy prey anymore.

            Being an expat in a foreign country is a very different story than being a tourist. The most welcoming countries ranking came from expats’ votes, and that’s why Germany ranks so low while it’s usually at the top among tourists.
            As someone who used to live in Germany for over a decade, I can tell you that the ranking is very credible.

            And the Spanish government isn’t any different. It seized and demolished many UK expat’s properties for being illegal constructions where these people were scammed by the locals in the first place.
            They stopped bulldozing the victim’s houses now, but the victims cannot sell their properties. Where is the justice?

            As for Portugal, the people take pride in treating guests well. The merchants never tried the DCC scam on me, and the government’s overall policy is very expat firendly. Expats are considered partners and/or investors in Portugal.

            Last but not least, I have the feeling that you got the non habitual tax regime wrong: How can a tax saving of 7%p be competitive to a tax saving of 45~55%p?

          • You make it sound as if the Spanish invented the idea of currency commission that is in their benefit when you use a credit card. I’ve been all around the world, its everywhere. If anyone can’t do the math and pays 5-8% for a currency conversion, they probably also carry 22% credit card interest debt.

            It’s easy, when it asks if you want to pay with dollars, you just click “Euros” and let your bank do the conversion. I don’t see how some greedy banker = Spain sucks.

            Yes, I have lived in Spain, and other countries and I can say that living in Spain is a lot better, and easier than at least 15 countries I can think of off the top of my head.

            If Portugal treats you better, good for you. The water in Spain is warmer and it treats me better ;-)

      • Hi Jake and Scott,
        It was interesting reading your back and forth between Spain and Portugal. I honestly do not know much about either. But am interested because I think I will move out of the US when my kids are a bit older and out of the house. But I have a few years before that time comes so I guess I will watch and see what happens in the world. I did have an Aussie friend several years ago that spent several years in Portugal and loved it. This was shortly after they entered into the EU. He was telling me then about the country pretty much opening its borders to anyone because so many people were leaving to other parts of Europe. Don’t know much about Spain though. But thanks for all the info guys.

  7. After traveling the world, dating woman from around the world, different cultures I can say, after 2 failed marriages to American women, that this was a complete waste of my time. My daughter is a wonderful girl and the love of life and I will do anything for her.. But after 3 years of marriage to her mother, there was no sex, unless I gave her something, she stopped cooking even when I helped, stopped cleaning even when I was doing this alone. She got lazy, tried to stop me from doing the things I enjoy, just because she did not want me too..
    I know a few men, who have married EE women, these couples have been together 10 plus years, still happy OMG WTH!!
    I got smart, found an EE woman and all I can say is WOW!! She is shocked, that I cook, clean, do laundry and to be honest she was a little upset at first, but understands now. We do these things together, so we have more time to spend with each other. I told her I did not need a maid or mother when we met. The attitude of these women is amazing, always positive and looking forward in life as a couple. I know, a novel concept.
    Being good to an American woman or even a Western woman does nothing for a man here in the US. You are just a money bag them, they give you treats, so you stay in line or she will take half you stuff.
    When someone would make a comment about me wanting a “Mail order Bride”, it did upset me at first, but screw these jealous women and men. Life is far too short to deal with crap, find a good EE woman and be happy. Western do woman suck… well only for a very short time, if you get my drift. Western women lost something in them a long time ago and today society and TV shows are making it far worse.
    Unless you have dated one of these amazing EE women, stop being jealous or haters. You have no idea of what is missing in your life.


    • Bryan, thanks for your comments – you’re right on the money. I hope you check back in, and often, and share your experience – we need more EE Married Men around here to set the record straight.

      Interestingly, I always get the “you’re lucky” from guys I know yet they won’t make the effort to go East. As Edison said, “Luck is when preparation meets with opportunity.”

  8. I read some western women shaming their men for marrying foreign wives. They say things like the wives are 12 year old boys or they’re so destitute that they’re looking for a way out of their respective countries.

    Are these western women so ignorant? Many non-western ladies are educated, intelligent and capable. They’re simply not so arrogant nor full of themselves nor as whiny. They certainly don’t expect the world to change in order to accommodate them and they know if they want something, they need to work for it, just like everybody else.

    I just hope such an attitude never reaches Asia. Already, with increasing globalisation, meal portions are getting bigger and the number of overweight women is slowly but surely increasing. It takes a lot of discipline to remain thin when people openly show their displeasure when you decline their urging to eat more or try something off their plates.

    People here still care about appearance and aren’t as loud nor obnoxious as western women though. Thank goodness for that.

    • I guess any woman with a normal BMI will seem like a 12 year old boy compared to the typical obese western woman. Most of the non-western women I have met are pretty sharp…intellectually, culturally, and entrepreneurially.
      You nailed down the loud and obnoxious part for western women…only Klingons would find them attractive.

  9. Agree 100% with this article and comments here…and I’m from America! I have to say that I’m preferential to Asian women, but have said all along that American women are the worst.

    • Welcome Mike! Yes American women are the queens of western women suck. I title rightfully earned and reinforced with every new generation of strong independent little parasites. That’s why I am voting with my wallet and feet…only spending my money and energy on feminine foreign women.

  10. Guys remember this:

    Its actually all anglo saxon women. American, Canadian, Australian and of course New Zealand women. Avoid at all costs.

    These women only bad mouth foreign women because foreign women are REAL women and far exceed them in intelligence despite the fact of not having everything given to them.

  11. American women are the absolute Worst of all since Most of them are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, narcissists, and picky. And what is even worse is that they really think their God’s gift to men too. What Losers.

    • But take a minute and ask yourself WHY American/Canadian women are like that;)
      And then dare to admit that those women are “very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, narcissists, and picky” almost only and entirely because American and Canadian MALES allowed them to be/behave that way!!
      MALES accepted and in some cases even promoted/supported the agenda of political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, multiculturalism etc!
      And MALES are to blame for the current state of things in North America be it dating, society , relationships or politics!!

      • I’ve said it again and again, Western Males are every bit as feminist as Western females.

        Men: those of you who are considering going overseas to find a Wife, you’d better check yourself first. Feminist Men will be eaten alive overseas. You need to learn to Man up a bit before you go looking for a traditional Woman.

        • Scott, you are correct about WM’s. WM need to remember what their roll in life is and who they are. At the first sign of weakness, a WM will be eaten alive by an EW.

          The problem is all the honest role models are made out to be crazy or better yet, “Cavemen”. If the western world, if a man tries to be a man, he is threaten that his life will be made a “Holy hell”, if he stands up for what he believes.

          I friend was talking to me about problems in his marriage the other day. He was wanting to know how is wife had changed to become so lazy. I asked him this simple question – Did she change or did you just wakeup finally?

          The answer is she did not change, his eyes have just opened up to the reality. She wants to sit around, be waited on, do nothing, get fat, complain, then threaten him, if he tries to leave.

          • Good one, Bryan!

            Again, western males won’t be eaten alive by eastern European females, they’ll simply fail to get any of those females and will never get beyond the initial approach ;)
            True, any western male who dares to differ, to have an own opinion, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example is immediately labeled the enemy of the state and a loser with terrible consequences on the dating, social and societal scenes.
            But I still strongly recommend all normal able bodied western males to try their luck in Eastern Europe! I’ve made the move 8 years ago and never regretted it for 1 second nor looked back!

          • FormerCanadian, I am working on the move. Would love to pick your brain some time. Email me @icloud dot com first name dot ohlsson.

            WM have become just like the women here. The men are so worried about their things, just like the women. To make this move and start over with a good woman, a true lady, is more than any WM can imagine.

          • Thanks, Bryan!!! Good to know that you are working on the move! Trust me, you’ll never regret it!
            Feel free to ask me anything you might need to know, I’ll e-mail you later on, thanks for your e-mail address by the way, it helps.

            I’d like wish y’all a Happy New Year 2016!!!

        • Scott –

          I have been following this thread for some time now, and biting my tongue to some degree. But now I must speak up and clarify something for all of your readers. Let me explain.

          I was raised by a very soft-spoken, gentle, feminine single mother – a Depression-era, high school educated Missouri farm (my father was a surgeon and he died when I was 7 years old). Yet, this woman – by all accounts and the hundreds of people who knew her – was one of the most educated, independent women you would ever meet. Not by her upbringing. But by what life foisted upon her with two young sons, and two girls preparing to go to college in the mid-1960’s.

          She experienced numerous incidents of discrimination and manipulation at the hands of a many men; employers, investment advisors, repairmen, etc. But she never said a word. She simply went about learning how to navigate the work force, investing in the stock market herself, and fixing things around the house. She was simply one of the most resourceful human beings anyone could ever meet. She also was fascinated with science (especially Space exploration), nature, politics, social issues, and so much more.

          Suffice it to say, she raised four children – two boys and two girls – to be independent, yet respectful of the opposite sex. My brother and I learned to cook, clean house, and do laundry when we were young. We also learned to respect women. So you guys who complain about American women being lazy, entitled or fat seem not to have found what several of the guys I grew up with were able to find: women who are highly-educated, hard working, very successful, beautiful, and wonderful women. Who are not demanding, don’t expect their men to “take care of them”, and are more than happy to share with all of the responsibilities of supporting the household, raising children, and being a good and loving spouse.

          As for me, I have found similar American women but their heads were ‘F’d up” – not because they were too independent. But because they all had “Daddy issues”.

          My ex-wife (whom I divorced) was the only decent girl I had in my life. Hard working, independent, successful lawyer, wonderful human being, funny, intelligent, beautiful, and quite engaging. Frankly, divorcing her twenty five years ago was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. She is still best friends with my other buddies wives; those women I referenced above. She and they have all heard me say several times that I really screwed up. Even my mother and two sisters were not happy with me. But I was younger and stupid. Chasing other women and thinking with the “wrong head’ over the short run. Shame on me. I am the one to blame. NOT HER!

          Now, after getting burned my so many American women (Karmic, don’t you think?) I am looking in Ukraine for a “younger” version of my ex-wife. I do not want some passive little housewife. I want a woman who is educated, hard-working, and interested in an interdependent relationship. We both share in the household duties, and work to contribute to the household income. One of the things I like about Ukrainian women is that they have been forced by circumstances to be more independent, educated, liberal, hard-working, and think for themselves. That’s why I am looking over there. I want a women like that. Not one who is just interested in material things and pandering to her man like he is the master of her universe. I want to share life. Not own her’s.

          So I don’t disagree that there are a number of “entitled American women”. I just steer clear of them. Which yes, limits my chooses. Thus, my looking across the pond. But to condemn all American women does a disservice to the many females I have known throughout my life – my mother, my sisters, ex-wife, buddies wives, and many others – that are independent, liberated, hard-working, but very beautiful, funny, feminine and cool.

          Just throwing my two-cents worth in. So let the beatings begin. But I warn you. I am VERY masculine. So don’t label me as some “feminine guy. Big “F’ng” mistake! I snow ski down XX-Diamond slopes, played goalie as a soccer player for two decades (I played with concussions, a broken foot, blew a knee out, etc), I still play golf, ride 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, motorcycles, and even smoke and drink with the boys once in a while. So don’t tell me I am “a feminist man”.

          I’m just a little more evolved than most men. Thanks Mom. God rest your soul . . .


          Lance Haley

          • Lance,

            With the holidays and visiting with family, I don’t really have as much time as I would like to reply to your comment. But I’ll pass a few lines – just so as to get your comment up and so that you’re approved to follow up on what I’m sure will be a bombardment from some of the other readers.

            First off, I’m going to start off by calling you a feminist. I can do that because I’m a feminist. Well, most every guy reading this blog except for my buddy Oleg in Ukraine, we’re all feminists. We try not to be, but being raised in the West, we just are.

            In one part of your argument you’re telling me how great American women are and then you announce that you’re focusing on Ukrainian Women. Perhaps your post was to convince yourself rather than us? If American women are so great, you should stay in American and only date them.

            Yes, there are many shining examples of strong and triumphanat American Women. Some are regular readers of this blog. But they are the minority. Even when we find a “good” American woman, we’ll find that many of her thoughts are infected with feminist ideas – and radical ideas at that.

            Case in point:

            We were at the park yesterday. A little 3 year old boy came up to a little 3 year old girl (he obviously found her cute) and tried to “bring her along.” He said, “Come,” and put out his hand and tried to lead her along. She pulled her and back and walked away. About 10 feet later, she stopped, looked over her shoulder and gave him the, “Well, aren’t you going to follow me look?”

            My Wife and I laughed. My Wife said, “Good for her, don’t chase him, don’t try to compete, just flirt a little and he will do whatever you want.

            Later we told this story to my family at the New Years Eve party. At the part of the story where the little girl pulls her hand back and walks away, my 20 year old niece blurts out, “Good for her, stay independent.” Her younger teen-aged sister and half of the older women in the room nodded in agreement.

            My Russian Wife saw it as her being feminine and getting her way, the American women saw it as a Man trying to dominate a woman and her seeking her freedom.

            You also write that you don’t want a weak woman who will kow tow to you. You’ve been drinking too much feminist punch. Russian and Ukrainian Women are much stronger than the average American woman. You’ll have no problem finding your match in the East. The difference is, she will try to compliment your strengths unlike the American who will try to compete with them.

          • Hi Lance!

            I’m one of the biggest mothaf**rs on here but you ain’t gonna get much criticism from me, if any.
            I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life and can understand where you are coming from.
            We used to have a big family, but now I ain’t got no one but my mother and my wife/kids in my life.
            I can literally feel your soul/emotions when you are describing your mom.
            You’ve made a very very good point that she’d raised 4 kids with values like honesty, integrity and respect.
            You still shouldn’t compare American women 25 years ago and now, these are two different societies based on very different core values.
            But I do understand the main idea of your message!
            Look: me, Scott, Bryan and others, we are talking about “the women of NOW” whereas you are trying to get into the time machine and go back 25-30 years when we all were younger and had tons of energy;)
            What I do like a lot is the fact that you have the guts to admit that YOU ARE the one responsible for your own deeds!!!
            Please, do not consider Ukraine as a magic pill which will instantly cure all your problems. If you want to know more as to why I say so, then feel free to indicate your e-mail and I’ll write you more in private mode;)

            And again, the way you speak about your mother speaks volumes to me.

          • Brother Kanuck! Hope you have a sense of humor calling you a Kanuck.

            I read your response to Scott before I read this one. Thanks for the sentiments. I would really like to talk to you more. I know Ukraine is not some “magic pill”. So how do I give you my private email? Can I give Scott permission to give it to you? Just don’t want to post it here. Rodney my parachute into my life now and kick my ass. And I am sure he could!!! LOL. Just kidding Rodney!!! Lighten up brother.

            Let me know Kanuck. Be nice to pick someone’s brain a little who has been there. I am a very adventurous guy. Not scared of anything. But getting my heart broken scares me to death. Especially after my last go around that you can read about in my response to Rodney.


          • Lance, you and anyone else can create a profile at the Forums (there is a link on every page under “links”) and from there you can private message each other to your hearts’ content.

          • Hi Scott! And happy New Year 2016 to your and to your wonderful family!

            Don’t rush to criticize Lance, I think I know the reasoning behind his thinking.

            He’s kinda still living in the period of 25-30 years ago and tries to “impose” all those GOOD values his mother taught him on TODAY’s women!!
            And TODAY’s women are unable to understand/appreciate the normalcy of 25-30 years ago!

            It’s NOW against THEN! With “then” losing in all aspects in the eyes of modern females!
            I didn’t notice much defense of American women in Lance’s message, he simply needs to stop living in the past and move on with his life, preferably going to Ukraine in summer and enjoying what it has to offer.

          • FormerCanadian –

            Thank you for respecting my opinion. And trying to understand. And yes, I am hoping to go to Ukraine in the Fall. But not because of moving on from the past a long time ago. But the more recent past. Read my response to Rodney. Maybe it will help you understand even more.


            Happy New Year to all of you guys here on this site. I hope each of you finds what you are looking for over there, if you have not already found her. God’s speed in your search if you are in my same shoes.

          • As suspected, this debate is going to start 2016 with a bang.

            Mr Lance and FC. I am not taking up arms towards anyone’s mom’s. If anything, I have more room to speak. My American mom is 85 years old, so if anyone knows anything about our prior generation, it certainly would be me, along with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

            So, when I open my mouth and discard WM, there is never in my mind a thought that I am insulting my own American family. My parents are 1st generation immigrants from Mexico. So, you want to hear about tough times? Try my father shining shoes for 5 cents and then throwing into a jar at home for his contribution. Or going behind the grocery stores and raiding the trash bins. He came from a family of 10 kids, so it was all for one and one for all.

            Or how about the white police picking out one of the Mexican kids and beating the hell out of him for no reason and then telling the group, “that’s what will happen to you if you get into trouble.” I don’t think I need to go on

            It the gigantic leap from that generation to the current generation. If I’ve said it once, or a thousand times, the majority of American women have taken feminism into a different sphere.

            Lance, you comment that you don’t want a “passive little housewife.” Now its time for me to bite my tongue. But I am not. You and all those who think like you are going to get a double barrel blast for that comment: Where in the hell have you read from any of us married guys, that we have passive, little housewives? That was a BS comment with nothing to back it up. You’ve been reading some rag blog.

            Every single day, my Ukrainian wife challenges me on nearly every thought, idea or decision that I have. We probably have about one argument per day. However, I make the final decision, and she gives me that respect. But, believe me, I’ve been wrong and she holds no grudges against me for any of our disagreements. This was the number one noticeable difference I noticed vs a WW. Frkg WW hold shit against you for all of your life and remind you about it. My wife goes on and forgets about it and minutes later, I am smothered in kisses and hugs.

            So, your claim of being masculine doesn’t mean anything to me. So am I. A US Army paratrooper and retired with an Officer rank. So fkg what? That doesn’t mean shit to my wife. Am I a man along with being masculine? Am I a GENTLEMAN above all else? Yes.

            In Ukraine buddy, if you are not up with your manners, then you should read up some old school rules. Open the doors, carry her things, compliment, bring flowers, help her with her coat, walk on the sidewalk nearest the street, and here’s the down and dirty: You PAY for everything!! This is where WM get it wrong. If you date a sheister or scammer, sure you’re going to get taken to the cleaners for your stupidity, like sending money to someone you have never met. Buying IPhones and computers after knowing/meeting her after a week. That’s the guy who comes back and cries about the gold diggers. However, if you are patient and do the right things that we advise on, you will find a sincere lady, but it doesn’t remove their culture.

            In their culture, the man takes care of the business of financial matters (bills, rent, mortgage, kids clothes, medical, the whole works). The wife takes care of her husband, children and their home. That’s the “shared” responsibility. WM have it backwards. Your use of the word, “shared,” comes from thinking that you share the household duties, and equally pump up the bank account. Sorry, dude, wrong use of the word. For an extreme example, I have not changed a single diaper since my daughter’s 3rd day of life. She’s almost a year now. My wife has NEVER asked me or TOLD me to do this. This example is just a snippet of our “shared” responsibilities. WM have been brainwashed by these feminists that they have to fall into line, if they want some poontang that night.

            So, get this into your brain. I bring home the bacon, she cooks it. I work as many as hours as I need, and she waits at home (with no outside help) all day with our daughter. She never complains that I am not home enough, blah, blah, blah. FAMILY is her first choice. And she’s a LAWYER as well. What fkg difference does that make? Its your kids that matter! Do you want some stranger cleaning the private areas of your young children after they’ve messed their diapers, while you and YOUR wife are out beating your brains out to make some extra $$????? That’s what the fuck is wrong with America’s fundamentals. Mass fkg shootings every Gd damn week. Does that happen in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Germany???????? Look at the fkg differences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is that?????? Because these mom’s from these countries stay home for a minimum of 1-3 years, with pay from their jobs, so that their kids get the correct upbringing.

            If you can tell, I am fkg tired of repeating myself to knucklehead commentators, who continue to think that feminism is fine, and continue to believe that the few American women who are “independent, liberated, hard-working, but very beautiful, funny, feminine and cool,” are going to save our American ways and culture. Its dying Lance. Obviously you see this, otherwise you wouldn’t be wanting to go to Ukraine.

            Last note. My parents are very well retired now, with million dollar homes and stuffed bank accounts. Long ways from raiding the trash bins. Different generation Lance, or rather a lost generation. Yes, you’d better go to a Slavic country if you want something similar, but I’ll warn you, its not easy. The serious and genuine ladies don’t want to come to America. They have to FALL deeply in LOVE with you first, for them to even to consider!!!! And that takes time, dude. Good luck.

          • First off Rodney, go ahead and label me as a “knucklehead commentator”. Resorting to argument ad hominem is as old as Aristotle. You probably have no clue what I am talking about. Which tells me everything I need to know about the person I am engaging in this “conversation”. Your lawyer wife would likely understand. She understands the rules of engagement when debating. They are not the same rules of engagement that are used on a battlefield. I am pretty certain by your responses that you don’t know the difference. Just trying to edify you a little Rodney. But I am sure she will agree with you if you tell her you disagree. That’s her prerogative. Or maybe it’s not? I guess we will never know. Even if you think you do.

            Second, I never intended to insult anybody. I merely made some observations about the blanket, “black and white” perceptions of all American women on this website. I apologize if my perceptions insulted you. I sincerely mean that. I was just trying to inject a little reasonable perspective into the conversation. Figured it would draw someone’s ire.

            Third, I expected virulent responses from some people. I can take it. But I won’t dignify your undignified responses with mutual disrespect. You see, my mother raised me better than that. God rest her soul. And I won’t disrespect her legacy by behaving the same way. So you flail away on your tirade all you want. I was just trying to make a point about ALL American women. Because they are not ALL the same. Any more than ALL American men are assholes. I hear that too sometimes. Surprised? Is that true? Of course not. See my point? Or not?

            Seems like everything in this country is “polarized” by the “all or nothing” label these days. That’s a real problem. In fact, it’s a deeply serious problem. “If your not with me then you are against me?” Sounds un-American to me. That has nothing to do with Feminism, or whatever ills you think have befallen on this country. The fact of the matter is that the lack of civility and respect is the real problem. From all quarters. Both the Left and the Right. And we wonder why this country is so screwed up.

            Finally, my mother did teach me and my brother to treat a lady like a lady. And I do expect the same in return. Respect. And if I don’t get it, well there’s the door and don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out. The last one disrespected me. In spite of my deep respect, care, concern and affection for her, as well as my deep and abiding love and devotion to her daughter for five years. Those are not my opinions. Those are the opinions of family, friends, other parents, teachers, and many others who witnessed how much I loved this women in spite of her personal issues.

            She was some Christian wannabe who decided to screw the Reverend of her church and then leave me. Phony as a $3 bill. I won’t even go there. Feminist? Hardly. She was a wallflower. Screwed up in the head by the Bible, him, and all her own B.S.? You bet!!! Took me for a heart-wrenching ride. Gutted me.

            So I have my problems with American women. That’s why I am looking overseas. But I am not going to say they are all Feminist B!tches. Because they are not. That was my point.

            Just a lot of screwed up little girls. Mostly with “Daddy issues”. Who don’t know what the hell they want. Other than for someone to fix all the crap that’s been going on between their ears since they were young. That’s not my job. I cannot make someone happy who is terminally unhappy. That’s been my experience with American women.

            So I am looking in a different backyard for someone younger. A change of scenery. Make sense?

          • I would urge everyone to be civil – if someone offended you, my apologies.

            I think you’re wrong about American women.

            After you’ve dated around in Ukraine, check back with us. I’m sure you’ll be converted.

          • Scott –

            I am not offended. In fact, I expected that my post would draw criticism and commentary. I just did not expect such a virulent and angry response from anyone here. I like this site. It’s a fount of information, and I came here hoping to get insight from guys who have “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt” so to speak. You have delivered Scott.

            I sincerely appreciate your time and effort. And Former Canadian has even offered to talk to me as well about his experiences. I wish everyone here luck. I even hope Rodney’s marriage is successful. We are a different breed who attempt to walk this road to EE seeking love and happiness. Most men – and women – think we have lost our minds. Which is why few people in my circle even knows I am doing this. I don’t dare say anything right now. The few that already know think I am stupid, naïve, and wasting my time and money. I feel certain I will quiet the naysayers. Eventually . . .

            Finally, I would simply say that each of us here brings a unique perspective to the table, and we are searching overseas for different reasons and motivations. I simply tired of bad relationships with unhealthy American women and would rather “invest” my time and money finding a younger woman who will appreciate me, my qualities, and a life that will be both loving and fulfilling for both of us. I don’t need anymore bitter women with unresolved “Daddy issues”. Life’s too short.

            Thanks again Scott.

          • Wow, nice and long one, Rodney.

            I’ve never said or thought that you were insulting your American family or your relatives!!
            I certainly admire your family’s accomplishments in USA!
            But again, your parents and grandparents lived in a different society with different values. America/Canada has changed tremendously during the last 20 years, becoming politically correct, feminized and scared societies where personalities ain’t welcome and affirmative action rules over professionalism, skills, will power and knowledge/education.
            Feminism is a “holy cow” of a north American society these days, feminism and everything related to it be it quota hiring, affirmative action, multiculturalism etc.
            Feminism means entitlement, means expectations to have everything without ever making the smallest effort and also means desire to have everything handed on a silver platter-a good job, savings, status in the society, car, vacations and a loving husband who’ll obey everything he’s told to do!
            You’ve made a very good and valid point that literally ANY Western female will hold shit against a male for the rest of her life and will bring it up whenever she can. So true.
            Let me tell you a story;)
            Several years ago I used to help an American delegation in Ukraine. Those folks were some kind of volunteers aged from 24 to 35 I guess, mostly males but there were 3 or 4 damn ugly females among them who used to control the American male “crowd” easily and every male was eager and ready to go extra 10 miles just to get any attention from those ugly “beauties”.
            One night they’ve all decided to go to the night club and that’s where all the fun started. Any night club here in Ukraine usually has 80% female and 20% male clientele, but that night we had about 90% females in the club, it happens, ain’t it Ukraine after all?:))
            American males felt like they’d entered the paradise on Earth since they had all the attention from sexy, stylish women in mini skirts and high heels whereas those 3 or 4 American females decided to dress like they always do in America meaning flip flops, no make up and some kind of worn out shorts or pants with a blouse. And suddenly they found out that they were NOT in the center of attention like they were used to in America! In fact NOBODY was paying attention to them, NOBODY!!
            No matter how they tried it, NOBODY was interested!! Even American males were engaged in conversations with local Ukrainian females!!!! What a shock, eh?;)
            It all resulted in American females getting awfully drunk and leaving the club early alone which could’ve never ever happened in America!!
            That’s Ukraine/Russia for you!! It’s a different world where male is still expected to behave like a male and to possess all the masculine qualities, and definitely not like a politically correct North American pussified creature they still somehow call a “male”.
            You are also mentioning “mass shootings in America”. I think that one of the reasons behind them might be millions of desperate and sex hungry males who roam the streets of any American/Canadian city in desperate attempts to find sex, ANY sex, be it with a hooker, a friend, a lover, whoever!!! And when they don’t find it they take their guns out and start shooting folks around them randomly! Think about it!
            America ain’t got no balance in it these days, none. It doesn’t exist.
            Every American female dreams about selling herself to the highest male bidder on a dating market which leaves 90% of males sex hungry for decades!!

            On the final note: moving to Eastern Europe is hard, but it’s well worth it if you are the leader and not the follower, know where you stand and what you want in life and also want to be able to stand up and be counted and to lead by example.

          • Just got back from my Ukrainian language class, learning Russian as well. I did not tell my lady about this at all, but the first time in person, when I attempted to speak to her in her language, she grabbed my hand and squeezed so hard. She could not believe I would do this for her and her family.

            In the west a WW would demand this of a man. After she checked out his bank accounts, his house and the list goes on. One demands and the other appreciates.

            One wants a gentleman and a true man, while the other wants what she wants only. Or she will cut you off, threaten to take half your stuff and then squeeze you for more, because you did not give her what “she wanted”.

            We could make a huge list of Pros and Cons, but it is a given fact, as to who would win out.

          • Hi Lance!
            This is my e-mail: caribbeanforyou at

            You and all others who might be interested in moving to/getting info about/visiting Eastern Europe, please feel free to message me!

          • Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
            Scott, Rodney, and Former Canadian…you guys get to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s twice!
            I leave for a couple of weeks to visit my parents and the site is just buzzing…interesting points and thanks for sharing Lance! Once you spend some extended time out of the Anglosphere I think your views about WW will change. Your post established the great generational shift or divide…my grandparents/great-grandparents and what is available for Generation X and Y. There is no way in hell I am comparing the 20 somethings (Now) with my mother/grandmothers (then)…they aren’t even in the same league.

          • I appreciate all of the feedback. There is no doubt I cannot know or understand what these younger generations are like. So I have to respect your perspectives on that count. All I know is that I am going to Ukraine come Hell or high water to find love.

            One of my buddies said, “well what if some younger, drop-dead gorgeous, ultra-wealthy American woman came along who wanted you to be a ‘kept man’?” I responded, “and I would be kept” – forever beholden to her because she held the purse strings. With my dick in her freezer, just like most of the other American women I have been with over the years. I think I will stick with finding a younger, beautiful Ukrainian woman. And not have my pride and joy in an American woman’s freezer; another appliance they all end up with after breaking both my heart and my bank account keeping them happy.

            As my mother always said to her children – both her two daughters and two sons, “if you marry for money, you will end up earning every cent of it.” She was wise beyond her years . . .

          • Hi Lance,
            I wanted to actually thank you for your post here. Not because I agree with everything but it reminded me of my biggest problem with dating WW and why I ended up going East.

            I also was very much raised by a similar woman and her husband. They were not my natural parents but I call them my “adopted family”…which is a long story. She was tough as nails but also still loving and generous. The relationship I saw between “Mom and Dad” I thought was typical and I was shocked when I got out into the world and could not find the same. I searched for years always thinking that perhaps there was something wrong with me. And perhaps there was…My views about “feminism” have changed and evolved over the years to a point where I am very comfortable with my view points. For me the point of feminism should only be that men and women see each other as equally important. We are different, and that will not change. And we each have roles that create a balance in a family that historically works. Today’s “feminist” women have taken that basic idea and twisted it into some idea that everything is equal/equal. They spit on the very idea that a woman who holds to traditional ideals has any value in society. This is because they judge everything by the money it produces. The whole family system and structure is F*&^ed in the west. The breakdown of family values and traditional ideals is to blame for how western society has evolved into the shit pile it is today.
            The women like our mothers simply do not exist anymore in the west. Or they exist in such small number that it is impossible to find.
            I work with people from the FSU areas on a daily basis here in the US. We talk about these subjects all the time. EE women in general are tough and beautiful by necessity. But they really desire to be soft and feminine. There is huge pressure on them to Marry and have families. I know several in Ukraine and Russia that are or have been married and endure a lot to keep their marriage together. This is the commitment you will find from the good ones in the FSU.
            Anyway, not sure if any of that made sense as I got off track. But I think your problem and my old issue are the same. We are both thinking that an ideal from 20-30 years ago still exists somewhere here in the west. And generally speaking it does not. Maybe I see this as I am guessing I am much younger than you. And I have not seen this type of woman in the US who is younger than 50 or 60 and that is a stretch. So for a guy like me not even yet 40 I have no chance in hell of finding what I can find in the EE.

            I also have had to find my masculinity over the years. I agree with Scott and the other guys. We are just as feminist f(*&ked. The ideals of masculinity have been so neutered from us and we dont even realize it. We are the “frogs in boiling water”. It does not take that much to stand and be strong, chivalrous and yet kind, gentle and loving. But I agree that EE women want a man who can take charge and not be a complete asshole to them. But we are so neutered in the west that we feel awkward if we dont ask permission to be a man. I like you was raised to take care of myself. And it still feels awkward to me when an EE woman takes care of me. It is such a foreign feeling to me to be loved and taken care of……how sad is that!!
            When she cooks me something I still feel the need to jump up and help rather than let her take care of her man. I feel this way not because she genuinely needs or wants my help but because I feel selfish letting someone take care of me. But when I relax and let it happen it feels so good. And I feel more loved and desired and cared for because of it. And there is not a damn thing wrong with that because I dont expect her to run to my job and help me. We men must really rewire ourselves from this western thinking. People will tell you it is “progress” and show you the proof of their big houses and expensive cars. But then they have to get a shoehorn to squeeze their fat ass into that house and car. The children are insane little brats and have no respect for anything and expect everything. They have no manners, common sense or work ethic. Ask any business owner about trying to hire new people. It is impossible to find someone with a work ethic anymore.
            Anyway, I lost track of where I was going with this. So, I hope you get over there and give it a try.

          • John –

            Thank you for the kind sentiments. I read your thoughts and observations. Uncanny how much alike we are in our views.

            I am a very masculine guy. I love golf, riding motorcycles, snow skiing and hanging out with my buddies on occasion. But I also like spending time with an intelligent, kind, gentle, warm, funny and lovely woman. Someone with class, grace, charm and humor. Someone who is quietly strong, challenges me to be my best, and a girl I can respect – not because she is a ball-buster – but because she just goes about getting things done in a subtle but deliberative manner.

            Yes, someone like my mother. There was not anyone who ever met her who did not think she was the most remarkable woman they had ever known. However, this was not woman who was outspoken or overbearing. When she decided to speak, it was so eloquent and reasoned that even if you did not agree with her, you certainly respected her. She garnered respect without even so much as hinting that she wanted or deserved it. She was so feminine, yet never above getting her hands dirty – literally. This was a lady who could fix a screen door at 4 P.M. Saturday afternoon, and be at the opera in a gown at 8 P.M.

            I will find someone similar to her in EE. I just have to be patient. Thank you again John. Thanks Scott. Thanks to all you guys. I too do not always agree with everyone here. Each of us has our own experiences and perspectives. The one common thing we share is the notion that somewhere on the other side of this beautiful planet there is a girl that awaits us. Many would say we are fools. Better to die a fool and alone than to settle for anyone less than a nice lady to grow old with.

            And yes, I too will go sit down and let her cook for me from time to time. :)

        • Damn right, Scott! SPOT ON!!!
          “Western Males are every bit as feminist as Western females.” It ain’t no difference between them!!
          It’s not that feminist men will be eaten alive overseas, more likely they simply ain’t gonna accomplish anything, will fail in all their attempts to get themselves a girl and then will come back to America and wrongfully tell everyone that Eastern Europe ain’t worth shit and it ain’t even worth trying to get a normal girl there!
          And that’s the worst thing possible, false information about real facts.

          • FormerCanadian and Scott, You both are completely spot on here.

            Maybe eaten alive was not a good way for me to describe what will happen to a WM in the east. But he will be seen as weak and discarded as such. He will come back to the west, speak ill of “what he saw” in the women. When the problem is him and not the women.

  12. Hi Former Canadian,

    So were the American guys at the nightclub successful with the Ukrainian girls?
    You are right about being the man and all that.
    However, I have heard on other websites that all Russian/ Ukrainian are mean, abusive, drunken, cheaters who take the women for granted and us Western are so much better than the foreign girls will anything to get our attention and love. Basically the foreign girls throw themselves at Western guys.
    Just get off the plane and as soon as they learn that you are a Western guy the girls come running. Of course they same the same thing about girls in Latin America, Southeast Asia and other part of the world that is completely overrun by feminism and materialism.
    Then again a lot of foreign tend to want to marry Western guys because of who we are.
    Do not tell me that there is no truth to this concept. It is widely promoted after all.


    • Hi William!

      Well, as always happens in life, some of those American males did succeed and some did not. Nothing new here.

      In order to find out more about Russian/Ukrainian males, their behavior and drinking habits you should come here yourself and give it a check.

      So far you seem content with asking millions of questions online and nothing beyond that.

    • I would not go as far with saying “they throw themselves”. In the big cities, most women are very nervous is most western men. There is this little issue with men coming there for a little on the side and leaving.

      I know enough Ukrainian lady’s and have gotten their thoughts about western men. A true lady, will stay back and wait for you to prove yourself to her. A lady just looking for a Visa, will do what she needs to get that Visa.

      You can tell, from just a conversation what her intentions are honestly.

      • Correct! I’ve seen several Ukrainian/Russian ladies who were only after an American/Canadian visa thus their behavior was heavily impacted by this fact and I also know several Americans who were taken for a ride by those females.
        Be careful, use common sense and everything will be OK

    • Hi William!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…
      — —
      “Just get off the plane and as soon as they learn that you are a Western guy the girls come running. ”
      — —
      I can’t speak for Eastern Europe but for Central and South America….especially among the middle, upper-middle class, and upper class girls you will be in for a very rude awakening.

      Even if the girl is interested in you…she has no interest/intention of moving to the US, Canada, etc…

    • William,
      I have heard these stories just like anyone else. But I have more than a little experience now. I would tell you if you get off the plane and see a line of women waiting to jump you….run like hell. First off it will never happen and second they would not be the ones you want anyway. I am not a “club” kind of guy so I cannot speak about the club scene or the women there. But I personally would not suggest this as the best place to meet any woman anywhere in the world.

      Good EE women do not want to leave their homes and family. They do it from a desire to have a family and children and a decent life. I have many Slavic friends. And I have been through both Ukraine and Russia. And as bad as drugs are in the west…alcohol is in the east. It is part of the social structure of the culture. And many, many good guys there become addicted and become abusive to their women. This is the major complaint I have heard from EE women. They want a guy there but dont want this drama. And now amphetamines are very rampant there. Especially in Ukraine so be careful.
      Yes, western men are seen by many as being good husband prospects but very few women are actually looking for them because they dont want to leave their home. But get one to fall in love with you and it will change.
      But keep in mind….if she is chasing you run like hell!!

  13. Hi Former Canadian/ Bryan

    What are the common signs to know if a woman is just trying to get a VISA? Is it demanding expensive dinners and gifts or is it usually something more subtle? I heard that you can tell the good girls from the ones who just want to take your money by not throwing huge amounts of money around.

    Former Canadian,

    You said that you last went a Russian/ Ukrainian nightclub 7 years ago. Things might have changed since then.
    What was it like 7 years ago?


    • 1.You know what, William… How about you come here yourself and talk to the ladies instead of asking meaningless questions?;)
      2. I do NOT want to visit any night clubs, never wanted to and never will want! Definitely not my kind of a place to visit and have fun. And I do not care how they look like now compared to 7 years ago.

    • Was on busy in Romania. Took some time and travel to Kyiv. Being a western man bring a great deal of attention to yourself. Met the first lady at McDonalds, while I was standing in line getting coffee. All in different situations and place, but no night clubs. Night clubs are not me as well. I did go one time to see what it was all about, left after my drink was finished. Did not care for it at all.

      I can tell you from my experiences, that no true woman will even speak with you about money or ask you to spend money on her. These are every strong and proud woman. I remember the first time I bought her something. You would have thought I killed someone, just by the look on her face. She was not very pleased with me at all. They are strong and proud women.

      Pack your things and just go. You will not completely understand, until you just go there yourself. We can talk to you all day, but honestly do like I did. Just go to visit the country.

      After finding someone, coming back to the US or wherever you live, will be difficult. After my trip in September, I landed stepped off the plane and wanted to turn around and leave to head back. After being there for the month of November, it was much harder to come back.

      Just go.

      • “I can tell you from my experiences, that no true woman will even speak with you about money or ask you to spend money on her. These are every strong and proud woman.”

        Bryan, excellent comment. My wife-to-be was also not pleased with expensive trinkets, however me giving flowers once in awhile got a bare pass. She was already in protective mode of “our” finances before marriage, and twenty-three years later pity the fool who attempts to part money from my wife; it won’t be pretty.

        • Larry,
          I love that last comment about trying to part money from your wife. This is sooo true. My fiance has told me many times that she does not want anything from me. And part of that stems from the idea that she never wants a thought in my head that she could be anything other than genuine. I am not sure what the hell William wants but it sounds more like he wants a international club tour than a relationship.

          • It is later, but I am finally getting back into some what of a rhythm. Catch up on some reading and writing.

            John, Ira ask me the other day about sending me some money. When I asked her for what and why, she told me she wanted jelly beans for her son. A friend of his was in the US, on a soccer meet (some international thing) and his friend brought back jelly beans. The kids loved them and she wanted to surprise him. He is away in Lviv at military school and coming home for a fall break. She took $50 dollars and put away for this. I had no words other than no, I will send these. She told me we are not husband and wife or engaged, so it is not right for me to do this.

            I had to laugh at reading this, “And it still feels awkward to me when an EE woman takes care of me. It is such a foreign feeling to me to be loved and taken care of……how sad is that!!” I know the feeling after she invited me to her home and cooked for me. She would not let me do a thing, no even help clean up afterwards.

            After 20 years of marriage and doing everything, laundry, fold the clothes, clean the house, take care of the outside… this list goes on and on. I have no idea how to react to anything Ira does. The Ex and the west took it out of me. I waited until my daughter was 18 and threw in the towel. I could not live like that anymore. I was starting to believe the old joke about men dying early. They do not just die, they kill themselves to get away from the bitch. Another one is a man turns over his balls to the wife, when they get married. OMG! this is so true.

            In the west, men are trained to feel guilty, pay an arm and a leg to get away from the Ex. The past 40 years in the west, have just destroyed the male.

            I take care of my daughter, which is important to me. She does not understand what or why the marriage ended and I cannot explain. She has turned into the typical western woman. She was trained well by her mother, grandmother and aunt.

            One last comment and it is time for bed.

            My daughters aunt told her that her first marriage is for money, then her second is for love. WTF BS is that crap. My daughter laughed, but it is too late. It is in her head already.

  14. Hi Scott,

    1) What the major thing or things to do to ensure your foreign wife and you have a successful marriage if you bring her to the West?

    2) Will you profiling any other good websites to find Russian/ Ukrainian Women other than Russian Cupid/ Ukrainian Cupid? Also is there any good websites that you know of or could profile when you have time for guys into Asian or Latin women? Is there a Latin Cupid or Asian Cupid?

    3) Do you have any experience in Russian/Ukrainian nightclubs? If so, do you or know any foreign guy who has had success in Russian/ Ukrainian nightclubs?

    4) Also if I wanted to party would I have better time partying with Russian/ Ukrainian college girls or Russian/ Ukrainian nightclub girls or both?
    5) Is there a difference with girls in Belarus as compared to Russian/ Ukrainian girls?


    • I can answer all your questions with ONE sentence: become a MAN, learn what respect, mutual understand and support mean, dare to lead by example and to stand up and be counted , and you’ll never have any problems finding nice ladies.
      But asking tons of questions online INSTEAD of actions will never take you anywhere.

    • William,

      FC and all other here, that have either moved there or are in the process. (wish this damn house of finally get closed on)

      Not one time did I ever go to a Nightclub in Kyiv, Lviv or Odessa. Meat markets and gold diggers.

      Come, rent an apartment and get out. Be a true man (not a western version) Treat them like the lady’s they are and you will find someone.

      Just listen to her words and thoughts. You will know a visa ho :P or gold digger right off.

      • Bryan ,

        Good when you can cook really well.I`m not a trained chef , but I can make some things.Not really extra ordinary.
        And I for sure will not cook for families of my girl friend.

        Because I don`t feel that I`m that good.
        As for the money for the jelly beans.I understand why she wants to pay for it (and in a way she is right).
        At this moment you are not married , so she doesn`t want to make it look as if she is taking advantage of you.

        This is a very important and sometimes delicate matter.On the one hand you don`t want to look like the guy with the money , so to speak.

        On the other hand , you still would want , to let her have her pride and dignity.So , it`s important to find the right balance , between the 2.
        They are proud people and you should/must be aware of that.

        And , for sure , they toast to many things.It`s part of their tradition and culture (just like drinking alcohol is).
        And bringing some (small) gifts is also a good idea.

        The opinion from her (older) sister and parents , is also a very hot topic for her.It`s the outcome of that , which will let her continue with you or not.

        Then on the other side , also the connection with her son , will have a role in this.

        I sure feel your urge , to go back as soon as possible.I think that Ukraine is a beautiful country , and in some ways ,
        the climat is better than in my country.

        It is very positive that she let you meet most of her friends and relatives.And having dinner at her sister`s home , is also proving that her sister sees you as a good candidate.

        So , good luck to you 2


        • Great words Paul. Plus I think in our current environment and social climate most men are better cooks than women. The balance of not wanting to look like someone taking advantage of someone while allowing the man to be a man and the woman to be a woman…while letting both parties have a little pride and their dignity…shouldn’t be that complicated but it is these days.

          Hope the best to William…on his travels to Russia or Colombia…if he decides to go. Just take the advice on this site seriously. I know first hand that young women in South America want men, not boys.

          Excellent comment Bryan. Nightclubs and bars are a touchy subject. Everyone likes to have their type of fun…some more than others. The only thing about bars and clubs…a lot of people there, men and women are acting to a certain degree…either putting on their best appearances, slumming, playing someone else, etc. etc….so you really don’t know what you are getting. It’s not like meeting a woman at the gym, market, church, festival, house party, the beach, or crossing paths on the sidewalk, etc…I’m sure they are still acting but not as much as when they are in a bar or a club. Just sounds so much nicer to say I met my wife “at the beach” than I met her at “4:00 AM in a crowded club with the speakers blasting”…my opinion of course…

  15. Thanks for all the info. I’ve dated foreign women in America and they were far superior to American women.
    I dated these foreign women when I was between the ages of 18-24 and was not ready to settle down. It was a different era in the US at the time, so it may be different today.
    I’ve spent the past several years removing the feminist brainwash and the next step is to get my finances in order.
    I also had to drop my anger about being duped by our PC society.
    My journey to become a fully functional, masculine male in the US has been more challenging than any other thing I’ve done.
    I don’t need to be convinced my chances are better overseas and I’m quite aware that to find a good girl in the US is tougher than finding a conservative in San Francisco.
    Scott is correct when he says all of us men in the US are feminists to some degree.
    One of the things I’ve been doing is saying things that are un-PC
    to people in general and when they show their disapproval, I just let it hang on the air. I don’t defend myself. I just stand there in silence.
    I remember traveling to foreign lands many years ago. Women were women and men were men. I look forward to experiencing that again.

    • Oh, my whole family thinks I’m just some kind of misogynist nut. Dare say something like your Wife should stay home with the baby and you’re oppressing her.

      Being politically correct will not make you happy – unless getting the approval of society is what you need to be happy. I’d rather stand out, on my own values and be happy – really happy.

  16. For the American men on this blog…Happy Independence Day weekend guys!

    I was looking for something sarcastic or funny to post about WW/feminism but I came across the article posted below and decided to share it instead. Such a tradition is probably becoming very rare in America (and the west) since most couples are divorced or separated, which obviously breaks up the family and rips children away from one their parents.

    “Amazing Slide Portraying 28 Years Of A Father And Son Relationship!”

    “For close to 30 years, Tian Jun and his son Tian Li have been recording their father/son relationship with pictures, they take the same yearly picture since Li was born in 1986 in China’s southwestern Guizhou Province … Jun began this project because he thought it might be cool to show his son how their relationship developed over the years, but for Jin this was a fasnicating experience that shaped him into becoming a Chinese film director.”

    Mr. Serra just might be offering some very valuable advice.

  17. Ok Gents. A quick review of my one on one English lesson with one of the young ladies from the English Club. Natalia is a refined, feminine, incredibly attractive Ukrainian lady with bright, green eyes. She is 26 years old and at age 16 went on her first abroad trip to France. At age 20, she obtained a US work visa and worked at a McDonald’s in South Carolina for 4 months. She absolutely loved her experience with her crew, her job and America in general. She had an American boyfriend who was older than her and owned his own home and two cars.

    When she returned to Ukraine, she met a Ukrainian man her age, all of 21, and she ended her American romance. Now, 5 years later, they live together and will be married soon.

    I asked her if she’s been loyal these past 5 years because by American standards, that’s an early age to commit to another young man. She said yes, of course, she’s never cheated. I told her how US girls at the age of 21 years, change guys like we change clothes. She couldn’t believe it or how that was even possible.

    Besides other subjects, I also shared with her my own experiences and how I found my wife and our happiness that we share. I explained that marriage agencies in Ukraine continue to espouse how the Ukrainian lady would like a foreign guy because Ukrainian men are “lazy, don’t work, drink too much, etc.” I asked her that an exaggerated misconception by western men, is that if they show up in Ukraine and show their passport that ladies will flock to them.

    She appeared puzzled because this was not her or any of her friends. She agreed that there would be some ladies that would go to this man, but for the most part, many would not. As she gave her own example where her boyfriend in the US had everything and she didn’t ask to stay or get married for her green card. Her current fiance has barely anything but they look forward to building their wealth together.

    She also said that there are ladies that cheat on their husbands or boyfriends, but these are ladies that she doesn’t surround herself with.

    It was nice to get inside the conversation of a real Ukrainian lady, who plays no part of any agency and ask such pertinent questions so that I may share here in Scott’s forum. Western feminists are a bunch of clowns for insinuating that western men come to the EE searching for the easy EE lady. And western men, you need to knock off listening to the marriage agency crap about how women want an American man, because he’s more responsible, blah blah blah.

    If any guy wants the love of their life, you’re going to have to get your butt over here and spend some quality time. Finding someone by letter, skype or whatever that the agencies can throw at you, are 99% a con!!! The real ladies have no idea you exist, don’t care if you exist and don’t want your house, cars or your money. As Natalia told me, she believes in love. Simple as that.

    • Rodney, let me be the Devil’s Advocate one more time;)
      You are comparing apples with oranges:)
      And yes, that girl is an exception which just confirms the general rule!
      She was lucky to escape Ukraine at the age of 16 and see France, then she was lucky again when she got a chance to live and work in South Carolina for 4 months!
      80% of Ukrainians aged 30 and below will have a hard time to find France on the map, and 99% of them will definitely have a problem finding South Carolina!
      I’ve said it numerous times that I’m now noticing a new trend among Ukrainian females- yes, they do date locals, but very “low quality” locals, close to bums and homeless.
      I’ve seen many stylish and sexy females walking together with some kind of a local lowlife.
      Ukrainian females, just like North American ones, can NOT stand a challenge thus they are looking for a male who’ll by default be below them in all aspects of life!!

    • Summation Report: We returned back to Germany from Ukraine a couple of weeks ago. I am happy to report that Natalia passed her pre-interview for Flight Attendant with Emirates. She will now be going to Kiev for her 2 day assessment interview. I spent 4 solid mornings with her and her fiance, helping develop and formulate their interview strategies.

      She texted me to say how happy she was and how she appreciated my help. During our final day, as we talked casually, after our lesson, I discovered that she had been a model, a dancer, and a Director of Mary Kay with 80 beauty consultants. All at the tender age of 23. Looking at her FB, I saw the other ladies, and yes, she was certainly the youngest.

      An extremely motivated, talented, young lady, with the same in her fiance. From what I saw with my short time, and the class I spoke with, Ukrainian’s youth wants to break out of their decades long oppression. More English is being spoken. More ways are being sought for financial gain. Natalia told me that her 19 year old brother was making more money than anyone in the family by playing online poker. Her fiance, I came to find out, was successful working with a Forex account.

      For Ukraine’s sake and their future, I wish them the very best. They are wonderful people with giant hearts. Our friends and family had come to the train station to bid us goodbye on our trip to Kiev. It was heartwarming to see such care for us.

      And yesterday, we had a Dr’s appointment. Yup, guys. My sweet wife, with whom we celebrated our 4th wedding he’s a boy!! Pretty exciting knowing that a family is growing with the love and care of two parents. My wife, the former lawyer, has no issues whatsoever, staying home and taking care of our daughter, day in and day out. Never a complaint, never a whisper of discontent. Everyday I go to work with a packed lunch and come home to my sweet girls and a hot dinner.

      I can see how my daughter is growing up. She’s already so bright and not even yet 2 years old. She mimics my wife and says the Russian word “fsyo,”, meaning that’s all or finished, when she’s tired of something or receives something. She waves and blows kisses to her loved ones, or waves at cars when we are strolling in her baby carriage.

      Robert, I am 58 and my wife is 33. I am far, far from being rich and we struggle some months on my 100% commission income, but again, she never falters on her love and commitment, cries, whines or throws a tantrum because we can’t have all that we want. To her, we are a family, never to be broken, and always to be one whole.

      So, even though you are taking care of your father and you don’t have the time yet to go to EE and find your love, don’t fret. You’re keeping yourself in good shape and believe me, the women love that. Natalia guessed at my age and thought I wasn’t older than 35! I laughed so hard and told her she’s my BFF. Due to the harsh lifestyle of Ukrainian men, at our age, they do look old! So, when a Ukrainian lady sees that we are spirited and looking trim, that’s a huge asset as they tend to admire and warm to mature gentlemen.

      So, raise your glasses and join me in a toast of congratulations for my wife and soon to be born, son.

      God bless, brothers.

      • Congratulations Rodney!
        Another happy and healthy child on the way.
        Thanks for sharing. Your stories always show a stark contrast between eastern and western women. I would still…rather take the risk of marrying and starting a family with a non-western woman…than a western woman…western woman can’t compete.
        Cheers!!!to a healthy baby boy!

      • Hi Rodney,

        First, BIG congratulations on the soon to be member of the family. My girl was 5 years older than my son. You are going to have a blast! Enjoy this time, because they grow up so fast!

        And thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I had been waiting on you post trip report.

        Again: CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

        If you need anything, let me know. By the way, IF you do have to change the boy’s diaper, be careful, boys will pee on you! And it goes up (toward your face) ’nuff said. You are warned! HaHa.


      • Rodney, CONGRATS!

        You are far better off being there. Each day here is depressing and I long to return.

        In speak with a close friend, who is looking for lady in his life, I tell him to come with me and stay for a month. He is a few years younger than me (I am 50) and I keep telling him he will never find a good woman in the west.

        There are women there looking to escape and come west. I think there is a fantasy is their heads about how wonderful it is. I do not given up (the Marine in me) and I did meet another lady, I am seeing. She does not want to move here (thank God). She has a wonderful family and friends. I sit back and laugh, because after a few weeks of seeing me, it was the sister and her husband out of a picnic. Then it was more friends and finally the father and mother. I know she was looking for their approval of me :)

        You did good sir. I salute you on success. Just wish more men we go and see for themselves. After coming back to the western, they too would long to return to their Slavic lady.

        • Bryan ,

          Yes , when you finally have met both of her parents , then you may say , that you are on the right track.
          And that she “sees” you as a potential partner.

          And she may not have to worry about what her family will think of her relation with a foreigner.
          Of course , her father will have the final saying in this.

          But the influence of her mother and/or older sister should not be under-estimated.

          I do recognize the order , in which she let you meet her relatives.

          Now it is up to you , to take it to the next level.
          Anyway good luck and work towards a happy end ..


          • Good early morning.

            Paul, after a few weeks I was invited to a cook out at her sister and brother-in-laws home.

            My surprise was her parents were there as well. Talk about meeting everyone at once :)

            I cook shrimp for everyone, grilled fish and brought wine for the lady’s. The brother in-law supplied the home made vodka and brandy. Holy crap, they toast to everything LOL!

            The next weeks were spent with her, having lunch alone with the brother in-law. A walk by the Dnipro with her sister and children. Nights walking the dog after her work.

            The final meeting was with her 15 year old son. Then it was a train ride to Kyiv to meet more of her friends. A week in Kyiv and next thing I know her friends is Israel is sending FB friend request.

            There are good older women in Ukraine and maybe a few young ones. But I made a point to stay within 13 years younger age difference. I do find it different, that at woman 40 would want to have a child. Maybe this is just the western male coming out. I am trying to hard to kick this to the curb. But I have no problems having a child with her at all. The slavic women just amaze me at how hard they work. People in the west bitch about working more than 8 hours a day and there she works 10 hours a day. Then comes home, cooks, cleans and gets ready for the next day. And walk the dog.

            The other thing is there are so many women single in Ukraine. Blows my mind that a man there would leave his beautiful wife for a younger wife. There are beautiful women all around, but wow!

      • Rodney ,

        Wow , another chapter in your lifes.I understand that you are in different emotional states.
        For sure things will change , but it will be more fullfilling.

        Especially since it is a boy.I`m sure that you are already have some thoughts , of what you want to do and spend time with him.

        Congrats on the new member ..


        • Hi Paul,

          Thanks mate. Makes it more challenging to come see you in NL, but we’ll have to make it happen one time at least or meet halfway.

      • Congrats Rodney! I am jealous. At 61 years of age I would love to have a EE woman bear my child. So cool. The best to you and your family.


  18. Yeah Rodney ,

    It will happen don`t worry.For now I had to slow things down a bit.Yes , my girlfriend wanted to come see me in April but due to other issues , I had to cancel that.

    Now I`m trying to let her come next year.So , it is still in the work.
    But she has already mentioned that on my next trip to Odessa , we must have a BBQ together.

    Not sure if it is with her relatives and/or family and friends or some relatives.


    • I’d like to say exactly the opposite-NEVER EVER MARRY AN EASTERN EUROPEAN FEMALE! NEVER!
      Do not let 2 or 3 successful marriages to fool and mislead you!
      An eastern European female is times and times worse than her western counterpart! With western lady you know what you get, with an eastern one you get cat in the bag, who’ll play coy for years and years but will turn around in a second and despise you, hate you and ignore you as soon as you dare to object anything she says or if you happen not to have the money she wants!
      Still wanna go to Eastern Europe? Fine, do that, but NEVER get into a relationship or any kind of a deep connection with an eastern European female.
      They are unable to appreciate, value and respect any good things done for them and will only want more and more and more money from you no matter if you have money or not!
      Please, do not make this biggest mistake of your life and start a relationship with an eastern European female! They suck times more than Western Women!

      • Hello all!

        FC, I think it really depends on the woman. Biggest problem I see is western the TV shows and movies. These are giving a false views of life in the west.

        • Yes and no, Bryan;) How come I never got affected by the mainstream media, busloads of propaganda, brainwashing, political correctness, affirmative action, consumerism? It ain’t about all those evil western movies and media, it’s about the fact that it’s worse to play coy for years and years and then make a 180 degrees turn and become an opposite of oneself!
          With western women we know what we get, with eastern European women you always get a cat in a bag not knowing if it’s a Scottish or a garbage bin cat.
          But if one really WANTS to try it with an Eastern European female, then play a game and pretend that you are broke, you ain’t got no money to buy you no food , you ain’t got no damn house and just rent a bachelor in some kind of a slum, you ain’t got no damn car and rely on public transportation and you are just a backpack traveler here in Eastern Europe.
          And I can bet you ANY money that an Eastern European female will immediately disappear into the horizon.

        • Hey Brian,

          Any updates to your Ukrainian experiences? Last I remember you were considering making a move there?

          • I hope Bryan will NEVER make my mistake and marry a Ukrainian money grabber.
            Avoid Ukrainian females even more than western ones!!

          • Visiting Ukraine for fun and pleasures-fine! But living there-NEVER make this mistake!

          • Hey Rodney and FC,

            Travel to Omaha, Nebraska for the week. Work related. so no fun.

            After my last long stay in Ukraine, I came back here to the US to handle a few remaining items with property. As you all can tell, I remained in the US for now.

            Had a shocker her wanting to get pregnant at 40, then is was the money thing. I started feeling like just a cash cow only and every time I turned around she was wanting 200 here or 400. This was becoming so frequent, that I started questioning her about what the money was for. She got defensive on me and then excuses started.

            Figured it time to cut my loses.

            Do not get me wrong. I believe and know there are good women in Ukraine and Russia. But, honestly the numbers are becoming slimmer and slimmer for the chances to find a good women in Ukraine. The situation there is going to get much worse, before it starts to even try to improve.

            Not even going to talk about the free EU travel about to start. Ukraine needs to stay Goodbye to many people. Don’t care what the EU thinks can be done to control the masses leaving, it is going to happen.

          • Spot on, Bryan! That’s exactly what I keep saying all along!
            Ukraine ain’t even worth visiting any longer! And God forbid someone trying to get into a relationship with a Ukrainian female! She will use whatever tricks to empty your pockets without ever giving anything back! And oftentimes without you even noticing it until it’s too late and damage has already been done.
            YES, she will absolutely WANT and DEMAND those 200, 400, 1000 grivnas for this or that and still she will NEVER have any money left!
            All the reasons to ask for money will look legitimate on the surface and trust me, those reasons will be plenty!
            ANY westerner is a cash cow for any Ukrainian or Russian female, those few exceptions do NOT prove anything!
            Cash cow and a lucky lottery ticket to get to the West.
            It’s better to get a hooker in the West and spend money on her than to travel 1000s of miles to the middle of nowhere to some Ukrainian shithole and look for a “cat in the bag”.
            Every Ukrainian woman has a behavioral pattern when she encounters a western man: first 5-6 dates she plays coy and polite and soft and sexy and friendly until the moment when she feels that controls you by using the access to her pussy and her body! And then, gradually, demands will start to grow, and if one doesn’t comply and dares to say NO, she’ll turn into all those tricks “Oh, you do not love me, you ain’t a man enough” and similar bullshit.
            Ukrainian women are better actresses than Hollywood stars!
            All in all- AVOID Ukrainian (and Russian for this matter) by all means possible!
            Get yourself a hooker, make an agreement with her , and get tons more pleasures in all aspects of life instead of trying your luck in a lottery called “Looking for an Eastern European female”.
            Man oh man…. What a turn around of things in mere 4-5 years in Eastern Europe… Never thoughts this was even possible.. And now it’s a reality!

          • To sum it all up: out of all people on here ONLY one (Rodney) got lucky with his Ukrainian marriage.
            Yes, there are rumors that “somewhere someone found a nice lady to marry etc” , but in reality there is only ONE successful history!
            Bryan was taken for a money ride and my marriage suddenly became a complete failure with “I WANT TONS OF MONEY NOW!!!” being the reason.
            And after so damn many years I have to start from scratch , from a big fat zero , after having “invested” into this shit so much efforts, attention, nerves, patience and money.
            It’s better to be alone than involved in a relationship with an Eastern European female.
            Better yet- buy a hooker and do not worry about not getting the bang for your hard earned buck!
            Eastern European females do not know nor appreciate the value of money, they are so damn used to live on “peanuts” that they go crazy when they see more than one 100$ bill.
            I’ve wasted more than 9 damn years on this shit, but NEVER AGAIN!
            Fuck money, but I can NOT bring my time back! My fucking wasted time!
            AVOID eastern European females by all means possible and please, do not let them ruin your life!

    • Hey all,

      I know that things have slowed down here in our forum. Look at it this way: We stood our ground against the feminists that tried to shut our minds, values and dreams. They finally threw in the towel. Also, Scott and friends have covered nearly every subject matter on the journey to find an EE bride, and for some of us, that’s been a successful journey. So, just for fun now, I thought I would add a very funny video with Scott Baio. If you have a crazy sense of humor, like I do (anyone else here like Monty Python and the Holy Grail?), then have a good laugh. Cheers!

      • Pretty funny Rodney!
        Cheers to the unofficial start of summer men.
        Hopefully all the Americans on this forum had a safe Memorial Day weekend.

        • Thanks, Seeker. All well over here. Our daughter started German kindergarten this past week. Poor baby. She now has German being thrown at her with English, Russian and Ukranian at home. But, in the long run, it’ll be a good thing for her. Another distinct advantage living here vs the USA. In the US, everyone pretty much sticks with the native language without the opportunity to practice in other languages (perhaps Spanish). But here, there are so many nationalities in close proximity, that it’s very nice to stay brushed up.

  19. Hey Bryan and FC,

    Sorry to hear about the issues that you both encountered. FC, I figured something like this was going on, but didn’t want to ask. Thanks for letting us know. You’re living in a great place with all the things you like doing and you know the language. You’ll be on your feet before you know it. Don Juan de Marco was quoted as saying (paraphrased): “If you have a break up, you go out and find someone even better than the last.”

    Bryan is correct. Now that Ukraine can travel thru the EU, this will change the landscape drastically. I do count myself as one of the lucky ones, for sure. Scott, too. He has an excellent relationship with his wife and family. Plus, if you all remember, my former clients (4 of them) are still happily married after 3 years. One couple had a baby a couple of weeks before our son arrived.

    I believe that there are hopes in the smaller towns (not Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov, for example). And as I have always mentioned, its much better to live there, if you don’t have any good connections (I used to be :((( But, I know realistically, guys cannot, especially the young ones. Sigh…. well, it was fun while it lasted.

    • Rodney –

      Thanks for the update on how things have changed over there. For clarification, I want to make sure I understand what you are saying about searching for a lady over there (which is exactly my newer strategy). You are saying to stay away from the ladies in big cities and search for one from a smaller city/town?

      I have determined that travelling off the beaten path increases the likelihood that a lady is more sincere, serious in her search, and probably much more grounded. I know any woman can/will change once she moves to the U.S.. The question goes back to what are her internal values and upbringing.

      Marry a drop-dead gorgeous, big city girl with high expectations and you are asking for trouble. Opt for a relatively attractive, more down-to-earth, small-town lady, and you get what you bargained for – someone who will appreciate a man who is family-oriented, that treats her with kindness, respect, love, affection, and understanding.

      Am I on the right track here? Do you think that the conditions there have increased the number of girls who are serious about finding a Western man and moving overseas? Appreciate any insight you can give.



      • Conditions have increased the number of girls who are now smart enough to play coy for a while and to take any westerner for a ride to empty his pockets. That’s it! Eastern European women have stopped appreciating all those values you’ve listed in your message.
        Moreover, a small town lady will have a small town mentality and life interests and rather sooner than later you will start feeling that you two are living on two different planets.
        My honest advice is: stay away from Ukraine. May be try Russian Siberia and Far East instead. But stay away from Ukraine and its women!

        • FC –

          Thanks for the advice. I have had one or two try that $$$ game with me in the past few years. Cut them off pronto! Had enough experience with American women in that realm. It’s an immediate deal-breaker for me; turns my heart turn cold as a stone.

          I will take my chances with a small-town girl. Not a problem for me…


          • Good luck! But if I were you I’d never even consider going to Ukraine.
            Sooner or later that $$$ game WILL come up, they just can’t live a life without asking for money, from president and prime minister to a girl from a godforsaken shithole of a town. That’s the mentality!

      • Hey Lance,
        Nice to hear from you and I stand solidly behind you for your All-American shot in finding a genuine lady from Ukraine.

        So, to answer your great question, I am going to write all of the young (between 24 and 35 years old) that I know in a smaller town. I am going to poll them reflecting your question. Now, be assured these ladies are genuine people, married or engaged to very good Ukrainian men. In fact, one young couple (newlyweds) who we are best friends with, will be the Godparents of our son this summer. Thanks to the freedom of travel with the no EU visa, they can now come visit us for the ceremony. Anyway, that’s the kind of trust that I have for the ladies that I know.

        When I round up all of the opinions and thoughts, I will compile and disseminate here on the site. Its a great question and it needs to be answered by ladies on the ground and not by any of us foreign men. Cheers!

        • Is it only me who seems to be getting all those eastern European gold diggers all along? I have NEVER encountered ONE damn Eastern European female who wasn’t after money and money ONLY! NEVER!
          Each and everyone has had enormous problems, debts to pay, credits to cover, purchases to be made NOW and NOW ONLY, and all of them , ALL wanted more and more and more MONEY, and NOW!
          Something is wrong with this equation.
          I’ve lived there long enough to meet and get to know MANY females and I always say what I mean.
          So I honestly find it hard to believe that there are females in Ukraine and Russia who do NOT want to get all the money they can from their partner/husband.

        • Rodney –

          What a brilliant ideal. I love it. You are exactly right. I am far more interested in what those ladies think, than what other’s may think about them…

          Looking forward to the answers from your poll.



    • Rodney,

      Hey there! How is the little one doing?

      I chalk it up to learning that is all. Still want to move over to Europe, either Germany, Poland or Slovakia. Just love it too much over there not too move. Life it far to short for garage.

      It is funny, because one of the lady’s that worked for me in Romania is not back living in Dnipro, so I am heading over in a 8 days for a visit of this city and have a tour guide to show me around.

      Funny, because there she was always messaging me, even after we stopped working together. She is not looking for a move anywhere LOL! Her mother and father live over in Russia, but she went to school in Dnipro and stayed after school. She considers herself a Ukrainian and not a Russian HAHA!

      I have a saying that shit happens. You live, learn and keep going forward.

      Maybe, the good lady was in front of me the whole time and I never paid attention. Who knows?

      Here is my email address. Would like to just chat sometime.

      • Do not want to rain on yet another “Ukraine” parade, but I already see several red flags, but will withhold my comments until later;)

        • Not saying it will work. Just planning on giving it the all-American try. If it doesn’t work out I will look at Asia.

          • Why Asia? How about Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Bulgaria?
            What is so special about Ukraine?
            Uneducated females who are after money and who love to play head games to get to that money? God forbid I ever again deal with a Ukrainian woman! She will leave you bankrupt and it will still be your fault in her eyes!
            DO NOT make my mistake, NEVER go to Ukraine and invest your time, passion, money and efforts/emotions into people there! They ain’t worth it!

          • I’ve just wasted 9+ years on a relationship which was not worth it from the very beginning thus I do not want any other Western male to get caught in this human trap.
            Eastern European females can wear a disguise for years and years until they think the moment has come to take it off and show true colors!

  20. I’ll just post this here. I believe the website’s purpose was to illustrate that Western women were inferior to what we Western makes could find elsewhere.

    I think any guy who wants to keep the Russ or Slavic bloodline in his family tree needs to go there. Just heads up. AWALT !!! You have been warned! If you are not redpilled, do not attempt! Do not be blinded by the light. Always be ready to walk away if it does not feel right.

    This website has presented both the best and worst outcomes. But that happens with anyone. Proceed with caution!!!

    • Robert –
      Thanks for validating that very point.

      FC seems to think that all Ukrainian woman are blood-sucking, money-grubbing vampires. Whereas the whole point of this site was to point out that Western Women were the same way. Which means that all women are like that, it is a universal condition, and you are screwed if you marry one. So just stay single.

      To the contrary. There are successful marriages/relationships in every culture. As well as unsuccessful ones. For a variety of reasons. I have seen women here in the U.S. who stayed with guys that did not deserve them. We all need to put this in it’s proper context…

      • Absolutely, an overwhelming majority of Ukrainian women ARE indeed gold diggers who are after the money each and every time they date someone!
        I base my observations on personal and not so personal experiences, namely 9+ years spent in Ukraine. They ARE money grabbers!
        I am NOT arguing that western women are the same, what I’m trying to say is that with a western female we at least KNOW what to expect and how to react and handle that, whereas a Ukrainian female will play coy and disguise her REAL intentions for months and even years, and that’s exactly what happened with me when I’ve tried to put my best efforts into a relationship which apparently was doomed from the very beginning and everything exploded as soon as I happened NOT to have the money for her next “toy” and openly indicated it. “Oh, you ain’t got no money?
        Then you ain’t worthy to be with!”

        I prefer to face the enemy upfront and definitely not to deal with someone who’ll quietly stab me in the back!
        And now I have to start everything from scratch having devoted 9+ years to a doomed relationship.

        Russian or Ukrainian women? NEVER AGAIN!
        They never have money and they do not WANT to do anything to at least help to make that money!
        I ain’t a cow to be milked! Any relationship is a two way street and requires a JOINT effort from BOTH male and a female!! A one way street will sooner or later lead to a dead end!

        • Hi FC,

          Cheer up buddy. You put in 9 years. I was married for 29 years before mine divorced me! But you know what, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Now I can flirt with and chase any woman that strikes my fancy. I turned down a lot of pussy when I was married, but no more! Only wish I was 20 years younger.

          Try to look on the bright side. You are in a man’s paradise. Get out and chase the senoritas. Hell, if I wasn’t caring for Dad, I’d come down and go chase them with you.

          Don’t dwell on the past. Live in the now and create a better future.

      • Hi Lance,

        Glad you understood what I was trying to say. I was married to a Texas girl for 29 years and have two great kids who are now grown. She divorced me, so now I can play the field again. But this time there will be NO relationship. Girlfriends maybe, but no long-term. I don’t have the patience to put up with that shit anymore.

        Already having grown children and being single brings a feeling of freedom that I can not describe. It is absolutely the epitomy of ZFG attitude!

  21. I just want to add this for all the young guys out there. If you are looking for a conservative, feminine Caucasian woman who is not infected with Western sjw values for marriage, then I still believe Eastern Europe or Russia is your best bet. FC and Rodney have had totally different experiences, so it is not a foolproof choice. But the choices have to be better than the West. Go back and read the blog from the beginning. Things change, times change, but the trends continue. Time for another beer.

  22. I’ll start off by saying I am a Western woman (from Texas) and that I am not upset about this thread. I wanted to chime in with a few thoughts nonetheless.

    I was raised in a typical southern family, no good family values, mom was divorced, stepdad had strings of affairs and an addiction, etc. I was not impressed with this way of life, so I started looking at other options. I became a lawyer and learned to cook (very well!) on my own. I traveled all over the world and came to just about the same conclusion as you all – the issue is America. I know that American women are not the best, but truly American men, from what I saw, are not either. Both sexes are raised in a society that forces us to be independent to the detriment of others. It’s always about ME, and when the situation gets tough, our culture tells you to abandon ship.

    After dating a couple American guys who wanted to get drunk and go out all the time, have me as a designated driver/trophy and not treat me like a lady, I decided to look elsewhere. I ended up with a foreign man and moved overseas. I am currently back in the states visiting and the trip solidifies how much I dislike the American way of life. Overseas I am treated as a lady. I don’t go out without an escort, I am never asked to work (though I maintain a lucrative freelancing practice at home), my husband wants me to be modest so as not to attract attention (rather than show my stomach and chest as my American ex preferred) – I am spoiled constantly. In turn, I cook. clean, stay in shape, and always treat my husband with the love he deserves in the bedroom. In the states, this would be impossible. I would either have to work to help support the house or I would be shunned for being a stay at home wife and labelled a “golddigger”. It’s hard to win in the states. I love gender roles and I am happy to just be a woman and be submissive to my husband. Unfortunately, this is seen as very weak in the United States (and probably other Western countries, but I wouldn’t know). I got a lot of negative comments from others when I chose to move. Lots of people called me crazy, many said I was desperate, and rumors began flying about me (some were convinced I was evading law enforcement, etc.). Like many of you, I just didn’t care. I didn’t want to continue on the path of becoming a partner at a law firm and live a busy, meaningless life. I didn’t want to be married to someone who treated me like a roommate that he occasionally has sex with. I didn’t want to raise kids in America because I know the experiences they go through and wouldn’t want that for my children. I am so unbelievably happy and I would never consider leaving my husband even if he did something against me. This is what life is supposed to be like, but it can’t work that way in America because women have been programmed to believe that letting a man take care of you is weak and pathetic and that they are all going to lie and cheat on you at some point.

    I wanted to note that most American women simply don’t know any better. I am not justifying the general behavior of women, but they are looking for something to make them feel whole, just as men are. The issue is that they have probably never seen a family with decent values or a society that thrives because of the strong bonds of family, so making that happen is very difficult. Once I was exposed to the traditional way of life, I knew that I had to get out of America as soon as possible. A lot of American ladies look at my way of living and say that I am dependent, my situation is sad, I let my husband control me, etc., and I don’t get angry with them because I know they are probably just living in their own miserable little realities and could never comprehend how good life is on the other side. My own mother doesn’t understand why I made the choice I did (as she struggles with debt, wonders if her husband is still seeing his mistress, has a terrible relationship with all of her extended family, struggles with weight, etc.). I am glad I got out, but still have patience with the women who don’t understand why.

    Thanks for the interesting post and comments – cheers!

    • Thanks for your insight and for sharing – I’ll agree, America has gone down the wrong path in how we educate and raise our young.

      Today, the SJW fem-bot boys – all these Millennials, I’m not impressed with most of the young people in America.

    • Wonderful to read this Melissa.

      Somewhere the US screwed up royally with the whole relationship process.

      Society here in the west is dictating lives now. When a person is to get married. When, they are to have children. What type of education/job is acceptable and what is not. What type of car a person has or what part of town they live in. Hell, even the types of friends.

      People here became more about, “me” and not about, “us” anymore. I look at my 19 year old daughter and how she looks at relationships of a man and woman. Her aunt made a comment to my daughter, when she was about 12 or 13. She told her her first marriage was about money. Marry a man, have a child, divorce, then marry for love. WTH kind of BS is that. The aunt said she was just joking, but that thought was already placed in my daughter mind. I listened to the aunt talk about, “if my husband leaves me, I will take all of his shit.” I watched my ex’s parents fight after the father retired. He traveled most of his career and would be gone for weeks at a time. But, now that he is home all the time, they cannot stand to be together. Sad.

      I watch couples live in misery, because everyone is afraid to start over in life. Husband drink, take up hobbies to escape being around the other person or take a job, where he is traveling all the time to get away from the wife.

      In the US, the divorce rate of couples married over 18 years has risen. Husband hang round, until the children are grown before leaving. People find out, that there really is nothing in common and they start living separate lives. This is not marriage. This is just 2 people leaving together for the sake of being afraid to start over.

      Take the average US woman. She has gotten fat and lazy. Stopped taking care of herself and excepts her husband to still have sex with her. Now, this could be said about the men as well. But, when both are miserable life becomes hell for each and they slowly die inside, just excepting this as their fate in life.

      You are an exception to the norm for a woman in the west. You escaped the new reality of western life, just like many men here are trying to do and most have done.

      I will end with this quote.
      “Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.” ― Douglas Pagels

  23. I had my wife divorce rape me when I returned from Army deployments in 2010. I have dated both American women and Russian women over the last seven years. I found an equal split between both AW and RW and how some of them want money. I find the RW to be way more feminine, and not over weight like AW. I am still trying to date RW, and I am currently dating a woman from Surgut Russia which is an oil city in Siberia. I have bounced back and tried to date a few AW, but I just cannot hang with their feminist BS…and I find myself rotating back to RW. I will watch and follow the posts here, and I will report back with my results. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge that is contained here, and please keep posting what your experience has been.

    • Keith, you will find most slavic woman take care of themselves far better, than western women. With the ratio of men to women in these countries, the women take care of themselves and their man. If, he is a good man.

      There are far to many single women in these slavic countries and a good man is hard to come by, so they look amazing and take extremely good care of their man.

      Western women have it made. They throw out the hook (pussy. sorry to be blunt) and will trap any man. Then either threaten to screw him with a divorce and taking half or all his stuff or just divorce him and trap the next sucker.

      Men in the west have also been trained to accept, whatever they get and just deal with it or feel the pain. Life is far to short for bullshit. Live it or loose it…

      Personally, I have seen the gold diggers on both sides of fence. But, by far Slavic women are much better wives and lovers.

      Good luck in your search. I know you will be much happier, like many of us.

      Now, if I can just get my ass over there or her here, life will be much better.

  24. This article was sent to me by a friend and after I read it, it had a profound impact on me. After 17 years of marriage and 4 children later my wife just ups and decides to go looking for a millionaire. It all came down to mine. When I had money things were great then I had a financial collapse and it was over. My wife really married me for money not Love.

    Look she got the house she wanted, the cars she wanted the diamond engagement ring and 10 year diamond anniversary band she wanted. the designer Watch she wanted. she got the cars she wanted.

    Now everything went into the crapper but that is a temporary condition. I am making my way back but it’s no joke.

    Her sister in law and her mother encouraged her ideas. Her younger sister had previously done this to her husband. I was shocked to her my sister in law say well if my husband didn’t pull his weight he would be out the door. The real problem was that it required my wife to pull up the slack and she didn’t want to. She wanted to sit on her ass at home because I made enough to do that!!!!

    It was like a lightning bolt when I read this article.

    Fast forward 2 years later I found a Ukrainian-Russian dating site. I am half Ukrainian myself. I joined the site and within 18 months I had over 3,500 letters from women all over Ukraine and Russia. All of these women are beautiful and smart and all of them are love starved. They don’t care how much money I have only that I am kind, loving and caring. That I want to build a strong relationship and family. Many of these women are financially well off with professional careers. I am older in my 50’s but I keep myself in good shape. This is in fact an advantage.

    When they learn that I have 4 children and I am a family oriented guy it’s like a moth to the flame. They don’t care about material things. Many have been cheated on and mistreated.

    Anyways I have met a beautiful, bright talented woman half my age. I travelled to Ukraine to meet her this summer and we are planning a future together. She has made me very happy. We share the same attitude til death do us part.

    I am very happy now and I tell every man I know and I know many men my age in the very same situation, Go East!!!! There are gorgeous, thin, well educated, well mannered ladies who desperately want to meet men for life long partnerships.

    It’s like Melania Trump. These kinds of ladies. Women who are women waiting to meet men.

    Is this easy???? Answer No. Is it worth it??? Answer Yes!!!!!!!

    • Kevin –

      You just made my freakin’ day! I swear my life has been almost a mirror image of yours. Not exactly, but very similar.

      I haven’t actually “hooked up” with any of the girls over there. Had one serious online relationship, but she was in Moscow and it just didn’t work out after the Russians invaded Ukraine. I was too nervous to travel there as an American. Particularly given I was a lawyer and had written many negative things about Russia and Putin online. FSB would have been up my arse the whole time I was there. No thanks.

      So I took a “sabbatical” from my search and have not communicated with anyone in over year in spite of the thousands that have contacted me. Was just preparing to start again. I have found a couple of girls I want to communicate with that have reached out to me. I am going to start responding to one of them this weekend now that I read your comment.

      Thanks for the validation and best of luck to you, brother.


      • Hey Gents and Lady (Melissa)!

        Good to read all of your recent comments and glad to see that many are keeping their dreams alive. Wanted to update you all with good news all around:

        * My wonderful Ukrainian wife and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in the company of our WWS Founder – Scott, and his lovely family. His Russian wife and daughter are so sweet and beautiful. We spent long hours into the night talking about great subjects as he is well versed in all walks of life.
        * Our son was Christened last month with his Godparents from Ukraine. Now that Ukrainians can travel to the EU, this made for a wonderful ceremony.
        * My long term client and friend from the Marriage Agency I founded in Ukraine, met the love of his life, after skyping with her for 7 months. My translator brought them together. She’s not only sweet and tender (Ukrainian style!), but a gorgeous, blonde knockout. The picture he sent me cracked me up! He looks like Sylvester the Cat, just having ate Tweety Bird, with his crazy in love, smile. This will be the 4th couple that I developed into marriage. The other 3 couples are still married after about 3 years now with one couple having a son just recently.

        My good buddy, FC. You know I love you big guy, however, I still don’t see eye to eye with your experiences. This last couple is just another fine example that Ukraine is just fine for finding a wife. His lady is 29 years old with a young child. This is a good age when looking for a wife there. My wife was 29 when I met her as well. Ladies in this age group have been through life’s up and downs, and primarily are waiting/hoping to find their everlasting love.

        I will stick to the advice that I have always given:

        * Find someone that you can trust, like a fellow American, who lives there with his Ukrainian wife, OR
        * Save your money/vacation and pick a city(ies) to go live for a month or more. Join any club you can find (sports, English, martial arts, gym) and you will meet someone naturally OR you will be introduced to someone who is looking for a HUSBAND. Because when you make friends with someone from these clubs, and let it be known that you are searching for a wife after they’ve seen you are a good guy (and can vouch for you), they’ll know someone who is also looking.
        * Stay away from any and all agencies (unless it was mine, of course! But, I am out of the biz now). Think about it…its so very tempting for these ladies to play their “hot commodity” card and make some extra cash.

        The average pay now in Ukraine is $280/month!! Do you blame them? (Imagine these girls stringing along 5 men. That makes for a nice income, especially after he has come to visit her, and makes him think she’s in love with him!!).

        Therefore, the BEST ladies are the ones who have no association with an agency, because they’re not “tainted.”

        Best wishes all!

        • Nice to see people still communicating here.

          FC, I will agree with your “well educated & well mannered” comment. But, the well mannered part, I think we are a little jaded in how we view manners.

          Rodney, You are correct about finding someone naturally or through friends a person makes there. I all my visits, and stays in Ukraine, I have met many US/Canadian men living there married to Ukrainian/Russian lady’s. I will admit, I have gotten involved with a few “interesting lady’s” my words are crazy’s, but a guy will never see or experience a thing (lady), until just going and staying for a month or more.

          I was there for the month of June, and will be heading that way again in October. I met someone back last year, closer to my age, 12 years younger. It just takes time, and patiences. Also, having the mindset to follow through with what the guy honestly wants from a woman.

          The income level is what drives these “dating agencies”. It is so difficult for someone in the west to understand the average monthly income in Ukraine is so low, by their standards. Guys fall for the BS, and just throw money at these women. A real women does not ask material items or money. Well, not until she is your wife LOL! That is stated in joking sense. It is just difficult for a western man to find a woman there, if his mindset does not change.

          Plan is to still move over there. Took a little long to handled the family issues, after the parents passed away. But, I will be getting the hell out of here.

          Cheers to all.

          • Bryan, you know me, I ain’t not bullshitter, and I strongly discourage you from coming to Ukraine to settle here permanently. Visiting-yes, by all means, but living-NO WAY, Jose!
            Living here 2-3 months and living here permanently are two different universes!

        • Hey buddy! Thanks;)
          The difference between our visions is within our locations.
          You permanently live in the West and occasionally come to visit Ukraine thus you interact with a VERY limited number of people in general and women in partucilar.
          Whereas I’ve been living for years and years in Ukraine and Russia and even came back here to finish some business right now thus I do interact with all kinds of people, from bums to university and governmental folks on almost daily basis and I KNOW what’s inside their brains, hearts and souls.
          And I do stand by my words that Ukranian women these days are WORSE than their western counterparts.
          An average modern Ukrainian lady is an uneducated, often illiterate, VERY inhibited person who somehow thinks that she is God’s gift to the world and Princess of the Universe thus has to be treated accordingly without ever making an effort herself.
          To make a long story short-one HAS TO live here in order to fully understand what I am talking about;)
          I do agree that there ARE exceptions which only confirm the rule and are only very few and far between;)

    • I’m in the “East” right now and tend to disagree with EVERYTHING written about “gorgeous, thin, well educated, well mannered ladies who desperately want to meet men for life long partnerships.”.

      Especially about the “well educated and well mannered” part.
      Life long partnerships are also very iffy since an overwhelming majority of those ladies are after man’s wallet and a free ticket to the West.
      Thus online communication with a lady and DAILY family life do differ like night and day.

    • ..and so is an overwhelming majority of Eastern European women too these days;) I’d take an American or Canadian female over a European one when it comes to pure sex.
      Western women are a lot more uninhibited and open minded when it comes to intimate things.

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