Saturday Satire: Most Men ask, “Is she pretty?”

Never Ever Marry an American Woman
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Need only be pretty

My Wife has told me that her (Russian) Father has often said, “It is nice if a Woman is clever, but enough if she is just pretty.” ¬†50 years ago the sentiment in America was the same but “we’ve come a long way baby.” Today, even if a woman is pretty, she will go to great lengths to make herself look ugly. If you aren’t trying to impress a Man, why try to look attractive at all?

Go Goth

My Wife is astounded at this logic; she has commented that she can get almost any Man to do anything just based on looks and charm. It is true, a beautiful Woman, who knows how to act feminine and graceful, can have the world eating out of her hand. Feminism teaches that instead of using your grace and poise to get a Man to do what you need, instead you should try to compete with him. If he’s stronger than you, lobby the government to pass some affirmative action program to get a job that you’re not qualified for.

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My Wife’s Mother has told her, pretty much her whole life, that a Man’s looks are not so important. What is important is that he is a good provider, is not a drunk and wants to take care of his family. The exact quote is, “A Man need only look a little better than a gorilla.” Think about that for a minute; talk to some women, even fat and ugly women and ask them their criteria for a Man. They’ll tell you that he needs to be chivalrous, yet dangerous (like a recently released convict), tough (rides a motorcycle) but also gentle (he gives a lot of oral sex and adopts stray pets. The Western woman’s ideal Man is so far from reality that the average American Man is confused and frustrated trying to fill the roll.

My Wife is constantly amazed that American women are trying to prove how smart they are. “What’s the point to show a Man how smart you are. Wear a nice dress, let him be infatuated with you and then surprise him with your wit later.” There are little nuggets of wisdom passed to my Wife from her Mother, Aunts and Grandmothers that are completely missed on American women. American women’s mothers were busy burning their bras in the 1960’s and complaining that they didn’t get to wear pants.

Neither here nor there but would you rather marry a woman who is always trying to compete with you or a Woman who you’re attracted to and surprises you later?

Today, for a Western Man, the¬†easier alternative is to Man up (start acting like a Man and not a “sensitive” gender-neutral she-Man) and go to Ukraine or Russia and find a bride.

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Never Ever Marry an American Woman
Natalia is no feminist

8 thoughts on “Saturday Satire: Most Men ask, “Is she pretty?”

  1. I know women – here – who raise their daughters to be fat to avoid the Leering Attention of men.

    One is still offended that my friend married a woman from Volgograd while her 300 Lb daughter is shacked up with a local drunk [it was the best she could do]

  2. I have a problem with the title of this post, Scott. You use the word “satire” in it. I fail to see the “satire” contained within. It is just plain too accurate.

    • satire
      [sat-ahyuh r]
      the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
      a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
      a literary genre comprising such compositions.

      I feel like I’m exposing and denouncing ;-)

  3. My man and I crossed the border to Malaysia in recent weeks. At a mall, there was a western couple who were obviously tourists. The woman was fat and unkempt and had the most unpleasant scowl on her face.

    The unfriendly expression visibly worsened as her partner looked at the slim Asian women who wore skirts or dresses and heels. More than her untidy appearance, the obvious mean streak on the woman’s face and the unfeminine way she walked made her even more repulsive.

    Your wife is right. Women really should be women. This way, interactions with men are far more enjoyable.

    • Hi Aquarius Moon,
      Your story brought a smile to my face because I have seen the same in Central and South America. I saw some guys from Western Europe, the US, or Canada on vacation down south with their western gf or wife…could you imagine the look on each partners face? The guys had the look that they had been conned their whole lives and the women just had that unpleasant scowl you mentioned above.
      To your last sentence above…there’s always hope…but that’s a risk I’m not willing to take with a western woman.

      • Hey Seeker : )

        Yes, it was exactly as you described! I read in other blogs or articles that some men would rather date South American women because they’re much more feminine. And they are!

        Instead of wearing dreadful scowls on their faces, why can’t these unkempt women make a smidgen of effort to keep themselves attractive and womanly? Sure, metabolism deteriorates as one gets older, but it just means trying to be more physically active and portion control.

        Treating their partners well will also make their relationships and marriages solid. Nothing without effort. And scowls are unattractive.

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