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Natalia is no feminist
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It has been a while since we have had a “Hot Woman of the Day” post so I thought I’d add a little eye candy to the website. In the past, I’d shared photos that I’d taken in Eastern Europe with my own camera. In this case, these are some pics from a Facebook friend. Well, more of a friend of a friend but since we’re Facebook friends, we must really be friends, right? :-p

Natalya 2

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Natalya is typical of many Russian Women in that she’s in fantastic shape. A lot of this comes from walking and a lot from eating a “pure” diet. When I say a “pure” diet, I mean a diet devoid of high-fructose corn syrup (as is in EVERYTHING in America) and a lack of fast food. Natalya is from Siberia and during those long cold winters, you burn up quite a bit of energy. She’s a gym hound too and that goes a long way in having a super fit body.

But, as any of the guys here on the site who have visited Russia and Ukraine can tell you, if you get on a bus or a train, there are bound to be 9 or 10 Natalya look-alikes on every car. I just don’t understand how the Men in Russia and Ukraine don’t have constant whiplash because every Western Man who visits goes home with a sore neck from staring back and forth at all of the beautiful Women.

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Natalia is no feminist
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3 thoughts on “Hot Woman of the Day: Natalya

    • But they are. Every flight I’ve been on from Chicago to Warsaw, 1/2 of the flight (Men) continued on to Kiev or Odessa. Catch a flight from Frankfurt or Amsterdam to Kiev and 1/2 the plane is Western Men. Go downtown to Kiev or Odessa and you’ll see Western Men by the dozens.

      But, since Kiev is a little farther than the refrigerator, a lot of Men won’t make the effort.

      Good for you, less competition ;-)

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