7 Reasons you should never date a Russian Woman

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Why Are So Many Professional Millennial Women Unable To Find Dateable Men?

I recently saw this on a Facebook link and I thought that it was appropriate for this site. i think it is accurate ;-)  From Matador:


7 beautiful Russian WomenPhoto: Dan Rocha

1. They are too beautiful for you.

The dedication that Russian women have to look beautiful is just scary. For the majority of them life is like a podium, and so they have to look sparkling even on the way to get a newspaper or walking the dog. My friend Sasha wears high heels every day and doesn’t worry about the lack of comfort as soon as it looks great. Also, during five years of teaching she has never appeared at school wearing the same outfit twice. When I asked her why she cares so much about her appearance, she looks surprised: “Why would I choose to not look beautiful? Beauty is power and respect. How is anyone going to notice your rich inner world if you don’t attract attention?”

The worst thing is that if you are going out with a Russian girl you will either have to dress up and put a lot of effort in looking nice, or everyone will be looking at you and wondering, how did a pretty lady like her end up with that slob?

2. Loyalty is not cool.

A Russian girl will be your most devoted friend, your best advisor, critic and even your doctor if you are sick. Ladies in Russia are caring and tender, and whatever happens, they will be by your shoulder ready to face any trouble together. The best example of loyalty of Russian women: in the 19th century there was a riot against the tsar, and the aristocrats who participated in that riot were sentenced for a lifelong exile and hard labor in Siberia. Their wives followed them voluntarily to cold deserted lands and shared the punishment.

A Russian woman truly believes that her partner is the best person on the planet, the most talented, the strongest, the smartest — and she is sincere about that, because she values herself highly too. And if she believes she is the queen, she’d only choose the king and treat him like the king – with the respect, care, love and support.

If you think loyalty is unnecessary and boring, don’t date Russians.

3. You might get Russian parents in law.

This is dangerous. Visiting your girlfriend’s house will be accompanied with feasts (soups, meat, soups with meat, salads consisting of 50% mayo, potatoes, potatoes, bliny with mince and more potatoes, and then a cake for dessert), and as it is not polite to not finish your meal in Russia, you will have to deal with all that amount of food. You’d expect help from your beloved, but when it comes to hospitality, all Russians tend to become unreasonable and overfeed their guests until it is hard to move. She will probably offer you another piece of pie. Is dating a Russian girl worth putting on a lot of weight?

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And don’t forget the initiation: the dad will most likely test you at some point. You should prove that the family can trust you with their precious child. Tests are different in each family. For example, my boyfriend Jacques had to drink a full bottle of vodka with my dad. Otherwise he would be considered too weak to protect me in danger. Lucky for all of us, Jacques passed the test successfully, and we had to celebrate it with more cake.

Natalya Russian beautyfrom Facebook

4. They are too independent.

Nekrasov, a Russian 19th century poet said: “a Russian woman can stop a galloping horse and enter the burning house.” This is a powerful image of an independent woman who doesn’t really need any help or protection from men. Girls in Russia do not believe in ideal relationships and think that even if their Prince Charming finds them, they have to be able to live on their own. Building a career and getting a second degree often sounds more appealing than trying to find someone who will value their personality and freedom.

A Russian woman will be very independent in a relationship, and very stubborn, too. But on the other hand, expect bravery in danger and trouble, and the strength that will help both of you overcome the most difficult times.

5. Her high expectations.

Russian women are very demanding. They don’t want just a guy who will love them madly. They want the best man alive to love them madly. Good old manners are very important: you are expected to open doors, help to put on coats, bring flowers when you go on a date. If you are not a gentleman, it is not even worth trying.

But Russian women don’t only pay attention to what you do for them. Don’t forget the others, be a valiant knight! Offer your seat in transport to elderly people and save a kitten from stray dogs. Once I saw a man jump into sewage to save tiny ducklings that fell down a hatch – in the eyes of his girlfriend he was a real hero.

6. The challenge of breaking the ice.

Russians are reserved and try to keep the distance before you become close to them. Any Russian girl can create an impression of Ice Queen, even if she likes you (especially if she really likes you!). I met Paul at work on one of my tours, and he told me he came to Moscow to visit his girlfriend. “When we started dating, I was challenged with the wall of ice between us, as if she didn’t want to open up or let me closer. Slowly, step by step, I discover that underneath this ice there was the most loving and caring person in the world.”

7. All the Russian food.

For many Russian women cooking is a way to show their love, so be prepared for food experiments. At first the cuisine might seem absolutely normal and even a little boring. But when you get to eat Russian food more often than during occasional visit to her parents, you will have more and more questions. What is that weird purple salad? Beetroot with herring? Pancakes with caviar? Why is she putting cabbage in pies (and everywhere else)? How many variations of pickles are there on Earth? Fermented rye bread drink…well, that one is surprisingly decent! You might hate most of the meals, but occasionally there will be something great (e.g., my boyfriend loves Russian salad. He says it is because there is no cabbage there).

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Why Are So Many Professional Millennial Women Unable To Find Dateable Men?

23 thoughts on “7 Reasons you should never date a Russian Woman

  1. Great post Alana!
    Two of them really stuck out.
    #4 Would probably be the biggest hurdle to get over. Funny this was mentioned because I have seen this occur plenty times among the few EE women that I have met or know.
    #7 Would be pretty easy for me. I have probably consumed more herring and sour cream in my childhood than an average American will ever eat their entire life. I still enjoy eating it.
    Do most Russian women know how to make kvass?

  2. Hey Seeker,

    Speaking for my wife, I asked her if she can make it and she said yes, with the proper ingredients.
    BTW, we just celebrated our daughter’s 6 month birthday. Her family called to congratulate her on this occasion. So far, we’ve celebrated each month, I believe its something that is done, which is really nice. We went to a restaurant for some tea and cake. (I still haven’t changed a diaper in 6 months) :)

    • Hi Rodney,
      Congrats to the little one!
      Thanks for the information about the kvass.
      Sounds like a good time.
      Wow! Your stories! They really love weddings, babies, families, and good food.
      The fact that someone changes the diapers, cooks for you, and cleans up without any resentment is priceless…especially if you are a man from the west.

  3. Thanks for sharing that post, Alana. Good to know all the pitfalls in advance. I’m looking forward to all of them.

  4. Brilliant article and from experience I can say this applies to the T to my Ukrainian girlfriend. I once had a jacket that was looking a bit old, so she spent half her salary that month to buy me a new leather jacket. Same thing when my wallet was showing it’s age. New brand name, real leather Polo wallet. For that incredible devotion and all the other reasons, amazing women!

  5. Date……11/10/2015………..Time….01.02..(GMT)…Hello, Scott and Elana hope you are both well, and having loads of fun and of lots of sleepless nights with the little one, ah ,ah ….god bless you all….Scott firstly please can I just quickly mention, thanks for the reply last week. I did try to e-mail back ,I do not know if you received it, I think I made a mistake with your e-mail address, perhaps you could kindly let me know thanks….anyway I have just read the blog on 7 reasons not to date a Russian women,i found it to be brilliant….I made the decision about 12 months ago, this was the path that I wanted to go down, as you know I have just joined your site,even though I have been a admirer for about six months, and I sincerely love it….Last week I joined cute only.com only because they only charge a flat monthly fee as apposed to all the rip off ppl scam agencys….what I would please like to ask is,do you have any of your members,that could give me any tips, to novice like my self….I would be so gratefull …I have just started writing to a lady from Vitebsk in Belarus,… which I am led to believe is a little unknown, it would be brilliant if I could get some feedback, from anybody who has been there ,or knows what the ladies from there. also ,I am very interested in the city of nikolaev in the Ukraine, especially, with what ,but same again scott I am as green as a traffic light, because I do not know,anybody who has either been there,or knows anything about nikolaev or the people. I am sincerely thankfull, and genuinely gratefull,to you all for any advice and help ,that I could receive.i am really sorry for the length of this letter…it is my first time writing on this website,and I was not to sure what the procedure was that I had to follow, thanks to all of you, and sincere regards and best wishes to you all from Rodney in England…..ps…scott you can pass on my details if needed…thanks

    • Thanks for your comment(s) – sorry for the late reply(ies) been hunting this weekend (bow season starts in October). Happy to say I brought the venison home for my Wife to cook. Only gone 3 days and kid has grown 10%!

      Regarding the agency you mention above, I’ve removed it as I’ve heard some sketchy things about it – I’m not sold either way so I’m just going to leave them out til I have more info.

      I’ll try to shoot you an email once I get caught up.

      Also, your first messages were under the alias Rodney in England, if you use this same handle, your messages will auto approve.

    • Hey Rodney UK,

      Welcome aboard from a fellow guest. I’ve been to Nikolaev numerous times, even dated a few ladies from there before I met my wife. I also stay in touch with a close friend there. What would you like to know?

      Rodney DE

    • Holy fucking fuck…. Out of all possible places this thing about dating a Russian lady was filmed in… Toronto. Man oh man… This is definitely NOT spot on in describing Russian or Ukrainian women and dating traditions and habits.
      And those 2 females at the end of it all act and look so damn Canadian even though they know how to speak Russian…. But inside they ain’t no Russians, they are Canadians who speak Russian but still have no damn idea about what’s going on in real Russia and not in the Bathurst/Steeles “Little Russia” in North York.

      • I shared it to get some feedback…I know the posters are trying to be funny. I think the person behind the channel is a Canadian woman. Tell us FC…what do you really think of Canadian women? Maybe their videos about Russian and Colombian women as well as other foreigners are an attempt to scare Canadian men into not having any thoughts of leaving the reservation. My thoughts…even with the culture shock…dating non-western foreign women is still worth any cultural head-butts or kicks in the ass…

        • I’ve no idea who’s behind this “dating” channel.
          What I really think of Canadian women? I’ve already said it numerous times that EVERY self respecting and smart male individual should avoid dating or having a relationship with a Canadian female by all means possible.
          Details and reasons WHY were given/written several times in other articles on here.
          I don’t think that the hidden agenda of this video channel is to “scare Canadian males into not having any thoughts about leaving the hell hole called Canada”.
          I have a feeling that this particular video channel is like a toy for many of those folks.
          They don’t really care about dating and relationship but only want to show off and make fun of some Russian, Colombian etc dating traditions. They simply love being on a video, love fooling around Toronto or whatever city they film all that crap in and love pretending to be some Hollywood stars.
          That’s all, folks;)

          • Fast Forward 2.5 years and here I am- divorced, broke, totally screwed and without any glimmer of hope, and all this ONLY because many years ago I was stupid enough to marry a Ukrainian female! A lazy, ignorant and super asexual one.
            Canadian and Western women in general are indeed much better than their Ukrainian counterparts.
            I have yet to meet a Ukrainian or Russian lady who’ll genuinely be interested in her man and not just his money. Thus I am literally Laughing Out Loud when I read THIS:” Ladies in Russia are caring and tender, and whatever happens, they will be by your shoulder ready to face any trouble together.”, when in fact ladies in Russia and Ukraine will NEVER FACE ANY DAMN TROUBLE together with their men but will instead blame the man for not giving them enough money regardless of family’s financial situation!

            I have never seen a female in Russia or Ukraine who hasn’t had some damn kind of a debt be it late credit payments, loans etc. And I’ve met hundreds of them!

            You want reasons not to marry a Russian of Ukrainian females?
            Those will be total lack of education, Princess syndrome, ME ME ME FIRST attitude, lack of any support in a relationship or marriage from a female side and an enormous number of all kinds of inhibitions in life and in sex!
            Ukrainian and Russian ladies are the most asexual creatures on Earth!
            Sex with them equals sex with a rubber doll- absolutely no emotions, feelings or passion.

  6. Well, I may get my comment removed, except if the author is honest and knows what respect is for other people’s opinions.
    Most Russian women 20 to 50 are worthless, self entitled, arrogant and hysterical racist cunts who, in their ignorance and lack of knowledge of the outside world, are more viciously racist towards dark men, influenced by fathers and boyfriends. Their looking down with contempt while dealing with dark foreign men is obvious.
    The only Russian women worth something maybe are under 18. And it doesn’t mean I talk to them. They are really naturally beautiful, on their prime, they are honest and they show they either like you or they don’t, they don’t play older women’s games of making you think their are crazy for you and then make you feel you are an idiot for being interested on them, once they got your attention. They don’t scream at men they don’t know like they would do to a husband even if they are a customer or a taxi driver who did something they don’t agree with, showing absolute lack of education.

    • Not really sure what your point is.

      If you’re a dark man and you’re not getting love in a white country, why don’t you try a dark country?

      • And this fucking “Anfisa” is a perfect picture of what y’all folks are gonna get in modern Russia or Ukraine-an overinflated ego with inflated lips and artificial lashes who thinks she’s God’s gift to the world only because she has a pussy and can sell that pussy to the highest bidder.
        She’s as stupid as a garbage bin and ain’t got nothing in her her but fashion, gossip and money.
        A male in video is a HUUUUGE FUCKING LOSER cause he’s blindly following her instead of just letting her go.
        MAN is a problem, not a female! Modern MAN allows women to do what they want and to behave as they want!

        • … still reporting from Ukraine, overwhelmed by local lack of education, numerous inhibitions and general people’s inability to respect themselves…
          I’ve been blamed many times for painting Ukraine “black” instead of looking for positives, but it’s impossible to find a positive in a sea of negativity, ignorance and total lack of interests in life.
          This country is indeed doomed since real professionals with knowledge, skills and experiences ain’t even welcome here and preference is given to those who know how to bribe, smear and lick asses, who wear required political colors and who are willing to lie and betray in order to reach the top, any top, from a local authority to presidential administration.
          This country is now brainwashed to the limit, on par with Canada (America ain’t up there yet).
          Women ain’t giving NO eye contact and general public is extremely afraid of showing any damn emotions, feelings or expressing opinions. I often get a strong feeling that I’m back to Toronto.
          One can walk the streets of Ukraine for the whole day and all one will see will be a Canada-like crowd of faceless robots and “Canadian” looking females.
          One can be in the gym or swimming pool surrounded by exactly the same crowd of emotionless robots or androids who are afraid of each other and never dare to open their mouths and say a damn word.
          The city is literally empty, people are leaving in droves, I see dozens of daily busses going to Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and even France and Italy/Spain and there is not one empty space on a 50 or 60 seater!
          Unbelievable how a country did change in a matter of mere 4-5 years…

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