4 practical ways to spot a scammer

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Sweetie pie

… a photo I received in an email purportedly from ‘Olga’ in Russia. The email said that she had corresponded with me in the past and now she wanted to re-connect…

In a recent comment, Mario from Brazil asked how to do a Google photo search. And this lead me to wonder, how many of you know how to check the validity of an email or how to see if photos that a Woman is sending you are hers personally or something taken from a swimsuit catalog?

I thought I’d share a few pointers that I developed while cyber-dating before I met my Wife.

Before I even get started, lets review some basic RULES about dating overseas Women (how to spot a fake will appear later in the article, these 5 are just “basic” rules if you decide to start this journey):

1. Only deal with a reputable agency. Any agency that will not allow you to talk directly with the Woman you are cyber-dating is a FRAUD. Do not send letters to be “translated.” Your letter is going to some fat man in Siberia. If you can’t get the Woman’s email address, phone #, Skype contact, etc., RUN, don’t walk, its a scam agency.

2. Even if you are talking to a Woman from a legitimate agency, there is a possibility that the Woman you are talking to is a scammer. Try to verify her location and online personality. I will detail how to do this later in this article.

3. NEVER NEVER NEVER send money to a Woman you haven’t met or that you don’t trust (intimately). Russian and Ukrainian Women are proud. They don’t want your money. They won’t ask you for money. Any Woman that asks you for money or asks you to send money is a scammer. RUN, don’t walk away. This can include requests to pay bills, to send money for airline tickets etc. If you are dating an Eastern European (EE) Woman and you want to meet her in a 3rd city (say Prague), buy the airline ticket and have it issued in her name. A scammer doesn’t want an airline ticket, they want your money. If you buy the ticket yourself, she’ll either come or she won’t. If she doesn’t, shes a scammer.

4. Think with the big head, not the little one. I say this and still have have (regular) readers here emailing me telling me they got burned. Let me say this more bluntly. Think with your brain and not your penis. If the Woman can’t keep her hands off of you and likes to kiss you and hold your hands, that’s a good sign. If she always keeps a one meter distance between you and her, this is a good sign that she’s a scammer. Occasionally, step back from your communications with her and look at them, as if you were a third party person and ask yourself, does this pass the stink test? Have a trusted best friend or a brother look at a few emails or meet your Woman on a Skype call (“just to introduce my brother”) and ask them, “Do you believe that she is interested in me or do you think she is a scammer?”

When Alana came to meet my family, no one, not ever, not one time, believed that she was anything but the real deal. When a couple is in love, it is obvious to everyone. When a Man is in love and the woman only loves his credit card, it is OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE. Except the guy with the credit card.

If you have been dating a Russian Woman for 18 months (true story that was recently emailed to me) and you haven’t had sex with her, she’s probably a scammer. Europe is not puritanical America, Women do in fact have sex with their boyfriends. If you’re paying her bills, sending her money and she’s not having sex with you, its because she’s sleeping with her Russian Husband or Boyfriend. Don’t be this guy.

So, once you are emailing with a Woman. You need to look the totality of the information she is sending you and see if EVERYTHING passes the stink test.

5. Set up a new and separate email address to meet overseas Women. You won’t know – at first – who’s a scammer and who’s not. The scammers, after you refuse to continue to talk to them will sell your email address to every Viagra & Nigerian Prince email scam list imagineable. If you don’t want your inbox flooded with Spam, set up an alias email address. For the purposes of writing this article, I went to my old alias email box (I haven’t accessed it in years), searched the spam box and in no time, I found an (unsolicited) email from “Olga” in Russia.

So, lets get started.

Here is my email from “Olga:”

Scammers 01

Now, many Men will sign up to an online agency or dating service and some months later will get a letter like this. If you’ve emailed or sent messages to 50 or 100 Women, how can you remember if this is one of the Women that you previously tried to contact? Best to check all points for validity. What if you’ve initiated contact with a lovely Woman on a dating agency website, should you still check these rules? Absolutely. Heck, if you’re dating a woman in Kentucky, you should check her emails against this list.

Step 1: Copy and past the content of her email into a Google search and see if there are any hits. Scammers have a library of scam letters and will use them over and over to lure unsuspecting Men into their nets.

Scammers 02

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

In this case, you can see that the text of this letter has been used many times and reported in various websites that track scammers. This is often one of the easiest ways to spot a scammer. If you find ANY part of the text from your Eastern European Woman is in a Google search, DUMP HER LIKE A ROTTEN POTATO!

Step 2: Expand the email headers and check the email name.

Scammers 03

In the above photo, you’ll see the link “Full headers.” I’m showing the example here on a Yahoo account, on Gmail, you’ll see a little arrow next to the “reply” button. Click on it and look for “show original.” This will open the email in plain text showing the full headers.

What you are looking for is the origin of the email. The first thing to look for is what email address it came from. If it doesn’t match the title of the sender, it’s probably a scammer (as you can see in the example below).

Scammers 04

Step 3: Examine the IP adddress

Scammers 05

In the expanded headers view, look for the originating IP address.

Once you find it, go to Google and search for “IP address lookup.”

Scammers 06

Select one of the many websites that search out IP addresses and enter the IP address of the Woman’s email into the search box and perform a search.

Scammers 07

Scroll down and see WHERE the email came from. In the case of Olga, it should be from Russia, yeah?

Scammers 08

Hmmm…. how many Olga’s from Russia are emailing from Taiwan this week?

If the Woman’s IP address is from another country, she is most likely a scammer. If her email address is from the other side of her country, there is a good chance she’s a scammer. A lot of the scam emails out of Russia come from Tartastan. If you’re emailing a Woman in Moscow and her IP address is in Kazan, there is a good chance she (or he) is a scammer.

Step 4: Google photo search the Woman’s photo(s) that she emailed to you.

Scammers 09

Open Google images and then drag and drop her photo(s) to the “Drop image here” area on the screen.

Scammers 10

Examine the results. In the case of our Olga, you can see that this photo has been used in various scams.

Scammers 11

Step 5: Do a Google search for the Woman’s full name. Also, do a Facebook search and also a VK search. If you can find that she has a legitimate profile, this is good evidence that she is real. If she fails the above tests, know that she is most likely a scammer.

Disclaimer: It is possible that your Woman’s profile was hijacked and she now appears as a scammer. In this case, you would find that ONLY her photos would come back with a Google hit. The content of her emails should not return Google hits and her IP address should match the region where she says that she is writing from.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. You should be able to recognize (if you’re utilizing common sense and not following your penis) if the letters from a Russian/Ukrainian Woman are genuine or if they are designed to separate you from your money. For example, any talk of love before you’ve met is a dead giveaway. But, that is for another article. This post is solely to help you spot the technical fakes that you are likely to encounter in your search.

Don’t think for a minute that I didn’t “cyber-stalk” Alana before I met her. Her IP address checked out and her IP name matched what was presented in her emails. Her photo(s) did not return hits and when I Googled her name, I found public articles for interviews that she had done in her business. These articles matched stories she had told me about her work. On Facebook, I found her company Facebook page and sure enough, I saw her listed in the company directory.

Remember, use common sense and try to keep your emotions out of it. When you are starting a new romance (or what you think is a new romance), it is hard to separate emotions from logic. So long as you never send money, the worst that will get damaged is your ego and not your wallet.

Good luck on your search!

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Saturday Satire: Men are Better than Women
Saturday Satire: Bros before Hoes

43 thoughts on “4 practical ways to spot a scammer

  1. Guys wake up… Skype is a wonderful thing. Big head, not the little one.

    Elenasmodels – for the win.

    Stop paying for this crap and find a real woman. Met my girl here and it is a wonderful thing. Just got off a 4 hour Skype with her and we are already getting ready for me to arrive for another visit in September.

    Wake up guys and be smart.

    • Seriously, I can’t see why you would spend a few thousand for a tour (most if not all of which are bogus anyways) and wouldn’t get a membership. Sad thing is that most men, 19 out of 20 who “meet” a Woman in EE online still don’t go out to visit.

      I guess its the same reason why 95% of all lotto winners are bankrupt after 5 years.

      • Ha! ha!

        “I guess its the same reason why 95% of all lotto winners are bankrupt after 5 years.”

        I would permanently relocate to one of those (or rotate between) countries where the natives speak Spanish, Russian, or something similar…if that ever happened.

  2. Another technique that I used and which also weeded out the bona-fide women who were flakes was to keep things low key and noncommittal for 5 or 6 months. Only a woman who is both bona-fide and has her act together will stay interested this long.

    • On the other hand , women , who are seeking for a lifetime partner , to build a family , may be inclined to believe , that you don`t know , what you want.And , that maybe , you are a player.
      That is , when you are only writing mails or letters , and nothing else.

      Someone , who is going over to meet her , in these periods , may well take her mind off , of you.And , she may feel , that he is more direct , and knows , what he wants.

      Just something , to think about.Especially , when you believe , that SHE is , THAT woman for you.

      Don`t let another man , run off , with her !!!

      Understand , when she says , that she wants a real man

          • I was talking , with my girl , on a date , about , how everything went , on my first trip.
            That I made the decision , to come over , and to meet with , the other lady.

            But , that didn`t work out.So , then I wanted , to meet her.

            She said , it was good , that I came over.Otherwise , maybe , I would not have met her.So soon!

            So , does Fortune really favours the brave ???

            In my situation , it happened.Maybe in yours also ???


          • From past experiences…whether I fail or succeed… I tend to be rewarded for taking calculated risks…I’m an extrovert and come off as a jock from first appearances but many people mistake me for a bookish intellectual if they have never met me in person…a curse or blessing.., high IQ and athletic …plus common sense.
            I noticed since I was 5 years old that telling it like it is (the truth) gets you in serious trouble…especially in America.

          • Paul,
            Interesting point in this article, from a site linked by William.
            — —
            “Russian women respect men who make it clear what they want. They love sincerity and commitment and loath aloofness and ambiguity. They hate dealing with someone who sends them mixed signals. In the West, you’re forced to hide your primal instincts and be indirect because showing interest first might make you appear desperate and needy; in Russia, not showing interest quickly enough makes you appear insecure and indecisive. If she detects that you’re playing games—and she knows perfectly well the difference between flirting games and games that showcase your ineptitude and insecurity—she’ll abruptly stop talking to you and move on to a more promising candidate. Life in Russia is too short for games.”
            — —
            I guess this implies a man should show strong intentions when dealing with a Russian or Eastern European woman he really wants.

  3. One of the things I looked for in the full header is anything mentioning “The Bat”, which is a email tool used by those issuing mass quantities of emails.

    Ignore the “bats”.

  4. Seeker ,

    It is correct.At least , in my personal experience , and in my point of vieuw.
    As I stated , in one of my posts.Her 1st question may be :
    # – why did you come to Ukraine ??? Your answer , to this question , will determine , if she should ask you , the second one.And , if it will be , to learn more , about your intentions.

    For a Westerner , it may not seem so important.But for her (them) , it will decide , if she wants , to learn more about you.
    Meaning , if she wants , to have another date with you.
    Now , I don`t mean , just a date.I mean , to spend more time , with each other , and trying to know each other better.

    If you moved up , to that level , you will still , have some challenges ahead.But , hey , I never said , that it would be easy.
    Be prepared , to show , that you are a (real) man.That you didn`t came , just for some personal fun.

    That it is your goal , to find a lifetime partner.And , she may be that person.Is she going to believe you , on your blue eyes ???
    Some women may (although not right away), some may not (mean , it can take quite some time).

    Don`t give up , believe in yourself , and watch the signals , that she may be giving you (or , when not , try to find out , the reason for that).
    Maybe , you should adjust , some of your reactions.Maybe , you give them , the wrong , interpretations.

    That said , it is obvious , that you have done your homework , too.Know , how to behave , how to treat them.Always be prepared , to pay the bill (yes , many men , tend to try , to negotiate about it).
    Or have a discussion , over it.
    This can make or brake , a good time , which you 2 , may have.

    Don`t let her know , that you believe , the bill , is too expensive.When she really likes you , she will always ask , what she can order.
    If not , think again , about asking her , for the next date.

    This all , will prove , that you are confident , and you have a strong believe , in yourself.The women just love this.


    • Good assessment Paul. You’ve done your “on the ground” research very well.

      I’d like to piggy back on your fine assessment.

      Guys, I found that the good-night or good-bye kiss held many signals, as well.

      On my first dates, it was quite comfortable and acceptable to kiss her on the cheek.

      On the second date, another kiss cheek is good. However, by the 3rd, it’s time for a nice, short lip kiss. If the lady turns her face to her cheek on a 3rd or 4th date, she may not be into you.

      I found by the 3rd date, if you were making a lip kiss and longer ones later, then she is really into you and you are definitely the candidate to be her man.

      Don’t forget the flowers!!

      • Hey Rodney!
        — —
        I found by the 3rd date, if you were making a lip kiss and longer ones later, then she is really into you and you are definitely the candidate to be her man.
        — —
        So if it’s not going anywhere on the 2nd or 3rd date it’s probably time to move on to another woman that is more interested. Date No. 4 would just seem like a Hail Mary to me.

        • Hey Seeker,

          I like your train of thought for the 4th date. Yeah, something like that.

          Another trait that stands out with Ukrainian ladies in the sphere I was in, is that when they lose interest in a man, they’re too polite to say this in person. Unlike American chicks who will dump a guy with a handwritten note, texting these days, phone calls and the like.

          In contrast, Ukrainian ladies just disappear. No longer can you call them, because they won’t answer their phone, or make excuses why they can’t meet you or their phone stopped working, etc. They don’t have the heart, I guess, to say it straight out. Just remember this guys, because its a signature move that I saw not just with me, but other guys I knew or have known.

          I believe this can also apply to skyping or letter writing, so keep that tip in the back of your mind if you are long distance dating.


          • Hey Rodney,
            American chicks are famous for that breakup by text message crap but I see that as a bigger problem among my generation and the younger crowd. Most young adults (males and females) in the west are seriously lacking in social skills and manners department. Yes, I believe that people reserve the right to do and say what they want but that freedom comes at a price. The other party reserves the right to return the favor. I would love to see a mouthy chick or rude little bastard to be sent to a family in a place like the Middle East or Near East for a few months…ha! ha! ha! They would learn manners real quick.
            The eastern ladies just disappear! Interesting. So these women would prefer to be non-confrontational. When a woman wants to break up or is no longer interested in man she just gives him the silent treatment. Refreshing!
            This does spark another question. How do most Ukrainian and Russian men breakup with a girl they are no longer interested in?

      • Hi Rodney ,

        Thanks , and , no problem , to add a little of your insights , as well.
        Still , I may add , that there can be a slight nuance , in the way , a meeting , may be initiated.

        I believe , that , when you already live in Ukraine , things may become , a bit easier.As , the women , will know , that she can meet you , as many times , as she wants.

        There will be , no separations , like when you live abroad (living in another country).
        As for my personal situation.We had no previous contact.

        After , I had decided , that , the woman , who I went over to meet , wasn`t the real deal , then I asked , to meet her.
        I believe , that this , is starting some alarm bells , for her.

        You , know , I`m a foreigner , I am already there , and we are complete strangers.
        What would you think , in her place ??

        Giving the idea , that she may have had , already , some (bad) experiences , with other foreigners ???

        So , in my case , I am convinced , that I had to make up , for the time , that we had no previous contact.
        And this can bring , big challenges , for you.

        But , it is , in what you believe , and the goal , that you have set.For sure , it goes , without saying , that if she is really ,really , not into you , it will be better , to move on.

        As long , as she is willing , to accept , a goodbye kiss , from you , it is a good indicator.Whether it will be on the lips , is also dependent , on what I mentioned , above (and in other posts).

        To repeat , one more time , before I even was thinking , of actually going there , I did read , all that I could find , including this blog.
        About the culture , tradition and the differences , in their thinking.For about 1 year !!!

        So , I didn`t took it , too lightly.

        For sure , my relation , with my Polish girlfriend , and the visits , and the interaction , with the Polish people , in USSR era , and under control of communism, did help me a lot , too.

        So , in part , I had a better starting point.

        Doing your home work , is half of the success.The other half , must come from you , as a man ……….


    • Thanks for the response and info Paul!

      — —
      “When she really likes you , she will always ask , what she can order. If not , think again , about asking her , for the next date.”
      — —

      Man…let the feminist chew on that quote…ha! ha!

        • Going Dutch!
          Great deal among friends but not on dates with girls.
          Another thing that makes Latinas attractive, the man pays for everything on the date. The girl even asks most of the time is it okay to order certain items. How can a guy feel like a man if he doesn’t pay for everything on a date? I like the defined male-female roles. Any man that says otherwise is just an unmotivated slacker or just doesn’t know any better.

          • Not that I`m that type of man , if you know what I mean.I`ve learned , that it`s the man , who pays.

            That is , when you want to be a man ….

          • Spot on Seeker. Its expected of the man in Ukraine to pay for everything. I’ve been doing it for 3 years and that’s the way it is folks. In return, I have what most western men could only dream about.

  5. Hi Rodney ,

    Yeah , that`s how it is.In pre -EU Poland , it was already like that.For these women , it goes , without saying , that the (real) man , is paying , for the bills.

    As you may know , it is also , in many Asian families , like this.So , from my background , I never knew , anything else.

    It was a bit of a surprise , to learn , how in my country , it is different (has changed) , these days.
    I`m with you , in the understanding , that being the man , in the relation , with a wife , who knows , how it should be , you feel , like a man must feel.

    And your wife , she knows , that she did made a right choice.I perfectly know , how it must feel , as I`ve been through this , with my Polish partner.
    And , yes , she will treat you , like a man.

    And , for sure , (almost) no Western woman , will understand , what this means.


      • Coincidentally to my comments as of late (kissing signals, eye contact), I stumbled across this youtube video from a guy who gives some reinforcing advice for those who want to venture to EE. His points are well taken as they resonate with my own experiences. At 4:45, his comments about eye contact are spot on with what I had written to Paul about. Cheers!

        • Hi Rodney ,

          Yes 4 weeks ago , or so , I also stumbled on this video.In general , it`s true , about the eye contact thing.
          But , I still believe , that it also comes down , in what city , you` re in.

          I am sure , that when women , are walking towards you , they may have already seen you.Although , at a far distance , they may seem , to look just straight ahead.

          But , they may have decided already , if it is worth , to give you a second , or a third look , when getting closer to you.

          Or maybe even , step up , and start some talk.The woman , who asked me , for the time , should have seen me , coming towards her.

          As it`s very hard , to miss me , on the street.So , in this respect , they would have an advantage , over me.I`m a stranger , don`t know the situation , and everyone looks the same , to me , that is.

          That`s why , I`m always on my guard.My girl , also told me 2 times , to let no show , too much of the money.
          When I was going to pay for the bill , at the restaurant.She said , it`s not good , to put it out in the open.

          Keep it a bit out of people`s eyes.Also , when on the street , to pay for something , have it a bit discretely done.Because , you don`t want ,people to follow you.If you know what I mean.

          What I also noticed , on my second trip , was that there were more people , begging on the street.Or , they come over to you , and ask you for some money.

          I also noticed , people , scouring , in the bins , near the MacDonalds.In my country , they are usually , the drugs addicts or the homeless , or jobless persons.

          For me , to see these people , in such a situation , it makes me feel sad.And then , I am glad , that fate , gave me a better life.But , I will always ,try to help them , in anyway , that I can.

          I hpe and wish , that things , may soon change , for the better.


          • Hey Paul,

            Always good to hear your stories. Yeah, that video was pretty good, because I have never heard anyone give such a description before on meeting Russian ladies. It struck a chord with me as well when he talked about the girls not giving you any sort of attention especially if they’re married. This part is so true as my wife has never even glanced at a guy (you know in the beginning of our courtship, I was peeking out the side of my eye :))

            A year ago, I left Ukraine to find work in Germany due to the war that had come to our doorstep. What we noticed was the influx of refugees from the east, even living under trees outside of our apartment One of those refugees, I hate even saying this because I heard the blood curdling scream late in the night, was murdered just 20 steps away from our door. Therefore, the people begging and scrounging for food are most likely from the east. I pray every day that the situation gets better. Before the war, Ukraine was the best country I had ever lived in. And some may find that strange, but I have heard a whole slew of men wishing they could live in Ukraine, after they’ve visited.

  6. Rodney ,

    Yes , I`m sure , the war , has brought , some big problems , for the whole nation.And as always , it is the (very) old and the weak , who will pay a high price.

    My second visit , was in Oct ~ Nov , but even then , there were rumours , of ongoing , personal , and party level , fights/battles.
    Remember , Yanukovych , was still in power.

    First , I would like to , tell a little of our 4th date.At that time , we were still , in the process , of getting to know each other better.
    So , just to see , of how things , were standing , I asked her ,” when I`m back in Holland , will you miss me ? ”

    First clue is , to notice , if this question , has surprised her.When there are changes , about her whole , body language , 2 things can be the reason.
    A – the relation , has not developed enough , to (for these type of) – ask this question
    B – she doesn`t see you , probably , as a serious candidate
    C – make conclusions – on what she answers you

    When she gives you , a plain – NO – well , you may have to work harder
    She can say – YES – but after being still , on the 4th date , it`s unlikely to happen

    So , your best bet , in this situation , is that she will say , MAYBE
    Also , pay close attention, about her facial expression , when she says it
    In my case , that`s what she said – From all the parameters , which could give me a clue , non of them , was suspicious

    Also , note , if she has to think about it , for some time (when she is on a 4th date , with you – she already has done some thinking)
    Now , that you got this answer , what should be , your next question ??
    (and you have processed , all the parameters)

    Why , do you say , maybe ??? In my vieuw , this is the wrong question!!

    Your next question , should be : “do you want me , to come to Odessa , to live with you?”

    Now , her answer , can be decisive , if , you should still , go on a date , with her !!
    Her answer , to me , was with a firm and decisive : Yes !!!
    She didn`t need time , to think.
    And her whole body language , was in line , with this answer.

    So , at the second to last date , of my second visit , we talked , about , how to proceed , with all this.And , of course , it was also about , the house , a place to stay/live.Which I have.

    So , she mentioned , that maybe , for a while , in the beginning , we would live in Holland.And , then , at a later time , move to Ukraine.She said , because , things are not good now , in Ukraine.

    This was , before , all the fighting , in Crimea (invasion) and E Ukraine.I suppose , that now , the people , who cannot make ends meet , have grown.
    I get updates , on how , the situation evolves.But , for the main part , it has been , not so bad in Odessa.I must tell you , I really like this place.

    From the moment , I set foot , there , it gave me , a good feeling.So , yes , it will be nice , to live there.


    • Hi Paul,

      As usual, good story to read and thanks for sharing.

      Yes, I have two American friends in Odessa who have lived in Odessa for about 10 years. I stay with them when I pass through. They are not married but in relationships, and they don’t shed a tear if a relationship ends. They simply meet another lady in town and they’re back on. Both of these guys are always smiling, always happy, and in peace.

  7. Hey guys, thanks so much for this blog.

    I have been dabbling on match dot ca for a week or so, not too seriously at all, as I find it to be slim pickin’s. The other day I viewed the profile of a 33 year old nice looking woman who showed up on the Chat Now bar. She was not from my immediate area, so I was just taking a look.

    Several minutes later she (marthayoung00) viewed me then sent me a short message saying I “look great” and could she have my email to write me. WTH, sure, here you go! I give her my secondary, not work, email.

    About an hour later I receive a very short email from “Anna”, ‘hey we met at Match, I hope it’s you’, which I confirmed for her.

    The next around the same time (morning), I get a longer email from “Anna”, admitting she is from Russia, specifically Penza. She tells me her story of not being married with children like her friends, and after spending her 30Th b-day alone resolving to do something about it. She also asked that I tell her straight up if I was only wanting a pen pal to keep from being bored as she was ultimately hoping to some day be in a relationship with someone.

    She also attached a few pictures that were not remotely the one picture from Match. Absolutely gorgeous woman in the pics.

    I tried to do the IP search but couldn’t comprehend the gobbledygook, but I did do the search on the entire text, and smaller portions of the text, with no hits. I also did the image search on all of the pics, with no hits.

    That was Thursday. Sceptical still, I didn’t see the harm in simply replying, so I thanked her for the letter and pics and reminded her I live in Canada, but Good Luck to you.

    Friday morning, Anna replies back that we should still communicate, tells me about her job, asks me for info about me and for me to send pics, and included more pics of herself.

    I replied with some info about what I do, etc etc nothing too overlong, but didn’t yet send her pics. I should add that by all accounts I am a pretty good looking guy, and the one picture I have on Match is a good one. That was Friday.

    This morning, Saturday, Anna emails again, tells me how busy she is at work, and she’s going to visit her mother out of town for a couple days, so she won’t be able to email, she’ll email me in 2 days when she comes back to work. More pics, this time in one she is standing with another woman, photo caption mum. Looking through all the photos as a whole, it appears some of the earlier ones were from that same day as mum, due to her outfit.

    Anyway, I am very hopeful that this isn’t going to become an eventual scam, as this girl looks exactly like the woman of my dreams.

    I’m a very young 44, twice divorced with 3 grown kids from wife 1. I have the resources to pursue this girl if it comes to it.

    What do you think? A con, or could I be so lucky?

    • Wow, huge red flags. A Russian Woman who wants to find a Western Husband is going to go to an international website like Cupid or Elenas. The “things wrong” with this situation is glaring.

      Ask for her phone # and call her using skype. Ask for her Skype contact info and start a video chat – sooner than later. Look at her phone # and area code and see if it matches where she says she’s from.

      Ask her to send you a photo, right now, with her holding up four fingers on one hand and two on the other.

      Go back and pull up all emails and look at the expanded view and search the first (bottom) IP address.

      Ask her to send you a copy of her ID with the personal info covered but her name showing.

      Be very very wary.

  8. hello dear administrator, I was communicating with a woman from ukraina, Yana and at some moent she proposed me to meet in barcelona and buy and send her the plane ticket.
    What do you think ,she is a scammer?When I have proposed her to visit me in my country she declined that.

    • yes, she is an absolute scammer. Actually, she says her name is Yana, but in reality, her name is Boris, HE weights 230 pounds (108 kilos) and HE has a bit fat stomach.

  9. Guys ,

    This is not really connected to this post , but it happened just 2 weeks ago , so probably at 21st or 22nd of July.

    Maybe you`ve heard about it , on social media or the news.This Dutch guy of 41 years old , was waiting at Changsha airport , to meet the woman , who he had met just 2 months ago , on a dating site.

    I don`t know which site it is.As the news says , the woman she said on Chinese radio , that she seeks contact with this man.
    The man went over there , after just 2 months of correspondence , to meet with her.

    But she didn`t show up.The woman told reporters , that she had told him that she would meet with him , after 1 year of correspondence.
    Does this ring a bell ???

    She stated that she could not come to the airport , because of a cosmetic surgery , that she was recovering from.
    The man spent 11 days at the airport (sleeping and waiting there).

    If by any chance she would show up.But then because of his diabetes , he had to go to the hospital for observation.

    The latest news is , that he has returned back home today.His mother heard about this , through the news and the hospital , I believe.
    In the hospital he called to say , that he is allright.

    As from my personal experience , I did go to China , to meet with a lady from a Chinese dating site.I could not get a direct flight , and had to transfer at Bejing airport and then take a domestic flight to Chengdu.

    It was first ever trip to China alone.Luckily the trip went very smooth.And yes , I did book a hotel in Chengdu.

    At my arrival , the lady was waiting for me with the translator.Back in those days , you didn`t need to pay for making the appointment.
    And the lady could give her Phone number , when she had agreed to meet with you.

    And I could give her mine.I could also speak with the translator/manager , of the dating office , where the lady was registered.
    The manager could also arrange the hotel for me.
    But I did it myself.

    All in all , I had a very good time there.I had been corresponding with her for 5 months.


    • Update on this story.

      It seems that he saw this woman on Asiandatedotcom.Well some here have already said that it`s not a reliable site.

      Furthermore , his own parents say , that it`s not the first time , that he got involved with an internet dating sweetheart.
      With his other internet love , it costed his parents some several thousands of Euros , for internet (Skype??) and telephone calls.

      All of course , through the dating site (video and telephone calls).Hey , yes , you buy credits like crazy.

      So , how naief or ignorant is he ???

      Having said that , if he is willing to meet his dating love , in the way he was dressed ??
      When I was her , I would have had second thoughts also.


      • No, he ain’t naïve or ignorant! This whole story STINKS DESPERATION AND SEX HUNGER!!
        These are desperate and sex hungry males who haven’t had a sniff of a female pussy in decades thus they are willing to pay any money and go any distance just to get close to a female, ANY female in ANY country!
        They don’t care that they may end up empty handed and stranded in a foreign country without a dollar left in their wallet! They absolutely WANT to get a pussy, ANY pussy!!!
        THIS is what the western world has come to-hordes of desperate and sexless males willing to sacrifice anything just to get close to a female!!!

        • FC ,

          Yes this is the extra straw , that was fed to him by the datingsite.
          Don`t know how the conversation went , but having been through it all , already 1 time , you may ask yourself if he is that desperate.

          He probably is , because he made the trip.
          I guess he lended the money to go and had just the bare minimum to survive.

          Seeing the bottle of Coke , I`m not sure he did eat well.
          And when you are a diabetes , drinking Coke is not smart …..

          • well, well, well… who in his right mind would travel around half the world to meet a person he’s never seen in real life and only chatted to on Skype?
            This whole story STINKS desperation and total lack of sex for decades!!!!
            I definitely do not envy Dutch males if they have to go 1000s miles in order to get a sniff of a lady!! ANY LADY!

  10. Don’t believe in fairy tales!
    These are all scammer sites:
    AnastasiaDate, and the 3 others connected
    Ukrainian Women,
    Ashley Madison,
    CharmDate, and the 3 others connected (here I got ca. 150 love letters within 3 days from very pretty and young ladies. I am already 57 y.o., so the brides were “too pretty”)

    Wonders happen only in tales!

  11. Well a bit late with my response but still better late than never. Big thank you for calling us proud and pointing out that we wouldn’t ask for money, cause it’s the truth. I also met my husband online by lucky accident (I only wanted to improve my spoken English and honestly stated in my profile that I didn’t look for love or even worse, sponsorship, only friendship and penpal). Strange thing was, he is 24 yes older than me and I was perfectly aware of his unattractive financial situation (to be blunt, he couldn’t scratch two cents together, didn’t have his own place to live or a decent car), but it just clicked between us and now, 10 yes down the road since our first online encounter, I can say it was worth every minute we counted until we could be together. Our living situation has improved immensely and quite often people who don’t know our story tend to stereotype and say, that he bought himself a “Russian bride” or that our lovey-dovey lasts as long as he has bucks. In fact we both equally contributed to our success as I am not a housewife type who would sit at home, browse through fashion magazines all day long and wait for the hubby to bring a little something in his beak. I couldn’t find a job straight away as a foreigner and joined him in his small time construction business. Anyways, why I am responding, not because I want to do self-promotion, but because you have touched upon some quite valuable points, especially about being ruled by a small head. Recently I helped out one friend of ours who also got scammed by someone from Ukraine. That person, and I am not even sure it was a woman, sold him a sob story about the husband being killed at the frontline and got the poor guy wrapped around her finger to the extent of buying an air ticket for “her” and a baby daughter. Needless to say that she never showed up at the airport on the day when he expected to see the light of his eyes in flesh. He contacted the airline office , all worried that she could’ve been killed in shelling only to learn that the ticked had been cashed in well prior the flight. Later on he forwarded us some pics of his supposed fiancee and after running them through Google Image search I discovered, that they belonged to a completely different person, also living in Ukraine but far away from the war zone. I thought that he would learn a lesson from that, stop chasing bums and boobs, get real and forget that a girl who posts sexy pics of herself at the seafront or a night club would agree to go and live farmer’s life in the middle of African nowhere . Nopes, now he is in pursuit of another horny thing in her early twenties who is not hesitant to present her endowments to the wide world. This time he picked her up on a site called Amazing Russian Wives , probably hoping that working with the dating agency would save him from scammers. No, there’s nothing wrong if a woman has a great body but I don’t think it’s appropriate to flaunt it to every man around, unless she is a model or an actress and it’s a part of her profession. My husband loves me beyond anyone’s imagination and he is far from being a jealous control freak but if I pulled a stunt like that and posted semi-nude pics, he would be extremely peed off and I would understand it. In other words, our friend is still under influence of his personal “independent state” and allowed it to take over his democratically appointed government aka brain. I think I should forward him a link to this blog and good if he finds my comment here. It might just help if he sees that all things that my husband and I pointed out to him, also have reflection in other man’s experience. All the best from South Africa.

    • If a person WANTS and ASKS to get scammed, then let him get scammed;) He ain’t gonna learn right away but hopefully will start thinking after 3-4 different scam cases;)
      Or won’t;)

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