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I don’t remember where I first saw this, maybe on Facebook. But it rang true with me in many ways. Some of these things I already know and apply to my life but some I do not. And in reading them I thought that I should incorporate them into my life, into my actions and thought processes. I resolved to read this list every now and then and try to make my life and my actions a little better in some way.

Have a look at this list. I’ve typed out the text of the photo below the picture. Maybe some of you have some similar thoughts or some valuable feedback about this list:


Your Father probably told you a few things, but just in case he wasn’t around enough, here are some words of wisdom you might have missed out on:

1. Go for women you perceive to be “out of your league.” You’ll surprise yourself.

2. Never have sex with someone [who] doesn’t want it as much as you.

3. Never hit anyone unless they are an immediate threat.

4. Every hat should serve a purpose.

5. Never take her to the movies on a first date.

6. Learn to wet shave.

7. Nothing looks more badass than a well-tailored suit.

8. Shave with the grain on the first go-around.

9. Always look a person in the eye when you talk to them.

10. Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.

11. Exercise makes you happy. Run, lift and play sports.

12. Brush your teeth before putting on your tie.

13. A small amount of your paycheck should go directly to your savings account every month.

14. Call your parents every week.

15. Never wear a clip-on tie.

16. Give a firm handshake.

17. Compliment her shoes.

18. Never leave a pint unfinished.

19. If you aren’t confident, fake it. It will come.

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20. You can tell the size of a Man by the things that bother him.

21. Be conscious of your body language.

22. The only reason to ever point a gun at someone is if you intend to shoot them.

23. Always stand to shake someone’s hand.

24. Never lend anything you can’t afford to lose.

25. Ask more than you answer. Everybody likes to talk about themselves.

26. Keep a change of clothes at the office.

27. Buy high quality tools, so you only have to buy them once.

28. Manliness is not only being able to take care of yourself, but others as well.

29. Go with the decision that will make for a good story.

30. When you walk, look straight ahead, not at your feet.

31. Nice guys don’t finish last. Boring guys do.

32. Find your passion and figure out how to get paid for it.

33. Don’t let the little head do the thinking for the big head.

34. No matter their job or status in life, everyone deserves your respect.

35. The most important thing you can learn is personal responsibility. Bad things happen, it’s your job to overcome them.

36. The first one to get angry loses.

37. Do what needs to be done without complaining. It won’t help speed things up.

38. Never stop learning.

39. Always go out into public dressed like you’re about to meet the love of your life.

40. Don’t change yourself just to make someone happy, unless that someone is you.

41. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

42. Luck favors the prepared.

43. Women find confidence sexy as hell.

44. Do whatever you want to do in life, but be the best at it.

45. No one is on their deathbed wishing they spent more time at work. Enjoy your life.

I’ve applied a few of those this week; I adapted them in past weeks and worked them into my own behavior. I see that there are some gems in here that I need to work on.


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I hope that this list is useful to you and that you benefit from it in some way.

Good luck!

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Saturday Satire: Bros before Hoes
Russian Sanctions

58 thoughts on “Some good advice

  1. Hi Scott ,

    I must say , that most items , on the list , I had already made , a part , of my way of life.For sure , I can agree , with the numbers 21 , 30 and 43.
    And I personally believe , that number 21 , goes hand in hand with number 43.

    21 – be conscious of your body language.
    To share , some o fmy experiences , on my second trip.One evening , early November , about 19.00 PM , I was walking on Deribsovakaya , to go and meet my girl.

    It was fairly busy , in the street , and I had to take great care , not to bump , into people , coming my way.At some point , a lady , who came my way , stepped over , and asked me , if I have the time.A bit surprised , I said , yes , I have.

    I don`t wear a watch , since , the band , is coming loose , unexpectedly.So , I took out my phone , and I showed her.She then asked me , is this Ukrainian time ??I said , yes , it is.

    Then she asked me – she could speak very well English – are you a tourist ??I answered , yes.She : how long are you here ?
    Me : about 5 days.She : how long will you stay ?
    Me : I will stay for 1 month.

    She was with a friend , who was a bit taller , than she and I.But her friend , didn`t say a word.She was only looking at me.Although , I found , that her friend , was a bit more appealing to me.Neither of them , were fat or over weighted , so to speak.

    She : where are you from ? Me : I am from Holland.She : Aahh , Holland , from the tulips , yes ??
    Me : yes , that`s right.
    She : So , you are here on holiday , yes ?? Me : yes , that is right.

    She : well , let`s go then !!! And she made this move , with her head , as to say , come with me !!!

    I said , ” no I can`t .I am going to meet a lady ” .
    She was very surprised.She : Really ????
    I said , ” yes , I have an appointment with a lady . I am sorry , but I cannot come , with you ”

    Me : I wish you a nice evening . And then I continued my way , to the meeting point.No , I didn`t tell my girl , about this.
    Maybe , you should add this to the list , too.

    – ” What , you don`t know , will not hurt you – right ??? ” –

    Then , there was the other event.I was waiting , in front of the Opera , for my girl.Because , we would go to a performance.As , I am standing there , just minding my own business.And looking around , to see , if I could spot her , coming down the street.

    At some moment , I saw a young girl , who passed behind me.I estimate , that she was about 23 ~ 28 years old.Then , some seconds later , another young woman , walked also behind me.In the same direction , as the 23 year old.

    Still , minding my own business , and looking around , for my girl.I noticed , the 2 , catching up , and were talking.I also saw , that the 23 yr , was looking in my direction.
    Well , I really , didn`t believe , that she was looking at me.I was more thinking , that she was looking , at something , or someone , further down the street.

    Then I saw the other lady , coming over , in my direction.At first I thought , maybe , she is going , on her own way.But , as she came closer to me , I could clearly see , that , all her body language , was telling , that she had very hard time , to walk over to me.

    But , it was , as if , a stronger force , was pulling , or pushing her , in my way.While the 23 yr ., was observing , all that was going on.
    I was still looking around , to see , if my girl , was somewhere , in the street.

    Then , the young woman , was really close to me.The expression on her face , was telling the whole story.She was really , really shy (and maybe a bit embaressed).Because , she was approaching me , instead , of me started a conversation , with her.

    Then she said : are you here on holiday ??? Me : yes . She : you are a tourist , yes ??
    Me : yes , I am here on vacation (I decided , to help her a bit.After all , she did came over , to talk with me.Even though , she didn`t liked – wanted – it a bit )

    She : will you stay long ?? Me : yes , for some weeks.
    In the mean time , I`m still looking around for my lady.
    She : are you waiting for someone ?? Me : yes , I am waitng for my girlfriend.

    I then said : you speak very well English.She : yes , I am a translator , at Anastasia dating agency.
    She : have you heard about it ?? Me : yes , I know Anastasia dating agency.But , I have never subscribed , there.

    She : do you want to look at our ladies , some time ???
    Well ,now , I was getting a bit curious.This could be my chance , to learnsomething more , about this agency , and maybe , about the way , the system worked.

    She : so , can I call you some time ? Me : yes , sure.

    So , she took out her phone , to note my number.And , as I look around , I could see my girl , coming over , from across the street.

    And the first thing , which flashed through my mind , was : ” oohhh , there is trouble in paradise ” …………………..


    • A lot of guys ask me, “Will I have a chance in Ukraine?”

      I try to explain it to them but after reading your post, I think I have a new way.

      A guy with no confidence isn’t going to do well in Eastern Europe. I recommend #19 – “If you aren’t confident, fake it, it will come.”

      Now, lets compare going to Ukraine to find a Wife akin to going on a lion hunt.

      What are the two necessary ingredients for a Lion hunt? Well, first you need a lion. Will you find a lion in New York? No. How about Los Angeles? No. London? I’m sure you see my point.

      What is the other thing you need? You need a gun (or a bow if you’re a badass – or a knife if you’re Chuck Norris).

      Without either ingredient, the hunt won’t work. Take a gun to London, no lion. Go to Africa with no gun? No lion.

      Lets equate the gun to confidence. You can go to Kiev without confidence but that’s like going to Africa without a gun. And you can take a gun to New York but you’ll have as much finding a beautiful Woman who isn’t a feminist as quickly as you’ll find a lion.

      Paul has taken his gun to Africa and he has had some shots at some lions. Surprising? Maybe to some. To those of us that have been there, its like a bunch of old hunters at the lodge having a beer…

      • Bud, I can only speak from my own experience. My girl saw from the first second I wasn’t confident. She was weary at first as any woman would be meeting someone for the first time, but within a day or two, my shyness only endeared me to her more. They’re fucking sick of the tool, the jock, faking self esteem. They have those in their own country to the point of puking. Don’t fake anything. Be your authentic self. It’s the western feminist dog shit that convinces us we should “act” this way or “fake” confidence. Screw them. You need a whole new mind set when you’re going to Eastern Europe. Be yourself. If the woman doesn’t like it, she’s probably a gold digger or a Paris Hilton type, fake, shallow, rubbish. They don’t have a 100% rate of perfect women there you know! You still need to find the right person.

        My girl saw through my shyness and though I have many many weaknesses, she’s only loved me more. That’s what you need to find. When she can see through you, you know you have something.

        Don’t fake anything. They are smarter than western women. They see through your shyness into the gold. Eastern European men have mastered the arrogant jock persona to the T. Many of their women are wise to it and are craving something real. Be that man. Fake nothing.

        • Some good points and I’m glad that this post sparked some lively conversation/debate.

          You may have been shy with her, in some ways, and you were quite confident in other ways and didn’t realize it. The way you write, it doesn’t show timidity, it shows confidence, it shows conviction. There is a certain amount of confidence when you have conviction in something. I’m not saying to “fake it” in that you act like an asshole jock but rather than you put your fear aside and walk in like you belong.

          I once heard a great definition of courage: Doing what is hard (or dangerous) despite the fear.

          Despite that you had butterflies in your stomach when you went to Ukraine, you had determination and you had your mind set on what you wanted. You pushed down your apprehension and I’m sure your Woman could sense that.

          I doubt very much that you ask your Woman for permission to do this or that or that you always defer to her to make all decisions in the relationship. Believe it or not, there are Men who go to Ukraine or Russia and when it is time to go on a date actually say, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

          What I’m saying is this, whether you’re shy or not, she’s looking for a Man who is a Man, not one of the many she-male trans-gendered metro-sexual men I see these days who walk more like a Woman than do most American women. Whether you’re shy or not, Women want a Man who leads and leads in the relationship. Many Western Men are used to dating by consensus. If they don’t know how to lead, they should fake it in that they suggest a place to go for dinner and actually make plans in advance.

          • You’re right. Good points. And yes, once I saw that she was “into me” I lost my fear of rejection so I took the role of man and made the decisions. It’s been very rewarding. Thanks for the great content.

      • Hahaha …….. but you forgot to mention Hollywood.Yeah , they have lions there.

        It brings back , some pictures , or a footage , that I saw , a while ago.It was the evening , of the Oscars.

        The guy came , with his pick up , with a big male lion in the trunk.Parked the car , and with the lion on a leash , they walked , to were , all would take place.

        After a couple of meters , they turned a right corner.It was then , that the lion decided , to take one leg , of the guy , between his teeth.And the lion , wouldn`t move an inch.

        Some bystanders , walked up , to see , if they could help , but still kept , a bit of distance.While the man , was really trying , to free his leg , from this lock.

        After a while , he succeeded.He limped back , to his car , with the lion still on the leash.I`m not sure , if he wanted to go home first , drop the lion off , and then drive to the hospital.

        That is , if he could still use his leg , for the brakes and the throttle.

        Dress to impress , with your lion pet …
        Oh so sorry man ……………………………..
        This bite , is toooooo bad …………………..
        And no , he didn`t make it …………………..
        To the red car – pet ………………………………

        Excuse me , I`m just making fun , of some words .

        Rule # ?? (I lost count) – Don`t exaggerate

        I believe , that the colour of his car , was black or dark blue


    • >>Trouble in Paradise & other encounters in Odessa <<

      So , as my girl , was close to me , I told the translator , " I must go now ".She : is this your girlfriend ?
      Me : yes , I`m sorry , I must go now.

      It was only now , that I noticed , that a young gypsy woman , had joined us.She was standing really close , to me and the translator.As , I said , that I must go , the gypsy woman , tried to ask me something , but I couldn`t really make , what it was.

      Because my girl said , that telephone number , is not good.We went inside the Opera , to buy the tickets.But after this , she had to pick up , something for her mother.As I understood it , it was a last minute question , from her mother.So , the plan , for the performance , was under a bit of pressure.

      The scene , that she saw , as she walked towards us , was that of 3 persons , standing together , with one , putting my number , in her phone.
      Now , some days before , we were sitting , on a bench , on the Primorsky boulevard , doing some talking , when a gypsy woman , with her young son , came to us , probably , to ask for money.

      As , I was already , starting , to take money , out of my pocket , the translator (the one , we had from the beginning) , said , no , no don`t give them.She said , to ignore them , and not to look at them.

      She told me , not to interfere , with them.Apparently , there may have been , some events , with these gypsies.I must say , that on my first trip , I didn`t see , any gypsy , near the Opera theatre.But , on the other days , you could spot , them , regularly , there.Obviously , to ask the tourists for money.

      I heard , from someone else , that some , can even hypnotize you.And then , you are an easy prey , for them.To rip you , from , valuable things.And , afterwards , you won`t remember , much.

      So , when she saw me , standing , with the gypsy , she automatically thought , that , the 2 women , were together.And that now , I actually , had made contact , with the gypsy.But we know , it wasn`t like that.

      Anyway , I waited , until she had said , all that she wanted to say , about this.She was more concerned , than that she was angry.So , it made it , somewhat easier , to give a response.

      So , maybe , the gypsy , came to my rescue ??
      But , I really wasn`t going to pick another , woman , from the Anastasia pool.Just wanted to get , a bit more info , on how it all worked , there.

      But , I was never called , by the translator.Probably , she had no better match for me.Because she saw , my girlfriend.Or , it was all , to set me up , with the 23 yr old , and then later , ask for some money , for the translation service.Who knows ??

      I don`t even know , if the gypsy , was an acquaintance of her.Was the gypsy there , to pick my pockets ??
      I don`t have a wallet , sticking in my back pocket.I have no wallet at all.So , picking my pockets will be a bit difficult.

      I always , put money in my front pockets , of the trouser.And most of the time , they are very deep pockets.I don`t have anything , in my shirt or jacket pockets.

      Rule # xx – always be aware of your immediate space , at all times (I must admit , here I could have been robbed)
      So , maybe , my girlfriend , just came in time , to save me ???

      After 2 days , she introduced me , to her sister , etc ….


      • Other encounters > continueing > Is it me ??

        I was waiting , in the area of the MacDonalds , one evening , for my girl.When I had arrived , our translator , she lend me , 1 of her phones.So , I could make local calls.But walking about , with 2 phones , in your pocket , is not comfortable.

        So , I was planning , to buy a card , for my own phone (it has 2 sim slots) , but also to make phone calls , to other countries.I had already been looking , on the street , if I could spot someone selling these cards.

        And I had seen people , dealing flyers , for marketing purposes.So , there was a lot of private business going on.So , I`m standing there , waiting for my girl , to arrive.
        When I heard someone shouting : telephone !!!

        So , when she was close to me , I said , “telephone” ? Thinking , she is selling sim cards.She looked at me , said ” telephone ” .
        Me : telephone .
        Now she had already passed me.When she was about 3 meters away , she shouted again : telephone.While she turned her head , looking at me.

        As I was wanting to buy the sim card , I said again : telephone.Then she stepped back , to me , and gave me a card.
        Yes , she gave me a card , allright .Only it was ……… her business card.

        What the heck …….. Now I was feeling abit uneasy , because everyone , was watching me.Ghee …………………
        I quickly looked around , if I could see my girl.I mean , how are you going to explain this !!!
        Then just as quickly , put the card in my pocket.

        I wanted , to give it a better look , at a later time.Holy smoke …………………………………….
        Later , in a bit better light , I could tell , from the state , that the card was in , that it had past through many hands.
        Presumably , male foreign hands.And , they had obviously , made use of her services, because , how else , would she have gotten the card back ???

        No , I didn`t call her .There were 2 phone numbers on her card.One home and one cell phone number , and of course , her name.
        And , she wasn`t my type either.She was with 2 girlfriends , who looked a bit more appealing to me.

        But don`t know , if they also participate , in these actions.Caramba !!!!

        My other encounter , on my second visit.One evening going back to the apartment , a guy stepped up to me. He said , are you on holiday here ? Me : yes .
        He : maybe , you can help me ?? I have a place to sleep.It is not so convenient as yours.

        Me : Ohh . He : Yes , the lady is holding the room for me , but I must pay her.I have all my stuff , at the train station.

        Me : yes , so what is it , that I can do ?? He : the room it costs US $ 65,00.I haven`t slept good , for some time.
        I would be very grateful , if you could help me.

        Well , I was on my guard.No knowing him , and me alone , in a foreign country , and not really knowing the local stituations.

        He : I am a private investigator.I can do investigation work for you.I have a business card (again !!!).
        He showed me , a card , with his name and cell phone number.

        He : I can give it to you , but it is my last one.Of course , I can make new ones.But , can you help me ??

        Me : you speak very well English.Where did you learn this ??
        He : at school.
        So , we had some more talks about from what country I am.How old he is.

        He : you are to meet some girls ??
        Me : yes , I have a girlfriend here. He : I can do investigation work for you.Because sometimes , they are not true or honest.
        Me : well , I must think about that.

        He : do you want to help me ?? Me : how much do you need , for this night for the apartment ?
        He : only 65 dollars.

        So , I took out some money ,to help him out.But , I had no small bills , so I gave him 2 , 50 dollar bills (it was 100 in total).Yes , you can call me stupid.

        He was very grateful. He : I will give you my card , you can call me , when you want.Do you want to go and drink , something with me ??

        Me : no , I must go home now. He : if you want me to check some girls for you , I know how to do it.
        When home , I did checked his card.It reads : NO bullshit Private Investigator (Name) – phone number

        Rule # – xxx – don`t believe everything , that someone may be telling you.

        After I had returned , just by accident , I stumbled , on a video , that was made by a British tv channel , in Odessa.It was in 2012 , I believe.
        And sure enough , they had an intervieuw , with him.In the video , he said his name is , as is written on his card.And he also , says , that he is a private investigator.

        So , now I have the confirmation , maybe I will call him , on my next visit , to Odessa.

        Aside , of these encounters , there were also , those , with women (eye contacts – body language) , which were very inviting.But no , couldn`t get aquainted , for obvious reasons.

        All these encounters , didn`t occur , in the order , that I talked about them here.But they all happened in an 11 day period.

        So , after all this , I believe , that I`m a seasoned hunter , as Scott calls it.
        The business card , from the young woman , I have destroyed it (so , she has to make a new one).

        So , guys , now you know , what to look out for (or not)

        Rule # xxxx – never think of the obvious (when it is about or concerns a woman)


        • Hi Paul,

          Please excuse me for butting in on your stories, as I’d like to make a short comment. First of all, your stories are very descriptive and therefore, very interesting.

          However, from the first story you had written, “Trouble in Paradise,” to your present, “Gypsy Encounters,” something continues to bang me in the head.

          The fact that you have been approached by quite a few people and asked upfront questions about being a tourist, on holiday, etc, has mystified me. In the 2 years I lived in Ukraine, and I have visited Odessa about a dozen times, have I ever had anyone approach me or ask me such questions. I am suggesting that you try to blend in more because I am not sure what is making you such a “target.”

          And I find it extremely unusual for a proper Ukrainian lady to just come straight up and ask you these deliberate questions. They have so many foreign tourists in Odessa that there is no reason to approach a man, except for one reason….$

          Proper Ukrainian ladies would not initiate verbal contact with a “foreigner,” or really any man. Its culturally more accepted for the opposite. And Ukrainian ladies rarely exchange glances with men unless there is something curious about you or the person. That is a large difference vs American girls who love to flirt with their eyes.

          Unless Ukraine has changed that dramatically in the year I’ve been gone, I would say you have somehow been painted as a target and I would try to do more to blend in than stand out.

          Again, excuse me for butting in, however, my experience told me to speak up.

          • Hi Rodney ,

            Just a good thought.The translator from Anastasia , as she said , she was , walked up to me , after she had , some talk , with the 23 yr old.

            Sometimes , they would give me , a look.And then she walked in my direction.I didn`t think for one moment , that it was me , that she would come to.

            And I was still looking around , to see if I could spot my girl.But , I could clearly notice , the expression on her face , and her body language.

            All , telling , that she didn`t liked it a bit.But still , I wasn`t sure , if she was coming over to me.

            The closer , she got to me , the more uncertain , and embarrassed , she seemed.
            I thought , is she really coming , to talk with me ??

            While everything about her , told me , that , she wasn`t used , to do this.
            So , when she finally , was standing in front of me , it was real hard for her , to get the words , out of her mouth.

            You know , I don`t mind , to have a conversation , with whomever it is.So , polite as I am , I answered , her questions.
            Yes , I was on my guard.

            However , I didn`t had a clue , if it was part of a plan.You know , some are distracting you , while others , rip your pockets.

            As I said , for this reason , I don`t wear , necklaces , arm bracelets etc.No wallets , nothing in my shirt or jacket pockets.

            Everything , just money bills , and keys , in my front jeans pockets.Make sure , they are very deep.

            I was aware ,of the fact , that women , don`t initiate , the first contact.Remember the lady , who , was walking towards me.

            She only gave me the signs , that she liked me.But she didn`t actually , stopped me , to talk with me.

            So , all the times , that I was approached , with these women , asking me , all these questions , naturally , I had some reserves.That`s why , I refused , to go , with the one , who wanted me , to join her , that evening.

            If I was not having a girlfriend , I may have considered it.But , not that moment.

            For the Anastasia translator , well , I would have liked to find out , what was the real goal , of this all.But , I never got a call.

            Like I said , it could be , that she was telling the truth.Like I said , it was plain to see , that she was fighting against it , to step up to me.So , she really , really , should have had a good reason , for it.

            But , I will never know.Or should I say , we will never know.

            Probably , things have or are changing , in Ukraine.On my first trip , I never saw , and heard a young woman , walking on Deribasovskaya , and shouting ” telephone “.

            And remember , I was there in end of October ~ end of November.So , the tourist season , had long past , by then.

            As for your suggestion , to blend in more.If I could , then I would.But , I have black hair , brown eyes , and I dress , a bit more sportif.Although , I don`t want to buy , according to the latest fashion , trends.If you know , what I mean.

            Maybe , the women , like my way , of appearing , or walking ???

            There is another thing , which crossed my mind.As I was giving , all these encounters , some thought , too.Given the fact , that male or female , were seeking , contact , with me.

            You know , that , when you single , and seeking a girl , to go steady with , it is sometimes , a big problem.Now , when you finally have success , and you found yourself , a girl , or even a wife , then you will experience , that all of a sudden , many girls/women , want to have a relation , with you.

            Is that not weird ??Could it be , that , when you are in love , that , the chemical process , is changing ??

            And , we men , are radiating , more , or better , particles , so to speak ???
            Now , we know , that women , are very sensitive , for these things , yes ???

            So , maybe , I am a radiating factory , now ???

            Rule – # xxxxxx – keep your radiation level , to a controlled level (if you can)

            You know , I wonder , if it is possible …


          • Interesting response Paul!
            Thanks for explaining.
            I don’t want to put words in his mouth (or yours) but Rodney has described his physical appearance before in the past as well and I think he is in the same boat as you. He does not look Slavic. I think you said before most people think you are Latino based on 1st appearances or more specifically Mexican. If Cubans, Angolans, Mozambicans, Koreans, and Chinese men can get wives in Ukraine and Russia — well then the average motivated man from Western Europe or North America shouldn’t have a problem finding one as well.
            To your last part. Yes I believe this is true. It’s like an aura or halo effect. Some studies have proven that a man’s body language, attitude, and pheromone signature changes when he is more confident and successful with women. It is similar to being a successful businessman, great athlete, etc. — a positive attitude and success tends to draw people to you. Of course it draws in more temptations and wolves as well, so it is a double edged sword.
            Have you ever listened to some of the women that called in to the Leykis Radio Show in the past? Some of these crazy women said they are more attracted to financially well off men that are already married with children than single men that are well off? Go figure!

    • Great bullet points and advice from all. I’d like to piggy back on Scott’s #47 – learn from other’s mistakes. Story time: last year when I was still living in Ukraine, my Mrs and I and our best friends, Dima and Anastasia, were going to watch the World Cup Soccer, so we needed to make reservations at our local sports bar.

      When we walked into the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice a quite older gentleman, speaking Russian with an American accent, to two young ladies sitting at a table. I could tell he was basically flirting with them as he was standing on the walkway adjacent to the their table. I remember chuckling to myself because he reminded me of a “player.”

      The next evening we went to watch the Argentina-Germany match up. A young lady was painting your choice national flag on their cheeks. I chose the Argentinian flag and the US flag. Near the end of the match, after returning from the latrine with Dima, this guy pops a seat next to me and asked where I was from. Told him Calif and our conversation started from there but he was annoying because I was trying to watch the game.

      I asked him what brought him to our city and he said some business and some “playing.” I told him that this city wasn’t like that, that the girls, for the most part, are serious. If he wanted to play, I suggested he go to Odessa or Kiev. Like I said, he was very annoying and at this point I began to remember that it was him I had seen the day before and asked him.

      He said yes, he was there and had been talking to the two young ladies. He went on to say that after he finished talking to them, he walked outside the restaurant, when his current dating girlfriend approached him. Apparently she had seen the two timer chatting the girls up and quickly, and without hesitation, slapped that jack ass in the face. He said he had never been hit so hard by anyone before in his life. I told him good, that he deserved it and welcome to the real Ukrainian woman.

      Needless to say, she broke up with him.

      My buddy Dima said he saw the jack ass walking in town – alone. He had told me that evening, one year ago, that he didn’t want to get married, just wanted to play. Apparently he was true to his word.

      I had an acquaintance in the US who had the same mindset. He traveled to Thailand and Colombia and just “played” it up for many years. He had a great time each visit he made. Last year I received word that he had committed suicide.

      He was surrounded by friends, family and had ladies to fulfill all of his fantasies, but still something was obviously missing. My guess it was a family. Go to EE, guys. Go find her. She’s there. And grow old together and be grandparents. That’s fulfilling.

        • I agree too.
          Seems like guy that got slapped was so focused on hording as many fruits as possible in the land of plenty that he never took the time to savor the taste of a few ripe ones. The fact your friend saw him walking the street alone in Ukraine says quite a bit. Since he’s older, there on business, and speaks Russian If he is not even open to the idea of marriage and a family or at least a long term relationship; why did he move to a small city in Ukraine? If he wanted to play a city like Vienna or London would have been a better bet.

          • Hi Seeker and John,

            My guess why he chooses to stay in a smaller city in Ukraine is due to less chances of being scammed, more wholesome girls and he can play these women, making them think he’s there to seriously find his other half. He’s probably been to the western European cities and found the ladies not nearly as friendly or desirable as the lovely and sweet ladies of Ukraine.

            I had a US client come see me on Friday and she had just returned from Bucharest, Romania (temporary military duty). I was making small chit chat with her, about what she had seen, what she thought, her shopping (expensive she said), WHEN she brought up the fact how BEAUTIFUL the women were! She said that the men in her unit were falling over themselves. Then she commented how she couldn’t believe how friendly and easy they were to talk with, because from the outside, with the way they were dressed, you’d think their noses would be stuck up (hmmm, Orange County, Calif comes to mind).

            Its in this context where I believe this jack ass thinks he rocks, is because these very sweet EE ladies respect men enough to listen to them, withholding judgement until they know him better (like slapping the shit out of him is a good example). But, this is where our western counterparts get a bad rap, because this kind of behavior gets around, causing more and more EE ladies to not want and meet a western man for a serious relationship.

            My beautiful, English speaking (girl) friend in Nikolaev has been single for the past 3 years (ever since I met her). Since then, she’s traveled to France and Switzerland. I talked to her this past week and I asked her if she would consider moving to Switzerland. She said yes, but she didn’t know how. I jokingly said, she could marry a Swiss man. She cut that off and said no, (she always said no whenever I suggested meeting a western man). Then, she told me that she had just met a Ukrainian man and how happy he makes her feel. I know for a fact, that she wouldn’t be with anyone just to have someone. Whoever he is, must really be good to her because she’s a very strong and disciplined 27 year old. I will tell you all now, she is wife material. School teacher, fluent English, lived alone (no lovers), close to her family and did I say gorgeous? Brunette hair with emerald green eyes. Yet, even after going to a Dream Connections speed dating event (to accompany her friend – who BTW is marrying a Ukr guy), and meeting western guys (she wasn’t turned on by any of the guys, but thought enough of me to accept my invitation for coffee which is how we became friends).

            So, its not enough just to be a western guy. You have to be so much more because the serious ladies are truly looking for their Man. The man who shows internal strength, where she can put her head on his shoulder and know he’ll take care of her and their kids, and shows loyalty, not flirting around with other ladies.

            Its a very serious thing with these ladies. Its not Stateside type dating. If you find a woman in the EE who you can enter her heart, she’ll envelope you with all she has and she’ll expect the same in return. So be careful who you choose and be careful of the words you say to them as they will hang on these words.

            My best to all who choose to travel and seek.

          • Rodney, your comment is highly discouraging. It makes me think twice before going to Ukraine because now it sounds like I’ll be guilty by association as a western man, and the ladies will want nothing to do with me or other western men. Is it really that bad now?

          • I would say that it is that bad in Kiev, Odessa and Moscow. One guy posted here recently that he burned a couple hundred grand and got divorced. My Wife commented that many many many of the Women in Moscow see Men only as a wallet, almost like a long term prostitute. So long as you’re buying her stuff, you’re getting sex. But she doesn’t care about you and will dump you as soon as another Man comes along.

            This is not what you want.

            She explained that Women all over Russia who have this attitude flock to Moscow.

            My good Ukrainian friend Oleg who lives in Odessa pointed this out to me years ago. When you have so many Western Men showing up flashing money and paying for everything, it just wrecks the image and the expectations.

            I can’t say it enough: you’ll be better off going to a smaller city or town: think Tomsk, Kazan, Rostov…

          • Hey Scott, thanks for the intel. It’s funny that you mention Kazan because I met a Russian woman who is from a place just outside of there about a month ago. She was on a tourist visa visiting the states. Man…I can tell you that she was an absolute sweetheart. The polar opposite of almost every American woman I have ever met. Feminine without even trying, highly intelligent and well-educated. Another notable point is how many times she told me how serious she is about starting a family. I have NEVER heard any western woman talk like she does. I remember when I dropped her off at the National Monument (yes in Washington D.C.), she stood there looking at me, and waved with a smile on her face. I returned the gesture, and proceeded to turn on the radio, put my seat belt on, and prepare for the 10 hour drive back home. By now, I thought she would have been long gone going for her walk. As I shift gears, I see that she is still standing there looking at me. She waves again with an even BIGGER smile on her face. She left me scratching my head because all I did was open a few doors for her, listened to her stories over a coffee, and treated her with some respect. Apparently, I did something right. I wonder if many Russian women are treated badly back where they are from. Unfortunately, she has to go back to Russia in October, so our locations are not conducive to having a relationship. We talked for a little bit after that, but our communication phased out. I’ll tell you that if most Russian women are like her, then I won’t even look at American women anymore.

  2. #44 is bullshit as well. There can be only one “the best at it” in the world. You don’t need to be the best at it for it to influence and advance your life tremendously. Just make sure you love what you do. If you love it enough, you’ll be good enough to make your mark in the world. “The best” is more often than not subjective anyway.

  3. #48. When you marry a woman, make sure she is low maintenance.

    This was the only advice I received from my father. He has been remarried for 20 years, and happier than ever since then. He was too lazy to give me the rest of the story about women which left me to learn the hard way on my own. I’ve come a long way since then, but still learning.

    • Hi Joel ,

      Not so sure , if the criteria must be , to find a low maintenance woman.But , then again, to each his own.
      If you really want , someone , who will not ask , too much of you , financially , then , things may not be starting , from the right point of vieuw.

      Personally for me , it is better , to begin , to search for a woman , who is compatible with me.From there , things can go , in either direction.
      She will take care , of you , and her family.And so , will be careful , with the household money.

      Or , she may be , someone , who is spending money , a bit more.It`s up to you then , to decide, what is right for you both.

      In a relation , it is not a matter , of me.You have chosen , to share life , with this woman.So , it`s a 2 way street.

      As , to your remark , to Rodney`s post.It`s true , that some women , in Ukraine , have not such a good image , of foreigners.If it was , because , of how some men behaved , on the dating tours ??I can`t say for sure.

      Or , about the way , men got the impression , that Ukraine , is the new country , for sex tourism.Either way , behaving , as a sex tourist , is only fuelling , to this already negative image.

      It is for this reason , that the women , are more cautious now , when going on a date , with a Western man.
      Don`t think , that it is all , walk in the park.Even , when you have proven , that you are sincere and honest , about your intentions , to find a wife in Ukraine , you still have to put in , a lot of energy.

      And prove , that you are really serious , and committed.Yes , I will be the first one , to say , that for some women , you don`t have to go for months , to start a happy relation.

      While for others , it may take a bit longer.Especially , when they have had , some bad experiences , with foreigners , in the past.
      Hey , you know , bite me one time ………………..

      So , if you want to go over there , I believe , that you should go.But , be prepared , and understand , that you may not succeed , on the first trip.

      As was mentioned , several times , on this blog.Do your home work , and things will go much better.

      Good luck


      • Hey Joel,

        My bottom line to all of my comments: Be a gentleman at all times, know etiquette like helping put on a ladies coat, taking her hand from the bus or taxi, walking on the sidewalk nearest the traffic, bring flowers on a first date, wear suit on a first date, etc. The ladies are still approachable, as I was noting, and I also said, the ladies withhold judgement. Its up to you prove otherwise. Your chances are as good as before, just pay attention to my bottom line: Be a gentleman at all times. Because that’s where you are being observed. Hope that clears things up.

    • Joel I agree with Scott and Rodney. The big cities are bad news. My Ukrainian girlfriend confirms many of those women are gold diggers. Look for a rich old man wanting a sexy trophy they’re perfect but if you’re looking for an adoring and loyal wife the jewels will be in the smaller places.

      Sadly western feminism is also spreading like cancer in Eastern Europe and soon I think it will be as bad there as it is in the west. Only difference, their men don’t take shit and a woman with an attitude problem can still get a solid slap there. They respect their men unlike in the west where the white man is the only creature you’re still allowed to make derogatory remarks about and it’s ok.

  4. 45. No one is on their deathbed wishing they spent more time at work. Enjoy your life.
    -Money is a means, not an end.
    42. Luck favors the prepared.
    -Fortune favours the bold.
    18. Never leave a pint unfinished.
    -It’s a cure for metrosexualitis.

  5. #49 A faint heart never laid a fair lady.

    Or to put it in modern terms: If you don’t try, you don’t get. So grow some balls and go find her!

  6. Hi Scott,

    I put some more questions in the Western Women Suck Forums.
    This is all great advice. However, I disagree with #31. What do you mean being boring? I myself as a university love to learn about different culture, and people, and love to read, and I like to dance. What one women thinks is boring another may not. I am I right? Everybody in this world has different interests, no person is the same.

    Thanks William

  7. Hi Scott,

    When you say the big cities that have gold-diggers, you did not mention St. Petersburg. Since I am going there, is there many gold-diggers in St. Petersburg or is it not as bad as Moscow?



    • I would love to give my opinion about St. Pete’s, but I haven’t been there in over 10 years so I’m going to defer to the Men who have more recent experience.

  8. Hi Scott
    1) You said that you could tell how a woman would look when she got older by looking at her mom and you called it the Mom Check. Is this true?

    2) You said that not drinking alcohol was a positive with Russian girls However your wife Alana in a post stated that you have to drink vodka with the dad of a girl that you are dating. What do you do if you do not drink in this situation?

    • If you look at Mother/Daughter combos, you’ll see that in about 80-90% of the time, the daughter looks very similar to her mother. Want to know what a Woman will look like in 30 years? Look at her Mom.

      Alana’s family doesn’t drink Vodka.

      There is a lot of alcoholism in Russia. I’m not talking 3 beers a night drinking, I’m talking people in such a drunken stupor that at 3am, they’re pounding on the door of the liquor store to open even though it is closed, the security bars are down and all the lights are off. I’m talking blind drunk. Russian Women have seen a lot of that. When they see a gentleman who can have one glass of wine at dinner – and then stop drinking, they appreciate that.

  9. Hi Scott, Seeker, etc.

    Here is an article that I found on the website Henry Makow and I that all you guys might like:

    by Henry Makow

    Why I don't Hate Men

    Friday, January 3, 2014 8:20% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

    My brother once asked grandfather why he had fought for Stalin.

    “Oh no” he replied. “We didn’t fight for Stalin. We fought for the women and children of Russia.”
    Society is in the clutch of a satanic cult, the Illuminati, that seeks to erase gender
    and portray heterosexuality as pathological.

    A young Russian woman, who lives in Dublin and blogs at anti
    describes how she formed healthy and positive feelings toward men.

    “Women have very little idea of how much men hate them” – Germaine Greer.

    by Lanovar 22
    Germaine Greer Vs My Russian Grandfather. – No Contest

    One of my most vivid childhood memories is a near tragedy on a frozen lake …in my home town near the outskirts of Rostov on Don. …I was walking home from school with my grandfather …we could see skaters on the frozen lake a few hundred yards from the street. As we turned off the main street there was no sound except the crunching of our boots in the snow. A scream broke the silence and we instinctively looked towards the lake.

    Two skaters, a mother and her daughter, had fallen through the ice. Grandfather began running towards the lake. It amazed me how fast he could move considering he had lost a foot in the war. I followed Grandfather as quickly as I could, but we were beaten to the lake shore by a group of young soldiers who were already crawling on their bellies across the ice, in single file towards the two women flailing around in the freezing water.
    The soldiers were joined by some other men who had rushed out of one of the cafes. They brought some ladders to lay out on the ice to spread the weight of the rescuers. The women were pulled to safety and dragged bodily to the shore, passed from one man to the next until they were safely on the bank. The women, a mother and daughter were wrapped in blankets, fed hot soup and bundled into a truck to take them to hospital just in case.

    The crowd dispersed. The soldiers and the other men drifted back into the cafes to resume their meals and a short while later, grandfather and I were sitting with my parents, toasting ourselves in front of the big stove. Grandfather began telling stories of the war; tales of stoic endurance, boundless determination and heroic deeds. He always admonished me to remember that the bounties of my comfortable childhood had been paid for by all those men who had never returned home. My brother had once asked him why he had fought for Stalin. “Oh no” my Grandfather replied. “We didn’t fight for Stalin. We fought for the women and children of Russia.”

    Grandfather left early that night and trudged back through the town, braving one of the famous white storms, to reach the hospital where his wife, my grandmother, was recuperating from a painful operation on her eyes. He would sit and read to her through the night as she drifted in and out of sleep, until finally he would be driven from the clinic by a stern nurse telling him to go and get some rest.

    I have seen many acts of incredible bravery on the news. Men who didn’t hesitate to drag people from the wreckage during the awful metro bombings in Moscow; men who stormed an aircraft in Perm when hijackers threatened to shoot hostages; men who threw themselves into the icy waters of the Volga to rescue people from a sinking ferry.
    Whenever there is an earthquake, an avalanche, a tsunami or a hurricane, it is the men of any nation who will instinctively rush to help. It is the men who will put their own lives on the line if they have to, to save others. When the crisis is over, it is the men who will clear roads, repair bridges, restore power lines and begin to re-build. I often wonder if Germaine Greer has ever done anything even remotely as valuable as the men she has spent her life ridiculing.

    But there are also the ordinary heroes. Billions of men who work hard and often do dangerous jobs in order to support women and children, and in order to keep women and children safe and housed and fed.

    So Germaine Greer can spew her infantile paranoia as much as she likes. She can convince herself and other gullible women that the world doesn’t need these masculine qualities, but she is deluding herself. Our civilization was built by men. Our communities are maintained by men. We are kept safe by men. Wouldn’t it be nice if feminists could stop ridiculing them and maybe even express some gratitude from time to time?

    Men are our fathers and grandfathers, our brothers and sons, our friends and colleagues. It is their masculine qualities that make them what they are. Men are the builders and inventors, the explorers and defenders, the pioneers and the discoverers. We need men, and if Germaine Greer and her fellow feminists don’t care about the damage they are doing to men, maybe they should think about what they are doing to women.

    The “patriarchy” Greer rages against has always been designed first and foremost to keep women and children safe. But if men begin to show the same contempt for women as feminists show for men, then we women are going to be in a lot of trouble. In western nations now there is definitely a hardening of attitudes among men towards women in general. Decades of feminism has taught men that women have nothing but contempt for them. They are beginning to wake up. Feminists who say they want gender equality should be very very careful what they wish for.

    So now I am grown up and I live in Ireland. But whenever I hear some half-witted feminist denigrating men in general, my first thought is always of that brave young man, who risked his life to save two strange women, long ago in the depths of a frozen Russian winter.


    • Whether the story is true or not doesn’t diminish it’s message.
      The facts brought up in the story are true as well especially the ending. If the war between the sexes in western society continues, then western society (and it’s culture) will die with a whimper and be replaced by another group from somewhere else that respects the patriarchy. It’s that simple.
      Women need men.

  10. 1) Also you dated in South America/ Mexico? Is it to learn Spanish or Portuguese and are there any English speaking women in Latin America?
    2) Would a girl you are in a relationship with cheat on you?

    • Hey William!
      That depends on what you really want!
      If you are just generally interested in Latinas and you have no idea; it is better to learn Spanish. If you have a very strong preference for Brazilian women then you better learn Portuguese! There is nothing more funny than watching an American man that speaks some Spanish trying to speak to a Brazilian woman and get so frustrated because he never bothered to learn the language.
      To your second question. It depends. If you go to a big city instead of a smaller city down there, it is more likely to happen but in general they blow American women out of the water. I would gamble on a girl from Rio de Janeiro, Medellin, or Buenos Aires any day of the week over a girl from Los Angeles, New York City, or Boston. Another note, in Latin America usually it is the women that are extremely worried about their lovers cheating on them (or leaving them) not the men.

  11. 1) Would immigrant groups be good places to meet foreign girls?
    2) Would any college girls be willing to party or hang out with foreign students like me and my buddies?
    3) How do you tell if a girl likes you and why do you perfer websites to marriage agencies? I saw Dream Connections led by Mark and Anna Davis on your website and they have a pretty good reputation.
    4) Would you still need to learn the language (ie Spanish for example) if you will be attending an English speaking university?

  12. Hi Seeker, Scott, etc.

    I have two articles from the anti-feminist websites Angry Harry and Henry Makow. I believe that both of these guys can be sometimes be too extreme in their views on feminism, especially Henry Makow. However, they have some great points that we not forget when also placing modern social ills, especially on Western society just at the feet of women. I am very anti-feminist myself in many aspects and personally anti-abortion, but I am do believe in allowing birth control, and in allowing women having the right to have careers and votes. In our desire to do the right thing we must become like those we hate or all men world-wide will lose in the end.

    Especially For Young Women

    The Sexual Liberation of Women

    Contraceptive Pill

    Men were mostly responsible for the so-called ‘sexual liberation of women’ – not feminists.

    If you listen to feminists forever droning on about the contraceptive pill, and explaining how it was that women quickly ‘liberated’ themselves sexually when they were able to get their hands on it, thus reducing their ultimate dependence on men, you might be forgiven for thinking that feminists had actually invented the thing.

    They hadn’t. Feminists had nothing to do with it.

    It was manufactured by a man – a medical scientist. And his work was mostly based upon the work of the other male scientists who went before him.

    You would also be led to believe by feminist mullahs that men, in their desperate desire to keep women on the leash, were totally opposed to the pill. And feminists would further like to persuade you that they, themselves, wrestled politically, and successfully, with the male gender, in order to force men into accepting the pill as a valid means of contraception; a means which gave women the ‘upper hand’.

    This is complete and utter rubbish.

    I was actually a young man when ‘the pill’ first came on to the market,

    I was actually a young man when ‘the pill’ first came on to the market, and I can assure you without reservation that it was men (like me) who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the thing – or, more accurately, who couldn’t wait to get their women to swallow it.

    But, as is usual, the feminists have lied and deceived over this issue – and, as is customary, they mostly distort our History in such a way as to portray the men of the past as the most wicked oppressors of women.

    Thus, they would also claim, for example, that only when feminists themselves arrived on the scene to protect women from the tyrannical abuse of male power were women truly ‘liberated’ from the oppression of men.

    Well, as someone who was sexually active around the time that the pill became available in the UK, here is what the situation was really like in those days.

    I remember very clearly the arrival of histrionic groups of hostile, irrational women

    I remember very clearly the arrival of histrionic groups of hostile, irrational women calling themselves ‘feminists’ in the very late 1960’s and the early 1970’s.

    They seemed to appear from nowhere; like ghouls in the night.

    ‘Normal’ feminists had been around for some time, and we were accustomed to them. They articulated a female point of view. They were cuddly, loving, very feminine, and they danced around with bare feet, snogging the boys and leading them astray in the grass.

    Make love, not war!

    These ‘new’ feminists, however, seemed more like a snarling lesbian military. They barked. They screeched. They growled. And they seemed to do little but taunt and deride men in the most appallingly derogatory manner.

    Even male newborns were sometimes excluded from their meetings – so hated were they by these non-women.

    Nope. I’m not exaggerating.

    Infant males were excluded.

    Almost anything to do with men was denounced as unwholesome by these ‘wimmin’, and their sole purpose really seemed to be nothing more than to inject male hatred into our culture and to manufacture, from thin air, spurious and unjustified accusations in order, so it seemed, to excuse an openly aggressive attitude toward men.

    The nation mostly looked upon these women with disdain, and hoped that they would go away.

    Regretfully, they didn’t.

    They stayed.

    By the very late 60’s women were indeed being ‘liberated’ from the kitchen, partly thanks to the advent of the pill, but mostly due to the arrival of many other technologies for the average home (such as the car and the washing machine) – just about all of which were created by men.

    But men were also being liberated by virtue of the fact that the pill allowed them far greater freedom with regard to their own sexual activities.

    When his girlfriend was on the pill, the man stood far less chance of being responsible for a pregnancy which, in those days, virtually forced him into marriage.

    Indeed, the young men of the 60s, and those who went before them, seemed to be permanently pestered by their girlfriends into discussing an early marriage whenever they opened their legs wider than nine degrees.

    However, it is fair to say that, for most girls, in those days, marriage was actually the best way of escaping from their homes and liberating themselves from the restrictions of their parents. Marriage was considered by young women to be the best route to their own freedoms – not (as feminists would tell you) to one of lifelong oppression by the men whom they wished to marry.

    And so, I’ll give you sex if you give me marriage, summed up much of the gender bargaining prior to the advent of the pill.

    (The same sort of thing is often true today. But, whereas, in those days, living together ‘in sin’ (i.e. unmarried) was not considered appropriate by almost anyone, today, not only is such a thing acceptable, it is almost mandatory.)

    If you listen to feminists, however, you’ll be given the impression that young men could hardly wait to entrap prospective females into marriage, for their own domineering purposes, and that getting a wife was a priority that was always on their minds.

    This is a preposterous notion. And anyone who knows anything about young men knows full well that their carnal desires have very little to do with establishing permanent, long-term, monogamous relationships.

    Indeed, it was the female gender that almost always equated sex with marriage, not the men. This is the TRUTH of the matter.

    Women wanted marriage after sex – and often before it – whereas men, most usually, did not.

    Marriage was a high priority for women. And so if feminists are right about marriage being a means whereby men oppress women, then it is clearly the case that the women were actually begging to be oppressed.

    Also, and most importantly for the lustful young man, the pill dispensed with the need to wear desensitising condoms and/or from having to withdraw his penis just at the point when he really wanted it there.

    The pill was an absolute godsend to the actively sexual male.

    The pill was an absolute godsend to the actively sexual male.

    And to say that women quickly saw the pill as some sort of ‘liberating’ medical technology is to distort the truth completely. If anything, they saw the pill as giving their male partners the license to fool around with other females without having to risk any consequences – particularly the one of being found out!

    Ask any man who was sexually active at the time which gender was more keen to use the pill, and you will soon discover that it was men, rather than women, who were MUCH more enthusiastic for the pill to be used.

    In most cases, women had to be pressurised by their men into going on the pill. It was not something that women were eager to do. Indeed, for many of the earlier years, finding a young woman who was actually on the pill was tantamount to winning the lottery.

    “Yeah, Brother. I found one.”

    And, “Is she on the pill? Is she on the pill?” was just about the very first question that young men would want to know about your new girlfriend.

    Most women, however, were simply too ‘ashamed’ to use the pill. They saw its use as a ‘sign of promiscuity’ – and so did many others. They were likely to be called ‘sluts’ by their very own mothers and their girlfriends if they were discovered to be ‘on the pill’, and men often, therefore, had a hard time convincing their female partners that the pill was, in fact, a ‘good idea’.

    And those women who eventually grew brave enough to use the pill often hid the fact that they did.

    Another reason that ordinary women remained reluctant to use the pill was because it was being so heavily advocated by feminists!

    The last thing that most women in the early 70s wanted to do was to associate themselves in any way with a group of hostile unfeminine unattractive women who squawked and shrieked and poured nothing but venom upon their menfolk.

    It was men who eventually persuaded their women to use the pill for the sake of their own sexual freedom.

    It certainly wasn’t women or feminists who succeeded in encouraging women to use the pill to liberate themselves sexually. It was men who eventually persuaded their women to use the pill for the sake of their own sexual freedom.

    Of course it was.

    It has always been the case that men make up the gender wanting lots more sex, and it is women who tend to restrain it.

    As the years went by, the pill became more and more acceptable to women.

    It was also true that those women who were known to be on the pill were a lot more sought after by men. This is not surprising, for the same is true today. Women, therefore, began to go on the pill in order to make themselves more ‘available’ and, hence, more attractive.

    I find it astonishing that feminists have, for so long, been able to get away with the lie that, somehow, they were the ones who led the way forward when it came to liberating women sexually. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, feminists actually retarded the sexual liberation of women because most women simply did not want to be seen to be like them.

    Feminists repelled them.

    And the vast majority of women, like the men, saw the ‘new’ feminists as unattractive, cold, hostile and emotionally ‘genderless’.

    Younger women today have been indoctrinated with the untruths that they were sexually liberated by feminists. The truth is that men sexually liberated themselves when they created and manufactured the pill, and, in doing so, they liberated those very women with whom they wanted to have sex.

    And exactly the same happens today. It is young men who ‘persuade’ and cajole young women into liberating themselves sexually. It is young men who tempt and harass young women into performing.

    Indeed, so forceful are some of these young men in their endeavours, that they end up in a whole lot of trouble!

    And some even end up in prison.

    It is absurd to believe that misandric feminists who can’t get along with men AT ALL actually encouraged women to become more sexually involved with them.

    Think about it. If feminists had truly had their way, young women would have isolated themselves in women-only covens shouting abuse at the men who passed by.

    It’s pretty much what they do today.

    And it is ludicrous to believe that the young men sat by, twiddling their knobs, waiting patiently for feminists to get women to ‘open up’.

    When the pill came on to the market, it was the men who went in there, literally, like a shot.

    They were desperately encouraging their women to take the pill – emotionally blackmailing them into doing so, pleading with them, at least, ‘to try it’, promising them a possible future marriage if they would, or threatening to leave them if they wouldn’t.

    And, among themselves – whisper, whisper – was the ubiquitous question, “Is she on the pill? Is she on the pill?”.

    If not, her attractiveness plummeted, and their attentions were turned toward other girls on the dance floor who might be on the pill.

    It was men who truly sexually liberated women because they were desperately sexually liberating themselves.

    It was men who truly sexually liberated women because they were desperately sexually liberating themselves.

    And, at the time, they had quite a hard time convincing women that sex without marriage was a positive thing for BOTH genders and, further, that women would not actually rot in Hell if they used sex as a means of enjoying themselves.

    The pill allowed men and women to cuddle, stroke, suck and sex each other, without clothes, and without the previously high likelihood of pregnancies, which almost invariably led to both parties having to commit themselves to each other – for life; as marriage was once wont to be.

    The pill liberated both the sexes in this respect.

    But, as is usually case, it was men who did the liberating – and the women mostly followed their lead.

    The feminist movement at the time did little but retard this progress by demonising men and poisoning the even closer relationships that were then developing between the genders.

    And while the ‘Flower Power’ movements of the 60s with their ‘Make Love Not War’ slogans and demonstrations were impacting upon the authoritarianism of the government and of those in power in general, the ‘new’ feminists were busying themselves with stirring up a hatred between the ‘loving’ youths because, I imagine, they were simply too personally unattractive to be a part of it all.

    And their growing vindictiveness toward the male gender quickly killed a movement that was aimed at fostering “love and peace”, and it replaced it with one that promulgated an ideology that was based mostly on a desire to stir up a hatred toward men.


    Also see, …

    Typewriters Oppressed Women

    … Yep. Apparently they did.

    Unbelievable, isn’t it?

    Also see, …

    Learning How To Be Sexy


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    by Henry Makow Ph.D.
    (Revised from Feb, 2014)

    At age 12, in 1961 I saw the movie Spartacus, directed by Stanley Kubrick.

    In one scene, the camera focuses on Kirk Douglas’ face as Jean Simmons sheds her gown. His face is full of wonderment and awe, lighted by the mystical glow seeming to emanate from her naked body but actually from the fire.

    The scene made a profound impression on me, a boy just entering puberty.

    We don’t appreciate the extent to which we are programmed by the Illuminati Jews who control Hollywood. Most of our ideas about romance, sex and marriage come from the movies.

    The Illuminati is a sex cult. It programs us to worship the fertile young female, bestow her with wisdom and virtue she does not have, and regard intercourse as the highest experience life offers.

    Romantic love is our ersatz religion. Sexual intercourse is the holy sacrament.

    I subscribed to Playboy and devoured nudes with Spartacus adoration. Henceforth, I judged females primarily on sex appeal; all others were invisible. I also equated sexual desire with love, and love with religion. In essence, I became dysfunctional, unable to relate to women as they really are.

    This subversive verse from Paul Simon’s “Kathy’s Song” (1965) became the anthem of my dysfunctional generation:

    “So you see I have come to doubt/ All that I once held as true/ I stand alone without beliefs/ The only truth I know is you.”

    We were taught to be “alienated” from society and to seek fulfillment in romance. Uprooted from our true historical and spiritual context, we were told life is meaningless: find meaning in sex. Thus sex assumed a hugely disproportionate place in our lives. This is a satanic possession.

    We were brainwashed to think sexual intercourse was a mystical experience that united us with God. This is based on Cabala, the dogma of the Illuminati sex cult that controls the world.

    “An erotomania is abroad through our civilization,” Francis Parker Yockey wrote in 1948. It is “the identification of ‘happiness’ with sexual love, holding it up as the great value, before which all honor, duty, patriotism, consecration of Life to a higher aim, must give way.” ( Imperium, 297)

    This message has not changed and it is pervasive. Sex is the way to God. Human relations are reduced to “hot or not.”


    In Plato’s Republic, Socrates says that when he finally lost his sex drive in old age, he felt as if he had been ” released from the jaws of a wild beast.”

    Despite our satanic indoctrination, nature did not intend for sex to become a lifelong obsession. It is part of the courtship and procreation phase. We are meant to marry young, have children and outgrow sex to some extent. We were intended to focus our energy on more important things.

    For men, the goal should be to control our sex drive rather than to be controlled by it (or by women.) How do men do this if they cannot find a compatible mate ?

    Obviously, most masturbate and many use pornography as an aid. Most men would think of nothing else if they didn’t relieve the pressure in this way.

    But, as a sensible teenager said to me recently: “If I need to look at pictures, well then I don’t really need to do it.” His focus is on managing his sex drive, not on dissipation. By masturbating every few days, he can be “cool” with girls.

    But the programming is more than sex. Men are programmed to think they need a woman’s love. We are actually taught that satisfying a woman is a prerequisite to manhood! What nonsense. This inflation of women is debilitating and by weakening men, actually obstructs successful relationships because heterosexuality is based on the exchange of female power for male power expressed as love.

    As long as a man craves a woman’s (or anyone’s) love, he is not a man. He can mark his coming-of-age from the moment he stops seeking female love.

    Men are also under the illusion that a woman will recognize and appreciate his sterling qualities – character, personality, skills etc.. Women used to love men. Today they generally are looking for a man to give her what she thinks she needs– a good time, sex, security, status…

    Instinctively, most want marriage and family but they have been tricked into squandering their short period of fertility by seeking power instead of love, career instead of marriage.

    (left, a satanic cult inverts healthy & unhealthy)

    They have been taught to trade on their sex appeal instead of the qualities of wife and mother. Many men have turned to pornography which has made real women redundant to them. The difference between having sex with a self-proclaimed slut and masturbating to porn is negligible. Certainly, the latter is much safer.


    One acquaintance doesn’t masturbate very often. “Why stoke the fires?” he says. He keeps his mind off sex and focuses on more exciting pursuits.

    This is called sublimation. The prodigious American writer Upton Sinclair (1878-1968) left, wrote in his Autobiography (1962):

    My chastity was preserved at the cost of much emotional effort…What did I get in return for this? I got intensity and power of concentration; these elements in my make-up were the product of my effort to resist the tempter.

    I learned to work fourteen hours a day at study and creative effort because it was only by being thus occupied that the craving for woman could be kept out of my soul. I recited the Wisdom of Solomon: “he that ruleth his spirit is greater than he that taketh a city. (p. 46)

    According to Sinclair, and many religions, the energy goes right to the spiritual bottom line:

    Imagine anyone wanting a lot of money or houses and servants or fine raiment if he knew how to be happy as I did! Imagine anyone becoming drunk on whiskey if he might become drunk on poetry and music, sunsets and valleys full of clover! (56)

    Visit Julian Lee’s wonderful site for information and inspiration on how abstinence can make men strong.


    The masculine sex drive is a powerful creative force but it needs to be controlled and steered. We can do this by applying the brake (sublimation) and then releasing it (masturbation.) Every man is different and must find his own formula.

    The world is run by a satanic (Cabalist i.e. Masonic Jewish) sex cult based in London which controls brainwashing (media and education.) They use sex to distract, degrade and control both men and women. The New World Order plan is to restore the feudal model in which we are serfs at best. They undermine resistance to their plot by destroying our sources of cohesion and identity: nation, race, religion and family.

    Slavery begins with the mind. We can resist by not being controlled by sex.

    Related- Cabala- How Sex Became Our Relgion
    ———–Men-Seek Help Mates, Not Soul Mates
    ———– Sex Obsession is Satanic Possession

    First Comment from Dan:

    For me it was the orgy scene in Cecil B. DeMille’s “biblical’ skin flick, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. I was probably SIX. (I got a woodie)

    I bet the studio after-party was x-rated.

    I had ‘made out’ with a few girls in high school. When I got car keys in my senior year, I got a steady girlfriend, and a cheap motel on wheels. After War War Two, the car and the drive-in movie outdoor theater empowered high school boys privacy with their prey — uh, I mean girlfriend — for hours after dark on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Hollywood cranked out soft core smut called ‘B’ movies for the drive-ins. Teenage boys had access to ‘dirty magazines’ in the back room of the sleazy little ‘Newsstands’ that were little but cover for porn shops even in the small towns, if they had a college.

    I had a ‘nice girl’ for a senior year girlfriend. But because I could so easily get her off to myself in the car after dark, she became the object of the fantasies provoked by Playboy and Penthouse, and the Newsstand porn I hid under my bedroom dresser at home.

    Now you must understand that my relationship with this girl had begun the old-fashioned way. We met at the burger shop where we worked after school that summer of ’72. The attraction had begun with enjoying conversation with each other; having similar interests and opinions about life. But once I got the car, and found the dirty book store, I began to morph into Mister Hyde. I recall becoming obsessed with finding girls in porn that looked like my girlfriend, so I could take it take it home and use it for fantasy of things I hadn’t got her to do yet. She didn’t know about that, but she became stressed by the change in my behavior. I skipped the conversations we’d enjoyed having and turned every date into a tryst. I had become obsessed.

    I was aware of it, and I did feel a vague guilt about it. But at seventeen lust is very easily triggered and stoked. Girls don’t break up with sexually obsessive boyfriends. It ends up corrupting them too. Her innocence was damaged, but that wasn’t why she broke off with me. A week before Prom she caught me making out with another girl after school.
    I’ve never seen a look so fierce, and she slapped me so hard my ears rang.

    I saw her again that fall on campus. She’d become a feminist.

    Hollywood, ‘B’ movies and ‘R’ movies in the 60’s and 70’s. The Drive-in Movie. Porn. A diabolical subversive conspiracy?

    You bet!

  13. Hi guys,

    Another article that I found at Angry Harry that will probably make you laugh your head off!


    Especially For Young Women


    Women Are Having Orgasm Problems

    I’m feeling mischievous, so here’s this! …


    Women, apparently, are having difficulty reaching orgasms these days; with some huge percentage of them failing to achieve orgasms when engaging in normal sex. And, needless to say, I know why; though, of course, I, myself, have never come across a woman who cannot orgasm.

    No Sir!

    Every single one of my women has writhed and bucked and rodeoed her way to ecstasy whenever I have done my thing. (Of course, I am lying through my teeth at this point – for effect!)

    The secret is to find that little red cotton bud no matter how hard it tries to hide or to slip away.

    You can’t feel it. You can’t see it. You can’t even hear it. But you know it’s there!

    You know it’s there because if it wasn’t there it wouldn’t have a name.

    And the secret of sexcess is to chase it round and round and to freak it out before it dries out.

    And therein, of course, lies Catch 22.

    Because it’s not until the damn thing actually does dry out that you can locate it and pursue it hither and thither with any degree of accuracy before it slips away into the dark abyss.

    But by then it’s too late!

    And if you do any zizzing at this point in time you will have to put up with all that Ouch Youch Oooch nonsense. And, “Oooo, it’s sore.”

    the real trick to satisfying a woman is to find the right kind of woman

    You see, the real trick to satisfying a woman is to find the right kind of woman in the first place. The kind that will writhe and buck and rodeo without too much effort.

    It’s easy to spot such women because they have a certain look about them.

    It’s difficult to describe that give-away look in detail only with words, but the word ‘desperate’ pretty much sums it up.

    And if she looks like Sylvester Stallone, so much the better, because you will lose interest quickly and, therefore, save yourself many hours of sexual time – which you can use most fruitfully to get a better education – a couple of degrees perhaps.

    But there is an interesting question here.

    How come men evolved to orgasm with penile penetration whereas women did not, eh?


    What was the point?

    Well. It is obvious that if men did not orgasm through penetration then they would not reproduce any of their genes. In fact, such men would have disappeared. Only men who orgasmed during penetration produced any offspring!

    were women designed to orgasm through the clitoris

    But why were women designed to orgasm through the clitoris rather than through penetration? After all, not only does its stimulation not involve penetration, it actually excludes penetration – pretty much.

    What was the evolutionary point of this? How come we ended up with the women that we got?

    And here is a possible answer.

    By making women orgasm fully only in the company of men who gave them a great deal of ‘attention’ (i.e. those men who were prepared to fool around with their little red buds – if they could find them) evolution ensured that they would stick around only those hominids who appeared most likely to want to look after them.

    And women who did this survived far better than women who did not.

    In other words, thanks to natural selection, the females of our species who currently grace us with their unwholesome presence were specifically designed not to become ecstatic solely on the basis of penetration. These thankless hussies were designed to become ecstatic on the basis of something which requires a great deal of effort and which, in fact, pretty much excludes penetration at the time.

    In other words, their sexual apparatus is mostly excited by a process that requires men to put an effort into something that does not also sexually reward themselves.

    In other words, the wiring of the scheming brains of current-day womenfolk has been arranged according to the following heinous principles.

    I orgasm only when the man puts in sexual effort without rewarding himself.

    Therefore, I am only attracted to the man who puts in sexual effort without rewarding himself.

    Therefore, I love only the man who puts in sexual effort without rewarding himself.

    Therefore, I partner only the man who puts in sexual effort without rewarding himself.

    “Hey Harry. Here’s a torch so you can see better
    and find my little red bud.”

    “Oh no. Not that again Woman. I want to go to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep is what I need.”

    And when Man was emerging from Apedom, the proto-women who did not attach themselves to men who put in the extra sexual effort without rewarding themselves, made the wrong choice!

    They cavorted happily with those men who would abandon them.

    they got themselves pregnant by men who had no real interest in staying around

    These were the proto-women who did orgasm quite happily simply through penetration. They were easily turned on. And so they easily got themselves pregnant. But, statistically speaking, they got themselves pregnant by men who had no real interest in staying around. And so their offspring did not survive well. And so their descendants are not here.

    And this is why the women that we ended up with mostly require all this clitoral stimulation – and all the lovey duvvy stuff.

    Their orgasms and, hence, their emotional attachments depend on being pandered to.

    Indeed, generally speaking, the more ‘unpleasant’ are the experiences that someone ‘willingly’ wades through in order to give another an ‘orgasm’, the more ‘under their spell’ they must be!

    And now, of course, with oodles of western women available here, there and everywhere, western men do not need to exert too much effort in order to fulfil their own salacious desires.

    And this is why there now seems to be an epidemic of non-orgasmic women in the west.

    The men are not a-pandering.

    Well done feminism!

    Of course, there is now a variety of gadgets on the market to help women with their orgasm problems; vibrators being the most common. But the truth is that these, on their own, are not hugely satisfying for women even if they do succeed in bringing themselves to orgasm with them.

    vibrators are only useful in providing a MacDonald’s kind of sex.

    Good sex – great sex – is, after all, as much of a mental activity as it is a physical one. And vibrators are only useful in providing a MacDonald’s kind of sex. Yes. Their burgers taste good. But there is a whole range of tastes that is missing.

    And the same sort of thing is true when vibrators take the place of men.

    Generally speaking, the majority of men and women only have great sex when they ‘own’ each other in some significant way. (The word ‘own’ might not be quite the right word to use, but it’s a pretty good one!)

    However, thanks to feminism, this kind of relationship is being killed off. And so, of course women are having orgasm problems.

    And **THAT’S** what they get for supporting feminism!

    Finally, as I pointed out in my piece Women and Chimps, women are mostly turned on sexually by aggressive, dominant men.

    But men are not allowed to be this way any more.

    Men are nowadays always having to tread very carefully, lest they end up being victims of the endemic plague of false allegations that are made every year by the million across the western world.

    Even their mildest of touches can so easily be portrayed as an act of abuse, or as a trigger of suspicion that some dark motive is at work.

    This, coupled with the fact that ‘men’ are now very much a hated group (so often portrayed as mindless animals) has turned them into highly undesirable beings from a female’s orgasm point of view.

    And you can thank feminism for that too.

  14. Hi guys one more funny Angry Harry article

    Especially For Young Women

    Your Sexual Behaviour And Your Genes

    I’ve been thinking a lot about sex recently.


    But, as a topic, it does seem to be cropping up more often in the ‘manosphere’.

    (That’s where real men hang out these days, by the way. On the internet.)

    Unfortunately, however, they do not seem to be talking much about the good bits about sex, but as having been the victims of it!

    I kid you not .

    Sex seems to be causing so much grief to so many people these days that I’m beginning to wonder why evolution ever invented it.

    And I certainly never thought that I’d see the day when so many grown men were frightened of it.

    So, what’s going on out there?

    Am I missing something?

    Have we not all learned by now that our man genes were designed to reproduce themselves – which is why men like lots of sex.

    “Get out there and have sex,” is what a man’s genes are constantly telling him. “Get your lazy backside off that couch – you idle lump of lard – and seek out a woman with whom to have sex. Go out there and make lots of lovely copies of me. Me. Me. Me.”

    This is what the sex drive is all about. This is what it is for. To make copies of our genes.

    This is not to say that men think about sex all the time. They think about many other things too. Like sports, work, families and other interests.

    So how can sex be causing so much anguish to so many people?

    And what about women?

    Do you really think that they don’t like sex?

    Well, of course they do.

    They have the same kind of sexual desires as men.

    True; they are much fussier than men with regard to whom they want to have sex with. And they have mood swings every month, (it’s every hour in my house.) But, given the chance, a good atmosphere, the right partner – preferably a wealthy one – the correct hormonal conditions and a glass or two of fine wine, women enjoy sex just as much as men.

    So where are all these problems coming from?

    Where is it all going wrong?

    It doesn’t make sense.

    Evolution did not make human beings who are damaged or hurt by sex.

    Think about it.

    Imagine two groups of humans.

    One group thinks that sex is great. They want more, more, more sex. The more, the better!

    The other group thinks that sex is hurtful – something to be avoided.

    Which group do you think is going to end up populating the planet?

    Well, of course, it is the first group, isn’t it?

    we are continually being bombarded with the notion that sex is bad for people

    So how is it that we are continually being bombarded with the notion that sex is bad for people?

    How can it be?

    Goodness me. In my time I have seen it being proclaimed that sex causes people to develop schizophrenia, psychoses of various types, long term psychological trauma, depression, anxiety, dyslexia and, in fact, just about everything under the sun.

    You might not believe this, but it is true: When I was a 10-12 year old boy, there was a belief – goodness knows where it came from – that masturbation could make you go blind.

    But how can any of this be true?

    Why on earth would evolution have produced human beings who are doomed to suffer from sex?

    Everybody blind!

    The whole idea is ridiculous. And it would be totally counter-productive from a gene-copying point of view.

    Well, of course, the answer to this most intriguing problem has something to do with the fact that engaging in sex is not an act that remains unaffected by other factors.

    For example, sex might involve coercion, pain, fear, betrayal, jealousy, envy, unwanted pregnancies and, indeed, a whole host of other factors – many of which are to do with cultural, social or religious expectations.

    And, in my view, it is these other factors that often produce outcomes that are ‘unsatisfactory’ when they are combined with sex.

    sex, itself, is not the problem.

    In other words, sex, itself, is not the problem.

    In short, and as far as I am aware, there is no psychological mechanism in normal human beings that would predispose them to be harmed psychologically by having sex.

    And I cannot think of any reason why evolution would have given rise to human beings who are psychologically harmed by having sex.

    It is those other factors that are the problem!

    Indeed, I was ‘traumatised by sex’ once, because I thought that I might have gotten my 16 year old girlfriend pregnant. (I was 14/15 at the time.)

    I was haunted badly for about two weeks by the possibility that she was pregnant. And there was no easy pregnancy-testing method available in those days. You just had to wait and hope that her menstrual cycle would eventually reveal that no pregnancy had occurred.

    a pregnancy would have had huge consequences

    In those days, a pregnancy would have had huge consequences – particularly given that my family was Catholic.

    Well, she wasn’t pregnant – but I was still haunted by the experience for a very long time thereafter; often having nightmares while asleep.

    And this was true even though I was in love with this girl, and would have been quite happy to marry her when the time was right.

    My point is that I was not ‘traumatised by the sex’, but by the fear of a pregnancy. And I imagine that she, too, had a similar experience.

    But even saying that it was the ‘fear of the pregnancy’ that haunted me isn’t quite right, is it?

    After all, why should I have been fearful of her pregnancy?

    Surely, my fear was mostly to do with other consequences that would have arisen if she had been pregnant.

    Shame for having been so stupid. Worry about what our parents and society would think about me. Anxiety over what job I could do if she was going to have a baby. Where would we live? What effect would it have on my mother? How would my grandmother react?

    A whole cascade of possible negative social and personal consequences haunted me.

    But not ‘the pregnancy’.

    So, once again, my point is that the sexual act – the reproductive act, if you will – was not the cause of my trauma.

    It was other things – in this case, mere possibilities – that were the problem.

    And, in fact, all these other things were entirely imaginary. They never happened!

    And yet, for years thereafter, I was often haunted by the thought that my sexual antics would lead to the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy.

    So when I said earlier that I was traumatised by the fear of a pregnancy, I was misleading you.

    Because the problem was not ‘a pregnancy’.

    But my guess is that you believed it when I said it.

    Now, at this point, some readers might think that I am being too pedantic here. Or, indeed, too devious.

    “Let’s face it, Harry. You were traumatised by the thought that she was pregnant. Stop heading off into the realm of possible consequences. You’re just fooling about with words.”

    But you would be wrong to believe this.

    When it comes to sex, it is the abuse industry that fools about with words

    When it comes to sex, it is the abuse industry that fools about with words – in order to mislead people.

    And the way in which our brains work make it easy for them to fool us in such a manner. Mostly, because we just absorb their messages without thinking enough about them.

    But when you look very closely at what they are saying, you quickly learn that they are far too often misleading you. Misdirecting you.

    Just like I did.

    Well, when it comes to the layperson, one has to accept that the issues herein are much too complex – and too hidden – for most of them to understand properly.

    But when those who are supposed to be professionals in this area make similarly misleading pronouncements, they deserve to be exposed.

    Finally, when you look closely at cases wherein sex is deemed to have traumatised certain individuals you nearly always come up with, essentially, three likely conclusions.

    1. The sex was not the problem. Some extraneous factors were at work; e.g. pain, coercion, fear of consequences etc


    2. The individuals concerned have an abnormally high, unwarranted fear of sex itself.

    An example of this, perhaps, would be where a person is paranoid about bacteria or ‘dirt’; e.g. someone who manifests this by washing his hands 100 times a day.


    3. The individuals concerned are deriving some desired benefit from portraying themselves as victims.

    Usually, power of some sort.

    None of this is to suggest that sex, these days, is free from the possibility of numerous negative consequences for people.

    Sex is often a hugely tricky enterprise

    Sex is often a hugely tricky enterprise with many pitfalls and uncertainties.

    Indeed, for some people, not having sex, or not wanting to have sex, can also trigger off a whole cascade of negative consequences.

    “No thanks, I’d rather read my book.”


    But perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind is that when people have sex with each other, it is overwhelmingly the case that their intention is to please each other.

    (Sure, they usually want to please themselves at the same time. But if they do not please their partners then they are unlikely to be invited back again, are they?)

    But we forever appear to be losing sight of this thanks to certain malevolent forces that have grown far too powerful in recent years.

    And so it is that men’s motives when it comes to having sex with women are nowadays always seen as suspect or abusive in some way when, in fact, their greatest desire is mostly to please them.

    But this always seems to be hidden from view when it comes to any public discussions about the matter.

    And when it comes to talking about sex and men in the mainstream media, the word ‘abuse’ seems to be the word that is most strongly, and most unfairly, associated with the issue.

    sex was designed to be fun

    But sex was designed to be fun – for all parties concerned.

    And yet if you look at any of the mainstream media – particularly the tabloids – you will never see sex being described as fun; which it is for billions of people – who engage in trillions upon trillions of sexy interactions and flirtations every single day.

    So, how is it that sex is always portrayed as abusive?

    Well, read more of this website, and you will surely find the answer to this intriguing question.

  15. Hi Seeker ,

    Maybe , it didn`t came across , like how I meant it.Most of the women , can or will see , that I have Asian roots.But , because , I`m a mix , it may be sometimes , hard to tell , from which country.

    Some other women , in my country , that is , may think , that I can be from Spain.A very few , may be inclined , to see me as a Mexican (or someone with maybe Mexican roots).

    I myself , can`t make that distinction.But , it may be intrigueing , for women , to not definitely , being able , to tell , were , I`m from.That said , it may also be , the way that I look , which makes women , seek contact , with me.But , don`t know for sure.

    I never heard , of the Leykiss Show , and wouldn`t know , in what country it`s running.But , hey , I believe , that women , would go , for this type of man.
    I`m not an arrogant person , nor have I macho ideas , about how to present myself.

    But , I believe , that you must try , to always be at your best.That is , when you want , to let the women , notice you.
    Know your limitations , stay yourself , but show confidence.It` a powerful mixture.

    And , I believe , that these EE women , know , how to spot , such a person.
    In reference to this , on the same , moment , that I was walking towards the woman , and her girlfriend ,who was so interested in me.There was a guy , walking just , directly , behind her.

    At first , I thought , that he was , with her.So , I didn`t wanted , to smile , to openly , to her.He stopped me , and asked me , where I`m from.I said , I`m from Holland.
    He : No , are you from China ?? Me : no , I wasn`t born there.
    He : but you look a little like Chinese. Me : yes , some people say that

    He : that`s interesting.You are here on vacation ?
    Me : yes He : that`s nice.I wish you a good time here
    Me : oke , thank you

    I had not mentioned this , because , it`s just not so interesting.But , it shows , that the people are friendly , and some are ready , to have a talk with you.

    I can`t really tell , why this time , so many persons , were interested in me.As , I knew my way around , a little bit , of course , this will boost your confidence.
    And , I was a bit familiar , with were , and how to buy , the normal daily groceries.

    As , for the ” trouble in ….. ” , as Rodney says , these were not the first encounters.I did mention , maybe in another post , about the woman , who asked me for the time.That was the very first , of the sequence , which would follow.

    I wonder , what , and if , it all , will repeat , on another trip.Not sure , if I should use some camouflage , the next time.

    This could also be a rule – # -yyyyy – Sometimes , you would like to be a chameleon.

    But , no , that is something better fitted , for salesmen.
    Let me be , just a plain , but confident , tourist in Ukraine (what do you know , it rhymes )


    • Hi Paul! How you doing, man? Just saying hi to see how are things now that you are home? I am strongly assuming you are having good contacts with your lady and everything is staying strong? From your blog comments, you’ve been a gentleman in every way, and thoughtful – so everything should be just fine. Best wishes!

      • Hi Rodney ,

        Thanks for asking , and your best wishes.Yes , things are almost back to normal now.And , sure , parting from your girl , is never an easy thing.

        But , we have a good contact , and speak about , the usual things.Like I mentioned , we have been through this before.And , with every visit , our relation , has gotten stronger.

        Well , you know what I mean.She is more open , and also is not having problems , to introduce me , to more of her (good) friends.

        Sure enough , she is a woman , so , you will have to go , and buy her some new dresses or handbags , or , well , you name it.
        The same thing will happen , when she is married to you.So , better get used to it now.

        And , of course , you can start to ste some rules , if that is something , which you , intend to do later (as a couple).
        So , she will get to understand , what are the limits.

        I must say , that she has really , been a bit moderate , about the prices , and the money.She didn`t overdo , the shopping.She also , bought something , for her Godson.

        So , sometimes , she is not only , shopping , for herself.Which is a good sign.It shows , that she cares about her relatives.

        Of course , I brought , many presents , for her , and her parents and sister.I did the same , on my 2nd visit.

        Her parents , are simple people , but they are proud of who they are.And they take life , as it is , right now.For sure , they would wish , that it all was different.That , all Ukrainians , would have a life , with good social securities.

        That there were enough jobs , and people , could get around , financially , with the salaries , that they would make.Unfortunately , it is not like that.

        On my last day , she said , that we would go , to buy a lamp , for the living room.There was already , a wall lamp.So , she wanted , to have the same style of lamp.To hang on the ceiling.

        I`m sure , you understand , that it would take some months , to save for it.Well , with the money , that they have.She is still living , with her parents.

        Even though , I send her money , every month , it would still take some time , to buy the lamp.As , you mentioned , that the costs of living , have exploded , in the past year.

        I want to make note , that the prices , there , for almost everything , are almost the same , if not higher , than in my country.Although , she did the shopping , when it was in the “sale weeks” , I found that the prices , were much higher , than here.

        I don`t know , about you guys.But going shopping , with your wife , do you like that ??
        Ohh , I can hear you !!

        So , one day , I gave her a handful of Hrivnias , and I was waiting , outside the store.So , she could do her own checking , fitting and buying.
        Oh yes , be prepared , to be patient.Am I saying , something new ??

        As for my personal opinion , her parents , are very nice people.But , yes , they are a bit worried , about her , to come and live here.When you don`t have experience , with life in another country , it`s always raising questions.

        It`s important , to understand , their worries , because , they want the best for their daughter.But , I believe , that I have passed , the tests , as a possible son-in-law.
        Or a brother-in-law , to her sister.

        At the same time , I don`t want to put , too much pressure , on her (or her parents).To put it in other words.She is sure , about us.

        Given the fact , that she has introduced me , to her whole family now.And guys , this is a far more greater proof , that she really likes you , loves you and respects you !!

        You can have as many dates , correspondence , email contact or Skype.But , if at some point , she isn`t willing , to let you meet her folks , something doesn’t seem right.

        Especially , to meet her mother and /or sister.Be aware , that they are the most important persons , in her life.


        • Paul,
          Happy to hear you are getting into the swing of things. Heard about the situation there. Heard a lot of people are moving to Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, etc. even Russia to look for work. So the prices there are not lower than western Europe…inflation must be pretty bad there.
          Best of luck.

          • Thanks Seeker.In this respect , I do admit , that the inflation , is high and affecting , their financial possibilities.

            Just a little math.Almost 2 years ago , her mother told me , that the pension was something of about US $ 150.00 a month.

            This time , she said to me , that the pension , is now , only worth US $ 50.00 per month.

            Take into account , the dramatic increase , of the costs for living , well , you can see , what is the result.

            I`m not sure , if the pension , is for 1 person , but I believe that it is.

            Tell me , if it`s possible , to have a normal life , with this kind of allowance.I did go to the supermarkets , but not as much , like on my other visits.

            But I did notice , that there were not many people , buying things.And , when they were buying , it was all very little.You know , bread , sugar etc.

            And I didn`t go to the more luxury supermarkets.Bottled water , for sure , has gone up in price.

            As for the clothing and other items.Almost all of this , is imported from other countries.You have the Metro and the Comfy shopping malls.

            One of them has the headquarters in Germany.In my country , there are some well known brands.But they all , get their clothes and other fabric , from the most part , out of Bangladesh.

            Since many years , the clothing manufacturing , has been moved or outsourced to low wage countries.

            Man items come from China and Taiwan , or from India.Turkey etc.

            As we know , the quality from the Chinese products , is a bit problematic.

            So , I don`t know , about , people going to other countries.But I can understand , that it is happening


      • Well , I mentioned , in another post , that preparation is key.So , if you did your homework , you would have known , that 3 years ago , it wasn`t necessary , to protect your self for polio , in Ukraine.

        As , I wouldn`t take any chances , I did get a polio vaccine , before my 1st trip , over there.I now , have a protection , for many years.


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