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Of all the emails I get at my WWS email inbox, perhaps the most asked questions are about my earlier experiences when I was single and I had  just started out looking for an Eastern European Wife. I get asked if I had any failures along the way, did I have any successes, what relationships did I have and did I have any Eastern European Girlfriends. I recently posted about a scammer I “dated” and in the next few months I intend to write about some of my dating experiences so that when you go out searching for a Wife, and you run into a similar episode, you’ll have something to gauge your experience by.

I met Victoria in 2011 and I would say that our relationship was somewhat successful in that it made its way through a near evolution of chatting by email & Skype, then I went and met her and eventually we started dating. I’d go so far as to say that we were a couple until I ended it prematurely for reasons all my own ~ I’ll try to explain that in a bit.


My intent in sharing my experiences with Victoria are threefold:

1. As described above, to give you some sort of a rough battle plan when you head east.

2. To give you an idea of how Beautiful Eastern European Women are. By no means am I a Brad Pitt looking model type. So far as I’m concerned, I’m just an average looking guy who isn’t terribly fit nor terribly fat. I often suspect that my Wife tells me I’m better looking than she believes after hearing her Mother say things like, “A Man’s looks are not important. It is only important that he is slightly better looking than an ape.”

3. To give you some idea of some of the pitfalls you’ll have while dating. You very well may find yourself dating the most beautiful Woman you’ve ever met. She may feel like she is waaaaaay out of your league. You’ll be tempted to overlook bad hapits or signs of non-compatibility because you’ll believe that you’ll never have a chance to date such a beautiful Woman. That is farther from the truth than you realize; if you are dating a beautiful EE Woman and it “isn’t right,” don’t force it. Make your sincere apologies, break up and move on. It is better to love and lose a few times to find the right one than to marry the wrong Woman, get divorced and then come back here and complain that all Russian Women are scammers.


I met Victoria on one of the “less than desireable” websites. While I had (some) success using that agency it wasn’t without its problems. All in all, more than 90% of the Women I met were “professional” daters (including Victoria here). That I had any luck at all wasn’t because of the agency, it was in spite of it.

Herein lies the problem: Victoria had been – for some time – dating Western Men for “pay” and her thought process of how a relationship worked became more closely aligned with a prostitute-John relationship than a “boy meets girl” affair. Having so many Men take her out to this and that restaurant and buy expensive bottles of champagne and high dollar sushi and caviar trained her to equate a Man as a mere means to an end. If this sounds anything like the typical Western woman, you can see where I’m going with this.

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It was “cool” for her to mistreat the wait-staff at restaurants; she has seen so many nouveau riche Russian tourists act this way and – because they have money – to act like an ass = I have money too. You’ll find many Eastern European Women (especially in the big “tourist” cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa and KIev) who are ruined now in that they have jaded hearts and see Men as rolling ATM machines.


And despite the bad habits that she had picked up along the way, I would still marry her over the “best” American candidate all week long and twice on Sunday. I remember, we were in an outdoor cafe sipping Georgian wine when she suddenly blurted out that we should be married. I was quite surprised by it, especially considering that we had only been dating a short time. But she had honestly put  some thought into it and – when I asked her – her logic was impeccable. She said:

You’re smart, I’m pretty. What else do we need?


Unfortunately, I was looking for more. A lot more. A colleague from work who had been happily married for 35 years said that his secret was, “To marry the right Woman.” When I asked him “who” the right Woman is, he stuck a finger in my chest and said, “When you meet her, you’ll know.”

With Victoria, I just knew. She wasn’t the right Woman for me.

A year or two later, when I met Alana, on our second or third date, I just knew.


When I broke up with Victoria, it wasn’t easy. To my eye she was everything I wanted in a Wife. But, I thought of how it would be in 5 years, 10 years and in 20. I didn’t like the picture I saw. Maybe for another Man, her personality and habits would work out just fine, but for me, I didn’t see a life of happiness and so, I broke it off. She wasn’t happy, she didn’t understand. But I was firm and I never spoke to her again. I believe it is more fair, to be honest up front and then to hold your decision and to bounce back and forth. I hoped that for her sake, this was enough.

About 2 weeks later, I saw her on the walking street in the company of an Italian or Portuguese Man (I’m guessing by the sound of his accent). She pretended not to see me and I did the same. I hope she found the “right” Man for her, and I hope that she’s happy.


Before you decide to go East to find a Wife, ask yourself, “What are you looking for?” Make a list, write it down. Study it. Add to it. In time, you’ll know EXACTLY what you’re looking for and if you don’t find it, you’ll realize it quickly and you’ll move on. Getting into a 2 or 3 year relationship with a Woman (overseas) that you aren’t going to marry is a waste of your time and not fair to her.

Do the right thing. Think with your big head, and,

Good luck in your search!

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Russian Sanctions
Call to all writers

20 thoughts on “Meet Victoria

    • When I asked him “who” the right Woman is, he stuck a finger in my chest and said, “When you meet her, you’ll know.”
      — — —
      Good story.
      I think things are so aesthetically horrible in America and the West that men (many times) completely focus on youth and beauty (which is a normal and healthy biological urge for any man) when they go overseas instead of considering other feminine qualities.
      Being pretty should not just be enough…what else?

      • * Trustworthiness
        * Doesn’t look down her nose at Wife duties
        * Stands behind her Man – NO MATTER WHAT
        * Doesn’t EVERY talk bad about her Man to others, even if she’s unhappy
        * Knows that looking feminine attracts him – sees her femininity as an asset not as something to hide behind Goth makeup
        * Loves kids
        * Is honest
        * Is thrifty (as much as Russian can be)
        * Believes that family is important above work, friends and Starbucks
        * She has NO interest in other Men

        I could go on and on, maybe I should make a post about it…

        • Thanks!
          You should. Please?
          Many guys do not have a clue.
          There are some places on this earth that are just flooded with young pretty women…beauty is the norm…many men need a wake up call! A woman needs to bring something else to the marriage table besides being cute, young, thin, and pretty…she will not be young forever!

          • ” she will not be young forever! ”

            Right Seeker ,

            I asked my girl , why she wanted to make this “Angel photo” .
            I also asked her , if she made it , just for ME ! Now I`m nowhere , to compare to , being a super actor or hot male person.

            Sure , I have a pretty face , and my body , is in good shape and condition.
            My girl , she ones said to me , that it`s not important , how I look.The most important thing is , that I am a good man.
            That is , what matters to her.

            So , I asked , why did she wanted to make the angel pic for me.She answered , that it was just , some idea , which came to her.
            She said , now she is still young and pretty.

            And , she tought , this is how an angel , should look.I have described , how she was dressed , on the photo.
            Now I asked her , who took the picture.She said , that her nephew , helped her with it.

            I said , the weather was looking good , it was early November.She said , yes , it was a sunny afternoon , but there was a cold wind.And she was shivering , because of the minimal coverage , of her body.

            She told her nephew , to hurry up , and make the picture.But , he could not work with the camera.So , she had to explain a little to him.But , finally , he succeeded , to make a nice photo.

            And she could quickly change , to normal clothes , and her furr jacket.
            Now , I ask you guys , wouldn`t you be thrilled , if your lady , had surprised you , with such an amazing photo ?

            Remember , she was also holding ,the teddy , which I had gifted her , some 15 months before.Now tell me , is this sincerity and truth , or not ???

            This is just one example.There have been others , along , the way , of our contact.So , when Scott and Rodney , give details , about certain aspects , I fully can understand , what they try to say.

            Guys , you need to have a non feministic EE girl , to know about these things.And for sure , if for whatever reason , things will not work out , between us 2 , I will still look for a lady from Odessa.

            This place , has stolen my heart.I cant tell you ,how good it feels , to be back.And for sure , we have plans , to start a life here.

            Well , not in the immediate future.But the intention is there , and she agrees with it.

            So , which way , are you heading men ???


  1. I know saperavi is popular in Russia — I like it myself because there are a couple places in my area that sell it — but how popular is it in other FSU countries like Ukraine?
    Plus, my favorite food is Eastern Mediterranean (Greek, Lebanese, etc.) in general do FSU people have an aversion to this type of food or restaurants? If so, that may be an issue. I actually stopped a dating a young woman because not only was she a quasi-vegetarian but she said she hated Greek food…that was the last nail in the coffin.

  2. Yikes!
    — — —
    “It was “cool” for her to mistreat the wait-staff at restaurants; she has seen so many nouveau riche Russian tourists act this way and – because they have money – to act like an ass = I have money too. You’ll find many Eastern European Women (especially in the big “tourist” cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa and KIev) who are ruined now in that they have jaded hearts and see Men as rolling ATM machines.”
    — — —
    Anyone that serves or prepares my drinks and food (and provides good service) is going to be treated and tipped well by me. The last person I am going to screw with is the person that handles my food!

  3. Another great job Scott.

    This advise, is extremely sound all around. Most American (aka Western) men, have no concept of just how good these women are, but caution needs to be learned. Think with the big head and not the little one, for sure. You may think the lady are you with is drop dead gorgeous, but the next one is as well.

    One experience of mine, made me feel, that I was interviewing for a job HAHA!!! They do not mess around and want a good “man”, to be there for them always. This lady is what I call OMG beautiful, but there was just a little something I noticed in her questions. I turned and did not look back, she did reach out to find out why I did not speech with her anymore. I was honest and that was that.

    My soon, to be wife, is OMG beautiful as well, but she feels average.. But it is what she is inside and my list, that mattered to me. No western man knows the feeling, to have a beautiful woman call you “her man”, to her friends and family. The look in her eyes… Still just amazes me today.

    List and take your time.. Sound advise Scott.

  4. Well, when I read this : “And despite the bad habits that she had picked up along the way, I would still marry her over the “best” American candidate all week long and twice on Sunday.”, I think you should have been really naive. Or perhaps you have thought you wanted her to give a chance and you didn’t listen to yourself. And it’s good that you have finally woke up and finally said “no” to her!

    I guess exactly this attitude of this woman just after have seen these too-much perfect pictures : all but not serious for living a serious relationship, manipulator, man-eater (and of course, scammer)! One of those who can be seen in some websites like UAdreams for example. i know this kind of attitude : a girl who want to ruin her man and live off all the men she meet, without giving in return! And the real advice is to stop being naive, listen really to yourself and what do you want in your future relationship, be yourself and be able to say “no” if there is a problem, and STAY AWAY from these kind of manipulators!
    You have made a good list, and the most important is to be yourself, to trust yourself and as you have written, what do you want really in your relationship. And never, never, break with yourself!

      • Good Morning from Kiev, I am here now and can only say, more men need to wake up. Our society has given us crap. Not saying there is not crap here, just that we WM have come to view our women as normal. WW are so far from what I call normal, after meeting my Lady.
        WM cannot even imagine, how these EE woman act, behave and think. And talk about working hard and not complaining one time about a thing.
        My advise to all WM, find a good woman here and enjoy life as it was meant to be.

        From Kiev, Bryan

        • Hey Brian,

          Great that you are in Kiev! I was in Kharkiv few days ago and it was wonderful. I have met someone special, we have spent all the week together and we really want to meet again each other. She is so beautiful, not only in her appearance but too in her mind, and really generous too. So I hope it’s the beginning of a beautiful story.

          And what I say about ukrainian women who are true and authentic with themselves and don’t lie (it excludes all the scams and the professional daters) is that they are not only beautiful on their appearance, but on their mind too.

  5. This is good advice no matter where you are dating. I was married previously to a Russian woman who I should have thought twice about. But I was young and stupid and learned my lesson for better or worse. I am now engaged to a Ukrainian lady and I knew what I wanted after my previous experience.

  6. Don’t believe in fairy tales!
    These are all scammer sites:
    AnastasiaDate, and the 3 others connected
    Ukrainian Women,
    Ashley Madison,
    CharmDate, and the 3 others connected (here I got ca. 150 love letters within 3 days from very pretty and young ladies. I am already 57 y.o., so the brides were “too pretty”)

    Wonders happen only in tales!

    • Not only in dreams. Just not off these pay sites.

      The local agencies work with Charm, Anastasia and the list goes on and on to publish fake profiles for the soul purpose of making money.

      Because of my interest I went searching around in Kyiv for local Dating Agencies, when I was there. I even pulled up and just spoke with people.

      The number of agencies is staggering. I even took a visit to one of the studios used to make the photos. Funny things was I took out a lady, who worked for one of these agencies as a translator. Photoshop is used, hair extensions and a shit ton of makeup.

      Elenasmodels and Russiancupid are good. You can at least see the lady normally and contact them without having to pay a fee with no guaranty of anything.

      Patience grasshopper.

      • Hey Brian,

        Was wondering if you checked out Kiev Connections? Owned by an American for many years. Just a couple hundred meters from the McDonald’s at Maidan. When I first arrived in 2012, unknowingly, my apartment was near their office. I went in and met the agency staff. All were very kind and helpful. They were charging $50 to arrange a date. I checked out their book, and asked for one lady in particular. She initially said yes, then the call came that she had to cancel. Next day, I swung by and they refunded my $50. I didn’t continue down this path as I started working the next day and met many ladies naturally.

        • Hey Rodney!

          How are you and the family these days. I was just pointing him to sites haha! I met my Ira naturally as well. People just not understand, they will meet people, but patience is the key.

          I know these sites provide a better form for men to meet women online. My second trip I checked out Elena’s to see, if it was different. I took out a few of the lady’s located in Kyiv and they were just normal women.

          Guys just need to go. I know the new taxes and min wage change is making things very difficult on people. But I think this is something with the IMF and the loans given to Ukraine

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