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… HOT – Russian Women, always Hot. Russian Women soldiers? Smoking hot! …

Gentlemen (and Ladies), I’ve been going through the site these last 4 days doing some maintenance & updates. Most specifically, I’m reclassifying all of the posts into specific categories that you’ll find linked at the top of the page:

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In time, I’m sure I’ll add more categories and I’ll probably separate the categories into different sub-categories with drop down boxes. For example, the topic of “Foreign Dating Experiences” will have a pull down box for my experiences and those of Seth & Mike.


… American woman, not Hot …

As I’ve sorted all of these posts about, I’ve had a chance to go back and read much of the website and an eye opener it has been. This site has come a long way and I can see how many lives and families it has touched. I’m forever humbled and grateful for all of the emails and comments of support and thanks I’ve gotten.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

And, in reading some of Mike and Seth’s posts, I see that they had a lot of insight and experience. Even if I have been “over there” more often and for a longer time, it is always useful to get different opinions and other points of view. In the last months since I’ve opened the comments (they used to be individually moderated), I see that this site has taken a life of its own in many ways. It has been liberating: someone posts a question in the comments and before I even read it, Paul, or Rodney or one of the other guys steps in with some bit of experience and wisdom and it us quite useful.

Following along that logic, I’d like to open the door to guest-authors. If you have an idea for an article and you would like to have it published here, send it to me! I’m looking for an article about any of the 18 subjects listed above (those without an * asterisk). Looking for about a page or more (word doc) and a photo or two if you have them. You don’t have to be Tolstoy or Mark Twain ~ if you have an idea and you can formulate it, send it to me. I’ll clean it up a bit for punctuation and grammar if that’s not your thing, or if it is, I’ll leave it as it is.

I think that by some of you – those with experience and/or a good writing skill – this is a good way to share with some of the guys who are thinking about taking this journey but haven’t crossed the bridge yet.

I’m looking forward to your replies (and emails! – my contact is in the right column).

Thanks!T from Russia… some Russian chick from my Facebook,
not even sure when/where I met her, definitely, HOT! …

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Meet Victoria

15 thoughts on “Call to all writers

  1. I like the fresh ideas.
    This blog does not offer rose colored glasses only binoculars.
    Hopefully there is there a place on this rock where pic (girl) #2 is on the endangered species list but is overpopulated with pic (girl) #3?

    • OHH.. I can tell you they are hot. Here in Kiev now and WOW!!!

      Having to keep my eyes forward though : )

      Once, you are their man, you better not turn your gaze towards another woman.

  2. It was always a good idea , to hear the opinion and experiences , of many different persons.
    Some ideas , can be great for inspiration , and others , can have you take a second look , at a specific issue.

    As for the purpose of military , or police.I noticed , that now , in Odessa (and for the rest of Ukraine) , the police has new cars , with a more modern outfit and look (emblem and colours).
    Gone is the old , rusty image , that was a symbol , for communism (and in some cases suppression).

    The costumes , have also gone through a refreshment.And there is more military , in/on the streets.Although for the most part , they have special cabins , with dark glass.You cannot see , what`s inside.I`m sure , you understand , why this is.

    As for the festivity uniforms , of the military , I can`t tell.Haven`t seen it.I also noticed , that there is a lot , of renovating , going on , in the center of Odessa.And , although , many shops and restaurants , have closed , there are more shopping centers.And small businesses , open every day , as new starters.

    Clearly , there is a shift , in the economic and financial restructuring , of the retail markets.Also , you see many ads , from new banks , that have started.And some , specific , for the small business starter.

    It is clear though , that big changes , will not happen , right away.This will be a slow process.But the beginning is here.
    But , there is a down side also.Almost everything , is coming from abroad.
    From China , Turkey and in some cases from Russia.

    To get things really on track , it`s also important , that Ukraine , will start , to produce their own products.On my 2nd visit , I already did notice , the campaign , to let people buy , more home made products.
    But then again , these will have to compete , with products , from low wage countries , like in Asia or Middle East.

    Add to this , the low salaries , of today , and the high costs for living , you can see the dilemma , which the government , is facing right now.It is to hope , that the correct balance , in this problem , can be found.But it will not be easy , for sure.

    This beautiful country , with it`s nice people , deserves a chance , for a better future and a good life , for everyone.Let us hope , that it will be accomplished , rather sooner , than late.

    Tomorrow , I will go back , to my country.Back to , luxury and welfare.Going to do the things , which I like , and can afford.No worries , about , paying the bills , health insurance , loosing my job , etc.
    Because , we have a good social security system.

    And , then I think about the friend , of my girl , who I met yesterday.Yes , she introduced me , to another close friend of hers.This is already , the 3rd friend , in this short vacation.This is s good sign too.
    If she , wants you , to be introduced , in her circle of friends , you know , that you have done a good job.

    Aside , of taking you , to her sisters house , and have dinner there.And also , to meet her parents.Could I have asked for more ??Probably not.

    Her friend , yesterday told me , that she would probably be fired (or maybe , she is already).She has 2 children , no husband (don`t know if she is divorced).
    A good looking young woman.Bright and smart.Very lively and pleasant company.

    Can speak a bit of English , so communication , was not a problem.My girl asked her , to come and join , us for the karaoke.In this case , we were only us 3.She arranged , that the manager , would open ,the karaoke , which is in the basement of the restaurant.

    Why she choosed this one.Because the equipment , is rather good and the sound is fantastic.
    It was not , my idea , to sing some melodies.But my girl , she begged me , to do it , for her.
    Well , what would you have done ???
    Oke , so , yes , I did sing 2 songs.

    She had asked me , if I could sing a bit.I said , well , a little , but not so good.Ok , for many years , I had been singing , while taking a shower , or when there was a good song , on the radio.

    Later she told me , that I am very good.She said , that I am a liar.When we were going bowling , I said , no I don`t bowl.Which is true.
    I also said , that I don`t play mini golf , at least not every month.
    At the bowling , I was throwing , strike after strike.To me , it seems , more luck (although I tried , to win).

    At the mini golf , she won , with a 10 points difference.So , she said , you are good , with all these things.But you tell me , you are not so good.

    All in all , it was a nice experience.And now I know , how it works , with the karaoke.
    But back , to her friend.She said , that maybe , she will not find another job.And what will you do then.With 2 young children.

    Not sure , what possibilities there are here.And if , and how the social security system works.In these circumstances , people try to make the best of it.And then , karaoke , is maybe a remedy , to let you forget , your troubles.At least for some hours.

    I can only hope , that she will have , better prospects , as to her job , and her future.I believe , that if she can find someone , who will take care of her , she may be inclined , to leave her country.Maybe just for the sake , of her 2 kids.

    This beautiful , lively and stunning woman , should not have a life , full of insecurities.I wish her , a happy and better future.

    So , then , all the whining , and complaining , of all these feministic women , suddenly , are in a big contrast , yes.When you have everything , and don`t need to worry , about a dollar or 2 , life seems so very easy.Right !!!

    So , do you know now , why I turned East …………………..


    • Good point Paul!
      — — —
      This beautiful , lively and stunning woman , should not have a life , full of insecurities.I wish her , a happy and better future.

      So , then , all the whining , and complaining , of all these feministic women , suddenly , are in a big contrast , yes.When you have everything , and don`t need to worry , about a dollar or 2 , life seems so very easy.Right !!!

      So , do you know now , why I turned East …………………..
      — — —

      I have mentioned something similar before…feminism is the ultimate parasite. It can only exist at the expense or the legal theft of other peoples resources.
      Western women in general are an ungrateful bunch because they always have a support system — a host to feed off.
      If a western woman is in trouble, all men (papa, grandpa, boyfriend, husband, employer, coworkers, law enforcement, military, average Joe heroes walking down the street, clergy, politicians, etc…the list goes on…) are expected to offer their life (blood, sweat, happiness, time and money) just to make life more comfortable for Ms. Strong N. Independent but what do they get in return that is of any value?

  3. Fantastic daily blog Paul. I didn’t know you were leaving soon, so I know that is going to be tough. Thank goodness for skype to keep the home fires burning. The fact that you are somewhat supporting her financially is noble. The truthful lady accepts this only from a man she is serious with.

    The distance between you could be testing at times. And inside of you, the dark edges of doubt sometimes shows its face. However, stay strong. She’ll remain loyal by the way you have described her. Ukrainian ladies have no issues with this when they are in love and are serious.

    We have a good friend (actually who introduced us) who’s husband is a Merchant Marine, and he’s gone 6 months at at time. She’s stunning with dark hair and blue eyes. They have a son. She is remarkable in her steadfastness, waiting for her husband to return. Or waiting weeks to even hear a word from him, if they are in an area without wi-fi capability.

    When he returns, there is always a party and we join their circle of married University friends and their children. Again, stunning young ladies in beauty and grace. These get-togethers are interesting for me, because I get to be in the company of Ukrainian couples, whose ages were barely 25 years old. Happy couples, good and loving husbands and fathers. I got to peek behind the curtain for a lack of better words. I was accustomed to hearing from Ukrainian ladies, especially at social events, or reading marriage agency posts, on how the Ukrainian men were cheaters, drunkards, etc. Yeah, suppose so, but the circle of folks we were with, were nothing of the sort. Not even close. I think Ukraine is getting a bad rap and its just good ol’ Marketing that encourages Western men to travel east, and become heroes to damsels in distress. Hell, that crap goes on full time in my loving US state of California. So, from my observations and experiences, don’t always buy into that crap from youtube videos that parrot the pretty young ladies on how they were poorly treated by men of Ukraine, or how they don’t want to have families and so on. Its there obviously, but not on the scale the marriage agencies want you to believe.

    In the lovely small town we lived in, it was a great feeling to walk through the parks, the streets, and the malls, and see hundreds of couples strolling arm in arm, or with baby buggies. In fact, to me, it felt like a “family town.” When we left a year ago, it seemed like there were pregnant ladies everywhere, almost like a boom was occurring.

    Speaking for all of the Ukrainian ladies I have met, including the 20 or so that I taught English to, I can honestly say that one of their life’s wishes, was to have a family and a baby (ies). They love children over there immensely. Secret note* my wife declared the other day, she’s thinking about her desire to have another baby!! That’s pretty awesome.

    Paul, have a safe trip back to Holland. I believe in the future when your lady comes to live in Holland with you, we’ll have to meet up for a get-together, since we’ll only be a few hours apart. Hint: if you have time, buy your lady a huge bouquet of flowers upon your departure. She’ll appreciate the thought and will be thinking of you when you are not there with her.

    • Hi Rodney ,

      Thanks for the best wishes , and the support.Yes , I know , it will be difficult , to leave.But then again , we have been through his before.And , on the other hand , the distance , is not so big.Within 5 1/2 hours , of flight , I can be in Odessa.

      So , it`s ok.It sounds good , to see , if some day , we can have a meeting , when she will live in Holland.And about the flowers idea.

      Maybe , she has already , beaten you , to it.When I had to leave , on my 2nd visit , she said , that she wanted me , to buy her a beautiful flower.Her favourite , is the orchid.
      There is a flowershop , here , at Bunina street , I believe.So , on the last full day , of my stay , we went to it.And she picked a nice white orchid.

      She said , when I was gone , and she would nurture it , she would think about me.I asked her , how the orchid is doing.She said , it is in good state , and it blooms.

      On some date , on the 2nd visit , I asked her , about her hobbies.And then I asked her , how many children , she wants to have.Her immediate answer , was 2.A boy and a girl.

      There was no point , in asking her , if she wants children.Because , I already knew , that she wanted to have a family.Her mother , asked me , some days ago , if we have a health insurance in Holland.And I said , yes , it is obligatory – so to say.

      Then she asked , if she must have a baby , she would have to go to the hospital.I answered , yes.Mother asked , if there are additional costs , to this.Well , as far as I know , the health insurance , covers most , if not all the costs.So , then mother was a bit at ease.

      And about the stories , of bad Ukrainian men.In the park , where we played the mini golf , there were many couples , and many with young children or babies.Also in Odessa center , you could see , many couples , young and old.So , I believe , that part is true , what you say , about this.

      As for the flowers , I have been sending her , many bouquets , when I am in Holland.Through , the international flower service.And from time to time , some gifts as well.Last Easter , I did send her , an Easter rabbit.I didn`t know , that she was so found of , these plush animals.

      So , I believe , I have it all , in a good balance.And , yes , it was no problem , for her , to wait for me to return here.As the trouble , with Russia , did delay , my visit a bit.But she understood.

      I asked her mother , if she had doubts , if I would come , to see her daughter again.She said no.She knew , that I would come back.
      You know , that she introduced me , to her mother , on my 2nd visit.Again I say , know what you will answer , and how you will act up.

      Meeting the mother , can be just as important and decisive , as meeting the girl , for the first time.Be ready , for this , and give straight and to the point answers.You want mother , to get the right impression , about you.

      But also , during the rest of the time , your actions , should coincide with your words.You will have to earn their trust.Nothing , comes easy.

      Rodney , good news , that there may be another baby.I can imagine , that you feel happy and proud.But , you are already , living the happy life.Perhaps next year , we will have a wedding.Let`s see , how it will go.

      For now , she will come , to meet my family.Which is good , and an important fact , of this relation.If it will be this winter , maybe.It seems , that to get a visa , can sometimes be a problem.

      When she will apply , for a tourist visa , it could be easier.Don`t know about that.We`ll see , what will happen.And , yes , you are right.These women , will wait for you.No matter how long it will take.

      That is , when you have made a good impression , and have proven to be a man of your words.Honesty , sincerity and loyalty , are the key words.

      Her mother told me at dinner , that she has 3 wishes.One is , that she wishes , that her daughter , will get married.Was this a secret hint , for me ???

      In fact , was she saying , hey , don`t you wait too long , with that wedding!!!

      Today , I asked my girl , when will we have the wedding.Next year!
      She said , yes , it`s good.Wow , what did I say !!!

      I`m getting night …………………


      • Two thoughts:

        1. Are you going to send Alana and I an invitation to the wedding? ;-)

        2. You may find it easier to get a visa to Prague than Amsterdam. I know of a lot of couples that present a two week hotel in Prague plus round trip tickets to the Czech capital. Then, you buy round trip tickets from Prague to Holland. So far as the Dutch and Czech governments see it, you’ve complied with the Schengen Visa rules.

  4. I would say that is clearly one of the Ukrainian ways of saying they’re engaged. When Paul asked if they were getting married next year and she said yes, yup, that was official. In their eyes and heart, they take those words very seriously. Congratulations!

    Remember sometime back in my blogs, for the most part, Ukrainian ladies are not accustomed to the big dinner in the most expensive restaurant and then a drop on a knee. They don’t even wear engagement rings….however, they’ve seen enough Western movies that they know it exists. You can pick out an engagement ring together through skype and catalogs, and present to her on your next visit with flowers.

    If you can manage to arrange for your marriage in Odessa, you’ll make her family and friends very happy so they can attend. Prepare for 2 days of the best time of your life. Also prepare for a lot of games, so be sure you have someone by your side who speaks fluent English so you can understand the heck is happening. They’ll also kidnap your bride and you have to go find her. And bring lots of hrvina’s with you. You have a lot of fines to pay during these games. Its customary from these games to show that you are financially ready to support your family.

    I insisted that we have a Ukrainian wedding with traditional attire and other customary things/decorations. My wife wore a gorgeous white dress adorned in the front with loads of colors. I wore the traditional men’s white shirt with the embroidered Ukrainian colors sewn with a strip from the neck to the waist. My wife actually sewed it. She even decorated our champagne flute glass with ribbons in the Ukraine flag colors.

    Our honeymoon was in Yalta, but this was more than a year before the unrest.

    If you have any questions Paul, don’t hesitate to ask me. Congrats again!

  5. Guys ,

    Thank you very much , for all the best wishes , and good advice.When , you say , Rodney , that this is , how they see the engagement , I know what you mean.
    I did ask her , about this , one day on the second visit.She said , that she would look for such a ring , when she would come to visit me.

    Let`s not forget , and understand , that for her and her parents , it`s a serious matter.And for me , also.I`m aware , that they want , to have the best chance for her , to let it all , be a great success.
    As , for her , personally , I can see , why she would want , to come , and see , what life here is about.

    Coming over , to begin , this new life with me , is not an easy thing to do.As I have mentioned before , it`s my intention , to go over there ,for more or less , permanent stay.

    She is happy with that idea.And just to give you an idea.My whole stay , in Odessa , was just sunny and warm.Very hot , in the beginning.I was wearing , shirts , with short sleeves.

    Now , I have returned , and it`s cold , rainy and sometimes windy.I tell you , I would choose , every time , for that city , to spend my days.I clearly understand , why the guys , who live there , smile every day.

    So , it is now , to wait for her , to come and see , what it means , to live here.There may be things , which she will like , and maybe other situations , that may surprise her.It should be obvious , that she doesn`t know much , about my country.

    And , yes , in time , when it is all , really going to happen , for sure , I will send an invitation , to you Scott and Alana.As I have said , I am for a wedding , in Odessa.
    I take your ideas , and suggestions on this , also seriously , Rodney.But , I believe , that she will have a great deal , in saying , how some parts , will be done.

    Still , there are things to be done , so next year , could be my (our) goal.But , it may be a bit later.For now , I focus on her visit , to me.

    Seeker , thanks for your wishes.I hope and know , that you are also , going for your search , for a wife.With a good ending.

    Oke , guys , for now , my experiences , hopefull , have made some men , more determined , to go East , or wherever , to look for their ultimate bride.This doesn’t mean , that I will not give anymore comment , on some posts.

    Please understand , you should be absolutely clear , with yourself , what you want , and why you are starting , this trip and your journey.
    Is it just for some personal pleasure , or do you have more , and better motives , to go overseas.

    Stick to the path , that you have set out.Be aware , of challenges , which you may be faced with.Your confidence , must be , the highest , that it has ever been , in your whole life.

    In the end , I`m sure , you will succeed.I realize , that I (we) , are not at the definitive goal.But I (we) , have come a long way , since I started my journey , to go over there.

    Be chivalrous , gallant and show decent behavior.Don`t sway between , indecisive and incompetance.These will just ruine , some if not all , of your chances.
    And as a final note , it is not so important , of how you look.The values , for these women , is not what is on the outside , but how you are , as a person , on the inside.

    She may , already , be aware of this , on the first date.While you are still thinking , of what attitude or impression , you want to present to her.
    Think smart , be clever , but always open and true.Show , that you are trust worthy and loyal.

    And for the rest , read the other posts , on this blog

    Good luck to you all


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