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This morning I woke up, switched on my iPhone and then punched in www.Westernwomensuck.com and scrolled to the bottom of the screen to see the hit counter. Sure enough, there it is:

900000 hits

Today this site broke the 900,000 hit mark.

The total number of visits to the site is 90% of the way to a million hits. It is a big surprise for me: when I started writing this blog is was only just for friends and colleagues. But in time, it seems to have grown into a life of its own.. Back when I began seriously searching for a foreign bride I would always get a lot of questions from colleagues, friends and my brothers.. It seemed I was always email photos and updates only to forward them a day later to someone I had missed. Then, a computer buddy of mine suggested I start a blog.

A few years and some posts later, here we are.

In looking at the curve (frequency) of visits, it seems that this site’s popularity is growing at an exponential level. I can only wonder where it will be in 5 or 10 years. But when I compare the dates of previous milestone dates I can see the level of site growth:

In June 2013 (a little over two years ago), this site passed 50,000 new visitors and 100,000 total webpage views.

Only 6 months later, in January 2014, we passed 100,000 new visitors and 200,000 webpage views.

And by June 2014 the total webpage views jumped to over 300,000.

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A year later, the total number of views has tripled to over 900,000 with more than 550,000 total new visitors.

It seems that the site is doubling in size (as far as visitors and hits are counted) every 6-9 months. At this rate, I would expect to see this site approaching the 2 million hit mark sometime before 2017.

To that end, I thought we should have a little fun, a raffle of sorts. At what date will this website pass the 1,000,000 hit mark? You can see the dates that we passed 50,000, 100,000, 300,000 and now 900,000. Do a little math and make a guess. Post your best guess in the form of a comment to this email. Whoever guesses the date (or closest to it) will win a door prize. In this case, a stainless-steel Submariner style Invicta dive watch.

This watch is scuba rated to 200 meters, has an automatic movement (no batteries, it is powered by the movement of your wrist), has a stainless-steel bracelet, uni-directional rotating bezel and measures 40mm across the case. The watch has luminous material on the dial and can be seen in the dark (glow in the dark).

Invicta Dive Watch

I just purchased it new in box (about 5 minutes ago, just for this raffle) and the watch is covered by Invicta’s 1 year warranty. I’ll ship it (internationally) to the winner after we determine just who that is.

If you already have a watch (or 20 or 30 like me), no worries. You can always use another watch, especially one that is waterproof. Eventually, you’ll find yourself wanting to go swimming, snorkeling or rafting and having a 200 meter waterproof watch with a screw down back and crown is nice to have around. I don’t usually wear my high end Swiss watches when I go in the ocean, I save that task for an Orient Diver I picked up at Massdrop.

This should add a little fun “Man competition” to the mix. I think I’m going to add my own vote to the comments and if I win, the watch will go to the second closest guess.

So, put on your thinking caps, post your best guess and may the best Man (or Woman) Win!

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Call to all writers
You're wrong about feminism

29 thoughts on “900,000

  1. Well done. This site has grown into a great tool against feminism and gives good hearted men like me the chance at happiness which they would never find in the west.

    • Thanks!

      Don’t forget to put in your “guess/vote” for the date we hit 1,000,000 hits! If a Man-sized dive watch is not your thing, maybe for your Man?

  2. Watch arrived today. I’ll post up some pics tomorrow.

    I’m quite impressed – it even has an exhibition back (back is crystal and you can see the inner workings of the watch.

  3. January 5th 2016. 5.03 pm Pacific time.

    Might want to put a deadline on the guesses as it’ll become easier as time goes on!

  4. December 5th, 2015 for me.

    I’m also very glad you have kept up the blog after finding your wife. I’ve sent a few men here and my Russian is getting moderately ok. I can understand about one fourth of a native speaker now. I’ve just had enough of these horrible American women. They either think you’re just a piece of meat to mutually masturbate with or they are literally planning on how to spend my money after the second date.

    • Thanks for your input. I’m glad that I’m able to find time here and there to contribute. IT isn’t easy lately with the crazy baby sleep schedule. I’m glad to see some of the veterans here sharing their knowledge with those who will soon be making the journey.

      Now that we’ve been in America for some time, Alana still has trouble understanding why/how the women here act as they do.

      Feminism is institutionalized. For 95% of Men, the ONLY solution is to marry abroad.

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