You’re wrong about feminism

Saturday Satire: Men Drive Better than women Pt. II

Potty mouthed princeses for feminism

… f*ck you! …

* Kudos to Gustav for bringing this video to my attention!

I’m pretty militant when it comes to feminism. I honestly believe that feminism will lead to the downfall of Western Civilization. I have gone so far as to call it Ugly Feminism – because, when you look at the heart of it, that’s what it is: UGLY.

It seems that when I read this feminist article or that or when I browse some feminist website or listen to some “self described” feminist on TV, they all say that misogynists (Men) have unfairly painted feminism with a broad brush. They say that, in reality, feminism is only for women having equal access to opportunity and education.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Feminism is a movement that wants nothing less than the de-gendering of our society. They want little boys to look and act like girls and they want little girls to act and look like boys. Or, they want either to act like a metro-sexual “I don’t know what.”

Sure, there are some “moderate” feminist ideas here and there but when you look at the groups that are pushing the feminist agenda and you look at what they’re saying and how they act, you can get a pretty good idea at where they’re coming from and what they want.

The people who are making this video aren’t content with changing their lives. The won’t be content until they change your life and indoctrinate the minds of your children until any semblance of traditional family life is ripped from our societies. If you look, you’ll see this feminist agenda well rooted in the universities, in government policy, in the military and police and it is being forced right into the grade-school classrooms and through TV and social media. In 5 years, every 7 year old boy and girl will repeat the lie that women earn less than Men in the workplace.

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Have a look at this video. I mean, have a good look. Ask yourself, if you had a little girl, is this how you would want her to act? Ask yourself, “What kind of women will these little girls be in 20 years?” Would you want to marry what they will become?

I’ve argued it many times before and this video just highlights the degendering of our society that has come and will come into full swing in the next decade. Soon, little boys will be wearing dresses and little girls will be cursing and spitting and acting like, well, like the tramps in the video above.

And to what end?

No one is going to want to marry these girls. These girls aren’t going to want to be Mothers. They aren’t going to want to be Wives. And the dismal birth rate that is the United States (and the rest of Western society) will continue, Western Civilization will shrink and will be replaced by cultures that don’t have (so much) feminism. In 50 years, the worlds children will all be Arab, Central American, Indian, African and Asian. We have already seen a huge demographic shift in Europe: 1/2 of all school children in Holland are Muslim.

Where does this leave you? Well, if you have any desire to have a family, to pass on your genes and your history to your children, you’ve got the choice to move to India, Dubai or import a Wife from Thailand, Columbia or Russia. Make no mistake about it, how feminism is wrecking the Western world is nothing that you or I can do anything about. We really only have the power to affect change in our lives and maybe affect those around us a little. To that end, really, all you can do is to avoid feminist women and to find a Woman in a country that doesn’t have all of the silliness that you see in the video above.

Ugly feminism is no joke. Hopefully, by reading this blog, you’ve begun to look around and you see it where you had not noticed it before. Hopefully you are well attuned to it and you are making plans to keep it out of your life.

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Saturday Satire: Men Drive Better than women Pt. II

49 thoughts on “You’re wrong about feminism

  1. Thank you, Scott, for continuing to bring these subjects to the public’s attention. You’ve laid your hands on great slabs of truth, and you’re putting it out there unapologetically. Good stuff, always.

    It was disquieting to hear those little girls issue such venom, especially when they could not possibly grasp these very adult issues in their scope and complexity. I.e., they don’t know what they’re really saying, nor aware of the full implications thereof. Surely, there were some adults, somewhere, who put them up to this, and I can only despise such “adults” for putting innocent little kids in front of the camera to do their bidding. It’s disgusting — even obscene.

  2. Well…that video…I don’t know what to say…speechless…
    I’ll share my DNA and resources with a more deserving culture and people…and I want that same for my future children and grandchildren.
    — —
    Where does this leave you? Well, if you have any desire to have a family, to pass on your genes and your history to your children, you’ve got the choice to move to India, Dubai or import a Wife from Thailand, Columbia or Russia
    — —
    Importing a wife or exporting yourself seems like the only sane option. I don’t receive pleasure out of inflicting pain on myself.

    • Import a wife!!! What some very bad words with lot of sexism, as if you consider a woman as a thing or an accessory! I really prefer these words “meet a Indian, Thai, Columbian, Russian or Ukrainian woman, marry her, love her and build a strong family together”!

      • Oink, oink!

        I was more than fair I used the word export too.

        The only group that is being used as an accessory in this country and the rest of the west are men. We (men) are obligated to pay the bills and taxes, fight the wars, protect and feed the weak, and take all the crap but we (men) are constantly being told by women (including the legal system and politicians) that men are not paying their fair share.

        Yes, I am sexist for daring to say what I want.

    • If you bring a wife to this trainwreck of a culture, she’ll be infected and zombified with feminism within 2 years. I’ve seen this happen many times. The only real option is to escape yourself.

      • Well, you’re right, and then you’re wrong.

        If you bring a young Man from Iraq to America, he might go one of two ways:

        He might give up his Arabic name, change it to Jones, fly an American flag, eat apple pie and start watching baseball.

        Or, he might stay in traditional dress, visit the Mosque, refuse to learn English and lock his wife in the house and make her wear a burka.

        Same is true with Russian Women. Some want – desperately – to escape the traditional patriarchal Russian system. She watches and loves “Sex and the City” and she doesn’t want children.

        This Woman is most likely to become “infected and zombified.”

        But, if you meet a Woman like my Wife, you don’t have to worry about that at all. My Wife is already talking about sending our daughter to parochial school because she doesn’t want her associating with gender-bender girls who think that they are boys. Her Mother and Grandmother have already begun to “instruct” her on her proper role as a Woman (even though she doesn’t yet understand).

        My Wife is less of a feminist than you are and I’ll bet our daughter grows to be also.

        • From observation…the women are pretty much the same after 10 or 20 plus years, etc…except their English has improved.
          I have heard of some stories about foreign women getting very frustrated with some western men for not being masculine…

  3. Ugly feminism is putting it too lightly. I would say it’s more like a plague. Like a virus, the plague of feminism infects it’s host, spreads to other hosts, and slowly kills them. In this case, it would be the countries this pathetic ideology infects. History shows this as true. People are just way too brainwashed to see it and/or too lazy to learn about it.

  4. Still sitting in my flat in Kiev in complete shock at this video. I have honestly thought about just packing it all in and starting over my life here. Just to get away from the crap we have let happen. I have found a very good woman and I mean woman.

    Holy crap… I am just frozen, but welcome to our society now.

  5. Well, this video not only about feminism! This video tell us about some ugly attitudes of american women. Typical french women with european origins don’t have these same attitudes and don’t like these attitudes. They can be feminine, ask equality of salary and treatment and fight against sexism and male chauvinism and they’re right. But it’s not because they ask for equality that they wanted to be in competition against men. They don’t want that, they wanted an equilibrium, be in harmony with men and succeed in life and succeed in couple and in family. And for them, being in couple and building a family is like building a team with their man and they will never consider their man as an accessory. Perhaps that’s why France is maybe an exception, one of the last countries in the west which keep some romanticism and some good traditions, and they success to combine good angles of feminism described by authors like Simone de Beauvoir and Françoise Giroud (and not the ugly aspects like lots of american women do). And lots of french women take care of their body and their health, in opposite of many american women who don’t take care of their appearance and their figure.

    • I have met some French men (from different regions of France) that have told me otherwise. Claimed some French men have gone east or even the former colonies to look for a wife because they could not dread the thought of being with another French woman.

      • However, the default of the french women is, although they take more care of their attitudes and of their appearance (in opposite of american women), and although they really wanted to live in couple and build a family, they will do too a list (as : will not want a man too old than them, will not want a man who don’t earn more than them although they win correctly their lives, seek a man with beautiful appearance, will not want a man who is too kind,…)! And they are a little bit pessimistic!
        So, they are not crude and/or too ugly (in opposite of american women), but they are really complicated in their mind.
        That’s why many men are more attracted by eastern women, because they are searching a more simple life in couple and family, with the appearance and the beauty of the mind.

  6. Notice how the only group of people left in the world that you’re allowed to attack and hate is Caucasian men?

    Between feminism and the Muslimification of Europe, I’m afraid that the white race and male gender is pretty much screwed. You’d think we would be lauded for our contribution to the planet. Look around you right now. Chances are good that almost every single thing you see was conceived of, designed, and created by a Caucasian male. That’s not sexist and it’s not racist, it’s a fact.

    But there’s a rising tide against feminism and multiculturalism so maybe men will stop being feminist, politically correct supporters of their own demise and an opposing movement will grow (this site representative of that already happening).

    • Well, I’m going to agree that the White Man contributed a lot to technology and history but I think we would be remiss to not include the great achievements of the Indian astronomers, the great Chinese inventors, the Arab Mathematicians, etc.

      The White Man has no one to blame but himself in this whole escapade.

      If you go to Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi, Qatar, UAE – you’ll find that citizenship is only passed as a birthright, it is never granted to immigrants. I know a Syrian family that has lived in Kuwait for 4 generations and they still (ONLY) carry Syrian passports. In 20 more generations, they still won’t be Kuwaiti.

      Europe and America have open borders. This + a policy of feminism = the end of that culture.

      In the laws of Darwin, the fittest survive.

      Perhaps, that won’t be the White Man in the coming century(ies).

      Like I said earlier, there is NOTHING you and I can do about it on a national or international scale. The ONLY thing you can do for yourself is to choose a Woman who will make a good Wife and then raise your children according to your morals and values, political correctness and feminism be damned.

      • A lot of it has to do with birth rates.
        When people (in America) had larger families of 3 or more children, the local population could (culturally and genetically) absorb outsiders.

        Also immigrants were forced to assimilate very quickly by learning the language, modifying their customs to fit in, contribute, etc. Two great pre-1970s example of this in the US are Cubans and Assyrians.

        Nations, cultures, and groups require children and grandchildren or they die off.

  7. I am really surprised at how mad I am after seeing this. I have a knot in my stomach and my hands are shaky like I’ve been in a fight. You are right, this country is on a path do disgusting ruin. I want nompartnof it. I guess I will have to homeschool my kids.

    • I watched the entire video but I wanted to quit watching at the half way mark. The icing on the rotten cake were adults at the end of the video and the boy in a pink dress. Yes, the adults at the end of the video are bitches for taking their part in endorsing that kind of crap and the boy in the dress is acting like a girl.

  8. I just want to make things , a bit clearer , about the fact , why 1/2 of the school children in Holland , are Muslim.

    Back , in the beginning , of the 60`s , the Dutch government , got the idea , of recruiting , workers , in Maroc and Turkey.Many of these men , had the opportunity , to let their family , come over , to join them.

    As , these families , had settled down , found a job , could speak a bit of Dutch , they then would let other , relatives , come over here.And they would apply , for a permit to stay.Let`s be clear , that back in those days , there was no talk , of terrorists , from what kind.

    Their children`s children , and great grand children , also got married , and had children of their own.It was possible , to come here , to work , with no , or minimal requirements.Until late in the 80`s , it was still possible , to start a new life here.

    Then there is the issue , of the asylum seekers , and the refugees.Many of them , are also , form Muslim countries.In the past decades , many of them , were allowed , to stay here and built a new life.
    At this moment , Holland is still , letting refugees in.Many of them , come from Syria.
    In the past week alone , the number was 4700 , if I`m not mistaken.Then , I don`t mention , the people , whoc came here , 1 month ago , and who will come , the next month.

    So , that 1/2 of the school children , is Muslim , is not because , of feminism.But , it has other causes.That said , for sure , we have feminism , in Holland too.
    But , I believe , that it is not that fanatic ,as in your country.And , yes , it is true , that in some European countries , you may find good , and “normal” women.

    But then again , what do we men , consider , to be NORMAL , when our brains , are already damaged , by this feminazi culture ???

    You tell me ……………………


    • Paul, gonna disagree with you a little here. The average Dutch family (I mean their Great-grandparents were Dutch) are averaging about 1.6 kids per household. I read one statistic that said the average Muslim family in Holland was having between 6 and 8 kids per household.

      Any time, you have an abundance of population, they migrate out. Any country that has a population shortage or is stangnant in growth becomes a target for migration.

      Were it not for Feminism, you would have 3, 4 maybe even 5 or 6 kids per Dutch couple. There would be an abundance of labor. Because of this, there would be no jobs for immigrants to come for. Water flows to the lowest point, to the path of least resistance. Feminism = a low to no birth rate. So long as other nations have an abundance of population, it will flow to feminist-dominated countries.

      Your white Dutch couple that has 1.6 kids, they probably have their kids in their 30’s. By the time they are Grandparents at 70 years old, their 1.6 kids will have a total of 3 or so Grandkids. Compare to the Muslim family who has 8 kids, in 25 years, each of those 8 kids has 8. In a half century one couple will produce 64 or more decendants. It was much the same in Sweden, Italy, Ireland in the 19th Century. And where did those immigrats go? To where there was available land = the New World.

      In contrast, look at the house of Saud. Great Grandpa Saud Abdulazia only began conquering Saudi Arabia in 1902. Today, his “Princes” (GGG Grandsons) number over 50,000. One guy = 50,000 in only 1 century where you DON’T have feminism.

      So far as being a “fanatic” feminist, what does it matter if a Dutch woman remains unmarried and has no children while her American counterpart is marching in the street? No difference, both countries will have their populations replaced by cultures that don’t celebrate feminism.

      • Exactly! I 100 percent agree!

        — — —
        “Were it not for Feminism, you would have 3, 4 maybe even 5 or 6 kids per Dutch couple. There would be an abundance of labor. Because of this, there would be no jobs for immigrants to come for. Water flows to the lowest point, to the path of least resistance. Feminism = a low to no birth rate. So long as other nations have an abundance of population, it will flow to feminist-dominated countries.”
        — — —
        It’s the low birth rates. The same thing that applies to families…applies to tribes, nations, and cultures…the math does not lie. If the group does not constantly produce children and grandchildren within a family unit it goes extinct.

        This is a product of half a century of feminism.

        • Middle-aged Women Wanting Their Cake and Eating It…should be the title of this article.
          —- —
          “But when it comes to fertility, reality often doesn’t comport with the ideal. Among EU women ages 40 to 54, one-third reported that the number of children they actually have is lower than their personal ideal.”

          Birth rates lag in Europe and the U.S., but the desire for kids does not

          — —

          The only issue I have with this type of research is that it is researching the wrong female demographic groups. They should ask females in their mid-teens to early 30s how many children they would want and follow up with them in 5 to 10 years. Asking women 10 to 25 years after their peak fertility period is absolutely ridiculous. Women in their 40s and 50s are not pumping out babies.

          Add in the skewed sex ratios (and economic resources) favoring women in the west…over 90 percent of these western women are choosing not to have three or more children.

          The stats/numbers below are not including illegal immigrants and legal seasonal workers from other countries that are overwhelmingly male and young.

          en.wikipedia. /wiki/List_of_countries_by_sex_ratio

          The vast majority of western women that want 3 or more children do not have an excuse…It’s like being a 40 something upper-middle-class man in Colombia complaining that he does not have a beautiful wife and kids…

  9. That was very disturbing to see that video. Sick to the core. People are always asking if we will live in the US, and then its continual reminders like this, that tells me, NO. Its useless for me to say the producers and directors should be ashamed of themselves, as well as the mothers/fathers of these innocent victims (children), however, shame went away when Jerry Springer hit America’s households.

  10. On the demographic shift, it truly is happening here. 650 refugees were bused into our small town and are being put up in some old German barracks. The German govt is also housing them in the WWII concentration camp called Dachau. Very ironic. The US bases here are on high alert with vehicle checks and gate guards in full gear. Not saying its related but I have not seen that kind of behavior in the 1 year I’ve been living in Germany.

  11. This past week I had to work to promote my sales at a Bazaar. There were 2 reps next to me representing our products competition. Both ladies are American but one has a German mother. The full American lady is single and enjoys traveling throughout Europe as single person and is always posting her FB photos. The 2d young lady just came back from the States. She was married to a US guy and moved to the States for 10 years, getting divorced at the 5 year mark.

    She was the manager of 250 hotels and was making big bucks, although living out of her suitcase 90% of the time. I asked her why she moved back to Germany and she said because her grandfather had become sick. I said, “oh, that’s the German in you because German families are close.” She agreed. She spoke very fluent English obviously with barely an accent, so she had assimilated quite well.

    I then asked her if she had any kids, and she said no way. She admitted she was very selfish and added she wasn’t ashamed of that. She is 31 years old. Very nice figure and quite attractive. She said that she has no biological clock going off in her whatsoever.

    Now, if I was a single guy, and I was perhaps wanting to date her, I would’ve have even wasted my time. I am glad she was upfront in her convictions, however, I have to admit, I was really stunned to hear her strong feelings. I had become spoiled when talking to Ukrainian ladies and not ever hearing such a strong stand in not having children, in fact, the opposite.

    This feminism nonsense is flowing like a flooded river. That goodness the EE is still the land of honey and milk for a serious minded gent.

  12. Well, I got home and decided to let my wife watch this despicable video. She’s not a fluent English speaker but understands the f-word. Not even 30 sec into the clip, and her eyes kept growing wider by the second and her mouth kept getting smaller as she was trying to say, ohhh. I stopped it at 35 sec. Her reply was that these children were acting and talking like 17 year olds.

    Her comment and having just listened to these children, talking like adults, and talking about pay inequality of 22% less than men, made me want to say the following.

    Hey Feminazi’s out there who advocate this type of behavior… is this something you’d want their grandparents to watch and listen to? Is this something you’d want their children someday watch? In regards to your whining about pay inequality, I have this answer for you femi-libs. If you want to do something for yourself, bring back your integrity, and do something for your country – get down to the nearest military recruiter and join the Armed Services. Equal rank = equal pay. No inequality in the pay scale honey.

    And little girls in the clip, if you want to act like an adult, then I am going to tell you like an adult. You may think your’re pretty in your dresses, hair and makeup, but your foul mouths made you dreadfully ugly. All that prettiness went right out the window.

  13. Well……………………
    I could only watch half this video, I just could not finish it, and I have seen things that nightmares would cringe from..

    I’d shoot them kids in the face like a rabid dog, then I would beat there parents to death with a piece of 1″ PVC pipe. I have no way to express myself and I have no way to respond to this video other then “WTF”? I do not know where these people come from, but they sure don;t need to be breathing my air, I agree with one of the other comments about this mindset being a virus if its not a virus then its a mental disability.

    1 out of 5 women get raped? really? I do not know the stats, but I am pretty sure that is not correct, and boys need to be taught not to rape? really? you mean to tell me that there not taught this already from a young age? So boys have it in there mind its OK to rape? really? So all men think it’s completely fine to rape, unless where taught different? really?

    Women make less then men just because there a woman? really? I do not think so, I think it may be that the ones working less either do not apply them self as much, or they have not been working at the company long enough to get a raise. I have worked with plenty of women that make more then me, and only due to them being a woman as they have 1/4 the experience then I and most of the time they can not even do there job and the others have to pick up the slack..
    I work (on and of) with this one gal, she is 25 or so, a feminist that I get along with as long as she don’t open her mouth, anyway, she thinks she is getting cheated due to making less then I do (about 1.00 per hr) and keeps after the company for a raise (company is on its last legs and about to go under). She claims that she does not get a raise cause she is a woman, my response is always really hateful due to I have 20 years experience and a collage degree, she has 3 years experience and no degree.
    So yeah she makes less, but I should be making much more… GRRRRRRRRRRR..

    And I cut the video off about the 1st part of the looks comments, but I only assume that the little future porn stars/hookers were trying to say that a woman shouldn’t look good..

    This video would had made me mad and hate the way the US ig going before, but I just got back from a month in the Philippines, I did not want to come back to the US in the 1st place, after 30 min in O’Hare airport I was ready to hop the next flight back to Manila, I have been home one week today and I am looking forward to going back, if I had a way to make a living there, I’d sell everything I own and move tomorrow. So already hating the western society, then seeing how a non western country is and the way there people are, I am sickened bby the USA and its people, and now you show me this video? Oh why did I come back to Kentucky? Why did I not stay out in the farmland of the Philippines? I am so ashamed of my own country…

    • Ford…your comments gave me a good chuckle…I’m sure the first part was just an exaggeration…even though a lot of people probably considered that as an option.

      Loved the BS rape propaganda too…1 out 5.
      More like less than 1 percent.

      I have heard that they are now pushing the brainwashing even further on college campuses in the US.
      #1 Guys are being taught to not compliment girls for dressing sexy…apparently the male urge to pursue the opposite sex must be shamed even though the fairer sex is literally running around half-naked in front of him. #2 Guys in college are now being instructed to constantly ask for permission before sex…sounds like a mood killer to me.
      Although I am sure if a sober woman has sex with a drunk man on campus…she will not be considered a rapist but an empowered feminist.

      Best of luck on your search in the Philippines!

  14. I won’t add anything significant because it’s already been said in the other comments, but this is child exploitation. Leftist brain-washing.

    • It’s so funny and hypocritical that the femi-nazis , white knights, and manginas…openly criticize beauty contests and the modeling industry because it exploits young women in their teens and twenties…but they fully endorse little kids dropping the F bomb to push their own twisted feminist BS.

  15. I just wanted to say something that I once read about discussing with stupid people:

    “Don’t play chess with a pidgeon. No matter how much you study the games, no matter the genius moves you do, in the end the bird will jump on the table, flip all the pieces, shit on the board and fly away saying he won the game”.

    I think the same can be applied to feminists and other kinds of “ists” we see all around us.

    And this video really makes me sad. Very sad. I can’t even get angry at it because I see innocent children being played at the hands of irrational adults and I know how gloom their future will most probably be.

    Virtues are not mere traditions from ancient times before antibiotics and birth control. They actually help shape us into sane and healthy human beings. Too bad modern society has fallen for this trap.

    • Many are speaking out more but not enough. Over the long run feminism in the west will collapse because their followers will be out bred, which will lead to a demographic shift of the population. How long will it take? That’s hard to predict.

  16. Many are speaking out more but not enough. Over the long run feminism in the west will collapse because their followers will be out bred, which will lead to a demographic shift of the population. How long will it take? That’s hard to predict.

  17. Happy Super Bowl weekend to the guys that watch American football!

    It’s a great excuse to eat a lot of food and hang out with family and friends.

    Great video I found that addresses the assertions of the Potty Mouthed Little Princesses in the video above on yout*be.

    TL;DR – Feminists Exploit Children (Potty Mouth Princesses)

    Have fun!

  18. Some interesting points were made in this video…stating that there is no distinction between the mind and the body. Men and women will react to mental stimuli differently…whether it’s gaming, intelligence tests, chess, card games, engineering, etc….just like men and women physically react differently to physical stimuli…whether it’s fighting, sports, working with your hands, exposure to extreme weather conditions, etc.

    Physiology of Intelligence on yout#be

    I believe this is the big reason why they — insert your conspirator(s) — are trying to re-engineer the education system and workplace environment in the west. One of the reasons we are dumber and less productive than we use to be.

    Another point…women are just better at dealing with small children and babies than men…but they don’t want to believe that either until it’s time for divorce, child custody battle, alimony, child support, etc…

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