Saturday Satire: Men Drive Better than women Pt. II

You're wrong about feminism
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In today’s Saturday Satire, we address the age old question: Who’s the better driver, the Man or the woman? We covered this subject previously last year in the post Who drives better, women or Men? But today I’m proud to present a short video. Have a watch and then post your opinion on the subject.

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Posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics on Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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I haven’t gotten any Hate Mail in months, maybe this post will stir some up?

No matter how much politically correct BS you hear that Men and women have the same coordination and dexterity, realize that it has been scientifically proven that Men have better coordination than 90% of all women. There was an interesting BBC documentary about this, I’ve tried to find it, but surprise surprise, its been pulled from the archives.

Now, the next time you’re at the mall or the grocery store, watch how Men avoid you 15′ (5 meters) out and how so many women nearly crash into you with their shopping cart. I’ll say that American women are better drivers than Russian Women and I’m sure that’s just based on experience. And Men probably crash as often or more often than women but that’s because we drive like we’re in a race. When it comes to simple coordination, Men have women beat hands down in basic driving moves.

Whether you’re a Man or a woman, be sure to buckle up and drive safely :-)

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You're wrong about feminism
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6 thoughts on “Saturday Satire: Men Drive Better than women Pt. II

  1. It’s often argued that women are better drivers because women have traditionally made less insurance claims than men, and consequently pay lower premiums. But these figures are based on more traditional females from a bygone era. Of course, it’s considered taboo to mention male v. female driver, unless you’re criticising male drivers.

    It’s scientifically proven that men are more skilled as you say, but on the road women of the past adjusted to their limitations and drove more carefully. My mother is a good example of this – she knows she doesn’t have my father’s skill (he easily reversed double trailers for example), but simply drives a bit slower.

    The problem now is that younger Western females behave like men in every sphere, and this attitude has naturally been transferred onto the road. Looking back at all the stupid things I’ve seen on the road, I’m convinced that women under 40 are the worst drivers. Especially ones in SUV’s. They look so stressed and drive aggressively and they are not biologically equipped to drive like this. There are exceptions of course, and some women are outstanding drivers. But this is the minority.

    Many clearly have little traffic sense too. Sometimes if I’m driving from one traffic light to another close by, there’s little point taking off quickly, so i just cruise slowly in 3rd gear before reaching the light if it’s still red. If it turns green before i’ve reached the lights, i don’t need to use the brakes. It always amuses me seeing women either behind me or in another lane drive at the speed limit or higher between lights. It’s as if they can’t see more than 10 yards away or plan a few seconds ahead. Almost like little children. Not all women are like that of course, just saying that men are more practical in that regard.

    A recent scary phenomenon I’ve noticed is a large percentage of young women looking down while driving. The latest instagram ‘like’ is more important than road safety it seems…

    • Most distracted drivers are women.
      Some bad female driving examples:
      – putting on makeup while cruising over 60+ mph on the hwy
      – eating cereal with milk out of a bowl with a metal spoon
      – greasy burger in one hand and greasy fries in the other with one hand on the steering wheel.
      – scarfing down Monster sized taco shop burrito — that I can barely finish — during rush hour traffic.
      – pulling out and blocking 4 way traffic when the light is green even though there is not enough space to clear the intersection and forgetting about it because she has her head down and texting.
      – talking on their mobile phone without a headset, etc.
      – driving an SUV into the side of a building after clipping another car.
      – cutting in line at hwy ramps, gas stations, parking spaces, etc. because she does not have any fear of retaliation.
      – cutting across 3 and 4 hwy lanes at the last minute to use an exit ramp.

  2. All true Gezza. I was in that So Cal traffic for 12 years and the craziest was watching females putting on make up while in traffic. And yes, the constant looking down and texting. And yes, very impatient drivers.

    About the Ukraine, the ladies gladly let their man drive. There’s no “Girls Rule” bumper stickers. My wife has never asked me to drive. She’s always content for me to drive. Same with her mom and her dad.

      • That commercial is definitely a “whatever.” Marketers can be ingenious, and drive up market share with a catchy commercial. Unfortunately, a couple sitting on the couch enjoying their favorite weeknight serial, the man is going to get the elbow in his side. That’s the silent way of saying, “See!” or “I told you so.”

  3. I just played this for Alana, she tried not to laugh but couldn’t help herself.

    “She must have missed something in school… certainly no geometry classes…”

    I just noticed that the title of the video is “Moron of the Year” and it has over 34,000,000 hits.

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