Son or Daughter?

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Today’s entry is the first in what I hope will be only the first of many guest articles. This article, written by M’k’n’zy was emailed to me about 2 weeks ago. I’ve just only now had time to copy and paste if from my email to the blog. It is a great article and I hope that you will not only enjoy reading it but that you’ll also take something with you after reading it.  –  Scott

Son or daughter 3 (2)

… even in sub-zero weather, Russian Women wear skirts…

Son or Daughter?

by M’k’n’zy

For a long time, I didn’t care whether I had boys or girls for children. Both were good, in my opinion.

The more I thought about it, though, the more it seemed that boys would be a better choice. For one reason: I wouldn’t have to work nearly as hard to keep them from being feminists, as most feminist propaganda isn’t aimed at males, but instead, at females. In America, girls, throughout their maturation into womanhood, are pushed and applauded by throngs of unthinking people to disavow their femininity and, in an aim nearly any schizophrenic would be proud of, they are taught to hate the masculine even as they attempt to be masculine. It would be difficult to counteract that unhealthy but ubiquitous societal pressure.

Son or daughter 1 (2)

… Russian Woman waiting at the bus stop…

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But then I decided that, no, I wanted the challenge. Of course, I would still love a son just as much as a daughter, but I could raise a daughter to be light-years ahead of her feminist peers. I would encourage her feminine traits at every opportunity. I would make sure she had make-up (if she wanted it — all of this has to be age-appropriate), beauty products, beautiful dresses, dolls, nail polish, play-cookware — the whole girly nine yards. When she is of age, I would teach her how to be attractive to men and how to flirt with them — how to make a man’s heart melt and how to bring him to his knees. She’ll never be able to say to me, “Daddy, I didn’t understand men and didn’t know how to get one.” She will understand. She will know. And she will reclaim the power of the feminine that feminism has worked so hard to wrest from the hands of women.

In sum, I would teach her to deserve, not merely wish for or demand, the things that she wants. She would then have an incredibly large advantage in the dating pool compared to her snotty, overweight, entitled, androgynously dressed, medicated, feminist peers. She’ll run circles around those mal-socialized girls. Guys will be chasing her instead of them. She’ll hold all the cards. She’ll be able to get and keep nearly any man she wants. When she grows up, she’ll be happier and more fulfilled than the depressed, pill-popping, droopy-eyed feminists who slave away to be “empowered women” inside the constricting walls of a tiny cubicle or office, tucked inside the belly of some heartless, corporate machine — and who end up with little more than screaming ovaries, an assortment of stress-related diseases, and a fistful of broken dreams.

Son or daughter 2 (2)

… another Russian Woman waiting at the bus stop – no weight issues, no androgynous clothes…

Happiness, fulfillment, and a great husband — that’s a win for my daughter, no matter how you slice it. Ironically, feminism grants non-feminist women a huge advantage. My daughter would be able to run with that advantage while her feminist peers would be stuck at the starting blocks, caught flat-footed, and gaping at what they simultaneously despise, misunderstand — and yet ardently envy.

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If I had it to do all over again

13 thoughts on “Son or Daughter?

  1. I hope you are going to encourage Krav Maga training in addition to the ballet lessons…the envious junior femi-nazis are not going to enjoy the competition.

  2. I think it is a brilliant article. Thanks Macenzy!

    I read it aloud to Alana and she is in 100% agreement and she says she will log in later today and make her own comment.

      • Great article Mac!
        You made me reconsider my position…when I get to that point in my life….since I want 3 very healthy children in the future.
        Like most men in the west, many prefer sons, to carry the name and because they worry about all the (feminist) things you just mentioned above in your article.
        I guess a daughter(s) would not be so bad after all but 1 of the 3 better be a son.

  3. I have a daughter with my Ukrainian girl and I can tell you it’s easier said than done. You can work hard but she will be inundated with feminism from sources you cannot control, like Disney Channel, friends at school. I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what to do about it. I’ve limited TV time for a start but it’s an uphill battle when the entire society around her is feminism.

    • Disney channel? No way in hell my kid will ever see ANYTHING Disney! Better yet, how about no TV at all :-p

      Yes, uphill battle. I’m up for it!

      • It will be good to hear your opinion (and others) over the next couple of years…seems like most of the guys that are married to Eastern women on this site had daughters the first time around.

      • Agreed. TV is not your friend; it is a pipeline through which is pumped mainstream thinking, mainstream ideas, mainstream everything — all straight into the minds of the populace. Critically, almost nothing in the mainstream is meant to empower. In fact, mainstream culture is designed to disempower and, as the term “TV programming” suggests, to program people.

    • John: What you can do to generate ideas is to ask yourself, each morning, words to the following effect: “How can I help my daughter be the best that she can be? What can I do to promote her healthy development?” Keep asking the same questions each morning, day after day, even if you don’t come up with any answers right away. It will not be long before your mind begins to generate ideas, almost on its own. Many of those ideas may be workable.

  4. My Father once commented when one of my cousin’s little girl babies was showing signs of being very clever. He said, “It is nice that she is clever, but more important that she is pretty.” I truly believe that being pretty is the most important quality for a Woman in today’s society. Women bring beauty to the world, it is very important.

    • I am shocked.
      You just said what most men in the west are scared to admit in public…or even think to themselves sometimes.
      I could not agree more…it is a representation (or at least a major part) of a woman’s character.

    • Большое спасибо! Beauty is a form of power — in this case, feminine power. I can see no good reason to try to deprive women of that power; in fact, I only wish to encourage, praise, and celebrate it.

      Also, beauty often signals that the woman has high self-esteem, much of which could translate to high self-esteem in her children as she raises them, and that she’d take as good (or better) care of her children as she does herself. Therefore, beauty is an approximate measure, it seems to me, of the woman’s motherhood potential.

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