If I had it to do all over again

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… Beautiful Woman in Sevastopol, Ukraine…

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

This has always been a problem for me in my life. I see something clearly and after I tell someone else about it, I expect that they will see what I see. But this isn’t always the case. Everyone has their own experiences, their own history: they see the world through their filters. And so, when I try to tell my nephews that they should do “this or that,” they shrug and move on in their lives making the same mistakes I and their fathers made.

Only when someone wants to learn or be educated, to change or be changed can good advice have any real meaning.

This brings us to you. You are here for a reason. Perhaps you came after a Google search or you saw a link on Facebook. Maybe you were looking for pictures of beautiful Russian Women or you were just curious about Eastern Europe. There are many reasons that lead people to this site but it is written for that select group of Men who are frustrated with what has become of the Western woman and they are looking for an alternative. For these Men, by arriving here, they now have a new option.

However, seeing the option doesn’t mean that you will act on it just as the horse doesn’t always drink once it is led to the pond. Many many Men will suffer from confidence issues (she’s too hot for me), some will fall victim to apathy (it’s too hard to fly overseas) and some will procrastinate until they are old Men (I’ll go “next year,” after I’ve lost 10 pounds).


… How do you know that you’re in Eastern Europe? Tall heels, firm legs, tight skirts and pants, high fashion and beautiful Women…

And so, coming here, lets assume that you’ve come for the right reasons and that you really want to break out of the paradigm of Western feminism. What would be my advice to you? I’m going to break it down by age group because I would give completely different advice to a 16 year old young-Man who wants to marry a foreign woman as compared to a 65 year old retired widow who’s children already have children of their own.

We’ll start with the Young Man 16-22:

First, LEARN RUSSIAN! Or, if you’re planning on going to Columbia, LEARN SPANISH! Now that I’m able to get around and converse in Spanish and Russian, I cannot say enough how important speaking a 2nd language is! It is like the difference between having glasses or not when you’re as blind as a bat. If you are 16, 18, 22 and you want to go East to find a Wife, START NOW to learn Russian. If your High School offers Russian classes, take them. If not, get a book and start learning basic letters, sounds and vocabulary. Download Pimsleur’s Russian and listen to those tapes. Buy a “learn Russian” book and read it with regularity. When you enroll in University, TAKE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE CLASSES.

One of the hardest challenges in meeting a Russian Woman is the logistics of it. Who has time to fly to Siberia when they have a job and a life? Well, if you learn Russian, by the time you graduate University, you might just get recruited by a European company and stationed in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. I can’t begin to explain to you what a wonderful life it would be, to be on a Western salary in an Eastern city knowing the language. You will be the most eligible bachelor in town and the Women will be fighting, nails and all, to have you.

But even if you don’t speak Russian by the time that you graduate from University, there are ways around the language – find an English-speaking Russian Woman. Again, the logistics are everything. If I was 22 right now I would be applying for jobs in Dubai, Quatar, Bahrain and/or any other international airline hub that I could find. The life of an airline flight crew in Dubai is nothing short of a never-ending fraternity party attended by beautiful stewardesses from every country on the planet.

I once dated an Emirates Airlines stewardess. She lived in the U. P. Towers in downtown Dubai with an incredible ocean view on the 25th floor. The building housed only unmarried flight crew – stewards and stewardesses, pursers and co-pilots. When you were promoted to pilot they moved you to a “more exclusive” building. I heard many a pilot complain that they wanted to stay in the UP Towers. While the building was owned by Ultimate Properties, the pilots all had a name for the building, they called the the “Ultimate Pussy Towers.” And for good reason.

One time, while my girlfriend was on a flight, I went to the pool on the roof. In the elevator I saw (in the mirror), myself, another guy – a gay (Male) flight attendant and 6 of the most beautiful flight attendants, one from China, one from Germany, one from Poland, one from Ukraine, one from Thailand and one from Romania. When the elevator doors opened to the gym and pool, I was one of only 3 or 4 Men and 40 or 50 Playboy-looking models in bikinis. Of the 3 or 4 Men, I’m sure I was the only straight guy.

My point? How hard, being one of the only straight Male flight attendants (or be a pilot if you can pass the training) would it be to land a girlfriend from Ukraine or Serbia or Belarus? Not hard at all. You’ll be fighting the Women off.

Which direction you go right out of University will set the pace of the rest of your life. Marry the feminist college girlfriend that you’ve been “experimenting” with for the last 4 years (meanwhile, she’s been “experimenting” with her girlfriends and you as well) and soon you’ll find yourself in a mortgaged house, 1 or 2 spoiled children that you’ll be expected to raise and a fat & entitled Western woman who’s looking to dump you and the family so that she can pursue her passion for art or some other nonsense.

If you go to college in the West, by all means, have fun. But don’t get saddled down with a feminist woman. It will most likely turn out bad for you and the statistics tell us this much.

Career Man 22-35

Now, lets say that you’ve already finished college/uni and you’ve taken your career path and now you’re working. You’re probably 25-35, you’ve been dating and you don’t understand what’s wrong with you that you can’t land a decent wife. NOTHING. There is nothing wrong with you. The women you are dating are defective. We know this because they come from a defective feminist culture. The ONLY cure is to go shopping outside of the store with the defective products. In this case, you need to go to Ukraine or Russia to find a Wife.


… even the most “ordinary” Woman goes to every length to look fashionable…

If you’re in this bracket, your best bet is to join one of the online agencies and to began looking at (and eventually talking to – via Skype/email/IM) dating Women from Eastern Europe. Don’t expect to find a Wife in the first month, or the second. It took me a few years before I found my Wife. You may have to make several trips over. You may even date a few different Women before you find the right Woman for you. But in the end, it is worth it. The cost of a plane ticket to Kiev is a lot less than divorce court with a fat and entitled American woman.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

But, as in the case with the advice I gave for Men under the age of 23, you should follow the same advice to LEARN RUSSIAN. Welll, as much Russian as you can. If you can learn Russian, the world will open to you over there. If you can’t, just knowing some worlds will help out. If you can’t speak Russian, you will ONLY be able to date English-speaking Women. If you speak Russian, you can date ANYONE.

Dating a “local girl” is easy. And it is convenient. And it is soft on the confidence level. Going “single” for a long time is hard because face it, it takes a certain level of discipline and confidence. Stepping out of your own country and culture to find a Wife isn’t easy, if it was, everyone would do it. But, for certain work and risks in life, there are rewards that are worth the sacrifice.

“Veteran” Man 36-50

Getting in to this age category, we’re going to have some divergence: never married Man, divorced Man and single-Father. Which sub-category you fall into is going to have some effect on my advice to you. If you’re a never-married Man without children, your advice is going to be about the same as for the 22-35 year old Men. Get online, start talking to some Women and make a visit to the East. It really is that simple (and that hard). Learn some (or all) Russian and good luck in your search.

If you’re a divorced Man without kids, so far as I’m concerned, that’s about the same as a Widow without kids. You’re free from family and many (most) Eastern European Women want children of their own. You’ll either want children, or you won’t. Search for Women who are looking for the same.

Now, for those single Dads out there, this is a whole new game. You REALLY need to make sure that you’re on the same page with your Woman on the desire to have children. And because, invariably, the Women are so HOT in Eastern Europe that you will find it increasingly difficult to think with your big head. You’ll see a Woman who writes “maybe” for having children and she’s only writing maybe because she doesn’t want to scare off Men who are undecided – in reality, if she is from Eastern Europe, she most likely wants children. And seeing that she’s so hot, you think, “Well, I can turn maybe into no.” And you pursue her, date her, marry her and bring her to the West and then fail to fulfill her (and her Mother’s and Grandmothers’) desire for children and she leaves you for some younger guy who wants kids.

If you don’t want children, only date who also don’t want children.

If you are a single-father, you had better be very sure that she doesn’t mind that you have children. There are some Women in the East who are desperate to go West. They are looking for a SUCKER to fool into bringing them over. Who’s the easiest target (aside from the guy who has no game whatsoever) to scam a Green Card out of? The guy with kids who’s looking for a surrogate Mom. Does she want to be Mother to your children? You had better be 100% sure before you commit.

If you have children and want more, this will be a little easier. A Woman who wants children is more likely to also be inclined to help raise your previous spawn. But a Woman who doesn’t want her own kids, she is less likely to want yours either. No matter how you slice it, you really need to talk about these issues, and I mean bluntly, before you go and get your heart tied up in a knot. If you are wise and persistent, you have a world of possibilities. If you are blind and desperate, you might as well just stay at home.

Seasoned Man 50+

Any Man who has children under the age of 18 – refer back to Veteran Man. For the Seasoned Men, in their 50’s or later years, you are really in two groups. Those who want kids (or more kids) and those who do not. Most of the other advice applies to you – go looking, learn Russian, etc. But, for those who want children, you’re going to have a bit of a tight walk. You’ll need to find a Woman young enough to have children but not so young that she will reject you based solely on your age. I think that about a 10 year age spread is about it, and in some cases, 15 years (depending on how young you look, how fit you are and how rich you are).


… Where in America can you take a photo of a thin Mom and in the background have a another beautiful Woman in a tight skirt fit in the same frame? If it was Iowa, you would need a very wide lens…

And so, if you are 60 and you want children, you’re going to need to date a Woman who is younger than 40. How much younger? Figure 2 years for courting and dating – I’d say, no younger than 37. If you want 2 kids, 35. Best chances are to find a Woman between 32-37 who finds you acceptable. This age dilemma is a two edged sword that can work in your favor. A Woman who is in her mid to late 30’s, who wants children, well, she sees the writing on the wall. If you’re a fit Man, maybe even a decade or two her senior, who also wants children, she may find you acceptable. Experiences vary. You won’t know til you give it a try.

As for the Men who don’t want children, unless you’re Clint Eastwood or a Man of financial means, you can forget about dating a 22 year old Ukrainian supermodel if you’re 67 years old with a ginormous beer gut. Lets just face reality. If you want that fantasy, you can check out this website. The more realistic scenario for a 65 year old Man (divorcee or widow) who is looking for a Wife is to find a Woman who already has grown children. Think, 45 year old Woman, her 18 year old daughter has already departed for University. She is open to the idea of migrating to the West. She is divorced or (more likely) a widow herself. I can say, with 100% conviction, that there are a lot of HOT Russian Moms out there who are in the 40-50 age range. I’m often astonished when I look at Women in Russia and I think, “Body of 24 year old, a few crow’s wrinkles round the eyes…” It is amazing how hot a Woman can look who walks, dresses in a dress and heels and doesn’t eat (regularly) at McDonalds.

Bottom line

What’s the bottom line? The one bit of advice that I offer to all Men, in all age groups, is to look for a Wife outside the West. Whether you are 16 or 76, you will more likely do better and be happier with a Russian Wife than you will if you have an American wife. Every day, as I meet other Men, and they look at my Wife, they always say, “You’re so lucky.” Yeah, and luck = preparation and planning. You can choose your own luck. If you marry an American woman, you’ll must likely be unlucky. To be lucky, you need to set yourself up for success. Unfortunately, probably fewer than 5% of American women, today, are marriage-quality women. Even if they look and sound the part, there is the underlying feminism that teaches Man-hate, a desire for equality in all things and a bad attitude that comes along with it.

In the end, you’ll have to make the best decision for your life. I’ve brought you to the watering trough. Whether or not you drink is your choice.

Good luck!


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Son or Daughter?
Another scam site: Ukraina-women.com

63 thoughts on “If I had it to do all over again

  1. Hi Scott,

    Glad to see that you are still around:

    I have some questions for you in the forums.

    Also are these stewardesses at international airline hubs English-speaking?

    Would these stewardesses being at any major American airports or just international ones?

    Also any other places other than major airports where I can meet this many hot foreign chicks?

    Finally, do these stewardesses like to hang with college guys?
    You said that it was frat party! It makes want to leave right now!

    I would which for free to be around hot foreign chicks! Well maybe not free!

    Thanks and take care


  2. I can’t expect to get a future 20-something foreign bride if I sit around like a slob drinking a six-pack of beer with a greasy bag of fast food every night for the next 20 to 30 years of my life? Haha!
    Great article…I am procrastinating.

  3. 1. Sevastopol ain’t Ukraine any longer. It’s Russia and will never be Ukraine again. No normal people will ever be willing to associate themselves with Ukrainian Nazis.

    2. I’m Canadian who’s left Canada 7+ years ago, moved to Russia and then to Ukraine. I got married, my wife is Russian, we have our kids and are happy as a family. Ukraine ain’t our final stop and right now we are very serious about getting the hell out of this Nazi shit and may be even back to Russia.

    3. Folks, remember, no magician is gonna change your life overnight, give you a good job, sporty body , a lot of money and a sexy female by your side. You absolutely have to work hard to get all that. It takes an effort to reach your goals.
    Get educated and sorty, learn a trade and a foreign language, learn how to teach ESL, save yourself some money and get the shit out of North America. I’ve made the move 7+ years ago and never looked back or regretted my decision for 1 second!

    If you have any questions-feel free to ask.

    • Hey FormerCanadian,
      Some interesting points. I have met some Ukrainians in the US that have expressed the same concerns you pointed out in #1 and #2.
      What pushed you to leave Canada? Were you seeking freedom in an unfree world or just looking for better quality women?

      • 1. Well, I’m in Ukraine right now and can see it all myself. I always say what I mean and acknowledge what I see.

        2. Canada is rapidly becoming hell on Earth in all aspects. Canadian women are the worst in the world by far and all they want in life is to sell themselves to the highest male bidder on a dating market. All they want is money and status in the society and they are ready and willing to whore themselves to anyone who can give that to them.
        Dating scene is Canada is very weird. Desperate males are willing to go 10 extra males in a vain hope to get access to that ever elusive pussy thus women do not have to do anything cause they’ll always get what they want and a line up of other males waiting around the corner.

        Obviously I didn’t want to live in a politically correct world where political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, tolerance, skin color and sexual orientation, multiculturalism and other mainstream bullshit always prevail over common sense, professionalism, knowledge, work experiences and simple willingness to work.

        Eastern Europe is the only place in the world where it’s still possible to meet a normal family oriented female who actually knows how to dress properly, ain’t afraid to wear mini skirts and high heels, is educated and can hold a meaningful conversation and understand that it takes TWO to build a family and that a strong and evolving family requires a joint effort from both male and female. Western women want and demand everything to be give to them on a silver platter! And that’s the main difference.

        Every self respecting male individual should get sporty and educated, learn a trade and a foreign language , save some money and leave North America for good! Trust me-you’ll never regret this decision.

        • Good advice.
          So are you from Toronto or Vancouver?
          The women in Toronto and Vancouver are…cough…cough…very interesting. I am not visiting those places again for a while. Montreal is a little more palatable.

          • Hi seeker! I’m from Toronto or to be exact I was from Toronto;)
            Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto-they are all in the same shit league of their own. You ain’t gonna notice no difference regarding women in those cities.

          • I just had a hunch you were from Toronto. I was right.
            That’s why I am here and only seriously considering the following in no particular order.

          • You already did.
            I will have to visit Russia and Ukraine before I can jump to any conclusions.

          • If you want, you are always welcome to visit our place in Ukraine. It’ll be my pleasure to help you out and introduce you to life here.
            You are gonna love it here, trust me.
            Feel free to message me at: sanzhejka@gmail.com

          • Thanks for offer and email FC.
            After my trip to Brazil in a few and time off to visit my family for Christmas in another part of the US…I am going to be strapped for vacation time.

    • FC: Can you clarify what do you mean about Ukrainian Nazi’s? That’s a very controversially charged statement, but I am curious, exactly who you are referring to? I am hoping you tread carefully in your answer because the word Nazi shouldn’t be thrown around so casually or abundantly. That is probably one of the most hate filled words of our time.

      In contrast, I am happy for your success in creating a happy family in Eastern Europe.

      • Hi Rodney! I ain’t gonna try and explain you anything about Ukrainian Nazis but I always say what I mean.
        And if you do not believe me then just type in “Ukrainian Nazis” in Google image search and see yourself.
        Currently Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where Nazism is supported and actively promoted on all levels of the society.
        Again, just Google it and try to see beyond what Western politically correct propaganda is trying to shovel down your throat when picturing Ukraine as a developing up and coming democracy. We ain’t go no democracy here.

        Thanks for nice words about my family, but we are currently in the process of leaving Ukraine. Business climate is getting worse and worse here with every passing day and people simple ain’t got no money to pay for any kind of services since all the money go to rent/mortgage, food and other daily expenses.
        Throw in the Nazi factor and Ukraine will become more unattractive even faster.

        • FC :
          So , can you tell us , to what country , you want to go ?

          It is clear , that life in Ukraine , has gotten worse.But , let`s be realistic.
          If it was not , for all the financial support , and the political grip (at the same time) , from Russia , people in Ukraine , would have had a rough life , already , many years ago.

          Just to mention too , that there is a nazi movement , in Germany , for many years now.So , is it any wonder , that signs of that , are now making ground , in Ukraine ?

          My girl said , that the people in power , at this moment , in Ukraine , are still (also) corrupt.Personally , I can`t comment on that, because I don`t live there , and don`t know the political climate.

          I am sure , that the different , parties , are all trying , to get their program , to the people , or have it carried out.
          Or , to get better results , on the next votes , for power.

          I am pretty sure , that Russia wants to keep , it`s influence , in Ukraine , as big as possible.

          So , in politics , all methods are allowed , yes ?

          Still , I do want to live in Ukraine , at some time coming.


          • Hi Paul!

            I’m planning to go to Russia or even Mexico! Do not forget that I’m married and don’t have to worry about finding a lady for myself which gives me flexibility to move around. My wife fully supports me and we draft all our plans together.
            Ukraine is still very corrupt, it’s even more corrupt now than it was when Yanukovich (ex-president) was in charge. And Ukraine will never be able to rid itself from corruption.
            And it doesn’t matter which party is in power. They are ALL the same and have the same goals to steal more and more money.

            I totally support and respect your decision to live in Ukraine in the near future. We all have our own paths in life and always should try and stay on them.

          • I hope things calm down and an agreement is reached in the future, so you can have the option of leaving there in peace.

          • Nope, we are considering the move. Ukraine is done. This country ain’t ever gonna get any better since people here are turning into sheeple very fast and do not care about the future at all. Western influence is starting to take over here in Ukraine…

  4. Dobriy den, (Good Day in Russian)

    Learn the language or put a huge effort into this. The girl/woman you are dating or trying to date, will be extremely impressed with your effort to learn her language.
    Flowers, do not forget this 1 simple gesture. You will make her day, just because she will know you were thinking about her.
    DO NOT!!! Ever comment oh another woman’s being beautiful. When walking, going to use another horse analogy here, pretend you have blinders on and keep your eyes forward :))

    Life is difficult all over this world. People struggle day to day in many countries, Ukraine is no different, than anywhere else. (Traveled all over the world) The fact the someone will work 3 jobs to live, should tell you something about this person character.

    I have a saying, “Life is difficult, if it wasn’t, then it would be any fun.”

    Advise for WM looking for one of these amazing women. Stay out of the capital city Kiev, when looking for one of these amazing lady’s. Girls/Lady’s between 18 to 25 are more westernized and less traditional in their values. You might get lucky and you might not, but better to go to the smaller cities.

    • I’ll need to practice some Russian, although maintenance is going to be pretty rough since I can already speak Spanish and Portuguese.
      Where are you recommending newbies to go there first couple of times? Since you don’t recommend Kyiv. Odessa?

      • Odessa is almost the same if not worse than Kiev.

        I’d say go to place like Kherson, Nikolaev, Zhitomir.

        I can help you with that if you’d want to!

        • Thanks again!
          I’ll note the cities.
          I think others on this site including Rodney have stated something likes this before too.

        • Hi FC ,

          So , back to Russia , then.Or even Mexico.As you say , it is , what path , you have set out , and how you expect it , to develop for you.

          Don`t know , in what place , you live at this moment.But , is there much protest , going on there ?

          Do you find , that people , are making your neighbourhood , unsafe ?

          Or , is your plan , to move out , the result , from a combination , of different issues.
          Coinciding , at the same time.

          Sure , it is good , to learn Russian.And as such , I have started , to give it my best.Being able , to have a conversation , will surely , make things easier.

          All the best to you and your family


          • It’s Russia OR Mexico. Depends on what we decide is better for our kids and business.
            And we are in Ukraine right now.
            Ain’t no protest going on here now since sheeple in Ukraine can only protest when sponsored by US government funds.
            But they are just sheep when it comes to defending their OWN right and freedoms and not the ones of top politicians! All their Maidans were about trying to change the ass on a president’s chair and not about making the life better/changing the system.
            People ain’t making my neighborhood unsafe, I’m one big evil mothafucker myself. It ain’t much about safety, it’s about lack of opportunities, lack of money, people’s indifference and lack of desire to change anything for the better.

        • Hi, formercanadian, have you already have a city in mexico in mind? I am thinking on moving to merida, in the yucatan peninsula, is the city with the best quality of life in mx, very safe (no drug cartels ) and it have, i think, the second largest expat community in mexico. The housing is very cheap compared to mexico city. Also the bajio area is nice, queretaro city have a booming economy right know.

    • Good afternoon!!
      1. Yes, language is a number one priority for anyone who’s planning to settle down in Ukraine/Russia and to find himself a wife from here.
      2. Flowers do matter, correct!!!
      3. True-stay as far from Kiev as only possible if you want to find a genuine relationship and not a fly by nighter.

    • Bryan ,

      Good points all together.I`m not sure , if I have missed it.But do you have a Ukranian wife/lady , or do you live in Ukraine right now ??

      Well , it`s true.Flowers are very important , but even so , are the gifts , that you will bring for her.
      Although , I didn`t had flowers with me , on our first meeting.

      Because , I wasn`t sure , if she wanted to have this dialogue with me.We would meet , at a certain place.And like I mentioned before , it was my first trip ever to Ukraine , and to Odessa.

      So , all was really new to me , and I could not speak one word of Russian.Didn`t know about , the wifi spots , and did not buy a smart Phone , to use Google translate.

      I wasn`t sure , if she would come , let alone , if she wanted to meet me, when she had observed me.The fact , that she came out , and waited for me , at the side walk , was encouraging.The rest is history now.

      I know , what you mean , when you say , to not pay attention , to other women.When we are walking , and I lag behind , she almost immediately , turns her head, to check , what I`m doing or where I am.
      This should tell you enough.

      When we were walking , on Arcadia , to go to Itaka , her friend told me , that she is still single.I was mistakenly thinking , that she was married.Because , my girl , she mentioned something , about a friend , who is married.So , I thought , that it was her.

      She was not aware , that we know each other , this long.So , she asked some questions , in Russian (her English is a bit moderate).
      My girl , she answered back in Russian.I couldn`t understand the conversation , but 1 word , I clearly heard.
      Gallantly — You can look it up , with Google translate.
      But , I think , that you already know , what it means.

      As far as I can say , the fact , that she and I , have come this far , is because , I have always behaved , as a gentleman.And , this , I don`t need , to explain to you either.

      My girl is very good looking , and she sometimes , works as a model.But , I was not looking for a gorgous beauty.Well , I do admit , that it doesn`t hurt , to have a beautiful lady.
      But , it was not , my main goal.

      I am also , sure , that she had met , other foreigners , in the past.As she , and the translator , both , mentioned , to me , that many foreigners , come to Odessa , but they are not good.
      I guess , you know , what I am referring to.

      Her friend , then said to me : ” there are many beautiful ladies here “.
      I responded : ” I don`t know , I only look at Tanya (just to give my girl a name) ”

      And , I could see that big smile , on her face , when I said this.And her friend , she said , that is good.

      Well , what else can you say , when she had just told her friend , that you are a galant man ???

      For some months now , I send her money , every month.Because , I knew , that life , was getting tougher , every month.This was before , the trouble with Russia.I do believe , that , now life is really hard , on the people.

      Because , of the financial support , she did sign up , for the English school.Now , she is doing the English school , for almost 1 year.At the same time , she doesn`t have to worry , about the money.

      So , there is less stress , to find a job , and more importantly , to keep it.Her life , has gotten a bit easier , and I can tell the difference , in her social interaction.
      When I compare it , to the first dates.

      But , also , in her whole appearance , I can clearly see , a positive change.And that was , what I wanted , to achieve.
      She also , got her driving license.It was , one of the things , that she wanted to do , also.

      I am not seeking , in the age range 18 – 28 , so cannot say , what you may find.And , have not been to other cities , in Ukraine , yet.

      As , for the politics.I believe , that corruption , was more hidden , when Yanukovich , was in power.People never knew , in what luxury and palace , he was living.
      Also did his good friends and buddies.

      @Seeker :

      I understand , that you didn`t meant leaving , but living.Well, yes , I hope too , that things will calm down.But , I did not notice , any violence or protest (fighting) , while I was there.
      And , no one , said something , about it.


      • People in Ukraine only protest when sponsored by US government funds, but they turn into sheep when it’s about protecting OWN rights and freedoms!

  5. Seeker ,

    While I understand , that your vacation time , is sparsely , now , I do think , that , going on a visit to Ukraine , will be a good start.

    If it`s just to get the sense of daily life , and the traditions and customs.

    And , let`s not forget , the amazing women over there.Now , I may not look at them , anymore.
    But , hey , you are still free , man !!!!



    • 2 very valid points in your message:

      1. A male absolutely HAS TO come to Russia or Ukraine and see it all himself. We can write a million of words describing the situation in these countries or the beauty of females here but all it takes is one day spent in Russia or Ukraine to realize that we are indeed correct.

      2. Women are indeed amazing here! Another universe compared to women in USA or Canada.

  6. Hey Former Canadian,

    I have a few questions for you:

    1) What about women from immigrant groups? (I have met some very nice married women from Russia, Ukraine, and South America. Also one of my university history teachers is a hot Russian lady and some of the guys doing renovations on my home are from South America and they have some pretty hot wives).
    2) What do you think about romance tours such as Dream Connections?
    3) Are there any international airport hubs in Canada. I am in British Columbia. What about the Vancouver International Airport? Do you think that there would be any pretty foreign stewardess there to meet?

    Thanks for your help and take care,

    William Cavers

  7. Hi William!

    1. Women from immigrant groups are exactly the same shit as local North American females. It takes an immigrant lady anywhere from 3 to 6 months to turn into your average North American scum.
    I do not care how hot they are on the outside, but do care about what they have inside their heads and souls.
    Normal women are a very rare breed in North America and western world in general.

    2. Fuck Dream connections! It’s just a money grabber which “relies” on sex hungry and desperate western males.

    3. Forget about the idea of “meeting a pretty foreign stewardess” at any major Canadian international airport.
    The airline long haul cabin crew is always taken away from the plane ASAP and on to the hotel to rest. Just imagine how they all feel having worked 10+ hours on a non stop flight going through several time zones.
    Do you think that sex is on their mind after such a flight?

  8. Hi Former Canadian,

    1) I agree with you on point one but there are exceptions to the rule. I can tell that my Russian teacher definitely is! We can agreed to disagreed on this issue to some extent if you wish. In my personal opinion not everybody changes their values.
    2) I mentioned Dream Connections because they have or atleast appear to have a great reputation. Would you say that all these so-called romance tours are scams? What about online dating sites?
    3) How did you meet your wife?
    4) The question I was asking about meeting airline stewardess at Vancouver Airport was because according to Scott it is like a frat party with tons of willing women? Did he not use the term “Ultimate Pussy Towers”?
    5) Also what are the Russian or Ukrainian nightclubs like?

    Thanks and take care


    • 1. Well, I do not argue with about your hot teacher. There are might be exceptions to every rule.
      But do you know anything about her life outside of your school?
      2. I’ve never tried any Dream Connections or other dating sites for this matter. But I’ve met a lot of people fooled by those sites.

      3. I met my wife at a Fitness Center since we both are professional instructors.
      4. I’m not familiar with Vancouver or Vancouver International airport, but I kinda find it hard to believe about it being a frat party with tons of willing women. I know Canada way too well in order to believe such a fairy tale story.

      5. I haven’t been to a Ukrainian or Russian night club for almost 7 years and have NO idea how they look now. I’m a married man and do not have the need nor the urge to go there.

  9. Hi Former Canadian,

    The immigrant women that I have known from South America and especially my teacher from Russia, I have known for atlest 5- 10 years and they act and dress very girly and they all can cook.

    I eat dance with one of the South American ladies’ hot single sisters’ at a party last summer.

    Maybe its because I a young guy, but I do not like to live life paranoid and always expecting the worse.

    I should have said that beforehand. Like I said there is exceptions to every rule. However, we can agree to disagree.


    • 1. Again, there ARE immigrant women in America who act and dress feminine, who can cook and look great at all times. The problem is that they are VERY few and far between.

      2. I sure am older than you are and simply happen to know life a bit more than you do thus my negativity.
      But negativity does not equal paranoia ;)

      I’m one big mothafucker and my opinion usually goes against the mainstream in anything, but I totally respect and will fight for YOUR right to have an OWN opinion! That’s a given!

  10. Hi Former Canadian,

    1) I get what you said about Vancouver Airport. However, there is foreign stewardess who come on airplanes travelling to Canada? Do I have work at a foreign airport to meet them? A hot foreign stewardess is a hot foreign stewardess regardess of airport location. Would they only like to meet guys who work at non-North American airports? Guys are basically the same in our desire to meet hot women regardless of location.

    2) Also where was the fitness center that you met your wife? Was it in Russia or Ukraine, and what city in either Russia or Ukraine? Do she speak any English at all? Do you have to be totally flquent in non-English in order to meet girls? Scott said that there are English-speaking girls that can be met when I asked about if I would any girls on my class tour to St. Petersburg which will be organized by hot Russian teacher.



    • 1. I kinda find it VERY hard to believe that a long haul flight stewardess would be willing to party all night long after a 10 hours non stop flight through several time zones.

      2. Fitness center where I met my wife is located in Ukraine, in the city of Odessa.
      She did speak some English, yes.
      And NO, you do not have to be fluent in Russian or Ukrainian to meet local girls. But you have to make an effort to learn it nonetheless.
      You seem to be overly focused on your “hot Russian MILF teacher”;)

  11. 1) Do they have slutty bachelorrate parties over in Russia/ Ukraine?
    2) I am a university student currently. I like girls that are into history(my main subject of study), and I also like to dance and work out myself. Where do I find girls that are to my liking? Universities, fitness centres and is there any other ideas that you could give me.

    3) Do you have any experience in Russian/ or Ukrainian nightclubs?

    4) What do you do and does your wife work?

    5) What do you and your wife live?

    Thanks William

  12. 1. I honestly have NO idea about bachelorette parties in Russia or Ukraine.
    2. You can find a girl you like anywhere, you don’t have to single out one specific place where to meet them. Just be flexible and be yourself.

    3. No, I do NOT have any experience of Russian or Ukrainian night clubs. They are not in my pool of interests.

    4. I teach English as well as teach sports.

    5. We live in southern Ukraine.

          • You don’t have to;)
            All these parties have a flare of something artificial, unnatural into them.
            There is so much more in life than organizing bachelor/bachelorette parties before the wedding ceremony. Me and my wife never had one and never wanted one since we are happy TOGETHER and do not need anyone else in our lives.

          • I agree, I think Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are immature and I saw no reason for one.

            For a guy that needs “one last night out,” he’s not ready for marriage and all it entails.

  13. Hi Scott,

    Your comment the bachelorette parties have started in Russia. Does that mean that the women have finally gotten the upper hand in Russia? Can a guy no longer find a good woman in Russia? How could the Russian guys let their women take control?

    Thanks William

    • It ain’t about Russia or who’s taken over. It’s about male being a male and female being a female.
      A loser of a male will never be successful in Russia nor in any other country in the world.
      Try to think outside the box. Life is soooo damn much more than trying to figure out who’s taken over and why;)

      Be yourself and do not worry about the others.

  14. Hi Scott and especially Hi Former Canadian,

    Here is some information about stewardesses that I found on Single Dude Travel.

    Does this not confirm what you have been saying Scott?

    Stewardesses, the real airline frequent flyer perk!

    by El Matador · March 7, 2011

    Hot StewardessStewardesses are God’s gift to traveling dudes. They take the hard work and worry out of finding sex and help you enjoy your trip knowing you can’t possibly shock them because whatever you try to get them to do, they have already done it many times before with someone else.

    First order of business, they ARE called stewardesses, not flight-attendants. If you call her a flight-attendant then you are just like all the other PC academia house-broken NPR listening guys out there and she will already think you are groveling. If she corrects you, correct HER and say you are an old fashioned guy and repeat that they are stewardesses. This interchange will trigger her deeply screwed-up daddy issues and she will want you to continue to disrespect her in other ways later. You already know these girls, BTW. They are basically just strippers except they aren’t highly paid but love to travel so they can have NSA sex often and meet their future ex-husband. That is their business plan in a nutshell. Remember, they are a personality type as are lawyers, cheerleaders, model/actress wannabes, etc. Pretty much consistent regardless of the country they come from.

    Where to find these so-called “stewardesses”:

    The Airlines house these women for an FAA minimum of 2 nights after a long haul flight in decent major hotels. The dirty secret of major hotel chains is that they sell their extra rooms for cheap in bulk to airlines for the stewardesses and pilots. Truth be told, if you are in NYC, LA, Chicago or major hubs in Europe, you can find out which hotels house the literally thousands of stewardesses each night. You can spot them in the hotel lobbies going out in groups or just hanging at the bars in and around the hotel. It is a cliche that they often bang pilots but many of them don’t want to because of the way word gets around a company. But in the big city, the game is on for you, my friend. If you can figure out where these international airlines house all these flying spermbanks, you will have your hands full for years. (hint: your gay wingman knows)

    They tend to love to drink and go out because that’s the whole reason they wanted to work for the airlines in the first place. Stewardesses just wanna have fun. Their reasoning is like the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” logic. Wherever they fly, they are in Vegas. Within the USA, it’s different. There is a fast turn around between flights and they are instead housed at those crappy cardboard airport hotels. They hate them more than you do so when you offer to pick them up and take them out for a drink they are usually thrilled that they won’t spend their evening watching “Friends” reruns on TV.An important question is where they are “based”. Some just fly a route that gets them to home “base” 4 nights a week, which is still good. A stewardess is still a stewardess no matter where she lives. They also get to fly for free, so if you find one you like enough to see again, she can very easily fly out to see you wherever on any airline (all the carriers have employee reciprocity).

    They even get free companion tickets and can whisk you off to Rome for a wild getaway in her hotel room. This is not theory, I know this first hand. If you really impress them, they will give you free airline ticket vouchers as a way of saying “thank you for riding.”

    So, if on your flight a stewardess catches your eye, don’t hit on her when she’s bringing you food, collecting barf bags, doing her job. Wait til you are at cruising altitude, the lights are out and everybody is watching “Three Men and a Baby.” Go to the back of the plane and start asking her for water and make lots of small talk. Not full court press, just hey, I’m going to Milano, what’s new in Milano? It’s pretty easy to agree to meet up. Again, that is the very reason they got in to their line of business. There is no other reason, actually.


    • Honestly, man, you seem to be obsessed with a fantasy about having sex with a stewardess from a major airline.

      I’ve never thought about it this way. Just live your life and never concentrate on one area only while missing out on all other areas.
      Life has a lot more to offer than just chasing stewardesses after a 10 hour long non stop flight through 6 times zone;)

  15. Hi Scott and or Former Canadian,
    What about you and your wife Alana? Do you or her have any bachelor (possibly with strippers or escorts the old double standard) or bachelorette parities (without strippers) prior to getting married?
    Also I always believed that Russia a male-dominated society. You stated in an article that in the East the man was king and it was a man’s world and all that stuff. The whole double-standard where boys will be boys and women know their place. That your wife was a type of celebrity for being a boss in such a male-dominated society. Just like the show Mad Men Version 2.0 Foreign style! The patriarchy lives! You get the picture. Right?

    • I can answer for myself!
      Me and my wife NEVER had any bachelor or bachelorette parties prior to getting married.
      But we are older folks, I’m in my early 40s and she’s in her late 30s, so we didn’t really needed anything like that.
      We love being with each other and do NOT need anything or anyone else in our lives be it a bachelor party, chasing stewardesses or hot Russian teachers;)

  16. Hi Former Canadian,
    I am a confident, hard-working guy, in decent-shape (I do not have huge muscles though). Does the fact that I not been with any girls intimately if you get my drift effect my chances? I do not want to be crude but I felt that I had to ask.
    I once read about guy who was married to a foreign lady stating that good foreign woman would go through hell with you even if you lost everything or went bankrupt? Is this true?
    I have a friend who is curious about all foreign bride stuff but he is in the trades and construction workforce. Is this only for guys who have an above average income or guys who are rich?
    Finally just for the record, despite what I might have said previously I do want to have a girl for more than just sex. I want a relationship and eventually marriage. However, I am a young guy and having been a young guy at one time, you must understand that the desire for female companionship whether it be a marriage/ relationship or even just sex is quite strong. I just want you know where I am coming from. Actually, I was raised as a Christian by my parents so I am looking for than just sex. In this article Scott talks about a crazy frat party with pretty girls. Even if that is not your thing, you have to admit to a young guy regardless of background or upbringing that sounds pretty cool or at least a very tempting idea. I am not perfect, but then again who is?

    Thanks and take care


    • 1. Having or not having sex with a female does not automatically affect your future chances for a meaningful relationship and healthy sex life. Simply do not be afraid of intimacy and females;)

      2. Well, there are women who’ll stay with their males in all troubles and in all good times, and there are those who will not. Never generalize this stuff.

      3. And again, you concentrate way too much on income and status in the society. YES, it’s a mandatory prerequisite for any North American female which only wants to sell herself to the highest male bidder on a dating market. Eastern European females ain’t like that.

      4. I do not see nothing wrong in your desire to party!
      You are a lot younger than I am, and I’m in my early 40s.
      You have you own priorities and visions at the moment , and if you want to party and enjoy life NOW, then go for it! Ain’t nothing wrong with it.

  17. Hi Former Canadian,
    I am a confident, hard-working guy, in decent-shape (I do not have huge muscles though). What in your mind is more important looks or confidence with women?
    Thanks and take care


  18. Hi Former Canadian,
    How do you ensure that your wife does not cheat?
    How does a guy ensure that he does not get cheated on?


    • How do you ensure you house won’t collapse in an earthquake?

      Don’t live on a fault line.

      If you want to be sure of your Wife, you should really know her – and look at her friends and family. You’ll learn a lot.

    • Easy deal, pal;)

      I’m simply being myself with no hidden agenda, honest to the limit, respectful and supportive in any occasion in life.

      If a male gets cheated on then it’s HIS fault meaning he wasn’t a MAN enough to be respected and treated with honesty and dignity.

      I do not want to ENSURE anything, I simply want to be a real male, a leader and a positive example.

      And you always seem to get carried away by looking for some kind of a hidden agenda or the second meaning of anything in life.

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