Another scam site:

If I had it to do all over again
Feminism is shooting itself in the foot


I received this email from a new member and I’m going to leave it just as it is because he:

1. Speaks from experience &

2. Nails it right on the head.

I hope that those reading this post will pay attention before sending money to ANY website that limits your contact with the Woman you’re talking to.

If they won’t share her email, phone number and other contact info, it is a scam site

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Hi Scott,

My name is Mark and I’m from South Africa. I was made aware of your of your site by a friend of mine. I have read all your comments and replies to all the poor other suckers out there, just like me. I have to thank you, because you have really opened my eyes.

I joined a dating site early in September called I thought I was in woman heaven, but it turned out to be a scam just like all the others you had mentioned. I deregistered from the site this morning after 7 weeks and 1700 USD out of pocket as I had enough of all the deception, lies and BS!

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

The scam works pretty much the same as the others. You pay 100 USD and get 100 credits. If you receive a letter from a girl first, you can open, read and reply for free. Thereafter it costs anything between 6 to 20 credits to open a letter, depending on the girl and her qualifications. The tendency is, the higher her qualifications the more you pay.

When searching, you obviously look for girls that claim their English is either good or fluent. Some claim their English is good and when you actually open the letter, it is the complete opposite, bad broken English an terrible spelling. Some send you 2 to 3 messages per day without you even having replied to their last letter, trying to lure you into opening more letters. The more you tell them to send only one letter at a time and you will reply, they just totally disregard it.

All the promises of meetings with a number of girls have come to naught, because they are obviously trying to string you along for as long as possible. I will follow your advice and give Elena’s Models a shot.

So a friendly word of advice to all your readers, steer clear of this site it’s a SCAM of note!




WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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If I had it to do all over again
Feminism is shooting itself in the foot

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  1. Yeah Mark, I’m also from South Africa. There are plenty of scams. As far as I know Elena’s Models is no longer being recommended by this site as they were bought over by someone else. Russian Cupid is now the suggested site. I did come right on Elena’s Models and my girl is with me in South Africa, but I think it since changed hands.

    • EM is still recommended. They had a website changeover and were late replying to my emails but they came around. I’ve seen some changes in their marketing but they still allow direct contact with the Woman. In my book, that’s all any guy needs, direct access and a winning personality!

      • Scott, I do respect your views, but I’m still kinda a bit against any sites using word “model/models” in their names.
        You may consider such an opinion as my own little “inhibition”;)

        • all the women in lier and scammer from ukraina woman, com also thsi woman the same proifile they use the profile in the site jump 4 love and go date, is hungry and corrupt women from money, i use this 2 women from ukraina and jump from love and o lost 1700 eyro for fun without to meet she or to given me one email, the name of this women is: olga id ukraina site:1000940265, and jump for love id:379849 is the same lier scammer woman, i spend for this lier scamer woman 750 eyro for fun without to meet me or to given me contact info

          • the other hungry and corrupt woman i anastasia with id in ukraina woman ,com:1000789364 and jump from love id;384181 this she dicline me 3 times to show me the faces in shes camera and aslo decline 2 times to given me contact info i lose and from this woman 400 eyro for fun without to meet she or to given me contact info, stay far fromt hsi lier women, also the letters to opening fromt his woman is cost 20 eyrooooooooooo yes 20 euro to opening one letters from thsi lier and scammer women who said up


    1700$ for THAT shit???? Holy fuck, folks…
    For THAT kind of money you could’ve COME down here (or up here in case of South Africa) and spent a week in Kiev or Odessa!!!!!

    Folks, forget about all these “Elena, Helena, Nina, Tina etc Models” sites!!!! They’ll all try and fool you into paying more and more money for nothing.

    And if you really want to get to know some Russian/Ukrainian females BEFORE coming down here, then try this site:

    It’s absolutely free and always will be. Register, put up your real photo and it’s full throttle ahead!

    • FC, you need to check your info – while most (almost all) sites are a bonafide scam, the ONLY two that I know of that legitimately let you talk to Women offline are Cupid and Elena’s. It doesn’t sound like you have tried either?

      As for the mamba – I tried a similar site before my visit to Ukraine/Russian in 2009. I’d say that 9 of 10 Women I contacted were a boris and were looking to make a scam. I suppose that it is possible to find a Woman on this site but I’d recommend any Man doing so set up a second email address because I know as a fact most emails to women on this site will get you on a spam list. In the end, I wasted tens if not hundreds of hours talking to women that weren’t real and in time, I had the best return/reward ratio with Elena’s.

      • I’ve never experienced dealing with sites like Elena Models or Russian Cupid, but I’ve helped several Americans and Canadians to get out of some deep shit with similar sites.

        Mamba has changed its approach and restrictions a lot since 2009. It’s been more than 6 years, man.
        Now it’s all legitimate and fair.
        And males have also to be able to see which profile is fake and which is not, just use a little bit of common sense.

      • I always keep forgetting to ask you, Scott, which country do you live in NOW.

        Would appreciate a reply! Thanks in advance!

        • We have been, for the past 2 or 3 years bouncing back and forth between Russian and Midwest US – we are both “telecommuting” when away from our place of business. We’ve begun the move to Europe, a neutral 3rd country that is about 1/2 way between Siberia and Iowa… just put the house up for sale in the US and rec’d an offer last week.

          Will post more as time allows.

  3. Yes I agree , any site that keeps themselves between you and the supposed woman is a scam. You are not really writing a woman,

    This blog is interesting but I always wonder why they bend over backwards to plug Elenas Models. That site used to be a vehicle to meet mostly real women, but it is not really functional now, and has not gotten better, contrary to what you read.
    They pulled my membership when I complained without providing any refund. In essence, they stole my money by offering a service and then not providing it.
    It is not worth the time you will spend fighting your way through the nonfunctional site, and then fighting with customer service which is basically nonexistent.

    • There are two sides to every story. I emailed Elena’s about your complaints and their version is much, much different than yours.

      Neither here nor there…

      As for Elena’s, I plug them no more, and no less than Cupids – so far, the ONLY two sites that I know that allow direct contact without an interpreter or “letter monitor.” I have received, in the last 4 months, at least 3 emails from Men who have used Elena’s successfully and are going East to meet them.

      • By the way, if anyone EVER comes across any other site that meets my criteria, please post it here or email me. I don’t have ANY allegiance to any dating site but I will only recommend those that are legitimate (specifically: those who don’t screen your emails to ladies).

  4. Ukraina Ladies and simillar – fake portals. Be careful!!!
    I bought a few contacts to beautiful Ukraina Ladies. After writing with a few of them i ofered them my visiting in Ukraina. Our conversation always was nice never rude and any sexual offer.
    What happened then? The Girl who were writing for half year very often, send many photos refused appointment and we lost contact. But i found them after one month later on instagram, and started conversation there. They did not know me. They registered on portal many years ago, one of them did not live in Ukraina but China, never wrote me on emails that and can speak and write fluent English (never wrote me in English) and was very suprised what i wrote about our conversation on email. So i wrote to administrator Ukraina Ladies portal, and they inform me that i got 30 day guarantee and they want evidence, i send them print screan of my conversation on instagram but nothing change!
    Open personal profile without photo and personal information You will get hundreds e-mails, do You thing that Ukrainian Ladies are so desperate???

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