Happy New Year 2016

Saturday Satire: Do you see the difference?
One million

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Hi all – hope you had a great holiday season and a super New Year. We’ve been visiting with the family, showing off the baby and needless to say – we’ve been very busy.

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I have quite a few articles lined up and I hope to get them published in the coming weeks. I’ll have some down time in Feb – Mar and I’d like to develop some suggestions and comments I’ve received via email.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year!



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Saturday Satire: Do you see the difference?
One million

20 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016

  1. Happy New Year Scott.
    I’ve been enjoying your articles and recently I’ve been considering EE.

    You story is inspiring. I hope to travel to EE eventually.

  2. Hey Lads and Ladies,

    I know we’ve kicked off 2016 with some intense blogging, so I thought its time to bring things down to the basic roots (why and what attracts us to Ukraine). Its not just the adorable ladies, but its the people themselves. Their hospitality, their kindness, and truly, their incredibly beautiful country and landscape. Take a couple of minutes to enthrall yourselves as to why we visit, and always want to come back. This video makes me very homesick, and it was sent to me by our best friends in Ukraine. I think its his power play to get us back to living in Ukraine.

    • Great video Rodney!
      I watched some of the other videos on Yo#tube associated with it like the skycap and air videos…great views.

      • Glad you liked Seeker.

        Ok, gents, Valentine’s is behind us now. By the way, seems to growing more and more in Ukraine, but not at the insane material commercialism that America is drenched in.

        But, the blowout of the year is around the corner, 8 March!!! International Women’s Day. All girls, no matter their age, are to be given massive attention: flowers, chocolates, gifts. You can go low on VD, but you gotta move mountains on 8 March!

        • Me and my wife try to “treat” every day like it is Valentine’s Day or March 8. In many cases males just try to “buy” lady’s heart or sex with gifts on those days. Women here are changing too. They become less open minded and less open in general. I’ve had some very bad examples recently while having just a regular conversation so I doubt that ALL women even in Ukraine deserve that kind of attention and gifts on March 8.
          Don’t wanna get started on this BUT….. I have a strong feeling that females here are getting more and more stupid and indoctrinated with every passing day. I know that my words might burst the bubble of many Western males, but folks… make the move NOW, until it’s too late. And I mean it.

    • Hi Rodney ,

      It`s just now , that I see your post and video.And , for sure , I admit , that , if you plan to go and live in Ukraine , or seek a Ukrainian wife , you should show/have , some interest , in their culture and traditions.

      Which includes , a visit to the magnificent Opera theatre.And attend a performance.
      Even though , I would not understand a word , it was definetely something , that I wanted to do.

      We also visited , the museum , opposite , the Opera , about , the ancient and historic , excavations inside Ukraine.

      It tells the story , of how Odessa (I believe ) was founded.

      There are many , interesting objects , to see.And those , very old costumes.As , in ancient times , things didn`t go , peaceful , at certain moments.

      I did this all , on my second trip.However , my (our) visit , to the Opera , was on the 1st and 2nd trip.

      I am sure , I will go , and watch more performances.
      It is true , Ukraine , is so much more , than only beautiful women.

      And , believe me , your future wife , will really , appreciate your interest , in her homelands history and culture.
      And , she will enjoy , the visit to the Opera.

      As , I did mention , on my last visit , we went to Bilhorod Dnistrovsky.It is about , a 2 hour drive , from Odessa.

      You , may go by train , but I believe , the last part , you will have to take a cab.But , we had a cab drive , over there.
      Which is more convenient , and quicker.

      And , it will let you see , the country side , and the small villages , on the way.Luckily , we had very nice weather.

      This is also something , were you must go.It is part , of their history.These days , some of the buildings , are lost.
      But , the walls , around the fortress , and some of the towers , are more or less , intact.

      In earlier years , I believe , that there were , those battles (like Knights on horses) , for the public.
      And the riders , they would dress , in the ancient clothes.
      And have these swords and spears and shields.

      One chamber , that is still , like in the old days , is the torture room.
      You should know , that this fort , was built , or taken in , by the Turks.

      So , it should be no surprise , that the “tools ” , in this chamber , are making you , a bit dizzy.
      That is , as a civilized , modern , human being.

      To name one , I did see a head cracking tool.
      So …………

      Of course , the sign , on this chamber , did not say – torture room.
      As , to not frighten , the prisoners , on who they would “work” on.

      On the way , to there , you will also , pass by , the grape yards.For the wine and other liquors.

      This may sound , more appealing , to some …..


    • Very nice video Rodney!
      Happy to see the men dressed like masculine men and the women dressed like feminine women.
      I’m extremely envious (in a good way) of the guys on this forum that are married to a traditional loving woman and blessed with happy children.
      Your peace and happiness is worth more than 50 pounds of gold.

      • Thanks Seeker. You are welcome to come visit us in Germany, so you can hang out, see what its like for a strong family to be in love, and loving. Same with Paul. I hope to meet Paul this year. There’s definitely some good guys on Scott’s website that are worthy of getting to know (FC and Bryan). We should have a get together at some point. Meet in Munich for beer and schnitzel.

        • No problem Rodney!
          If I’m ever traveling through southern Germany, I’ll definitely have to have a couple beers with you at the very least…thanks for the offer. There are a few good regulars on this site.

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