One million

Happy New Year 2016
Saturday Satire: the best of American women

One million

I just logged in to approve some comments that I’d been notified about via my email traffic. Of course, I checked the hit counter at the bottom right of the page and I see that we’re at 999,604 posts. Well, I’m going to call it early in the way of writing this post and then setting the timer so that it will publish on Saturday morning. I’m no morning person and I have a movie date with my Wife tonight (kid is fast asleep) and a cold beer on the end table.

Well, it looks like 9 January 2016 will be the day that this site breaks the 1,000,000 mark for site visits. Site visits are just over 600,000 and after you take out repeat visits (after someone cleaned out their cookies), that means that 400,000 hits have been from “repeat customers.” No, I know what your’e thinking, probably half of those are Seeker, but still, 200,000 return hits isn’t bad ;-)

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I want to say thanks to all of the guys (and gals) that have bookmarked this site and have come back to read the updates. I appologize for not being more timely with articles of late but those of you that have ever had a baby can sympathize with my schedule.

It has been an interesting road and one that I would repeat if I had it to do over. Even if I met a super, wonderful American woman, I wouldn’t get involved as there is so much underlying feminism that just can’t be fixed. Our women are just ruined by our society (as many of our Men are – hopefully, you’ll realize that before its too late) and I would want nothing to do with them. Interestingly, I school my nephews about it but they have no idea. I see them chasing tail and acting like there is no alternative.

Thanks again for visiting, come back again soon.



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Happy New Year 2016
Saturday Satire: the best of American women

31 thoughts on “One million

  1. Congratulations, Scott!! You are doing the right thing.
    Unfortunately 99.9% of all American male population will never open their eyes, minds, souls and hearts and admit the obvious.
    American/Canadian females should be avoided by all means possible. Better yet, any normal American male should get ready, pack his bags and leave North America behind for good!
    That’s exactly what I did 8 years ago and since then I’ve never looked back nor regretted my decision.

    • I’m sure there are plenty of males that married American or Canadian females 8 years ago and look back with regret several times a week. I’m always reminded of The Story of the Mexican Fisherman every time I visit this site and read the replies.

      • Yes! And all those males have no one but themselves to blame to the current state of things!!!
        I’ve made a move 8 years ago, it was not easy, it took an effort and courage, but I’ve never regretted it for 1 second nor looked back!

    • We’re driving cross country – I wrote that last night, only just checking in from our hotel at 11:30 pm – yeah, it’s over a million, I’m quite pleased.


      • Congratulations Scott!
        That’s quite an accomplishment from 2009 to 2016. Just imagine if 20 percent of those visitors made a generous donation…but all kidding aside you are a true believer that practices what he preaches.

  2. Scott ,

    My congratulations , for achieving this.Yes , I`m aware , that it is the hard
    work , of many years.
    Things don`t Always come easy , in life.

    Still , it is probably , the best beginning , for 2016.
    And cheers , to the person , who will get the watch


  3. What about finding a good match on They ask you a bunch of questions, develop a psych profile and then you can find like-minded ladies from whichever geography you like.

    I tried Ukraine Date but I don’t get much love from there. Possibly because my address is Saudi Arabia.

  4. Happy Days, Scott! Many congrats on the success of your blog. Look forward to many more articles that you and others write. Cheers!

    • I could swear I already answered this but don’t see a reply.

      He was last on his way to the altar, I suppose he’s busy being a newlywed.

  5. Scott
    Happy to hear Seth found his girl.
    Once he gets settled into the married life it would be great to hear from him via a new blog post. I wish him the best of luck.

  6. My mother, an American lady, just turned 76. My parents have been married for over 50 years, and it’s their first and only marriage. I am proud of their accomplishment and wish to have the same, but given I am in my 40s, I doubt that will happen. It is sad to know you feel the need to disrespect her.

    I am not sure why you and your ‘friends’ like to disrespect American women, but, to be honest, I am sure at times you are the ones to blame. But, I doubt you will take any responsibility. Here in the USA, there are many great men and women, just like there are many horrible men and women. The same as any other country.

    I have been to over 30 countries, Ukraine being one of them. Ukrainians are great people, but they have problems just like any other country. I am sure you will never admit, there are many Ukrainians who want to leave their country for a better life financially. Or the fact that many Ukrainians, men and women alike, scam men to drain them of their money. Again, Ukrainians are no different than other countries.

    Congratulations on your 1 million views. Keep the hate going. I am sure once you post this, many of your ‘friends’ will be more than happy to try and ridicule me. More power to them.

    If you want to marry a Ukrainian lady, that’s great and I hope you find happiness. But someone will so much hate inside, it is hard to believe you will ever be happy.

    • One of the first things that feminists do is to label any criticism of spoiled American women as “hate.”

      No, it is not “hate” to honestly describe and discuss the ruined state that is the American (western) woman.

      When compared to Ukrainian Women, American women have bad attitudes, a sense of entitlement, are overweight, have not “wife” skills – specifically, they have no desire to raise children and poor household skills.

      Pointing out these facts is not hate. It is reality.

      Getting back to your email, you talk about the great accomplishment of your parent’s marriage and then state that because you’re in your 40’s, you’ll never know such happiness. 100 years ago, as a Man of 40, you would have no problem marrying a younger woman who was still in her child-bearing years. Feminism has brought and end to that. Now, if you date any woman under the age of 38, you’re a twisted pervert. Actually, feminists would label you as a pedophile if you date a 28 year old woman.

      You’re confused. You lament that you can’t marry – a result of feminism – and then you call those of us who identify the problem as haters.

      And yes, I’m VERY happy. Much happier I think, than you.

      • Come on, Scott, don’t you see that “Jim” is yet another politically correct and indoctrinated “talking head” of feminism?;) For folks like that any criticism or truth about the modern mainstream society will always equal “hate”. Labeling is easy, thinking is hard;)

        Those are so easy to spot and to deal with;) Just ask them some straight questions requiring honesty and integrity and they’ll disappear into the horizon!

    • Too bad that telling the truth nowadays equals “hate” in the modern Western world.
      Yes, you are correct, males are to blame for the current sad state of things on American dating, society, political and cultural life, but then again how about you man up and dare to admit some obvious facts about American women, their demands and behavioral patterns? How about Affirmative action, political correctness, quota hiring, multiculturalism?? Dare to comment on this?

      • Hi Jim

        In your comment you said that you are having trouble finding a good woman. One reason is that the availability of in-shape, feminine women with the desire to play her part in the relationship is about 10-15% of women under 40 years old in the US.
        American men have been told that we should settle for overweight, angry and disloyal women. Why? The reason is that men in the US have been told for several decades that they are shit by feminists, sit-coms and Hollywood movies. Many men believe this lie and end up settling for inferior women, remain celibate, or have one night stands. Men from the West are going out looking for wives internationally because the odds are slim here. Why would a man spend loads of money to travel to developing nations and take vacation time to find a wife, if they could do it at a minimal cost on the US? Ad hominem attacks on fellow men shows your level of emotional control is low and your desire to please women are high. I suggest joining a men’s group and read some books about being a man. If you do that, it will be self-evident that men face a limited selection of good women here. Finally, I wish you the best of luck finding a woman in America that is worth her salt. It is like finding a needle in a haystack.

          • Some Men come here because they know something is wrong and they are looking for the answer.

            Some Men come here because they suspect something is wrong and they are looking for answers.

            Jim is in the latter category, hopefully he will move to the former.

    • Hi Jim,

      I’m a happy Caveman, married to my Ukrainian wife for 3+ years with an adorable 1 year daughter. Care to comment on that, or am I just filled with too much hate for you to respond objectively? By the way, are you happy (lifelong relationship speaking)? If not, man up and listen to what we are offering here. This ain’t some pie in the sky BS. Its real. Your’re 40+, so you need to get real. We’re here to help if you are willing to listen. You still have a chance to have a happy marriage and family, similar to your parents, bigger than your dreams, however based in reality.

      Good for you that you’ve traveled to Ukraine, but visiting a country is different than living in a country. Don’t make me assume that your sharp comment about us admitting that there are some Ukrainians who like to leave for financial reasons. Duh! I am sure there are. Wouldn’t you, if the prices of your foods are tripling, or our currency falls 30% with a few months. Why do you want us to admit to the obvious? Can’t you come up with a more constructive thought structure? Like, am I a good enough gentleman, who has good thoughts for humanity, or am I kind enough to be with a kind, thoughtful and adoring lady from Ukraine? Obviously not, because your comments show that you are on a parallel track. Like I said, if you get your head on straight, you can have the kind of love that your parents have. Scott, FC and I have it. But, if you are a complete asshole, which you are showing evidence of, then just stay home in USA and go to some other blog site to spew your squander. Hasta la Vista!

  7. Hi, Has Anybody tell me If Is or Not a Scam Site??

    I Would aprrciate Very Much That Information!!

    Thank You Very Much,


    • Not sure what their angle is, you have to have an account to view most features. They don’t list any prices. I set up an account and tried the “free contact” form but it was blocked.

      just looking at the site, that 100% of the Women look like they’re taken from a Victoria’s Secret catalog tells me that the site is a scam. I’ll post more after I have a chance to investigate it more.

      • Good Afternnoon Scott, Thank You Very Much for The Information!!

        I have an Account with I Have writen ukraina-ladies SCAM, Which is a recomendable method to see if You see complaints about a Contacting-Page, BUT have Fonund Non Bad Comments, Nor Complaints. I have gone further and have read, that this Company exists since 1997 and that they say to be The Easter European N° 1 Contacting-Page.

        Opening an Account with Them, They allow You to send or to recieve Your First Letter for Free, Then You have to buy Credits, and Invest between 60 and 100 dollars for 55 or 100 credits.

        They seem to Rank their girls, So a Letter bo be read or send oscilates betweem 7.5 and 14.5 credits, each.

        What I have to find also is, as You say, How Much Percentage of those Girls look, as You say, taken from a Victoria’s Secret Catalog.

        The Other Thing That I Don’t Understand is That 6 of Those Girls asked Me for a Meeting in Person and The Six of Them Told Me: Albert, I Have My Airplaine Ticket in My Hand…. The Next letters, I Could read, Because, I Have Not Bought Credits There Yet!!

        Scott, What Do You Thing about this common comment of those 6 Girls, Could it be a trick, In order to make Me Buy Credits??

        Anyway, I Don’t Know How, But, I’ll Marry a BayWatch-Looking-Girl and You are invited to be present on My Wedding taking Place in 3 years for the Most!!

        Be in Touch My Friend,


        • Well Alberto, I’m going to go on record and say that this website is a SCAM.

          After my account was approved, I headed over to the “memberships” link and I see, as you have also pointed out, that this site is a “pay to talk” website. In my opinion, this is the first and biggest indication that this site is a scam.

          Once you pay a subscription fee or membership fee, you should be free to contact the Woman at her Skype, Vk, email, phone number or whatever other means you agree to. When you can ONLY contact a Woman through the dating agency, you can be assured that you are talking to some agent of that agency – probably a Man. Probably a Fat Man in Kherson or Kazan.

          Do yourself a favor and ONLY sign up to agencies that will let you take your conversation “offline.” If you can call the Woman on her cel phone and she answers and you can talk to her on Skype when you both agree, it is a lot less likely that she is a fake than if you can only call her at the agency office.

          Don’t believe the lie that Russian Women don’t have access to the internet or that they don’t have a phone. EVERYONE has a phone and there are internet cafes everywhere.

          • Hi Scott, Thank You Very Much again!!

            Would You Please tell me, Which Contacting-Pages allow me to get out of them and, as You say, And call a girl, or talk with her y Skype??


          • The only two sites I’ve found (so far) that allow direct contact are Elena’s and Cupid. There are links in the right column.

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