Saturday Satire: the best of American women

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Lost 10 lbs in abortion

… Kasey, a glowing example of American femininity…

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of blow back from some “new” readers of this site who are throwing around words like “hate” and accusing me of disrespecting their mothers. I think that, due to the feminist indoctrination of our society (and all-around PC), ANY criticism of feminism or women acting badly is viewed as disrespect to women and/or misogyny.

My child support money

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… before you marry, be sure, very very sure, that she is a quality Woman. Remember, you don’t just marry her, you marry her family. Meet the parents, the brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents. if you see low-class behavior, you should expect it in your marriage…

For the regular readers of this blog, there is no argument in the idea that American women are “spoiled,” and don’t make good wives when compared to say, the average Ukrainian Woman.

And so, as I check my Facebook account, I sometimes come across glowing examples of American women that just scream “quality,” & I thought I’d share some of them here.

Porn made me pregnant

… and if you’re this stupid, maybe you shouldn’t get married, ever…


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62 thoughts on “Saturday Satire: the best of American women

  1. Ah unicorn hunting. So much fun to do when you’re surrounded by whores. Let’s get us more diversity up in here. Some Sharia law.

    Really what are your alternatives guys? Lol Christian vagina worship? Go kill yourself over a vagina guys. Or support Sharia and accepting what women are and holding them accountable.

    You want to hold women accountable for their actions? There is only one choice. Sharia law. Let’s get us some more Muslims up in here.

    • Sharia law? What does it have to do with all this?
      It’s easy to hold women accountable-man up, dare to say what you mean and act like a male (and not like a pussfied North American creature of an unknown gender), dare to stand up and be counted and to lead by example, dare to COMPLETELY ignore women who you do NOT like and do NOT want to deal with (let them live with their cats and dogs in a lonely home).

      Better yet-get sporty and educated, learn a trade and a foreign language, save some money and leave North America behind FOR GOOD!!!!!!
      Go to SE Asia, go to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus!
      Find yourself a normal family oriented woman and settle down OVERSEAS!!!!
      I’ve made the move 8+ years ago and never looked back nor regretted my decision for 1 second.

    • hahaha

      Looking for a quality-traditional Woman in America is indeed like unicorn hunting.

      Interestingly, I’ve been to Eastern Europe and they do have unicorns there!

      Gentlemen, have a good look at the above comment. This is what feminist society wants you to believe, that either Western women are modern, liberal feminists, or you have Sharia law. There is nothing in between. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

      After you date some Russian Women, you’ll find that they are indeed stronger and more confident than their feminist sisters in the west. You’ll find that they are better equipped to handle life and are happier in general than the women of the west who want all, are willing to give nothing back and are still miserable.

      • … but then western males will need a lot of courage to admit that “western women suck” and admitting THAT will break their glass house of illusions and delusions and might lead to some life changing decisions. ;)

      • There are plenty of places in the world that don’t practice Sharia law but will not put up with feminism. The world is divided into two sections, one ruled by women and the other by men.

  2. A perfect example how women in the USA has changed over the generations.
    On my way home from work I stopped at Little Ceasers to get a pizza for supper since I have not got to the store in the last week and forgot to lay something out of the freezer to cook, Anyway, As I walked up to the door a young woman, maybe mid 20’s was walking out so I opened up the door and held it for her, not cause she was a woman, I hold doors for men just the same. She walked out the door as if the building was on fire, her pace quicken as she approached me and as she passed me her neck curled up to point her noise at the sky, never said a word, never smiled, just acted like a total itch.

    Yesterday on the way home from work, still not got to the store, I stopped at Cracker Barrell to eat some good old country breakfast and as I walked up to the door 2 women in there 70’s+ were walking out, so I held the door for them and they both smiled and thanked me as they walked out the door.

    Where did things go so wrong in the last 50+ years?

    • I for got to mention that the gal that was flashing her child support money reminded me of some of the girls in my high school, now this was in the early-mid 1990’s in South Eastern KY, but girls would say there goal in life was to get knocked up by several different guys so they could get bigger checks, meaning welfare and child support..

      Why did it take me almost 25 years to relize that there was something wrong with American women? I only have myself to blame..
      But as I look into my Filipino Fiancee eyes (on Skype still) and see her smile at me, I know I finally made the right choice, and if all goes well with the paperwork, we’ll be together late this year…..

      • If you bring her to the West, disconnect the cable TV, heck disconnect the TV antennae too. Only watch TV on demand, choose the shows you want and avoid the daily propaganda machine.

        Alana and I are discussing finding a nice Mennonite boy for our daughter when it comes time for marriage ;-)

        • He ain’t gonna do that, trust me. It takes inner courage to disconnect TV, internet, cables etc, and I have a feeling that this particular aspect is lacking in this case.

          • I have not had cable for years, I don’t watch Tv, just some stuff on Nexflix.
            If it were not for work I’d not have the internet, but then again I would never had learned how crappy western women are, I’d never met my fiancee and I would not have any way to communicate with her.

            Son, I grew up poor in the mountains of Kentucky, I do not need anything outside a roof over my head and a means to obtain food. Although heat in the winter is nice.
            I stayed 3 weeks in the Philippines with out running water, no toilet, no AC, No elect, slept in a mosquito net, ate pig, chickens and ducks and some other meat I did not ask where it came from right out of the back lot. I ate stuff that came from the wet market that would never pass health inspections anywhere and I loved ever minute of it. I did not want to come back home and if I was wealthy or had a job I could do from anywhere, I would never came home, I’d called my friend and told him to sell everything I own, I am never coming back.
            But I have to work to have a family and my work is here in the States, so I came back and have been sick ever since. I had no idea how bad things was till I left.

            So yeah, I can turn it all of and be just fine, although I have to have access to the internet for work, but I could sit at the library for 3 hrs to upload my stuff every night if I had to..

            Besides, she has spent the last 15 years working in Singapore, no not a western country, but still a far cry from her village and she is just as you would think a 38 year old never married Filipino woman would act, if she did change at least she would still be a far better then even the “normal” Western women…

        • You ain’t kidding..
          but she also knows how to cook tons of Chinese, Indian and other SE Asian meals…
          Oh i can’t wait..

          Oh and the Espeso and Ube….oh man….

          • Well if she mixes in some Thai or Vietnamese food you might not gain too much weight! LOL!!! Good luck!

      • Again, I have a feeling that he’ll never be able to understand the grass roots of his problems.
        He went the “easy way” called “a mail order bride from Philippines”.
        I also have another gut feeling that that lady will turn into yet another American Princess after mere 6 months spent in America.

          • I would in a heart beat and if I can find a way to make a living I would, she did offer to stay in Singapore and work while I moved in with her family, but as an American male, I just can’t do that….

            But it was tempting, I love the Philippines!
            The people there are so friendly, warm and just so wonderful to be around, I have never felt so at home in my life and I have been to 30+ of the states and 6-8 other countries, although Canada to me is just like the US, just flying a different flag…

        • Yep, I ordered her right off Amazon with free shipping and she has a money back no questions asked warranty.

          Yeah, after 3 failed long term relationships, several short term, loosing tons of money, drinking problems and just the lack of interest in ever wanting another relationship after my last.

          Yeah, this is hte easy way, I found a woman close to my age, never married, no kids, only one relationship before me and that was 15+ years ago. She loves to cook, she wants to keep a house clean, wants a family, wants to go to church every Sunday, wants to work to help me out on the bills, she is upset because she is not her yet to help me out. Refuses to let me send her money as soon as she goes back home to the Philippines to spend time with her family while the Visa is processed, Quit her job of 15+ years in Singapore to go home to spend time with her family in the Philippines while waiting on the Visa process. I am sure there is more..

          Yeah, poor me, I am going to suffer so much with this one….

        • So what is your answer to the issue?
          Marry an American and be unhappy the rest of my life?

          You do not know me, you have no idea what I am capable of and yeah there is always the chance that someone will turn, and guess what there is this thing called divorce, ship her tail back and start over.. But you do not know her either, yeah one might never know someone, even if living with them for many years, but there again one just has to have faith and put there self out there to try..

          If once you do not succeed, try, try again…

          Won’t be the 1st time something failed for me, but I sure won’t let it stop me from trying again and again until I get it right, or it kills me.

        • I don’t think its fair to criticize Scott on his selection of a PI lady. FC, of course, I wouldn’t know your background, however, with my many years of living in So Cal, two of my best friends are married to PI ladies, in very successful marriages (25+ years). In my job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, many of my physician clients were Filipino. Every single PI physician in my territory, that would be about 8, worked in the same office with his wife and family. I worked 12 years in this field, and they all remained together, working together.

          In contrast, my Caucasian clients were quite the opposite. Many would joke that they couldn’t be with their spouse all day, every day.

          Scott, I hope this insight from my experiences gives you hope that all will be fine. EE are no shoe in either. We have to be careful in our selection as well. However, since Pacific-Asian ladies are your cup of tea, your chances of success are far greater than a US woman (of today’s generation).

          • Rodney and all: I do not have anything personal again our “other” Scott.
            I was simply trying to warn him about the possibility of a complete turnaround of a situation. I’ve seen a lot of examples when a nice lady was simply playing a “good girl” game in order to get to Canada, USA or western Europe.
            Id’ be happy if this is NOT the case with the “other” Scott, but it’s always better to be warned and prepared.

    • Things went wrong when political correctness, affirmative action and quota hiring became more important than education, skills, work experience, willingness to work, honesty, dignity and integrity.

      • Pretty interesting…

        We Need More Women in Tech: The Data Prove It: Male dominance in the field is bad for women, and bad for the industry, as well.

        Across the technology sector there is a major disparity between men and women.

        While 57 percent of occupations in the workforce are held by women, in computing occupations that figure is only 25 percent. Of chief information officer jobs (CIOs) at Fortune 250 companies, 20 percent were held by a woman in 2012.

        Unfortunately, this is not merely a temporary blip, as this disparity is present at the college level. In 2010, although 57 percent of undergraduate degree recipients were female, but only 14 percent of the computer science degrees at major research universities. Incredibly, this number has actually fallen in recent years: In 1985, 37 percent of undergraduates degree recipients in computer science were women. By 2010, that fell to 18 percent, and at major research universities, the number was 14 percent.

        Incredibly, just 0.4 percent of female college freshmen say they intend to major in computer science—an astoundingly low number.”

        Don’t worry they’ll find some way to blame men for this as well….last time I checked college students weren’t forced at gunpoint to study or not study STEM fields. Well some of my friends back in HS that were the children of recent immigrants might have been forced at gunpoint to study STEM in college.

  3. The examples in the article are the illegitimate children of feminism. I think western men should adopt the word jaded as their own because western women don’t deserve the word; who could be more disillusioned than the western male. The only answer is to just go foreign — non-western — because any man that has seen a site like this and still decides to marry a western women just deserves what he gets.

    How is this site disrespectful to the few American mothers that are worth a damn? This site honors them.

    • Exactly.

      You have a Mother who took care of her kids and then same kid comes here and cries that – because I’m bashing the latest “crop” of femininazis = I’m bashing his Mom. I’m honoring his Mom by respecting that her values made for good kids. The women in this article, how are they close to most of our Moms? If your Mom is like this, then, OK, I’m bashing your Mom.

    • The problem is that the modern Western world just can NOT take any criticism!! NONE!
      Whenever a male dares to have an own opinion and openly express it he’s immediately being labeled a loser, a misogynist and “an enemy of the state”!
      Telling the truth in the modern world is totally unacceptable, being the leader equals being an enemy and having own thoughts and enough arguments/facts to back them up with means being a loser!!!
      I guarantee you that thousands of males come here, read this site and still marry an American/Canadian/Western female cause they are afraid to differ, to take a step in an unknown direction like going to Eastern Europe and later be labeled a “loser” for a decision to go overseas and skip North America.
      American males deserve what they get in form of a “treatment” they receive from American females.

        • Oh yeah, I know that way too well.
          I’ve seen Canada going from a normal society to a politically correct feminism infected affirmative action governed monster “eating” everyone who dared to object or to have an own opinion different from what the mainstream was trying to shove down folk’s throats.
          Canada coupled with Sweden must be 2 picture perfect examples of a modern world gone totally wrong!! TOTALLY!!!!
          I definitely do not envy Canadian males who have to suffer through endless female rejections and inability to build a strong and evolving family without having to go through the loops of political correctness, feminist brainwashing and mainstream propaganda.

        • I have to admit, I had a moment a couple of weeks back, when I did a Taz on the back of the comments of the gentleman who assumed our comments were directed even towards his mother. I took great offense to that, for which I flew off my handle. However, if I had been as cool as Seeker and Scott, I could have saved myself some blood pressure medication. Cheers to Seeker and Scott for summing it up better than I could:

          “How is this site disrespectful to the few American mothers that are worth a damn? This site honors them.” – Seeker

          “The women in this article, how are they close to most of our Moms? If your Mom is like this, then, OK, I’m bashing your Mom.” – Scott

        • Yeah, Seeker, I am probably headed that way.

          In my current job here in Germany, I am the only American. Its quite an international office with mostly men, from the UK and one from Italy. We have a couple of ladies, one born in Croatia, but raised in Denmark. The other, a Polish lady, but has moved and lived in several W Euro countries. Both are under the age of 32 and never been married.

          The other day, I took them to the American base to get a Starbucks coffee. The Polish young lady had never been “on base” before and had commented how different the Americans acted, lived, appearances, etc. I thought I’d be polite and give a compliment to her countrywomen by saying, “Ladies from Poland are amongst the most beautiful in the world.” Instead of getting a blush, or quiet thank you (like a Ukrainian lady would lavish and love), this “Westernized Polish young lady,” went into a dissertation that Polish women are beautiful inside as well, that not all Polish women are beautiful, that I don’t know anything. I tried cutting her off and she insisted to talk above me. We were with our Italian male colleague. He went on to say, “he was complimenting you on how beautiful you are.” She ignored that continued her tirade. I cut her off and said everything she just said was BS, and I just simply wanted her to say “thank you.”

          From there, she went into how men should help out at home more, that if she were married and had kids, how she wouldn’t want to work 8 hrs a day and then come home to cook and clean. I told her my wife would. I told her how she stays home day after day, without complaint, with no outside help, no friends, and takes care of our baby, me, our home. I told her that I haven’t changed a diaper since our baby was 2 days old. She was aghast at that comment. She asked me if I am with the baby and she poops, what do I do? I said I inform my lovely wife who scoops her and changes her diaper. She then said that my wife is the only one of her kind in Ukraine. I laughed at that. I told her that 90% of Ukrainian ladies are family oriented and don’t think like western ladies, which mean’t her, which I didn’t hold back in informing her.

          Funny thing, when we went back to work, she scurried away to another colleague to tell him how much of a “caveman” that I was. My colleague, has met my wife and baby numerous times and has seen how happy we are. He told her that “if Rodney is a caveman, then he’s one of the happiest I’ve ever seen.”

          At home, I told my wife of the conversation and laughed as well. She said its normal for the Ukrainian lady to do all of these things. What’s the big deal? (the big deal is that Feminized WWS are making a big deal out of it).

          The next day, the Polish lady and my colleague who informed me of my “caveman” status, brought the subject up again. Once again, I made the compliment that ladies of Poland are very beautiful. Once again, she went on about, “its not just outer beauty, its inner beauty.” This time I cut her off, about 3 times as she likes to talk over people. I said that in life, when someone gives you a gift, even a compliment, do you go off on some wild dissertation, or do you say, “thank you?” I said, say “thank you” to my compliment and then go on her dissertation. My colleague nodded at her and said he agreed with that. We got distracted by a customer and broke our 3 way.

          Some 5 minutes later, my male colleague and I were in a business discussion. The Polish lady walked over and sat down and said, “I wanted to come over to say thank you for your compliment.” My buddy and I both were surprised, and we both said, “awwww.” I told her “you’re welcome,” and now you can talk about whatever you wanted to talk about.

          What a happy day for me! To break through and make progress through the feminist cloud is a good day.

          My God, it was never this hard in Ukraine. You say a nice compliment in Ukraine, and I’ve been kissed on the cheek, kissed on the lips, told thank you, but was never met with resistance. To this very day, after being together for over 3 years, my wife says “thank you” genuinely when I compliment her on her hair, dress, nails, beauty.

          Lately, I’ve been counseling all of the young lads at my work, about how to be a man, don’t let a feminist make you say or do things to bend to her will. Take charge, be strong, take the lead.

          Hey, maybe we can change the world a little and win back some of the ground we’ve lost? Scott’s doing it, one western man at a time.

          • “if Rodney is a caveman, then he’s one of the happiest I’ve ever seen.”

            Cheers, from one happy Caveman to another!

          • I got a nice chuckle out of your story. Shame to hear about the Croatian girl. Croatian women are so pretty but every one that I know has been infected by western feminism.

            Primal and ancient man was far superior to our modern equivalent.

            3 grunts…hooray!

          • When I was married I changed every kid of mine’s diapers. There is nothing “manly” about not doing things for your kids, including these minor tasks.

            Yeah this feminism where women feel entitled sucks (and I suffered with a bitch cause of it). But men should do everything they can to help out at home, esp. with respect to their kids.

          • I’m at home. I work from home as does my Wife. I change my Kid’s diaper every day.

            Rodney works 12 hours a day 6 days a week. His Wife does not work.

            His job is to bring home the $, his Wife’s job is to take care of the baby and the house.

            If he was married to an American woman, she would expect that he come home from 12 hours of work and then change the diapers.

            Yes, there is something Manly about not changing your kid’s diaper. What is Manly is that he provides for his family. You can rest assured that if I worked outside of the house and my Wife did not, I would pass the baby for diaper changes every time if I worked and she didn’t.

            The problem with American women is that they think that a husband who works – when the wife doesn’t – should get up at night to tend the baby and the get up to go to work. I’ve dated American women who were shocked when I said that – if they stayed at home with the baby – they, and they alone should get up at night with the baby.

  4. Scott hit the nail on the head. There is much to be learned by holding the door open for ladies. I also hold doors open, sincerely as a courtesy. But its amazing what reactions can be observed. I like the kind, genuine reactions from the WWII generation of women (those remaining). They look up with such appreciation, and a genuine smile. They act so glad to see you and so glad that you showed courtesy.

  5. THIS is what y’all good folks may expect in North American dating, the Toronto female dating profile below sums it all up perfectly:

    Intent : MyLittleSecret13 wants to date but nothing serious.

    Profession: Finance
    Do you have children?: No
    Do you want children?: Does not want children

    And to finish it all off comes the quote from “About me” part of the profile:

    ” I want to make that clear, I’m not ready to be in a relationship yet, but I am ready to date, and have some fun, with a good looking , charming , athletic, gentleman.” END QUOTE. ”

    Do I need to say more? At 33, with a dog, with no kids and no desire to have them, a female is looking to date but “nothing serious”.

    Males, run, RUN for your life! Just leave North America behind and dare to make that first step in the right direction!

    • She doesn’t need children. She has a dog!

      No photo? That should be a warning sign. Most western chicks love attention from thirsty males. She must be hideous or lying about her age.

      Feminist will accuse me of being shallow but if I indicated that I was a 5’7″ male without a profile photo…

      Would she respond to my request for a date?

      • She must’ve removed the photo then. She had one available when I was checking that profile out.
        Usually hidden profiles photos are posted by escort wannabes who want to stay behind the scenes and mix dating and money making!

  6. Pregnant from a 3-d porn flick. Her dude must be as dillusional as her. There’s just no help for folks like this, but it makes good satire. If this is the barometer of the desperation of American men, we are screwed.

  7. it IS the barometer indeed! Desperate sex hungry American males will believe any bullshit and lies coming from a female in order NOT to lose the access to that ever elusive female pussy which is becoming a rare commodity in North America. Most women do not even want to talk about sex and prefer dogs, cats, guinea pigs and parrot birds to a normal evolving relationship within a family.
    I still don’t get it why there is no male revolt in USA or Canada and males are blindly obey everything they are being told by the mainstream media propaganda! Why there is no exodus of able bodied males from North America?? Why is living like a slave/robot/android better than having a normal family with a loving wife and kids???
    America is doomed, my good folks…

    • If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out… turn up the heat slowly.

      Men are unhappy – as can be seen by looking at the MGTOW (Men going their own way) phenomenon and sites like Reddit’s The Red Pill.

      However, while a lot of Men know that something is wrong, they just haven’t quite figured it out yet. Hence this blog.

      Now, if they (Jim) come here and then take the blue pill, not my problem.

      • Yeah, Scott, you’ve brought up a good comparison with a frog thrown into the boiling water vs. slowly heating the frog’s water up;) I’ve heard it a lot recently:)

        it seems to be taking a lot of time for North American males to figure out the reality of North American dating;) It ain’t rocket science after all;)

        Taking a blue pill or a red pill is a PERSONAL choice of every male individual. And males have no one to blame but themselves in case they take the Blue Pill and it turns out to be poison. ;)

  8. Hello NonBeduBedu. I’ll take your comment straight on.

    Unless you remarry a genuine Ukrainian lady, who becomes the mother of your child, you will continue to make the remarks that you just made.

    I am not shirking my responsibilities because I don’t change diapers. It has nothing to do with manliness. I am 110% certain my wife would tell you that I am all man, from her eyes. Why? She doesn’t worry about the bills, paying the rent, dealing with financial issues, planning budgets, holidays, making appointments, taking her shopping, ensuring her and my baby are safe and content with good shelter. I am the Man for her because I’ve removed these stressors that we all have in life, but from her life. She is 100% concentrated on our baby, me and our home. Its that SIMPLE! Why complicate with “its your turn to do so and so, blah, blah, blah.” She allows me to sleep through the night because she knows I need the rest for my “groundhog day.” And just so you know, she’s never asked me to change a diaper, fix a bottle or give the baby a bath. By the time I get home, I have about an hour with our baby, to play with and enjoy her.

    Bottom line: I get to go to work with peace of mind and full energy and she knows this and supports this every single day. I am a happier man knowing how well I am loved. And she enjoys every day because she knows that I am doing this for her and the baby.

    Her brother works in Ukraine, same crazy hours as I do, filling up trucks with fuel. He makes 1/10th of what I do. They have 2 kids and mom is at home. This is how life is, and western women have no CLUE what that kind of life is like. And they’ve done a great job at whipping the western men into their kind of thinking.

    If you want love, support and respect (FOREVER), then you need to quit writing from the comfort of a computer screen in a western country trying to make comparisons. You’d better get your ass on a plane to EE. Believe me, if you stayed for just one week, observing – not even trying to date, you would have some inkling of what I am saying. You would see femininity, not feminism.

    • Well said.

      It really has come to the point where feminist thought has become institutionalized in our society. Men really believe that if they don’t change diapers and go to baby showers with their Wives that they are somehow bad Men.

      • Then again, men have no one to blame but themselves for the current state of things in western dating, society etc!! Men have allowed all this to happen, they’ve accepted and often promoted political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, multiculturalism!!
        So why all the whining?;) Western males get what they deserve!

    • Perrrrrrfect message!!! Love it!!
      Western men and women have no idea that life can be very different from what they are used to in America or in Canada.
      An average salary in Ukraine is about 150$ US, people work long hours and they ain’t got no welfare system here as westerners are used.
      Folks here value qualities like honesty, integrity, respect, support and mutual understanding but hardly care about glitz and glamour magazines, Hollywood gossip and other luxury shit. In America women totally expect a male to give them everything and a little extra on a silver platter without ever asking for anything in return whereas Ukrainian, Russian and Belarussian do understand that it takes TWO to build a strong and evolving family with a joint effort coming from BOTH male and female.
      I wish every western male could get a chance to travel to Eastern Europe for at least 1 month. Bryan is right, forget about dating and running after the girls here. Just stay here, live here like locals do, observe them, try to understand their visions and values of life.
      So damn true-people in the west have no damn idea what real life is about!!!

      • FC, you crack me up. You are serious in your point, but funny in your delivery. And you always end your blog comment with basically, “get your ass on a plane and get to EE.” Keep banging it FC.

        Ok, new story. Everyday at work, when its lunch time, the young guys are buying fast food or getting “to go” food. I come to work with a lunch box that my lovely wife fixes me each morning.

        I heat it up, put it on a plate and walk to my desk with this fresh, steaming, home cooked food. The young lads came by my desk today and said, “damn Rodney, did your wife make that?” Yes, she did. “Damn, man. She’s amazing. Everyday you eat like a King. I want a wife like that!”

        I said, “Beautiful wife, Beautiful Life.” Cheers, they said.

        I followed that up with, the next time you hear a woman say to you, “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” just throw that comment back in her face. I then said, “don’t listen to that feminist shit about happy wife, happy life.” You deserve to be happy too and not continuously bowing down. They looked a bit shocked, but all responded with, “Cheers, mate.”

        Fellow Western Men. Quit taking this shit off of feminist women who are filling your brains, emptying your pockets and your heart. You deserve to be happy too! You deserve to be loved, and smothered in it. Not just getting intimacy because “she wants something (materialistic).”

        Today, an American customer purchased a new vehicle from me (S46k, not cheap). It was for his wife. I told him what a great husband he was for doing that. He said, “well, it will put me in her good graces for a month.” I laughed and said, and then what, after a month, it wears off and you have to buy something else to keep in her good graces? He laughed and said, yeah probably. Since he was a customer, I couldn’t share my opinion on that, but just thought, “poor bastard. Caught in the web of another feminist wife.” Want, want, want. Need, need, need. What about his wants, his needs?

        Can we turn this ship around before we hit the iceberg? I hope so. If not, I see the demise of Western Civilization, thanks to feminism. Yup, that’s what I just said.

        • ;)))))
          Thanks, Rodney! At least I manage to put a smile on your face;)
          I could easily use some academic style writing with cold words and neutral expressions, but “I’m one big mothafucker, ya know”;))
          This blog (and life in general) is supposed to be about having fun, enjoying folks around us as well as enjoying the blue sky, singing birds, fish in the ocean, shining sun, white fresh snow etc etc etc!!!! Thus I always try to make my message “delivery” easy and pleasant to read!
          Yeah, right on, western males should absolutely get on a plane and spend a summer travelling Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. To hell with dating, just travel, talk to people, try to get into their heads, hearts and souls, try to understand why it’s still possible to live a normal and happy life while making 300$ a month! It’s possible to have a happy and evolving family, active kids running around you and your wife, and even travel internationally with THAT kind of money!

          And that perfectly correlates with your story about an American male who was buying a luxury vehicle from you for his wife and saw the purchase as an opportunity to smother his way into her pants!
          I keep saying that western males are entirely to blame for the current state of things in dating, politics and society in general! They’ve allowed women to take control, they’ve succumbed to the politically correct pressure when female can DEMAND anything she wants without ever giving anything back!!! Western female can NEVER be at fault these days! A male is ALWAYS at fault!
          Modern males have turned into pussifed creatures running around like scared rats in an endless rat race while desperately trying to please their females with all kinds of gifts, luxuries and Caribbean cruises, but never daring to ask for anything in return!!!

          It’s too late to turn the ship, it’s sinking fast. Feminism has already WON!!
          And that’s why I keep telling all the able bodied western males: Gentlemen, please, get sporty and educated, learn a trade and a foreign language, save some money and leave North America behind for good! THIS will be the best decision of your life! DO NOT let feminism, political correctness and affirmative action ruin your life, your family and your kids!
          And you’ll never regret this decision or look back with any hesitations!

          • Hell yeah FC!

            “They’ve allowed women to take control, they’ve succumbed to the politically correct pressure when female can DEMAND anything she wants without ever giving anything back!!!”

            Most western males have completely surrendered to the body snatchers (I I like the 1978 movie the most) instead of putting on the sunglasses (They Live) to see the west for what it is…


        • Another great story Rodney!

          “Beautiful wife, Beautiful Life.”
          …”You deserve to be happy too and not continuously bowing down.”

          It might not seem like a big deal for the wife to fix the meals, the mother to take care of the children, keep the house in order, etc. but why do the (male and female) feminist keep trying to fight this way of life? If their post-modern way of life is so much better than the traditional path, then why are they using the state, media, courts, coercion, shaming tactics, and violence to keep western males on a leash?

          • Cause modern society and modern feminized women need male slaves, robots and puppets who’ll do all the dirty work, obey every order they are given but never object anything or dare to have an own opinion, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example!
            Western men have turned into pussified creatures with absolutely NO self esteem and no desire to change their lives to the better!!!
            Moreover, western males seem to like to spend their lives on a leash, when they are given some “food” and some cabin to live in.

          • Yes, but you must remember that it is harder to sell someone an idea when you give it too them too rough. I’ve found that the guys who I talk to, I have to feed these ideas to them slowly and smoothly or else they just think that I’m a militant nut. Feminism is intertwined in the Western culture today, all we can do is put the information out there, offer a solution and some will drink and some won’t.

          • Correct, Scott! I do agree with what you say.
            As y’all know I’m ne big mothafucker and always say what I mean and I do not care if I hurt someone’s feelings or approach a male with some so called “radical” ideas.
            I have enough arguments to back them up and if they are unable to understand them , well, tough luck.
            Every male is capable of being a leader, not a follower. Unfortunately most decide to live a life of a robot or a puppet surrounded by other puppets from the Muppet Show called “Life”.
            Any male should be able to understand and analyze some “rough” ideas, but if a male is so damn pussified that he gets scared while listening to them, then he doesn’t deserve a better life, plain and simple.

    • Rodney,……………………………………………………………………………………………………..That,…………………………………………………………..sounds AWESOME.

  9. Yeah I agree and disagree at the same time. I never woke up during the night to change diapers. And I was never forced to either. I did that a few times because I love my kids and I wanted to clean them up.

    And I am not a Wastern man. I am an Eastern man from India. I married an Eastern girl from my country with very strong “family” values. She was my parents’ favorite as she was so kind-hearted and helpful and respectful. Her mother is someone who has devoted her life to her family. She (her mother) took care of her children and her father-in-law who was suffering from cancer, etc.

    Eventually my Eastern wife reconnected with a childhood friend living in Canada. She convinced me to immigrate to Canada. Once there, she then set herself up as mistress at my expense to this asshole who was working as a cashier at Dunkin Donuts.

    Their plan was to divorce me from there (I had delayed my final move as I wanted to continue in my present job for two more years), keep our child and obtain monthly child support and alimony from me. And Indian salaries are not all that high so imagine the shit I was about to be in.

    I discovered their plans during my summer visit there. I gathered evidence. Then I convinced her to return home to India to see her mother. Once she returned to India I took legal custody of my daughter and divorced her under friendlier laws. I had spoken to Canadian lawyers who had warned me that I was about to lose everything.

    So friends, this nightmare was caused by a very Eastern girl I had been with for 10 years. And my family and I had always treated her like a princess.

    Yeah, this is a true story.

    My lesson in life? Don’t trust anyone.

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