Don’t make fun of my Mom!

Saturday Satire: the best of American women
Disagreeing with feminism is now Hate Speech

Sexual positivism

… to anyone and everyone who thinks that today’s “modern woman”
is anything like the Mothers of the last generations,
perhaps you need to open your eyes wider …

This article is partially in reply to Frank’s Feminism is Shooting itself in the Foot and also to the string of comments that I’ve seen lately that don’t like hearing criticism of Western women. It seems that some don’t see a difference between their Mother or their Grandmother and the current generation of 20’s – 30’s spoiled self-entitled ladies that we find in America today.

Frank’s argument that there are many women available in “his circles” that would make great wive’s and mothers. I recently spent a few weeks in his neck of the woods (Orange County, California) and I did see a lot of beautiful (thin and feminine-dressed) women. But, the affluent neighborhoods of Orange County are hardly the “norm” for America. And more so, even a glamorously dressed OC woman who doesn’t cook and clean, thinks that the solution to any marital problem is a divorce lawyer away, I think that if we open our eyes and widen our gaze, we might just see what I’m talking about.

Now, Frank is not 22 years old. He’s not dating 22 year old OC women. If he was, he would probably be in shock as to what they are looking for. Some young American women have long lists of requirements for their Men and some don’t like Men at all (see photo above). If you just look around, you’ll see that the women of today are nothing like our Grandmothers and Moms:

Kill all Men

If you really think that there is nothing wrong with the current state of afffairs, have a read of this article, wherein a Man describes that feminism has taught him that allowing his wife to sleep with other Men is OK: What Open Marriage Taught One Man About Feminism

“When my wife told me she wanted to open our marriage and take other lovers, she wasn’t rejecting me, she was embracing herself. When I understood that, I finally became a feminist. “

In his comments about this website, Jim complained:

“My mother, an American lady, just turned 76. My parents have been married for over 50 years, and it’s their first and only marriage. I am proud of their accomplishment and wish to have the same, but given I am in my 40s, I doubt that will happen. It is sad to know you feel the need to disrespect her.”

Did he mean that his Mother and Father have an open-sexual relationship and that my criticism of said lifestyle was offensive to him? Or is it that complaints of the debasement of our Western morality = complaints about Womanhood altogether? The two are not the same and there should be a distinction. Instant attack on any criticism of modern feminism is a tactic that has worked well to silence conservative Men (and Women) who speak out about feminism and the moral corruption of our society.

When you talk to American (Western) women aged 18-35 today, you will find a wide gamut of ideas that were unknown 50 years ago. The age of feminism has ushered in an era of “anything goes” and now women, faced with so many choices, look and look for the ever elusive unicorn of happiness. I’ve only recently become aware of such ideas as “Sexual Positivism” and “Rape Culture.”


… in less than 50 years we have gone from this to rape culture and sexual positivism ...

“New” ideas like this have completely permeated our Western culture and are now taught in the Universities under the guise of “Women’s Studies.” And don’t think that this feminist brainwashing begins at 18, it begins with Disney cartoons wherein young ladies are taught that they can’t rely on Men and new role models are created that are unrealistic and historically inaccurate. In shows like “Vikings” and “Marco Polo,” you see lady warriors that never existed and young ladies are exposed to the lie that they can do “anything that a Man can do,” and even that women did everything that Men did.

In the end, you have an entire generation of women who are taught that their independence is everything, husband and children be damned. And in an ever perverse twist of society, now they are taught that every Man is a rapist, any Man who acts like a Man is oppressing them and any sexual contact that they don’t steer 100% is rape or assault. Women are actively encouraged to act like sluts and then blame Men when their behavior is frowned upon.


The sex-positive movement evolved out of the sexual liberation of the late 1960s and grew initially in the shadow of the body-positive movement. The term gained wider appeal around 1980 with sex-positive feminism, also known as pro-sex feminism, sex-radical feminism, or sexually liberal feminism and was adopted at the same moment by gay and lesbian activists. The word has in the wider sense been defined by Carol Queen in Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture(Pittsburgh: Cleis Press, 1997):

     “Sex-positive, a term that’s coming into cultural awareness, isn’t a dippy love-      child celebration of orgone — it’s a simple yet radical affirmation that we each      grow our own passions on a different medium, that instead of having two or          three or even half a dozen sexual orientations, we should be thinking in terms        of millions. “Sex-positive” respects each of our unique sexual profiles, even          as we acknowledge that some of us have been damaged by a culture that tries      to eradicate sexual difference and possibility.”


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The more and more I look at the young women of the west today, the less and less desirable they look to me. Frank sees his Wife and her peers but I suggest that if he was a college aged Man in the dating pool, he would be shifting his eyes to Russia or Columbia. I met a woman recently who was a full-fledged feminist who is involved in a polygamous relationship. She is in a long term relationship with a Man who has a similar relationship to another (or more) women. She sees him on certain days and he sees his other “wives/girlfriends” on other days. She explained that this is very empowering to her because (as she is free to see other Men – she doesn’t because she only loves him) it beaks all of the expectations of a Patriarchal society.

I really wanted to meet that guy. He has amassed a 13th Century harem by convincing these women that dating him was feminist and empowering.

Next generation of mothers

… tomorrow’s American mom …

Today, we have young women acting in whatever way they want getting their ques from the TV, websites and the magazines that say, “Do whatever feels good.” And when it doesn’t work out, blame a Man. The Mothers and Grandmothers of past generations that raised dignified ladies have been overrun by bra-burning women’s lib ladies of the 1960’s. The hippies of the Woodstock generation at least had some conservative values when they grew up. But they shed most of those and the latest catch of American women were born and raised on ideas that Men are abusers and that all women are victims.

A 20 year old woman today doesn’t have to take any responsibility for her life yet Men must be responsible for everything that went wrong. Young women today have a piss-poor attitude, especially when compared to Women of other countries. What Man wants to be in a marriage that has all of the responsibility but none of the rewards that come with marriage? No Man I know. Year by year, dissatisfied Men leave miserable marriages and then these “feminist” women self-validate the idea that Men are no good. Perhaps, if they treated their husbands better, they would still be married.

If you just look at the expectations of a young lady from 1956 (marriage, love, children, sacrifice) you’ll find that they vary widely from a young lady from 2016 (independence, sexual positivism, environmental and rape culture activism). Why oh why, would a 30 year old Man, interested in marriage and family, be interested in a woman who thinks he’s a predatory rapist? Who wants to marry a woman who is more interested in saving AIDS babies in Uganda than preserving the history of her family by having her own children? Who wants marriage to a woman who is interested in “sexual positivism” when this means that her bed has a turnstile on it and she’s had more passengers than the Long Island Ferry? Great as a sex-toy sex buddy, but I don’t want to “Wife that.” I don’t want my children raised by a woman who will teach my daughters that the only way to find happiness is through sterility, independence, group sex and who defines her happiness only through her sex experiences.


… Ekaterina, from somewhere in the north (think Siberia) who I talked with before I met Alana. Ekaterina is a doctor and is looking for a husband. She is looking for a Man “whom I can give all my love to…” – notice she says nothing about her fear of rape culture nor does she require a Man who will accept all of her desires for sexual experimentation with other Men (sex positivism)…

When you meet, for the first time, Women from Eastern Europe and they explain that their idea of happiness is taking care of their husband and children, getting and giving love, you almost think that it is a trick.

Life is short. It will rush past you before you realize it. I see so many women chasing happiness through social activism and I wonder where to they find the time. And then, you look at the birth rates of Americans today. The Women that I know who have 2 or 3 children, they don’t have time to save AIDS babies or complain about rape culture. They are busy living their lives. When they are in their 60’s with so many Grandchildren, they will look back at their lives proudly with a sense of fulfillment. I wonder what does a social activist look back on when they are 60? At Christmastime, do they share photos of their naked parades?

naked parade

… enjoy the party ladies,
it will be decades before you wonder what went wrong …

For the Men reading this blog for the first time, look around. Take a look at your Mother, then look at your Grandmother. How do they act? Did they walk through the streets naked complaining about a misogynist culture? Is your Grandmother happy? Mine was. Now talk to a 25 year old woman and tell her that you want two children and that you expect her to be a good Mother. See how long you can keep her attention.

16 years for innocent Man

29 November 2015 Just a few days ago a man in prison for rape convictions was cleared by DNA testing after 16 years. These cases are utterly heartbreaking, reputation tarnished, and 16 years of his life gone for a crime he didn’t commit. Yet we live in a society where I interview feminists on the streets and they tell me they want a guilty until proven innocent policy. They want these men locked up without a trial.

Rape cluture, schmape culture.

Now, go and look at some of the profiles of Ukrainian, Russian and Colombian Women. Compare the two side by side and think about what you want, what will make you happy. Life is short. Choose wrong and you’ll pay for it for decades. Be careful, do your due diligence, and,

Good luck!

Ekaterina b

… Ekaterina again… dudes, she’s a doctor! – smart and beautiful with no regard for social activism …


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Saturday Satire: the best of American women
Disagreeing with feminism is now Hate Speech

15 thoughts on “Don’t make fun of my Mom!

  1. Scott, I wish it were limited to just the 20 and 30 something woman in the west.

    Woman in the west, that grew up in the 70’s & 80’s, now in their 40’s/50’s, grew up to be the 2 generation for the start of feminism in the west. They may not believe consensual sex is rape, but they learned from their environment to use it for their gains. They are lazy, wanting the world handed to them on a silver platter. Children are a tool to be used, if the husband does not toe the line. This is the line, they draw, not him and her together as a family. Family to them is just a word.

    These 80’s women learned the first lesson from their 1960’s mothers, then passed the next stage of progression onto their daughters. Here is where we stand today with feminism. We have a generation of woman, who view sex as rape, even if it is to create a child. All men are guilty of something and should have their willies removed.

    Our grandmothers and grate grandmothers are rolling over in their graves. I could see the good in my mother, but I could also see the fight for control in her.

      • I haven’t either ;-) but have been fortunate enough — not really — to hear their disapproval about my last string of dates/items over the years. Thin, under 25, and ESL, just the way I like them.

  2. Folks, 5, 10 or even 50 people ain’t gonna change nothing. North America is doomed and will be buried by political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, multiculturalism and tolerance.
    North American males are soooo damn brainwashed, desperate and sex hungry that they’ll continue to pursue North American females even if they have to wait in “line” for years and years.
    I keep saying for year and years: North American males, please, grow a pair, get educated and sporty, learn a trade and a foreign language, save some money and leave North America behind for good!!! Let feminazis and pussified males rot in political correctness and affirmative action!
    THE MOVE will be the best decision of your life, you’ll never regret it or look back with doubts!

  3. Great article Scott!
    That just about sums it up.
    Those feminazis think they are going to lure this wild tiger into a cage with their rotting fish carcasses…NOPE!

  4. Hi,

    Love your blog. Very entertaining with some very clear messages here. I just wanted throw in a fact that in the US (if you include the prison population) that more men get raped than women. I don’t have the figures for other countries and do not mean to single out a particular nation but rather put forward a point that sexual violations occur with both genders. So feminists should adopt a more balanced point of view if that is at all possible for them.

  5. Oh my god, I remember coming across that article a couple months after it came out.

    Boys if you ever want to know what a man sounds like when he is utterly defeated by feminism that is it.

    I really feel for the guy, I hope he wakes up and realizes that his situation is really toxic. I get the feeling he doesn’t actually goes out with anyone else and just sucks up everything his wife does.

  6. Some of you guys that ain’t been out of the country don’t have an f’ing idea what you’re talking about. Scott is right about men being feminist. It is when you meet some Russian men you find out how different we are.

    I guarantee no man in America is non feminist like a man in Russia.

    After I got married to a Russian woman it was like I took the blinders off and I saw how she expected me to lead her in our relationship. It was strange at first but then when I took my natural role I was never more satisfied in a relationship. It is like eating crackers and water your whole life and sure, sometimes you are full but until you get your first pizza, you just can’t understand what it is like to be full.

    • I also notice this dynamic, when I view some marriages between non-western men and western women. A good number of the ones that I know about end in separation or divorce — no, I do not have the national percentages overtime either. After the divorce or separation, the western woman usually complains stating the non-western man was sexist, controlling, and verbally abusive; that means he was probably acting like a man and she refused to submit since she wanted to be the co-pilot. Then the non-western man starts to spill the beans; the western princess was loud, rude, did not have any domestic or mothering skills (and expected him to help out around the house after a full day of stressful work, while she stayed home with the kid!), uncultured, etc. — and the list goes on.

      • I also notice this dynamic, when I view some marriages between non-western men and western women. A good number of the ones that I know about end in separation or divorce — no, I do not have the national percentages overtime either. After the divorce or separation, the western woman usually complains stating the non-western man was sexist, controlling, and verbally abusive; that means he was probably acting like a man and she refused to submit since she wanted to be the co-pilot. Then the non-western man starts to spill the beans; the western princess was loud, rude, did not have any domestic or mothering skills (and expected him to help out around the house after a full day of stressful work, while she stayed home with the kid!), uncultured, etc. — and the list goes on.

        It’s interesting that the scant information available on Western man/Mail Order Bride marriages only have a 20% divorce rate, compared with over 50% for local marriages. It’s hard to find statistics even for this, let alone the Western woman/non-Western man relationships. I’ll hazard a guess and say it’s more likely the inverse of WM-mail order bride statistics!

        Ever noticed that Western man/foreign woman dating sites are far, far more common than Western woman/foreign man websites? ;)

    • Hi Paul,
      I totally agree with you. And I started learning this well before I spent much time in Russia. Just hanging out with my Russian friends in the US I saw the difference. And I agree….I have been inundated with so much feminism it is hard to break. Even today it is a battle to let go of and regain masculinity.

  7. “Don’t make fun of my dad!”

    Have any women ever stated something like this in the comment section of those popular anti-male blogs or websites recently? Probably not but my assumptions could be wrong.

    I was thinking of the Father Knows Best reruns (last episode ran May 23, 1960…a long time before my birth) that I used to watch every know and then when I was a small kid.

    “Every episode had a message, something to say that would touch the television audience. In outright defiance of the 1950’s sitcom formula of “zany wives, blustering chowder-head husbands and sassy children one step away from juvenile delinquency”, Father Knows Best portrayed a family that was surprising similar to real people. The parents managed to ride through almost any family situation without violent injury to their dignity, and the three Anderson youngsters were presented as decently behaved children who respected and loved their parents. A newspaper critic at the time wrote that “Jim Anderson may be the first intelligent father permitted on TV since they invented the thing”.”

    Could you even imagine a modern TV show that did not bash men with this title? Probably not but my assumptions could be wrong.

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