Disagreeing with feminism is now Hate Speech

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Following up on the last post, I’m going to be making a few articles that talk about the institutionalization of feminism in Western culture. Unfortunately, the radical feminist elements have set the agenda and what we have as the result is conduct so ridiculous that no one hardly even notices it.

In this video, please do watch the whole thing, you’ll see how feminists are now trying to get the UN to classify criticism of women as hate speech. If successful, this blog would be in the same category as a Nazi skinhead website. It really is ridiculous. If feminism is so great, it should be able to stand on its own two feet. Indeed, it should be able to be criticized over and over again and if it the best solution for women, it will withstand all criticism.

When your idea is bad, the only way to prevent its collapse is to ban the opposition from voicing criticism. Think the Soviet Union from World War II until the early 90’s. In what part of a free democratic world is it OK to silence opinions we don’t agree with?

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Frank and a few other guys have said that they agree that feminism has run a little too far left but that “not all women are like that,” and that there are a few (our Moms included) who are still quality women. I ask this: in 20 years are the women of America going to be better wives than they are now, or worse? Considering that they are already the World’s worst housewives, the only solution is to look abroad for marriage.

For those Men who haven’t been to Russia or Ukraine, all I can say is, “It should be your next destination when you have a work vacation.” Even if there are still some “nice girls” in America, you’ll be better off searching for a diamond in a diamond mine than digging in a coal mine.


… Inna, 25, from Ukraine, looking for a husband …


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Don't make fun of my Mom!
Beautiful Russian Women

20 thoughts on “Disagreeing with feminism is now Hate Speech

  1. In places like Sweden or Canada it’s already a crime to criticize feminism and everything related to it, be it political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, multiculturalism and other similar shit.
    If a Canadian males dares to differ, to have an own opinion, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example then he’s immediately labeled a “loser” and “the enemy of the Canadian state”! No kidding.
    No workplace will ever hire such a person and no female will ever go on a date with him. You can be as educated, smart, sporty as you want, but don’t you dare to have an own opinion and to differ from the mainstream!
    Western society needs robots, slaves, androids or puppets who’ll blindly follow the leader, never object anything they are being told and never dare to have an own opinion or to differ from the mainstream crowd.
    I can go on and on but it’ll be like beating a dead horse.
    And I obviously agree with the main message of the article: western males, please, do not waste your best years chasing mirages and phantoms in USA or Canada!! Get sporty and educated, get an ESL certificate and learn a foreign language yourself, save some money and leave North America behind for good! THIS will be the best decision of your life!!

  2. You fkg feminist pig. FU and your attempts to stifle our Freedom of Speech. FU and your fkg feelings. You are dog sh*t to me. I, along with all of my
    fellow Band of Brother’s (yes, I am a former 101st Airborne Div alumni, an elite US Army Division), risked our lives to allow the flame of freedom to burn without wavering. Kick off your crap to Russia and see who listens to you, and who actually cares about your “feelings.” See if you have ANY rights!

    The stupid fkg UN should be more focused on stopping the spread of terrorism, which ISIS is commanding the online battlefield with its use of social media to attract and indoctrinate. According to the US State Department, there were 13,463 terror attacks across the globe in 2014. That is roughly one attack every 40 minutes!!!!! Do you really believe that your pansy assed feelings are worth more than the lives being lost daily to terrorists?

    Again, to all feminists, I flick dog sh*t in your direction.

    I stomped feminism good bye when I moved to Ukraine and I flipped the bird at feminism when I married my beautiful Ukrainian wife.

    C’mon Western men. Grow a pair and tell all of these liberal feminazi’s to fk off by marrying a gorgeous foreign bride who will respect you, honor you and your children and love you.

    I’m with FC. I left the US 3+ years ago and have never looked back. Get your ass on a plane to EE and change your life!

    • You know, Rodney, it takes a lot of guts and courage to make a move. I have some military background myself thus ain’t afraid of leading the charge.
      Modern males are severely lacking those qualities in all aspects of life. They love their Starbucks Lattes, comfy life in front of a PC screen with porno handily and readily available at any given moment. Modern males will tolerate and accept everything feminazis throw their way while being scared to death to be labeled politically incorrect losers.
      1000s of males read this site daily. Guess how many are actually MAKING the move? A handful if not less.
      Don’t you get a feeling that we are asking too much from modern males and they somehow like the way things are these days?

      • Starbucks has always made my skin crawl for some odd reason. I can’t explain it. The place and the majority of the people that go there just seem fake or like sheeple. I grew up in the burbs (their target demographic) but for some odd reason I hate the f#cking place and most of the women that patronize the place.

    • Symbolically? I have a feeling that the ideas of feminism, political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring and multiculturalism have totally taken over the West thus permitting feminazis to dictate the UN and general public which laws, ideas, thoughts and visions are right and which are wrong!!
      The problem is that males are buying into all the BS and even promote or support it!

      • It is symbolism when the whole thing can collapse like the house of cards it is. It’s all about not shutting up against their likes.

        Just saw a beer commercial with two representatives of the current man/woman mess promoting some function that the beer maker puts on. The feminist and her enabler. Nothing like involuntarily throwing up in your mouth and tasting something better than what you are looking at.

        It makes me sad.

        • If there is a demand, there will be a supply! This is the law of the market.
          And of there is a demand for beer commercials like that one, then companies will gladly supply any baloney to please the needs of American/Canadian viewers.
          People have the power to say NO, but always seem very eager to say YES and accept consumerism over personality.

  3. Two thoughts after just watching that video again, actually, 3 thoughts;

    1. For all the guys that think feminism is good for our society, wake up!

    2. For the women who think that feminism is good for our society, wake up!

    3. UN & feminists:

    Western women Suck!

  4. When I was a kid
    “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”
    “sticks and stones are illegal weapons and any words spoken will hurt me and land you into prison”

    • And guess who is to blame for all this happening? Western males, who’ve allowed and accepted political correctness and other mainstream bullshit.

  5. Men must speak against the evils of feminism. Most men won’t. Men are hard-wired to help women even if it is to their own detriment. This is the way we are created. We must not get bitter in this battle gentlemen. If you do, it will seem to onlookers that you are the one with problem instead of the people who posses the poisoned ideology you are fighting. Uncontrolled emotions don’t belong to men, so leave them alone. I don’t believe leaving the US is a long-term solution. After all, your forefathers fought, bled and died for this country. If you chose to walk away you will always be a guest in another man’s country. If you want a foreign bride, bring her back to your country and maintain your frame as a masculine man. I refuse to be chased out of my own country by misguided women who are obviously brain-washed.

    • And what if I feel at home abroad and as a guest in my own country? What if I do not want to spend my entire life amongst politically correct morons, robots and slaves who obey everything they are being told by the mainstream media and the Master called “society”??
      Misguided brainwashed women? How about misguided brainwashed MEN who totally support and even promote the ideas of political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, multiculturalism?
      I do not want to be hitting the wall daily while attempting to “fight for the ideas forefathers were fighting for”.
      I do not feel like a guest in Eastern Europe with my world visions and personal values, but I DO FEEL like a guest in Canada, where anyone who dares to differ from the crowd of sheeple, to have an own opinion, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example is immediately labeled a “loser” and the “enemy of the Canadian state”.
      Look, here is another perfect example of what I’m talking about:

      She’s 41, ain’t got no kids. But does she want them?
      Quote from the profile: ” Do you want children? Undecided/Open ” END QUOTE.
      Who is she looking for? Check the header: “Skkyy: Special Knight with Admirable Qualities”.
      What’s her obvious workplace? ” Profession:
      Business Consultant & Project Manager ”
      And what about the pets? “Pets: Dog ”

      At 41, she has a mandatory DOG, works as a “project manager”, is looking for the “Knight with admirable qualities”. But is she willing to give anything back? Nope.
      Well, she’s “undecided/open” about it.
      If YOU want, you may stick with it, but I will NOT!

    • Hello John,

      Thanks for the contribution. I agree with your first two sentences, then after that, whew…..you went somewhere else, man.

      In my circle of family and friends (onlookers), I certainly don’t look like I have a problem to them. In fact, its quite the opposite. I am quite the envy. Living and traveling in Europe. Married to a beautiful feminine Ukrainian lady who gave us our baby. What problem do you see there?

      Scott and I have risked our lives in combat, along with our forefathers, to help keep peace in our country. Unlike many other countries in this world that are losing their citizens to war and strife, you get to sit in the comfort of your home, with no regard to what is happening thousands of miles away.

      And being an American, unlike Ukrainians, we are allowed to travel worldwide freely. That blue passport allows us to pass through many a Customs checkpoint. But Ukrainians cannot leave their own country, unless they are carrying the proper documents.

      I think you are an American who takes too much for granted. You’re lucky you were born in such an extraordinary country. You should be more thankful and understanding towards any man or woman, especially a Veteran, for what we’ve helped provide for you.

      With that, it is in my heart, that I gave my country its service that She deserves. I grant myself the dignity and the honor of living wherever the hell I want to, because by God, I earned it.

      I’ll give you one more tidbit John, before I close. Whenever we meet someone, we automatically judge them. If we meet someone from another region of our country, or from another country, as humans, we tend to generalize. For example, Germans are known for being pragmatic, great beer and schnitzels. We meet a few people from the same area and we start drawing some conclusive trends about them. When someone asks you, “what do you think of German people?” because you traveled or lived there, you are going to give a generalized answer. Its normal.

      Same goes for the opposite direction. You couldn’t ask for better Ambassador’s then Scott, FC and myself. When people from this part of the world meet us, they are making their conclusions about Americans/Canadians. Because we are good citizens, law abiding guests and married to a foreign bride, the walls of our hosts begin to come down and their perception of our countries is boosted. When they talk to their friends or family that they know an American/Canadian, more than likely we will be talked about in a good light. This is good for you John. If you ever travel in your future, perhaps you’ll be treated a bit better, because some brave Americans paved your way.

      So, it was quite ill-mannered of you to advise me to bring my bride to America. Why, so she can meet shallow people like you? No thanks. I am more happy than I’ve ever been in my life, but I am American and proud of it.

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