Beautiful Russian Women

Disagreeing with feminism is now Hate Speech
Saturday Satire: News on the brain

Russian yoga pants

… Russian Women, what’s not to love? …

Enough talk about all of this feminist business. You either realize that feminism has infected America (the West), or you don’t. If you don’t believe it, read some of the posts here. If you’re still not convinced, then good luck to you. If you are convinced, now what?

Now it is time to find a Wife outside of the West. Just this week my Wife was telling me that its getting worse and worse in Russia; the sanctions are crippling the country. The Russian people are going hungry, opportunities are drying up and a LOT of Russians (and Ukrainians) will migrate West in the next few years.

If you have thought about looking for a Wife East, it is time to start making plans. It is time to start getting your affairs in order. Alana commented that beautiful and educated Women are going to start migrating out of Russia. Women, who are high up in society and who wouldn’t “normally” consider leaving their homeland will in the next few years. Think lawyers, doctors, news anchors, business owners, etc. If there is no opportunity for a family in the East, many of these Women will look elsewhere.

Russian Woman in short shorts

… Facebook friend of a friend of mine …

Just before and after 9/11, I had a Mid-West girlfriend named Victoria. She was very pretty, auburn hair and deep marble blue eyes. She was adorable, my whole family loved her and she would do anything to make me happy. She wanted marriage and children and was very traditional in the way that I think of Russian Women are.

But there was just one thing wrong. She suffered from EGS, a widespread but relatively unheard of disease in America. While it affects millions, it is not acknowledged by most in the States. What Victoria had was Excessive Girth Syndrome. Actually, she wasn’t a stage 5 EGS, she was only stage 1. In a Mid-West environment, she was considered normal in size and when I complained to family that she was EGS, they looked at me in disbelief.

It wasn’t that she was overly overweight. She wasn’t. Yet. But she had almost no muscle tone. I remember once, sitting on the sofa and I squeezed her calf and I was surprised that (aside from the bone) about 80-90% of the mass was quite soft. In other words, all fat and no muscle. And the problem with this is that, these are the kinds of women who will put on 70 pounds during pregnancy, they’ll never lose it and they will never gain any muscle. They will just get larger and larger and you’ll be the miserable sexless married guy wondering what happened.

Russian Woman sunset

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… Russia, the land of firm and fit Women – they’re everywhere … another Facebook friend of mine …

There are thin, medium and even fat Women in Russia. The difference is that EVERY Russian Woman moves. They walk miles each day to the bus or train station, they walk in the park for recreation. They just move. If you like a “thick” Woman, Russia is also the place for you. Just realize that she will be stacked like a brick-house, not like a jelly doughnut.

Russian Woman yoga pants0

… there is a big difference between a Woman with the body of a fit model versus a woman with the body of a jelly-filled doughnut …

I took this photo (below) last summer. Just an “average” Russian Woman. What I’m always most impressed with is that the vast majority of Women in Russia have strong, muscular legs, chiseled calves, firm and flat stomachs and they dress in DRESSES and high heels. No frumpy sweat pants, no nose ring, no nasty tattoos up the neck and no loud pushy voices. It really is like stepping back to 1950.

If you’re thinking about marriage, this is what you want. What you don’t want is a woman who thinks that everything you own should be hers if she chooses to run off with the pool man.

Russian Woman walking red blouse

Now, before Frank & some of the other guys who read this blog who think I’m exaggerating begin to cry foul because there are “plenty” of great American women, and before anyone accuses me of bashing their Mom, let me go on record and say that in all my years in Russia (& Ukraine), never, never, never once did I see a woman who looked like this:

Sexy American woman

Yesterday I went to a Mid-West Walgreen pharmacy and the pharmacy tech was quite hot. I mean, she was Russia hot. I smiled, said hello, acted courteously. She never gave me eye contact, acted annoyed and didn’t even say “thank you,” after I paid. She is a 1 in 1,000 hottie, she knows that she is a rare commodity and it has gone to her head. She will forever think that no Man is good enough for her. She is the Queen of her state and every Man should bow to her rarity.

In Russia, she would be but a speck of sand on the beach.

If you want to pay the highest price for the lowest quality, continue shopping the US market. But, if you want to pursue a Woman in a large dating pool of hot and fit Women, you need to look East. You will find beautiful, fit Women who have REALISTIC expectations for their Man, for marriage and for Motherhood.

Your call. Good luck!


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Disagreeing with feminism is now Hate Speech
Saturday Satire: News on the brain

59 thoughts on “Beautiful Russian Women

  1. Yip. Those who cannot see what feminism has done and is doing to western society won’t ever see it. Fortunately we don’t need to argue or prove anything. Let them get married to those “not-so-bad” western women and if we’re right, they’ll get what’s coming to them. You can be ugly and do something about it but stupid is forever.

    As for me and everyone else who goes East for a girl, we reap the rewards.

    • Well said my friend.

      By the way, for those reading, I’ve seen photos of John Smith and family – have to say, the Wife is smoking hoot – you can take what he says as gospel.

  2. The last photo, is that a woman? Do you have a lot like this in America? I cannot believe that is normal. The women here (Sveden) act like men but at least they LOOK like women!

    • I work for a vendor that supplies grocery stores in the Midwest. I see at least 3-4 women like that a day in the stores. They all buy the same stuff-soda pop, potato chips, frozen pizzas. They rarely eat anything healthy and almost everything is prepared food so it makes you wonder if they can even cook.

      • Cooking skills of those “women” range from heating up a burger in a microwave to grilling some fat dripping meat on a BBQ. Anything beyond that is unknown to them.
        But WHY should they even try to cook and look feminine, when they have a line up of desperate and sex hungry males willing to do anything and go 10 extra miles to finally get that ever elusive access to a female pussy! And who cares if that pussy belongs to a land whale.

      • It is amazing to see it in person. Those that get around under their own power (i.e. walking) walk like a duck. Each forward motion of a leg also incorporates a sideways motion so that it can get past the other.

        In full disclosure, I used to weigh north of 250 lbs/114 kgs. I am now down to a more svelte 185 lbs/84 kgs for my 6ft/182cm height. Even at my heftier size I would look at others of the size Scott showed above and tell everyone I knew that if I ever get that big, just shoot me. Get it over with, since I won’t be long for this earth at that size.

        I do the only thing I can when I encounter them–ignore them. The same thing applies to encountering Scott’s other example. Nothing I do will change their self anointed position at the center of the universe. So why even try?

  3. You know, folks, I have to give you some kind of a warning (I’m talking to those who are in the planning phase of their trip too Eastern Europe):
    You shouldn’t expect EVERY Russian/Ukrainian female to look like Scott’s friend’s “Facebook friend”.
    No, you ain’t gonna get THAT kind of females around you. Yes, you might occasionally see those females around the city, BUT (and you can take my word on it) the attitude of those females will NOT differ much from the attitude of your western Ice Queens.
    Please, do not get your hopes up too high!! Be realistic and willing to take on the challenges. But do NOT expect to be surrounded by supermodels waiting to have non stop sex with you.

    • I wasnt looking for a supermodel. When I was 25 I just wanted an emotionally stable woman without 3 kids and loads of debt.all i could get were welfare queens with no education and no desire that bitched every time she had to cook or clean or give a bj or open up that clam. Defensive and agrueminative getting in you face for saying anything wrong.everytime I met a woman, I felt like I needed a magic trick or a stream of jokes to keep her attention because she had no desire to want to know about me. Anyone who was pretty with an education was hard to find. So, does russia or ukraine offer more or just the same?

        • Scott, it is truly any where in the world except the USA. Don’t get me wrong guys there are dead drop beautiful women in the USA- But that comes with a attitude. Not like in the Ukraine, or anywhere else. I was in Argentina for 90 days on business…and I pulled a neck muscle almost everyday…And nice..All you had to do was smile. Israel, Turkey, Polland, Germany…But Ukraine its OMG! in big letters!

          • PS- I am not bashing my mom or sister Just the rest of the 98% that are out there and single and looking…No Thanks! Been to Kharkov, Kiev, and Odessa…

      • What’s the point of fighting a phantom, a ghost?
        You can’t fight political correctness, affirmative action and feminism since they’ve taken over the minds of Americans and Canadians.
        How do you fight the mindset?
        Nope, I better let them all rot in their political correctness.

    • I remember getting on the subway in Moscow and thinking that 70% of the Women were hot enough for me to date.

      I go to the mall in the US and less than 5% is in my league.

      The ratio of hot women in Russia is much much higher than the US.

    • FormerCanadian, you really must go to Ukraine, and you’ll be really surprised. Because not only they are really beautiful, but very nice. And the cities (and not only Kiev or Odessa, but too L’viv, Rivne, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Poltava, Ivano Frankivsk, Mykholaïv, Zaporizhia), and their culture and traditions are very beautiful!
      About Russia, I prefer St Petersburg or Ekaterinburg than Moscow.

      • What??;))) I’ve been living in Russia and Ukraine during last 8+ years;)) My wife is Ukrainian;))
        You must’ve missed all my previous messages;)

      • Ivan, I think you are looking through slightly rose-tinted spectacles where the cities are concerned.
        Yes they have many nice parts, but don’t forget the commie-era apartment blocks where many people live – grey and shabby on the outside (although often the apartments themselves are quite respectable on the inside), the broken surfaces of the sidewalks (especially away from the main streets) and the potholed roads. Bright modern buildings rub shoulders with run down, semi-dilapidated structures in the same neighbourhood. And pollution is still an issue.

    • I”ve only just come across this website, although I have been reading similar websites for a long time. I know the score where Western women are concerned. And I agree with a great deal of what is written here, and elsewhere, about the state of Western women. I’ve been married to two of them, first for 14 years, second for a year. Not good. What I want to remind Western men is this: when you go to say Latvia, or wherever, to find a good woman, you are immediately at a disadvantage. The woman knows you are from, say Toronto, New York, Chicago, London, Sydney, or wherever, and because of the state of their countries, the playing field is severely uneven. You aren’t dating a woman who is staying in Latvia after you are married; you are dating a woman who wants to get out. At least when you date a Western woman, in say Los Angeles, or London, your home city, there is no bias or uneven playing field. She is not trying to get out of her country. And if she loves you, or falls for you, or whatever fucking politically correct term we have for it these days, you KNOW she wants you, not your passport/nationality status. Think about it. Think about it most carefully.

        • One thing I hear quite frequently is that Ukrainian/Russian/Eastern European women are only interested in Western men so that they can get the ticket out of their country to a better life; and once they’ve achieved that and got residency, they’ll dump the unfortunate man like a hot potato.

          While this doubtless does happen, Peter, you should not let it put you off looking for an Eastern European girlfriend/wife. They are not all desperate to leave their countries with the first rich Western man they find. They have family and friends at home and family ties are very important to them.

          There are a lot of genuine women out there – don’t let the naysayers (mainly those who have never tried) put you off trying to find the woman of your dreams.


            “Kiev isn’t some hidden enclave full of models desperate for Western guys. Quite the contrary. I’d say once you are dating a girl here it’s more of a challenge to take it a step further than with girls in the West.

            “Another myth, possibly perpetuated by the Ukrainian wife & dating industry, is that the women all wish to leave the country. Not one girl I’ve dated has expressed any desire to do so. They’ve all been happy exactly where they are.”

          • Many westerners think the world revolves around them. Many are shocked or refuse to believe otherwise when they travel and discover the truth. I know. It hurts.

          • NonBeduBedu, it’s been said multiple places on this site that most girls are not desperate tot leave their country and if they are, there’s an increased chance they are scammers. Those girls are just regular people (By regular, I mean anyone who is not a brainwashed feminist) too. Most people don’t want to leave their home countries or even home town unless they have a great reason for doing so such as meeting a worthwhile guy to marry.

  4. Great article Scott!
    — —
    “and before anyone accuses me of bashing their Mom, let me go on record and say that in all my years in Russia (& Ukraine), never, never, never once did I see a woman who looked like this:”
    — —
    That woman is revolting!
    My mom has a normal BMI and some people have even accused her of being too thin or vain because she (has every now and then) said she was going on a diet because she was getting too fat. Don’t forget she has a normal BMI!
    So what excuses do the women in their 20s and 30s have? None!
    As for the American princesses…
    — —
    “In Russia, she would be but a speck of sand on the beach.”
    — —
    Outside of the US (West) they probably wouldn’t get a second look.
    So yeah, we’ve talked about the bad news, it’s time to focus on the good news.

  5. I read Scott’s post and the comments with interest and would like to add some observations and thoughts of my own. I am writing this in a café in Zaporozhye in Ukraine, waiting to meet my girlfriend on her lunch break. This is my 4th visit to this city and my 12th to Ukraine.

    After reading Scott’s post, I paid particular attention to the local women while I was walking here this morning. There were tall, slim women and large, well-built women and a variety of shapes and sizes in between, but nowhere was there an obese one, like in the photo. At home in the Channel Islands, you will see examples of Homo obesiensis on his or her shopmobility scooter – I regularly meet a friend for coffee in one of the local Costas, and we often see the likes of the example in the photo. How would anyone want to be with someone like that? (Of course there are those who are evidently suffering from a medical condition, but that’s another matter).

    You should be clear that not every single Eastern European woman is “stunningly beautiful” (a lot do not have good complexions – the result of the stressful living conditions here, I guess), but at the very least they are feminine and behave like a feminine woman should. If not stunningly beautiful, there are many, many women here who are very attractive and elegant. And they always dress well and make themselves attractive for their man – you should, no must, do the same; they will compliment you on your appearance.

    I am especially reminded of how elegant my beautiful girlfriend is when I take her shopping (and she doesn’t go for the most expensive item on offer – she is more than happy with items that are reduced in a sale; that doesn’t mean you should stint, however). She is a real pleasure to take shopping – unlike my experience of going clothes shopping with Western women, there is none of the “does this (dress, for example) make me look too fat?”, “No dear, you look great/fine”, “You mean I’m too thin!” etc etc.

    Now to Former Canadian’s warning – I totally agree with this comments. The “stunningly beautiful” women know that they are stunningly beautiful, especially in the big cities, and they can afford to be choosy. And do not come to Eastern Europe expecting to have sex on the first night; it might not even happen on your first visit. These women are in many cases worried about “sex tourists” – you need to prove to them that you are not.

    You have to be prepared for a long haul, to make a deep commitment to the relationship. It will be difficult and expensive (the travelling especially), and there will be ups and down. The very evening I arrived, my girlfriend suffered a personal tragedy – I am just glad that I was able to be here for her.

    Good luck and have courage!
    Zaporozhye 01 February 2016

    • Yeaaaaaah right, Sinclair! Damn spot on!
      Many western males make a mistake looking for a “fast sex” after arrival to Eastern Europe. They want it all and they want it now after years and years of abstinence thus they rush into the sins of night clubs, bars, pubs, discos etc and are ready to have sex with anyone.
      And after a few failures they may be again very disappointed.
      Males, do not rush things, take it easy, enjoy the ambience, enjoy the change of scenery! Sex will come but let it come naturally, do not force anything!

    • “and she doesn’t go for the most expensive item on offer – she is more than happy with items that are reduced in a sale”

      She’s a keeper. I’d appreciate a woman who looks out for sales. But it seems to me that over here in the US, going out “shopping” almost always involves a visit to high end or otherwise pricey stores. I’m sure those sort of woman are also the sort that get embarrassed if they are seen in the clearance section.

      • Don’t think that Russian Women don’t like to shop. I’ve had to make budget adjustments because my Wife likes to shop.

        But she doesn’t shop indiscriminately, she likes nice clothes, she buys them, and wears them, sometimes for many seasons. “I’d rather buy a nice piece of clothing and wear and enjoy it for 10 years than buy cheap clothes every year.”

        There are differences between sweat pants and nice clothes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

        • Many Russian/Ukrainian women know how to find a diamond in the coal mine in terms of dresses. They can make a “designer” dress from something very simple purchased at a so called “Second Hand” store. And sweat pants coupled with flip flops still bring me nightmares even after 8+ years since my departure from Canada….

          • OMG! That photo says it all! You’d have to be pretty desperate, that’s all I can say.
            I was sitting in the MOST shopping mall here in Dnepropetrovsk with my girlfriend yesterday afternoon – we were eating sushi and passing time before the start of the film we were going to see.
            I was looking around at the women and in general you would probably find a similar range of attractiveness in a mall or shopping centre in, for example, London.
            There are many attractive women in many cities in the world, but I think it’s what’s beneath the skin of many of the women in Eastern Europe that makes them among the most attractive

          • Don’t forget the crocs instead of flip flops.
            Do you know what the holes are for in crocs? It’s where your dignity leaks out

        • Mine is certainly not indiscriminate. I’ve just spent a nice weekend in Dnepropetrovsk (stayed in the Hotel Kaspiy on Shevchenka Str for the second time – can highly recommend it if any of you guys ever in this neck of the woods).
          We went shopping today and amongst other things she wanted some shoes, but we went to several stores before she found what she wanted and by no means did they break the bank. She commented that it was not necessary to pay stupid amounts of money for a pair of shoes.
          Yes they like to shop and it’s true that you have to adjust your budget accordingly, but they don’t waste your money.

          • To talk about my search for beach shoes.As I did not bring them , because , I was already on the weight limit , for my Luggage.

            We did go to several stores , on several days , to look for some good quality shoes.

            Even to the outskirts of the city center.While there were some shops, close to the center , that had some , she did not approve of the quality.

            Yes , it was cheap stuff from China.For 1 day at the beach , I would not have mind.
            But , when something will break , it is going to be , very hard , to try to walk , normally with them.

            Finally , we did find a good quality shoes.But , then , the weather was not so good , for a visit at the beach.

            Well , according , to their standards.For me , it would have been just fine.Anyway , next time , I do not need to worry , for these shoes.


  6. “No frumpy sweat pants”

    Sweat pants are by far one of the ugliest things a woman could possibly wear but they are abundant on my college campus (I’ve already given up on Western woman at my age haha). Comfy? Probably. Attractive? Not at all but I doubt they even care! One time, I did see a woman wearing skirts and boy, was she attractive and the skirt made all the difference compared to the other woman around her. It stood out and in a positive way. In today’s Western society however, a feminist might throw a tantrum if I were to compliment that woman’s appearance.

    But the fact that gender studies is a thing on my campus as in many answers all questions I have. Now, before I’m called a misogynist, let me just say I’ve got no problem with woman studying if they want to. It just saddens me when they forego a family for career. Even some of my guy friends are willing to forego family for career and “fulfilment” and such.

  7. Hi Scott

    I’m fairly new to your blog. I started reading it about 2 weeks back. It’s seriously given me hope that perhaps I’ll find the right person, just not in the states. I thought I’d send you a sample of a reply a got a couple weeks ago from a girl I messaged on OKC. It was the catalyst that made me find your site. She was blonde, pretty face, a tad overweight, but compared to most of the women I had seen she was probably at the high end of the spectrum of beauty. Having been on OKC and Match the last two months I really started to lower my expectations. Finding a beautiful woman that was actually in shape and halfway decent looking was rare enough. Having them respond was like winning the lottery, even with the most humorous well thought out messages I was capable of. I really thought the problem was me. I honestly figured a good looking woman might appreciate a man that took care of himself physically and was definitely not bad to look at – oh and has a great job, and likes to travel, and is serious about a long term relationship and having a family. You’d think I was a catch! Wrong. Well, at least in California it’s wrong. Anyway, I actually got a respose from this girl, and this is what she wrote…

    “Hi Steven,
    I think we could probably get a long except for one thing…I really don’t try to be healthy and stay in shape. If that’s something you value a lot, then I wish you well. If you can let me be lazy and eat candy, then…how has your weekend been?

    Yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking. WTF? Incredibly, when I first got the message I was actually grateful. Grateful that this girl bothered to respond. That’s how low my confidence and hopes had fallen. And for a moment, just a moment, I actually thought “Ok, well, it’s not that bad a message right? What else is really out there anyway? Maybe I should just respond”.

    Luckily after I took a few moments to think about it, I got really annoyed. Seriously? Is this what women are like these days? In researching that question I was lead to your site, and I can only laugh about the whole thing now. I joined Elena’s Models at your suggestion and also Russian Cupid about two weeks ago. It’s simply amazing the difference. Almost all of them are beautiful and have a sophistication and wisdom far beyond anything I have found on OKC or match. And they actually respond! How refreshing. The only problem so far has been weeding out the fake profiles, which are pretty obvious and luckily are very few. But when I do speak to a real woman, they are so much more…well real. They are hopeful, generally optimistic, and serious about meeting the right person. It’s such a relief to get away from the narcissism of American women.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your site. Please keep up the great work. And your article is spot on!


    • Steven,

      Thanks for your message. It really made my day.

      Yes, I was once like you. I was desperate and I thought that I was the problem. And then I went on a backpack trip from Germany to Poland, then Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States and then to Russia. I had at least 4 Women who wanted me to come back to be their boyfriend. They were feminine and had SO much to offer.

      That trip was in 2002 and I wrote off American women that year. I’m so glad and I’ve never looked back.

      I think the hardest part you’ll find is choosing the right Woman for you. You’ll find that there are a lot of 70% and 80% matches and I urge you to be VERY selective. Don’t go for the first thing that seems to “work.” Really, hold out for the Woman that dots all of your i’s and crosses all of your t’s. Choose a Woman that will engage you for the rest of your life.

      In the meantime, plan some trips over and have fun dating.

      Good luck to you and be sure to post back some updates as to how you’re doing. Better yet, sign up at the forums and post some updates there. We really should use the forums more often as they work well for different subjects, much better than the comments on these posts.

      Good luck to you!


    • Oh yeah, and one more thing – and this advice goes to all of the guys here – go back to page one of this blog and read EVERY post I’ve written. I’m in a different place now than I was when I started. Now I’m a married Man with a Russian Wife and 1/2 Russian Daughter. But, when I started this blog, I was a blind Man in a big room with no guide. Read some of the earlier posts, they will help you a lot.

      *** Edit to add: that being said, I just added the link “Very first post” to the top main header of the website for anyone who wants to read from the beginning.

      • Thanks Scott. I have been reading a lot of the posts on your site, and taking all your advice and tips seriously. I understand it is a whole new world I am stepping into and will try to take in all your lessons learned to heart. I will keep you updated on my progress.


    • Hi Steven ,

      If this is all she wrote to you , I wouldn`t have been happy with the reply.

      The egoism and ego-centricity (if that is the right word) , is dripping from this tekst.
      She is only saying , what she wants (to do).And then she asks you , if you want to let her , do that.

      Never is there a question , about what you feel , or what your vieuw is , on this.
      She didn`t even asked you , what is important for you.

      So , in the end , you 2 can get along , but probably , on her own terms.To me , it sounds , like an acquaintance , bound for disaster.


  8. The subject matter is beautiful Russian women. We all agree on that. And most of us agree that we won’t settle for a western minded woman. As for myself, it was all about finding a Ukrainian lady who was more interested in family than my bank account. And now, nearly 4 years later, my beautiful wife is just as loving and sweet as the day I met her. Now, I can affirm that my past US relationships, where the female was good for a year or two and then became someone I couldn’t bear to be with, as they seem to “change.” Was it I that had changed? No, pretty sure it wasn’t me. I was still the same romantic, giving guy when I had met them, but American chicks, just seem to endlessly want more, which I could not always or wanted to give.

    Here’s an immediate example of having a Ukrainian wife. While writing my comments, I asked my wife for a tuna fish sandwich. Kind of messy right? While in a gorgeous and sexy summer dress, she promptly pulled out the ingredients and brought to me a delicious, toasted sandwich. Now, what would have an American wife said or done? Probably would have laughed and said, “make your own because I don’t feel like it because I have a headache,” or she wouldn’t have been home because its a Sunday, I am off of work, and she could go out shopping and “get away” from the child for awhile. Am I right? Its small and simple stuff, but believe me, it adds up over the years, until you are sick and tired of the shit. Ukrainian wives are all about their husband and baby(ies). And that’s what keeps me home and interested, because her love for me is never in doubt.

    What’s another reason to marry a Ukrainian (besides super hotness and sexiness)? Because American feminists have killed the family nucleus. I’ve talked about my theories in past comments. That theory being, “Why is there is so much violence in the US being committed?” I.E, I live in Germany now, and we are not reading on a daily basis on the senseless shootings and murders of innocent victims, like the recent shooting of Christina Grimmie, a contestant from the Voice. WTF? Every damn day this occurs in the US, but you don’t read this very often that a German citizen is senselessly killing innocents. My theory is based on the fact that American children are being raised by strangers in day care centers. The American mentality is making money and accumulation of material shit. Damn raising your kids. Scott has talked about this while observing Housewives of Orange County in a Starbucks.

    And now some fact: I am copying comments from a Time interview with British parenting guru, Penelope Leach.

    TIME: Your new book is called “When Parents Part.” Why does a child care expert take on divorce?
    LEACH: We have now reached a point where fewer than half of kids leaving high school will still have their parents living together. If we knew for sure that up to half the nations’s children were going to suffer something damaging, we’d be moving heaven and earth to to something about it. This is a big issue that we just are not taking seriously – because we hate it, it’s horrible.
    TIME: Are you adamant that parental separation always hurts kids?
    LEACH: Almost always.

    Rodney: thank you feminists of the world. I have said it before how much you are hurting our youth with your blind, selfish and bloated egos. Even a child care expert will not change your behaviors, because I know its set in stone. For guys out there that want a serious and happy family, leave the American feminist-minded ladies alone. You’d better come East before the day arrives that they too, have become our worst nightmare. Go to the smaller towns, you’re chances are much higher.

    Last observed fact: the couples that I helped to match with my Ukrainian marriage agency, are still married. Nearly all have surpassed their 2 year mark. To me, this is the green card test. In many cases, the “green card enthusiasts,” will file their divorce papers after receiving their green card (2 years of marriage). To my knowledge, all couples are happy and flourishing.

    • Thanks for sharing Rodney. Most men in the west would probably have a greater chance of getting struck by lightening than getting that sandwich they requested hassle and attitude free. The green card period still beats many of the typical SoCal marriages.

      • Ain’t that the truth Seeker. Back in SoCal, I have an acquaintance who was married to a Russian lady with 2 sons. At the 2 year mark, she left him and secured her green card. Her oldest son, who was 14 years old when he came with his mom to the US, got married a couple of years ago, and promptly had 2 kids. His FB page yesterday showed he was divorced.

        My point, we need better models of marriage, so that our kids don’t think that it’s just so easy to do.

  9. um…everyones calf is soft if not flexing. moron. unless she never walks, her calves were certainly 100% muscle, as everyone elses.

    • Spoken like someone who has never felt a muscular body in their life. Why don’t you put another donut in your mouth, sip that 48 ounce coke and smile at the wife like creature next to you that resembles Jabba the Hut. Sure, her calf has the consistency of lard in a plastic sack. There is a difference between a toned body that is relaxed and a flabby body that is also relaxed.

      That you don’t know the difference tells volumes.

      • LOL! Same for ass and the rest of the body….most non-western girls have seriously firm asses and bodies even when they have curves. I have seen 30/40 something MILFs and even older (grandmas) in Latin America that would put many western 20 somethings to shame.

        • I’m a professional water sports instructor with years and years of experience. It means that I know a little bit about muscles, workouts and sports.
          Muscle tissue always feels kinda soft when relaxed but it’s very possible to tell the difference when touching a trained relaxed muscle vs. a relaxed muscle which has never gone through any kind of a workout.
          The problem is that western male sheeple will desperately continue to look for any kind of excuses instead of calling fat-fat, obese-obese and morbidly obese-morbidly obese, without the touch and disguise of a political correctness.

  10. Just wondering! Though Russian and Eastern European women are Slavs, they are still very similar to the Caucasians of Western Europe and North America. All the stories have been about Caucasian men and Slavic women. Are these Slavic women also interested in other ethnicities/races like the Indians, Asians, and Blacks? Have you met or heard of any Slavic women resident in the US (citizens/permanent residents including born in the U.S.)? If so, are they like their home women in Russia and Eastern Europe or are they similar to Western women?

    • My Wife has university friends, one married an Egyptian Man (she’s very happy) and another married an Iranian Man (very happy) and another married a Spanish Man (very happy). I have a buddy who is Chinese-American and he married a Polish Woman many many years ago, just after the wall came down. They’re quite happy.

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