NOT allowing your Wife to sleep with other Men is sexist

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If I haven’t presented enough evidence that feminism has run amok in the West, I bring you yet another example of the lunacy of this social disease. As I look at the transgenderification of our society, the vilification of Men and so many women turning to radical feminism and lesbianism, I can’t help but wonder if our society will exist into the next generation. For many families, it will not.

This is a shame. If you think about it, your grandparents, and their grandparents, and so on, go back thousands of years. If you become a nose-ring wearing feminist tree hugger and you decide against having a family, you have, in efffect, ended the long chain of your family tree. I see so many young women saying that the planet is “overpopulated” and that we don’t need any more children. And then they promptly fly to Uganda to help the families who can’t cope because they have too many children.

Only in our messed up society would we applaud such stupidity. Yet, even the Hollywood elites are falling victim to this foolishness.

Charlize Theron

… Charlize Theron and adopted child …

While I can applaud those who can’t have children of their own who go out and adopt children, choosing to not have children and instead to go a third world country to raise someone else’s spawn is just dumb.

Sandra Bullock and son Louis

… Sandra Bullock and adopted child …

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The liberalization of our culture has taught us to take care of everyone except ourselves. And it will result in the destruction of Western Society.

Well Men, it is time to take care of yourself. No one else cares about you or your hapiness. The courts don’t care. Feminists don’t care. American society doesen’t care if you’re happy. They want you to do “the right thing” wherein you marry some crazy American woman who will turn on you, take you to ass rape court and soon will owe all of your stuff. Worse yet, you’ll owe her payments for the rest of your life.

Or do the right thing by raising and paying for someone else’s kid. Doing the right thing means not having your own family. The world has too many people after all.

Do I exaggerate? No, I don’t think that I do.

Have a look at this video. If it isn’t EVERYTHING that is wrong with Western society and feminism, I don’t know what is.

Yes, you heard that right. You know you’re a feminist when you’re happy that your Wife is getting plowed by every Tom, Dick, and Harry in town.

Geez. You can’t make this shit up.

Am I the only one that thinks this is insane?

In Russia, I asked every Woman I met, “What would you think of a Man who allowed his Wife to have sex with multiple partners?”

The answer was overwhelmingly: “He’s a pussy. He doesn’t deserve to have any Woman.”

There it is. Why are you even looking at American women? Get over to Russia or Ukraine as fast as you can. Don’t ever ever think of marrying an American woman.

And for some of the “regular readers” here who are naysayers, “American women aren’t so bad,” or “Don’t make fun of my Mom.” Have  a watch of that video. Then go back and watch it again. And then post your comments.


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Saturday Satire: News on the brain
I'm very ambitious

51 thoughts on “NOT allowing your Wife to sleep with other Men is sexist

  1. I was thinking about these people who complain about this site because they say their mommy is a good person. I think that’s pretty weird. We’re talking about finding a girlfriend/wife and they talk about their mother? That’s some sick Freudian shit right there. Good for them that their moms are good people, but a romantic relationship is starkly different and brings starkly different things out of a person.

  2. You’re really not the only one who has been shocked by this video and this way of life, and that’s why I really hate many american women’s way of life and really love east european way of life (and particularly Ukrainian way of life). Because a real and serious Ukrainian or Russian woman will do all to save her couple, while many american women and west europeans women will quit his man for too many little (and not so serious) things and reasons! Because a real and serious Ukrainian or Russian woman have the will to build and keep a strong family and will really help his man to have the best, and will do her best for his man and children, as his man and children will do the best for her. While west european women and american women are really become too selfish!
    So, the sense of family, the beautiful traditions and a very strong community and a very strong identity are really what I like in Ukrainian women and Ukrainian communities. They keep a strong civilization, while many american and east european women become decadent!

      • Don’t worry, no one is perfect ;-)

        Met four French people at lunch today. The waiter could only speak Spanish (no English) and the French couldn’t speak Spanish so I was an ad-hoc go between.

        One of them asked me, “Do you speak French?” to which I replied, “Sorry, no. Unfortunately, I’m from an uncultured country.” That got a laugh out of all of them.

  3. That man is not a feminist but a cuckold.

    This is a strange world indeed.

    A western man is considered sexist if he refuses to clean, cook, and sleep in bed alone while his wife has sex with other men.
    While in other parts of the world the wife and the other men would be fortunate if they were not six feet under.

    As for the idiots that are more than capable of producing and supporting large families composed of their own DNA but are busy taking care of others (I heard this somewhere and I guess it is true) nature gets rid of what it does not need anymore.

    • well;)) I do clean and I do cook;) We share this with my wife cause occasionally she might be busy with her fitness instructing schedule.
      Though I’d never allow my wife to have sex with other males not she’ll ever even think about it. ;)
      Ain’t nothing bad in a male who knows how to clean the house and to cook a nice meal for a family;)

      • Hey FC!
        Well everyone knows the best chefs, short order cooks, BBQ and grill (yes there is a difference between the two!) masters are usually men. I can cook very well myself but I just hate the cleaning up part. Ha! Ha!

  4. Seeing the reason why the feminist movement was born, I understand why American women refuse to get married. However, trying to get a child to adopt in going to be a paradox of the feminist movement. Afterwards, women will be obliged to give up their movement against men

    • The answer is probably NO! The roles are reversed from 70 plus years ago — I’m not advocating that men cheat on their wives either. He’s allowing it to happen because he’s a wimp — not condoning violence but he should seriously stand up for himself. Could you see this happening in a macho culture where a man would allow his wife or even his girlfriend if he’s not married to sleep with other men? I could not.

  5. OK, here is the deal. I’m one big mothafucker and will say some politically incorrect things now;)
    Adopting black or Asian children is a FASHION TREND in North America these days. It’s like:” Look, I went to Uganda, worked 6 months in a remote village and decided to adopt a black kid whom I’m gonna “flash” with every opportunity given to me when I come back to America/Canada.”
    It’s a FASHION TREND, folks! It’s trendy, it’s a mainstream to “flash” a black child!!!! Nobody really cares about the child! They care about some “good” words they are gonna hear from the folks around them. And the child? Oh, it’s just a toy, a symbol, a fashion thing.

    American males have ONLY themselves to blame for the current states of things! They’ve accepted and even promoted values like political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring, tolerance, feminism and multiculturalism thus they have NO right no complain NOW! They got what they DESERVE!!!
    And if they do not have guts and will power to pack their bags and leave North America behind for good then just let them rot in this feminist shit.

    • It’s exactly like women who declare on their dating site profile that the most importants things are their own passions and to save the world than to really search the man of her life with whom they wanted to marry, with whom they wanted to found a real family, being with her husband the real biological parents of their children (and not adopt one because it’s fashion) and really grow their own biological children! Really pathetic

      • It’s funny. Since FC is sending us the POF links are started to look at the profiles of the young women (I chose a European country to do a search) and noticed a trend.
        Western women that are not religious or traditional usually do not want kids, strange enough some of them already have children.
        Western women that are religious or traditional are usually open to the idea of having children or undecided.
        Non-western women (from anywhere) or the children of immigrants (many are from an Islamic background) whether they were very religious or not, definitely want to get married and have their own children.

    • Well even Black and Asian comedians have been cracking jokes about that trend for years. It’s not like the women are marrying Ugandan or Cambodian men and the kids are their biological children. Some these women are not married either, anyone knows a two parent (man and woman) household is the best option. Plus there are many domestic minority children (in my opinion) that should be adopted first over foreign children — strange the government is approving the adoption of Ugandan children over a children from Detroit or Chicago.

  6. When this guy says he knows he’s a feminist it sounds like what he’s really done is made a decision it’s a good idea for his wife to live her life solely motivated by hedonism with no moral compass to restrain her in any way.

    • you gotta just come to the realization that most Men aren’t in the same boat, and never will be: they will live their entire lives in the West. Some will leave, but most will not. The only best hope that Men have, those who remain in the West, is to find and meet an Eastern European Woman and bring her back to the US (or other Western country).

      Your case is the exception, not the rule. Not even the average.

  7. Thanks for that comment about most men not being able to the the West Scott. I don’t believe it is necessary to leave America and you and many friends of mine are living proof. It is up to American men to find a loving, loyal lady from EE or SA and bring her here. Men like these wimps who let themselves be cuckolded are programmed by feminism and are people pleasers. Men in America need to say NO to these women and stop being so desperate for female attention. I would never allow my future wife to sleep with another man. It is either him or me and there is no options. Male behavior is standing up for what you believe in. It’s not running away or saying it is ok to be treated like crap because your wife is poly-amorous. It’s simple guys: Learn to say NO to women and stand up for yourselves. You don’t need to run to another country. Bring her to the USA and be a man. That means you can’t care about results after you put your foot down with her. If she smells weakness, she will fleece you for all you’ve got. Watch “Taming of the Shrew” with Richard Burton for lessons on how to handle women. Boys run and men take charge.

    • The problem is that American males still NEED to do something (learn; get courage; etc) in order to do such a simple thing as saying NO to a female.
      A real man should never have ANY problems with saying NO to male, female, android, robot, UFO captain or anyone else for this matter.
      Another problem is that it’s impossible to live in a society and not feel the impact of the society, mainstream ideas and visions, politically correct propaganda and other shit, big or small.
      Yes, one can marry an Eastern European girl and take her over to USA or Canada. But what happens next? Will YOU feel comfortable living amongst politically correct and indoctrinated brainless slaves, robots, puppets and sheeple?
      I never felt comfortable living with Canadian sheeple. Thus my decision to leave Canada for good.
      And I have serious doubts that merely bringing an Eastern European wife to North America is a solution to all the problems facing modern North American male.

      • “it’s impossible to live in a society and not feel the impact of the society, mainstream ideas and visions, politically correct propaganda and other shit, big or small…”

        explain that to the Mormons, the Mennonites, the charismatic Protestants, Muslims, Amish…

        it is not impossible at all.

        Take a look at some of the minority groups in the US that keep a distinct separation from the mainstream:


        For 99% of Men, it simply “isn’t going to happen” for them to leave their home country: family, work, home, etc.

        I know a LOT of guys in the US who are happily married to Russian Women and their Wives don’t try to fly off the feminist handle every time Oprah comes on TV.

        Will it take extra work to keep your daughters and sons from becoming feminists? Yes. Is it possible to turn off the TV? Hard to believe, but, yes it is.

        • Good points, Scoot, but I still kinda both agree and disagree with what you say.
          You mention Mormons, Mennonites, Jew or Muslims as an example of a society within a society. But what about an average Joe who ain’t got no ties with religion? How is he supposed to live?
          Minority groups ain’t no example, I feel that they are excluded from the US society. Is it a good thing? I doubt it.
          I do not dispute the fact that there ARE in fact America males married to Russian females who live in North America and have a happy family.
          What I am disputing in the quality of such a life. ;) It impossible to live in the society and do not feel the impact of the society!
          One still has to interact with people and authorities around.

          • How is he supposed to live? Not tied to what is trendy and cool and what society expects of him. He should be driven ONLY by what makes him happy.

            If you marry a foreign Woman and bring he to the West, and you are a strong Man and she’s not a tramp, you’ll be fine. It will be work, but you can make it work.

      • My Ukrainian language teacher is from Kyiv. She moved her 8 years ago with her Ukrainian husband. It is interesting to see how she has retained her values. But other women in the Ukrainian Community groups (she invited me to come) are westernized. You can see it and hear it in them.

        Our society here has completely screwed up many things. It is a running joke here, that when a man gets married her turns in balls over to his wife. WTF!!!

        FC I land there in the 2nd of April. One never realizes how much crap we have, until trying to get rid of it all HAHA!!!

        Best advise to any man wanting to make a better change in their lives. Let your WW take your crap, sell everything else, pack your cloths and get the hell out of North America.

        Joke I heard some time ago.
        Husband do not die early. They kill themselves to get away from their bitch western wives.

        • Hey Bryan,

          Go get ’em. Happy that you are following your heart to live the dream. Yup, I came out of a 2 story house and downsized to an apartment in Ukraine. Still have stuff in storage in CA. It took me a couple of weeks to sort things out and ask all my friends what they wanted to buy from me, as I was emptying the house out. Made for great cash in the pocket when I went to Ukraine.

          By the way, the downsizing thing was really nice. Less stress, less bills.

          Best of luck to you. Keep sending your posts. I believe you are the new Pioneer for the men who decide to go to EE and find their other half.

          • Rodney, I will let you and FC know when I am back in Ukraine. Going to be very soon.

            I did meet a man there last time from NY. Reached out to him and he gave me the name of a Lawyer, with Offices in NY, Kyiv and Moscow. I have spoken to him about a resident/work permit. He requested some documents from me and going to assist with the process. He is telling me the process is not the difficult and has his people there in Kyiv working on the process now. Crossing my fingers.

          • Hey Brian,

            Check out this lawyer’s background carefully and ask to see proof of his docket and successful cases with Resident Permits. I, too, had met a “lawyer” in Kiev, who said he could help get the same. Bogus. Everyone is trying to make a buck. He was English though.

          • I checked him out good. Met him in NY, when I was up for business there. He is from the US, worked for the Embassy, met a lady there from Sumy.

            They are running a background check on me, which is required by Ukraine Gov, to make sure I am not a bad guy. Has not cost me anything, he told me just the filing fees. He will be back in Kyiv in April, so we will meet and handle the Government cost there together. He is just happy like the rest of us to find someone. I got his whole life story and 3 other marriages to US women. HAHA!!!

          • Bryan, looks like I’m still gonna be in Ukraine when you arrive here! If you need any help, information, assistance or whatever after your arrival-just e-mail me and I’ll be there to help!

  8. Great points Scott. I even have a couple friends who home school their kids. These kids can carry a conversation, have good manners and one has his own internet business. If you bring a foreign woman who has good character traits she is not going to all of a sudden become a promiscuous, fat, materialistic skank. You could drop me in Russia and I’m not going to become a vodka guzzling communist either.

    • Of course I do not mind you asking. I’m an open book.
      The answer is YES, we do have a relocation in plans for our family in the near future. We have several reasons for that. I can elaborate if you are interested.

      • Thanks FC. I believe you said you were living in Crimea. For our honeymoon in 2013, we went to Yalta and had a fantastic time.

        My question is: did you live in Crimea prior to the annexation? And if so, how have things changed (power shortages I get)? With such a start regime change, I was just wondering how things panned out?

        If an American were living there as you are, would the American be given a hard time by the new regime?

        Are you relocating due to the changes?

        What country are you relocating to?

        I miss Ukraine, but oddly my wife doesn’t. I believe she sees a clean country here in Germany with nice roads, infrastructure and security (no looming war). This is the main reason we haven’t gone back, is due to the instability. Her dad told us not to come back, which is ironic, because he was very upset I was taking his daughter to another country.

        Wherever you are going FC, I wish you the best.

          • OK, Bryan! Feel free to e-mail me your phone number, NOOOO problems.
            Yes, we are thinking of relocating. You may find the reasons in the message above.

          • Oh, looks like the reasons are in the message BELOW;)) Sometimes this site is strange with the placement of replies;))

        • Right now I’m in North Western Ukraine, close to Kiev. ;)
          There are several reasons why we would like to move.
          It’s getting harder and harder to conduct business, the country itself is getting more and more indoctrinated and disorganized, tourism is becoming a rare commodity with no people from Belarus or Russia are being allowed to enter Ukraine. But the worst is the fact that a lot of young, able bodied and educated people have left Ukraine for good since 2014. One has to live here to feel the difference in the way people think now. Sometimes it feels that people got uneducated overnight and returned to some kind of a ” stone age”.

          • She brought up Poland. A company, JAMFSoftware is looking for someone in Katowice, PL, but not sponsoring right now. I briefly looked at permit for Poland and without a sponsor, this will be a pain.

            Sad to see, things there are not very good. Seems like the young people left are wanting the easy life and the corruption is still a big issue there. There are some people trying to improve things, but still too many people wanting things to be given to them.

            I will email you my number, when I arrive.

          • I beg to disagree a bit, Bryan!
            A lot of people who leave Ukraine for good, do not want an easy life and money handouts.
            Like our family, they want stability, the rule of law, opportunity to develop as a person and a personality, good future for their kids, normal salary for work being done and a lot of other natural and normal things.
            Like our family, they do not want the star in the sky, but they still do not want to live on a 100$ per month while working long hours and having a university education.
            There is a lot more to it. May be one day I’ll elaborate.

            Sure, feel free to e-mail me at any time! It’ll be my pleasure to help!

  9. It’s stomach- turning, in itself, that the article’s writer felt that he had to consult with women to make the point that serial- adultery is wrong. And that, within his apparent attempt to make a larger point that men shouldn’t submit to what women want. Even when Caucasian men attempt to act like normal men, they still act like pussies. How ironic. And it’s clear that ‘my’ Caucasian race never will change. The men always will remain pussies and the women always will remain butch. The only reason that the Caucasian race has been considered the superior race is that Caucasians, themselves, have promoted the belief out of empty arrogance. As a fellow Caucasian, I take no pleasure in stating that. In fact, doing so often brings me to tears. But the obvious truth is that Asians are the superior race. It’s not by nature, but is by nuture. So it’s not a racist statement. They now are even the fastest- growing Christian population. By the way, I’m a former Anti- feminist activist. So the above revelations are from years of experience combating current American gender roles. There honestly is nothing left to say about those. They’re irreversible. The only solution is to move out of America. That may sound dramatic, but it’s the only solution that’s effective. Unlike most others on here, I’m in the business of promoting and doing what’s effective. It’s your only life. If you want a normal wife and children, and to live happily ever after, then you must move out of America. You can see that we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. America quickly has turned into a horror show. So you must get out while you still can.

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