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NOT allowing your Wife to sleep with other Men is sexist
Five reasons to visit Ukraine


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I’m going to have to credit this post to longtime reader Former Canadian.  A guy who is just so sick and tired of Western feminism that he abandoned his homeland and fled to the east.  Good for you!  Now, I know that not everyone can break away (at least for now – before you’re retired), it does give some food for thought.  Especially for those who tele-commute.  Really, if you can work from any place, why not move closer to the diamond mine?

I’ve long made comparisons between Eastern and Western women and the more I go back and forth between Russia and Midwestern America, the differences are so obvious that even Ray Charles could see them.  For those of you have have been on this site for a while, its like beating a dead horse.  For first time or newer readers, you have to get some new concepts down:

1. You aren’t the problem.

If you are an “average” American (Western) guy, you’re a gentleman, you have good manners, you’re in decent shape, have a paycheck, etc., and you can’t find a wife. The problem is not yours.  This is what has worked for your Father and his Father, but works no longer.  What has changed is the marriage pool.  The pool of Western women has become polluted with feminism and all of the evils that come with it – EGS (excessive girth syndrome), narcissism, bad attitudes, inability to cook or clean and an overt and blatant attitude of “I hate Men – Men are the enemy.”

2. There is nothing you can do to “fix” the horde of broken Western women

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”  Unless you’re a charismatic cult leader who can transform post-college suburban girls into slave-like zombies who will do your bidding, then there is nothing you can do to transform the “average” American woman (aged 18-35) into a traditional Woman of yesteryear who is interested in husband, marriage, family and who believes in fair play in regard to gender roles.  The average woman of today wants a career over family, thinks of Men as dressing accessories and believes that you are the root of all of her problems.  She is held back at work by a bunch of unseen Men who prevent her from reaching her full potential and even if Hillary is elected, it will take decades to throw off the yoke of Male oppression.

3. Your only hope is to find a Woman who was raised outside of the influence of feminism.  

You’re only real choice is to look East or South – Eastern Europe, Asia or Central/South America.  I’m talking Ukraine, Thailand and/or Columbia.  You can forget about finding a woman in America who wants to be a Mother, who wants to take care of and cherish you and who thinks of anyone ahead of herself.

And now, I’m only talking about attitude.  If we throw in looks, well, that is another story.  And so, Former Canadian has posed this profile and after reading it, I can’t help but chuckle.  Never in all my years in Eastern Europe did I see ANYTHING like this:

Ambisious 2

What is most laughable is that in her profile, she describes herself as “very ambitious.”  Yes, I agree, she ambitiously gobbles up pizzas and powdered sugar donuts at every chance.  WTF is this blob ambitious about in life?

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

I am ambitious

Reading her profile further, she lists:

Do you have a car: NO (very ambitious indeed)

Do you want children: prefer not to say (let’s hope not)

Do you have children?: All my kids are over 18 (but it doesn’t say if they still live with her and whether or not you’ll be expected to support them – you will)

About me: I want someone who isn’t going to play around (and why would they with your winning profile, I’m sure any Man would stay forever)

I can only wonder, if we went back in a time machine to 1947 and showed this profile to 100 average American Men, what would be the reaction?  Today, we see something as horrific as this and we treat it with mild boredom because it has become so typical.  I see Women in Russia and I think they’re a 10 and my Wife comments, “She’s not so pretty,” and then points out this flaw or that, then I look around the mall and see 6 Women who are more beautiful.  The dating pool in America is the worst it has ever been.  If you’re interested in random sex with blobs like this:


then knock yourself out.  If you’re looking for marriage and a Woman to build a family with, then you just have to go to where the Women are.

“If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed,
Mohammed must come to the mountain.”

Just looking through some photos of one of my last trips to Ukraine, I see a young Mother pushing her stroller, her baby and husband were just off the right off the photo.  In looking back, three things strike me about this photo:


1. She isn’t 37 trying to have her first baby.

2.  She isn’t fat.

3.  She is dressed in a feminine way.  No nose ring, no shaved side of her head, no lesbian metro-sexual clothes.  She’s dressed LIKE A WOMAN.

My Wife reports to me that more and more of her old college friends and old acquaintances from childhood are contacting her.  The remaining single Women she knows are looking to leave Russia.  The financial sanctions are crushing the family dreams of whatever single Women remain and they are looking to move to the West.  We have been to some of the Mediterranean EU countries in the last two years and we are seeing more and more pockets of Russians as they flee the economically crippled Russia and Ukraine.

If ever there was a time to meet an Eastern European Woman,, this is it.

Of course, you could always just date locally:



WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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NOT allowing your Wife to sleep with other Men is sexist
Five reasons to visit Ukraine

67 thoughts on “I’m very ambitious

  1. Thanks, Scott! It is a pleasure to make my tiny contribution to your site;)
    I totally agree with every word you wrote here.
    The problem with North America is that even such an ugly lady, both on the inside and outside, will still have hordes of sex hungry and desperate males chasing her, asking her out and fighting for the chance to get that ever elusive sex even with a land whale on a photo.
    North American males became so desperate and sex hungry that they’ll willingly fuck a wooden barrel of you drill a hole in it and put a mini skirt on it.
    You’ve just made a very good point about women leaving Ukraine and Russia in droves. Yes, it’s absolutely true!!
    Out family is also getting ready to leave soon and take our kids with us.
    But I happen to know the stats from the so called Visa Centers here in Ukraine-every day thousands of people apply for a visa to enter European Union. Thousands!!!!
    Over 1 million of Ukrainians apply for the US Green Card annually, and many more thousands try Canada, Australia, New Zealand or even Russia. There is a real exodus of people from Ukraine.
    The window of opportunity is closing fast for many western males who might wanna make a move and get themselves an Eastern European female.
    I’ve made my move 8+ years ago and never regretted it for 1 second or looked back to my life in Canada.

  2. Got some free time and decided to bring up and picture perfect example of a MODERN Canadian female.

    Please, have a look: http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=53956468

    Who is she? Canadian, 41 y.o., lives in Scarbourough (Eastern Toronto).
    What about her? Smokes Often with Big & Tall/BBW body type
    What about her personality? Tattooed/Pierced
    Is she ambitious? YES
    Does she have a car? NO
    Does she have kids? NO
    And what about kids in general? Undecided/Open
    How does she describe herself and what/who does she want?
    “”These things about me will never really change: I wear glasses, am a smoker, have 13 tasteful tattoos,3 piercings, have 2 cats””
    “”I love 5 pin bowling, playing pool, movies, concerts, swimming”” (SWIMMING????? I coach watersports and I’ve never seen a swimmer’s body like THAT one!)
    “”I refuse to become a cougar just yet. I am still a puma for a few more years.””
    “”Have to like animals.. cats..
    Have a sense of humor.
    Tattoos would be awesome, but not a requirement
    Not afraid to go after what he wants
    and last but not least.. SINGLE (that means not married. separated is good, divorced is better.)””

    Tattoos would be awesome? WHY IN HELL are Canadian/western women so addicted to tattoos??? Why not brains? Why not sports?? Why tattoos???? Why not “brains would be awesome”?
    Man oh man…. the more I look at these so called dating profiles the more I happen to love the decision I made 8+ years ago to leave Canada for good and cut ALL my ties with this country.

    • For me (this is beating the dead horse for the thousandeth time…) this POF woman is a 41 year-old obese smoker that actually thinks children (her own) are still a possibility?

      “Do you want children? Undecided/Open”

      Fertility drugs can only do so much but they definitely cannot perform miracles.

      Then here’s the kicker…

      “Mail Settings

      To send a message to melanie002013 you MUST meet the following criteria:
      Age Between:24 and 47. ”

      An obese woman over 40 is unwilling to date a man more than 6 years her senior but she’s open to a man half her age…but if you are a man over 40 that dares to look at anything under 25 you are a creepy pervert? Is this the Twilight Zone or what?

  3. Maybe she considers being harpooned a water sport.. ;)

    What’s crazy about these ‘women’ is that they’d be very picky of the type of man they feel entitled to, and would never consider dating a man on her level (ie a very low status male). They just don’t realise.

    But anyway, these profiles once annoyed me no end. Now I don’t care, knowing the vastly higher quality of female I attract from more traditional countries. And the difference is night and day..

    • Of course they can be very picky and selective! Even such an ugly female in Canada will ALWAYS have a line up of sex hungry and desperate males willing to go 10 extra miles to please her in a vain hope to finally get access to that ever elusive female pussy, ANY pussy!
      Do not blame females, blame North American males for allowing all this to happen!

      • That’s right….the diner with bad service, crappy food, and ugly waitresses is still in business because the customers keep coming back for more. I’ll just go to another diner down the street.

  4. Congrats Scott and FormerCanadian (who hides his real name). You guys actually found 2 genuine profiles on Plenty of Fish. POF are known for their fake profiles of models.

  5. American men have been feminized by this society. Most of these men have no idea that they are wusses or if they discover they are wusses, they cannot find a way out. Men are not to blame. As Scott astutely observes, men are not the problem. We must help each other. As men we are competitive by nature, which is good. We also must turn that competitive nature off for a moment and help our fellow brothers out when it comes to figuring out the feminist BS. Men are obsessed with sex because they don’t get it on a regular basis whether they are married or not. When I travel internationally, I have plenty of women show interest in me. Those women are also more attractive and more naturally feminine than women in America. Therefore, I feel satiated and enjoy the abundance of good women. In the US I feel like women are similar to the emptiness you experience after you consume a Super-sized meal at McDonalds. Your belly is full, but your hungry. These things take their toll. Men and women are out of step with their own nature in the West and when I’m traveling in a country where men and women’s roles are crystal clear, I always feel more like a man with zero effort.

    • Interesting point.

      In America, the woman/wife controls when and how often there is sex in the relationship. If a Man pushes for more than she wants to give, he’s somehow a predatory animal, a near rapist or a sexual deviant.

      In other countries, Women see it as their duty to provide sex for their Men whether their in the mood or not. They see it as no different than cooking dinner, changing a baby’s diaper or letting her Man sleep in because he worked hard all week. Wait, American women don’t do any of those things either! ;-)

      In a relationship in America, where the wife doesn’t work, and she withholds sex only when “she’s in the mood,” how far off would it be for her husband to “hold off” with his paycheck when it comes time to buy groceries or to pay the electric bill?

      It all boils down to the FACT that American women are spoiled rotten. They have the worst attitudes of any Women on the planet. Why would anyone buy a car from the most expensive dealership? Why would you pay for a first class airline ticket at Lufthansa if each time you flew they put you in the back seats of Calcutta Airlines?

      And yet, American Men do this over and over and over.

      Well. Not my problem. The answer is here. Subscribe or not. It’s up to you.

      • Scott, American males do not have enough guts to break this vicious cycle! They ain’t got no guts in fact! They keep trying to buy their way into having sex spending more and more money on expensive gifts, cars, luxury trips, mortgages etc!!
        They’ve bought into the rat race and mainstream propaganda about a “successful American male”.
        And they all believe that “one day, when they get rich, get a car and a lake front condo, a magician will arrive in a blue chopper and bring each one of them a stylish, sexy and smart lady”.
        Ain’t gonna happen, folks!

        • Speaking with other males and including some friends here, I hear the same thing over and over. They have no idea there is anything out there. I keep talking, showing pictures, pointing them here.

          I remember going away for a business trips and coming home after 1 week or 2 weeks and finding the house a complete and utter mess. Cloths piled on the dryer, dishes in the sink, dirty cloths laying around. I tried to teach my daughter better, but she saw this type of action in her mother, grandmother and aunt. My ex got really pissed off with me one time for a statement, I made to my daughter. My daughter came to me asking for praise about cleaning her upstairs area. I looked at her and explained, I should not have to praise you for doing something, you should be doing everyday.

          Men, just need to wakeup to the fact, that our society has created this mess and there is no coming back.

          The other issue is WM, in there 40’s and 50’s looking for the 20 something. These guys need a clue and to understand, these young slavic women are more westernized, want things/items to show off to their friends and so on.

          FC and Robney, I will be landing there in Ukraine in a few weeks. FC I will email you my local number, when I arrive.

          • Good deal Bryan. Wishing you the best. Welcome to the Club for breaking out and making your destiny happen. You’re going to be fine. More than fine. Happier than a Lark. Look forward to your progressive stories.

    • If American men can’t find the way out then they DESERVE what they get!
      Yes, males are not the PROBLEM, but they are still to BLAME!!! They’ve allowed, permitted and often promoted political correctness, feminism, affirmative action, quota hiring and multiculturalism!! Thus they ARE to blame!
      I’ve been telling males what to do for years now-pack your bags and leave North America for good. That’s the ONLY solution.

  6. My God…..the fact that she’s from my home town is absolutely terrible. The icing on the cake is she’s one of many in this city.
    I still think I’m a bit too young to persue anything in Ukraine, Russia ir whatnot. Just hitting my mid 20’s want to be stable before I bring a lady here, would like others opinions though.

    • Hugo, do not waste your valuable time, money and nerves in Canada. You ain’t gonna accomplish nothing there.
      You are what, 25? How long will it take you to become “stable”? 10 years? Ask yourself if you want to spend 10 years in a hell hole called Canada.
      25 years is the best age to make a move, you are already educated but still have that youthful energy and desire to live. At 35 you’ll have a tail of problems, disappointments and the growing feeling of desperation!
      Leave Canada NOW instead of 10 years from now. You’ll never regret it.

      • Perhaps I should reiterate what I meant by “stable”.
        I’ve finished my college studies, currently working in field that is related to the career I’m pursuing. Relatively speaking I have a good paying job and do I have promotion lined up. What I’m meant is by I want to make sure I have all this (which I do) and a place of my own soon. Which will be in the next few months. Apartment for now but it’s mine.
        So idealy I would like to stay here, moving to a different country would be a huge step and I’d lose what I’ve built for myself here. So I’d like to bring a lady here and show/share what I’ve accomplished and going to with her. Not sure how it can be done hense it’s why I asked for input. Though obviously kids will be difficult cause of media and such, but I’m willing to that the time to raise them properly.

      • Perhaps I should reiterate what I meant by stable.
        I’ve finished my college studies, and currently I’m working a good paying job in a related field of the career I’m pursuing, and I do have a promotion lined up.
        All I need is my own place which will happen within the next few months. It’s an apartment but it’s mine.
        Moving to entirely new country would be a huge step, and I’d lose what I’ve built for myself here. What I’d want to bring a lady here and share/show her what I’ve built and have accomplished and will accomplish. Hense it’s why I asked for input on how I should go about doing that. I’m aware of the challenges of rasing kids here in the current state but if both parents are willing you can raise proper adults.

        • Hugo, stop thinking about what you can build there. Here is where north American men failing to understand there is nothing productive in life here for them. They are worried about things, job, what will they do there is a strange country.

          I thought about all these things and just understood, nothing here will ever change and I will keep making the same mistakes and not finding that one person to make life enjoyable.

          Heard this joke once… Men do not die early. They kill themselves to get away from their crazy wives. US joke there, but should be pointed to North America.

          • Hugo,
            Since you are young…you could plan your escape (or at least have that option on the table) while banking and investing your hard earned cash while you are in your 20s. If you plan it the right way — and avoid western women — you could easily take a test drive in your early to mid 30s, a year or two overseas in a non-western country with your type of women that is not hostile to men.

          • Great idea to Hugo, Seeker. You know I am all about moving to the country where you believe you would want to live, meet the lady of your dreams, and settle for awhile. Believe me, after you’ve won her heart and her family, she’ll follow you anywhere. You need at least 6 months to adapt to your surroundings and feel comfortable with your city. After the city grows on you, you’ll find the local residents are more acceptable of you, your language skills improve, and meeting someone is just a matter of short time. That’s because the ladies are so open to a real man approaching them and taking the helm.

          • Hey Rodney,
            For the younger guys reading this blog in their early to mid 20s. It’s very easy for them to set themselves up for a much smoother ride when they hit their 30s and 40s. There is no need for these young men to bind themselves to a bunch of unnecessary commitments. Be a nomad or corporate mercenary and bank/properly invest the cash…learn a foreign language(s)…and some skills. They will have nice FU fund for the company and society when the opportunity presents itself.
            I believe anyone at any age can do this — yes FC, your option is the gold standard — but it’s so much easier when you start the ball rolling when you are really young and in your 20s.

    • I advice to NOT bring the foreign women back to the US.

      They will get corrupted with the Feminism BS, then become arrogant & entitled. Once you leave, you should not come back! I’ve seen great foreign women turn into complete trash once the believe the Feminism BS & the mainstream media.

      Don’t believe me? A Korean chick I knew from high school hung out with the popular girls in high school & became stuck-up & arrogant. She even ridiculed me cause I wasn’t very popular amongst my peers. Fast forward 8 yrs, & she wonders why she can’t get a man

      Still not convinced? My own mother is from Colombia. When her & my dad married, he didn’t have enough money to pay the bills, so mom had to work. Marriage went downhill & they divorced when I was 5. Fast forward 14+ years, & Moms been brainwashed with the stuff told by the media & wonders why she can’t get a man.

      I’m telling you for your own good. Don’t even come back to the US cause their a high chance that wonderful foreign woman will turn into a complete snob.

  7. With all due respect FC, you don’t seem to grasp the psychological implications of brainwashing. When young men are brainwashed by female teachers, because men are wired to help women, there is an unconscious motive in men to have a loyal allegiance to their female abusers. The Stockholm Syndrome is what it is. You can’t make an alcoholic quit drinking by shaming and blaming him into correct behavior. When you blame men and say they deserve it is plain ignorance. If you escaped the matrix of feminism, multiculturalism and PC, I applaud you. With that said, I would ask you to consider that you are using similar shaming tactics that feminists use by saying it is all men’s fault for being weak. Would you blame a man who is financially poor living on the savannahs of Africa for being “lazy” even though he hasn’t enough food to create the energy in his body to work hard? The environment does have an effect on us all. I am grateful I grew up in a country with enough food and infrastructure to give me an advantage to be educated and to have the resources to give me an advantage. I have friends who grew up in Africa and they didn’t know where their next meal was coming from the entire time they lived there. Nature and nurture has its say on how we end up. Men need support in their journey out of the mass brainwash of feminism, not the attitude of “it is all your fault and just man up and move out of the West.” Like I said FC, I applaud you for living life as you want, however consider most men are mired in a feminized world view that is difficult to escape.

    • John , I do understand the motive behind your message;) It’s called “looking for a million of excuses why I can NOT do something instead of just getting up and getting it DONE”.
      I’m one big mothafucker so get ready for some harsh words. I ain’t trying to insult YOU, I’m just telling what I think.
      I perfectly understand what brainwashing is about.
      Tell me how come I’ve never been brainwashed by female teachers? How come I’m helping my wife with our daily household duties but I ain’t no feminist?
      I always use to say that if I’ve been able to escape the politically correct hell called Canada then ANYONE can do the same! And if a male is unable to do that then he’s indeed weak and DESERVES his fate!
      Please, do NOT compare people living in African savannah and their chances to make a living with North American male sheeple who have everything they want but still are unable and unwilling to make a move, to man up, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example!
      And YES, all it takes is having some balls, daring to say what one really means and moving out of the West.
      All those words about “poor western males mired in a feminized world that is difficult to escape” ain’t nothing but excuses!

  8. Hey FC,

    That’s great that you can easily do all that you do. You are an exception to the rule. You are so focused on your own process you fail to see that you are an exception. If you were not an exception, then we wouldn’t be talking about it. You can call what I wrote in my last comment “excuses” if you like. They are realities and they can be difficult to overcome. I did not say stay in the brainwash, but I acknowledge the difficulty. If men could see what was going on in the West and make quick changes, you wouldn’t have had to leave Canada, because it would had never changed. That’s called reality. Most men won’t leave the West for good because we have businesses here and make a living here that can’t be duplicated overseas. I’m not interested in teaching English or making a small living so I can feel better because I don’t have to deal with the difficulties if our culture. It is unfortunate that you cannot understand the psychological warfare on men in the West. I only acknowledge the difficulties of the brainwash and that there is a process to getting out of it. If you get locked in a dungeon, you must first acknowledge you’ve been locked up, then devise an escape. You’re saying you can just escape. You escaped quickly as you are an exception. Most men have to work their way out. I am not here to change your mind FC. I’m happy for you that you are living the life you love. I only write this for other guys reading this blog. The guys who have to go through a process to get out of the feminist trap. I will marry a foreign woman and return to the West. I think more guys will do that because that is most men’s reality. Many men have kids here and the ex wife has custody of them. Is that an excuse to you? They aren’t going to sell everything and move to Russia. Your point of view is more of an “all or nothing” point of view. Like I said FC, I think it’s great your living the life you love, however please respect the fact that most guys are NEVER leaving the US. Not because we are weak, but we all have our valid reasons; however they are not excuses. If I was making excuses, I would say I want to live overseas but it is too hard. I’m not saying it is to difficult; I’m saying I have NO DESIRE to live overseas.

    • John, you still don’t fully understand me.
      Again, if I can be an exception then ANYONE can be an exception. We are talking about MALES, right? And a MALE has to be able to make a decision without looking for excuses.
      Then WHY were males unable to realize what was going on in the West?
      If businesses and money are more important than having a family, kids and a healthy sex life then males deserve what they get;)
      You ain’t interested in living overseas and making less money?) Then good luck with kissing a 100$ bill every evening instead of having sex;)
      I do not care about the “psychological warfare against the men in the West”;) MEN should be able to withstand any pressure, not to succumb to it;)
      I ain’t trying to change YOUR mind and respect your opinion. But I’m one big mothafucker and always say a lot of politically incorrect things.
      Yes, I’m an “all or nothing” kind of a guy.
      I respect your desire to live in North America and hope you won’t complain when you find yourself lonely with all your money 20 years from now;)

      • FC,

        This will be my final comment on our previous discussion. You agreed with me that you are an “all or nothing” guy. That means you can’t see gray areas. Which means you live in an either/or paradigm. You say that I can only have love or money. I can have both because I don’t think in black and white terms like you do. I will have my beautiful EE woman AND my money. I don’t have to leave America and live in a second or third tier country because I have to choose money or love. That’s your limited paradigm. So that’s your reality. Because you think in black and white terms, you chose love and have a smaller living because that’s the best you can do. I am an excellent judge of character and know how to see the gray areas of people’s personalities. I hire great employees even though the majority of applicants are garbage. Ill use the same criteria for finding my wife. I hope for your sake FC that you’ll learn to to see gray areas someday. While your figuring that out, living in a second tier country or a third world shit hole, I’ll be with my amazing, traditional EE wife in the good ole USA. I’ll be kissing her AND my $100 bills;)

        • I’ve heard many stories like yours which ended up in divorces and males losing at least half of what they had.
          I’ll live anywhere I want. I say anything I want.
          Good luck with finding a good divorce lawyer in good ole USA;)

        • John J,

          Your comments are shallow, tainted with idiocy and backwards thinking. Do you have the brains to acknowledge that you are referring to the country(ies) of your “future” wife as 2d, 3rd tier shit holes? That’d be great if your “future” wife read your lines about her country. No wonder foreigners give the US such a bad rap, because its truly the “ugly American,” that creates that. You’re just a lucky son-of-a bitch that was born in the US. You’re a crass human being for making these comments. In my opinion, your selfish arrogance will be sniffed out by any decent EE lady and you’re going to find yourself alone again on another Fri/Sat night in America. Good luck with that attitude.

          • Rodney, you better read Greg’s comments in “Anastasia.com scam update” ;)
            John still sounds like a little kid compared to Greg;)
            With “friends” like that who needs enemies;)

          • Hey Rodney and FC!
            I know a guy that’s divorced and bitter…he’s always referring to a certain Latin American country as a poor backward shit hole…the funny thing it’s the country his very beautiful, young, and traditional ex-wife is from. He had always had this attitude that she should be so grateful that he saved her from a life of danger and poverty…brought her back to America.
            They are divorced, she didn’t even want alimony, she is now happily married to another American, they had a kid…and he’s still bitter.

          • John J,

            These guys are not the only one who woke up and looked around, seeing that the western society has gone to crap.

            Men in the west need to get over the whole idea of things/items in their lives. Giving a present to their wives or just giving her what she wants, just so he can have sex or wants to do something he wants to do. WTF!!!

            Western men are born and their balls removed, to make it so women can feel equal. They are not men, we are not women and we each have rolls in life.

            I would put in WW up against any Slavic woman and their day to day lives. We know who would start the bitching and complaining.

            Life is not easy, but why make it harder, than it must be. Move, find a good slavic woman and you will never look back.

            And stop thinking or worrying about half your shit. Sell it all and get out, before you are lying on deaths door regretting your life.

    • Great comment – I can see where FC is coming from and he speaks from a strength that many many don’t have – the ability to up and move to change once’s circumstance.

      I have been around the world 16 or 17 times, for the last years I’ve bounced 1/2 time between Russia and the US and I can say that for some, leaving is an option. But for most, it is not. One can, and many do, bring Russian/Ukrainian Wives to the West and have wonderful lives. Not everyone who lives in the US is subject to the media rules and political correctness. One can exclude oneself from the drama if one chooses. What is most important is that you select a Wife who wants the same, not a Woman who fanticizes about living the “Sex and the City” lifestyle and who wants to escape the East because she can’t have it there.

      I dated a beautiful Russian (Muslim) Woman in Tatarstan. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to be a Wife and Mother, she wanted to live like Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City. Where would that leave me? Nowhere I wanted to be.

      Instead, I selected my Wife (as much as she selected me) based on her desire to have a conservative family life with the husband as head of household. She’s less feminist than I am and pulls me towards her world more so than I pull her towards mine. There are many Women like this in the East and if you find one, you’re set whether you live in Los Angeles, Toronto or London.

  9. Great article Scott!

    Plus it was FC inspired.

    1. She isn’t 37 trying to have her first baby.

    2. She isn’t fat.

    3. She is dressed in a feminine way. No nose ring, no shaved side of her head, no lesbian metro-sexual clothes. She’s dressed LIKE A WOMAN.

    That’s the (actually 3 things) thing I hardly ever see in the US anymore. Young married mothers in their early to mid 20s, that are thin and look/act like women. Today we have two polar extremes (age brackets) in the US producing children for the first time and neither one is optimal for a healthy society.

    • North American women may only be good for 1 thing-NO strings attached sex. And that’s a big IF meaning if a male is lucky enough to get some female attention at all.
      North American females have a very weird taste, they either want bus loads of money and status in the society OR they are attracted to some societal refuse and scum.
      Normal able bodied males with normal values and visions of life stand absolutely NO chance in USA or Canada.

    • BTW: Note the lack of tattoos on these everyday Brazilian ladies. Interesting contrast and one that I enjoy vs ‘the plaster my arms and legs western mentality.’

      • I always noticed that myself down there…even when they do have tattoos and piercings…they don’t take it to the level of many American and British women…many of the these chicks in the US and Western Europe have more tattoos than male gang members and ex-cons. They look like men, dress like men, and act like men…that may explain the popularity of the little blue pill in the US and Western Europe.

    • They are perfect for the Dolphins!
      This could work for Patriots, Giants, and Jets too…large expat Latino population from Colombia and Brazil has been established in the Miami, NYC/NJ, Boston metro regions for a while.
      I have already heard stories about some local (American women) in those cities complaining about not being able to compete with the Latinas. Apparently the Colombian, Cuban, Brazilian, and other Latinas are eating their lunch without even trying toooooo hard. Just like local (American) woman on the West Coast rant about Asian women. Instead ranting and complaining maybe they should be taking notes.
      I was surprised to find out a couple of the models and dancers on some of the Spanish language game shows (on Univision) are from Eastern Europe/Russia. Beauty is literally meeting beauty!

  10. Scott, so where are all these women looking to leave Russia/Ukraine. I’ve been on all the usual sites for the past several years and haven’t really noticed an uptick in girls, it actually might be the opposite. Also what age are your wife’s friends? Are they looking to leave for job opportunities or are they looking to start a family?

    • Not sure where you’re looking but I recently logged in to Elena’s to pull a profile for a story I was writing and I see a LOT of Women who are looking to migrate.

      My Wife’s friends are in their 30’s. Some, unmarried, but have always wanted to marry are seeing the writing on the wall that in no way will they find a Russian Man, get married and have children before they’re 40 (or ever).

      Have you made a trip to Russia or Ukraine lately? If not, I recommend it.

      On that note, my Wife reports a LOT of anti-American (Western) sentiment. Be mindful of your surroundings in Russia and don’t go out late. I’d also limit use of English in non-public (isolated) places.

      • I’m partially with Scott on this one;)
        A lot of people (not only women) are leaving Ukraine and Russia these days, especially Ukraine.
        Another problem is that feminism is quickly making inroads into Ukraine with gay marriages, quota hiring, political correctness and mainstream brainwashing. People are turning into brainless robots.

        I do disagree with Scott a bit on “Anti-American (Western) sentiment in Russia these days.
        It ain’t that bad at all. It depends on a person.
        I’ve never had any problems with people in Russia, and I used to wander outside late a lot.
        Same goes for the use of English language.
        Just be polite, respectful, smiling and understanding and you ain’t gonna get in trouble.

        • Nope, they do NOT have to;)
          It’s funny how Russian or Ukrainian women have more gust and know how to say NO than North American so called “males” who’ll chase any land whale in a vain hope to get that ever elusive sex.
          Russian women better stay lonely than settle for some scum whereas North American desperate and sex hungry “males” will gladly lower their standards below the threshold and settle for an abusive, ugly whale of a woman.

          • Couldn’t agree more. Anglosphere men (and women) have some warped ideas on what makes an ideal mate.

          • Seeker, the problem in North America is the fact that BOTH males and females absolutely want “Mr. or Mrs. Right and RIGHT NOW!”.
            They do not want to make an effort, to evolve together, to have a joint input/contribution into their family life or relationship! They want the “final product” on a silver platter.
            EVERY North American female has a goal-to sell herself to the highest male bidder on a dating market gaining access to money and status in the society!
            And nothing else matters!
            North American males tend to have another problem-they are both ready and willing to lower their standards below the threshold just to get access to ANY pussy and at the same time dream about some kind of a Miss Universe who’ll one day appear in their lives and change everything to the better.

        • ???

          I think that a smoking hot Russian Woman, of the age of say, 32, who wants marriage and children, can have her pick of Men in their prime in the West. I’m not talking 26 year old Men, but what 40 year old Man (or 45 or 50) woudn’t want a beautiful younger Wife?

          When you say they’re out of options, who do you mean they are out of options with?

          For example, what are your stats? Age, income, education…???

          • Scott,
            I understand and agree.
            It’s all relative. What’s too old for me could be perfect or too young for someone else.
            Since I’m a 30 something…of course I want a 20 something but that could change 10, 15, or 20 years down the line if I am still single…probably not ;)
            There are plenty of single men in their 40s and 50s that would prefer a good looking woman in her 30s that has never been married and does not have any kids.
            A non-western woman (Argentina, Russia, Vietnam, etc.) in her early to mid 30s…is a different breed of woman from the American or Canadian woman the same age that is a fat, alcoholic, chain smoker, that has tried every (prescription, illegal, and party) drug and her fair share of STDs…plus the feminism and poor wife and mother skills. I’m pretty sure the non-western women is still healthy and fertile enough to produce children.
            Now if the woman is over 40 and the man still wants to have children…then that is a different story.

          • Another note.
            Some women in the more traditional areas of the world that are in their prime would never consider dating or marrying a man in his 20s or the same age as them. The man has to be in his mid 30s or at least 10 to 15 years older. There is a certain Latin American country that is notoriously known for the fact that men in their 40s and 50s (that are moderately successful…this does not mean rich) can literally have their pick of the women in their 20s. Many of the women in their 20s will refuse to date guys that look too young not matter how well off they are.

  11. Hi Seeker,

    Does that mean that a guy is his 20’s or early 30’s can’t get love and dating in Latin America or Eastern Europe?

    It is not just old guys who need love. Us young guys need love too.

    Don’t you remember how things were when you were in your 20’s and early 30’s?

    That’s thing with being a younger guy. You do just about anything for love and sex!

    I mean we young guys have the fire that you lose with age!

    Don’t tell me those young guys, especially in Latin America can’t get their share of women? Those Latin guys are the ultimate woman seducers! Wouldn’t you agree?

    Take care,


    • Hi William!

      “Does that mean that a guy is his 20’s or early 30’s can’t get love and dating in Latin America or Eastern Europe?”

      No. Of course he can. It’s just something to be aware of…if you consider the cultural landscape of the male dominated regions of the world:
      -More women than men
      -Young men in those regions may not have stable work
      -Perception that many younger men are players
      -Being a single mother is tough
      The women there are looking for qualities like commitment and stability.

      “Don’t you remember how things were when you were in your 20’s and early 30’s?”

      Of course. I’m still 30 something.

      “I mean we young guys have the fire that you lose with age!”

      That should fuel your escape from North America and western women. LOL!

      “Don’t tell me those young guys, especially in Latin America can’t get their share of women? Those Latin guys are the ultimate woman seducers! Wouldn’t you agree?”

      Of course they do! If Boris or Gordo can get a woman you can too!
      There’s a surplus of women but there are other factors to consider that I mentioned above. Naturally men seek out younger women for fertility and beauty and women seek out older men for security and stability. That’s why older men that already married tell the younger guys in their early to mid 20s not to get married.

      Checkout the article about SMV, sexual market value.

  12. Hi Seeker,

    So if I go to any of these places as an exchange student or on a study abroad tour will I get any female attention from Russian or Latin American university co-ed wanting to hang out, date, and/ or party with me?


    • No, William, you will NOT! Asking this kind of a question immediately makes you sound like yet another desperate and sex hungry North American loser male who’s only reason to study abroad is an assumption that it’s easier to get sex there. NO, it’s NOT. Women here can detect desperation just as good as Western females.
      You have to be a man to get female attention here and not a desperate sex hungry western robot with the only goal to get access to that ever elusive female pussy.

      • William.
        I have to agree with FormerCanadian.
        You should study abroad in Latin America or Russia to gain experience, knowledge, social, and language skills of the host culture/country.
        You have to act and behave like you are there with a purpose, to study, not to hunt pussy.
        The girls there will smell your intentions from a mile away.
        Don’t forget the market for a good man in those countries is pretty competitive since there are more women than men. There is no need to come off as desperate.
        Be respectful and masculine…you will get attention.

        I know a professor/PhD that went down to Brazil for a year to do some research for his studies when he was younger and came back to the US engaged to a young classy caramel beauty a few years younger than him. She graduated from public university down there, which means she’s debt free (most state and federal universities are free because the state pays for it), smart (rigorous entrance exams), from a good family (most students private tutors to prep for the entrance exams).

        • Seeker, William is still living in an imaginary world of having sex with stewardesses during their stay in Canada after a long haul flight;)
          You expect too much from him;) He’s a picture perfect example of an average American/Canadian male who lives in a dream world and expects that one day a magician will arrive in a blue chopper and give him everything without him needing to make any effort;)

      • So true.

        There is this misguided belief that if you hold a Western passport, foreign Women want to have sex with you. Couldn’t be farther from the truth.

        Eastern Women aren’t easier than western women, they’re just different.

        An Eastern Woman wants a strong (or determined) Man – someone who has conviction.

        A western woman – well, we all know what they want – their cake and to eat it too.

        I recommend that William download and read DeAngelo.

        • http://news.yahoo.com/dad-disturbed-exs-revolving-door-relationships-050912725.html

          A fine example of a WWS who wants her cake and to eat it too. In my opinion, feminism has this lady believing she can do whatever she wants, and who cares about the consequences of her son? What is he going to think when he grows up, with a revolving door of men sleeping in his mother’s bed? WTG feminists!! You keep leading our country right on out and into the frying pan.

          • I believe the dad’s feelings and concerns are completely normal. Just imagine if he had a young daughter instead of a son. My parents are still married…and I don’t have any kids…but I’m trying to imagine if I had a daughter and an ex-wife with a revolving door of boyfriends and one-night stands. She’s training her daughter to be a human trash can.
            If I had a son. What is mommy teaching him? She’s teaching him to be a feminist and men (you, your dad, and even grandpa, etc.) are disposable items to be used and discarded.

  13. Hi guys,

    I agree with what you are saying.

    It does not help when you read some accounts about foreign women on Internet websites that sound like a Playboy fantasy.

    I have heard stories from some guys I know that went to Latin America as exchange students and tell me that all that girls wanted to dance and throwing themselves at them.

    About the stewardess thing, I got that impression from your article from Oct. 2015 called If I Had To Do It All Again about endless Ultimate Towers Pussy.

    I am not desperate.

    However, you what the dating scene is like in the West unless you look a certain way or have tons of many you have a hard time.

    I am just a normal guy who wants just to meet girls.

    I think sometimes my problem is I just doubt myself.

    However, living in the West and having to deal with Western women can sometimes wear on any normal, decent guy.

    Furthermore, it is not like you can ignore your desire for love and sex. I know that there is more to life than that. I am a university student after all. Nevertheless, I realize that you guys are right

    Take care,


    • No problem William,

      At least it seems like you want something more than the local flavor of North America!

      “It does not help when you read some accounts about foreign women on Internet websites that sound like a Playboy fantasy.”
      -Those sites just want your money.

      “I have heard stories from some guys I know that went to Latin America as exchange students and tell me that all that girls wanted to dance and throwing themselves at them.”
      -They are dancing to have good time plus the competition to find and keep a good man is tough down there.

      “However, living in the West and having to deal with Western women can sometimes wear on any normal, decent guy.”
      -That’s why this site is getting so much traffic.

      I think you need a little Leykis 101. Listen to the old Tom Leykis shows on y**tube…you might not agree with everything he says but at least he tells it like it is to his audience –male listeners.

      Tom Leykis: American Women Are Good For Nothing

  14. The Americans will think that in Russia everything is bad, even when the unemployment rate in the U.S. will reach 50%, while Germany would unite with Russia in search of better ties.
    It amazes me of the American arrogance and unwillingness to analyze real data. What to do you woke up? :).
    Now I will tell you a true story. How wilt the woman from EE in the United States.
    Arrives beautiful and feminine Slavic woman in the United States. And suddenly begins to realize that she is a white crow! It all point the finger! Argue with her and say that she’s not normal! Her point of view even to listen no one will. Her husband effeminate narcissistic idiot with a development level lower than her own. The result – she can’t be herself! She would have to give up something she values in herself.
    In the end, all what remains is the source of Slavic genes.

    Or you really think you can protect her from this world? :)

    This is why they try to go not in the U.S. or Canada, and in Western Europe. Where still allowed to be a woman and there are men with balls.

    • Hello Void,
      Thanks for your point of view. Many on this site have said something similar. Most of the smart people on this site don’t believe everything that is propagandized by the media. If we did, this site (and others like it) would not exist nor would western men date or marry non-western women — a good portion of the western men that still have their balls ;) I’m 100 percent all for Eastern European, Russian, and other non-western women remaining women.

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