Five reasons to visit Ukraine

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Two blonde Ukrainian Women

What excuse do you need to visit Ukraine other than beautiful Women?  In this post we have a look at 5 beautiful Women in Ukraine and I have to say, not only are they beautiful, but feminine as well.  I don’t see any sweat pants and nose rings, only feminine dresses and high heels ;-)

I just got a pingback from another website – a website referenced one of my articles.  It seems that this website is Taiwaneese or Japanese – forgive my ignorance on not knowing the difference based on the Chinese characters.  Either way, one of the gentlemen on the website has recently returned from Ukraine and he’s posted dozens of photos that he took on the streets of Ukraine.

Have a look at some photos (not taken by me) and you’ll see what makes Eastern European Women so popular when compared to fat American women with bad attitudes!

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Hot Ukraine MILF

What is most amazing about this photo (above) isn’t just this Ukrainian Woman’s smoking hot body and tall legs, but rather, that she has a baby.  What American woman with a baby looks like this?  Most 19 year old American women who’ve never had a baby don’t even look this good.  If ever I could honestly use the “MILF” label…

Dude with two hot Ukrainian ladies

This guy above is no Boris but he certainly isn’t suffering with the company of fat and ugly Women!  I think that this guy doesn’t really know how good he has it.  Or does he?

If  you’ve never been to Ukraine (or Russia or Belarus), what are you waiting for?

Good luck!

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I'm very ambitious
Renewing the website

180 thoughts on “Five reasons to visit Ukraine

  1. Well you heard the truth about the old man who had been to his doctor and telling his mates that his years of telephone sex had caught up on – his doctor told his he has hearing AIDs.

  2. And yes, this is what it’s like. Everyday, 50 steps from our apartment, since we lived in the center, was like, “Models on Parade.” Not only are they incredibly gorgeous, but they are the best girlfriends, wives and moms in the world.

    I see that Ashton Kutcher has found his Ukrainian love and wife, Mila Kunis. Watch any youtube video of her on a TV talk show and she looks radiant in her dresses. Although she’s lived in the west for most of her life, she has not forgotten her roots (which is sewed into their DNA, by the way).

    Compare her to the entitled females who wear trash clothing on talk shows. It’s a mentality fella’s. Women from “3rd world” countries, with corruption, war, extremely low wages (pay inequality, ha!); eat better, live better, give better than the fkg, trashy mouthed, tattoo infested, pink haired bitches in the west that have guys on the their short leashes and just “take.”

    Bryan is about to leave that crap behind and every single day, Bryan is going to see exactly what the photos above depict. Pure heaven.

    But, it’s not made for everyone. If you’re a slimeball in the west, with no manners, no backbone, and/or a keyboard warrior – then it’s highly likely you’ll be rooted out by any one of these genuine and sincere ladies. Go over there with the attitudes that I’ve read on Scott’s blog, then you may as well as continue your defeated lives in the west. You need to change who you are by meditation, counseling, praying to God or all of the above. Because no dirtbag will ever win the heart of one of these ladies. They are not for sale and don’t need your damn passport. Believe me, they are happy enough with their family, friends and lifestyle.

    Great little article Scott and nice to see an article related back to (IMO) to what it’s all about.

    • Yes, very good article.

      Western men do not understand, these women 30, 40 and up look like this.

      After my last visit. I showed some male friends pictures of the women the work from me in Romania (all from Ukraine). I ask these guys to guess the women’s ages. My favorite is my Team lead there, Oksana. She is 42, but I was called a liar, until I showed them the picture of her 22 year old daughter. Oksana look maybe 30 to 35, maybe. She takes care of herself and looks amazing. While in Odessa, Tanya (Tatiana) she works for me, I met her mother. Tanya is 25, her mother 46. I could not stop staring. Long black hair, beautiful blue eyes and looked in her early 30’s.

      The men there know, these woman are beautiful. But most men cheat on their women, drink, smoke, but the women feel they have no other options. I have heard this story, over and over and over. They want someone loyal, does not smoke or drink (much) and will be there to support them.

      Western men are just brain washed into thinking, the women here are the best they can do.

      Mila also speaks fluent Russian. I have see talk shows in Ukraine interviewing her.

      • THIS is rather tricky, Bryan: ” The men there know, these woman are beautiful. But most men cheat on their women, drink, smoke, but the women feel they have no other options. I have heard this story, over and over and over. They want someone loyal, does not smoke or drink (much) and will be there to support them. ”
        Yes, women in Russia or Ukraine might want someone loyal, who doesn’t smoke and drink and is there to support them, BUT as soon as they really encounter such a person they get scared to death and immediately try to find some kind of a hidden agenda in that male!
        Thus this one is rather tricky and there are a lot of “if, when, but, and what ifs” to this aspect.

        • I guess the occasional drink, a cigar, and few glances at other women may put them at ease then.
          Same thing happens in Latin America. I have experienced it and other guys (visitors and natives) have confirmed it. For example try getting random text messages asking what your doing?…where are you?…and who are you with?…at some odd times of the day or night. I even heard some the women down there that have successfully hacked into their boyfriends and husbands cell phones…I guess the foreign girls are better at STEM than the western girls.
          The roles are reversed. Most western women do not do this but many western guys do.
          I think this displays (again) which sex dominates the culture.
          US/Canada/UK/Australia = women
          Russia/Ukraine/Philippines/Colombia = men

        • Stop believing in myths. What makes you think that in Russia all men drink? According to statistics in the U.S. alcohol consumption per capita is almost the same.
          Ukraine is a very bad example in order to study men, because constant depression because of the political situation and level of life creates constant stress. You need to go to Poland or Russia. There people have long changed. Many of them look sporty and attractive. If you don’t smoke or drink.
          You listen to the myths of the losers emigrants. Left the worst representatives of women. They left for the West in the 90s and today vilify all Eastern men.
          Now it’s your shit. Deal with it yourself.

          • Maybe the same number of Men drink in both countries but the number of Men who drink until they are staggering is much higher. I am always amazed at the number of Men I see drunk at all hours of the day in Russia. 7am on the train drunk.

            Well, in the US, we call them homeless, I guess Russians are just better at being functional drunks.

          • 3 of my Wife’s girlfriends were married, had a baby (or two) and their Russian husband decided that he wanted a new Wife. Dumped them (and they aren’t ugly by any means, all very pretty) and went and married a new Woman and had kids with here. In all 3 cases, none of the dads visit or support their kids in their first marriages.

            There are a lot of Women in the EE that have been abandoned by their husbands and are looking for a new husband who will support them.

          • For the men that have been East. How often have seen piss drunk girls in Russia or the rest of the FSR? I tend to think girls from places like the US or UK are the worst female drunks.

        • Good points FC.Yes , it is possible , that some women , will think , that it is , a bit hard , to believe , that you are not , like these ” other men “.

          And , it will get even harder , to convince them , if they had some experiences , with other foreigners !
          Who , were showing or portraying , all those things , that they don`t like , from their local men !!

          When you go to meet them , understand , that it may be a long time , before , she is willing , and / or ready , to believe you.

          And , when you want , to prove to her , that YOU are the right person , for her , you better get your feelings , straight , and know , what you really want !!!

          This involves , that you will have to work hard.Very , very hard !!!

          You should behave like a real gentleman.Not only when you are together with her .

          When you have returned home , the challenges , may be even more harder.
          So , how big , is your determination ??

          This will not be an easy task.But , when you know , what you want , and what you want to invest , in it , there will come a moment , when she will believe you.

          And , she will show more interest in you.The relation will move , to another level.
          And , communication , will be more or less , more relaxed.

          What is equally important , is the (English) language.
          How good , is she , in speaking English ??

          Can she have a rather , good conversation , with you ???
          If not , she may not want , to talk with you , on the Phone.

          Instead , she may opt , for the correspondence , through email.This will suit her better , and may give her some time , to learn , and improve her skills , in English.

          Some men , believe , that , when she is doing this , that she may play some game.

          Well , there is Always a risk , even when you have met , in person.

          It is , up to you , what efforts , you want to put into this.When you believe , that she is your dream woman , I am sure , that you will go to great lenghts.


    • Good points Rodney! Yes. Mila has very good genes. I think the urban myth of the ugly (former) eastern bloc women…was destroyed by the wave of young successful female tennis stars from places like Russia and Serbia. I just noticed these young women are not just pretty athletes but they are very feminine, cultured, and IQ/academically bright.

  3. I am on

    A 22 year old and a 28 year old from Ukraine are in touch with me. And they are really beautiful. I have spoken to them, seen them on camera. Their is an innocent look about them. They seem genuine.

    I am 41, divorced and a dad of 3. Granted, I still look good and I am very successful at my work.

    Still, this is hard to believe.

    Could this be true?

    Has this happened to others?

    I could use some happiness in my life now…. But I really can’t risk another heartbreak…

    • I wouldn’t go for anyone younger than 35 in your case!
      You ain’t gonna have nothing in common with a Ukrainian or Russian female who’s younger than 30.
      Yes, you may get good sex for a month or two, but then you’ll get tired of her and she might also get tired of you cause of your opposite visions of life and things around.
      Happiness comes from within and I dare to say that overwhelming majority of Ukrainian females 35 and younger are just like their western counterparts on the inside-EMPTY! They still may look good on the outside but it’s a black hole inside. I’d be very very careful when dealing with that kind of an age group.

    • Could be economics, could be that you’re a handsome and charming Man.

      Don’t look at what these women say, watch what they do.

      You’ll never know until you talk and then go and visit. When you arrive, you’ll know if it is real or they just want your money.

      Forget about risking your heart, you have to, otherwise you’ll never find true love.

      • Damn right, Scott! Deeds speak!
        But I still insist that a 41 years old male should look for a lady aged 35 and up.
        22, 25, 28 years old females in modern Ukraine ain’t got nothing in their heads but having fun while using someone else’s money for that.
        With having fun I mean travels, expensive gifts, discos, bars, karaokes etc.
        Ukrainian females may still look good on the outside but they are rapidly losing that inner self which used to make them unique together with Russian and Belorussian girls.
        The window of opportunity for western males is closing fast.

        • Are you referring to the age gap; that particular generation of Ukrainian girls/under 35; or his particular situation? Since he already has children, then he might not have to worry about their age but if he was 41 and wanted children the female’s age is an important consideration.

          • I’m referring to the fact that after a month or two of some wild sexual escapades he’ ain’t gonna have NOTHING else in common with those women. They don’t know world, they have a mind of a 15 year old just like American or Canadian females and they’d want everything to be given them on a silver platter. And I know what I’m talking about.
            Ukraine now and 10 years ago are two different places.

          • And I mean women 35 and younger. That’s a whole different generation brought up on more or less Westernized values and visions.

  4. I also have a bit different kind of a message…
    I’d not encourage males to settle permanently in Ukraine these days.
    This country is getting westernized and more stupid with every passing day. Many educated and skillful people are leaving the country for good.
    Ukraine is like a broken vacuum cleaner which sucks in only all the bad, weird and brainwashed things from the West.
    Ukraine is NOT a place to live in after Maydan.
    Yes, it’s still possible to come here and find a wife/fiancée, but I strongly discourage anyone from planning a long term stay here.
    I used to have a different opinion mere 2 years ago, but NOW I’m positive that Ukraine is NOT a place to live and to have a family!
    If you really want to escape western brainwashing and political correctness coupled with feminism, then go to Russia!
    I can elaborate if so required. Just let me know.

    • Well, FormerCanadian, I have to disagree you!

      I think Ukraine will always be a better place to live than Russia. And I really, really don’t think that the majority of ukrainian women have become more feminist. Perhaps it’s a “cliché” you have made after have been in Kiev. But first all Kievans are not like that, second Ukraine is not only Kiev or Odessa or Lviv, and third if perhaps touristic places like Kyiv become more westernized, it’s not the same in other cities or in the countryside and you will really see that women has kept the sense of family, the sense of traditions, the sense of solidarity, and their rules of mother and women in the couple and family, as the men have kept their own rules of husband. Have you seen the women with their children in some parks in Kyiv, and all the time they spent with them, how much they take care of them and speak with them?

      And why I say that Ukraine will always be a better place than Russia? Because they will not be brainwashed by Putin’s propaganda, and whatever they speak ukrainian or russian, they feel as ukrainian and european, not russian!
      Another thing is that they have their fresh and good products and one of the best agriculture in the world, and their food is really better and safer than what we can see in USA (It’s one of the reasons why women in these countries are fit and take care of them, the other reason is that the walk a lot and are always seeing to many things in their day’s life).

      And many, many women who are single with or without their child in Ukraine don’t want to become feminists and don’t want to live as feminists in their couple. Many are seeking a real man to create and live in family, a man which will protect her, which will drive her to their work and pick her from their work to their home, a man which will pay the taxi for her, a man which will be good for her and their children. I have traveled a lot in this country (and I still travel there, I have my fiancee in Kharkiv) and have met many women in this country (before my girlfriend). Many don’t have their driving license. Because traditionally their mother and grandmother have said them that it’s not their rule to drive a car, it’s the rule of their husband to drive them to any place.
      So, although they claim themselves as europeans and ukrainians, they wanted to keep their way of life and traditions

      • Ivan, I beg to disagree with your views;)
        Ukraine has never been a better place to live than Russia. Just one example-an average salary in Ukraine is at least 3 times lower than in Russia.
        And it’s impossible to evolve as a family without the financial resources.
        You say yourself that you come here occasionally to meet with your girlfriend, but I LIVE here;)
        I’ve visited, lived or worked all over Ukraine, from Kiev and Odessa to all those smaller towns scattered across the country. I work and interact a lot with people on a daily basis.
        I don’t dispute the fact that women here are still 10 times better than Canadian or American females, but I can see some rapid changes in female psychology and behavior.
        And you expectedly mention the “big evil Putin”;)
        Do you know that Ukrainian brainwashing propaganda is 100 times stronger than Russian?;)
        People of Ukraine love to blame Putin for their OWN faults and mistakes.
        Remember: when you accomplish something in your life, then that’s your OWN achievement, but if you fail in something, make a mistake or ain’t good enough for a job/placement, then it’s YOUR OWN FAULT, mistake or lack of knowledge.
        And no Putin, Obama, Merkel, Russia, USA, Poland, Canada or Russians, Canadians, Frenchmen etc can or should be blamed for person’s OWN FAULTS!
        Ukrainians don’t seem to understand this simple thing.
        I disagree that not being able to drive is a good thing. All this stuff with “driving her to work” etc immediately reminds me about North American Princesses and Ice Queens, who want male to do everything and a little extra while they’re sitting on a couch doing nothing.

        • Very persuasive FC,

          “Remember: when you accomplish something in your life, then that’s your OWN achievement, but if you fail in something, make a mistake or ain’t good enough for a job/placement, then it’s YOUR OWN FAULT, mistake or lack of knowledge.
          And no Putin, Obama, Merkel, Russia, USA, Poland, Canada or Russians, Canadians, Frenchmen etc can or should be blamed for person’s OWN FAULTS!”

          Amen bro. Life may have dealt you a bad hand…but what are you going to do about it? Complain or act?

          • …and that’s the problem with Ukraine! People here love to look for excuses but totally ignore solutions!
            They always have someone or something to blame: Putin, Russia, Russians, Poland, USA, Obama, Merkel, Germans, Canada, Dutch people, bad weather, rainy weather, sunny conditions, too dry, too humid etc.
            But they NEVER move a finger to change/do something THEMSELVES!
            They always wait for a magic trick which will turn things around overnight and to the better without even the minimal effort required!!!

      • Intersting points IvanB,

        “So, although they claim themselves as europeans and ukrainians, they wanted to keep their way of life and traditions.”

        I’m just very concerned the cultural influence of the EU is just a bit too attractive to some political and economic leaders in EE — that are more concerned with monopolizing power and money than promoting healthy families and prosperous countries — which tends to spread like an infectious disease to those below them.

        Just look at the clash of cultures between the EU leaders and the traditional people (regardless of political persuasion) in places like the Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Instead of trying to create loose confederation that would work but they are trying make a one size fits all that will eventually implode.

      • I have no place to say that Ukraine is a better place to live than Russia, because I’ve only visited Russia. However, I absolutely agree that Ukraine has been my most favorite country that I have lived in. Ukrainians couldn’t believe that an American was telling them this, but since I was an American Serviceman, and the son of a Serviceman, I have seen the world and can pass on some substantial judgement.

        For the most part, I do agree with Ivan B’s comments made above. I suppose it’s each of our experiences, and well that’s what it comes down to. FC obviously carries great weight in his “ground truth” experiences, but for some reason, mine don’t match up with his. Don’t know if because I was in a different region, or a different time era (it’ll be 2 years that we fled this coming Fall).

        I used the word, “fled,” because I do blame Putin. I hate Putin for what he has caused. I made the best of a very bad situation, by bringing my family to Germany. And if it wasn’t for Putin, I know we would have still been living very happily in Ukraine. FC, you will never convince me otherwise, so don’t even try. I am not going against you buddy, just stating my own facts and I don’t want to get into an argument with you. I have not every expressed my political opinion about the ongoing situation because I know there are 2 sides to every coin. I will state with absolute fact, that the Russian propaganda has risen to Cold War heights (yes, I am also a Cold War veteran, having served in Germany from 1983-86), with malicious lying. Ukraine, to my knowledge, was innocent, and impervious to war and combat. Putin tarnished the country and because of him, has caused families and friends in Ukraine to turn against each other.

        I know why, so don’t anyone try to school me on the politics of it. I am just stating my own facts. I don’t give a shit about the history of Crimea and whom it once belonged to. Ukraine is a sovereign nation, and if anyone with an education understands Political Science, you’d know you just don’t walk around, taking over another territory of a another country. That’s the bottom line…. sovereign nation. Its not any better than the Federal US govt breaking every single treaty they signed with American Indians. It’s unlawful and its humanly wrong. That’s why I get a big rise every time the white man loses his ass in an Indian Casino. It’s a bit of Karma.

        My contrasting point: that uncivil behavior conducted by the US govt occurred 200+ years ago. Okay, because Modern Man was still coming of age, I guess I will forgive a little. But, with two World Wars under our belt, haven’t we learned a fkg thing about trying to live together on the same planet? Guess not, when a voting Permanent Member of the UN Security Council, can act in violence and be responsible for over 9,000 deaths (needless). Without punishment, repatriations or isolation, this country is allowed to live and continue harming its own brothers and sisters. The world just continues to look the other way. Its a crying, crying shame.

        For this reason, I personally would not want to live in Russia. Nothing against the people, for as with all wars, the general population is innocent. Its always the govt, always. But, no matter how great the Russian people are, its their govt that I find fault and therefore I would not ever feel welcome or comfortable living within their borders. As I have seen, this govt can turn things on a dime, which is not what I need to raise my family in.

        • Good thoughts, Rodney! I ain’t gonna get into an argument with you since it ain’t much to argue about in the first place;) Just some thoughts;)
          The bad thing is that Ukraine has changed A LOT during the last 2 years, changed in all aspects.
          Your decision to move to Germany was indeed the best one. I’ll be moving soon too.
          Russian propaganda has indeed risen a lot during the last 2 years, no argument here.
          The only thing I disagree with is that “Ukraine was innocent”. Trust me-it was NOT;) The conflict in Ukraine has been brewing for at least 2 decades…
          Crimea was “stolen” by Russia, no argument here again! Call it annexed or whatever, I call it “stolen”, think it describes the reality better;)
          The world doesn’t really care about what’s going on in it… I can bet you any money that if you and I ask 10000 people in Germany, Canada and USA about what’s currently going on in Ukraine, only a handful of them will be able to express a detailed opinion, and most won’t even care a bit!

          Perrrrrrfect words:” Its always the govt, always.”
          Government always finds the way to *uck everything up!! And people, like sheeple, obey everything and follow every word coming the almighty government….

      • Greg, RT is only propaganda, as many Russian medias controlled by Putin and his relatives! Don’t believe it. If you wanted independent russian media, take Echo Moscow, read RFE/RL (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty), and there is Novaya Gazeta (where was Anna Politkovskaïa, a journalist and opponent of Putin and Kadyrov who was assassinated many years ago, and Putin and Kadyrov’s relatives are strongly suspected in this murder). Don’t believe what many russian controlled media are talking about Ukraine (the worst of them is Sputnik News)

        • I’ve long stayed out of politics on this website but there is no reason to believe that Fox news or CNN is any less propaganda than RT.

          Politics is driven by money and power. Those who have money and power own and control the media. Unless you really go offline for your news, it is all propaganda.

          • I don’t talk about Fox News or CNN (who are not very independent). I’m talking about more independent russian media. I know too that ukrainian media is not really independent too (many of them are owned by oligarchs), my favorite is who was born during Maïdan and has good point of view. In France too there are “Oligarchs” who own the press and the media.

          • The problem with most Ukrainian media, even the fringe, is that they carry the lie that Maidan was some sort of spontaneous organic revolution when most of the evidence points to a CIA coup. Sure, a lot of Ukrainians wanted to leave the Putin zone, but when the US ambassador is selecting the next UA president before the coup, well, that’s a bit much.

            More and more, in the past 6 years or so, I’ve become more and more apolitical. I’ve come to the realization that, like religion, you just aren’t going to change anyone’s opinion and trying to do so is a huge waste of time. I’ve recently moved closer to the sea and my Wife and child and I take a lot of walks by the beach and I can say, life is too short to worry about Trump vs Hillary vs Sanders LOL.

          • Yeaaaaah right;)) Hromadske TV;))


            “”” According to the interim financial report Hromadske TV was funded in 2013 by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands (793,089 Ukrainian hryvnias, -₴-), the Embassy of the United States of America (399,650 ₴) and by George Soros International Renaissance Foundation (247,860). By June 2014 Hromadske TV had received another 558,842₴ from the Government of Canada, 394,181₴ from the Fritt Ord Foundation, 287,898₴ from the Embassy of the United States, Kiev, 207,402₴ from an auction organized by ‘Dukat’ (the Auction House) and 1,875,180₴ from individual contributors.”””

            What an “independent” channel, eh?;))

          • …about as independent as the undeclared offshore bank accounts (under his watchful eye) that fund political and social movements around the globe…

  5. There are more than five reasons to visit Ukraine. There are millions and millions reasons to visit this beautiful country. Of course, the women, but too, the beautiful cities, the beautiful countryside, the fresh food, their way of life, their traditions, their religion, their festivals, the Dniepr, Odessa and the black sea, the carpathians mountains, the dances like Hopak, the traditional and popular songs, their traditional costumes, the crowns of flowers, the Kozak people…

    And about women : many are not only beautiful, but too well educated. And of course they are always very feminine in their appearance and their attitude.

    Я <3 УКРАЇНУ

  6. One of these days, may be even tomorrow (if I happen to allocate some time for wandering around) I’m gonna grab my camera and take some photos of an average Ukrainian city where I’m at right now and local females ;)

    All the 3 photos above where taken in summer right downtown Kiev.
    But just like New York ain’t America, Kiev ain’t the real Ukraine.
    Just give me a day or two, folks! ;)

      • Yes, it’ll be TODAY;) I’ve managed to find some time just to walk the streets with my camera and it’s not raining today;). I hope to have it all ready by 2 or 3 pm US Eastern time;)

        • My bad, something came up and I had no time to prepare the photos last night.
          It’ll be 2 or 3 pm New York time when photos are ready;) Sorry for the delay;))
          P.S. Photos have already been taken!!

          • Thinking that I should not write here, when I am tried WOW!!!

            Next weekend I will arrive in Ukraine. I will start taking pictures and sending them over to Scott.

            FC is correct with the western mentality of the younger lady’s. You might find one in her early 30’s with traditional values, but it is getting few and far between.

            I listen to the women that work for me in Romania (Ukrainian women). I can, just about tell the ages of the women, by how they speak about life, items they own, family, clothing and traveling. The traveling part makes me laugh a little.

            If a guys pays attention and listens with his big head, he will hear and see the signs of a woman wanting just his money.

            I met a guy from the local Ukrainian Community group, I joined here in Atlanta. He met some girl off a dating site (not going to name names) He was telling me all about his trip to Ukraine and about her. I could tell after the conversation, she was only looking for things and money. She lives in a city SE of Kyiv, Kremenchuk about 300km away. She asked him to pay $250 USD for her travel to Kyiv to visit. Then she complained about her coat and how much it would cost for her to get another one, so he bought her one. And other things. Did not take me long and honestly, after the $250 she told him about travel. WTF!!! I took a bus from Odessa to Kyiv one visit for around $15 bucks, I think. Hell, a plane ticket is $100 from Odessa to Kyiv. I told him to run like hell was after him.

            Most men think with the small head and forget what FC said about the younger lady’s. After the sex is done, what will there be in common?? Not a thing. Staying within 10 to 15 years is the max. Closer to the 15, it will be difficult at times.

            Still blows my mind everyday when my lady and I speak. I wake her up in the mornings and we talk, while she is taking the bus, then metro to work. She sends little messages to me over WhatsApp from work, then she wakes me in my mornings. If she hears a slight change in my voice, she ask, “are you getting ill? You must go to see the doctor. Are you eating correctly.” She will take pictures of when she is cooking to let me see what she is doing. Pictures from the supermarket. I even get a picture in the mornings of how she is dressed for work.

            She has not one time asked for money or anything.

            That is an explain all western men need to read over and over to understand a 35 plus Slavic woman’s and her thinking. These are the little things, that should show a western man, she is interested in him. If a woman starts talking about wanting an iPhone or money for shopping, run like a mad man.

          • Hey Bryan,
            Interesting info.

            ” Staying within 10 to 15 years is the max. Closer to the 15, it will be difficult at times. ”

            Well, if what you said is true that rules out Ukraine. I’m too young for a 35 plus year old woman ;)

          • Seeker,

            No, this does not rule you out at all. Just look to the smaller cities and away from the larger ones. Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv. There are still very good younger women in the smaller cities. Just be listen and read what we are saying.

            Best thing is to get on a good site and talk to some of these younger lady’s. You will be very surprised.

  7. Great article Scott! If other men from other parts of the world have replicated the same results and photos, then it must be true. I watched a RT show one time about a group of traditional Maasai that went to Russia as part of a cultural exchange, and one of the men in the group at the end of the show (paraphrasing) said in English…”Where are the men? There aren’t any men here. I see nothing but women here!” A man from a very traditional culture from another part of the world said this about Russia.

  8. It’s true that Ukrainian women socially have extra qualities when compared to American ones. But, I’d like to know what may be the difference between African women and Ukrainian or Russian women. Thanks

    • Africa is a huge continent. And women from Africa can be loving, caring, beautiful. They can also be aggressive, greedy, and downright awful.

      The characteristics would generally depend on the nationality and the socio-economic strata they come from.

      I have found Ethiopian girls and girls from Djibouti to be very feminine and sweet-natured. I have also met a girl who had had her clitoris and outer labia removed in a “female circumcission” (clinically Female Genital Mutilation), which is something that they do in parts of Africa.

      Then I knew a girl from Ethiopia who was from a very poor family, suffered from bad personal hygiene (i.e. no shower in weeks) and was only interested in how much money she could get out of me.

      If you are interested in an African girl, then take the time to know her. Make sure there are no langauge barriers, because in the long run that’s all we have: conversations.

      I suppose getting to know part is true for all nationalities, but with Ukraine / Russis there appears to be a baseline of education and positive attitudes, while in Africa individual differences are more marked.

      That’s my two cents. Hope it helps.

  9. Hi Seeker,

    I had some questions for you:

    1) Have you found a girl yet or dated any foreign girls?

    2) Are looking for a girl in Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Asia?

    3) I am a university student working part-time. I was just curious what you did for a living? I was thinking of becoming an archivist or library technican.

    Take care,


    • Hello William,
      I am not (and have never been) married but I have dated non-western foreign girls. I am a bit biased and lean more towards the South American women but the young Slavic women that keep popping into my life are really encouraging me to keep my options open. I’m just a rebellious office drone plotting my escape from the reservation.
      Since you are young. Any job or career path is good if you’re passionate about it and/or using it to reach your goal(s) in life. Hopefully those goals aren’t a boring life, a fat Canadian or American wife, crappy food, a messy house with a crazy mortgage, credit card debt, and begging for sex…with the threat of divorce, child support, and alimony being held over your neck until the guillotine drops.
      You should have plenty of time to study some foreign languages, research some countries/cultures, bank cash, and plan your escape with a job like that in your 20s…whatever you do it’s best to keep your intentions and dreams to yourself and just do it when the opportunity presents itself. The people you would least expect might try to sabotage your goals to escape North America and/or marry a foreign woman…your true friends will support you.

      • New and interesting article out in Time Magazine, 11 Apr 16. A new medical phenomena is emerging from younger men who partake in masturbation to porn (as an addiction per se). It is being coined, “PIED or porn induced erectile dysfunction. Basically, the brain become oversensitized to the point that when the male is with a live female, he cannot perform.

        My reasons for bringing this up, is to remind any readers, who are simply banging (pun intended) away at the keyboard and fantasizing for a couple of years, need to be aware of this new medical situation. Just another reason to seriously inquire about making an overseas “live” connection and visit.

  10. Hi Seeker
    The foreign girls that you have dated: Where did you meet them/ where were they from?

    At university I have met some nice foreign girls from Russia, and Columbia. There was one girl from Columbia especially that I wish that I had asked out but was so busy with my study that I chose not to.

    I remember all the guys were throwing themselves at her.

    I also once danced with some Latinas who were at a salsa dance event for foreign exchange students from Latin America at my university. I could not stay the whole time because I had class to get to. However, I had a fun time at any rate.

    Take care

    William Cavers

    • William, you’re asking way too many questions. You are all talk and NO actions.
      We can give you a million of answers but unless you grow a pair and dare to ask girls out on a date, nothing will happen. You never finish what you start! Then how do you expect yourself to get a girl???

      • Hi William,
        Great points FC.
        William you have to determine the type of foreign woman/women you like. Everyone has their particular preference…looks, cultural attitudes, religion, food, language, etc. What could be paradise for me could be hell on earth for someone else. Just take some chances and be prepared to take rejection and failure like a man. If it works out. Great. If not. Move on to the next one. There are millions of attractive women in the world. Another thing that I have noticed most non-western men can take rejection from a woman and not break a sweat or lose an ounce of sleep…most western men crumble.

        • Perrrrrrfect notion, Seeker: ” Another thing that I have noticed most non-western men can take rejection from a woman and not break a sweat or lose an ounce of sleep…most western men crumble.”

          Men in Eastern Europe, Latin America or SE Asia don’t care if they get rejected by a female they approach or just get in touch with.
          Whereas western/North American males seem to lose it all as soon as they encounter a female rejection thus they desperately try to get the girl, which has just rejected them, back resulting all kinds of lowered standards, willingness to go 10 extra miles and to comply with everything they are being told and obey every order coming from a female Master.
          William, just grow a pair and just dare to finish what you start! In any business it’s better not to start it at all than to leave things unfinished!

    • Thanks for the photos FC!
      Things might look better when the weather warms up. The blond in third photo…not bad. The women (in general) still appear better dressed than the typical North American female….plus no sweatpants, sneakers, tattoos, odd piercings, or morbid obesity. Even with the economic issues; there is a clear effort to keep up appearances.

  11. I think you should look at how 4 countries to source the highest quality Slavic genes.
    Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus – pool with the thoroughbred Slavic genes. And the women there look so that your balls will need a bag with ice.
    I like Northern Slavs. The Poles And Russians. Because they have more blondes.
    The Czechs are also sexy mixture of Germans and Slavs.

  12. Most of the men desire to have a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman as wife. They are beautiful, dynamic, and efficient, but the best source of getting Russian or Ukrainian woman is through a genuine dating website such as

    • Naaah, the best source is coming over here personally and experiencing it all first hand and not on a computer screen;)
      And even if one manages to get in touch with a nice lady on a dating website he’ll still have to get his things together and visit Eastern Europe;)

      • Good point FC. I also heard one of the biggest complaints the foreign women (on the more legitimate dating sites and social media sites particular to that country/region) have is that they communicate with guys in the west that they are clearly interested in meeting but they never come to visit. If the guys do not plan on visiting why even start the conversation online? Both parties are wasting each others time. The man that is available in person will always have a much higher rate of success.

        • Damn right! Most western males write endless letters/e-mail messages to Eastern European females without ever having the intention to come over and meet ladies in person!
          You want real success? Then you damn sure pack your bags and come over for a month or two! That’s my advice to all hesitant western men!

  13. Yes FC and Seeker, I don’t deny that cheating doesn’t happen in online dating, but to avoid that it is important to choose an authenticate dating website (based on my personal experience, I recommend that Elenamodels is one of the best). I believe that if you find a genuine person for dating online then it simplifies the process of visiting a place and then finding someone for dating. Online dating also provides a lot of choice that is hard to find while searching the special one in person.

    • Somehow I don’t seem to trust a million of online dating agencies with all those photoshoped female photos taken in unnatural surroundings and requiring a woman to pose for a photo.
      But I always trust my feelings when I meet someone on the street or in a store and can not only check the intellect of that lady by striking a small conversation but also her dress style! And it takes me mere 5 minutes and 0$ to do so;)
      And take Canada for a sake of comparison. Millions of dating websites promising the sky and the stars, endless attempts to start a conversation and…. the most lonely nation on the planet!

      • Its not true that it costs you $0 to meet Women in Ukraine. You live there.

        For the average guy who lives in the west, it will cost him thousands of dollars to just go to the corner store to meet UA Women.

        You’re constantly comparing apples and oranges. You’ve got to get over the fact that 98% of the guys reading this blog are never going to migrate from the West.

  14. How about a 6th reason to visit Ukraine? Ugly clip on feminism in Australia. You would not see a scene like this in Ukraine.

      • There are many areas of the world where such behavior–randomly slapping and spitting at people– could get you killed.
        The best part was the end of the video where she plays the victim and screams for help from the police after being thrown off the train.
        Typical western woman…cause a big mess…and expect someone else to clean it up.

        • Glad you liked it. I heard many old school circles in western society (including my own family pre-1950s/1960s) looked down on women for getting piss drunk in public. I wish that would come back into practice to a certain degree…even the so-called wild women of my great grandparents era are considered tame and conservative by our current norms. I not saying the pre-1950s society was a bed of roses but at least people had some class back then…

    • Hey NonBeduBedu!

      Yes. I have seen it before. The title is pretty interesting indeed. Not wanting to eat a sh@t sandwich followed by a rotten fish taco makes a man desperate in the west. Yes. Then I am very desperate!

      Here’s another one…
      Top 10 Countries That Offer Mail Order Brides — TopTenzNet

      Might as well call it Top 10 Countries To Look For A Wife (After you decide to take your balls back!)

      • Great video.

        “Place a Russian lady in a Western city and they tend to blend in quite well, aside from being overdressed and heavily made up. And slim. Of couse, then they start to speak, and you suddenly want to marry them all.”


  15. I have a question.

    How do Ukrainian and Russian girls respond to non-Western women?

    I am a Middle-East based investment banker, earning US$ 300,000+ a year. But I am from the Indian subcontinent. Good-looking, in shape, early 40s, highly educated.

    Does that work? Or is a Western passport very important for these girls?

      • Just be a gentlemen at all times, have a good heart, want and take care of your family in the highest degree, and love and pay attention to your wife and family. It’s actually quite simple. Don’t brag, drink a lot, curse, look at other women (intentionally), and remember anniversaries, holidays and birthdays. And as long as your better looking than an ape, you’ll be happy for the rest of your life.

        • Thanks Rodney for the feedback. I appreciate it.

          The crux of my question was, is a Western passport important? I could get one, but then I would have to pay taxes which I don’t want to.

          • A Western passport doesn’t change the color of your skin.

            Some women want a blue passport, some want a white Man, but many don’t care either way. They want a strong Man, who will love them and provide for them.

            You will be able to find an Eastern European Woman who wants you, it will just be different. But don’t let it dissuade you.

        • Thanks Scott / Rodney. Your feedback is invaluable.

          One lady on Ukrainedate stopped messaging me when I mentioned my nationality.

          But another is traveling with me to Thailand post-summer.

          I am a hardcore atheist, with disdain for religion. I guess we will bring her around on that. :-)

          Thank you guys for your advice. This is a great forum. :-)

          • I don’t think you should.

            You should respect her religious beliefs and she yours.

            By the way, nothing bad about having your Woman believe in God and religion as it reinforces moral beliefs. A religious Woman is far less likely to go out on you than an atheist woman.

            If she wants to convert to your way of thinking, that’s one thing. But even if she “converts” to your philosophy, in this case being an aetheist, she will likely still believe in God. I don’t think you should convince her otherwise, indeed, you might consider fostering that belief.

            Something to think about.

        • Scott

          “Everybody behaves badly. Give them the proper chance.” Ernest Hemingway in “The Sun Also Rises”

          My ex-wife, a devout Muslim who hated my atheism, was screwing her paramour in our bed. I have recounted the story before here:

          After we split I womanized for a while to restore my ego. Most of them were Catholic or Protestant. One an Orthodox from Ethiopia, and one a Muslim from Egypt.

          The conviction to do the right thing comes from within.

          I am now searching for an girl who is educated, who thinks about life, AND is feminine and a homemaker.

          Not easy to find. But Ukrainian girls are really something.

    • For some.

      For some not.

      My Wife is as white as it gets; 3 of her college girlfriends are married to Men from:

      Egypt &

      All are very happy.

      I met a woman in Odessa, Ukraine who’s sister married a Man in Tunisia, the whole family disowned her.

      My Wife’s parents taught her that it is her duty to go with the religion of her husband. Think about that for a minute. Russians are HARD CORE Orthodox Christians and the old school folks are able to let their daughters convert to Islam, Mormanism, etc.

      • Hello Im jordanian muslim can you help me for find good girl from ukrain
        If you accept can you contact me on my personal email blank–(*&.com in both languages arabic and english thanks

  16. Well, boys, I am taking my family back to Ukraine next week. Per usual, I’ll be alert to what’s going with my boots on the ground. I’ve been gone for nearly 2 years, so I have a time gap for reference and contrast. I’ll send some reports from the field. The one thing I hope to not see is what FC reports on the increasing numbers of ladies that are feminizing. I think it depends on the city and proximity to the larger cities. We’ll see.

  17. Ground Truth Report #1: I’ve been on the ground now in southern Ukraine for nearly a week. I want to share some current observations in contrast to my departure 2 years ago.

    Bottom line up front: what an awesome respite from looking at German and American women. Wow! Beautiful, beautiful women. Of course, its summer, its hot, and so are the ladies. Such beautiful body shapes, modelesque vs the German/American women. The contrast is so vast, there is no bridge between the two.

    Another favorite: dresses, dresses and more dresses. Not as much as Kiev or Odessa, but 50% of the ladies are wearing dresses. Nice, flowing summer dresses, or tight skirts, with see through lacing. The younger ones are wearing shorts with peek a boo cheeks that will catch your eye. The heels are in summer fashion, with many opting for designer sandals.

    Noticeable difference and not liking it: it has begun. Western style creep has begun, grassroots though. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the mall, to escape the 96 deg heat, so that’s a great place to observe the latest happenings. Saw a few attractive ladies that are dressed American style. NY baseball hat, floppy t-shirt, no style shorts and beach sandals. More tattoos are popping up. Saw one with the arm and leg coverage. Luckily many others are placing in more feminine areas, like very tiny on the ankles, or back, under their hair. Some young men are going to for gross, full arm and leg coverage.

    Can verify that I saw my first LGBT. Shaved side of the head and wearing masculine clothes. That was definitely a first for me in Ukraine.

    Overall, the mood seems to be that life goes on. Still many couples and families. New babies. My best friends just got married. Saw a double date of older guys with younger women (Turkish is my guess. Turkish Airlines is now flying daily). Quite more common in Odessa. Mostly, I saw happy, same age Ukrainian couples, and many with small children.

    Memorable capture: Ugly, Soviet era apartment buildings, with broken down infrastructure in the background. Gorgeous woman in stylish dress and high heels in the foreground. Complete 180 deg contrast.

    Funny contrast: my wife was shopping in the mall, while I stayed with our sleeping baby, catching a pause on a bench and watching/observing life walk by. My wife says to me that now that she’s grown a size up, since our baby, she couldn’t find clothes her size. All the clothes were XS or S. In Germany, my wife still has to shop in the young ladies section, albeit larger sizes. She feels skinny in the West and now feels fat here in the East.

    Costs: taxi’s still cheap. $1 for a 10 min ride. Two large pizzas for $12. Brand clothes, same as the west. McDonald’s meal – $3! Vodka – $3! I am still having to get used to giving more Hryvna’s. At 25:1 now compared to when I left at 13:1, it’s weird handing over more money, but having to remind myself, its way less in $.

    Other observations: more patriotism. Many street or outdoor structures are painted in national colors. Our party group, on the river for a shashlik and my niece’s birthday party – started singing their National Anthem for no reason. Nearby party goers stopped and stood at attention.

    Its great to be back. I’ve always loved the people. I feel bad for their economy and I hope someday that things will pick up for them. They are a tough lot and have shown their bravery in the peak of their worst. But, what makes us come here guys, and I will admit, its the girls. Even their own men admit this. I was talking to an Uncle yesterday, who had once worked in E Germany. We talked about how ugly they were compared to the Ukrainians and even he said, “Ukrainian women are the best in the world.” The internet has shown them how incredibly beautiful and feminine their own ladies are. They laugh at our stupid politics of sexism, political correctness, fatness, clothing styles and loss of femininity and increased feminism. I laugh with them.

    • Goooood one, Rodney! I ain’t got nothing much to add to your story, I can just confirm everything you’ve written here.
      And yes, western mainstream ideas and dress styles slowly start making inroads into Russia and Ukraine.
      I give you another 5 years when the new generation gets a bit older and the streetscapes of any Ukrainian city will be completely changed. You’ll see a lot more Americanized females, folks with tattoos, baseball caps, tons of piercings, sweet plants, flip flops etc.
      The worst is that the pattern of people’s thinking is changing. You only see what’s on the outside (dresses, heels etc), and I can “see” what’s on the inside.
      Trust me-you wouldn’t want to get deep into that. The majority of people, especially those 35 and younger are becoming less and less educated with every new generation.
      It’s hard to notice that when you only come for mere 2 weeks, but it’s very noticeable for anyone who’s living here more or less permanently;)

      • Hey FC!

        Yup, I am on the outside looking in and I won’t be picking up any interesting discussions with any women, less I want my wife upset. My wife gets a bit jealous, because she knows my eyes are darting here and there. That’s ok, but talking to a lady is a big no-no. I noticed that I am getting even more loving, on top of what I normally receive. That’s what competition does!

        BTW. FC is a super good guy. We’ve had a couple of phone conversations and he’s definitely for real. Extremely helpful and he’ll be missed when he and his family depart our beloved Ukraine.

        Ask questions now guys, because he’s one of our few eyes and ears inside the country.

        • Still sounds like you’re having a good time Rodney.

          Has the mood of the people (men and women) changed since the last time you were there Rodney?

          You’ll probably see the strange observation of people (especially the women) getting more rude and fat as you head back towards the west.

          Enjoy the long summer days in Ukraine while you can!

          • Hi Seeker,

            Mood is definitely one thing I am looking at in contrast to my past days living here.

            I know from experience, that Ukrainians (before the war) were positive people. You might recall a year or more ago, when I talked about how they turn a typical Western “bad thing,” into a positive outcome. For example, you may recall: if a bird shits on you in Ukraine, it means you’ll have good luck. Or if it rains on your wedding day, it means you’ll have a successful wedding.

            With this type of thinking before the war, it could mean that for whatever reason, they have always come to accept what happens to them. In fact, to explain any misfortunes away, I often heard, “That’s Ukraine.”

            That’s why I see normal life moving on. I haven’t seen a drunkard(s), sleeping it off on a park bench, or on the side of a road or apartment building. In Nurnburg, Germany, I saw a drunkard passed out in a public toilet while on our way here to Ukraine. So, minus one for Germany, 1st world country, that is not in a war with their brother.

            Ukrainians are very hard working people. Today was a holiday, but you’d never know it as everything was open.

            If Russian separatists and Russian hardware would leave Ukraine alone, then I surmise that Ukraine could come out of this. But, this frozen conflict is bleeding them financially, which delays any forward progress.

            Some positive signs: new police force with new cars and uniforms. The old Soviet style uniforms with their large pizza hats are gone! Police look brilliant in their NYPD style uniforms, with patches in the same spot as the NYPD. Not a bad model to copy.

            A new theatre for opera has continued building operations. It had stalled when the war started. So funds are flowing in to finish this massive project.

            Seeker, its quite obvious, that Ukraine wants to partner with the west. That is the bottom line for what happened in Kiev from Nov 2013 to the horrible events in Feb 2014. People wanted to be free from oppression, corruption and away from the puppet master. Its very obvious that this is the direction they will head. I hope that for the most part, most of the ladies will keep their values, especially of home and family. Like any new generation though, they will “revolt” and copy Western things. Its inevitable. For the most part, I believe that many new Ukrainian parents will instill the basic values into their kids and that is about – family first. And many of the ladies will continue cherishing their femininity and mostly disregard feminism. Our 26 year old cousin, who is now married, came to see us this evening by riding on a bus for 3 hours. She arrived looking perfect in a dress! And it was hotter than a MFkr today! It was all for us. How many frking US women would do that for family? When I commented that this was a long bus ride, she answered in typical Ukrainian fashion, “C’mon, it’s nothing.”

            NOTE: I am extracting my thoughts from having conversations with family and friends for the past week. A couple of females are < 30 years old, so I am using their thoughts for my basis.

          • Beats the blue hair, crappy flip flops, and kangaroo pouches…since it is the beginning of summer in the US.

        • Hi Rodney!
          Yeah, there are tons of sexy women out on the streets these days;) Today was very muggy by the way, felt like Alabama or New Orleans in summer.
          Thanks for some nice words about me;) I really appreciate it. But remember- our Mission ain’t Accomplished yet. And I’m still waiting for “you know what”;) to my e-mail;)
          You know, I always mean what I say and back my words up with real deeds. And when I know that I can’t do something then I do not say nothing and keep silence. ;)
          I know that I have enough information and contacts to help you, so I’ll do it, it’s that simple in my world;)
          Yes, our family will be outta here soon, we’re in the final stages now.

      • Women with visible tattoos wearing loose t-shirts and baseball caps…reading that bothers me. That’s two very reliable confirmations from regulars on this site with ample experience in Ukraine. Another point what makes many Ukrainian women very attractive besides their physical beauty (at least in my own opinion compared to many in Latin America) is that that they are more likely to be university educated and cosmopolitan yet very feminine. Hearing about the nationalism creep is a bit of a concern…there’s a point when it’s just too much.

        • Yes, Seeker, the number of those women with visible and ugly tattoos wearing loose T-shirts, sweat pants and flip flops is increasing by the day.
          Having a university education means nothing these days here in Ukraine. The problem is that the level of education as well as levels of profs, universities’ technical base etc are also getting lower by the day.
          I find Ukrainian women aged 35 and younger to be less educated and literate than women of same age in USA or Canada. I’ve never had a problem talking with women in America/Canada. Yes, they have a very weird and not compatible with mine vision of a family life, relationships, sex etc, they’re infected with political correctness, feminism and multiculturalism, but they can express themselves, they can easily hold a meaningful conversation, they are literate and articulate! Many Ukrainian women aged 35 and younger severely lack that knowledge and ability!

          • “I’ve never had a problem talking with women in America/Canada. Yes, they have a very weird and not compatible with mine vision of a family life, relationships, sex etc,”

            My thoughts exactly. I have to put up with them in the office…couldn’t bear the thought of hearing more of it inside my cave or being the mother of my future children.

      • Thanks Seeker and Paul. We’re just visiting our family and friends. No one has physically seen our baby, so its very nice for them to meet our daughter.

        I’ll be heading back to Germany for work while my family stays awhile to be with Babushka!

        Rain is on its way Paul, so maybe that will cool things off. Hope so. No AC in Babushka’s flat.

        Budma (Ukrainian for Cheers)!

        • It’s Bud’mO ;))

          P.S. What a muggy day today… Feels like Alabama in the middle of a summer heat wave;)

        • Rodney ,

          Aaahh , yes , there is nothing more sweet , than to show your baby , to the family and relatives.

          And they will all be happy with this.I`m sure your daughter will have much attention and some presents.

          And Babushka , will be delighted.I am positive of this.

          I`m sure that you feel good to be back there.I can say , that it can get really hot and humid on some days.And then it`s nice , to have a little of airco in the house.

          Other wise you need to put on the fan.And drink a lot of water.

          Two days ago , I got a mail from my girlfriend , and she tells me , about a godson.He will be 3 years old , and she hasn`t got a clue , what present to buy him.
          But she knows , that he likes those metal cars.

          I`m sure , your daughter`s godmother , will spoil your kid.
          Just like Babushka.

          Take care


    • “Nice, flowing summer dresses, or tight skirts, with see through lacing. The younger ones are wearing shorts with peek a boo cheeks that will catch your eye”

      Oh , yes , I know the feeling (your eyes are almost popping out or not ?? ))))))))) )

      Are you there to stay or is it just temporarily ??

      Yes , they will get jealous , when you give too much attention , to other women.Since you are married , it may not be that much of an issue.

      But on the other hand , I would not stretch it too far.The last time I was there , my girl did check on me , if I was watching more than would be good , at other women.

      The question is , for whom would it be good ….

      Well I wish you a good time , and enjoy the days.Yes , my girl told me thatit is very hot now.
      She doesn`t go out , because the temperature is too high (it also depends on the humidity).

      While now , I am a bit envious , in a couple of years , I will certainly go , to live for some months in Odessa.
      and to check , whether it is a good idea , to relocate.

      Of course , I will discuss this , with the girl.In essence , she is positive , to this idea.

      Enjoy with your family and all the best


      • A middle-aged Ukrainian woman once told me that a few men go to Odessa planning to only spend a few weeks or couple of months there…that sometimes turns into a much longer and extended stay….hahahaha!

        • Right Seeker ,

          It would have happened before , I` m positive.
          But you know , I really like this place.Can`t say , why.

          Or maybe , well it`s because , that I have spent so much time , back then , in USSR Poland.

          I did and still like Poland.It`s a really great country , and the people are more or less , like those in Ukraine.

          Naturally , time has passed , and for sure some things did change in Poland.But , I was accustomed to the old buildings , and the condition of the roads and Streets.

          So , in fact , when you will have a good woman (I mean a really good wife) , it will not be that much of a problem.
          Mind you , it`s only in the summer months , that there is some activity there.

          The rest of the year , you should understand , that life is different , from what you are used to , in the West.
          But , I have seen this also in Poland.

          So , I know , what I am going to.
          And , yes , I understand that time is changing to in Ukraine.


          • I heard Poland (and the rest of the former Eastern Bloc of Europe) was an interesting place to visit at the end of the Cold War. I think that’s when the secret (I’m referring mainly to the women) of the east was starting to be revealed to the west.

  18. Meanwhile in “good old Canada”…

    “””The Liberal government says it is making these changes “to ensure the fair, ethical and equitable treatment of people with trans and non-binary gender identity.”””

    And what about the “fair, ethical and equitable treatment” of JUST NORMAL PEOPLE? Ain’t welcome in Canada any longer? Is everyone supposed to be some kind of a tattooed and pierced freak with a rainbow colored dyed hair and of an unknown gender?? Is that the ONLY option be considered equal and worthy in modern Canada?

    “”Many Ontarians do not identify as female or male,” said Government and Consumer Services Minister Marie-France Lalonde.””

    What a fucking upside down and inside out country…. And who do those sheeple identify themselves as? Morons? Aliens? Androids? Puppets?
    Who the fuck are they?? Shim?(She+He).
    Political correctness, tolerance and multiculturalism are killing the west.

    • Quite simple they’ll just be replaced by another group that definitely knows the difference between men and women…and are damn proud of it! They would rather raise a family with at least 4 or 5 kids and/or start a small business (whether it fails or succeeds) than lease a new Beamer, shop at Wholepaycheck, or get a fake coffee flavored milkshake from Starcrap every morning…and playing with their pet cats and dogs every evening.

      • do you think they care? I think they WANT to be replaced by those folks;) it ain’t for nothing political correctness, quota hiring, affirmative action and multiculturalism are widely promoted and supported by the Government of Canada.

    • FC ,

      As of today , here in Holland , the government , is starting , with the use , of non gender public toilets.
      So , if you are female , male or transgender , you don`t have to decide to what toilet , you should go.

      Me personally , I favor this.As here in Holland , we are very progressive , on some aspects.

      I believe , that every person , should do , what makes him/her feel , good and happy.
      As long as it is within the rules of law and normal decent behaviour.

      So , another step , to make things easier.

      • Well, we are talking about different things here. I personally don’t care where I to go take a piss as long as I can do it comfortably and wash my hands after;) I don’t care if I’m surrounded by males, females, lesbians, transgender folks, androids, aliens etc;)
        My point was that in modern Canada it’s a trend, a benefit, a bonus to be gay/transgender/or whatever people might wanna call themselves thus you have affirmative action, quota hiring and political correctness when skills, qualifications,education, work experiences, honesty, dignity and integrity do NOT matter any longer, BUT having the “right” gender or better yet having NO gender at all, being gay or whatever other freak, or being a racial minority/aboriginal DOES MATTER!!
        And I do NOT want THAT kind of “equality”! It ain’t no equality!
        WHY can’t those folks compete with other people using their merits, skills and qualifications?? Why being gay and representing a racial minority (soon to be majority) means green light to all kinds of employments in Canada while white able bodied males and now even females are having insurmountable hurdles to clear before they can even apply for a position within governmental organizations like police forces, RCMP, Border Services? WHY do those forces have QUOTAS to fill with women, aboriginals, racial minorities, gay/lesbian people and other freaks?? Ain’t it about skills and NOT about skin color or sexual orientation after all??
        You see the problem as a public washroom and I dare to see what’s going on in the society beyond the washroom’s walls.

        • How can gender neutral toilets work in a society…where every heterosexual male is a potential creep, freak, criminal, or predator? What the west is trying to accomplish is pure mind control…by turning every unapproved thought or idea into a potential crime.

          • Nothing ain’t ever gonna change as long as the overwhelming majority of sheeple agree with and support the mainstream propaganda.

          • Seeker ,

            For now , it is only going to be happening , in public government or local authorities buildings.

            Restaurants or other places , don`t necesarily have to remove the male or female signs on the toilet door.

            As for Poland , I was there when the cold war , was on it`s peak , and there was no talk , let alone an indication , that the “Iron Curtain” , would disappear.

            It is then , when I learned a lot about , how the people did experience the ruling of the Communist Party.
            And why so many , were a member , or joined that party.

            I am trying to be as objective as I can , about this.

            As a tourist , you would not have a chance , to come close to the people and their daily lives , back then.

            It is , because my Polish girlfriend , and her family/relatives , showed me and told me , about the communist life and laws.

            It is with this knowledge , that I now look at the people and their circumstances in Ukraine.

            And I understand , why some still want the communist party to rule or take control.

            But , with my girlfriend , I don`t talk about politics.She is free , to her own opinions.Sure , we can have a little communication , but not really about , what she thinks about politics today.


        • FC ,
          I`m not familiar with the situation and politics in Canada.
          And don`t know , how or why , some will make certain decisions or rules.

          But here in Holland , we do have certain issues too.Here it is forbidden to discriminate , on religion , etnicity , colour of skin , the way you look etc.

          But guess what , yes , there is discrimination here too.
          Although sometimes , it may be subtle or camouflaged.

          So , some issues are not only defined to a certain country


          • It’s called “reversed discrimination”, when white able bodied males and females are now being discriminated in favor of non-skilled, uneducated and unprofessional people only because those people have the required gender, sexual orientation and skin color to fill the quotas!!!
            Why ain’t it a fair competition after all? Why ain’t it about education, skills, work experience, honesty, dignity and integrity??
            You fail to see the bigger picture!! Or more likely you are afraid to admit the reality.

  19. Short message to Rodney: I’ve got your e-mail with all the attachments, man, no worries;)
    Been working on making it all happen already. ;)

  20. And THIS is what I mean when I talk about Canadian sheeple!!

    Do you see any MALES on this photo? And do you think that these male sheeple will dare to say a word against the mainstream?

    Let’s play a game: Spot a sexy female! How long will it take you to find even one who is REMOTELY attractive on this photo?

    Again, it’s a trend and a bonus in modern Canadian society to be gay/lesbian/bisexual/intersexual/transsexual or whatever name those perverts might wanna call themselves. Canadian politicians of all levels wholeheartedly support all kinds of perverts, leaving no chance for able bodied heterosexual males and females.

    And NO, I do not want to live in that kind of Canada.

      • Hello Americans…I congratulate you on another birthday of our Nation. We’ve been through a lot, but we endure. May we last another 240 years with our country and founding ideals intact!

        • Quick Field Report: On Saturday, I was invited to make a guest appearance at the school where I taught English. About 18 students showed up. All new faces except one. Of the ladies in attendance, about 9, I’d say that 7 were of model attraction level. We had a fine time, where we played games and I handed out prizes (Time magazines, pens).

          Here’s the real meat. When I left 2 years ago, the school had about 100 students. Today, an explosion has occurred to 450 students. I asked the Director why? She said she gave a survey to ask that question. 85% want to work abroad and included in that mix was the want to travel abroad and communicate in English. Only 15% wanted to immigrate to another country.

          Another new twist. Many Ukr ladies are going to Turkey to seek work and are enjoying their financial freedoms and independence.

          Babies, pregnant ladies are all over the place. Yesterday, we met with 4 other couples. 4 of us had babies less than 3 years of age. We met in a city park and it is kid friendly with nothing but attractions for kids. Very nice feeling of community.

          People are indifferent to the political ongoings. Tired of it all: war, money, politicians. But, like the new police force in their NYPD style uniforms.

          • Rodney ,

            Yes it`s a sign of the times.Progress is creeping in.
            And the wish to have a better life than what they are living at this moment.

            Also wanting to see the world.Let`s be honest , we have been doing this for years.
            So , now it`s their turn.

            You are aware that at the time of the cold war , it was forbidden to teach English in school.
            In Poland , when I visited , in the late 70`s , they would learn Russian.

            It was the same , in the other parts of the USSR.
            My Polish girlfriend , could understand and speak a bit of Russian.

            So , maybe now it is time , to shake off , the Russian rules , which were indicted on these countries , for many years.

            I can sense in your posts , that you do feel good to be back in Ukraine.
            Hey , but I will be back also !!!
            And , yes , the police look really nice , in their new uniforms and cars.
            Like I mentioned in my posts from last year.

            Did you happen to see , the special cabins on the Streets , with the 1 – way look through dark glasses ?

            In which the military are observing the Streets and the people ?
            Enjoy .


          • Thanks for sharing Rodney.

            Wow! So the general attitude is that they still prefer to stay close to home — possibly another former Eastern Bloc country or even Turkey. Less than 15 percent would consider permanently moving abroad. The vast majority just want to temporarily live abroad for economic reasons but the political situation isn’t making things any easier either.

            It seems like the women there still place a higher value on seeking a husband, starting a family, and nurturing it…over a career, being strong (????), and self-fulfillment. The place still pro-family.

          • Rodney, I’ll play the devil’s advocate again but.. the number are reversed;)))
            85% want to immigrate, and 15% want to go to work abroad with a chance to stay there permanently too;)
            And trust me, I know what I’m talking about;) Know way too well.
            I also do not want to rain on your parade about “Ukrainian women going to work in Turkey”;))
            There is only ONE type of work available for women there and you certainly know which one;)

          • Hey Seeker and FC,

            Of course, I am only on observations, of which I am pretty good at. I was a Calvary Scout in the Army, and my job was exactly that, to report in detail what I had seen. Basically, me and my troopers were the eyes and ears of our Battalion Commander.

            Therefore, it was quite interesting in our little group of friends, all under the age of 28, meeting with babies under the age of 3. And then surrounded by oodles of kids. Last night we went to a cafe, and the cafe had a play area for kids and at one point, it had about 6 kids in there running around. Two of the older girls were very kind to our daughter, helping her up and down the play apparatus.

            I commented to our friends that this scene doesn’t occur in Germany, because there are not enough kids for a cafe to give a crap and have an exclusive area.

            Therefore, on a daily basis, after observing so many families and kids, and even in our circle of friends who are young (by US standards having kids), I feel that this southern part of Ukraine is very kid friendly and family oriented.

            Our best friends who just married are 26 years old, have been together for 4 years and its quite evident how deeply she cares for her husband. Last night, she was leaning on him and kissing him, as if they were in their first year of dating.

            I have to state that these kind and tender ladies are still available and are not running for the doors looking for a foreigner. I still believe that your odds are better if you can spend some time in Ukraine, get familiar with the community, offer to teach conversational English and it would be so easy and nice to meet an educated, incredibly gorgeous young lady, who wants a husband and family. At the class I taught this past Saturday, there were about 7 ladies that would knock your socks off, if you met them. Wearing dresses, nice heels and hair so nicely done. In my mind, I thought that if I was a new guy in town, this would be a nice, natural way of meeting my future wife.

          • VERY good points and observations, Rodney!
            Ukraine is very different. Southern part of Ukraine differs from the Western and Central Ukraine. There are places especially in the west, where up to 80% of the population are currently living and working abroad. I’ve seen a lot places looking like a half ghost towns, with empty streets, abandoned buildings and few pedestrians.
            You are correct-places like Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson and surroundings are a lot better destinations for any marriage/relationship minded western males. Local ladies there ain’t spoilt, they value family, relationship and kids and they also have that southern spirit.

  21. FC ,
    I can hear you and I do agree with you.Maybe my posts were not so clear , about it all.
    I am against any form of discrimination.Whatever you want to call it , or name it.

    I believe that people should be judged , by how they behave and act.
    But of course , everyone has to behave in a normal decent manner , and must respect , each other`s opinion.

    Now when it comes to hire people for a certain job , in my mind , you should pick the one , who is most perfect and knowledgeable.
    Although I am aware , that this is sometimes not the case.
    Yes , this happens in Holland too (maybe more often than not)

    Is this fair – no !!
    So , can we change this ?Perhaps

    Like you mention , sometimes people are picked because of their gender , the way they look or have a smooth talk.


  22. Hey guys

    Does anyone know how to get a visa to visit Ukraine?

    I want to go, but it appears I need an invitation from Ukraine or a travel voucher or something.

    I am from India, and I cannot get a visa on arrival.

    I have tried online searches but they don’t help much.

    Appreciate any feedback.



  23. Hi everybody!

    I’m new to the community. I just wanted to say that it’s great to find like minded guys…

    I will be asking for your advice (if you don’t mind), I have a lot of catch up to do.



    • Congratulations, Rodney! I’m sure your baby will always be in good and loving hands, day or night, rain or shine!!

      And now back to my usual business, being a Devil’s Advocate;)
      The article above is a picture perfect example of a Kool Aid for westerners who have no idea about Ukrainian realities;)
      I ain’t gonna analyze it all and will only give 1 tiny quote with a short comment after;))

      Quote: ” Sergii Leshchenko, another pro-reform legislator (and a muckraking anti-corruption journalist), agrees, arguing that the only way successful reforms are possible in Ukraine is if international assistance depends on their realization. “I can say it as an insider,” he says. “It works.” Both Zalishchuk and Leshchenko emphasized that the West must be even tougher as the oligarchs dig in. END QUOTE.

      And now my comment;))
      Would this chap Leschenko be so kind and tell “The West” how he managed to buy a luxury apartment downtown Kiev for the price of 310 000$ when his annual officially declared net salary is around 4000$ ?;))
      And he paid the above mentioned amount of 310 000$ upfront cash;)
      How’s THAT for “reforms, democracy and being tough with oligarchs”?;)))

      Yes, me and my family did give up on Ukraine since we absolutely do not want to live in the same country with all those “Leschenkos” who publicly say one thing and then secretly do exactly the opposite. And that’s only one of numerous reasons, just one.
      Leschenko must be some very knowledgeable “insider” if he can fork out 310 000$ cash with an annual salary around 4000$ US;)))

      If anybody is interested I can elaborate and give more arguments about the article above.

      • Thanks FC for the congrats! Looking forward to having a rough and tumble son. From the ultra sound, he was already moving, running in place and very active. We’ll have our hands full in a good way. Ciao amigo.

  24. Gentlemen, here’s a good video from Taya, who I’ve been following on youtube. I find her information to be more sincere than the other blogger, Olga, who seems to be on more of a self-promoting business path. Olga turned me off when she said that the Ukrainian women should be spoiled by their men (like cooking, buying gifts, letting her do what she wants). She sounded like the attention from youtube had gotten to her (read – westernized). I like this video very much, because her two friends answer quite honestly, the normal questions that I think men on this site ask. I’d say pay attention to Alina who indicates that she really has no interest in foreign men based on the differences with cultures, thoughts, genetics, etc. It was refreshing to listen to honest answers and not just what western men want to hear. And lastly, I found their answers to be intelligent, well thought out and sincere. As you all may remember, I tend to disagree with our good friend FC, when he has said for the past year, that Ukrainian girls are unintelligent, and settling for less than attractive men. This video is just a small sampling of info from the street, but at least its something and it goes more in line with what I have experienced. Enjoy! P.S. FC, wherever you are, hope you are doing well!

    • Hey Rodney, thanks for sharing. You’re right…this was a very refreshing video. The young women weren’t all glammed up but were dressed normally — yet still attractive…see what happens when girls maintain healthy BF % and good hygiene — and provided honest answers. Some of the takeaways… appreciate the culture not the stereotypes, don’t try to force IT to happen, and avoid those internet sites. I’ll have to check out some of her other vids from time to time. Another thing I noticed…their voices sounded so much more pleasant when they spoke in their native tongue.

  25. What’s one of the best reasons to visit/live in Ukraine? Finding a wife who respects you (not your money), appreciates and loves her husband and family, upon your respect and love for her – she will be with you forever. And the bonus? Gives birth to your baby son! Yes, we just had our son and everyone is healthy (2 year old daughter is beautiful). We now have the “Gentleman’s Family,” as the British call it. I couldn’t be more happier with everything especially my original decision to move to Ukraine in 2012. My best to all of you. Keep your dreams intact if you are still searching for an EE wife.

    • Congratulations Rodney!
      You all are one happy and healthy family. Your son will have the distinct advantage of seeing/comparing women from the East and the West as he grows up, which will hopefully guide him to make the best decision for himself (20 to 30 years from now…) since he will have the joy of being raised by a woman that respects masculinity. Were you expecting this when you decided to go east half a decade ago? If you decided to stay in SoCal and married local…life could have been very different for you than it is now.

      • Thank you Seeker! Always good to hear from you and your thought provoking questions. Looking back, I knew I was done with SoCal and the dating world. My reasons were purely selfish, I must admit in deep reflection. My urge to have kids was strong, but due to my age, I knew finding a young bride in So Cal was pretty near existent not being a millionaire.

        After knowing EE since 2001 and having dated my Moldovian girlfriend for 4 years, and she was 17 yrs younger than me, I knew that for some EE ladies, age was not all that, as long as you were fit, which I was. In 2012, I was still in awesome shape, which made me look 10-15 years younger than my actual. This gave me the confidence to make the move and begin the extensive search for my wife. I knew that visits were not enough, and that this needed time to grow and nurture. It was the best decision I have ever made.

        Sure enough, I found that meeting ladies naturally was not an issue, and dating ladies 20 years or younger was not an issue either (not completely. Some ladies made it clear that my age was an issue with their parents and therefore wasn’t going to happen. Dating was fine, but permanent was not).

        I was only in country for 3 months when I found my love. It was through a blind date meet from a translator/friend, whom I had known a couple of years prior.

        Honestly, I had no real idea or 100% certainty that a Ukrainian lady could be such a great wife and mother. After living there though, you can see it. So much loyalty to their husbands and kids. Now, after being outside the US for 5 years, I am (and my wife) are content living in Europe. It feels safer, at least in Germany, with less “gangsta” type influences and all of the other associated weirdness that I recall and see on videos (tatoos, rings in noses, clothes, hair etc). You are correct sir, that our daughter and son, will come to know what masculine is and what femininity is. And our trips back to Ukraine will reinforce that.

        Our plans are to move to Southern Europe, so we can enjoy the sunshine more often and I can play more golf (teaching the yungin’s and wife, of course. Golf is a great family game). We’re only 3 years away now from receiving our Permanent Resident cards so we will have EU mobility and I will have social security and Army pension to secure our livelihood (I’ll be 62 in 3 years!). BTW, Spanish ladies know how to be feminine and how to dress, too! I remember my wife commenting on how pretty they were and the men were handsome when we vacationed there in 2015.

        Thanks again, Seeker. Ciao!

    • Hi Rodney ,

      Wow that’s asome news.I’m sure that you and your wife feel heavenly blessed.
      Ok so you have a boy , and some things may change a bit.
      But in a sense your life/love is complete now.

      Congratulations to you and your wife.I know that life will be different now.
      But your happiness will not change.

      All the best to your wife ,you and the kids.

      Moving to Southern Europe ?I do agree that the weather most of the time is better.
      But I have seen much rain/flooding or snow there lately.

      For golf it may be a good idea.


      • Thank you very much Paul. We are very happy, as you mentioned. We’re looking forward to the months and years to spend together with our little ones.

        Hey, don’t forget our road trip meet up this spring?

    • Congrats Rodney! way to go!! great news to start the day and keep going for the rest of the week.

      Thanks for sharing!

  26. Congrats from warm, nice, sunny and pleasant Mexican Caribbean, Rodney!
    Having a kid is always a blessing, having two is a double one!
    I can bet any money that your kids will be growing in a modern but at the same time traditional and loving family where both father and mother know what it takes to evolve together and strengthen a relationship on a daily and even hourly basis!
    And I still insist that Ukraine NOW and Ukraine 5 years ago are 2 different planets or even universes!

    Meanwhile it’s so damn nice not to have to deal with Ukraine any longer;)
    What an amazing difference, like night and day!

    • Thank you FC. The magic happened when we went to Ukraine this summer, so I have to give some more props to Ukraine!

      You made me smile big time, when you made your mention about Ukraine. No matter what, as long as you and your family are happy. And the sound of your warm breezes, depicts awesomeness!

      • :)) I’d say, Rodney, that you and your wife deserve “props” for having such a nice newborn;)
        Ukraine ain’t got much to do with it ;)
        It’s +29C here today, warm and sunny and yes, I can feel the sea breeze anywhere in town;)

        • I will be in Ukraine for my third year in a row beginning April 29th. I am likely to be volunteering to assist English language teachers in the outlying villages surrounding the Odessa Oblast in summer camps working with school-aged children. That experience may have me remain in Ukraine until the middle of July. But, I am also reconnecting with a 38 year old nurse from Odessa whom I met in 2015 and again 2016. I first encountered her on the site. I know that this site is filled with fraudulent activity. I am 65 years old and she has made an effort to learn some English and arranged to meet with me last year without the necessity of paying for a translator/interpreter. We communicate entirely now on Facebook.

          • Do not want to rain on your parade but… 27 years kinda feel a bit much of an age difference. I have a gut feeling that the lady may just be using you as a “lottery winning ticket” to get the hell out of Ukraine.

            On the other note: the site seems to be slowly going into oblivion after all.
            There are no updates, no new contributors and messages are very few and far between.
            I dare to say that Ukraine and Russia have lost the appeal for western males.
            Yes, there may be an occasional traveler willing to go that extra mile and visit the above mentioned countries, but…
            Look at the main contributors on here-they are not in Eastern Europe any longer (occasional visits do not count).
            Rodney is now happily settled in Germany, Bryan has disappeared, Scott is apparently busy with his business, I’ve left Ukraine too.

          • You need to check out “Dream Connections”! I do not think the interest has died out in the least, quite the opposite, increased. For my part, the lady is not particularly eager to get out of Ukraine. She lives in Odessa, has a 16 year old daughter from a previous marriage and lives with her mother. She has a stable job as a nurse in the state hospital. We met in 2015 when I weighed 370 pounds. Following a car accident that year, I lost roughly 95 pounds. She strongly wanted to meet me again last Fall and was frustrated that I gave more attention to an older woman closer to my age. I will be seeing her for the third year in a row this May. Last year she had learned some English over the previous year, provided an interpreter for the two of us at no charge to me and we communicate entirely now on Facebook. That does not sound like the description of a “gold digger” to me!

  27. Brian, I do not need no Dream Connections, I’m happily married;)

    Again, I ain’t here to rain on your parade, but I can immediately spot several “red flags” in your description.
    Living with her mother is one and the second is the salary of a nurse in Ukraine;) I happen to know how “much” it usually is;)
    I do not want to elaborate further cause I may offend you with my words, and I wouldn’t like to be an offender.
    But I’ll say that she is not a Gold Digger, she just want to get out of Ukraine;)

    • You have the capacity to read her mind in that she is eager to get out of Ukraine? Living with her mother is a “red flag”? In Ukraine, as in Russia, there are often multiple family members living together because of the cost and salaries. Her salary is $200 a month for roughly 60 hours worth of work each week. You acknowledge that she is not a “gold digger”! So, what are the other “red flags”?

      • I have 9+ years experience of DAILY interactions with Ukrainians while living in Ukraine;)
        I am not the mind reader but I know how many people dream to get the hell out of Ukraine. Millions in fact.
        Every year 1.5 million Ukrainians apply for US
        Green Card. And that’s USA only.

        Yes, living with a mother is a “red flag’ to some extent. She ain’t got her own place so she must be looking for someone who’ll provide her with such a place.
        Yes, I’m fully aware that many Russian or Ukrainian families for this matter share the same household thus I’m even more convinced that deep inside she wants to get her own place without much effort.
        She has a good salary as for a nurse, 5500 grivnas is very unusual for this profession in Ukraine. An average nurse salary is around 3500 grivnas max in Ukraine.
        I’ve never said that she was a GoldDigger, she just wants to get out of Ukraine;) it’s that simple.
        Other red flags? Well, I do not know much about your interactions and her behavior so I can’t say much based on a short story you’d told.

        • Why not?;)) Cause it’s in her utmost interest right now to play coy and to tell you all kinds of fairy tales;)
          Why should she openly tell you:” Yeaaah right! I’d love to get outta here ASAP”, making you think and understand that you are there only for the sole purpose of “transportation”?;)
          I never even hinted that Ukrainian women had a propensity to lie but I’ve said that they’d be willing to play a game in order to get their mission accomplished.
          Why negativity? Say I’ve been through and seen way too much crap in my life in order to believe people.
          Deeds speak and these days it’s often way too hard to even get to that point when people actually do something and not just throw empty words and promises around.
          The world had changed a lot in recent years and I do not like the way things are going around us.

          • I hear where you are coming from in your viewpoint. Try living with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and then a car accident which could have easily taken one’s life, if not for a seat belt. And then add to this mix of life events trying to relearn to walk after breaking both ankle bones and right hip! These are some of the issues that I am dealing with in my recovery effort. I want to have hope, give some people the benefit of doubt and to not unilaterally prejudge everyone’s motives. I would prefer to see and believe that there are some good people out in the world, rather then view all mankind as self-centered opportunists.

          • Brian, believe me , I am NOT trying to say that you ain’t worthy a good relationship and a good lady by your side.
            You’ve accomplished a lot in your life even I were just to consider your recovery process after the accident.
            I’m simply trying to give you heads up regarding a very possible scenario. Not saying that it WILL happen, but it MAY happen.
            I’ve seen and experienced waaaaay to much shit from people I thought were honest and respectful.
            I happen to know people in Ukraine a tad better than you thus I feel that I can judge them.
            And my opinion is different from yours which does NOT mean that your possible relationship will be a failure from Day 1.

          • Thank you! I am familiar with the possibility of failure and deception all too well and fully aware of the potential for disaster. I was scammed by this 43 year old overtly, physically assertive woman, and supposedly a doctor, in Odessa last Fall to the tune of $760.42 for one meal feeding a total of three people! And then, I wasted time and nine dates on a 45 year old woman who turned out to be rather cold towards me, much to the chagrin of the younger 38 year old nurse I mentioned earlier who wanted more time with me, truly a bad judgement call on my part.
            I met seven different ladies in 2015 from Kharkov, Odessa and Kiev and then six different ladies in Odessa from September 2016. The one consistent factor in both years was meeting the 38 year old nurse from Odessa.
            When I return to Ukraine at the end of next month and into May, I will be seeing her again for a much greater amount of time. I want to spend this time with her to see where things will lead before I jump to any false conclusion about her motives and prematurely write her off wrongly as someone who would only use me! I will be meeting other ladies as well, so my options will not be limited should something go astray. I think it is only fair to give people from a third world country like Ukraine a decent chance to be believed, that there exists some measure of honesty, integrity and compassion among them!

          • I see what you are saying, Brian!
            I’m trying to make everyone believe that every single Ukrainian lady is a scammer of some sort.
            There are always good apples amongst rotten ones. The problem is that rotten ones prevail and dominate in every sphere, and this is based on my personal experiences and observations.
            First two ladies you described were definitely after your money and fast!
            Give me money NOW and we’ll figure out the rest later. THAT was your picture perfect example of GoldDiggers.
            Good to know that you are having plenty of options in Ukraine. Try not to limit yourself with one city and one lady since you have that energy and drive many of us are already lacking at much younger age.

  28. FC,

    Hola friend. I was just wondering how you were and if you and the family had settled in to life “south of the border”. Hope you are not over run with “spring breakers” this week. I have seen some TV from South Padre Island and it looks pretty wild (or I’m just getting old). Anyway, hope all is good and if you need anything from up North, give me a shout.


    • Yes, Robert, we are now more or less settled.
      Spring breakers I don’t care much about ;) We tend to live in different universes since they are only interested in booze, dope and parties into the wee hours.
      See more details in my reply to Rodney.

  29. Hey Brian and FC,

    I finally had a chance to jump on my computer and read y’alls (that’s the Louisiana in me coming out, LOL) back and forth comments. Keeping the site alive, I see.

    First. FC, hope you are doing well, and that is understated, because I know you are happy as a lark in sunshine and vivid tropical scenery. Are you back into fitness training? As I mentioned before, we’ve decided after we get our Permanent Residency, we will be looking to move to southern Europe. I’m a Calif boy and its time to get back to the sunshine and golf. In 3 more years, I get social security and full military retirement. At the moment, we are busier than heck with our two little ones. But, in a few years, they’ll be off and running, and my lack of need to work, will be a plus to spend all of my time with them. I am doing that now, basically, and its been a thrill for my daughter. She’s already beginning to speak her few words of Russian and English and understands us separately.

    Second. Hello Brian. Hey good luck with your lady. I see that life has thrown some challenges at you, but you seem good spirited and young at heart. My biggest advice for any guy seeking that connection with a Ukrainian lovely, is to spend as much time with them that you can. Time is really the only way that you can get to know each other. From the little you describe of her, she seems to want to get to know you better too. Keep in mind that due to our different cultures, and language misinterpretations, that us men can read the relationship in a negative way. If you notice that you guys get into conflicts, and you see that she quickly gets over it, then you know that you just need to adjust to each other. But, if you see that she gets upset and becomes cold, or doesn’t get over it, then she’s not the one. A true and serious Ukrainian does not want lingering conflict in the home. She wants a happy husband and household. The other, I described, is not serious, and only wants stuff. A gold digger, like FC described.

    If you can see and feel that she is starting to put you first, along with her daughter, then you also know that the relationship is starting to get firmer. I have stated before, that there is a hierarchy that Ukrainian ladies adhere too. Parents, siblings, children come first, always…. until they have a husband. Then their husband becomes first in their life with parents et al, now a close second. I was amazed by this because I grew up in the west, where even a husband could remain second, behind a parent or even a child (or sometimes an ex, like the father of her child(ren). I experienced that, too. She had to keep the peace with him because they shared a child. So he would get all the attention he needed when he was upset about something).

    And don’t worry, I think most of us have had to go through our mud pits with the scammers. I know I did, because it was with women I had met through agencies. So, don’t be giving Dream Connections too much credit. All those women are not sincere. The owner does one hell of a propaganda/marketing plan, that puts men’s eyes in the headlights and then they think its Shangralai. The best women I have met in EE (that would be two, of one I am married with), were through an introduction from someone (who knew that the lady was looking for a serious relationship).

    Lastly, I think that the forum has slowed down, because frankly, we’ve covered the subject areas quite well. With the internet and its info, I think guys have become saturated with info, red flags, etc. The owner of DC and many other agencies in Ukraine, have hundreds of youtube info videos now with interviews, experiences, etc. And the other veterans like myself, FC, or Scott, well…we’re simply very happy and in our dream marriages (not Connections, ha ha). Life just continues to go on without the fkg westernwomen bullshit drama. How many ways and times can we say that “we’re happy and doing well?”

    P.S. Brian, I lived in southern Ukraine, and FC and I have agreed that there could be differences with the northern areas that he lived in. For me and my experiences, I still say that there are good women to marry from the smaller southern cities. I am in constant contact with many couples from there, who live happy and normal lives with their Ukrainian husband/wives. These guys do not drink excessively, work hard, don’t cheat and speak English fluently. One couple we know, the husband is gone 6-9 months per year as a Seaman (pulls in about $5k/month and cooks a mean shashlik). They have two kids and are great. It helps that their home is a duplex and mom/dad/uncle live beyond their living room wall. But, that’s family in Ukraine.

    My best to all.

    • Hi again, Rodney and Robert!
      Yes, we are now more or less settled though the scenery here has changed dramatically over the last 5 years or so.
      Fitness training and coaching? I’d say both yes and no, there is not so much demand for that as it used to be even 10 years ago. All people are interested in is consumerism, parties, booze, getting high and soaking up in their hotel pool. Now you rarely see any dive boats on the reef any longer and those who still go only have 2-3 divers on a boat instead of 8-10.
      I was walking the main pedestrian street here earlier today and all I saw were ugly tattooed and pierced bodies of travelers from all over the world. Somehow an overwhelming majority of people now act and look exactly the same and you have to listen to the language they speak to find out where they are from.
      Well, they are may be some loud and obnoxious American or Canadian group here and there, but that’s about it.
      I went for a hard all out swim training today too and suddenly I noticed that I was the only one to actually SWIM!! ALL others on the beach (and there were al lot people) stayed in waist deep waters and didn’t even dare to go any deeper!! I did my usual routine and went for about 2 km swim with butterfly sprints after that and I literally could notice that folks were extremely surprised to see someone swim that far!!! It was like something out of this world for them! I mean a damn normal swim training is now unusual and surprising!!
      And having all those wrist bands, smoking pot, drinking beer on the beach and having a body of a 60 year old at the age of 25 is perfectly normal!
      And we are back to the square one-the interests and preferences of the Western women.
      The beach uncovers all the hidden secrets and NOW I see a lot of funny things.
      And I’m gonna tell you something, my good folks: I have yet to see a couple with both a sporty male and a sporty female! The amount of fat and even filth is astonishing!
      I know that I can be biased because of my profession but I have yet to see at least the effort to get better, to find out that there is in fact a world outside the hotel and the bar zone, that Mexico ain’t only about Mariachis, Tequila and all inclusive resorts, but also about reefs, marine life, national parks, lagoons, cenotes, sunsets into the sea, walks on the beach!
      Man oh man the humanity is ruining itself….

      Sorry folks, had to vent this all out!

      • Hey Rodney and FC!
        Nice to hear life goes on men.
        FC I hope the grass is greener in Mexico.
        Rodney I know you got your hands full with two very young children…glad things will be looking up for you in about 2 years.
        SoCal has nice weather, which makes the US purgatory all that more palatable. You don’t really miss LA do you? Every person I have ever met that is from there states they are never going to move back…never…the same with NYC, Chicago, and Miami too…ouch!
        Not too many places to escape to in the US these days….all the good places are drying up quick.
        The season is upon us….Happy Easter Folks!
        Some will be celebrating 2 this year.
        I attended a Russian Eastern Orthodox Easter last year with some friends. This Catholic boy was a little nervous at first but after a while I was fine.

        • Well, Seeker, Mexico ain’t what it used to be…. Unfortunately.
          Everything has changed, the reef and nature are disappearing, there are less and less fish, dolphins, sea turtles, corals….
          People have changed a lot too. Tourist resemble a horde of drinking, burping and smoking sheep whose only interest is to get drink before the sun even sets and them aimlessly wander around the pedestrian area downtown…
          People these days are scared of everything outside of their comfort zone. And the comfort zone here is an all inclusive hotel with a pool swim up bar and an evening taxi trip to a promenade street to some watering hole or a restaurant/night club.
          So far I’m VERY disappointed with changes….

        • Hi Seeker,

          Man, you said it. I’ve had to quit my normal job and have taken a part time weekend job, so I can be home and help my wife with our two little ones. Twice the work, but twice the love.

          Yeah, we look forward to moving to Spain or Portugal. I was doing some crime statistics research, and if you pull up Sevilla vs most cities in the US using Numbeo, you can compare cities. I contrasted Sevilla vs Los Angeles. After making many other comparisons, my wife and I were convinced that its safer to raise our kids in Europe than the violent US that has emerged. To walk alone safely at night in Sevilla, you have a 94.57% chance of doing so safely. LA: 45.20%. In Anaheim, home of Disneyland, and you walk alone at night, you only have a 28.12% chance that you will have a safe walk! What kind of place is that to raise my kids? No thanks, I’ll take European lifestyle with cultures, languages, feminine ladies and LA – like sunshine.

          Yeah, we get to celebrate both Easters this year. My mom in law sent us photos of the Easter cakes she had baked. They look like sugary mushrooms (my observation). And the Germans are in a 4 day lockdown from Good Friday to Easter Monday. They take this holiday seriously.

          Take care, Seeker and Happy Easter.

          • Hey FC and Rodney,
            Good one Rodney! I’ve used numbeo…plus other crime, health, and disease stats to hush unjustified criticism of living in foreign lands. Plus you have access to quality food with out the fake organic snobbishness of the states.
            Sound like everyone here is pretty busy…all the best.

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