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Five reasons to visit Ukraine
Boris is back!

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Hi all – hope everyone is having a great Easter. For those of you who have never experienced an Orthodox Easter, it is something that I highly recommend. We’re currently out of the country in a predominately Catholic country and we’ve been enjoying watching the Semana Santa (Saint’s Week) festivities. For those who have seen the processions and the floats & the processioners dressed in robes with tall hats (almost looks like a Klan rally), you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The renewal fees came due for the site as they do every year and after I paid them I was talking with the Wife and I complained a bit that I don’t have time to write as much as I used to – new baby and all. And she asked me if “it was worth it” to devote so much time to something that is a hobby. And I told her – without hesitation – “Yes.” I get regular emails (though not so many lately) telling me “thanks,” that the website was very helpful. And a few comment that I saved them thousands of dollars that they would likely have wasted at or some other scam site. Guys who miss that bullet regularly send me invites “for a beer” if ever in their town and I thought, “Why not a virtual beer?”

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And so, I set up a Paypal link on the front page. If anyone is feeling exceptionally thankful for the services of this site, feel free to “buy me a beer” in the form of a Paypal donation to keep the site up and running. No pressure, for those who feel inclined to donate, thanks. For those who don’t no worries. Paypal or not, I intend to keep this site open so long as there are those who will benefit from the message here.

For those Men who have found a Russian (Eastern European) Wife, I’m very happy for you. I now know of 18 Men who came to this site, began looking and are now either married or engaged. Considering that the response rate (email and or comments) is probably in the 1-5% range, I honestly believe that maybe 100 or more guys have found their Wife after reading my posts here. For those of you still looking, don’t give up! Your Wife is out there. I honestly believe that there is someone for everyone out there. Keep after it and keep your nose up!

Good luck!

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Five reasons to visit Ukraine
Boris is back!

30 thoughts on “Renewing the website

  1. Thank you Scott for all you’ve done. I know its a tremendous challenge at times, financially, or more specifically, man hours. Thanks for all you have done.

    Of any site I have ever looked at, your’s is the tip of the spear. Always truthful, always on target. I never could stay focused on another website, Russian Women Discussion, because there was a lot of hate on there, without very much support.

    Happy Easter!

    • It is a little late, but Happy Easter to Robney, Scott and FC.

      Will arrive KBP the 2nd of April.

      Scott, I will be buying you a 12 pack HAHA!

      Thank you for all the work here. Hoping with the guys reading, it will turn them in the right direction.

      • Maaan oh man, it’s THIS Saturday!! Borispol airport;)
        E-mail me your contact phone number in Ukraine when you get here and I’ll call you right away.
        And then feel free to get in touch with me any second if you might require any help.

      • Hey B,

        Wishing you the best time of your life. Take a lot of photos for yourself, so you can look back at this entire new chapter (book) of your life. WTG! And best wishes to you in your romantic pursuit. She’ll be the main reason why you don’t miss the USA.

        Victory Day is coming up on 9 May, so don’t miss the festivities. Its one of a kind.

        All my best to you and your lady. Let us know through stories any interesting moments, epiphanies, or enlightenments. Ciao bella.

        • Well, Bryan, April 2 is TODAY;)
          Have a safe trip and let me know your phone number when you get here;)
          And then feel free to contact me whenever you might require any help;)

          • Finally here after am insane week :) Sorry, had my first priority and she was extremely happy to see me and me her.

            Made the mistake of taking a warm shower, after we had dinner, then laying down. Just woke.

            Here is the UA number. Scott hope you do not mind – 380981798960

            Trying to figure out whether to sleep or run HAHA!!!

          • Yeah! Welcome to another world, Bryan! Glad you finally made it!!
            Got your number written down, thanks! That’s a Kievstar number and I have the same network thus my calls to you are FREE!
            It’s too late to call now, 12:17 am here in Ukraine. I’m gonna call you tomorrow around 1 pm Kiev time or so. Have a good night sleep and try to adjust your body to the local time ASAP.

  2. I’m Catholic but I do have to admit this would be an interesting site for an American that was not familiar with the tradition of the procession. Those guys wearing the robes with the pointed hoods are paying penitence to God and the floats they are carrying are pretty heavy.

    “We’re currently out of the country in a predominately Catholic country and we’ve been enjoying watching the Semana Santa (Saint’s Week) festivities. For those who have seen the processions and the floats & the processioners dressed in robes with tall hats (almost looks like a Klan rally), you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

    There’s plenty on youtube.

  3. I recently had a chat with the sister of a girl I was interested in.

    She said that her sister does her annual shopping in London, so it may not be easy for me.

    And these are girls from India.

    Find a husband, then destroy him financially and emotionally. That is now the goal of enlightened girls of this age. She did not mention love of family, children, building a life together. Instead, she mentioned shopping in London every year.

    It’s getting harder and harder to be a man, to find someone who actually values you for the effort and the love you would bring to your family.

    • May is one of my favorite months for Ukraine. The weather turns warm, spring is in the air, the ladies look AWESOME in their spring dresses, and the shashlik starts cooking on the grills. Who needs frkg London with drabby gray skies, white pasty skin colors and bland food? Go east young man!

    • Maybe try and look for some financially independent woman so she is not interested in your money,someone of your age and interests,me and my husband found each other on one of the banal dating sites,he is British and spends most of time here,in Ukraine with me and our children.Still we think our meeting is a miracle as true love happens so rare in real life,especially if there’s big distance and mentality difference.Good luck to you,everything in it’s right time!

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