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Boris and Natasha

… the “original” Boris & his sidekick “Natasha” …

Fiction usually follows fact & if we look at the 1970’s cartoon ‘Boris and Natasha” that was popular when I was a kid, we can see that – even back then – the comedy writers recognized the Boris dynamic.  Just yesterday at the mall my Wife pointed out a Boris and Natasha couple, they looked much like the couple above albeit a bit less sinister ;-)

It has been quite a long while since we’ve had a Boris post.  I miss these posts too because they are the kind of fodder that really get the feminists mad.  Usually after I had posted a Boris post, I got all kinds of hate mail from some feminazis who were thoroughly disgusted with the idea that a “big” guy could – or even should have a shot at a hot Woman.

Boris is back 1

… not an unusual site in Russia …

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Think about this for a minute, how American women dissect American Men.  “He must be tall, thin, handsome, have a good job, save baby animals, deal with my bullshit…”  You get the idea.  But even suggest to them that a woman choose a Man based ONLY on his ability to provide for a family and have less than “GQ” styling and chiseled abs and you have a near war on your hands.

Boris is back 2

… photo taken from the Asian site I discovered two weeks ago – I’m not the only one to recognize the Boris phenomenon! …

And yet, every time I go to Russia or Ukraine, I invariably see it: a Man, twice my size with a Woman that looks like a college cheerleader.  I’m puzzled by it (being the American-bred feminist that I am) and my Wife thinks nothing of it, “Oh, he probably has money or he just knows how to carry himself.”  Women in Russia look at Men like bears, not like fashion models.  Don’t get me wrong, a guy with abs can do well here, but so can a guy with some extra pounds.  Especially if he has a decent job, a house and some disposable cash.  Remember, Russian (& Ukrainian) Women love to shop.  Your credit card has been warned!

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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40 thoughts on “Boris is back!

  1. 1. Photo # 1 was taken near likely taken near Odessa Opera House in Odessa;)
    2. Photo # 2 taken in downtown at Independence Square.

    My comment on the article to follow later tonight;)

    • Great post Scott!

      I remember watching the reruns of that cartoon when I was a kid. LOL!

      “And yet, every time I go to Russia or Ukraine, I invariably see it: a Man, twice my size with a Woman that looks like a college cheerleader. I’m puzzled by it (being the American-bred feminist that I am) and my Wife thinks nothing of it, “Oh, he probably has money or he just knows how to carry himself.”

      I have to admit every now and then I have to reprogram my brainwashing (from the US) every time I see this dynamic. Whenever I see a fat man with an petite woman, short man with a tall beach volleyball type girl, or an average looking Joe with a glamorous woman half his age…I instantly think that but I always mentally recheck myself and rethink they are perfect for each other.

      I have noticed though if I am hanging out with or in a place with a lot of non-western foreigners from anywhere, whether in a foreign country, an ethnic restaurant in the US, or dinner/party hosted by a non-westerner, baptism, etc… then I am less likely to notice the dynamic. Boris and Natasha or their foreign equivalent from someplace else are there but I tend to not think about it or notice it.

      I just accept it.

  2. Yes, American women wanted a guy who is really physically attractive and many other complicated criteria, but does they ask what they wanted to bring to her man? I’m sure when we ask this question to american and european women, they will have no answer, because they will think about themselves and only themselves, they will always want to be the center of attraction and they will consider her man as an accessory! This is not my definition of a couple.
    When we ask the same question to east european women who are sincere in their search of a serious man, many will answer : “I wanted to make my man happy, I will do all to make my man happy, and I wanted to build a real happy family with him!”. And although american and european women will ask for divorce for nothing, a serious east european woman will do anything to save the couple.
    That remembers a conversation with a friend I haven’t seen for 3 years, a french girl I wanted to seduce in the past but she rejected my advances. She asked me if I had a girlfriend and I answered “Yes” :
    – Where do she come from?
    – From Ukraine!
    – Ok, you go to seek them far (from my country, France)!

    And I was thinking to myself “Yes, I have found her far from my country, I have searched them in east european countries because they are not just beautiful, but they are clever, they are nice, more positive although their life is difficult, and they have more simple ways of life, more organized, they have kept sense of family and sense of good traditions, they don’t wanted necessarily a rich or a beautiful man, but a good caring man who will protect her, and in return, they have the will to help their man to get anything he wants in life! And I like the way of life of east european countries!”

    This girl (my friend) always wanted to return with his ex, even his ex has made her suffering. She always wanted a beautiful man which will put her in value, but doesn’t want to engage seriously in a relationship and doesn’t wanted to give something to her man in return. She always wanted to live with her friends’ troop. And since 3 years, she hasn’t found someone serious and she is still complaining, instead of looking at her attitudes and stopping to be too complicated for the men she wanted to be with.
    So in some parts, I have taken my revenge. It’s sad to see this situation, but many european and american women have made these choice to be complicated and too selfish, so I will not feel sorry with them!

    • Yeah Ivan B,

      Your experiences line up pretty close to mine, not just in this post, but your prior ones as well. I pretty much validate your points.

    • It is really something when Western women look down their collective noses at you when you say you’re married to a Russian Woman. “Oh, I see,” with a sound of disgust. I used to be shy by it but now it makes me smile – it makes me feel good. I’ve fired the overpriced local and replaced with a foreign model that works better, is more efficient and more economical. Now, I’m not comparing my Wife to a TV or a car, but if I was, it would be like having an old broken television without remote that only works sometimes and gives you attitude when you try to change the channel to a new plasma flat screen with remote and a 1,000 channel package.

      The difference really is that big. Yet, most Men are willing to stick with a broken TV that barks at them when they turn it on or change channels.

      • LOL!
        “It is really something when Western women look down their collective noses at you when you say you’re married to a Russian Woman. “Oh, I see,” with a sound of disgust.”
        I see it as a warped sense of nationalist-feminism from the twilight zone. The femi-nazis refuse to ask the question “why?” and even when they do most never change or make a clear effort to change.
        I would say many western women resemble fat lazy athletes with great athletic facilities, supplements, and even genetics, etc. living off their past glories (pre grandma era) that never make any effort to maintain their conditioning and skills. So the competition (pretty much from anywhere) cleans their clock and eats their lunch without much effort.
        A rivalry between two (or more) non-western groups of girls could be (a bit) justified but not between a western and non-western women. It’s a game or match the western women should not even show up for since (in general) they are fat, lazy, unskilled, and out of shape…best if they hit the practice field, gym, change their attitudes, and follow their old coaches advice.

  3. Unsure if this went through again…

    Apparently young marriage aged women in the US like to get drunk the weekends (nothing new there) but instead of ending their night with a man or toy of their choice…they rather participate in drunk online shopping. Click and Sip.

    “Sip and click: Data from e-commerce site Lyst shows a significant spike in women’s online shopping late on Friday night.”

    If careers, chemical dependency, and drunk online shopping rank higher than marriage, motherhood, and even sexual pleasure with young American women…then they deserve to die alone with 5 cats and the useless crap they bought.

  4. The problem with Western (not only American) women is that they have no idea what they really want in life. One day they might want sex, the next – day late night online shopping, another day to get drunk, day after-to find a man with a lot of money and status in the society, the 5th day-to have sex with some lowlife while being drunk and high etc etc etc.
    This cycle repeats weekly, monthly and annually. I’ve never been able to crack this “western female code”.
    Eastern European females are a lot easier to understand so to say. Yes, they have their own tricks and secrets, but they are genuine, open and honest in their wishes!
    Whereas Western women want a Wizard who’ll shower them with money and fame, give them everything without ever asking anything back.
    But Wizards only live in a magic world…

      • More stuff….

        “Here is a final comment in the Daily Mail from Oliver Bennett, 43, remembering a dinner-date with an American woman:

        “It was like being with a nasty bank manager, rather than someone with whom you hope to sleep. … American girls are possibly the most wound-up people on the planet. They don’t believe in laughing: Instead, they would go to ‘laugh class’ to find out how, then solemnly say it had changed their life.”

        Well, there you are.”

        Stay away, American Woman, say British men

        …a 2002 article imagine how bad things are today?

        • Things are this bad ONLY because American/western MEN have allowed all this to happen and to get implemented/promoted in the western society thus they have no one to blame but themselves for all these things happening.

          • What came first, the chicken or the egg?

            I’ve said it a million times, American Men are just as feminist as American women.

            But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Any Man coming here can learn and change. Any Man already here can tell his buddies.

          • Or the old blurb I’ve heard before. The best way to win the western dating/marriage game is not to play it. The game is rigged. Play the game somewhere else. If someone is already playing the game in the west, best to forfeit the game because it’s fixed, take your losses, and play it somewhere else.

    • Walking the streets here in Kyiv, you see the Boris Natasha situation everyday. But you can see the change happening with the younger women here.

      Yesterday, I sat down and had coffee with a lady, who is 36. Better rephrase that, I was sitting and she sat down and started talking to me. Almost 2 hours and this lady is amazing as well. She just wanted to practice her English skills, but I heard a lot in her words.

      I will continue later, breakfast has arrived.

      Cheers from Kyiv

      • Enjoy the sunshine;) It’s gonna go up to 74-75 by the end of the week;)
        Younger generation of Ukrainians/Russians is getting closer to westerners in terms of values and visions of life.
        36 y.o. is a borderline here.

      • Very good breakfast.

        One thing, I think most western men do not get is understanding a Slavic woman’s speech. Maybe a better way, is how she says things and were it all comes from. I learned/understood more about this woman in 2 hours of talking with her, than I ever would have gotten from a western woman in the same time frame. Western woman would have wanted my resume, financial records, a blood sample and a family tree. HAHA!

        Very smart woman, looked amazing and should have taken a picture, but that might have been rude. But just amazing looking, nails, hair, how she was dressed, how she spoke and the way she moved/carried herself. A true lady in every sense of the word. You would never find a western woman like this at all at 36 years old. About 5’6″ and maybe 110-115lbs.

        She spoke about how she takes care of her grandmother and mother, because life is life and we most do this for family. She talked about traveling to village and helping her family on the weekends. How she likes it there better, than Kyiv, but not a lot of work in the village. But she likes the fresh air in the village.

        I asked her why she was single. She said her Ex lost his job and would not help her or to look for another job for 3 years. He sat around drinking beer and watching TV and not supporting her in any way. She hopes to find a good man one day to share her life with.

        At the end, she thanked me for speak with her. Gave me a hug, said it was very nice meeting me. Asked me, if I was living in Kyiv. She thanked me, hugged me again and tried to give me her number, but I was nice and explained I had someone. She smiled gave me another hug and we parted.

        I met another lady from Zhitomitr (yep, FC she live here and travels to Kyiv everyday for work) 42, looks 30, with a 10 year old daughter. Just amazing as well. It is honestly crazy, but the stories they all tell is so similar. Makes you wonder sometimes.

        If I had any friends back in the US with some balls, I would point them to anyone of these ladies.

        I most stand out like a sore thumb to the people here, because I seem to get a lot of people, that just stop and want to talk with me. There are many single woman here, that just want to find a good man, that will treat them like the lady they are.

        Western men honestly have no clue at what is missing in their lives. WM have been brain washed into thinking what they have around them is the best and there is no better. So very wrong in many ways.

        As WM, we stand out in the crowd here. The women see us and know we are well mannered, gentleman and very good. WM need to understand it is not difficult to meet women here. The women are amazing and wonder… I understand now why my lady holds my arms so tightly when we are walking HAHA! She is telling the other woman, I am hers and to stay away HAHA!

        Guys just pack your things, come here for 2 weeks or 2 months. Get out go to the smaller cities, stay, walk around, visit places and you will be shocked beyond belief. It is not difficult to meet someone.

        Dobriy den

        • For those who have time, get over there!

          For those who don’t, get online and meet someone and then get over there!

          Yes, Western Men have NO idea what they’re missing.

        • Bryan,
          Wow! Well another one has escaped the reservation. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. I’m very happy to hear that the women there in their 30s and 40s are keeping up their appearances…and attitudes. Any girl in her teens and 20s can be pretty and happy but can they keep it up post 35 years old? LOL! Glad your finding what you are looking for…
          Best of luck!

    • I can crack this code for you, it is very simple:

      Take a tiger, put it in a cage, throw it some thawed meat that was previously frozen twice a day and then look at said tiger. Is it happy? Put a whale in a glass tank, is it happy?

      Neither are in their natural habitat and will never fully be as happy as a wild animal.

      A woman’s natural place is to be a Wife and Mother. All of this “career” crap is just that, crap. A Woman can “think” she wants it all, but deep down inside, she wants a strong man and children. Anything less, and she’s a tiger in a cage eating frozen meat.

        • Isn’t it sad that we cringe when we read this? Our society has so brainwashed us that to talk in black and white we’re afraid of being labeled as hate speakers. It really is ridiculous.

          • Best to have a sense of humor about the situation…our reprogramming might turn into a lifelong project.

  5. Goooood stuff, Bryan! I can tell that you are enjoying it big time.

    Spot on: every interaction with a western female resembles a job interview at CIA, Google, FBI, NYPD or any other corporate giant;) They all want your Resume, financial records/information, social status and info on your apartments/houses.
    Western women at 36 are all worn out and tired of changing sexual partners/promiscuity, heavy drinking, drug use, endless shopping, looking for that elusive White Knight in Shining Armour etc.

    I told you, man;)) A lot of people live in Zhitomir and commute to work daily or occasionally to Kiev. It’s possible and very doable-nice smaller city with lots of parks, clean air and a lot of nice people. And apartments here are very cheap compared to Kiev!
    I hate lies and everything I say is based on my personal observations and experiences. I’d never give you an incorrect information! ;)

    An overwhelming majority of western men are pussies who live in an imaginary world but NEVER dare to get out of their comfort zone to make the dream come true!!! They all keep waiting for a Wizard in a Blue Chopper who’ll one day land on their front lawn and give them a perfect job, a great wife and a bag with a million dollars.
    And I totally agree with the following: ” Guys just pack your things, come here for 2 weeks or 2 months. Get out go to the smaller cities, stay, walk around, visit places and you will be shocked beyond belief. It is not difficult to meet someone.”

    Enjoy the day, Bryan! Udachnogo dnya ;))

  6. Scott,

    I enjoyed the article. When I was a kid here in the USA I saw the Boris and Natasha couple daily. Now I only see it in the South.
    I recently told a 60 year old woman, who is a client of mine, that I was learning Russian. She asked why? I said I hope to meet a nice Russian girl. She freaked out and said I should find an American woman. I told her most American women I meet aren’t interested in me. She asked why I thought that way. I said that if I was a bad boy with no manners, tattoos all over my body and I abused her daily, then I’d have a lot of women to choose from here. She looked stunned as if she heard something she never heard in her life. Unfortunately many women in the USA don’t recognize a virtuous man so we gotta look abroad.
    My friend in Ukraine says that a man has to be slightly better looking than an ape to get a good woman. I like that philosophy. In the USA you have to be a cross between Brad Pitt and Bill Gates!

    • my Wife’s Mother has told that to my Wife – when I heard this I suddenly realized that “maybe,” I’m not as good looking as I think I am.

      But Men, think about that for a minute, Russian/Ukrainian Mothers & Grandmothers tell their daughters and grand daughters, “He need only be slightly better looking than an ape.” What American mother will EVER tell that to her daughter? You’ll only hear, “Only take him if he’s tall, thin and rich.” Women in the West just flat out suck.

      • HAHA!!! That has me rounding Scott.

        Today, I must have walked 50 miles around Kyiv and her right there with me every step. But here I am again, awake at 4am… crazy.

        I want every man out there to read this. Take in the words of this woman.

        “I always believe and look for better in people thats why peopel who knows me always call me naive princess))) Is there is naive princess should be same prince somewhere….

        I not going to tell you about fairy tales and every girl dreams…you may heard it many time, will try to be special and say as we all create own Wonderland.
        There is two people who going to make dreams come true…strong, confident, mature male and feminine gentle some kind of fragile looks but very tough inside female))
        I guess my receipt of hapiness is easy we take….. sorry I forget to tell you as Im a chef at KItchen so I always work on new receipts, so love is not stay aside my creative mind so…

        We need half portion of love and drop it as a base for a dish, than mix mutual interest, with passion, devotion, care, and place all on FIRE. Fire should be enough to make all the ingredients burn because with no flame all be semi or completely raw.
        Im sure you as real man never like to stay hungry or eat not tasty dish you get titred of that and change KItchen to some other restaurant when you be always welcome since you enter the hall and best waitress serve you as a king, most tasty dishes in great variety every day, also have treatment as a king,,,this is place you going to rush every day after done your job or just having day off))

        I think we all back to place when we loved and respected as we deserve to.
        This is my task as a chef to make sure you like what you have at daily table and never repeat dish as you can find it boring….NEVER, my KItchen all exclussively FOR YOU.
        I always make sure there is best crew on my KItchen work and never dirty or mess.
        I be happy if you pay attention to our cozy restaurant when you feel yourself really wanted and loved.
        I guess you already understand as I use “KItchen” word as allegory to show you what is really you can have if decided to try to stay in my cozy room.
        I have enough room in my heart to keep you and all your close peopel in there.
        I will keep you with all the “luggage” you do have, first bring it home and we sort it out what place take this or that of your personal stuff.”

        This is a 26 year old Ukraine lady from a small city in the south. This should say it all for the WM looking for a REAL woman. 26 years old and these thoughts are in her head. A 26 year old WW’s thoughts are, “what can you do for me Eddy!!!”. Sorry, had to steal that line. But no other way to say it, honestly.


    • Good one, John! I totally agree with what you’ve just written here!
      I use to get my “inspiration” from the Canadian part of POF (Plenty of Fish) and today is one of those days;)

      Let’s check this Toronto female profile out:

      What’s her headline?- “”””Babyshay1: if your looking 4 just sex, or bj’s.keep it moving””” (meaning you ain’t gonna get no damn sex or even a damn BJ, you gotta beg for it! )

      What’s her body type?: Smokes Occasionally with Big & Tall/BBW body type

      What’s she seeking?- Babyshay1 isn’t seeking a relationship or any kind of commitment.

      Does she have kids?- obviously NOT.

      Does she have a car?- NO. (YOU ARE THE ONE who’ll be driving her lazy ass everywhere she wants!)

      But is she ambitious?- Yes she is;)

      What does her profile say?- “””I’m looking for a man who is employed as well as drives, he must be honest, down to earth, passionate, romantic and open minded.what matters at the end of the day is how I’m treated. I am a fan of 420 ;) “””

      Yeaaaaaah right!! What a laundry list of demands!!! And not a word about what SHE can give back;) Funny, eh?;)
      And the mandatory mentioning of marijuana. Canadians don’t seem to be able to get anywhere without smoking a joint.

      Do y’all still need arguments why you should escape North America?

      • FC,

        I was about to eat my dinner…I think I lost my appetite.

        “I am a fan of 420 ;)”

        She doesn’t need to be consuming anything that will give her the munchies. She should switch to the Andean import, lock the fridge, and hit the treadmill.

        • Treadmill? What treadmill? Ain’t all those Canadian males supposed to love her the way she is, eh?;) Remember-she IS the Princess and the Ice Queen and fully DESERVES all that attention, money, respect and care a male can give her without ever asking for anything back! ;)

          • She is the reward for the unambitious. I’m sure you meant Ice Cream Queen;)

            “fully DESERVES all that attention, money, respect and care a male can give her without ever asking for anything back! ;)”

            Yeah right…I’m sure a man like Mark Fraser is looking for a BBW like her to love…LOL!

      • Fc,
        My eyes always burn after your pof picks! I’ve never met an ambitious pot smoker. And I thought the 420 reference could also be A reference to her weight…. Oh is that hate speech? My bad (not). She’s also 37 and wants kids. good luck with that.
        I’m heading to Lviv in a few weeks. Then just over the border into Poland to see my girl. We met in Lviv but she works in Poland. Like you’ve said more opportunity there then in Ukraine.

  7. Great job! I do agree with the artcle. I lives in the USA then left to Belgium. While living in the USA i was interested in Slavic girls, ’cause American are really exigent. So I found a dating site hoping women are real there.
    So now I hooked up the girl form Kiev and she is ok with my extra pounds…
    Don’t what how we’ll go further. I hope so… She is hot. We’ll see. But I’m satisfied.

  8. Hello there Scott, I am a regular reader of your blog. Your blog has a detailed exposition on everything that is wrong with american and western feminised women.

    In their drunken stupor, crazy american women are going to new limits in demonstrating their crass and ugly behavior. Please have a look at this news.

    20,000 lesbians in the desert: welcome to the Dinah, a world without men

    Just look at the title of this article! Utterly disgusting.
    When I see the antics of these women, I genuinely worry about their future. They have effectively ended their family tree by becoming lesbians. These hoes are bragging about how everybody’s having a good time at their shit gathering. Perhaps they will come to their senses when their skin will have shrivelled into their 50’s and will have no children to support them.

    Imagine the pain of their parents who have to see their daughters turn into lesbians.

    I don’t what will be the fate of these women when they will be in their 50’s plus.

    • Mazin,
      I think it’s refreshing. It saves us the trouble of wasting our time and money pursuing them. I wish most western women were this up front about not needing men.

    • A waste indeed.

      All 20,000 of them ugly & probably miserable. It’s in California so surprise they pull a stunt like this. That shit state is friggin obsessed with everything gay/bi/etc. The state is a cesspool of fruits, nuts, & freaks.

      The same fruits, nuts, & freaks are also pushing for polygamy, bestiality, & lowering the age of consent (no joke). You thought “gay marriage” was the end of it all? Trust me it’s the beginning. Homosexuals are by nature self-destructive & chaotic.

      Things are only going to get worse before they get better.

      The Titanic is sinking fast folks, so you better head to the lifeboats while you can.

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