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Boris is back!
A little Saturday motivation

Foxhole 1Back in the day, when I was in the Army, one of the TAC officers (instructor) gave a speech about “improving your foxhole.”  He explained, that in wartime, you live in a foxhole and sooner or later, you’re going to get some incoming artillery or an enemy attack.  The time to start digging the hole a little deeper or reinforcing your position is before, not after the enemy attack.  He explained, that when you fortify your defensive position, every day you should inspect it, look for weaknesses, decide on improvements and then implement them.

He then went on to parallel “improving your foxhole” to your regular life.  As a soldier – or when you’re a civilian and later in your life – you should spend some time each day, maybe 15 minutes, maybe 30 or 60, and “improve the foxhole that is your life.”  Every day, do something to improve yourself, to improve your lot in life.  Perhaps wash your car, or clean your house, iron your clothes, do some push-ups, take a walk, mentally rehearse what you’ll say when you meet the love of your life, etc…  If every day, you take a little bit of time to make yourself better, in time, those 15 minute sessions add up to hours and sooner or later, you WILL be better.  A 747 pilot has tens of thousands of hours flying.  He’s an expert.  If you spend just 15 minutes a day improving yourself, in a few years you’ll be a professional.  You’ll be an expert.

Foxhole 2

Following along the logic of improving your foxhole and tying into the article title to “Be excellent,” I want to think back to a course that my company sent me to when I was in sales.  The speaker was one of the most successful salesmen ever.  They quoted his stats and it was impressive.  In his speech, he talked about race horses.  A study was done measuring the average time between then winning horse and 2nd place.  It was found that the difference between winning the race and 2nd place averaged less than a tenth of a second.  However, when the earnings between the first and second place horses were compared, the winning horse earned $9 or $10 for every $1 that the second place horse won.

Think about that for a second.  1/10 of a second = 900% more money.  It equals 900 percent more in life: bigger house, nicer car, the Omega watch instead of the Timex, etc.  Now, I’m only talking about money.  Money isn’t everything for anyone.  Let’s compare it without bringing in finance.  The guy who is 1% funnier will bring home the girl.  The guy with the tighter abs and more cut biceps will bring home the girl.  The Man who is 1% more gentleman will win the Wife.

I’m sure that you can see where I’m going with this.  If you strive to be excellent and you improve yourself each day, you’ll be just a little better than that next guy.  In time, you’ll do better in life and you’ll do better with the ladies.  Every day, I tell myself (in my head) to “be excellent Scott.”  “Scott, be sharp.”  Half of the battle in winning is showing up for the fight.  How many of us plow through life, day after day with no real goal in sight?

If you are here on this site, you’re probably looking for a Wife, perhaps a family, but certainly a lifelong committed relationship with a Woman who acts and thinks in a traditional way.  Life is a competition.  Every Man around you is a competitor.  If you don’t realize this, you’re like France on the eve of the Nazi invasion.  The sooner you realize you’re in competition with every Man around you, the sooner you’ll realize that you NEED to be sharp to compete.

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… in Ukraine, even Grandpa is competing! …

The muscular guy doesn’t always get the girl.  Sometimes the funny guy wins.  Sometimes the valiant guy wins.  Sometimes the pure gentleman wins.  Each and every one of us has inherent skills and attributes that make us attractive to the fairer sex, but if you don’t rise to your highest potential then you’re missing a lot of opportunity.  Take some time each day to improve yourself.  Change your attitude to think in a competitive way – a positive competitive way.  When you start thinking about how you can improve yourself, you’ll find that you’re much more sensitive to how you are perceived by Women and this will help you to much more attractive to them.

Every day I tell myself to be sharp, to be excellent.  I look for ways to improve.  I see some dirty dishes, I wash them.  I have some free time, I invite my family for a walk.  I have a chance, i practice my Russian.  My Wife sees these actions and she’s always impressed.  She says that she finds them very sexy because it shows how much I care for her and my family.  Think about that, I’m improving my lot in life and she sees it as improving the position of our whole family.  If you think to improve, Women will notice and your (potential and/or existing) love life will be better for it.

And so, the next time you’re “bored.”  Don’t open your iPhone and look at YouTube videos.  Don’t put on the TV and watch just “anything.”  Do some push ups, iron your clothes, mop the floor, wash your car, study your Russian, make a mental rehearsal of what you’ll say on that first date in Kiev, perfect your online dating profile…  I’m sure you get the idea.

If you haven’t yet read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” I highly recommend it.  It is past its copy write date and you can download it for free from many websites.  Just google it and you can find it.  After interviewing the top millionaires of his day (about 70 or 80 years ago), Napoleon followed the steps they used and made himself into a millionaire.  I know that the intent of everyone out there isn’t to be a Donald Trump, but the book has a lot of techniques that can be applied to anyone’s life.  Want to be the best surfer?  Apply the steps and your chances of getting there will be increased tenfold.  If you are interested in “improving your foxhole,” this book may be the best first step for you to get there.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

– Napoleon Hill

You only have one life and it will be over before you even realize it.  When you’re 98 years old what is the more likely scenario?

  1.  You were excellent and you had a great life but you’re sad that it required more work, or
  2.  You laid back, had a mediocre life, never amounted to much but you’re happy that you saw more television?

The most important and valuable resource any of us has it time.  Use it wisely, you can’t ever get it back!

I hope that this post is helpful to many of you – I hope it is helpful to many, if not most.

Now, go forward and do great things!

Good luck!

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Boris is back!
A little Saturday motivation

24 thoughts on “Be excellent

  1. Great article Scott. Very inspiring even to me, with my dream Ukr wife and baby. I do need to offer and clean the dishes more often. My wife doesn’t know it, but I gave up my spot for a company dinner from a competition that I won. I imagined me sitting there enjoying margarita’s, while my wife and baby are home on a Sat night. She’s home everyday, and they’re both waiting for me to come back home after my 10 hr days. Sunday is my only day off. So, I called the manager yesterday and just said, I will give up my dinner reservation, because I want/need to be with my family. He’s a family man and immediately approved/agreed.

    I’ll tell my wife tonight what happened and it will give her just another reason why she married me and moved to a foreign country with me.

    Thanks Scott for the analogies and advice. Something we should always be doing – improving. Cheers mate!

    • I always enjoy hearing your stories Rodney!
      The one thing that I have noticed is that most men that are in happy marriages just can’t wait to get home to their families after work. Of course they like hanging out with the guys, pursuing hobbies, and need alone time…depending on their personality types…but I have noticed most western men just seem like they absolutely dread going home after work.
      If most western men can’t relax and recharge at home with their wives/families…why participate in the rat race?

  2. Good one, Scott;) BUT … the problem of the western society as a whole nowadays is the “Wizard” syndrome.
    BOTH western males and females live their lives expecting that one day a Wizard in a blue chopper will land on their front lawn, step out of the chopper and hand them a dream job, good health, fit body and a case with a million dollars in it.
    Or in the case of a woman it’s also about giving her a wealthy and handsome man with a high status in the society to marry. A man who’ll obey everything he’s told and never object anything or dispute things.
    Western propaganda tells people to “accept yourself as you are”, do NOT work on your mind, body and souls and as a result “others will accept you too if you accept yourself”. Bullshit, we know that, but… an overwhelming majority of westerners “buy” this baloney and follow every word propaganda is telling them.
    Look at North American females these days-they can be ugly and stupid as hell and lack style completely but they’ll still act like they own the world and males will continue to line up hoping to get that ever elusive access to a female pussy.
    You are kinda asking way too much from an average western male, Scott;) You used to tell me that I didn’t really understand the psychology and mind of a western man, but now you seem to be doing the same mistake;)
    MOST western men are very comfortable in their “shells” in front of a TV screen or a computer screen watching online porn while consuming and endless amount of beer, chips and chicken wings. It takes guts to break out of one’s comfort zone and 99% of modern males severely lack those “guts”.

    • Great article Scott!
      Having high expectations of others is probably one of my biggest faults too FC but I would hope most of the guys reading this site want something more out of life than TV, fast food, beer, and porn.
      “My Wife sees these actions and she’s always impressed. She says that she finds them very sexy because it shows how much I care for her and my family. Think about that, I’m improving my lot in life and she sees it as improving the position of our whole family. If you think to improve, Women will notice and your (potential and/or existing) love life will be better for it.”
      The type of woman a man pursues or desires is a big factor too. A woman promotes or encourages a certain type of behavior that she finds acceptable to win her over…and the man behaves accordingly. Chicken or the egg? What I have noticed is that most western women do not encourage their men to be great and the men behave accordingly.
      Men should strive to be great but one of the key factors is the type of women they are striving to win. I have heard…behind every great man is a great woman…have you noticed our great men aren’t really that great anymore?

    • I recommend that you click on The Red Pill link in the right column and have a look at the uprising that is happening in the West.

      Unfortunately, most of these MGTOW (Men going their own way) will begin a life of (trying to be) being a “pick up artist,” and that will satisfy them for a while, but in the end, most of the Red Pill guys will want – what all Men want – a happy family and life and they will see that “pumping and dumping” and endless string of feminist-lunatics serves no purpose.

      In the end, I think there will be a massive rush to go East in search of a Wife.

      The whole Eastern dating phenomenon, even as big as it is in its “billion” dollar state, is in its infancy.

    • FC, just so you know, I’ve found you a new girlfriend. ;-) She’s VERY feminine, and, judging by her accent, she’s also Canadian — just like you like ’em. ;-)

      Have a look and let me know what you think. She’s soooo hot, and she’s waiting for YOU. ;-)

      • The whole first 5 minutes I thought that was a dude. Becky? She man.

        Perfect example of what is wrong with out society. This new wave of nothing is masculine, nothing is feminine, nothing is male, nothing is female. What you end up with is an ugly world full of ugly people. I prefer a society with well defined gender roles. What has all of this blurring of gender lines done for our society? Nothing.

        It reminds me a lot of the post-modern art and philosophy. There is no right or wrong. If a guy from the inner city commits a murder, did he really commit a murder? He was influenced by lack of parents, bad schooling, abuse – really, everyone who abused him is a murderer, he’s just a victim. Splat some paint on a wall and now its art.

        Seriously, you can argue that blue is really red, and there are plenty of idiots that will believe you.

        Tell people that there is no difference between women and Men, INSTITUTIONALIZE it like we’ve done in America, then teach it in the schools and universities and in a generation, you have no people left and your country is handed over to foreigners who still remember how to breed.

        Well gentlemen, have a good look at that video and see what trough western Women are drinking from…

        • Isn’t it though. I suppose for many living in the US, it sort of sneaks up on them. Every time I come back “Home,” I’m more and more shocked by what I see.

      • Most western men are NOT suitable breeding stock. Their DNA makes it difficult for them to attract a mate and reproduce. In all successful cultures such as a beehive some are workers and some are designed to be soldiers and die protecting the breeding stock. Russians were the main contributors of man power in both world wars. During WW2 Russia alone lost more than 20,000,000 men fighting while the allies declared a ‘phony war’. Russian women tell me only the pretty girls ever got married improving the looks of the Russian female population. Credit to the weirdos who save the world, the likes of Alan Turing who broke the German enigma. America suffered military defeat during WW2 everytime they snubbed their nose at military intelligence from Ultra.

  3. Great article, Scott! It reminds me of some of the best advice I’ve ever received in my life, and it was from an ex-Army guy, like you: “Always be looking for work.” That is, always find something productive or helpful to do with your time; don’t waste it.

    Closely related advice that I’ve always remembered: “Having nothing to do doesn’t mean doing nothing.” — Garry Kasparov

  4. Been thinking about this “excellence” all day long… There is a tricky part into it though.
    I’ve personally seen MANY cases when an Eastern European woman was simply scared to even talk to a man who’s more educated or sporty than she is.
    I’ve recently seen a lot of women here in Ukraine walking around with Borises since it’s nice and warm these days. Several hours ago I’ve seen a couple with an outright ugly short drunk looking male with a gorgeous blond female in a mini skirt and high heels.
    The reason for such things happening is that females don’t feel no pressure with guys like that. It’s a challenge for them to be with someone who’s educated, sporty and striving for excellence. It’s a lot easier to walk around with someone who’s one of the sheeple cause life with the one who’s striving for excellence requires efforts, energy and will power.

    • So that means there isn’t much middle ground…be an overachiever and get an exceptional woman (personality and character) or be an underachiever and get a woman with a reasonably pleasant attitude?

  5. I wonder how Bryan is doing these days. He’s gone silent for about a week now. Just wondering if everything is OK. Don’t want to disturb him and his lady with a phone call YET, but….

    • I was wondering the same thing. Thought perhaps Scott was saving up the communications with Bryan for an article on here down the road

    • Got my first Ukrainian cold late last week. Fun times, but a good woman to watch over me. Was strange, I will say. She would not let me do anything and just watched over me.

      Spoke with FC, this morning about the whole experience.

      She is still living in her apartment. Moving in with me is not the correct thing to do here and I think Mama and Tato, would not approve at all HAHA!!! This was a little strange, because after a few dates a WW, would be moving half her crap in the house and peeing on the floor somewhere to mark her territory.

      These are different women. I talked with her about going to see FC. She had a hundred questions and that old western mentality started to rise up in me. I stopped and took my own advance and listened to her.

      These were concerns and honest worry with her. Not in that she was wanting to know my every move. She wanted to make sure everything was safe.

      The care and concern is a way for life for these women. They honestly care about “their” man.

      Will be back a little later tonight. Going to spend the day with her now.


      • Good to hear from you Brian. And what a way to find out how your Ukr lady cares about her man. You get a little sick and whoops, there it is.

        Want to try and speak about her “hesitation,” when you told her about FC. From my wife’s perspective, she is distrustful of any stranger, which FC (nothing personal big guy), still is to you, since you have not met him in person.

        My wife explained that its from the Soviet days, when you truly could not trust a stranger, nor your neighbor for that matter, for many reasons.

        That was good that you paused yourself from your Western upbringing. Now that you are living there, you’ve got to adjust and believe me, there are a lot of things to adjust to, mainly superstitions. We’ve talked about that here on Scott’s blog. Just do like you did and go with the flow. You’ll get used to not whistling in your apartment when she’s around. Just try it once and watch the reaction.

        And in my case, the only reason my then girlfriend accepted my invitation for her to live with me, was because she knew she loved me and was going to marry me (though I didn’t know that yet!).

        A way for you all to warm up in this respect, is see if you all can take a little one week vacation somewhere (preferably warm), like southern Ukraine. Rent an apartment and assume the sleeping arrangement. The holiday mood, your romance will automatically start to build bonding thoughts in her heart and mind. When you get back to Kiev, then you can pop the big question of asking her to move in with you.

        That’s how it worked for me, but everyone and situation is different.

        Have fun Brian. Hey, do you play golf? Or just want to practice? Let me know, I’ll tell you where to go.


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