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I was flipping YouTube videos after taking a break between working on some finance docs and I came across this guy hunting water buffalo in Northern Australia.  Whether or not you are for or opposed to hunting, you have to give it to a guy who can take an animal with (what is essentially), a sharp stick that is propelled by a bent stick.  After watching the buffalo video, I clicked on the YouTube channel and saw this video:

I like his mantra, “Just getting out the door.”  Stuck in life?  Just get out the door – pick up and do something.  Can’t get to the gym, just get out the door and go.  Can’t make plans to get to Ukraine, just pull up Momondo or Expedia and shop for tickets.  Just “get out the door.”  I like that and I think I’ll add it to my tool belt.

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For those so inclined to hunting, here is the bull buffalo hunt, I was impressed – long shot on a big and tough animal.  If you’re sensitive and don’t like to see animals getting eaten, just skip the video – and I hope you’re also a vegetarian ;-)

I picked up bow hunting two seasons ago and I haven’t touched a rifle since.  Bow hunting – while infinitely harder than gun hunting – just ruins you for hunting with firearms.  It really is like going to go karts after driving a Formula 1 car.

By the way, another advantage of dating an Eastern European Woman, she ins’t going to look down her nose at you if you want to go hunting.  Quite to the contrary, she will probably brag about how manly you are and she will certainly cook what you bring home!

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Be excellent
Couples: a comparison

20 thoughts on “A little Saturday motivation

  1. I like that saying “just get out the door”, a.k.a. get off your ass and go. I’m finally able to make it back to the gym today. Word to the wise, don’t try power walking or running with regular shoes on unless if you want a large painful blister on each foot. Use running shoes.

  2. “…isn’t going to look down her nose at you if you want to go hunting.”

    Unlike the American variety that feigns empathy towards the deer in the back of your truck…. two days after she has some clinic rip a baby out of her womb limb from limb.

    The messed up morality and hypocrisy really raise my blood pressure.

    Happy hunting Gentleman; no matter whether it’s on four legs, or she’s caught your eye with just two.

    • If she decides to get rid of it and the man wants to be a father…the man has no say in the matter. If she wants the man to be father and he does not want it…again he has no say in the matter. Either way it’s always the man’s fault and he should pay for it…and if that guy doesn’t pay for it she’ll find another sucker to pay for it…or even better she will force all the male tax payers to pay for it…and she lived happily ever after…the end.

  3. A real man shouldn’t really need any special motivation to go out and do something;) That’s why he is a man;)

    BUT be careful with “overmotivating” yourself and then going to Eastern Europe;) Many females here these days seems to be afraid of a leader-male, a male who’s able to have an own opinion based on personal experiences and observations, to have enough intellect and verbal skills to defend this opinion, to differ from the mainstream, to stand up and be counted and to lead by example.
    It’s really nice and warm here these days and I’ve recently seen A LOT of odd couples with a really sexy, tall and stylish female and an ugly looking short male in dirty clothes. It ain’t even a Boris-like couple, it’s an inexplicable one.
    Ukrainian/Russian females seem to flock to that kind of guys these days cause they feel superior to them!
    It’s a challenge for local women to be with someone who’s knowledgeable, experienced, well traveled, sporty and educated.
    Thus be very careful what you wish for;)

      • Scott, I ain’t hanging in absolutely NO expat circles;)
        And my experiences and impressions are based on multiple observations, conversations and comments.
        And “multiple” means 20+;)
        Women here are becoming scared of anyone with leadership qualities, intellect and a bright positive personality. That’s an unavoidable fact.

        • I’ll elaborate a bit-try telling a local Ukrainian (not so sure about Russian) woman that you are educated, speak several languages, do a lot of sports, travel the world, take good care of yourself and do not touch alcohol, drugs and don’t smoke, and she’ll immediately treat you like a suspicious person while looking for some kind of a hidden agenda and even a hidden danger.
          And then again it’s oh so easy to hang with some local chap who’s hardly finished his high school, drinks like a hobo, can roll a joint from time to time and has never been anywhere but his own town and vicinity.
          That chap ain’t no challenge whereas anyone superior poses a challenge and an uncomfortable feeling.

          • “And then again it’s oh so easy to hang with some local chap who’s hardly finished his high school, drinks like a hobo, can roll a joint from time to time and has never been anywhere but his own town and vicinity.”

            Is this a trend that is only particular to Kyiv and the major cities or something you are generally noticing all over Ukraine.

          • I’m noticing this trend all over Ukraine, no matter how big or small is the city.

  4. Too bad to hear that women in Ukraine want to be with a man they feel superior to. Any wise woman wants a man that’s smarter and more confident than her.

    • This trend is a recent one. I’ve begun noticing it in the last 5 years or so.
      And nowadays I see a lot of sexy and stylish women out there with plain out ugly and even dirty men.
      Women in Ukraine are now afraid of ay challenge and seem to feel comfortable with some kind of “low lives” and hobos.

        • Are the younger women there lowering their standards? Do you think the current socio-economic condition in Ukraine has something to do with this trend?

          • ALL women are lowering their standards, young and old. It’s starting to look like North America now, with North American males being the Ukrainian females and North American women-Ukrainian men.
            It’s really amazing how one can see a gorgeous female with some bum or a lowlife here but sporty, educated and intellectual males are being ignored because they pose a challenge to local females and they just can NOT stand this damn challenge;)

  5. Since I first watched that video (the first one), I’ve replayed it each day – it just motivates me – I’m “getting up” right now to “get out the door.” Going to go for a run by the lake.

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