Couples: a comparison

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Couples 6

… Americans …

Rather than start off with the photo of some Goddess from Ukraine or Siberia, I thought that I would first insert a Midwestern reality check.  Have a look above.  Sadly, today, this is the reality for maybe a third or half of the Men in the Midwestern United States.  And as I look around while overseas, it seems the same for the British men as well.  While the Brits haven’t yet embraced the “wheelchair culture,” (or have they?), I’m sure it will happen there soon.

What is most maddening about this silliness in the US is that they give all of these lethargic “people” handicap placards and allow them priority parking.  Indeed, they should be required to park at the far end of the lot: they need the excercise more than anyone.  And then the stores placate them by offering battery powered “fatty assist” trikes.  Now it is normal that you don’t need to walk 100 yards without the aid of 3 wheels and an electric motor.

We have a neighbor like this.  She is fat and loud.  Her 16 year old daughter is a potty-mouthed whore who sleeps with half of the boys on the block.  They all pray at her house of cellulite because she offers up her vagina free of charge.  And so, she is a princess, fat as she is and barely able to drive.  I was working in my yard, and I heard her on her iPhone (iPhone 6 by the way – nothing less for our fat princess) bragging to her friends about her blowjob skills.

And so I say, “American women might be good for sex, but don’t ever marry one.”  And I say “good for sex” loosley as you have to fish to find one that isn’t the size of a whale.  Seriously, in the photo above, do you believe that this guy could maintain arousal long enough to complete the act?  I wouldn’t be able to.

Looking at the pics that the guy from Taiwan (or was it Japan) took, we see an “average” Ukrainian couple:

Couples 1

… Ukrainians …

Wait, where’s the wheelchair?

One thing should also stand out.  The Ukrainian Woman is wearing a dress.  The American woman, well, they just don’t make dresses that big.  Thankfully, they don’t.

I recently saw a couple from the local university.  The girl with the blue hair was clearly the girlfriend of the she-man in green.  This guy had less machismo than a short-haired San Francisco lesbian.  I mean he just exuded weak in every way possible.  At first I thought he was “gay friend” to the chubby girls but then I saw him holding hands with and later kissing the blue haired fatty.

Couples 7

… Americans …

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

I mean, these kids are maybe 19 years old and already look at them.  They will look like the wheelchair lady (top photo) in less than a decade.

Who in their right mind would want to be in a relationship with a woman that looks as such?

Couples 2

… Ukrainians …

What is really interesting is how nonchalant Eastern European Men are about beautiful Women.  They don’t seem to notice all of the hot Women around them; I guess for the same reason that a Saudi doesn’t notice all the sand – there are so many beautiful Women in Eastern Europe.

This guy has two and he doesn’t seem to even notice his good fortune!

Couples 8

… Russians …

Compare again to an “average” American guy who just doesn’t know any better:

Couples 4

… Americans …

I see more and more Men revolting against fat & entitled Western women.  But sadly, it seems that 98% of the Men are just “writing off” women altogether.  They don’t know that there is an alternative.  The best alternative is to look outside of the cesspool that is the Western dating inventory.

What can you do to help your fellows?  Pass the word along.  Many, many, many times I shared the idea with brothers, friends, and work colleauges and they just didn’t get it.  Now I just refer them to this site and let them figure it out on their own.. Pass this site along to a friend or two and expose them to a world that they never knew existed.  Some will revile in shock and disgust, but some, probably those who you least expect, will shake their head in agreement and will read some more.  A few lucky souls will be spared from the plight of the American woman.

Again, no wheelchair, just a dress.  Remember, you have a choice between this:

Couples 3

… Ukrainians …

And this:

Couples 5

… definitely American …

Your choice.  Decide wisely.

Good luck!

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A little Saturday motivation
Don't ever send money

160 thoughts on “Couples: a comparison

  1. Scott,
    I’m in Lviv as we speak. Pouring rain off and on so I’m in the apartment I rented. I’ve yet to see one woman here who would be half the weight of any of the western women in their diabetes carts. That kind of heft just doesn’t exist here. The food is better (no GMO) and also most people walk around town. When I got here Sunday the weather was 22-23C and everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. In the states people in that weather will open their windows to air out the house but not many would be walking around in it. Some would but that would be a minority.
    You do have one thing wrong. They do make dresses that large in the states. It’s called a tarp. To be honest I’m glad they don’t wear dresses. Would you want to see the mounds of flab without some layer of clothing protecting your eyes?
    I leave Thursday night to head to Poland to see my girl. We met here in Lviv but she took a job in rzeszow. I will see her Friday after work (she’s a music teacher) and we will enjoy the weekend together. I fly home Monday out of Lviv. Fellas, if you like tall, leggy, thin women Eastern Europe is the place for you! Dobryi den

    • Maybe 5-10% of American women are “hot” in comparison to Ukrainian Women. Of the 5-10%, maybe 5% of those have the “inner beauty.” Maybe 1% of American women can hold a candle to an Eastern European woman.

      You bring up a good point – inner beauty. But this post was directed a little more towards the physical side. When I’m in Europe, I keep looking for the wheelchair fatties and I just don’t see any!

      • Exactly. And in terms of inner beauty….. You have no idea if a person has inner beauty or not until you meet them and talk to them. So my question is who would you rather talk to, the tall, thin women or the women in the diabetes cart? I’ve always had the saying that looks will draw a man to a woman but personality will keep him there. In the states more often than not the good looking women doesn’t have the personality to match. Some are dumb as a box of rocks knowing their looks can carry them. Others are crazy. Others are nice but the two of you just don’t click. You also have to be careful in the east. Women here aren’t as dumb or ignorant. I also think they aren’t as crazy as western women. in Eastern Europe the crazy girl is replaced by the scammer/just want your wallet girl. Then there are the nice girls where you just don’t click with them. Scott has said it many times. Use your big head more than your little head!

    • Ok, some hotties. But :
      – are they kind?
      – are they smart?
      – are they respectful to her man when they are in couple?
      – do they have sense of family?
      – are they able to cook good stuffs?
      – are they sensitive?
      – are they well educated?
      – are they clever?
      – do they not eat all day?
      – do they keep their house clean every day?
      – do they have courage?
      – do they want to marry a man and build a strong family with him?
      – will they make all to preserve and save the relationship where there is a little trouble?
      – are they humble?
      – are they not selfish?
      – are they searching a good man instead of being with a beautiful but bad man for her?
      – are they stable with their attitude?
      – do they love walking in the city and in the nature?
      – are they not doing too many selfies of themselves with a duck face?
      – will they really show their love to their husband in public (for example by holding his hand many times when they walk in public)
      – are they not jealous of their man about everything?
      – are they serious in their research of a man to build a strong relationship?
      – are they patient?
      – are they really interesting to listen?
      – are they passionate of culture, history, sciences or books?
      – do they show you how much they are really clever when you listen to them?
      – are they not sophisticated in their way of life?
      – don’t they wear too many very awful tatooes and/or piercings?
      – do they love a simple life?

      Many questions which reminds me that I really, really prefer east european women, and not only because they are beautiful, but because they have a real better attitude and a real better way of life than a west european or an american woman

      • How will the western woman react…when the man says to his woman in front of her friends and company something like…”bring me another drink”…or “fix us some food, we’re hungry?”

        • Ha ha, Seeker. My wife would never have to be reminded to offer drink, food, snacks, or refills. I’m telling you guys. The things you seek are in Ukraine. Women there take care of their families, husband, children, friends, guests. I’ve been gone for 1.5 years, but I am sure it hasn’t changed.

          • I believe you Rodney!

            It’s just funny to think the request (or expectation) for food and drink from the wife is any more offensive than the expectation of the husband taking out the garbage, moving something heavy, or handling something that needs to be repaired.

            It shouldn’t be something to be resented or counted on a tally sheet…if it needs to be done the husband and wife have their roles and the issue should just be handled.

            It’s just funny to think that could cause a huge argument in a place like the US or Canada but it’s not even a big deal and done with pleasure in a place like Colombia or Ukraine.

      • Holy hell, dude! It is usually western women who have a list of “wants/needs” like that! I would be happy with a fraction of those things in a woman.

        • That list seems like a lot to you because you are a Man. To a woman, it is just a scratch on the surface.

          Have a look at this list: The List

          The Man who posted the first list is willing to provide for his family, love his Wife and kids and protect them. The girl who wrote “The List” thinks that she’s entitled to everything on her list merely because she possesses a vagina.

      • Seems like all these questions are about some perfect women who have never existed on a Planet. Kindness, affection, etc. have no race, nationality… From my own experience, I can say yes, Ukrainians are sweet, humble, and family-oriented. Due to the historical factors, emancipation and feminism did not affect them so much. They are modest and respectful. Of course, there are exceptions.
        I met mine online After the first date I realized I can go further with her. SO now we’re in relationships…

        EDIT BY SCOTT:

        The above, is yet another attempt by one of the fraudulent sites in Ukraine (often Russia) to get the URL for their company up on my site. This joker put the address for his site and of course, its a “pay to talk” website – first indicator of a bullshit site is ALWAYS that you don’t get DIRECT access to the lady.

        A quick IP address check and our friend “Willby” ( is in fact in Kiev.

        Have a read of the first paragraph, does it sound like a native English speaker to you?

        Anyhows, thought I’d post this rather than delete it, the spam block programs get 99% of these but they’re getting sneakier and sneakier.

        • Nothing sounds better than paying thousand$ to talk to someone online that might (hopefully) be a woman that I can possibly meet someday. Then when I attempt to meet her…another cartoon some on this site might be familiar with…Casper the Friendly Ghost…she just vanishes.

    • The inner beauty is just 1 piece of this.

      There much more to these woman. I can tell you no western woman would ever come close to a Slavic woman.

      Everyday it is something new I learn about her and what makes her so very special.

      She is keeping me busy HAHA!!!

      And finally over this bug I had.

  2. Bam! Right between the eyes, Scott.

    Cannot take the credit for all Ukrainian ladies who are mom’s, but clearly speaking for my wife, (who is 33 years old, pointing out that she’s neither of the new generation, or the old), what a great mother she is.

    Our 15 month old baby had her baby exam just recently, and our pediatrician and nurses went on and on about how our girl is so quiet, so content and placid. I asked her why they keep pointing that out everytime we come? The patients are American, so I am being specific here. She said that the kids are out of control, disruptive, fussy, crying, yelling. Without trying to throw down the American mothers, I simply said I believe its because of my wife. She’s the one raising our baby 24/7, with no outside help. Our daughter is gaining 100% of my wife’s values.

    The Ped Dr said that’s the issue with many American babies that come to her clinic. They’re daycare babies, who don’t get proper attention, not taught proper values, and the mom sees her kid a few hours before they’re put to bed.

    The American lifestyle with its nasty sense of fashion, just keeps getting taught and recycled generation after generation. My daughter, who will be just like her mom, will be the envy and the end of the jealous stick, for wearing fashionable clothes and having a nice form. For this, we will be her support, because living in the west, actually has so much cyberbullying for being feminine that its ridiculous. If we were living in Ukraine, its an everyday occurance. Isn’t that crazy? Being bullied for looking and dressing respectable, when the opposite occurred in the USA, 50 years ago? World has gone upside down.

    • “The Ped Dr said that’s the issue with many American babies that come to her clinic. They’re daycare babies, who don’t get proper attention, not taught proper values, and the mom sees her kid a few hours before they’re put to bed.”

      Rodney, thank you for sharing. I had long suspected that being raised by daycare services would yield poor outcomes for children, relative to being raised in a supportive family environment, by a healthy mother.

      • I guess the “daycare” is the village. How can daycare or even a nanny be a replacement for a caring mother? Money can’t replace old fashioned parenting.

    • NonBeduBedu. You’re the best, man. You don’t need no stinkin’ agency. For the amount you’d spend on 8 days with DC, you could stay in Ukraine for 3 months, and meet the love of your life, naturally. Standing in line at the grocery store, the girl at the floral shop, at the bus stop, in a cafe, in a park.

      • I’m just curious about what’s wrong with Dream Connections. I’m thinking about using them when I have the money. It seems a lot better than wandering around aimlessly in a country that I can’t even speak the language in. I know they’re expensive compared to just going there, but it seems like you would meet more women in a shorter span of time, and you would know if they want to move overseas already or are serious.

        They also seem to guide you through the process the whole way, part of the expense I guess. I also don’t have the ability to spend a month or more there, a week is about all I can do.

        • Ask Rodney, he’ll tell you. He knows the owner of that company personally. I’ve talked to the guy on the phone and he failed to deliver on a promise made to me. Bite me once, shame on you. Bite me twice…

          I wrote this story when I was still optimistic about tours.

          I believe that tours are a 100% waste of time. Most of the Women in the tours are paid to be there – they have no interest in marrying a foreigner. My Wife recently announced to me that she earned extra money while in University attending these on a regular basis. She said that most of the Women who attended these “socials” were plants.

          You will in fact do better just “wandering around” because it will cost a whole hell of a lot less. Better yet, go online and meet some Women in Ukraine or Russia. Then go to meet them. If it doesn’t work out with them, announce, on Elenas or Cupid, “I’m here – 20 April 20 to 30 April – email to meet me for coffee.” You’ll be surprised at how many Women in that city will come to see you.

          For the cost of a tour, you could meet a dozen Women on Elenas, then fly to Prague or Kiev, rent a flat, and fly each Woman in to meet you. Now that would be a tour.

          • I would love to ask Rodney, but I don’t have his email. I know that Mark Davis sounds sincere in his videos, and he has a lot of videos, so I was basing my opinion off of that. It could be all marketing, but he actually does have some good advice in them. I know he is a salesman by trade, so you always have to keep that in mind.

          • Neil: Mark is a Master marketer. Seriously, incredibly brilliant. Let me ask you something. Say you owned a business. Not an internet business, but a business with inventory, a store, and employees. If you lived 1/2 way around the world, and only saw your business once every two months….how well would that business run? It’s a rhetorical question, obviously. How does a man, who hardly knows these ladies (inventory). How is he able to sell this inventory (no product knowledge, i.e doesn’t know the women) to a customer, also 1/2 way around the world? His wife catches up on this legwork by arriving a week or two prior to the event. Still, how can she know over a 100 ladies well enough so that she can make a logical suggestion or match? He finds a couple of guys that have success and screams it out to the world. The advice he gives is the same that we give here.

            I got 4 guys married in less than one year with no marketing and no screaming. Its not rocket science. But, guess what? I was there in Ukraine. When the guy went home and had an issue, I or my wife was there to resolve it. If a business owner is not in the shop, how can he resolve a customer’s issue????

            Good luck, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

          • I saw some of the Dream Connections videos on YouTube.

            Something about the whole setup where men and women meet and interact is very unnatural / unreal. This is now how you find a partner / wife.

        • I can understand that. My professional commitments don’t allow me to take more than a couple of weeks off either.

          So just sign up with Dream Connections and go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Some ladies may turn out to be professionals for such events. But you will definitely learn something. And keep an open mind. From what I saw in Mark Davis’ videos, not all men ended up with ladies that they met at his socials; some ended up with translators, another with a translator’s sister, and others with women they met just walking around Nikolaev.

          And then please share your experiences with us.

          • I’m going to say it again: I think that Dream Connections (or any other tour) is a HUGE waste of money.

            I wouldn’t trust Mark Davis as far as I could throw him. I believe he is in it for the money and nothing else.

          • Quote from NonBeduBedu: “and others with women they met just walking around Nikolaev.”

            Isn’t that the natural way of meeting someone? You need to pay $10,000 for that?

          • With $10k, you could rent a flat in Kiev (or better yet, in Omsk) and post an ad in the paper, “Rich American at the Hilton, looking for Wife, interviewing from noon til 5pm.

            Why not? I think you would have better luck than giving your $10k to a scammer.

          • Of course it ain’t a natural way, Rodney;)
            But remember-desperation and lack of sex rule the mind of sex hungry American males. They are ready and willing to go 100 extra miles just to get a sniff of that ever elusive female pussy;))

          • Dream Connection is all about the money and nothing else. Mark does a good selling job, but he is making tons of money.

            With this new book, I have looked into the women on his site and found many of them on other dating sites (PPL sites)

            Be very careful with this girl being 22 and telling you age does not matter. 15 years is max for these women. I have interviewed too many for this book and they all say the same, 10 to 15 is max. There are some that might go 20, just there are other motives here. Watch your bank account.

            Good luck.

          • Thanks for explaining Rodney, I really appreciate it. It’s hard to find valid criticisms online of Dream Connections, but these seem very rational. You’re right they don’t give any solid success rate, and you always see the same people touted. I think I’m going to play things by ear for now. I know if I wait for saving up the money for a Dream Connections tour it’s not going to happen for a while. I have a lot of debt from an ex-wife to pay for. I signed up for a Russian Cupid account and am getting barraged by what I think are probably fakes, since I’m told real Slavic women want you to contact them first. I do think one thing Dream Connections talks about, which is meeting in person first, does hold some truth. You can’t ever really get to know someone unless you meet them in person.

            I do think your right Scott, laying out $5000 plus plane trip and spending money is a lot. Especially if you aren’t completely sure this person is trustworthy. Finding women on the street willing to marry, uproot their lives, and move away probably isn’t very easy though. Probably easier than finding a decent American woman to marry though.

      • Thanks for the advice Rodney.

        For now I have met a 22 year old Olga on

        We chat everyday, I saw her on Viber. Really cute.

        We will be traveling to Thailand together shortly.

        She mentioned something about our ages being not far apart, but I am 41 so it would be unfair to her.

        Let’s see how it goes.

    • Just pathetic bitching really. I’ve heard (and seen with my own eyes) how miserable western women are outside their element. Most women would never let their dogs (husbands/boyfriends) on a leash go to a place like Colombia or Costa Rica with the fellas alone…wonder why? In the video…it’s really got to hurt like a punch in the face…for many of these Anglosphere women not to be the center of attention (even by their own countrymen) while in South East Asia…flat out getting their ass kicked in the dating market by women that don’t look anything like them just has to be the cherry on top The realization that earth does not resolve around them and the rest of the planet does not play by their rules just has to plain hurt.

      • I’ll be a devil’s advocate for a second but I kinda fail to understand the point with going places like Colombia or Costa Rica alone or with fellow males while in a relationship.
        If a male wants to have fun-fine, but be honest to yourself and play a fair game without getting into a relationship. But if you ARE in a relationship then be a man enough to keep your integrity and dare to do more things with your lady than you’d allow yourself when being single.
        And if YOU want commitment from YOUR lady then you HAVE TO show commitment YOURSELF too. It works both ways since a solid and evolving relationship is a two way street.

        • Fair enough but I see and hear too much BS these days of married women taking business and girls only international trips that are really sex adventures with locals or other male tourists. If the girls can take trips alone to Jamaica…then the guys can take trips alone to the Dominican Republic. Couples should ideally take trips together…of course…unless it is a fishing or hunting trip.

  3. I used to work with a gay guy who took a trip to Central America for 8 weeks. When he returned to the States, he said that he thinks he may be straight. He was very serious and kind of upset. I asked him what happened in Central America? He said he’d never seen such beautiful women in his life and he was attracted to them. He was conflicted about his sexual orientation. Another testimonial to the powerful beauty of foreign women.

    • Another controversial but valid topic that has been discussed in many male circles. How some men have been conditioned or coerced by society to think they are not attracted to women. Many of the men like the ones you mentioned above have probably never been around men that are masculine and women that are feminine their entire life.

    • It also proves they aren’t “born that way” as they claim

      Hell, if that queer dude quit the queer lifestyle & got hooked up with a beautiful Latina, then tops to him!

  4. Scott has raised a very important question about the inner and outer beauty.
    No argument here-North American women are ugly both inside and outside, and Ukrainian females definitely know how to look sexy, stylish and attractive.
    Ukrainian/Russian lifestyle contributes a lot to the fact that both men and women here ain’t fat. People walk a lot, do sports and eat healthier food.
    American males DESERVE their fate to be surrounded by land whales since they never object anything and lower their standards below the threshold just to get that ever elusive access to the pussy, ANY pussy.
    Men have turned into politically correct and tolerant robots without an own opinion, indoctrinated to the maximum.
    Anyone who dares to differ, to have an own opinion and enough facts/arguments to back it up, dares to stand up and be counted and to lead by a personal example is immediately labeled a loser and an enemy of state in North America thus eliminating any chance for any relationship or marriage in USA or Canada.

    Situation is reversed in Russia and Ukraine. I’ve recently (during last 5 years) noticed an interesting trend here-sexy, stylish and attractive females tend to date ugly, dirty and uneducated males.
    2 weeks ago I’ve seen a very sexy, tall, blond lady in a mini skirt and high heels walking together with a short and plain ugly male in dirty clothes!!
    No, not a “construction worker” dirty, but a “bum” dirty.
    Females here seem to be afraid of any challenges related to dating a man, who’s educated, sporty, takes good care of himself and is outspoken. But they feel very comfortable dating “lowlifes” and bums!
    The situation looks reversed: in America you see normal males walking around with land whales and in Ukraine/Russia you see a lot of sexy and stylish females dating real damn bums.
    This statement is based on my personal observations and experiences during the last 5 years, so I know what I’m talking about.

    • “Anyone who dares to differ, to have an own opinion and enough facts/arguments to back it up, dares to stand up and be counted and to lead by a personal example is immediately labeled a loser and an enemy of state in North America thus eliminating any chance for any relationship or marriage in USA or Canada.”

      In the long run they are being done a huge favor. After they get over their depression of not being picked by the land whales– and decided not to destroy their own lives or commits acts of violence they might start traveling.

    • FC ,

      Just been reading this.I guess , I am a bit behind and have not kept up , with all the posts , here , which came at a fast speed.

      I do believe , that there are differnces , between Western and EE and Russian women.
      Since you noticed that things have reversed , in the past 5 years.

      You say , that these beauties , are now dating , men , who look like bums.
      It may be , that the flow , of Western men ,visiting over there , is somehow drying up a little.

      Which leaves , less nice men , to pick from.Foreigners , may be getting wary , hearing about all the scams , that are going round.

      Also , to point out , I did see men , on those tour videos , that sometimes , do not take the time and effort , to look and dress , in a proper way.

      But , that of course , is something , that the tour leader , should check.
      You didn`t say , from what country , these men were.

      On the other hand , are these women dating them , just for the money ???
      Hey , if I could get some easy cash , in a time , when the costs of living , are souring , day by day , I would do it too.

      So , when the fishes in the pool , are scarse , you have to take , what there is.

      On my last trip , I didn`t see , hot beauties with ugly men.
      But then , I don`t look at other women ……. ;-))))


      • Paul, I think you’ve misunderstood me a bit;)
        I was referring to Ukrainian sexy and stylish women walking together with Ukrainian ugly bum-looking males.
        And definitely not to some ugly foreigners who date Ukrainian females.
        I honestly doubt that these women date these men for money. Those males do not look like they have money or even know how to use money properly.
        The only reason is that the quality of Ukrainian women is rapidly deteriorating and somehow they become scared of anyone who dares to differ, to have an own opinion, to be educated, to know how to take good care of himself, and also dares to stand up and be counted and to lead by example.
        In other words it starts to resemble North America, but with a different flare so to say.
        Sounds familiar, eh?;)

        • Hey FC and Paul!

          Interesting points.

          “The only reason is that the quality of Ukrainian women is rapidly deteriorating and somehow they become scared of anyone who dares to differ, to have an own opinion, to be educated, to know how to take good care of himself, and also dares to stand up and be counted and to lead by example.”

          FC…Have you noticed any Ukrainian males (over 25) that looked polished/clean-cut, seem educated, and have their own opinion alone in Ukraine? If so, have they stated it’s difficult to find a good Ukrainian woman?

          “Which leaves , less nice men , to pick from.Foreigners , may be getting wary , hearing about all the scams , that are going round.”
          Paul…I wouldn’t assume all the foreigners going there are nice people with good intentions. LOL! Americans and Brits have a bad reputation as tourists and expats in some areas of the world. I do think the scams, current socio-political climate, and scare tactics (lies) about foreign brides from the femi-nazi media is probably putting a dent in the flow of western males going to the Ukraine.

          Maybe the westernization and the economic-political situation is creating a new kind of beast??? I have serious doubts that Ukraine will fully embrace the EU/westernization…and vice versa.

          • The number of Ukrainian males over 25 who look polished/clean cut, are educated, take good care of themselves and have an own opinion is VERY low compared to Canada or USA.
            I guess it is very difficult for them to find a good woman for a stable relationship since most women seem to be afraid of anyone who possesses the above mentioned qualities.
            Ukraine or Russia will never fully embrace westernization.
            But the current problem here ain’t about westernization or feminism, I honestly have no explanation as to why Ukrainian women suddenly became interested in THAT kind of males.

          • WTF are you talking about? There are plenty of clean looking blokes in UA.

          • Scott, I don’t want to disappoint you, but…. I dare to stand by my words.
            When was the last time you visited Ukraine? Things have change a lot here during the last 2 years.

          • You have a point, its been since 2013, but to Russia every few months and I don’t see ANY of what you’re talking about in Russia. Perhaps the move westwards has ruined Ukraine.

            You heard it Men, time to get a Russian Visa.

          • Correct, Scott! Russia is still a bit different!!
            3 years is a loooooong time and I’ve noticed a lot of changes happening in Ukraine since 2013.
            Back then a sighting of a stylish lady on the street in mini skirt and high heels on a warm spring day was the norm, now it’s the rarity.
            Guess most of the real women have already left the country.

          • Seeker ,

            When you talk about the early teens and twenties youngsters , I guess that they do look oke in general.

            Some may try to be a bit modern , but the most are just normally (and not too expensive ) dressed.
            At least , that is , what I could notice , in and outside the McDonald.

            I believe , that it is a certain kind of public , that goes to eat there.
            Like I posted before , this McDonald in the centre , is doing a very good business.

            Even though inflation is high , there were still as many people , visiting the Mac.
            On the other hand , many shops and restaurants , had to close in the past 2 years.

            Some restaurants , did got a new owner , and re-modelled the interior a bit.
            And since the inflation has risen , the prices , go up as well.

            My girl , did go to shop , when the sale (discount) was still on.
            We were at the Comfy and the Metro.
            She did not buy any high heels.

            Maybe , because she has enough of them.But I can`t say for sure.
            All the time when I was there , she didn`t wear high heels.And I mean , why should she??

            Most of the time , I was wearing casual , and she also.And , it was very hot , in those days.

            So , wearing comfortable , slippers or low heel shoes , is much better.
            Then there is the chance , that you may damage your high heels , when wearing them on a daily basis.

            I don`t really know , what a genral price is , for such shoe.But it also depend on the brand.

            With the high costs , low salaries , and expensive stylish clothes and shoes , I`m pretty sure , what will be the outcome.

            Even in the sale period , there were not many people , in the stores.We`ve been going , to different stores , on different days and times.

            In the very cheap locations , it was a bit more busy.So , it gave me a signal.
            On the other hand , I believe , that buying online , is also something , which will find it`s way , in Ukraine.

            So , considering all this , I can understand , why FC , doesn`t see , women with a smile on their face.

            Me , on all my visits , I didn`t really see women , who were smiling , walking on the street.But 3 to 4 weeks , is a short time , to really check it out.


        • Ok FC ,
          Now I am with you.I thought you were referring to foreigners.
          Having said that , there is another matter , which may have slipped your mind.

          You have to take into account , their patriottism.Now , that their old schoolmates , or old friends , do sign up , to go to fight against the rebels , in E Ukraine.

          It may be , that these guys , are just on short leave.And will return to the frontlines.

          Or , these couples , moved away from the Eastern part of Ukraine , or from Crimea.

          At the moment , there are many reasons , why stylish women , will walk with these native men.
          The other reason , is , the really high costs of living.

          As I said , at some point , you may need to take , who is available.
          But it doesn`t have to be the only reason , for these women walking with these men.

          I have not had the chance , to live there for 5 years , like you have.
          So , I can`t really imagine , what you mean , when you say , that they are looking like bums.

          Maybe a picture could say a 1000 words ??


          • Yes, Paul, now we’re on the same page! I meant locals, and definitely not foreigners.
            Patriotism ain’t got nothing to do with that.
            Only a VERY low %% of people join the army here and THOSE males definitely do NOT look fit and smart enough to be in the army. In fact they pose the danger to their “combat friends” with a weapon in their hands ;)
            Again, the %% of those who’ve moved from Eastern Ukraine or the Crimea is VERY low;)
            I still insist that the main reason is that local women are somehow afraid of a challenge and can’t stand a man who can lead them by example and who dares to differ.
            War, rental payments etc etc have absolutely NOTHING to do with that!

  5. that’s why i feel no sympathy for any girl whining about being alone, there are plenty of pathetic losers who will settle for these fat entitled pig-girls.

    • Correct! But you should also throw in a lack of sympathy to any male who’s complaining about the absence of dateable females while lowering his own threshold beyond belief and accepting anything the mainstream society throws his way.
      Men and MEN ONLY are to blame for the current state of things in North American dating! Men have accepted and often PROMOTED perverted values like political correctness, tolerance, feminism, quota hiring and affirmative action. So they ain’t got no one to blame but THEMSELVES!

    • Exactly Zodak. And here’s a true story to back your words up. There’s a 40 y/o woman who works in my showroom. Married twice, children from two different fathers. 1st ex doesn’t pay child support. I believe the separation occurred during the holidays and within weeks, I heard her bragging that she found a new boyfriend.

      A couple of weeks later, she’s taking a sex trip to Portugal with another woman from my business establishment.

      Fast forward to today. US soldier in uniform walks in. Both females have been plotting their next sex trip to Italy. In fact, just yesterday, the 40 y/o blurted out when talking about the hotel they want to stay at, “and what a great place to have sex in.” Hee hee hee, they giggled.

      The soldier is a Captain and he walks up to the 40 y/o and plants a kiss on her lips. Ok, so he’s the boyfriend. No more than a minute goes by and 40 y/o says, “so do you want to see the car you are buying me?”

      Son-of-a-bitch…. the dumbass is buying her a VW!! I laughed my fkg ass off! All of you have said it, especially FC: the power of the pussy over American men!! This guy has no clue what he has gotten into. A whore/slut with multiple kids but knows how easy American men are and their desperation. Can you imagine? Just knowing her a few months and he’s buying her a $34k car!! I had to call my colleague (American), who also is happily married to a Ukrainian, and we laughed our asses off.

      Desperate American men think (and they do this nearly every time in Ukraine, so WARNING) they can buy love. A sincere Ukrainian lady wants a man, not a wallet. A user, a scammer wants a wallet and a boy.

      Once again, for those who are really charged up about going on a DC tour, think, think, think! Sure, there are some (very few) who could be sincere, but honestly, many are just curious, or plants, or looking for a nice time with free food and drink.

      From the man’s side, your ego is inflated with so many incredibly hot women, sitting only 2 feet from you, staring at you, listening to every word, smiling and sipping champagne with all of their attention on YOU!! Hell yeah, you feel like its worth every cent. Because how in the hell in America could you ever sit with so many beautiful women, who will give you this type of undivided attention? C’mon count, how many?

      So you’re going to pay about $10,000 (tour, airfare, food, excursions, gifts, dating) for 8 days?? You’re kidding me? The guys on these tours that I know personally told me how overwhelmed they were. So many phone numbers, so many dates in one day, in one evening, etc. Trying to narrow their list down, but I have only a few days left. Ok, two or three days left and I am between two or three ladies. Well, guess what? Olga doesn’t want to be #2 or #3. A true, sincere Ukrainian lady wants to only be #1. Thus, you make a quick decision, and then, time runs out. You gotta go back home and you barely know this girl. You buy her a new Iphone or laptop, so you can stay in touch, because you are sure, “she’s the one.”

      You are back home, you are skyping, messaging, whatever. After a month or two, you notice that she’s harder to get a hold of. Excuses come up, like having to work more, the internet is not working (sometimes), or she lost her new Iphone or it was stolen. Millions of excuses. You start to panic because you can’t get a hold of her. You make demands. You call Mark and ask his wife to find out what’s going on. No results. Your excitement turns to sadness, then to anger, then pissed. So, you sign up for another tour and decide that this time it will work because you know what you are doing, you’ve learned your lessons.

      Nope. Those gorgeous women sitting at those speed dates have also learned some lessons. On their next tour, they’ve learned how easy American men can part with some gifts just by touching his arm, batting her eyes, putting her arm through his while walking. Works wonders when she looks longingly through the store window and says how she would love that necklace so she can “remember” you when you go back home.

      Hey, its your money, spend it how you choose. I am just giving you the good, the bad and the ugly.

      Ah, one more thing. Deep down to the serious lady that may be there (and you have no clue which one she is), hoping to meet a good man….well, she doesn’t get picked for a date, because there’s 80 women in the room and only 8 men on the tour. She feels like a piece of produce that wasn’t chosen from the pile. The men stare at her and look her up and down, like merchandise, and then move on to the next girl. Yup, that’s how a girl wants to be treated, cared and respected. NOT!

      How can there be so many and you end up with none? Its because you didn’t go there to find #1 and they don’t feel like #1. A Ukrainian lady has to know she’s #1, or else she’s leaving, partner. She’s out the door. And you are sitting there, sleeping in your empty bed for many more years to come.

      Scott’s advice is sage. Try Elena’s. I have a friend who is happily married, meeting a lovely lady from western Ukraine. We actually met by accident, while I had just started living in Ukraine, nearly 4 years ago, and stayed in touch ever since. He tried Anastasia, and of course, he was completely dissatisfied. Then, he moved on to Elena’s and found several nice ladies. He went on several 2 week trips to Russia and found his love on his 3rd overseas with the Ukr lady. If you can meet someone like this online, using the Elena’s method, then you have someone you can really meet in real life and see if it can become something real. Plus, she knows that you are there specifically to see only her. She knows that she’s not your 2000 hrs date, since you have a schedule. If a Ukr woman finds out you are dating other women, well, there’s that empty bed waiting for you again.

      • GOOOOOD ONE, Rodney! I’m gonna comment more on it tomorrow. Getting late here and I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow (or today, since it’s 12:36 am here right now).

      • Rodney, thanks for my next blog post – this will be the easiest cut and paste ever!

        Yeah, best friend of mine, got hooked up with a sukkabeast (spelling?) – divorced his wife of 13 years and ran of with this troll, she racked up his credit cards, got him to buy her a house and a new convertible, take her on a cruise… he will be broke in 24 months.

        The power of pussy over American Men indeed!

      • Great post Rodney!
        Many western guys just can’t decide to be men. They are either easy hosts for a bunch of parasitical vampires or pseudo-hyper-masculine assholes that are overcompensating for their lack of manliness.

      • Once again-GOOOOOD story, Rodney!
        Desperation and lack of sex/intimacy rule and control the Western world.
        Western men are ready and willing to go 100 extra miles and lower their selection standards and criteria below the threshold in a attempt to get access to a pussy, ANY pussy!!!
        And those males will accept anything as long as they can get a sniff of a pussy!!!
        YES, they’ll buy all those fancy cars, luxury trips, jewelry, houses, cottages etc etc just to extend the time of access to the pussy!!!
        They BUY their time with the pussy!! Remember-almost EVERY modern North American female has a dream and a goal-to sell herself to the highest male bidder on the dating market.
        Trust me, Rodney, this guy knows perfectly what he’s getting into!! But THIS is his ONLY chance to buy some time with a pussy. If he stops doing that and getting her expensive gifts, he’ll immediately become “one of her many ex’s” and she’ll have NO problems finding another sex hungry male robot in a matter of hours!!
        Yes again, I do notice this trend in Ukraine among traveling Americans too, they come here and try to BUY sex, intimacy, relationship, love etc.
        They go to expensive clubs/restaurants, buy luxury gifts and just throw money around.

        I have no idea what tour costs $10.000 but THAT amount is enough to live like a King during the whole YEAR in Ukraine.
        Where are y’all getting those tours, folks??
        Speed dates, dating tours for $10.000?? Where is all that shit from??
        North American males’ behavior STINKS desperation and lack of sex.

          • I’m still trying to figure out how people can pay $ 10000 US for mere 8 days trip to Ukraine (??) just to attend some kind of a “meat” market with absolutely no chance to get to know lady/ladies or find out more of a local culture and traditions.
            If one wants just sex then it’s a lot easier to get a good and sexy hooker in any American city who’ll be more than happy to play a “girlfriend” game for THAT amount of money for at least 2 month instead of “killing” 8 days with NO results in Ukraine.

          • The same way two people that live in the same town –start out single without any heavy obligations– and can consistently pull in $150K+ per year for more than a decade…and one could be financially independent with plenty of options while the other is broke and in debt.

          • Naaah, Seeker, I still fail to understand the point of traveling for 10 hours, suffering through the time difference, paying $10000 US for a mere week to spend somewhere in Ukraine and to meet some totally strange females through the agency.
            Ain’t it better just to hire a sexy American hooker for that money and enjoy her company for at least 2 months?
            I can’t see nothing substantial coming of this 1 week long trip to Ukraine.
            It takes 10 days for the human body to adjust to 7+ hours time difference and first 3-4 days one feels like a zombie sleepwalking the streets of Ukraine.
            10000 dollars for THAT?

          • Hey FC,
            I see your point.
            I’m referring to the American way of thinking. Just throw money at a problem in life instead of thinking things through and taking action to solve the issue. Many of those guys (in my opinion) are approaching the opportunity to meet their new potential wife and mother of their future children like they are going to an auction or even worse…
            I guess your example is similar to comparing a tourist to a traveler. The traveler isn’t in a race to spend and consume as much as possible in a short amount time, with an aggressive tour guide shoving him around from place to place. The traveler wants to take their time, while familiarizing themselves with the place, people, and culture…I guess that takes some risk and it’s just easier to throw $10K at it…

      • I’m going to pop in here and play Devil’s (Mark’s) Advocate. I would argue for going on a DC tour if you are unused to international travel, want firsthand experience dating Ukrainian woman (as genuine or not as they may be), and wish to make contacts/network with like-minded men and Ukrainian people (who know people).

        As Mark once said, you have to put out the doughnuts and show people how good it is (dating Slavic) before you can get them to eat the vegetables (self improvement, language/culture learning, money for travel, etc).

        Think about it like a combination of a self-improvement/networking seminar and a vacation. Take all the pressure off of finding “the one” and make use of the resources provided to you. Are you a fun, interesting guy? Are you in a good place in life to be traveling several times to Eastern Europe? Would your life be compatible to the ladies over there? Do the work while you’re over there and you can come back without DCT if you wish.

        As a three time customer, I didn’t find what I was looking for with them, but I probably would not have ventured over there myself, and certainly not with any other major tour company. I believe that the most important thing is to actually GET OVER THERE, even if you’re not dating. Injecting yourself into an environment where girls will date you (even if they’re not all serious) and into a network of people to guide you and (in the case of other customers) learn with you how the process works gives you all the tools you need to make your own toolbox.

        By all means, we can go over how the system failed me and other men, but if I hadn’t the experience, then there’s no way I would have been comfortable enough to fly to a new airport (Kiev) and travel by train to a different town and spend a week with my wife’s parents and grandparents. After all, who are these people and would they like sell my liver?

        Do make accounts online, but I wouldn’t discount actual time with boots on the ground and if you’re lacking the experience and willing to learn, you could do far worse than a week with DC.

        • Welcome back.

          Have to say that your logic is that you wouldn’t have gone to UA unless you pay someone $24,000 to do it?

          Geez, fly first class, hire a tour guide, get a posh apartment and then put an ad in the paper “Rich Westerner interviewing for Wife” and see who turns out.

          You do make more bank than the average American, so I suppose going on a guided tour 3 times is in your reach – not so of many Guys here.

          You’re right, there are a lot of guys who won’t go alone, and that’s a shame. Overseas travel is no different than going to a different state save for the language barrier.

          I’d encourage any guy to go. It gets easier and easier with each trip.

          • It’s the truth that it can be done cheaper, especially after I went on my first trip and got the “down-low” about how things are and could be done over there. For instance, I now know a guy who knows just about everyone over there and will be your guide if you pay his airfare, hotel and $500. My last trip of the year only cost me $2k (including airfaire) due to the connections I made and my honed senses of avoiding out not-serious girls/agencies.

            I’m not sure where $24k came from, it might be everything I spent on the 4-5 trips overseas, but I would always say that it “cost” me $10k (half would be in “lost” wages from vacation time) but in reality since it’s paid vacation I’d be at least breaking even while staying over there. Not a typical life, I’ll admit, but I saw the opportunity and I’m glad I didn’t retreat from it.

            Just taking a peak over at MD’s website (haven’t been there in FOREVER, though I’m on the front page lol!) looks like the price has gone up to 5k, which would usually be my total cost…kind of steep these days… But anyways, let’s say $7.5k and two weeks of vacation, do your networking before going. Use the time to build your toolbox while you’re there and it would probably still be worth it. Going with a group of men vs on your own or with a guide isn’t even a comparison if you’ve had no experience before, and if MD does actively try to do one thing good, it’s screen the men.

            I guess what I’m trying to say is that it CAN be worth your money if you’re willing to prepare yourself and make the most of it, and if it comes down to joining a group tour (MD’s still the best unless something has happened) or not going at all, take the leap every time.

            And now for something completely different:

            I’ve started a blog “Life with a Ukrainian Wife”, to which I spontaneously add whatever I want pertaining to that topic. Since it has hit the one-month anniversary I can feel comfortable that I’m going to be writing something occasionally. It’s at:

        • Welcome back Seth!
          Hopefully things are going well.
          I see your reasoning…in the long run it’s still cheaper and less psychologically damaging than dating, marrying, divorcing, paying alimony/child support to western women. It’s like the guy that mows his own lawn or pays someone else to do it. Same result at the end of the day.

      • Hey Rodney
        I liked your comments. I am currently engaged to a wonderful Ukrainian woman. I was also previously married to a Russian woman and after 8 years of marriage it did not work out for reasons other than cultural differences. I have a lot of slavic friends here in the States and I would consider myself well versed and well traveled in this realm.

        I am personally shocked by all of the guys on here who are amazed that these dating tours and pay per sites don’t work or think that it is worth spending $5 or $10k on them. Guys need to spend an hour on the internet to learn the basic economics and costs in these countries. I just returned from Ukraine.

        Guys…I am not sure about Kiev but I rented a decent apartment in Cherkassy for 2 weeks for $15 a day and I could have gotten it even cheaper had I searched a little more. I went out for dinner in nice resteraunts and ate good food with my fiance from $8 to $15 total with plenty of drinks and good service. I met my fiance on Elenas Models and it cost me $200 if I recall for 3 months. So from the finance side it makes zero sense to me to pay $5+k plus plane tickets to go on one of these dating tours which are primarily BS from what I have seen and expect to have sincere, quality women flocking all over you.

        I spent 2 weeks there. I probably from the start of my search to the end of this trip spent $3500 to $4k on memberships, travel, food and everything start to finish. And I had a good time with her and we are very much in love with each other. Prior to going there she never asked me for money. I did of my own accord send her a little money because I wanted to do something nice and buying gifts or flowers through the sites is a ripoff in my opinion and she got something she really liked. But it was no more than I would spend on an average date here in the States.

        Later she told me she did not want me to give her anything because she wanted me to know she was real and sincere and to never have reason to question it. I know she could use it though.

        As far as women being more beautiful in particular countries I would say it is true of the slavic countries. Not because they are inherently this way bit because they actually take care of themselves and give a shit. I spent time in South America previously for a climbing trip and it was generally the same there also.

        But many of the men from the US here in these threads are just as screwed up as the US women. What man in his right mind thinks they are going to find a quality woman speed dating in any country without having come there for a particular person and sincere purpose? For god sakes guys…you dont have to be a greek god…..but dress decent, remember a little chivalry and show her respect but still be man and respectfully show her your desire. If she is interested she will show you back 10 fold. I would say to be yourself but I am kind of agraid to say that having read many of the comments here.

        Yes, there a ton of scams out there. And anyone who does not have even a smidgen of basic common sense is going to walk into them. But take your time and get to know someone and go see just them. How would these guys feel if a girl came to visit them and 5 other guys on their “tour”. I sure as hell would not feel special or inclined to advance that relationship in the first meeting. But that is just me I guess.

  6. “What is most maddening about this silliness in the US is that they give all of these lethargic “people” handicap placards and allow them priority parking. Indeed, they should be required to park at the far end of the lot: they need the excercise more than anyone. And then the stores placate them by offering battery powered “fatty assist” trikes. Now it is normal that you don’t need to walk 100 yards without the aid of 3 wheels and an electric motor.”

    (This space is reserved for insulting curse words, which I have opted to not write about the false disabled people pictured above)

    Yet my friend from HS that is actually missing the bottom part of his leg (sometimes) can’t get a decent parking spot on a busy day at the mall or shopping center.

    (Again..this space is reserved for insulting curse words that I have opted to not write about the false disabled people pictured above)

      • Keep in mind the seventh picture as well seeker. But totally agree with you. Flip flops (thongs) and crocs to me are for the beach. They’re so popular in the west since most people can’t see or reach their feet anymore. Of course the new trend is socks with flip flops/sandals/crocs just to be that more annoying. Now that is style! (Sarcasm)

        • Tim,
          Ha ha ha!
          I have to consider the whole package with the 7th pic. Thin cute stylish thongs with the thin cute stylish body vs thick ugly thongs with thick ugly body of #6.

          “Of course the new trend is socks with flip flops/sandals/crocs just to be that more annoying. Now that is style!”

          Unless she looks like Anna Kournikova during her prime while walking around in a bikini or less…then it might work…maybe….

  7. A tribute to one of my favorite artists, Prince. Sorry to hear of his passing. In a fitting link below, he sings “American Woman,” with Lenny Kravitz. The lyrics reminded me of how many of us feel about American women, “don’t come hangin’ round my door, I don’t want to see your face no more.” RIP Prince.

    • RIP in Prince.

      The death of someone famous or a person you know reminds you of your own mortality. It’s an odd and sometimes cruel but real opportunity offered by life to take a moment and reflect…

      Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed

      1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
      2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.
      3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
      4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
      5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

      I just wonder how many western men on their death beds will have regrets #1 and #5 staring them in their face? All I know when that moment in my life comes I want a happy death without any major regrets. I guess that’s one of the reasons we are on this blog…many men want a happy life, followed by a happy death, with no regrets.

    • Prince found Jesus and spent the last 14 years of his life spreading the gospel knocking on doors with the Jehovah’s witnesses.

  8. This very night I visited my friend with his new girlfriend. She said she loves the movie Frozen. When asked why she loves the movie so much she offered the explanation that when her and her girlfriends watch Frozen they get frozen yogurt and everything frozen and what they love about the movie is the fact that a girl rescues a girl while “the prince is the retard”.

    It’s my friend’s NEW girl so I didn’t want to offend but to myself I thought, “shame, you had a lot to say when I went to Ukraine to find a girl, and now you are wide-eyed because you have a new relationship, but you still haven’t grasped the 3rd wave feminism problem yet.”

    Poor guy, he’s dating a man because he has a vagina. As a man you have 3 choices:
    1. MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) – Stay single
    2. Go find a princess in the ever decreasing areas of Eastern Europe where the cancer of western feminism hasn’t permeated yet.
    3. Settle for a western woman and become the girl in society.

    • Isn’t that their dream? A world filled with useful male idiots-workers to do the queen’s bidding.

      I’ve seen that scenario many times even among friends. Most of the guys married to foreign non-western women are respected, especially in public but most of the guys married to domestic girls (all types and backgrounds that are raised in west) are pushed and bossed around, especially in public. I did see a glimmer of hope recently while I was at the store. Some good looking girl in her mid 20s was with her average looking boyfriend about the same age (and both were American) when she started throwing a tantrum about something in the store…and he sternly let her know that was not putting up with it…and she actually STFU! I have doubts such a relationship in the US will last..she will want an obedient sucker that will comply with her demands…and he seems like the type that will probably be reading this blog sooner or later.

      The biggest critics of group #2 is group #3. It reminds me of that famous historical story, where a group is seeking freedom and happiness from slavery in search of a land filled with milk and honey…but there are many others in the group that relish the easy and predictable life of servitude and misery for some food and an occasional comfort. I think most of group #1 has fled out into the wild but hasn’t encountered the burning bush yet.

        • OMG. This is exactly how my ex-wife was. And she is Indian, not American.

          This materialism is getting to women everywhere. They have no respect or value for the hard work their husbands put in to provide for them.

        • Hi Seeker, I dont have a video but I have plenty of personal examples of my Russian X pulling this shit…But she is not the typical Russian…Stupid me…even my slavic friends cant stand her…hahaha

    • Hey John,

      I give you kudos for at least having visited Ukraine. You definitely understand what’s going on and probably relate to the veteran’s responses or comments. If the Slavic bug has bitten you, its unavoidable to ignore. It will make you question western women’s behavior and characteristics. When do you plan on making a return trip? And where in Ukraine did you visit before? How was your experience?

  9. Thanks’, Rodney! That’s exactly what I’m saying!
    I can accept any opinion and try to analyze it as long as someone doesn’t tell me to shut up and calm my ass down.
    But I’ll always fight back if someone tries to tell me what to do and how to think/behave/see things. I’ve had enough of this BS in Canada.
    ANY opinion and thoughts should be welcomed and not suppressed.

    • FC…as many others on this site has provided many informative thoughts and ideas.

      I heard this saying somewhere maybe it is applicable here?

      “I against my brother, my brother and I against my cousin, and my cousin and I against the stranger”

  10. Hey Rodney, I was able to read your comment too before it was deleted in response to mine. I want to say thank you for your thoughts, and I’m not arguing with you. I respect all of what you have to say. Don’t worry about me, dude, I have learned how to live with no allies or enemies alike. I appreciate the sentiment, though. I will continue to watch and read your content, and I will continue to read between the lines in FC’s comments too.

    On a side note, FC, I’m the one who asked you to come here and state your experiences since you are living overseas from either Roosh or ROK (I can’t remember which). You remember? Why do you have to disappoint me with your judgmental disposition? You ask next to no questions on the objective level, but you are quick to point fingers and state your “opinions” on post after post based on “how you see it.” How can you see anything when you don’t bother to ask anything? Why do you have to come off so damn hostile all the time? Is the the conditions there in Ukraine that make you this way? Seriously, these are not troll questions but I am really asking here.

  11. Hi Scott,

    Yes said that your attend Dream Connections tours and pretended to like Western guys.
    My Wife recently announced to me that she earned extra money while in University attending these on a regular basis.

    Are you sure that you can trust your wife who admitted to pretending to like guys for them to spend money on you? I would not call that a good woman.

    I think you wife needs a good spanking for pretending to like all those guys for money.

    Take care

    William Cavers

    • Cavers: you are joking right? At least put a LOL at the end, or ha ha, to let us in on your joke. If not a joke, then not cool, in my book. I thought you were in University. When I was in college, I would have inserted foot before brain, too, at times. Cavers: as my 1st SGT would say: “Engage brain before putting mouth in gear.”

    • How’s the search for a place where “all those sexy female flight attendants gather after a long haul flight waiting to be banged” going?;) Any luck so far?;)
      Stop living in an imaginary world and start exploring the world, pal.

    • I never said my Wife pretended to like anyone nor did I say that she ever attended a Dream Connection tour.

      I said that she was asked to attend similar events as were most all of the Women there. She was paid to go and had the attitude that if she saw someone she liked, nothing lost.

      In most bars and nightclubs in the US, we have “ladies night” wherein the women get in for free. They don’t “pretend” to like anyone. They go because they get in for free and get to dance for free and get free drinks. Just like Dream Connections.

      In Russia, it is common for gyms to give free memberships to pretty Women because if they work out there, more Men will buy subscriptions.

      I think that in 10 years, you’ll look back on all your comments here and cringe at how immature you have been.

      Stick around and learn something.

      • I could not agree more.
        It’s no different than a young pretty girl getting into a trendy club or bar for free without having to wait in line. Actually it happens a lot more than most men will want to admit…but for the business owners…it’s smart marketing.
        Many stores hire young attractive women to draw in male customers…most men are more likely to spend more money or buy higher priced items if the sales girls are attractive. Even professional women that work in sales know men are more receptive of them than women.

  12. Just passing by while checking out on scamming dating site. I didn’t realize I stumbled upon a heap of enlightened male Americans. Keep up the good work! There’s no other way except going up. Reclaim what you lost. :-)

    Ps: I’m not native English speaker here, so don’t shoot me peeps!

  13. Man oh man, the “Borys” syndrome seems to be spreading in Ukraine like a wildfire… It’s getting warmer here these days (72F today) and I’m now seeing tons of odd couples on the streets of the city… Looks like I’m in some kind of a “North American Mirror world” with Ukrainian females being North American males, and Ukrainian men taking the role of North American women. Damn, this is really deteriorating with every single passing week.
    I’m amazed with how local women now are scared to deal with someone who’s a tad smarter than a rock in a street pavement and looks a tad better than a gorilla. This exactly mirrors what’s going on in USA or Canada, where men are willing to lower their standards below the threshold just to get a sniff of a pussy. Well, may be not exactly mirrors after all. Ukrainian women are scared to death of anyone who may pose a challenge to them. Any challenge, be it mental, physical, sporty, conversational or whatever!
    Man oh man…
    I even think that I was wrong calling it a “Borys” syndrome, it’s more like a “Bum” or a “Hobo” syndrome since Ukrainian women suddenly want someone stupid, ugly looking and uneducated by their side just to feel comfortable in their female skin.
    And I have no idea how to explain it all…

  14. Been a rainy and a cold day here today but I had to walk the streets to go to some places.
    And suddenly I felt like I’ve returned to Canada… I looked at females around and most of them looked “Canadian”…. Women aged from 18 to 30+ y.o. all looked the same: dark pants or jeans, some kind of a dark jacket and running shoes or some “flat” shoes. You hardly see females in that age range wearing heels any longer. They start to look “Canadian”. And then you look at the crowd and just can not see a personality but see a bunch of sheeple. It’s like zombies coming your way all dressed in the same clothes, armed with the same thoughts and never having a smile on their faces.
    Looks like the window of opportunity for those who still plan to come to Ukraine looking for a relationship is closing fast. Give it another 4-5 years and this country will become yet another western shit hole albeit with a lower level of education and very impoverished cause all the educated and skillful people will leave by then. I can definitely see this happening.
    People are leaving in droves.

    • Sounds like the party is over according to you FC…especially for guys interested in the 20+/- to 25+/- age bracket…I have a hard time believing the girls there gave up heels and boots for ugly sneakers.

      • Yes, Seeker, the party is indeed OVER.
        I dare to say that an overwhelming majority of females up to 35 y.o. start to resemble more or less their North American counterparts in some way or another. I’m now talking about the way they think.
        American/Canadian women want a male robot by their side who’ll obey everything he’s being told, and Ukrainian women also want a robot, but a different one, ugly looking and never challenging them in anything be it intellect, sports, personal life or personal care hygiene.
        And yes, a sighting of a stylish woman in high heels and a mini skirts is becoming a very rare occasion.

  15. Ranting….I’m a 48M from the Midwest. My soon-to-be-ex, cheated multiple times, cares very little for me unless she needs something and is putting me in the poor house.
    I’m talking with a woman from Crimea that I met from social media site. She’s 38, never married, no kids and hot as fuck. All she wants to do is take care of someone. Be a wife and part of a family because her mom died a while ago and her dad left before she was born.
    She wants what these women over here take for granted. Do I feel bad for asking for a divorce ? A little but only for my girls. That’s what hurts. But I keep telling myself it will get better and I’ll be happier.
    I’m going to be living in a van down by the river but at least I’ll be with someone who loves and cares for me and not herself all the fucking time.
    I plan on getting the wheels in motion and getting this woman I met over to the US as soon as I can. My advice is to any guy even thinking of looking overseas is to do it! And don’t wait! I should of kicked my wife out years ago but I fucked up. Don’t do what I did! Start looking now for a woman who cares for you and not her fucking facebook status!!

    • I’ll be the Devil’s advocate again for a second;)
      Yeah, you are right in almost everything but…. I have an inner feeling that the visions and values of that lady MAY change if she has to live in a “van by the river” ;)
      I ain’t trying to spoil your party but I’ve seen way too much shit in my life and it’s better to be warned than left heart broken ;)

      • I agree with FC. She will have certain expectations – a brick roof over her head and indoor plumbing.

        You should fly down and visit her once at least.

      • I tend to agree but it depends on her – if she’s from a town of 500 in Siberia with no running water, the van may be step up? ;-)

  16. I have to call BS on this story.

    I don’t know were the rest of you are living in the U.S., but were i live about
    30-40% of the women are smoking and extremely bang able. 80% are fuck able in may area.
    Most the women under 40 were i live, are fit and in shape.

    The problem has always been their “personality” or feministic crazy talk.
    Not to mention that most of American women have a chip on there shoulder that makes spending anything more then a single date with them unbearable.

    • I kind of understand your point. Either way…men that deal with western women still lose. There are exceptions of course but it’s a numbers game there aren’t enough decent women (that are great on the outside and inside) to keep up with demand. Also western women have no problems using (or threatening) the withdrawal of sex and affection or making false accusations that involve lawyers, law enforcement, courts, the media, and white knights as weapons to get what they want (not need) anytime they want…or crush any man for the sheer pleasure of satisfying some sick blood lust they have…

      • So damn true Seeker. I, for one, am a better person, a better man, because I have a wife who is the exact opposite of all of those behavior traits you just listed. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, by marrying a Ukrainian lady and living away from those influences.

        • I believe this is the main reason there is a downward trend in American marriages, families, and fertility. The media, feminist, and elites can scream “man up!” all they want. Western men can subconsciously sense the con and no-win situation.
          Foreign men in general marry and start families at a much younger age and unexpected pregnancies have little to nothing to do with this trend. Even American and Western men that go to non-westernized foreign lands for extended periods of time (over 3 years) have a strong tendency to get married and start a family with a foreign woman…
          Even if there were 4 American/Western females for 1 American/Western male…the marriage rate and family size would still not increase that much because that is only half of the puzzle…the culture of feminazism (embraced by men and women in the west) is what killed the culture of the American/Western family.

        • Another point. I have never met an American man with a foreign wife and family that looked burnt out with that 24/7 stressed out tense look in his eyes. Never. I’m sure they are out there somewhere but I have yet to see it in person.

          • Hi Seeker
            I can tell you that I was one of those guys. I was married to a Russian lady for 8 years and she drove me nuts but I stayed in it because I did not want to leave my kids. I have a lot of slavic friends though and they could not stand her. I am divorced now and engaged to a Ukrainian Lady. I was not scared away from the culture due to my bad marriage but rather more attracted to it. Because even with all of my X’s faults the traditionalism and many of the good traights were still there.

          • Hi John,
            Good points…

            “I was not scared away from the culture due to my bad marriage but rather more attracted to it.”

            …a lot of western women (and men) seem to have this attitude that the foreign women will take advantage or eventually divorce the western guy and he’ll be back…returning to his roots looking for western women again.

            I don’t think that is necessarily true. Once a man leaves the reservation…he rarely returns.

    • Jay, I’m glad you have nice window dressing where you are, but I can tell you, where I live here in the mid-west the ratio of obese people is high. It’s a shame too, because some of these women would be drop dead gorgeous if they hadn’t let themselves get this way. From conversations I’ve overheard and had with some of these women, it seems like they have no shame associated with their weight. I think a lot of the problem is that people don’t want to make the sacrifices necessary to be a healthy weight. Amazingly all women regardless of weight, are only interested in that top 20% of high status men.

      And why do women here think dressing like they’re at the gym is some form of fashion?

      I agree that the attitude of women in the west is horrible. I really think that trying to have a happy life with one of them is a hopeless endeavor. Our gynocentric culture is to blame for all of this. We’ve given women everything they want, but what most don’t realize is that women can never be happy with what they’re given. Women in the west are essentially spoiled children, that have gotten their way too many times.

      • And who’s entirely to blame for the current state of things in North American dating and that shitty attitude of North American women coupled with their obesity?
        NORTH AMERICAN MALES!!! Only North American males!
        They’ve allowed and often even promoted all the new values like political correctness, affirmative action, tolerance, feminism and multiculturalism!!
        Modern society does not need a personality but desperately wants to turn every single individual into a sheep, forming a horde of robotic brainless sheeple.
        Look at any modern American/Canadian male: he looks like a creature of an unknown gender with dyed hair, tons of tats, piercings, ear rings and ear holes (don’t know how that new shit is called), a creature with narrow shoulders smoking fucking pot or using another drugs, getting drunk on weekends during a boys night out ending in a mutual jerk off session in front of a TV/internet porn.
        Those ain’t no males, those are damn sheeple.
        Attitude of western women ain’t got nothing to do with “gynocentric culture”! Women are spoiled because MALES are unable to do anything but to spoil them in a vain hope to get that ever elusive access to a female pussy!!
        Western women only know 1 damn way to get laid: throw tons of money around and may be someone will bite and grant him that access for 1 night!

  17. Yes, American women suck we know this. However, it is very frustrating to be told that foreign girls are great and that we need to get one. Why? BECAUSE WE CAN’T AFFORD IT BECAUSE THERE ARE NO JOBS!

    • Yes, that’s right, I remember now, the Founding Fathers wrote that we were entitled to life, liberty and jobs.

      Wait, that’s not right.

      Work harder. Nobody cares.

      Start your own business.

      Find a way.

      I did.

      • Have to agree with Scott…
        Life isn’t fair.
        Most westerners don’t realize the economic opportunities and advantages they have just by being born in the right country.
        I’d rather die alone than marry the typical western woman.
        Even if I had to wait until I was 60 something to afford travel, dating, courtship, and marriage with a foreign woman (even if she was older…yes I’m saying this!!) it would be worth it…over the nightmare of marrying an American woman.

      • Well said Scott, I lost my ass in the recession. But at the end of the day was far better off than most of the world. I now travel abroad 3-4 times a year but have adjusted my lifestyle to do so. It is all a matter of priorities. If you cant feed yourself it is one thing…and you probably should not be looking to marry and feed someone else. But I have done the math…and right now especially with the exchange rate it is cheaper for me to travel to EE and spend a week than it is to fly fly to the other side of my own country and spend a week. If a wife and family are the goal then a serious man will make it happen.

  18. Not that this post needs any verification but here’s a new article that points out that American women are now out trending men in obesity rates for the first time. Part of the reason for this is they just don’t care.

    I have also noticed lately a disturbing trend with women that pierce their noses like a bull and put a ring through it. I really don’t understand it. It’s like women in the US are intentionally trying to make themselves unattractive.

    • Yes, Neil, American women just don’t care how they act, think, behave, dress and treat other people around them!
      But this is NOT a problem. The problem is that American males have allowed and often promoted such kind of behavior, dress style and attitudes! Women dress, behave and look that way ONLY because men allow them to!
      Bullring through the nose? Morbidly obese? Who cares!
      There still gonna be a mile long line up of desperate and sex hungry males willing to go 100 extra miles just to please that land whale and hopefully get that ever elusive access to a female pussy!
      Even the most unattractive American female will always have tons of males chasing her and offering her Castles in the sky just to get a sniff of her pussy!

      • So true FC!
        ”There still gonna be a mile long line up of desperate and sex hungry males willing to go 100 extra miles just to please that land whale and hopefully get that ever elusive access to a female pussy!”
        Well that just means shorter lines at the airport and less competition for the guys going South or East. I’m not competing for the super beast.
        I love to hear that my “standards are too high”…or that I’m “too picky”…or the women I like are “too damn skinny”…goooooood!!!! At least I know that I will not wake up looking at the super beast every morning…popping the little blue pills like candy to get it up for the wannabe man feminazi in my bed. As Tom Leykis said on one of his shows…you don’t need the little blue pills when your woman is young and hot…and as he said on another show…American women are good for nothing.

  19. I agree with most of what you are saying, 64% of American females and 74% of American males are overweight or obese.
    However, I have to disagree with putting hundreds of millions of people in one basket. Your argument is not very solid in that you take examples that fit your conclusion. There are still American women who are comparable to the venerated Eastern European women. They have traditional values, and take very good care of themselves. They may be a small minority, but they exist, and it is insulting to them when you include them with the rest of the stuck-up,obnoxious, unattractive, fat American women. There may be Ukrainian women that have bad qualities.
    I am kind of on a middle ground on some of the issues. I agree with you that traditional family values are very important qualities to be in a woman. Notwithstanding, a woman should also pursue a career, and not be a housewife. You make it seem like a woman pursuing a career is a bad thing, but it is not. In fact the ideal woman is one that
    – has traditional family values
    – honors and obeys her husband (except he is telling her to do something bad)
    – does not believe in divorce, but sees marriage as a lifelong contract
    – fulfills her duties of raising respectable children, and not putting her career above that
    – is also a giver and not only a taker
    – demands respectable qualities (honesty,dutifulness, kindness, empathy,caring, respect, courtesy, sensible, protectiveness,financial stability,faithfulness, patience, self control and of course he has to look good), not things like can listen to music with me, in a husband AND HAS THE FOLLOWING QUALITIES
    – honesty, faithfulness,sensible, respect, honorable, courtesy, financial stability (yes I said it), dutifulness, compassionate, and of course she has to put work into looking good

    – is ambitious and wants to make something great of herself, but not to the detriment of her family
    – treats her husband, children, parents, siblings,in-laws, the rest of her family and everyone well.

    • “There are still American women who are comparable to the venerated Eastern European women.”

      Its like saying:

      “Your generalization that you can’t trust anyone in prison is not very solid in that you take examples that fit your conclusion. There are still American prisoners who are comparable to other Americans who have never been convicted of a felony. They have traditional values, they are honest and won’t steal from you, rape your Wife or kill you in your sleep. They may be a small minority, but they exist…”

      • “There are still American women who are comparable to the venerated Eastern European women.”

        Most of the men that frequent this blog (even if they are not commenting/posting) have spent (wasted) enough of their time searching for this endangered species. Those type of American women are usually married before they turn 25.

    • The irony to your well written blog, General TK, is that your description covers 100% of the Ukrainian women I personally know and I am married to, while you state just a small minority of American women fit that mold. Hmmm, which side would I go to hedge my chances? (Rhetorical question).

  20. But there is an aspect in which Western women are definitely better than their eastern European counterparts.
    western women definitely have a lot less inhibitions in life and in sex and when/if they decide to have sex, opinion or to do something they go all out without bothering about what a neighbor will think/say about it!
    Eastern European women live in some kind of a shall ruled by an invisible set of laws and regulations and they almost never dare to break the rules and expand the limits.

    • FC , I do agree with you completely. There are pluses and minuses on both sides and I know from experience it is a matter of deciding what you want to put up with

    • FC, you and I are friends, so I know you won’t take this personally. I like that shell that EE women live in. Why would I want what you described about western women? That’s what I ran away from. That shell they live in is quite secure (isn’t that what a shell is for?).
      Man, for the past months you’ve been taking some big swipes at the Ukr ladies. What’s going on? I still have not witnessed or heard of the many things you have talked about. We agreed that your observations are limited to the north?

      • No worries, Rodney, NO offence taken)
        Getting late here now and I’ve had a lot of stuff to do today, but I promise to elaborate on my words and statements tomorrow when I’ll have a bit of free time on my hands.

  21. Men. Happy Easter! Some of the fellas from the West married to Eastern women have the opportunity to celebrate two Easters!

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