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Earlier, I advised that before you begin this process that you should set up a separate email address that you can share with dating websites, chat sites, and the ladies that you meet.  If you use your own email, rest assured that it will be sold to the Russian Mafia and they will churn it to every spam bot on the planet.  Inside of 3 months you’ll be getting emails from Fat Borrises around Russia pretending to be 110 pound Tatiana with big breasts, a love for steamy romance, and an overwhelming desire to mate with a fat American Man.

For sure, you should not use your regular email address when you chat with Women from overseas.

UPDATE:  Since writing this, I have tried “Blur” (as suggested in the comments stream) and I think that it is a superior product to 33mail.  Just FYI.

Or, you can set up a 33mail account.

I recently came across the 33mail website and I’ve been using it for almost a year and I can confidently say that it has made my life a lot more “Spam-free.’

It works like this, you set up an account at 33mail.com.  All you have to do is select a username and put in your email address.  It will email you a link that you need to click to verify your email address and then you’re set up.  Then you just take your new 33mail address + a short nickname for the service or person who is asking you for your email and you now have the ability to 100% kill any further spam mail from them.

For example, lets say you sign up at 33mail.com and select the username “Rex.”  your 33mail username will be:

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All you have to do is put a name (the name of whoever is asking your for your email address) in front of the @ sign.  So, if you’re signing up for HotRussianWomen.ru, – when they ask for your email, you would give them hotrussianwomen@rex.33mail.com, or (probably easier), hrw@rex.33mail.com, or you could just give them a number designator, 01@rex.33mail.com

All mail that they send you will go to 33mail.com and then will be forwarded to your email box.  As soon as you decide you don’t want any more email from this sender, you just look for the link “block this sender” in the email from them that was forwarded from 33mail.com.

Viola, permanently blocked.  You’ll never hear from them again.

Of course, a 33mail.com account isn’t just good for blocking spam from the Russian Mafia it works for everything.  Any time you go to post something online, they want your Facebook login or you have to sign up using an email address.  And eventually, they sell your email to everyone else and/or SPAM your inbox until you’re congested beyond belief.  I’ve been using 33mail for a little less than a year and every few days, I get some emaiil from something I signed up for a year ago and I just smile as I click the 33mail “block” button and I never hear from them again.

Also, if you have a chronic spammer that keeps emailing you no matter how much you tell them to leave you alone, you can use 33mail to fix them even if you have signed up with a different email address.  Go in to your account with the spam offender and change your email address to the spamoffender@rex33mail.com and then as soon as they offend again, just click the 33mail block button and you’ll never ever hear from them again.

I hope that this is of use to some of you.  I noticed a link on their website that says if I share the service with 2 or more friends, I’ll get upgraded to a premium account for a year.  Not sure what that will do for me, but I’ve provided the link they gave me and I hope that at least two of you will sign up!

Good luck!

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Don't ever send money
Saturday Satire: woman cave

9 thoughts on “Dumping Spam

  1. I would recommend that you use a browser plugin called “Blur” by a company called “Abine”. They will make a scrambled, “masked” email address for each and every service you want to use that looks something like 3db5ad04@opayq.com. This email address will forward to a regular email address of your choice but it has a header at the top telling who it came from and giving you the option to turn off or delete this address when you no longer need it. Great way to deal with spam, it also let’s you know exactly who is selling your details if you use a different one for each address. Otherwise it works like a normal address. It’s just great.

  2. How come I’ve never really had ANY problems regarding SPAM e-mails?
    Of course I use to get an odd one from time to time, but not that I’m overwhelmed by them or should open another e-mail account just to control or block them.

  3. When you join a dating website such as RussianCupid or UkraineDate, about 30%-50% of the interests / messages that you receive will be spam.

    Telltale signs are (i) ultra hot chick with little information about herself, (ii) the first message to you asks for your email address, or (iii) her profile asks the reader to send her his email address.

    Here are typical profile descriptions:

    “I ask you to give me information where I can write about yourself and send your personal photos I’m looking for a serious relationship.”

    “I am kind of a beautiful girl. I am rarely here. Leave me your e m a i l address and I will write to you.”

    Fortunately cupidmedia removes the fake profiles as soon as you report them, but then the fake profiles keep popping up just as fast.

    • I can’t speak to Cupid but when I used Elena’s (back in 2012), 100% of the emails I received were legitimate. Only about 1/2 of the Women that I emailed replied.

  4. Don’t believe in fairy tales!
    These are all scammer sites:
    AnastasiaDate, and the 3 others connected
    Ukrainian Women,
    Ashley Madison,
    CharmDate, and the 3 others connected (here I got ca. 150 love letters within 3 days from very pretty and young ladies. I am already 57 y.o., so the brides were “too pretty”)

    Wonders happen only in tales!

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