Saturday Satire: woman cave

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Why? Because I can get away with it.

Hi all – been a bit busy. ┬áThe family and I are in the middle of a move (to a new country acctually) and we’ve been super busy.

Work has taken me over seas (again) and this time the Wife and daughter are tagging along.

I thought I’d drop in and post something smart assed and see how the chats are looking.

Woman cave

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And why not something nice to look at, perhaps a Russian Woman and her flag?

Russian Woman Russian Flag

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Dumping Spam
Why? Because I can get away with it.

26 thoughts on “Saturday Satire: woman cave

  1. Very funny!!So , you are leaving the US then ??
    Permanently ??

    Of course , she already has her own answer , to this question.
    It`s just , that she wants to hear , your version , to this.

    Well , maybe she wanted to hear you say , it`s called a house.
    But then again, did you promise her a palace ???

    After all , she is your Queen , isn`t she !!??


    • How very American of you to assume they were living in the US, Paul. Also, do Google the appropriate use of a comma.

      • John ,

        Well to be honest I didn`t really know , where Scott was living.From what I know , he was tavelling back and forth from the US.

        But I may have missed some of his posts lately.
        And , yes , I did do a Google search on using the comma.

        There may have been some occasions , where I could have overdone it.
        But , then again , I am not an editor …………..

        I suppose now you will tell me , to Google the use of the full stop ???? Or the question mark !!!!

        Or the ……………


  2. I absolutely have to point out that women resembling “a Russian lady with a flag” are very few and far between in modern Russia and will most likely be gold diggers.
    The scenery is changing, and more and more females are buying into the western lifestyle in both Russia and Ukraine. Yes, they still dress nicely but their minds are already infected with western propaganda bullshit.
    Males, please, do not get a false impression that every Russian woman looks like the one on the photo and is just waiting to fall into your arms.

    • I thought you were in Ukraine?

      Not sure what circles you’re traveling in, yes feminism is reaching Russia but the Women are so far above and beyond what is offered in the US that it isn’t even funny.

      • Well, I’m in Ukraine;) Can’t you see my IP?? I never hide it or use proxy.
        But at the same time I’m very familiar with what’s going on in Russia. I do not deny that Russian women are still times and times better than American or Canadian ones, but also wanted to point out the role political correctness and feminism are now STARTING to play here. Mainstream is only making inroads in Russia and Ukraine but the younger generations, those 35 years old and younger are already infected with its ideas and visions.

        • FC is correct here. I have seen this first hand. Being out and about, without the lady, I have met those 36 and below, that are ready to leave Ukraine. Honestly surprised me, but listening to them speak, you see they want an easy life and things. Ukraine for the average person is very difficult and most of these women see movies, TV shows and think the US is like this for everyone.

          The major cities are full of these turing westernized women. So. if you are going, head to a smaller city. The larger cities are infected already.

          I met a guy from the US, that travels back and forth every few months to Kherson, Ukraine. He has a lady there, older (44) of course, but she is very traditional and very very nice.

          I am getting a little concerned with my lady expressing the desire to come to the US. It has just recently come up, but it is coming on very strong. Not sure where this came from, but has me concerned. Has many strange thoughts going off in my head, with me doing and spending money and time to move there.

          Going to rest and try not to think too much. Going to rest my ribs after a my motorcycle crash Saturday in the mountains. Yes, you can say ouch, but the gear saved the rest of me.

          Womans cave in the house HAHA!

          • Hi Bryan ,

            If I still remember correctly , you girlfriend is from Kherson , yes ?

            She may now , wants to leave for the US , but it doesn`t have to mean , that she is more feministic now.

            The war with Russia , is not too far from Kherson.And she may hear or see , what is happening , in the East , on a daily basis.

            I can imagine , that it will have an effect , on her , and the other people , living in that part.

            So , surely , her ideas , of having a better life , than , what she has now , is not that strange.

            You , are the one , who will know her best.You have met her family and friends.You have seen , how she is , with her sister or brother , if she has them.

            There are many reasons , in Ukraine today , to let people , have a second thought , about their current situation and their outlook , for the future.

            Surely , a normal person , will consider this , from time to time.I am sure , you know about all the refugees , who are coming to Europe now.

            Let`s be honest here.Many of them , are trying , to get out of the wars and the miserable conditions.
            But , there are those , who come from countries , where there is no fighting or acts of terror.

            The fact that she is talking with you , to go to the US , doesn`t have to mean , that she started the relation , just for this.

            You know , what she said when you had some dates with her.
            I am sure , that you have asked her , the right questions.

            So , do you now believe , that you have reasons , to doubt her ???

            Sure , you have to look out for red flags.But , you would have noticed them , long before.

            It is my believe , that the more the relation grows , and the more trust there is , the more room there is , to talk about matters , which may be essential for your both future.

            Thus like I said , that she is talking with you about it now , shouldn`t have to mean , that she was dating you , just for the green card.

            But , these are just my thoughts ……..


          • Yes, Bryan, there is a huge mentality gap between those 35+ and 35- years old.
            Sometimes it feels like these are 2 different universes.
            The fact that your lady is now getting more and more interested in coming to America is indeed a marker and I think that you have to closely monitor the situation considering your efforts to move to and settle in Ukraine.
            I’m gonna see a friend of mine regarding your immigration case tomorrow and will update you immediately.
            Stay safe and speedy recovery to you!

  3. Note to Bryan: Please, check your e-mail regarding some recent information update about your “case”. Thanks.

    • Paul, With her knowing my desire to move out of the US to Ukraine.

      Her parents still live in Luhansk, but I have met her mother in person, spoken with her sister. But no she is wanting to take a vacation together. I would say not a cheap vacation.

      I understand the conditions in Ukraine. And I can also the desire to leave for a better life, I really do. But I also understand, they see most westerners as money bags and this wanting to go away on a $4k vacation bothers me.

      I am heading back to Ukraine the end of next month. I have done too much to get out of the west and fine something better.

      • $4K vacation for two? Wow, that’s a lot of money for a trip even by Canadian/western standards.
        Must be Maldives, Seychelles or some very upscale Thai resort for THAT kind of money since I know vacation prices a bit for a package/trip originating from Ukraine.

      • Bryan ,

        For sure I do understand your reasoning.And undoubtedly , you have put a lot of effort , to take things in your hands.

        But , I also can understand her desire for certain things.I can`t tell , if she is seeing you , as the man with the cash.

        When in doubt , just ask her.It is better , to start asking , important questions.That doesn`t mean , that the relation is not good.
        She will understand.

        You yourself , should not be too eager , to give her everything.

        As for myself , if the 4k$ , include the airfare (2 way) , the hotel and maybe some excursions , then personally , I would consider this , not so bad.

        And , who knows , maybe this will be the only vacation , for a long , long time.
        Sure it is a lot of money.
        But when it will strenghten your relation and will bring you 2 , closer together , then it is just a small amount.

        Yes , I know , I am not in your shoes , right now.
        But you can also say to her , that the vacation , can come at a later date.Maybe next year.

        Or look for something a bit cheaper.Anyway , you still have some options.


        • Paul, Agree with you about building a closer relationship.

          Has not honestly changed the relationship, just being a Western man :) questions popped up in my head.

          I can say that I have never seem such an amazing woman. Any US women I have ever had a relationship with has never acted like my Lady. I think things will be ok.

      • You have every right to be a bit concerned…plus it seems like you want to be an expat and live outside the US…do what is best for you…now is the time to be selfish.

  4. In my opinion, it is not necessary to drive the person to the kitchen and to limit her activities because its a woman. Similarly, a man should not be limited to only those occupations which, by definition, are considered masculine. Even interesting example is that many are trying to impose a stereotype that a woman’s place in the kitchen, but at the same time, the best cooks are men mostly. There are also women, who love to cook, and they are just professionals. Moreover, they are very fond of this occupation.

    • I’d like you to repeat that in Russia, at a table full of Men drinking beer. And then try to convince them you’re not a feminist.

      • I could easily do that (repeating those words), but then again I’m one big mothafucker and have enough arguments and deeds to back up my words with:)
        Even better, I’d have shown them my wife and she’d have told them how we share our kitchen duties and it doesn’t make me less manly and her less feminine;)

    • Sure, there are good Men chefs. That isn’t the point. It isn’t “driving a Woman to the kitchen,” it is a Woman accepting her NATURAL role as the nurturer and caregiver of children. It is hard for my Wife to say “no” to our daughter because she is emotionally attached, whereas I can draw a logical-pragmatic line and say “no” even if she cries. I understand that a little pain now is better than a lot of pain when she’s 15. My Wife can’t get past it when she cries, she doesn’t want to be the “bad guy.”

      When feminist women try to be the “Man” in life, it ends badly for marriage, the children and society. “Driving her to the kitchen” is more of a symbolic desire to have a Wife who acts in a more traditional role as Mother and nurturer. You like to bar-b-que? Go at it. But don’t condescend to Men who want a Woman who cooks for them and their kids.

      • THIS is the part I agree with;)
        BUT again ain’t nothing wrong with a male who actually knows how to cook something more than just fried eggs when his wife is not home.

        • Hi Scott and FC,
          I actually agree with both of you on this one. I’m a great cook myself but I still like it when a woman cooks or brings me some food or something to drink…just like helping to move or carry something heavy for a (traditional) woman (not a feminist)…there’s something hardwired in the DNA…I receive maximum satisfaction from each scenario.

          • Absolutely agree! I’m always the one carrying grocery bags or traveler bags in our family. ;)
            And yes, it’s nice even to look at a female who KNOWS what to do in the kitchen.
            Which still doesn’t stop me from cooking the meal when my wife ain’t home ;)

          • And yes, it does matter if a male is carrying some bags for a traditional woman or for a whiny North American bitch who doesn’t even know where she wants those bags.
            Nor does that bitch know what to do with the food which ain’t canned and requires something more than just a microwave and a timer;)

          • I remember a couple of times…when I brought some leftover food for lunch that was very simple to make…and some of the women in the office said they would have hard time making whatever meal…I’m just thinking basic survival skills…these chicks are screwed if the sh!t ever hit the fan!

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