Why? Because I can get away with it.

Saturday Satire: woman cave
Centralized push for feminism

As I’m raising a small child, I sometimes see that she gets upset and wants to cry and cry and spirals into an emotional trap.  I see other children get into little “tantrums” and the parents don’t put a stop to it.  There seems to be an idea that a kid can “cry out” their emotion.  I remember watching the dog whisperer and he explained that dogs (who are more like people than we realize) will get into an excited state and then it is hard to control them.  Better, he says, is to quickly prevent “tantrums” by making small corrections.  I have tried this with our daughter and it works great.  When she starts getting fussy, we first make sure everything is covered: dry diaper, has slept, is fed, has been loved, etc.  If she’s just being cranky, we give her a hug and some affection.  If she just wants to have a tantrum, rather than just put her to bed or to put her down, I use the sternest voice I can and I tell her to calm down.  This usually works, her “tantrum” is interrupted and then she gives me a hug and calms down.

I wonder, during the 70’s with all of this “new aged” parenting and feminism if we just let the ladies have tantrums when they were a year, 5 years and at 20 years.  I look at the behavior of American women and it reminds me so much of little children.

Have a look at this woman.  She’s an ADULT.  She’s MARRIED.  It seems like her Daddy never told her “no.”  Her husband never told her “no.”  She throws a fuss her whole life and gets what she wants.

Do you think anyone, ever, told this woman “No?”  She acts like if she just throws a tantrum, she will get whatever she wants in life.  How many American women have you dated that act like this?

Western women act ridiculously because they can.  They act like fools because it is accepted and no one ever said “no.”  There is nothing you can do to beat it, it is part of our society.  The only way to win at this game is “not to play.”

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I was watching a rather hysterical video recently, wherein a young girl thinks that England is close to Jupiter.  Makes me cringe at how dumb American kids are.  I clicked on a few of her other videos and I found this one.  Think about this now, not only is this ridiculous behavior tolerated, it is applauded to the tune of 1.37 million views.  The girl gets a monthly check from YouTube for her antics.  What kind of wife and mother will she become?  Think about it.

Albeit, she is still young.  But at what point do the parents grab her by the ear and say, “Straighten up, quit acting like a child?”  As I look around, so many young ladies (and boys) are never told “no.”  They get what they want when they fuss and act like big crybabies.  You’ve seen it in the grocery store, a kid has a fit when their parent says no, the kid hollers and then the parent folds like a hose of cards.  Just pathetic.  And the boys, don’t get me started on the she-male metro-sexual generation of 11 year old boys I see today.  They walk and act like a gay parade in San Francisco and are as effeminate as a Victorian-era young lady of the 19th Century.

I’ve been studying my Spanish and Russian in the way of letting YouTube videos run in the background while I’m working and I came across this Russian tutor.  Compare her to the two women above.  Listen to her poise and grace (and cute accent) and imagine, “Who would you rather be married to?”

I tell you, it is so easy to practice my Russian with that pleasant voice in the background.  I’m listening to my Russian verbs as I type this and it is a pleasant sound.  Compare this tutor, her demeanor, her style of dress, her unassuming nature compared to that wildebeest from the first video.

Men, if you haven’t been East yet, what are you waiting for?

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Saturday Satire: woman cave
Centralized push for feminism

26 thoughts on “Why? Because I can get away with it.

  1. In 1980 I was an officer in an Army basic training company. We had a streamlined method of discharging trainees in basic training who were unable to adapt to military life. The reason these trainees were unable to adapt to military life is because they could not adapt to doing what they were told. In the Army when an NCO or officer told them to do something they had no alternative other than doing what they were told. About a third of the incoming privates had never encountered even minimal discipline like this before and couldn’t adapt to it, so they were discharged. This means that in 1980 a third of the teenagers in America were unfit for military service due to being spoiled by their parents.

  2. Fucking “A”, Scott!!! GOOD STUFF! Love the video of that hysterical girl in the car wanting “to go to the lake”;)
    But again I’d like to get back to the grassroots of the problem and play devil’s advocate ;)
    North American MALES are to blame for the current state of things in dating, society, relationships, marriages, politics and everything else in America/Canada. North American MALES welcomed, supported and often even promoted values like affirmative action, political correctness, quota hiring, tolerance, multiculturalism! MALES have enforced the mainstream agenda!
    Thus males should blame no one but THEMSELVES for having to suffer through conversations and tantrums like that one on the video!
    North American males are pussified robots and slaves who have absolutely NO self esteem and never dare to say a word against a female’s will or object anything a female is telling them.
    North American males are desperate and sex hungry/sex deprived creatures willing to go 100 extra miles in order to please a female, ANY female, even if she’s an ugly land whale with daily tantrums and hourly mood changes.
    WHY should women try and change themselves when they always have a mile long line up of sex hungry and desperate males willing to do anything and everything to please them without ever asking for anything back???
    American women behave like that cause American MEN allow them to do it!! Why didn’t this chap stop his car and just tell his wife/girlfriend to get the fuck out of it? You wanna go to the lake? Then you fucking take a public transportation to your damn lake! Hop on a Greyhound and just go! And take your crazy female friends with you!
    But if you wanna go in the car with your husband, then you respect the family values and do not put yourself above and beyond everyone else! It’s that easy!
    Too bad that American males ain’t got no guts to behave like… MALES! And no balls to say “NO” to any unreasonable demands or crazy female tantrums.

    • All the husband ever needed to do was Man up and tell her to calm down and to shut up.

      Oh, that’s called “shushing women” and certifies that you’re a misogynist in America.

      I guess I am then.

      • Well, he ain’t no MAN since he’s secretly recording her tantrums, but never dares to say anything about her behavior and demands.
        If you want to make a video, then man up and make an honest and open one, but not the one filmed secretly from your lap, damn it!
        Better yet-stop the damn car and tell her to get out!
        You wanna go to the lake, then get on a bus or train and go there, and take your feminized females friends with you! And you can have all the fun you y’all want.
        Telling her to calm down and shut up WITHOUT stopping the damn car would be counterproductive with American/Canadian women since it’d trigger even more cries and uncontrolled body/hand movements!

        • Great article Scott!

          The first video just makes me cringe. The second video is just plain disturbing…did she escape from the psych ward?

          “Better yet-stop the damn car and tell her to get out!
          You wanna go to the lake, then get on a bus or train and go there, and take your feminized females friends with you! And you can have all the fun you y’all want.
          Telling her to calm down and shut up WITHOUT stopping the damn car would be counterproductive with American/Canadian women since it’d trigger even more cries and uncontrolled body/hand movements!”

          I’m sure there is some progressive state or county with some law against that too FC. Telling her to shut up and get out the car could make her feel uncomfortable or threatened.

        • He should have treated her like she was acting, send her to bed with no dinner.

          What’s funny is, women will act like kids and if you call them out on it, you’re a patronizing misogynist.

        • I’ve got a better idea. Don’t date, or let alone marry, one of these dumbass western females, and live the mgtow lifestyle until you as a man can get overseas. It’s what I’m doing, and it works great.

  3. Just got back from Ukraine and wow, what a great time! Hot weather, family, friends, grilling, parties and CLASS FKG WOMEN!!!!!!

    These first two videos make me want to vomit. This is a sampling of America? 1st world country, #1 economic power in the world, superior military and cheap ass, stupid ass clown for women and young ladies. God help the US, not bless. We’re beyond blessing.

    • What a contrast…your visit to Ukraine/life at home with your family and the first two videos/westernized clowns you have to deal with on a daily basis in public.

    • Hi Rodney
      I completely agree with you. I just returned to the States two weeks ago and wish I could turn around and go back. I love my country but many of its people are sure screwed up. Both men and women looking like fat cows and with such an expectation for everything to be given to them. I was raised in the midwest very traditionaly but now live in the San Francisco area. I was told many of the tech companies out here have professional people on staff to negotiate with the parent of the kids coming out of college. Can you believe this?….If I asked my dad to interview for me he would have told me to step up and be a man.

      I went camping in Ukraine while I was there and we all had a blast. It was hot and humid but we cooled off in the river. And I have to say the exchange rate was awesome. When in the city we ate at nice restaurants for the price of a happy meal in the States. Overall it was cheaper for me to fly to Ukraine for two weeks than to visit family in the Midwest…..well…perhaps almost…haha

      And the women were great. Beautiful people and classy women!

  4. Glad to see you enjoyed the trip Rodney. I am getting ready for my return in a few weeks. About ready to pull my hair out to be honest with the residency issue.

    Been working too much as of late and have not been around much here.

    Scott, this video is spot on with what is happening in the US today. This behavior is so common now or we (WM) have just become numb. Either way I was done a long time ago.

    FC, hope you are still around in Ukraine when I get there. I want to sit down and have a drink with you. Life here in the US and Canada is getting a bite crazy. I need to get out, while I still can HAHA!!!

    Great video and article Scott.


    • Yes, I’m still here, Bryan;)

      And still waiting for some papers from Rodney too;)

      Could you please get back on your e-mail, Bryan?;) I have some good news for you;)

  5. Y’all want a perfect example of a modern Canadian male? Then read THIS.


    “”CP24 ‏@CP24 · 48m48 minutes ago

    Canadian gamers embracing new Pokemon Go app “”


    2 fucking ADULT MALES are playing “Pokémon on the Go”…..
    Do these males even need women? NO! They want their damn Pokémon app in their Iphones or Androids and they better jerk off to endless online porn than learn how to deal with a woman and have an evolving relationship!

    • A nice escape from reality. They got time and money for virtual reality (modern dungeons and dragons) games but no time and money for foreign language study, trips out of the west, strength training/sports, and boxing/martial arts…hell if they just picked one my last group of choices we could say they are doing something worth a damn in their free time…unless they are one of the guys getting rich from the app.

  6. These girls on the videos and the “protesters”at the Trump rallies are cry babies. The protesters, like these chicks, need to spend a year in Siberia with a Russuan job with the Russian pay scale.

    • I said it before I’d like to ship most of these chicks clothed in rags to several developing countries for a year…so they can see just how valuable they really are to the rest of the world. They would find out real quick the true value of their t***, a**, and p****… the guys over there aren’t going to buy these spoiled brats luxury cars and jewelry in exchange for bjs.

    • I guess so much of it rolls down hill up there that people just decided to believe it’s gourmet. Sounds like a great place to take a Canadian Ice Queen.

      • And I definitely do not pity people who decide to call “poop” a gourmet “food” be it the “poop” they get in form of a daily dose of a mainstream propaganda or the “poop” in form of all kinds of genetically modified food Canadians get in all those superstores all over Canada.
        What a nation of pathetic losers Canada has become…

  7. Dude, that second video is of an underage girl who quite clearly has some kind of mental health issue. Ridiculing ill children is different from criticising women who have tantrums. Maybe replace it with a video of a man having a tantrum, this really isn’t an exclusively female issue!

    • You’re right, having a tantrum isn’t exclusively a female issue, the new generation of metro-sexual male millenials also suffer.

      But now, you’re talkig about Men. There is a difference between how the brains of Men and women are wired and that’s what this site is all about. That the brains are the same (what you seem to believe) is the rubbish sold by the femists and their ilk.

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