Centralized push for feminism

Why? Because I can get away with it.
Where do I even begin?

I saw a very interesting video on Infowars – have a view.  Even if you don’t believe in the entire premise of the video, they do make some very good points.

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When you look at the efforts of government and media, you can see a concerted effort.  I very much doubt that 100 random people are all pushing towards a common goal without a plan.  Trace back who pays for all of these efforts to drive feminism and the destruction of the nuclear family and you’ll find the same money men at the end of the trail.

Regardless of who or why it is being done, your chances of finding a quality Wife in the United States are close to nil.

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Why? Because I can get away with it.
Where do I even begin?

53 thoughts on “Centralized push for feminism

  1. It is scary what is happening in western society. Men are made out to be complete idiots and worthless. Look at how single mothers are prompted in our society now. Men are not needed, even for having a child. Women can go to a donor client and get what they need to have a child these days.

    I think back to the TV show Friends. Look at how the guys on the show were made to be complete idiots and the women smarter. Now, there were the some occasions where the women did not look amazing smart and wonderful. But the main view was how the men looked like idiots all the time.

    Just look at how women in the west play the Gold digger game. I am so tried of people calling eastern women gold diggers, when it is the west women that have perfected this. There are tons of videos out there give real world examples. Google it for yourselves. Like we have discussed here, there are examples where west society is influencing eastern women. These women see our TV shows and the expectations about how everyone is the west is extremely wealthy, drives a expensive car, lives in a huge house or flat in the city center… I could go on.

    After these women watch the TV shows, we wonder why some of these women try and scam western men. Just look how we are made out to be.

    Going to stop beating this dead horse now haha!!!

    Scott, another great article.

    • The video is pretty accurate…actually it was far too nice in it’s presentation of western women. Most of these chicks know exactly what is happening and they don’t care. Therefore the well informed men understand they aren’t under any obligations to these western gals because the societal agreement, contract, unwritten agreement, etc…has been broken. As others on this site have said…we men have been warned plenty of times before about western women…if you get burned…it’s your own damn fault and you can blame the person in the mirror.

  2. Simple solution:
    -Stop donating your sperm, then watch the sperm banks go dry. I rather raise my own kid then have 2 lesbian freaks raise him/her.
    -Avoid single moms at all cost
    -Don’t get married

  3. Feminism needs to go to hell. All it has done is made men & women miserable, marriage undesirable, & torn families apart. It’s going to take both sexes to rid of this abomination

  4. A normal male`s brain is very slow to think all over. No special training. The majority does not even have proper understanding. Since childhood men were accustomed to the responsibilities like to keep a word. Otherwise, you risk to lose your self-esteem. We do not apply a classic women’s excuse, “I promised, because I was in such a mood.” For us, this is too seriously – to be responsible for those who we have feelings. From the beginning, you can not go wrong.

  5. Y’all want a perfect example of useless and worthless indoctrinated western males?
    Then check THIS shit:


    Better yet, how about a bunch of grown up Canadian (where the fuck else?) morons chasing Pokémons day and night?


    Just watch the video… What do you see? A fucking bunch of grown up MALES, in fact 95% of persons shown on that video are MALES, are sitting for hours chasing an imaginary creature!
    They are not doing an MMA training, they are not swimming, running, playing baseball, volleyball, basketball! The are not even reading anything to get better intellectually! They are chasing Pokémons!!!!!!!
    THIS is the future and THIS is the “NOW” of the Western world-a bunch of grown up sheeple controlled by an imaginary creature!

  6. Greetings from Montenegro. I took the advise and took Lera on a vacation. She is not the one for me. Other than becoming very demanding, not a caring kind of demanding, but a rude demanding. Then there is the part where she wants a baby NOW! Not jumping in the forest for any reason at all.

    FC, looks like the western mentality can be found in the 40 somethings as well. Back to the drawing board haha. I am not giving up, because I know there is something better here, than back in the US.

    Feminist has turned the western world upside down. I was speaking with a 28 year old girl at my office in NJ. She dresses like a lady, carries herself like a lady, but when she speaks you see her true colors shine.


    • Bryan ,

      You got me a little confused here.Are you saying that Lera is the woman . who you have met now for several times ?
      And now all of a sudden she is or has changed ?

      Excuse me for asking , but you didn`t see/notice this , on your previous meetings ?

      And when you noticed it , did you immediately confronted/asked her , why she is acting like this ?

      I personally can`t understand , that you wouldn`t notice this , after 3 or 4 meetings and spent 2 , 3 or 4 weeks together.

      But it is good that you took her on a vacation.Now you will see how she is.You may think of it , that it is a learning situation.

      Of course , there is nothing more mysterious , than a woman`s mind for us men.Changing most of the time.

      It has been said here many times , with a Slavic woman , you should be in control.And lead.
      Make it clear to her , what you will accept and where you draw the line.

      Don`t be afraid to start a discussion , communication is Always better than hoping that things will turn out best.
      Always be prepared to stop the relation when you feel that things don`t go like you would want.

      You should also realize , that her family (parents , siblings etc ) has much influence on her decision.
      And how she is observing this relation.

      I wouldn`t under-estimate the power of her familie`s opinion , on these matters.

      That said , sorry to hear that your hopes have faded away.But there are more women to choose from.
      It is what you want and the life that you want to live.

      She wants a baby now , because time may be running out on her.I take it that she has no children now ?

      Anyway take care and enjoy your stay there .


      • The problem is bigger than that. Ukrainian women are changing rapidly under the impact of feminism, multiculturalism and political correctness.
        I’m now noticing a new trend here in Ukraine-local women are afraid of males who dare to differ, to have an own opinion, to stand up and be counted, to lead by example, to do sports; males who get educated, who travel and discover new things etc!
        Seems like local Ukrainian women can’t stand no challenge these days mirroring the reaction and behavior of their Canadian/American counterparts.
        I’m seeing a lot , and I mean A LOT of stylish, tall and sexy females walking with all kinds of ugly looking, short hobos and bums in dirty clothes!
        And if a males does not drink, smoke, doesn’t do drugs but is actively into sports, education and travel as well as is able to clearly speak his mind, then Ukrainian females immediately start looking for some kind of a hidden agenda with that man!
        “Oh, he doesn’t drink nor smoke, he does sports, he’s educated and politically incorrect! I better stay away from him, he’s dangerous, he’s different from the mainstream! I’ll be in his shadow in a relationship!”-this is how Ukrainian women think nowadays while dating bums and even criminals.

        Women here have changed a lot during the last 5 years or so! Many “normal” women have left the country for good and those who are still here became infected with feminism and political correctness.
        One has to live here for an extended period of time to be able to understand and “decipher” locals, their habits, psychology and visions.
        It’s impossible to “read” a lady while coming here for a month or even half a year.

  7. Hi Bryan! Sad to hear that I was right AGAIN in my words about the FAST and uncontrollable spread of feminism in Eastern Europe.

    See, the age doesn’t really matter since most women are easily buying into the feminist mainstream and turn into North American soulless creatures with money on their minds.

    Remember I told y’all about a new trend here in Ukraine when stylish and sexy women date ugly males? Looks like it’s becoming the major one since I keep seeing tons of women on the streets here walking with all kinds of jerks, hobos and bums!!!

    I keep telling you-try smaller towns in Ukraine, come to my town while I’m still here, and I’ll gladly help you with everything, including info on local psychology with “live” examples and hands on experience;))

    Feminism will be the killer of the Western world. I do not see any country in the world right now which is able to withstand the pressure coming from feminism and political correctness. NONE! Not Russia and definitely not Ukraine.

    You should’ve met me here in Ukraine before taking any further actions with Lera. Yes, I’m very serious about it and I mean it. I know and understand local psychology, I speak their language, I know their minds.

    Ukraine ain’t that easy to crack as it may seem.

    • FC,

      Can I take your word on that as well? I’m planning to visit either Russia or Ukraine in a couple of months from now (I’m currently learning Russian). I need to finish some stuff before I can plan any trip and this will take me two or three months.

      Man you’re really scaring the s**t out of me!! so is there a way out of this madness or not?? Is there any hope at all?

      My plan is to focus only on small towns (any suggestions will be kindly welcome), but after reading all of this I’m not sure anymore. Probably the right approach would be to travel for the sake of it and have the best time possible. If something good comes out of it, good… if not, no big deal.

      By the way, I’ve read several comments in this forum on going to latin america to look for a more suitable woman but let me tell you gentlemen… down there is no different. The gangrene is spreading faster than you think.

      • Good thoughts, Aldo. Let me give you some insider info on them.

        Yes, you can take my word on it. I always say what I mean and I’m as politically incorrect as it’s only possible. Nothing is easy in Ukraine these days and they all start demanding money for anything they do, from women to local and central authorities. For example now it’s extremely complicated to deal with, say, visa and permit authorities. They’ll lead you through some kind of an evil circle with no end in sight.

        BUT DO NOT GET SCARED! Keep learning Russian, keep getting better in all aspects! Remember-you are doing it all for YOURSELF first and foremost and not to attract some lady.
        NO, there is no way out of this madness unless you have a chance to settle on some remote Caribbean or South Pacific island away from it all.
        And NO, there is NO hope. Feminism and political correctness are spreading around the world like a forest fire engulfing more and more human minds.
        Sorry, I always play the Devil’s Advocate and always happen to be correct in the end. Hard truth is better than sweet lies.

        Small towns Russia or small towns Ukraine?;) Just tell me WHERE you will go and I’ll compile you a list of 5 towns in each country worth visiting.
        I’d put it this way-travel, keep learning the language, talk to people, avoid dating agencies, enjoy the ambience of any city or town you’ll happen to visit. But do not get overly concerned about finding a lady. Women here smell desperation and sex hunger from 10 miles away.

        I know a bit of Latin America and it’s more or less the same. Feminism is making inroads there too.

        P.S. If I’m still here in Ukraine when you decide to come over then just come to my town. I’ll gladly introduce you to the local realities;) But I’ll most likely be outta here in 2-3 months.

        • My girlfriend told me , on my last visit that it was difficult to get a visa.
          You would encounter many obstacles in the process.

          I was kind of surprised to hear it.In fact , when you can get a visa , you should feel Lucky.
          She told me , that her mother was trying a long time , to get a visa to visit her sister in America.

          But it was all in vain.The real reason ?
          No one knows (or maybe pay bribe money).
          I agree that it is not easy to “read” a woman , when you will stay there for 3 or 6 months.

          When you can speak some Russian it will make things much easier.

          • Hi Paul, I thought I would chime in here. K1 Visas are not so difficult as long as you do the paperwork correctly. They take about 5 to 6 months usually. Tourist visas are much more difficult. A single female will be hard pressed to get one outside of the lottery system….pretty much impossible. My slavic friends here in the States have gotten their family members (usually mother and father) visas to come visit but they told me it is usually a 1-2 year process but after that their family visits every year.

            As far as where to look for a gal, I think you are personally better off to think about what kind of guy you are. Are you a city guy or a country guy? Yes, everyone can adapt to situations but in my opinion better off to start with someone from a particular “demographic” background. Of course this will not transfer perfectly but you get the idea.

            After that just be real and dont act like the western hero coming to rescue someone. And I agree with FC…always best to first meet in the “native” environment.

            As far as “reading” a woman good luck with that…haha. Yes obviously follow all of Scotts advice to protect yourself. But as all men know…we will never fully figure them out. But if you do, let me know becasue I want the first copy of the book…haha!

  8. Jesus Christ man! when did all these got so out of control?!? and you know? the saddest part is not reading your answer but deep inside already knowing it…

    Anyhow, I’m not here to complain but to be positive and find solutions, and you are exactly right about the attitude. I’m doing this for me, for self improvement.

    I’m learning Russian and Chinese for career advancement, and to prevent age diseases such as Alzheimer, traveling to new countries is always good, fun, and a learning experience. Besides, I would like to learn more about doing business in those markets. My guess is that there is great potential over there. Also, I’m 100% with you… women in general (not only in Eastern Europe) have a couple of radars that will detect the minor simptom of desperation miles away. So I will not be chasing the meat but I will be open to any opportunities that might come in the way.

    Small towns Russia or Ukraine, that’s a tough one. I’m open to any suggestions, really.

    If I go to Ukraine I will definitely try to touch base with you. Hopefully you will still be there.

    Thanks again FC, looking forward to your response.

    • Aldo ,

      Good points from FC and good advice.Yes , go to see what it`s like.
      Enjoy and be relaxed.
      But also be prepared , that you may have to visit more than once.

      Things will change for you , once you have been there.
      As for me personally , I speak about Ukraine.

      I`m sure that there are possibilities for you there.


      • Thanks for your comments and encouragement Paul.

        I agree with you. There’s nothing like actually going there and seeing for yourself.

        Thanks again.


      • I don’t know if my previous post got publishe…

        Thanks Paul, I have your recommendation of chilling out and considering more than one trip in mind.


    • It all did get out of control during last 5 years or so. That’s when feminism and political correctness made their ways into Russia and Ukraine.
      You know, I always say what I mean and I always admit the reality. I never disguise anything or try to hide behind rosy glasses while drinking gallons of Kool Aid.
      For me shit is shit and sugar is sugar. And if you mix 1 pound of shit with 100 pounds of sugar you are still gonna get 101 pounds of SHIT! Unfortunately most people try and think that sugarcoating shit will turn it into a sweet candy! It WILL NOT!
      Truth is easy to tell.
      OK, here’s your compilation of 5 Russian and 5 Ukrainian cities to visit and enjoy.
      Russia, from East to West: Khabarovsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Volgograd.
      Ukraine, in no specific order: Poltava, Zhitomir, Vinnitsa, Kherson and Kirovograd.
      If you ever decide to visit Ukraine feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll gladly help if I’m still here.
      Feel free to ask me any other questions.

      • FC,

        Thanks for the list!! and yes, I’ll try to connect with you there and keep you busy with some questions from time to time.

        Also, thanks for your honesty man. Euphemism and sugar coating and, in part, the reasons why we are in this shitty situation now…

      • FC,
        Thanks for the list, I really appreciate. yes, I’ll try to connect with you when I’m there and I will definitely keep you busy from time to time with some questions.

        And thanks for your honesty man. Euphemism and sugar coating are the reasons which, in part, have us in the shitty situation where we are now…


    • Where did it all go so wrong?…that is an easy one…whenever people decide that there is a better system than nature provides….it will always eventually fail in time.

      • Hi John ,

        You have probably mis-understood or not read my other posts , relating to the visa for America , from my girlfriends mother.

        Her parents are still together , so her mother is not on a dating trip.
        Her mother wanted to go to visit her sister in the US , but the Ukranian authorities did not wanted to give her permission to leave Ukraine.

        As far as to “read” a woman or any woman.Well I am not saying that I know everything , or that I have the perfect strategy.

        And as you may know , when you are talking with 10 women , you are up against 10 different mindsets.
        But you can get much information , from their body language , the way they interact with you.

        What type of questions they ask , how is she answering your questions , does she make eye contact with you , etc ?

        With an EE woman , it will tell you a lot , in most cases.
        Then there is the question , if she has much experience , with or in dating foreigners.And how did these dates turned out.

        Was she satisfied with the results or did it gave her a bit of a bad taste.

        When she tells you , within the first 20 minutes , of your ever first meeting with her (no prior correspondence or email/Phone talks) , that many men come here (to her city) , but they are not good !

        What indication does it give you ??Yet at the same time , she does not feel bad , that I am rubbing/striking her back and even her butt ??

        Ad we only had eye contact , about 25 minutes ago?
        Maybe I was just Lucky.

        And then she asks you – “why did you come to Ukraine ?”

        I don`t have to tell you , that the way you will answer this , will be very important.For her ….

        And maybe for you too.


          • FC ,

            You are aware that when someone sends you an invitation , to come over for holidays , you may face a certain work-through , for burocratic administration.

            Back in the 80`s , I invited the 2 nieces from my Polish girlfriend to come to Holland.

            I can tell you , that were a whole lot of hoops and angles to this.First I had to pay for every day , that they would stay here , to the Polish travel agancy (which of course was controlled by the state = Comm Party)

            If the Polish authorities did agree , I had to send all documents to the Foreign Affairs Ministery in my country.

            They would run background checks , on myself , my girlfriend and on her nieces or family.
            They would check if I had enough financial means , to support the 2 girls , and if I could take responsibility (also financially) for them.

            The other issue would be , if I had enough housing (permanent) , to let them stay here.

            If all this was oke , then I would get the clearance , and they could come over here.

            So , when my Ukrainian girlfriend told me this , I wasn`t surprised at all.
            I then asked , why her aunt cannot come to Ukraine.

            She said that her aunt , is over weighted , and cannot move around so easily.

            So , there is the dilemma.She said that her mother has tried for a long , long time , to get a permit to go.

            I can`t say , in what year this was going on.Maybe these days , it is a little different.


          • Man oh man, you’re telling us a horror story from the 80s;)
            This is definitely NOT the case for already many many years! There is no KGB or any other authority for this matter to stop you from leaving Ukraine ;)
            You are free to go as long as you have a visa and a ticket;)

        • Hi Paul,
          Looks like I was misunderstanding your situation. You are trying to get them a visa to come to Poland? About this I have no idea the process. I have substantial experience or first hand knowledge about Visas to come to the US. But good luck with that situation. I generally thought that the to get a Visa for most any country would only require dealing with the country the Visa is for unless they required documents from the home country.

          • Hi John ,

            Well you think that it would be like that.and I live in Holland , and I`m not trying to let her mother come over here.

            Well , not at this moment or in the very near future.

          • Back in Mar 2014, when the war was beginning, I wanted to get out of Ukraine because I was sure the Ruskies were going to make a move on the southern portion to link Moldova Trndnstria with Odessa, Nikolaev and on down to Crimea.

            My wife and I went to a travel agency and applied for a Schengen Visa for Poland. Well, because Poland was part of the EU, she could essentially cross into other countries (taking a risk). She was granted a 3 week visa. I thought it would buy some time in case my speculation turned out to be right.

            So, when we made the big move to Germany, we got her another Schengen visa for Hungary. Because she had been granted before for Poland, it was granted. We had to fulfill the tourist thing and pay for a hotel in Hungary, as if she was staying there.

            In truth, I had her come to Austria, where I picked her up. It was a bit risky to do this. But, I was assured by a German official, if I could get her to Germany on this tourist visa, he would grant her a temporary resident permit, since I had been granted one and we were married. It was a bit like the Sound of Music movie, where the family escaped from Austria and the coming war.

            Just giving you all a different perspective on how we were able to circumvent a difficult situation.

  9. And yet another example why Ukraine is going nowhere fast.
    There was an LGTB Pride Parade in Odessa earlier today. This parade triggered the “Twitter Orgasm” from Geoffrey Pyatt, American ambassador to Ukraine. He wrote that “the Parade was a good first step and the proof that Ukraine was changing! ”
    Fuck that kind of changes! Give it another 4-5 years and Ukraine will be the same as USA or Canada in terms of feminism!
    I’m outta here as soon as I only can!
    And folks, from now on think twice before coming to Ukraine and thinking about finding a Ukrainian female.

    • I’ll be the Devil’s Advocate again;)
      1. The guy on the video does NOT stand no damn chance with ANY woman, be she American, Canadian, Russian Ukrainian etc! NO DAMN CHANCE!
      For 41 damn minutes he’s complaining about North American women! Something is telling me that he’s never visited any country in Eastern Europe cause if he’d ever done it he’d now be complaining about the cold shoulder he’d been given by Eastern European females!
      For damn 41 minutes he’s looking for excuses as to why he’d never been able to find a woman in North America! He ain’t got no solutions, just excuse after excuse!!!
      Any woman would turn down such a person in a minute!!

      2. He absolutely has to visit Ukraine and compare in person! I dare to say that soon there’ll be more women in high heels and mini skirts in USA and Canada than in Ukraine. And those few remaining stylish Ukrainian females will behave and act 10 times worse than American or Canadian Ice Queens. I can’t believe I’m saying this but this is the reality here now!
      American females can at least hold a conversation and are somewhat educated. Ukrainian females aged 35 and below can’t “hold” nothing! I wouldn’t even let them hold a candle in a bedroom cause they’ll find a way to flip it around and set the whole damn place on fire!

      3. Eastern Europe ain’t no paradise any longer! One may say that I’m exaggerating but I’m experiencing it all every day. It’s mind boggling how a society can go downhill from hero to zero in such a short time frame!

      4. Every day I keep seeing several more or less attractive females with ugly freaks here in Ukraine! This is inexplicable! I used to mention American/Canadian males dating ugly females, and now I’m seeing the “mirror” when rather attractive women go below the threshold and date hobos and bums!

      I know that many of you will not like my words, but I’m seeing it all every single day and will better say the hard truth than try to paint a rosy picture disguising the reality.

      • The best part of the rollercoaster ride is the descent. So FC what parts of the world would you try over Ukraine if you were an unmarried men without children? Since we are playing Devil’s Advocate. I’m sure Canada especially Ontario is not on the list ;)

        • You know, Seeker, I honestly do not have an answer to your question…
          Seems like the whole world is now infected with political correctness and feminism.
          I can even go as far as saying that a single man without kids who does NOT want to have kids in any foreseeable future should try and date an American or Canadian female. Not Ontario or Toronto female for sure, but a lady from the East Coast or Alberta should be OK for Canadians.
          Just find some uninhibited female, let it even be a semi professional hooker, and save all your money and hassle related to going overseas and trying to convince a Russian or Ukrainian female that you ain’t no sex predator and it ain’t bad to do sports, get educated and not to smoke or to get drunk.

          Make your intentions and goals clear to an American or Canadian female, tell her that you want her to dress this or that way, that you have such and such thoughts and that you’d like to have a lot of uninhibited sex.
          And if she says NO-fine, let it be! At least you’ve just saved yourself 1000s of $$$ for an overseas trip and tons of efforts and nerves trying to start a conversation with a lady who’s having a hard time to connect 10 words into a meaningful sentence.

          P.S. I’ve been very depressed last 2 weeks and it sure impacts my writing, but it still does NOT make my facts and observations less real.

          P.P.S. I ain’t got NO solutions/tips for a man who does want a family and kids in the NEAR future. I honestly have NONE. It’s very rare when I can’t recommend anything but unfortunately this is the case.
          I have no idea where he could go in order to find a normal lady to start a family and have kids with. The whole world seems to become more and more weird with every passing week…

    • Interesting vid…well the guy is speaking from his own perspective. We’ve all done it but I think he’s glorifying foreign women a bit too much…if he’s not careful I think he might get eaten alive overseas or dating foreign domestically.

      • Hey FC and Seeker,

        Great introspect from your comments. FC, as usual, you cracked my ass off with your honest statements. I choked when you said a Ukr lady could flip a candle and burn it all down or men should find a semi-pro hooker. Stand up comedy man.

        And Seeker, in retrospect, I agree with you. The guy definitely went over the top with the attributes of foreign ladies. His words rang pretty true with me but this is based on 4 years ago before I met my wife. Since then, obviously, I don’t have much contact with women, minus the few at work, so I cannot relate to what FC says of these drastic changes.

        Like I had said before, when I was in Ukraine a month ago, I did see a rather large uptick in tatoos and my first LGBT. I’d say that the fashion styles are westernizing too (more casual). My friends there said that the war has caused these changes and being a combat vet, I can attest that this could have an effect.

        Overall, I would still say in the smaller cities that things are still good, the ladies are lovely, and definitely wear more dresses than the west.

        I am heading back in 10 days to retrieve my wife and daughter, so I’ll get another 10 days of my Ukrainian fix. I’ll be sure to make comments on any observations.

        FC, we’ll talk by mobile when I get in country. Till then, buddy, chin up.

        • FC and Rodney. Good points. Well there’s many things that happen that are just out of our control…so it’s best to have a good sense of humor. Try the smaller cities for something serious, don’t be a sucker, and it’s cheaper to never get financially or emotionally entangled with western women…well every man in the US can’t move to Nevada.

          • Traveling to Eastern Europe is indeed expensive. I ain’t talking only about flight tickets or for example getting a Russian visa (which in itself is a pain in the ass), but also about all those smaller daily spendings when already living in Russia or Ukraine.
            I’m now having my doubts whether to recommend North American males to spend 4-5K for a month long trip overseas to Eastern Europe or simply spend the same amount of money on someone like this lady:


            …and skip all the hassle related to trying to convince an Eastern European female that personal development, sports, education, traveling and ability to relay information to someone are indeed normal and not extraordinary or suspicious…

          • “the unexamined life is not worth living”

            …either option is better than the standard autopilot of dating, courtship, marriage, divorce, alimony, child support, depression, rage, addiction, etc.

            Don’t forget about the begging and groveling either…

            These are very dangerous ideas. Choosing freedom and occasional discomfort over slavery and being well fed.

  10. Hi Rodney and thanks;)

    You know, I did some Stand Up Comedy in Canada in fact;) So this is not new to me;)
    Yeah, I always say what I mean and I simply describe what I see on the streets here, tell what I hear when I teach English, comment on what I read in local newspapers and magazines or see on TV. All these things are very telling indeed.
    Trust me, Rodney, A LOT of bad and negative things have happened during the last 5 years or so. And all those things affected female minds a lot more than they had an impact on their style. But remember that the outer world is the reflection of our inner self.
    It ain’t got nothing to do with the war in Eastern Ukraine. War and combat make people more honest, give them MORE dignity and self respect and broaden one’s horizons. The closer a man gets to the death the “cleaner” becomes his soul and mind. You definitely should understand what I mean.
    I’d say that smaller cities MAY still be a bit better, but (always this damn BUT) the level of education is non existent here.
    I’m very articulate and never have a problem relaying my message to others as well as understating other folks, but even I start having a very hard time talking to people here these days. It’s like talking to a concrete wall in terms of reaction time and emotions.

    Sure, feel free to call me when you get back to Ukraine. It’d be my pleasure to have a chat with you on the phone.

  11. FC ,

    Well there you`ve said it.As long as you have a visa and a ticket.
    Since you are telling us , for some 6 months or more , that you and your family , want to leave Ukraine , do you want to share some of your own experiences in this process ??

    I understand the fact that you should get a visa.However the country , to which you want to go (that will supply to visa to you) , will want to see some documents from your (local) authoroties , that they will not hinder you , to leave the country.

    Because they do not want to be part of something uneasy.You say that your wife is Ukrainian.

    Maybe you want to tell us , if it was very difficult for her to get a permit to leave Ukraine.And how was/is it for your children ?
    If she has the permit , is it restricted by some sort of time-frame or is it for an indefinite time ??

    What do you know , about this process , when a person is invited , by someone (male or female ) in a western country ??
    Will Ukrainian people need to have a clearance to leave the country , and thus can apply for a visa , to the visiting country ?

    Yes , I know that back then in the 80`s , it was a different time and a different story.
    Still in this year , I have read about problems that women in Ukraine and in Russia (and some other EE countries) are facing , when they want to travel abroad.

    In some cases they were invited , by a Western man.But local authorities were putting up more or some obstacles.

    I do agree with you , that when you want to go on a holiday , it can be easier , to get a tourist visa.But it is no guarante that you will Always be succesful.

    Very curious to hear about your own experiences in this matter


    • Yes, we are almost ready for the move now.
      And I sure can share my experiences, they are of no secret.
      We already have a visa and the country where we are going to move to did not want to see any documents from Ukrainian authorities, I still have my Canadian bank account (remember I also have a business in Latin America and it comes handy sometimes) and my account statements were enough.
      Ukraine has NOTHING to do with that nor should give my family any papers that it’s letting me to leave the country.
      Again: my wife DID NOT have to get a permit to leave Ukraine;) We all, including kids, have Permanent Residency Permits in our new destination but we’ve never required NO permits from UKRAINE to leave the country;)

      OK, if a Ukrainian citizen is invited by someone in a western country, then he/she has to go to the visa center and submit and application.
      BUT a Ukrainian citizen does NOT need to have ANY clearance to LEAVE the country!
      Women in Russia or Ukraine may have problems with obtaining visas to enter EU, USA or Canada, yes.
      But that’s only a problem for those who apply alone and are younger than 35.
      I’ve never heard about ANY obstacles by local Ukrainian authorities though.

      Hope this helps;)

      • FC ,

        Thanks for sharing and clarifying things.So , in general when the person is not alone , or is going on a controlled travel agency trip , then things are no problem.

        Do you know , from what year it is , that people don`t need any clearance from the (local) authorities ?

        I will see if I can get a little more on this from my girlfriend.After all , she may have misinterpreted some things.

        I am sure that moving out of Ukraine , is a big step for you and your family.
        And I want to wish you all , the very best with the transfer , and a good start in your new homeland.

        Living in the Tropics , has many advantages.Not only for the weather.I`m sure your family will like it there.

        For sure some things will change.But from what I`ve seen from Ukraine , in some areas , it looks a little like in the Tropics.

        I`m sure you will like the climate


        • You are welcome, Paul!
          Again, it’s not a problem to leave Ukraine, it may be hard to obtain a visa to Europe or North America! LEAVING Ukraine is NEVER a problem!
          I think Ukrainians do not need any clearance to leave Ukraine since early 1992.
          Moving out of Ukraine is a wise step for our family. We want good future for us and our kids, we want stable business rules and not the “rule of the strongest”, and we definitely DO NOT want to live in the country where members of parliament have millions of $ hidden “under the beds in their apartments.
          I’d like to thank you for all your good wishes!

  12. Hi Rodney ,

    Wow you really did bent the rules a bit.Aside from the help , that you got from the German officer.
    But it paid off , so Lucky you.

    Anyway , how are things today ? Do you have trouble or your wife , to go in and out of Ukraine ?
    Did the Ukrainian authorities asked questions , how your wife was granted a stay in Germany ?

    While you only had a visa to Hungary and Poland ?But when it`s not a problem , then I guess it`s oke to say , that once you have reached the Schengen countries , you are good to go.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Hey hey Paul. Yeah, it was quite risky. Thankfully, the big Man above was looking out for us.

      I was a bit nervous entering and leaving Ukraine with my wife. It was smooth sailing. Her German Resident Permit was viewed along with her Ukrainian passport and no questions asked. Our daughter is good to go since she has an American passport.

      You could rightly say that once you are in the Schengan zone, and have a job, or married to an EU citizen (little different for me since I am not an EU citizen), then it’s calm waters and no hassle from the Ukrainians. Also, ensure that the German officer or any appropriate EU country officer is in your corner. Our Officer told us that had we tried the same tactic in a nearby district, we would have been rejected.

      Hey, my wife and I were talking today and considering going to Amsterdam in the Spring. I’ll let you know so we can meet up.

  13. Yes ,

    You need to be Lucky , once in a while.Well , you made it through , so that is 1 obstacle down.

    Well , if you know when you will come to Amsterdam , I will be glad , to meet with you and your wife.
    We will keep in touch on that.

    Hasta la vista (my Spanish is not good ))) )


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