Where do I even begin?

Centralized push for feminism
Saturday Satire: Wingman

Sexy skirts

… it has recenlty come to my attention that wearing a skirt and high heels is akin to the subjugation of women – and any woman who wears “nice clothes” is enslaving herself to Men.  By “dressing up,” she is setting women’s rights back.  My Wife laughs every time she hears this, “Women just want to look pretty.”  I guess this means that feminists aren’t really women…

The Wife and I started a new business and for the last 5 months we worked, and worked, and worked to get it set up.  I mean 80 hour work weeks.  We opened 2 August and it just blew up big.  We’ve been busy and very thankfully, making money since.  All seems to be going well but it is more than we can handle.  We hired some help today and we’re looking to expand while it is hot.

And so, I appolgize for neglecting this site.

I have about 20 or 30 articles that are just started, or 1/2 written.  They’ve accumulated for the last 3 or 4 years.  When I have time, I pull one out, add some photos and then publish it.  But this article, it is completely new.  I’ve been rehearsing it in my mind and finally, it is just about to burst.

While this article is going to cover topics like feminism, work ethics and the American millenial generation, it is primarily about one young man that I know.  This young man has just graduated from an American university.  He is the son of one of my business partners and as we have a guest room, he has stayed with us.  So, I’ve spent the better part of the last month being around him.

“… his transformation is what I would now call
“American politically-correct cliche.”

My business partner is very conservative and religious.  More religious than I am.  He comes from one of the churches in the US that is very – how should I call it, “isolationist,” (think Amish or Mormon).  The young man went away to a conservativve Christian University as a conservative Christian boy and came back as a foul-mouthed, whisky drinking atheist.  Now, none of this things are bad in and of themselves, but his transformation is what I would now call “American politically-correct cliche.”

He now believes (I mean he buys – hook, line and sinker) that he should feel guilty for his “entitled” life that he’s had to date, that Black Lives Matter is something that he should actively support (I mean he wants to throw rocks at cops) and he is now an ardent supporter of feminism.  I just saw this on his FB page:

Trump feminist propaganda

Now, I’m not going to get into politics here.  Whether you’re a Trump or Hillary supporter isn’t really important in this discussion.  What I do want to talk about is the feminst warping of events to conclude that Trump is a feminist.  If Trump bashes ONE WOMAN for acting hysterical (she was), how is he a misogynist for pointing it out?  And now he’s the “jerk” that we all know at the bar or family reunion?  How many women has Trump hired?  I’ll bet he hired more than Hillary has.  Whether you like Trump or Hillary, what Trump has done and said only amounts to misogyny if we put it through the filter of radical feminist idealogy.

Back on point.  This young man went off to Uni and in only 4 short years, he became a raving feminist lunatic.  I had a few discussions with him about feminism and he just shut down.  I mean he became so uncomfortable that he couldn’t continue the conversation and he fled the room.  I found, over a month’s time, that any time I questioned his logical process, he didn’t know how to handle any sort of criticism or debate, he shut down, disengaged from the conversation and fled (physically left) the room.

“And now, any kind of political discussion is now curtailed and the university system is producing a bunch off pussies that can’t even hold a conversation.”

I began reading about “Millenials” and I’ve come to find that the American universities are now fostering a “no conflict” enviornment wherein any discussions that “might” offend someone are erased.  University professors are now dumbing down their curriculum so as not to offend anyone.  And now, any kind of political discussion is now curtailed and the university system is producing a bunch off pussies that can’t even hold a conversation.

Have a look at this article wherein a professor complains that he can’t even talk openly with students for fear of losing his job.  I emailed this article to a buddy of mine who is a University Professor (posts as Simon here in the comments) and he said, “… it is a whole lot worse than even this article attempts to demonstrate.”


I also learned that this young man has amassed over $100,000 in student loan debt acquiring a liberal arts degree.  He has NO job nor does he have any prospects for work in the foreseeable future.

And so, this young man was quite offended that my Wife cooks three meals a day for our family.  He was agast that I would get up out of bed and my Wife would make me breakfast.  He was horrified that she would cook lunch and dinner and also change our baby’s diapers.  He, In not so few words, expressed to my Wife and I that IN HIS OPINION, Men should cook and clean as much as Women do.

With searing content that I “oppressed” my Wife, he ate along,
never once offering to help cook, never offering to do the dishes,
never swept the floor or wiped down the counter.

And every day, without fail, he showed up to breakfast, lunch and dinner and ate along side me.  With searing content that I “oppressed” my Wife, he ate along, never once offering to help cook, never offering to do the dishes, never swept the floor or wiped down the counter.  Meanwhile, I did sweep, wash the dishes and mop the floor.  And after every meal, like clockwork, he made sure to boldly thank my Wife for cooking the meal, almost to shame me for eating it (while he did the same).  And never, did it once occur to him, that I paid for the house he was living in.  I paid the water and elecric bill that afforded him a shower and lights.  I paid the internet so that he could gobble up all of our bandwidth watching TV show upon YouTube channel.  And never once, did he thank me for paying for it all.

It would be like if I took him out to the best restaurant in town, ordered starters, the main course, champagne and then paid for it all.  And then, following the meal, he went to the back to thank the chef for dinner.

And this is one of the traps of feminism,
Men are oppressors.  Women are victims.

And this is one of the traps of feminism, Men are oppressors.  Women are victims.  If a Man pays for the food, good, it was his responsibility.  If a woman cooks a meal, we should thank her because it is a bonus.  She didn’t have to do it after all.  It wasn’t her duty.  She went out of her way to help out.

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feminism advantage

… also on his Facebook page …

Later, my Wife and I talked about this; she rolled her eyes.  She complained that not only did he show up to every meal, fail to help cook it and failed to help with other chores, but he also INCREASED HER BURDEN.  When she would go to the store, she would have to buy more food, more water, more beer, and then she WOULD HAVE TO CARRY IT HOME.  He didn’t come to the store to help her carry it.  He didn’t offer to pay.  He didn’t bring the groceries upstairs.  Indeed, my Wife had to work more, carry heavier bags, cook longer hours and clean more because this young man, who believes himself a feminist, wouldn’t help out.  He looked down his nose at me and all the while, I contributed more to the cooking and cleaning of the meals than he did.  I paid for the groceries.  I helped my Wife to carry the water, the beer, the food.  Where was this “feminist” young man?  Nowhwere to be found.  Yet, in his mind, I oppress women.  When I complained about this illogical mindset, my Wife chided me, “Don’t lose any sleep over it.  He doesn’t know anything.  He doesn’t even have a job.’

He did begrudginly contribute by watching our daughter for an hour a few times – but only because we asked (insisted) that he help.  He plopped her in front of the TV, put on a cartoon and then returned to his iPhone to post the latest Instagram selfie.  My young nieces, when they come to visit, are very interactive with my daughter.  They talk, play toys, read books.  But wait, this young man is a feminist.  If we’re all the same, why isn’t he NATURALLY drawn to play with my daughter?


While we were walking in town on a Friday night, I saw a young woman with a nose ring, shaved head and her clothing made her look like she was on the set of “Escape from New York.”  I commented that it was a shame that an otherwise good looking young lady would make herself look “ugly.”  This young man immediately challenged me on this, “Why does having short hair make her ugly?”  My reply was, “Because it does. She is trying to look ugly because she thinks looking good feeds into a system of patriarchy.”  This set him off, he explained that we shouldn’t judge beauty based on what someone wears, we should ONLY look at them on the inside.  My Wife gave a laugh and explained that this is a nice theory, but one that doesn’t work.  We are all animals and we are attracted to members of the opposite sex who are visually appealing.  He began to reguritate some of his feminist rhretoric that this is wrong and needs to be changed.  And then he topped it off, he said, “We need to crush the patriarchy.”

At once, I noticed that he didn’t say, “We need to crush patriarchy,” but he instead he said, “We need to crush the patriarchy,” as though patriarchy is a living, breathing thing that we can tangibly destroy.  I’ve read about “the” patriarchy before and it was always on the website of some angry fat woman who had a nose ring and green and pink hair.  And now, this young man actually believes this bullshit.

Feminism has now taught this young man to not select a woman based on her appearance.  Hey, if that works for him, great.  But it really just goes against human nature.  And thats what feminism does, it goes against basic human nature.  And how do we justify it?  We re-write what is human nature.  We tell young boys that they should wear dresses and play with dolls.  We tell little girls to act like Men.  And yes, you can make a pussy out of a young man and make a “tough” little girl.  But inside, in their brains and hormones, Men and women are different.  You can put lipstick on a pig, but that doesn’t make it a supermodel.

This young man also told me about how he was proud that he was “in touch” with his feelings.  Meanwhile, any time I questioned him about his choice of posts on Facebook, he fought back tears, tried not to cry and then fled the room.  Mind you, I wasn’t yelling at him, berating him or teasing him, I merely asked him a question and he fled like a school-girl who is embarrased on a stage in a concert hall.

Yeah, this is what attracts women.

To give you an idea, one of our conversations went like this:

Him:  (while commenting about the presidential election) Well, we all know that Trump is a racist

Me:  We do?  Can you give me some specifics?

Him;  Everyone knows that Trump is racist.

Me:  I don’t know it, please give me an example.

Him:  Well, he wants to vet all of the Syrian immigrants.

Me:  What does that mean, to vet?

Him;  It means to dislike someone for no reason, its racist.

Me:  (after chuckling a bit) I’m sorry, no.  When you vet someone, you merely do a background check.  This is no different than when you applied for your first job at Burger King.  Did you have to show your driver’s license?  Of course you did.  Did you have to have a social security number?  Yes.  Did they call your last employer to verify your work history, maybe.  This is what vetting is.

Him:  Well, I think that’s racist.  Your Wife didn’t have to do any of that to get her green card did she?

Wife:  Absolutely.  I had to produce my birth certificate, shots record, criminal records check, and they all had to be apostilized (international notary) and then a certified translator had to translate them for the USCIS.  And then the USCIS took my photo, fingerprinted me and then we had an interview and we had to bring letters and family photos and they looked through our personal letters and photos to verify me.

Me:  Do  you feel it is reasonable to ask someone, someone from another country, who wants to migrate here, about their past?  Is it fair to ascertain if they have a criminal record or if they are a terrorist?

Him:  (doesn’t say anything, just picks up his plate and glass, drops them in the sink and then walks to his room and closes the door).

And yes, Trump is the misogynist too.  And when you ask “why/how,” you get the answer, “Everyone just knows.”

There is no basis for feminism.  Yet it is taught as fact.  It is institutionalized and is spoon fed to our children and now it has become “fact” because, well, “everyone just knows.”  And the universities dumb down the curriculum, remove any dissent and appease everyone’s feelings and what we are left with is a generation of young zombies who “know everything” because it was told to them on television.


I am beginning to believe that America (the west) has had is apex and will be replaced by China, India and the Middle East in the coming century.  America still has the biggest guns, but that won’t last another generation with boys like this and girls who don’t want to be mothers.


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There may be hope.

But it is all moot if you don’t make your family strong.  Spend quality time with your children.  Teach them the values and morals that you believe in.  Show the by example.  Find a Wife that has the same beliefs that you do.

Good luck and good hunting.

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Centralized push for feminism
Saturday Satire: Wingman

41 thoughts on “Where do I even begin?

  1. Well, I can tell you with some authority as I am now in Odessa, Ukraine! The women here wearing stiletto high heels and very short skirts are in the minority. I have seen a lot of beautiful young women wearing flat shoes or sneakers and very casual dress.

    • Brian, THIS is exactly what I keep telling all along!!!!!!
      And now you’ve noticed it too!!
      Forget stilettos and short skirts, you can hardly meet any female these days who dares to wear any high heels and mini skirt!! They all now look and dress like your average Canadian or American woman.
      Females 30 y.o. and younger do not even know how to wear minis and high heels since they always walk around in jeans or baggy pants and sneakers or sandals.
      And at the same time they behave like your North American Ice Queens!!

      • Scott, grats on the new business. Are you in the states?

        FC and I too, have noticed the younger Ukrainian girls are looking and acting more western. Small villages or small cities are the best place to see the best women. Odessa, Kyiv and Lviv and no good. All you will see there are gold diggers.

        The days of finding a traditional lady in Ukraine are close down fast. The problem I am seeing is a huge disconnect with reality when it comes to money and buying things. Inflation is very high and the people (women) in Ukraine have a disconnect with reality of live in the west. They see TV shows and just want want want. And most are willing to go the western woman’s route of selling the P to the highest bidder.

        I am back in the states now. Found a buyer for the home in Savannah finally and here to close this out. Coming back might have been different, returning with the new lady I have been seeing would have been better. I have become too accustomed to life in Kremenchuk and not having to get in the car to go to the supermarket. Plus, I can really taste a difference in the food here now.

        Men are like little puppy dogs in the west. This I can see now with open eyes. I will say, finding someone closer to my age and her being a traditional lady is extremely nice.

        Russia is the place to go now, but again stay away from the major cities.

        FC are you still looking to leave Ukraine?

        • Now you now what I’m talking about, Bryan;) And you’ve noticed the trend yourself.
          The problem with ladies from villages or smaller cities is that in most cases they tend to be totally uneducated and often even illiterate which may be unacceptable for a lot of males.
          THIS is THE THING: “” The problem I am seeing is a huge disconnect with reality when it comes to money and buying things. Inflation is very high and the people (women) in Ukraine have a disconnect with reality of live in the west. They see TV shows and just want, want , want. And most are willing to go the western woman’s route of selling the P to the highest bidder. “” END QUOTE.

          A lot of Ukrainian women think that money grow on trees in the west and all it takes is to raise one’s hand a pick a 100 dollar bill.

          I’d say that EASTERN Russia/Siberia is the place to go now! And yes, avoid big cities by all means.

          And YES, I’m most definitely still looking to leave Ukraine, have all the papers and permits ready now. All it takes is to buy plane tickets and off we go.

          • I was married to a lady from the far east of Russia who is now 39 years old. I can tell you that the money culture shock happens all over Russia also. A lot of it comes from misconception about western countries and how much things cost. And some of it will depend on the woman as gold diggers can be found anywhere. My former wife was very good with money so I could not complain about that but it was an adjustment for her when she came to the States. I Russia she held a good job and had inherited her apartment. She could go to the salon every week and go have fun and still save for vacation and have a relatively normal life. It took her awhile to understand the differences in economics when she came as with most of the Russian and Ukrainian women I know. Having never before had to pay a mortgage or health insurance or the many things they do not understand. I cannot say she was a gold digger but it is a part of the cultural adjustment.

            Having said that the 20 somethings in both countries now are just about as bad as the ones in the US here. A lot have no work ethic or respect for anything. It is sad. And many have found the route to scam the foreigners but not all.

  2. As always, good one, Scott.

    I’d like to start commenting with a short remark regarding the headline photo of the article. Males, please, please do not expect that ladies like that gonna be all over you when you finally decide to make a trip to Eastern Europe. And if you by any chance happen to get in contact with such a female then in all likelihood she’ll behave just like an American Ice Queen. There is a new trend in Ukraine these days- tall, stylish and sexy ladies tend to date short, ugly and scruffy looking males, close to the “bum” category. Ukrainian women can’t stand a challenge, they desperately need someone who’s below them socially, intellectually and appearance wise. I’ve seen tall, sexy and stylish females in mini skirts and high heels going hand in hand with a real bum who was missing several teeth and in dirty clothes!!

    And now back to North America. I’ve said it numerous times that the major reason for such a behavioral pattern of North American males is the impact of the American mainstream on sheeple.
    American/Canadian society desperately needs sheeple, robots, androids, slaves and brainless puppets who’ll obey every order given by the Master (society) and will comply with everything they are told!
    Such a society is very easy to control and to direct. Mainstream propaganda tells sheeple who/what is the target and sheeple start attacking the target the way they can thus all the anti Trump hysteria, love for feminism, Black Lives Matter, affirmative action, quota hiring, political correctness and multiculturalism.
    American/Canadian society strongly discourages and prevents anyone from having an own opinion and enough arguments and facts to back it up with! North American sheeple can’t stand anyone who dares to differ, to stand up and be counted and lo lead by example!! And anyone who does dare to do so will be immediately labeled a loser and an enemy of State!!
    And another thing: North American sheeple can’t stand the truth, any truth!! They run away from the truth like vampires from the sunlight!
    And that’s an issue in Ukraine too these days! People in Ukraine are fast learners of bad things and copy the behavior of their American teachers of feminism and political correctness!!

    • Yeah, Ukraine is now in the Western zone. I’m sure we’ll see more feminism, especially in Kiev and Odessa.

      Now again, there is Russia. Unaffected by this business. Looks like the visa free travel days are over for the Americans.

      I am flying to Russia in 2 weeks, I’ll post some pics. Need to remmeber to pack the DSLR.

      • Scott, it’s not only Odessa or Kiev, it’s all over Ukraine now! Western Ukraine is even more brainwashed than Central or Southern.

        • FC is right here. Kyiv west down to Odessa are gone. I met a US guys living in Kherson with a village lady her met. Svetlana is a very traditional lady. She was embraced to sit down with us. She was afraid she would make Charlie look bad. And damn she can cook :)

          I met another US guy living in Sumy with a great wife. I would say 35 /36 and under are gone.

          • Bryan ,

            There are undoubtedly some women who will try to get the most out of a date with a foreigner.

            These women will take the information from the web , movies they see , talking with their girl friends.

            Maybe correspondence with friends in Western countries.But , do we know if their information is correct ??

            Do we know what they see as the right way , to live life with a Westerner ??

            Unless they have been to these countries to see how life is really over there , it will all just be in their imagination.

            The same goes for the Western foreigner.What does he know about life in CIS countries ?What does he know about life in the former U.S.S.R ??

            If not , he will not be able to tell the difference , how life has changed for these people , after the break up of the U.S.S.R.

            To understand the mindset of these people today , acquires some knowledge of their past.

            That said , I know that feminism has also found it`s way , to EE.So foreigners will have to think about these 2 things.
            And then I`m not speaking about all the problems , which comes with restructering the economics of these countries.

            Do you believe that these women have a disconnect of reality in the US ?

            What about ALL THE REFUGEES , who wish to come to Western Europe ?
            Do they have a disconnect with life overhere , or are they just desperate ?

            It can be very easy to get the wrong impression.As an outsider.

            I am sure that you don`t know this fact.When the Iron Curtain fell , East and West Germany had to be united.

            As you know , in East Germany they had the East German Deutsche Mark at that time.Which was much less than the W German Mark.

            So , E German citizens had to adept to the new currency , while their beneficiaries and their privileges , that they had built under Russian rule , were not covered by all these changes.

            Meaning that they were losing money and all sorts of securities that were no longer valid.

            It all got so worse , that E German citizens demonstrated , to NOT BE JOINED WITH W Germany , and they wanted to keep , what they had been granted under Russian and Communist Party rule.

            Well just think about this for a while.
            Now you may understand also why so many people , were happy with the taking over of Crimea.
            Because it would bring back some of the privileges , that are still valid in Russia today.

            When you haven`t been able to live life under Russian rule and under the Communist Party law , you will not know how life was for the average person or family.

            I can tell you , that there were big differences in social status , salary and privileges , between Party and non – Party members.

            And I don`t have to tell you that corruption was on the top of the agenda..


  3. Scott,
    First, congratulations on your new business. I wish you great success with it. I think we all realize that this site is a hobby for you and are grateful for the time and money you put into it. You ARE helping to make the world a better place with it.

    This post is great example of what a malignant cancer feminism and political correctness are and the results of the mainstream acceptance of them. You are correct that they could well be the downfall of Western civilization. If this young man …cough-cough…. went to a conservative Christian university, imagine what is coming out of the liberal public and private universities. I wish I knew the answer. I think all we can do is stand up and call out the BS when we see it. And make our opinions known. I have pissed off quite a few feminists and mangina white knights. And I enjoyed it.



  4. Fantastic commentary on the state of the modern male in the US. I am happy to report that my sons are nothing like the young man in the article. The can all debate and are unafraid to be challenged. They will help with the dishes and do their own breaks on the car. I am worried about the selection of females here in the States. There are a few good ones left but there tough to find, especially the 20 to 35 crowd. Thanks for posting this. I Intend to share it with my sons.

    • In the west, one might say they are all gone. Even a 70+ year old lady knows she has her husband by the balls. I have come to the conclusion, that men in the west do not die earlier. They kill themselves to get away from the bitch next to them.

      I have a nephew getting married on the 24th. He is 26 and she 27. I met her one time and I could just tell, his life is going to be hell. I think I saw the word BITCH on her forehead.

      Even, if you think you find a good one in the west. The truth comes out sooner or later. I have seen the nicest girl turn once there is a child in the house. She know she has the man at that point or will threaten to take his stuff.

  5. Hey Scott,

    Your articles just continue to get better and better. This one was powerful and it jabbed me in the jaw with all of your examples. What a pussy this young man has become.

    I hear it at work, too, when I am talking to the Soldiers and Airmen. They are looking forward to their retirements, one of the reasons being, that their lower enlisted are a bunch of pansies.

    Hell, the cover story of the Military Times a few weeks ago was, “The Millennial Takeover. They DEMAND praise. They QUESTION authority. How they are DISRUPTING your Army.”

    Sergeants tell me when they make corrections to a young soldier, that it “hurts” their feelings. Medical people tell me how they’re trying to medical docs stating that they can’t run. Respect from the young ranks has fallen.

    So, yes, everything that Scott has stated, even based on one young man, is something I am hearing on a near daily basis, LARGE SCALE!!

    I’m proud to be an American, but thank goodness I am not hard headed enough to insist that my daughter be raised there. I’ll take Germany over that crap. I’ve even heard more retired Americans are arriving in Germany looking for housing, because they want to get the hell out before Trump or Hillary get into the White House. Fricken Mutiny on the Bounty is happening!

    I’m in Ukraine as well at the moment, and its been a breath of fresh air with the beauty of these ladies. Yes, I agree not as many high heeled stilettos, and more jeans, however, its all still stylish. The sport shoes with the dresses are not regular Adidas or Nike. They’re color coordinated and comfortable. I get it. The damn sidewalks here must kill a few ankles in a high heeled stiletto.

    And babies, upon babies here. Kids everywhere and buggies, and pregnant ladies. When Ukraine gets its shit together, its population will be just fine as it enters the next two generations. My 12 year old nephew and I can talk in normal English now because he’s getting 4 lessons per week in school.

    The restaurants are full, the stores are being shopped. My friends are well educated and we talk upon any subject, in English! I have seen lots of young couples, holding hands, hugging and kissing. I just have not been able to see what FC sees up in the north, and we’ve talked by phone and agree that his viewpoints are related to his region of the north. My viewpoints are what I am seeing are here in the south.

    Heading to Odessa tomorrow and Sunday for some beach time and outdoor shashlik cooking. Its nice to be back in this country as I am very happy here. By the way, your USD goes a long way here! I got a haircut and wash for $3.50!! Last night, 3 of us ate sushi (and couldn’t finish it all) for $35. Today, I bought two pair of dress shoes for $25.

    Final comment to Scott’s incredible article: let these pansies stay in the US so that shit doesn’t engulf Europe. I know, I know, its here, but its not as intense as the US. And its definitely just scratching the surface here in southern Ukraine. Men are still the Alpha males and I can’t seeing this type of culture changing for a long time.

    • Good one, Rodney! As usual. Nice to have someone reporting from the South vs. me being in the North.

      I’ll play Devil’s Advocate for a second, as always.

      1. All you’ve said about Millennials taking over is correct. And it’s not only in the Army, it’s all over in the society!

      2. Ladies in the South still dress a lot better than in the North. City where I’m in right now looks like any average Canadian or American town in the middle of nowhere in the prairies.

      3. For many people in Ukraine having a baby is the way to get money from the state. Yes, state pays a rather significant amount of money by Ukrainian standards for families with newborns and for many of young families giving birth to a baby is an easy way to make rather good money! Sorry, had to tell you this… It doesn’t mean that every family does that for money, but many do.

      4. I can’t envision Ukraine ever getting its shit together. They’ve had 25 damn years to do so and but it all resulted in an empty blabber and no deeds.

      5. I’m now having a very hard time to find even a glimpse of happiness here. Hopefully the change of scenery will help.

      6. Sorry, been very depressed and didn’t call you as promised over the phone. Enjoy your time in Odessa.

    • Rodney and FC thanks for sharing. Scott great article. I see this sh#t every day. I no longer get all that annoyed. I just laugh…the first millennial president will be what he was bred to be…the ultimate puppet. I’m starting to believe if most of my peers and their younger siblings are such pussies…please don’t ever get a passport or get any ideas about traveling…just stay in your cage.

  6. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!…

    “At once, I noticed that he didn’t say, “We need to crush patriarchy,” but he instead he said, “We need to crush the patriarchy,” as though patriarchy is a living, breathing thing that we can tangibly destroy. I’ve read about “the” patriarchy before and it was always on the website of some angry fat woman who had a nose ring and green and pink hair. And now, this young man actually believes this bullshit”

    …..the patriarchy in America was dead before he was even born.

    My general thoughts…this is currently the dominant culture…it’s not changing until they go extinct …

  7. Scott ,

    Well some questions come to my mind too.
    Seeing his behaviour and current mindset , I do ask myself , how on earth did he ended up , in your house , in the first place.

    Were you doing his father a favour ?
    For sure it`s Obvious that he never learned how to be part of a family.
    And to lend a helping hand , either when you are with friends or relatives.

    The more so , when you are enjoying their hospitality.But since you were in this situation with him , do you think , that he has learned something from it ??

    That would have been a positive in this case..

    I Always say , live and learn .


      • Ha-Ha-Ha…….armchair feminism. Hadn’t heard that one before. I think “ungrateful little prick” would describe him also. With 100K in student debt he should have been begging Scott for a job AND shining shoes on the side.

    • My Wife and I wanted to talk some sense into him.
      We wanted to let him know that his actions were uncool.
      We wanted to scold him.
      We wanted to do a lot of things.

      But one thing I’ve learned from my Wife is, “You can’t educate someone.” She brings a good point. When you’re driving, you can’t educate a bad driver with a brake check. In the grocery store, you can’t educate a loud customer by giving them dirty looks.

      An adult was educated as they grew up. Trash is trash, lazy is lazy, poor manners are poor manners.

      The only way you can educate someoone (an adult) is over a long period of time – like I’m doing on this website.

      One of the best pieces of advice my Father ever gave me as a young Man was this:

      “The best way to hurt a business that gives you bad service, is to not go back there again.”

      I’ve since modified that to include, “And tell everyone about it on Yelp or whatever site they have a presence on.”

      As for this young Man, we aren’t going to educate him in a month. We decided to be the best hosts we could be and then, don’t give him any more business. In other words, he will never be invited back again.

      But, I’m not about to go and hash up drama with his family or make a stink. “Bite me once, shame on you, bite me twice, shame on me.” In the wise words of former President Bush (Jr.), “Well, we ain’t gonna get bit.”

      • Ok I get it.So , this was some sort of trial for you and your wife , to see if you could bring some good habits , into this young man.

        Unfortunately it didn`t work out.Some years ago , it was said , that “THE INTERNET” makes people
        selfish , not showing interest and not socializing with their family (members) or relatives (friends).

        In the past years , the addiction to ” THE NET” has only grown.People can`t go to sleep , without their Phone , laying next to them.
        Fully charged , as to not miss anything form the “OUTSIDE WORLD” , while they themselves are staying INSIDE.

        You may ask yourself , if this addiction is not more desastrous , than watching tv.
        Just want to name the latest game : Pokemon Go.

        When you have that much time on your hands , to go and play , can other matters have more value for you ?

        Internet makes people lonely.That is , behind your pc screen , you can read up almost everything that happens in this world.You can play games with complete strangers.

        You can find/make friends all over the world.This is the new reality.
        Is it any wonder that young people , don`t show the behaviour as we have been teached ??
        So , who is to blame for this ?


    • In the follow up on this young man`s behaviour , I feel that I should make a remark about this news item.
      You probably have heard or read about it.

      I`m sorry to say that it concerns one of my fellow man.
      This dude thought that the prayers of the monks , in the temple next to his hotel were none of his cup of tea.

      And moreover he was thinking that he should not be bothered with all this noise.
      Thinking that the Universe was only revolving around his sad and spoiled personality , he rushed into the temple with his shoes on and pulled out the mains connector of the amplifier from the wall socket.

      I`m not sure what you guys think about this.I believe that this is a complete act of disrespect and tolerance for other person`s belief and religion.

      And he also did not think about the fact that he was the one , who came to visit their country.Certainly some decency and respect for other people`s religion and traditions is the last that you should have.

      And now he says he`s very sorry.Wow what a joke.I wouldn`t mind when they would put him in jail for a couple of months.

      This all took place in Myanmar.Of course the people in the temple , who were at the mass were not amused by all this.

      This display of complete selfishness and egocentrism doesn`t come out of the sky , just like that.
      It is the result of many years of brain washing and lack of social and disciplined manners.

      Now we only have to wait for the next example ..


  8. It’s been a long time since I last came here. Maybe a little too much because I was needing this eye opener once again.

    Just like you said: we are spoon fed all kinds of cultural revolution garbage and end up getting brainwashed. It’s hard to continue forward without knowing there are more people around us that think alike.

    Thanks for another excellent text and your website. It is always a pleasure to read your material.

  9. Hi Scott,
    I get more than a.little confused by what is feminism and what is not. I guess I tend to think of the original idea of feminism was to express that women are just as important as men. In this regard I very much agree. But I was not alive when it started and I am not sure how it has transformed into some rediculous movement that it is today. My thought is that it came from men seeing women as being less because they stayed at home and cared for the family traditionaly. If this is the case then it is truely sad what feminism has done because now many women see this as a lesser role also. Instead of changing mens perspectives of the time they have joined the very ideal that they were fighting.
    I was raised in many ways by a very gruff factory worker and his wife. As a boy I was taught not only to work the farm and fix tractors and weld but also to wash the dishes and cook and sew. It was not demeaning in any way. These are just basic survival skills for life. Each one is important.
    Now we have a culture of men and women who see the traditional female roles as inconsequential and adult “boys” with who’s only skills are playing video games and who think they are entitled to anything they want.
    The agressive nature of men has been damn near criminalized and the nurturing nature of women has been shamed to a point of nonexistence.
    I will be back in Kiev in three weeks to spend time with my fiancee. I agree the major Cities there are almost as bad as the US. But there are still great ladies to be found.
    I would remind the men out there to be men and a gentlemen. Stand tall and find your chivalry. Act like a man and treat her like a lady and she will respond.

    • I’d honestly discourage males from coming to Ukraine. This country has gone from Hero to Zero in mere 3 years.
      Women became ignorant, snobby, selfish and … well, you can throw in all those qualities of western ladies here.
      They’ll want all your money without ever giving anything back and somehow they never tend to have ANY damn money nor they are willing to try and help you with anything.
      I ain’t talking about making millions of $$ here but at least making an effort would be nice.

      • In many respects I would agree. I know several women personally there who play the scam game. And it always amazes me what guys do and buy for them. There are still some to be found but they are getting few and far between . It all comes down to thinking with your big head instead of your little one. I would stay away from the big Cities in both Ukraine and Russia.

        • I’m now getting a feeling that the better you treat a Ukrainian female the worse will the payback be.
          Local women have no idea that males can be honest in their willingness to help and support and they always seem to look for some kind of a hidden agenda in everything a male is doing.
          And if a male happens to do less that he’s expected then he’ll immediately be considered worthless.

          • I think it comes down to how they have been treated by men there. The lady I am seeing now has been single for 8 years. 8 years of raising her son along with no help from the father. The father found himself a “younger better looking wife.”, “He has a new family with his new wife and no time for his son.”

            It took her some time to open up to me. But when this happened, she has turned very positive. But I can still she a guarded side of her. She will not let me purchase anything for her at all. Dinner yes, but not one thing else. She lightly reminds me, she has been taking care of herself and her son for 8 years alone.

            FC, I need to get over there to see you when I return.

          • Sure, Bryan! Feel free to come by and see me, or let me know how and where you’d like to meet, if I’m still here and if I’m still alive since I’ve been feeling suicidal the last couple of weeks.
            Just let me know when you are coming it’ll be my pleasure to meet you and to help you.

          • Of course it should read : ” Just let me know when you are coming AND it’ll be my pleasure to meet you and to help you.”


          • Grabbed myself by the ass and away from my depression!
            Sorry for bad thoughts, folks! But sometimes it’s better to speak up instead of trying to hide emotions and feelings inside and while pretending that everything is OK and rosy!
            It’s not about what thoughts come to one’s mind, it’s about how one is able to handle them and steer them in the right direction!

          • FC ,

            Sorry to hear that you are going through some rough times now.
            I Always had the impression that you were a guy , who knew what he wanted , and a guy who had everything going for him in a positive way.

            That said , I understand that sometimes in life there can be bad times.
            Then having a family and an understanding wife , is all the more important.

            I really hope that you can/will overcome this period.

            All I can say is that you should be rational and try to have a clear mind.

            Don`t let your thoughts carry you away.

            Keep it up ! I know you can …


          • Thanks, Paul! Any problem as well as any solution is in our mind and in our soul!
            The thing is to find the balance so that we at least have 51% for a solution and 49% for a problem just to have that small margin in favor of a solution.
            Sometimes the balance may shift into the negative territory and that’s when a REAL MAN has to have guts to admit that instead of trying to pretend that everything is OK!
            I do have enough inner power to grab myself by the ass and correct all the wrongs. The main thing is NOT to be afraid of the wrongs!!!

  10. FC ,

    Glad to hear your explanation.And , you say it , that was the image that I had from you all this time.
    Keep thinking about the good and the positive ..

    • Thanks, Paul! You know, I’m human after all;))
      And I do have own feelings, emotions and ups with downs;)
      I’m more of a realist and definitely not a Kool Aid kind of a guy;)

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