Saturday Satire: Wingman

Where do I even begin?
Back from Russia

I saw this video and I had a bit of a laugh over it.  I can remember my single days, chasing girls and relying on my buddies as wingmen.  How things have changed with the women now.  One of my nephews was lamenting that every girl he goes out with has bi-polar disorder, is on medication and seeing a therapist.  It is amazing how much the west bashes conservative cultures (Muslim, Eastern, Asian & South/Central American) but the Women in those countries are far happier than western women.

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As an American (westerner), this seems counterintuitive because freedom = happiness.  But the problem with feminism is that it goes against human nature.  This may be a tough pill to swallow for those still caught inside the matrix of western thought but women want a strong Man.  They want a Man who will step up, take charge and lead the family.  They want a Man who will protect them and provide for a family.  Consciously, many women loathe this idea and they shun it and what is the result?  Two thirds of western women are in therapy, need therapy or are on mind-altering drugs to make their life decisions palatable.

For regular readers here, this is no big secret.  If you are new to this site and this idea sounds barbaric to you, read on.  You’ll probably learned that everything you’ve been taught in the feminist west is flat out wrong.  And, the result is the destruction of Men and the nuclear family.  The happiest guys I know are those married to foreign (non-Western) women.

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Where do I even begin?
Back from Russia

24 thoughts on “Saturday Satire: Wingman

  1. The boys in this video are such dorks, but that’s how Western men now behave in order to attract Western women – that is, like circus clowns rather than masculine gentlemen.

    I guarantee a typical Russian woman would consider ‘men’ like this as nothing more than stupid clowns or 16 year old boys who never grew up.

    • This makes me think of the whole pick-up artist culture. They encourage men to dress like clowns and act like clowns. Doing things like magic tricks and subliminal meanings in conversations. Instead of working hard, being strong and supportive, they wear feather fedoras and practice card tricks. I can’t imagine what would happen if China or North Korea goes on the aggressive. Would this generation even be man enough to repel something like that.

      • I’m not sure what’s worse, acting like a clown or getting laid because you’re acting like a clown. It’s about what it takes to make it with F*’d up Western women, you have to play a lot of games.

  2. What a piece of baloney.Is he Always going for girl chasing with all his friends ?
    And he is so stupid for thinking that the girls will not notice the signs that he is giving?

    I would say that this is the behaviour of a retarded person.Or someone who doesn`t have a clue of how things work.
    Or this fellow is the “result” or the “product” of all the brainwashing that he was exposed to , all through his life.

    But there is 1 positive thing about the video : it is good for entertainment.
    And by the way , can someone tell me , what his name is ?

    I couldn`t understand it , because of all the garbling that was coming out of his mouth!
    Maybe I should ask my wingman to come to help me out on this!Still I`m not sure , what sort of signal to give to him.

    Maybe the signal to take him out and bring him to a mental institution …


  3. Wingman my ass;)) This is unheard of in Eastern Europe especially when you get into a nightclub or a bar with 80% of female clientele.
    Males here have no idea about the wingman;) You just approach the lady you like and act like a male, and not like some kind of a pussy;) You do not need no gimmicks, tricks, wingmen or aliens to help you to get a date.
    Though it’s getting harder and more complicated to interact with local women with every passing day.
    The thing is to be YOURSELF, to come with integrity, honesty and respect, and never play no games or to have any hidden agenda!
    Freedom comes from within. And so does happiness!

    Scott is right-western women have no idea what they REALLY want.
    Or may be they know after all-they definitely want someone with a lot of money and a very high status in the society! Qualities like honesty, dignity, integrity, respect, mutual understanding and support do not matter!! This leads to the fact that a lot of western women end up in an eternal search for “Mr. Right and RIGHT NOW” and never settle for anything below “Mr. Right with a lot money, status, nice cars, house and condos”! Many women will remain single for years and years but they’ll never stop their search for Mr. Right!!
    Scott also made a very good point about many western women being on some kind of a therapy! But THIS is also a problem for western males. I’ve met several western males who had to leave Ukraine because they couldn’t buy Xanax and similar drugs here, they are prohibited in Russia and Ukraine. I dare to say that most of mind altering drug users are indeed MALES and not females!
    The general trend around the world nowadays is that it’s getting harder and harder for a normal male to even chat to a normal lady! Ladies around the world seem to be scared to death to interact with a man in real life and resort to online crap like PlentyOfFish, Facebook and other mainstream media.

    • “Many women will remain single for years and years but they’ll never stop their search for Mr. Right!!”

      In my experience, it is only women after a certain age that will remain single waiting on their “Mr. Perfect” to come along (that will never happen). Younger women, a.k.a. girls, will ALWAYS have a boyfriend out of some deep seeded feeling that something is “wrong” with them if they don’t have a boyfriend. Approximately, the women aged 26 and under are like this.

      • I wouldn’t even look at those 35 and younger if I were single. They ain’t got no brains, no style and no desire to get better in their lives. They just go with the mainstream flow and obey everything they are told.
        Yes, they might have a “boyfriend” who’ll become an ex as soon as they encounter someone with more money, better car and higher society status! Such a behavior in my books equals to being single.

        • Sounds like you are describing western women only with a different flavor there in Ukraine. The difference being American women are a hell of a lot more spoiled in this side of the world (welfare, demographics imbalance, gynocentric laws, feminism, etc.).

          • I’d go as far as saying that North American women are in fact better than Russian or Ukrainian when it comes to pure sex.
            Eastern European women have tons of inhibitions and are often scared of intimacy. If an American female wants sex, she’ll go all out when having it.
            When an eastern European (Russian, Ukrainian) female is having sex, she’ll still think about being a prude and not showing her real emotions, with very very few exceptions.
            Again, if you only want sex, then stay in North America or Western Europe, save your money and spend them on hookers.
            I’m also becoming more and more hesitant if Ukraine is even worth visiting when looking for a wife.
            Russia? May be. But Ukraine…. do not think so any longer.

          • FC you are correct about the sex part, maybe with the older women. I have found the younger ones are a bit crazy, when it comes to having sex.

            Like we have stated many times. The western mentality has come to the 35 and younger lady’s in Ukraine. This would be mainly the larger cities and the thinking.

            The part about having a wingman is completely western. But, again I am seeing there with the younger guys in Ukraine. The western mentality is leaking in quickly.

          • Yes, Bryan, I do mean “sex with older hookers” ;)
            Younger females seem to be taken from the same “box” all over the world like when you unload a box of Barbies at Toys’R’Us store, the box has a tear and all dolls fall out looking exactly the same.
            One more time: the problem with those smaller cities in Ukraine is that people are extremely ignorant and uneducated, often illiterate. It’s impossible to hold a meaningful conversation with them. And yes, I do stand by my words.

            I dare to say that Ukrainian males ain’t after a wingman so much but they just feel very insecure and lack self confidence which starts to resemble the situation in North America where a group of males and a group of females hold their own grounds but never mix or interact;)

    • Wingman must be something sooo North American;)
      Males in Latin America, South East Asia, Eastern Europe are living fine without any wingman;) In fact they do not need no wingman.

      • Your right FC. Never heard a man from outside of the Anglosphere/west talk about the famed wingman. They usually just go after what they want and avoid/get rid of what they don’t want. No guilt, no apologies, and no lost sleep. The wingman sounds like a feminine tactic burrowed from women.

        • I’d honestly feel very uncomfortable if I had someone else as a “wingman” by my side while talking to a lady I like!
          A real man should be a leader, a personality who knows how to be responsible, to lead by example and to stand up and be counted on! And he should be able to do it alone with NO wingman by his side!

  4. All this shit from women is annoying. Just go MGTOW.

    Given that women make up over 50% of the population and given that we live in democracies, it doesn’t make sense that women will vote to give up control. They will vote for policies that allow them to control men and extract their resources. Hence unless you live in some dictatorship that controls women, marriage will always be a bad deal, and the optimal strategy for men living in democracies is MGTOW.

    • You make a good case. If it were not for the desire to have a family, I don’t think that any Man should get married. Have a girlfriend. Western women are good as sex toys and that’s about it.

      Now, if you want a Wife, you need to look outside of the Western World.

        • Don’t ever let her move in. Make her keep her own residence.

          And, I hate to say this, but: cheat. The states with Palimony are encouraging cheating because if you have 2 or 3 girlfriends on the side, it will be harder for her to claim Palimony based on an “exclusive, mutual relationship.”

          The more and more you look at it, you really, I mean really, have to choose your Woman correctly. Just this morning I thought about all of the times I flirted with disaster; playing Russian roulette with birth control with a girlfriend I didn’t want to marry and/or have children with – a lot of guys do it and I’m guilty too. And so, if you’re readying this, wrap up until you’re ready to say “I do.”

      • Been awhile since I commented but I do check your blog on a fairly regular basis. I’m happy to report that my lovely non-western wife and I are about to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary this summer. We have both been working in the US for the past 18 years to earn and save the almighty Yankee dollars. The time is now fast approaching where we take our savings and our leave for the last time from the US of A. We’ve located a cozy house in her native country and with a bit of luck, hope to move there and retire later in 2018. Best of luck to all of you!

        • Congratulations Larry!

          Seems like you are going to have three things to celebrate a 25th Wedding Anniversary, retirement, and enjoying a much better view/social environment.

          It’s true. You have to choose wisely.

          Thanks for sharing!

          • Congratulations Larry on many things: success of your loving marriage, successful careers and now retirement where you want to live. Cheers!

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