Back from Russia

Saturday Satire: Wingman
Just how f-d up the world is


… there has been some discussion as to whether or not Eastern European Women are still fashionable – at least in Russia they are! …

Just got home after an epic trip to Russia and Western Europe.

My computer died two days before I left and I have not been able to log in. Back at home now and recovered my passwords.

In a nutshell, I took lots of pics and notes.

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Despite what Seeker is seeing in Ukraine, Russia still has it! I hope to prove that with some pics and videos.

I met up with a buddy to take delivery of a car in Russia and we drove all the way across the EU. In total we visited 9 countries including many of the old Soviet Block states like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech republic.

I intend to write a few articles after I get settled.

It’s good to be back!



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Saturday Satire: Wingman
Just how f-d up the world is

95 thoughts on “Back from Russia

  1. Scott, it ain’t Seeker, it’s me talking about the downfall of the Ukrainian females. ;)

    I haven’t been to Russia for a while thus can’t really be a judge;)
    The lady on the photo is too skinny by my standards by the way:)
    Skinny and even a bit snobby;) Yeah, I know, it’s cold, fall is on the way, but still they never smile, they pretend to be too busy, too engaged with their social networks, cell phones, IPads and shit.
    I even can imagine how a conversation with a lady like that will flow;)
    She’ll try to pretend to be a prude, will ignore any attempts to know her better, all in all will be like yet another North American Ice Queen.
    I’ve recently lost a lot of appreciation for Eastern European females in general. They act and behave like they have some kind of a mode switch turning them into a bitch in a half of a second.

    I honestly have no comments at the moment but would love to see more on this issue, especially photos and videos.

    • No one smiles in Russia. My buddy noticed it and said, “no one smiles.” I told him that when I first came to Russia, I’d smile at the women and it didn’t work at all. Later, I learned that Russians think you’re retarded if you’re smiling. I don’t mean retarded like you’re without social skills, I mean, they think you’re mentally impaired.

      On this trip, my Russian was better than it has ever been – to the point of basic conversation and when I went here or there to ask for directions, to buy a train ticket, people were MUCH MORE FRIENDLY THAN I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN RUSSIA. I watched and anazlyed a lot on this trip and I see that people keep an outward shell, much like Japanese and when you talk to someone or know them, they are smiling, laughing – generally what we consider as “normal.”

      The Russians are shocked at how “open” we are. Sit on an airplane for two hours with an American, you know how many kids they have, how many marriages they’ve had, where they work, their income, what percentage they pay on their mortgage, their 401(k) balance, etc. Sit next to a Russian for 10 hours on the train and you might find out where they live.

      • The sanctions on Russia has caused serious inflation, and now it’s estimated that half of the average Russian monthly salary is spend on food. They are basically living paycheck to paycheck since 2014. I used to be in a similar situation in my past. If I were living the way those people are forced to now, then I would be all pissed off with no reason to smile too.

        • Good point, no reason to smile today. But sanctions aside, the Russians weren’t smiling 14 years ago when I made my first visit. I truly believe that Grandma tells the kids, “Don’t talk to strangers, you’ll end up in the gulag.” After 90 years of Communism and centuries under the Czar, talking to strangers might be the end of you. Keeping your nose down was (is) a viable survival practice under a totalitarian regime.

      • Scott, I am wondering if your experience with the Russians has anything to do with you being more comfortable talking with them after your years now with Slavic people. I mean no offence by this. Just that in my experience Russians seem to be more open than westerners. All of my Slavic friends in the US have the same complaint. That is…that it is hard to really get to know westerners. If you ask a Russian “how are you today” in my experience they will really tell you how they are whether you wanted to know of not. But if you ask someone here in the States we will give the socially conditioned response of “I am good, how are you?”. This has been an ongoing joke between me and my Slavic friends here. I think both cultures have their “social shell” and it is just a matter of learning to get past it. I also have seen many westerners in Russia fail due to the energy they put off when first going there. Most guys I have seen are either too intimidated to try and speak with people or just have a cockiness about them like they are better because they are from the west and view this region down their nose like it is a third world country or something. Most of the time in a relaxed environment people will naturally react to the energy you are putting off. I have found that like anyone Russians will respond very well to anyone they feel as real and genuine. And this is their major complaint about Westerners. If a westerner asks “how are you?” it is more out of ingrained politeness and conditioning typically rather than a real desire to know how they are. This is what my friends complain about.

        • John ,

          Just want to tell about a video , that was recently here shown on tv.
          It was about Western men going to Ukraine to search for a wife/partner.

          The video was about AFA , A Foreign Affair.
          Some parts of the vid were from 2011.Anyway , I can`t really say from what year the whole video was.

          Overall it is about American men leaving from the US to Odessa.And as you know , it is sometimes hosted by John Adams.

          I thought that I had seen all the AFA videos , but this was partly , new for me.
          It was also a big surprise , to see John Adams wife.

          In the intervieuws , with some of the men , in Ukraine , there was this 1 man , who was a bit sort of negative (in his attitude and the way that he spoke about his expectations , about Ukrainian women).

          It didn`t gave me a good feeling about him as a person , and I was wondering , if this time he would find a match.

          As it turned out , he didn`t or couldn`t find the right woman.And he was a bit frustrated about it.
          Back in America , he said that he would go back to the American women , and he was now looking at them , with a different opinion and vieuw.

          No more EE women for him.As it so happened , he did contacted a former girlfriend of him.And they supposedly were back together again.

          Almost at the end of the movie , while they were shopping around , they stopped to look at some thing.

          And what did this no-good of a male did ???
          He took his middle and pointing finger , and pushed them from behind the woman`s butt (she was wearing tight jeans trousers).

          Then he turned his fingers upwards and made this grabbing gesture.
          Just like Trump said : you grab them by the pussy ……..

          You know , when you do this in your home , in your private space , that is all ok.
          Doing this in public , and the camera is rolling , then it is a whole different matter.

          Of course the woman was not pleased.And she asked him , how he could do that , with the camera filming all this.

          I`m not sure if they are still together.But I was relieved , that at least he didn`t found an EE woman , to do this on.

          He really should go on a course , to learn about some basic decent behaviour.


          • Paul,

            Thanks for sharing that. The guy has some issues. Glad he did not contaminate the gene pool in Ukraine.

            It also serves to illustrate the difference between men who are looking for a WIFE (like readers here) and guys looking for a “piece of A**”. I think most guys here could get laid anywhere, BUT men here are looking for the best WIVES. There is a difference!!!


          • Hi Paul,
            Yes I agree with you. And perhaps there should be a page on this forum called “Western Men are Dumb-asses”…LOL. I see this kind of stupid behavior all the time. I was raised in a very old fashioned manner in many ways….which is to say manners and chivalry were drilled into my head from an early age. I did not think much about it until I was older and could see the world for what it is. This is not to say that I have not done my share of stupid shit though….if I had a dollar for every stupid thing I have done I could retire. But the basic social skills of western males is in most ways just as bad the females (especially in the 20-30’s range). No manners or idea how to dress decently, no work ethic and completely children until they are at least 30. These are the type of guys who go to EE with ideas of meeting the their dream woman clubbing in the city only to become very disappointed. Or they act like arrogant asses like they have come to save the day and save this EE woman from their dark and dismal existence. They either end up getting conned or with nothing to show for their excursion and then go back home and tell all their buddies and everyone online about how all EE women are cold bitches.

            In my opinion it all comes back to the loss of some of the traditional values and the breakdown of the family structure as a whole. The pursuit of ever growing volumes of material shit and money has overtaken as the sole priority of the west. We in the west are more concerned with living rather than having a life worth living for…I include myself in this but at least I am making the necessary changes.
            When I lived in LA i often had to go to the court for my job. I got so many strange looks because I was the only one who would hold a door open for the women or my seniors. I still have get odd looks from people because I actually say “Maam/Sir”.
            As far as Trump is concerned he is an arrogant ass and as far as I know always has been. Honestly as an American I still don’t know who to vote for. We have loser candidates all the way around. Its like trying to decide which turd is polished better…a losing battle.
            I myself am a decent guy, good looking and generally nice. But this counts for nothing here with women under the age of 50. I have dated many Western women as well as a EE. And even with the degrading conditions in the EE as expressed by many in this forum I would still take an EE woman over a western woman most any day of the week.

          • Interesting points men…I would have to agree with all of them. Yes, John, you are certainly correct about the loss of civility among both sexes…people my age and younger. Hell I even see old SOBs and Bs that are just as bad…so I guess it just rolls down hill literally. The only point that I would like to make is that always being a civil and chivalrous…is not always an option in the West because it can get you eaten alive…in some cases. So when these guys go East or South…they don’t know how to act around normal women. All men whether they want to admit or not have been programmed to behave a certain way around women if they grew up in the West.

  2. Welcome home. Not good about the laptop and hope everything turns out well.

    I would not say the Ukrainian women are not fashionable. I would say, that in the larger cities, things are becoming a little more western looking with the younger lady’s. Jean, sneakers, t-shirt. I did notice a lot of women wearing dresses with sneakers :( But you still see very many of the lady’s dressing extremely well.

    A friend I made last year is now 24 and she does wear jeans, but she can dress up very nice. Her friends are the same. I just see a more western mentality moving in. Maybe the inflation rate and prices are keeping many from being able to afford to dress well. Ira was looking for some cloths, dresses and shoes for winter. She told me things are just too expensive now. So, she just purchased a shirt and new pair of shoes. She even explained the makeup is very high as well. She would not let me purchase anything, saying prices are just too high and she cannot afford to pay me back. I have learned not to push the issue with her.

    So maybe it is not as much that style has change, but prices are keeping them from purchasing the nicer items to wear.

    Again, welcome back.

    • In all honesty it ain’t so much about style any longer, it’s about brains.
      I often find people unbearable to even talk to be it males or females here in Ukraine. People lack education, communication and social skills and often are extremely ignorant or even illiterate.
      According to Ukrainian stats 700 000 Ukrainians have left for Poland alone since the beginning of 2016.
      It’s 700 000, folks!!! And only for Poland! Millions of people are leaving Ukraine. And those are educated, skillful and energetic folks who are tired of hopelessness and monthly salaries ranging from 100$ to 200$.
      Those who stay use western values like an excuse for everything and anything. They alter those values, adapt them to local traditions and shit which makes them even worse.

      • FC ,

        You probably know , that back then after WWII ended , the Allies and Russia did rewrite the borders for Poland and , back then , Eastern Germany.

        So all of a sudden , citizens of E Germany would find themselves living in Poland.
        And people from Poland got more land !!

        The E German/Polish border had been moved Westwards for several kilometers.
        And the same for the Polish/Ukrainian border (if I`m not mistaken).

        We know that Russia has been doing this , many times in the past.
        So yes , when your roots were in Poland , and some of your relatives are ,were still living there , I can understand that they want to go to Poland.

        Also the fact that Poland is an EU member state may help in this.


          No, the historic part IS correct, a lot of European borders have been moved, changed and redrafted after 1939, but this has nothing to do with the exodus of Ukrainian citizens from Ukraine.

          As you now, Ukrainians need a visa to enter EU and Polish visa is the easiest to get, people need less documents, it takes less time and it’s cheaper.
          Polish visa is later used by Ukrainians to enter Germany, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and other Schengen countries.
          The only thing holders of a Polish visa absolutely have to do is to enter EU by crossing a Polish border (one can’t get a Polish visa and then just fly to Sweden from Kiev).
          About 80% of recently polled Ukrainians said that they’d definitely like to leave Ukraine for good if given a chance.
          It’s not really about Poland, it’s about total lack of hope for Ukraine;)

          • FC, I have heard about the number of Ukrainians, that have left for Poland. Many have left for other countries as well. Italy comes to mind, along with Spain.

            Trying to live off ruffly about 5200 UAH is insane. People are tired of the Government not do anything other than filling their own pockets, as well as, their buddies pockets.

            Some friends of Ira, sent their daughter to Poland for school. Their son in away also. They want to come to the US, so they can improve their lives. People do not see a change happening there anytime soon and are running away. Some do stay, but there is a huge amount vacating for a better life.

          • You are correct, Bryan!! Ukrainians are leaving Ukraine in droves, and Polish visa is like a gateway to the EU.
            As I’ve said before-about 80% of Ukrainian would consider leaving Ukraine for good if given a chance!
            That’s 80%, man!

        • I believe that most people want to stay in their own country and only move for economic reasons or for family safety. There were a lot of German and Jewish families who lived inside the Soviet Union and they jumped when offered visas to Germany and Israel. I am sure that their ancestors moved to Volgograd and Odessa because of opportunity and the ggggg-grandkids would stay where they know the people, system & language. Perhaps leaving is easier if you have language/cultural ties to another country but their are tried and true Russians who would just love to leave purely for economic reasons.

          • Hi Scott,
            I would agree with you about this. I just got back from Kiev on Sunday after spending time with my fiance. Also I live in the SF Bay Area and there is a huge population of Slavic immigrants here. Most of the recent ones have come for jobs in Silicon Valley as they were able to get job related visas due to the shortage of people in that field here (even though I find this hard to believe that there is a shortage…but what do I know). The other major part of the community are Jewish who came here in the 80’s and 90’s. Many of them first went to Israel first and got their visa’s from there and have since helped bring over family and friends. Many of my friends here are from that category.

            As for the part of this discussion about the Ukrainian and Russian women….I do not live in either country but have spent a lot of time in both over the past 10 years and have seen the changes. I would agree that the 20-somethings do not nearly have the presence of the late 30-somethings. I spent my last week in Kiev which was a first for me as I usually only pass through there to other cities. Stylistically, I would say it was about 50/50 of ladies who were dressed to the hilt vs. the ladies looking more like western women. But to be fair it was a cool rainy week so If I were a woman I wouldn’t be wearing heels either. But I am more interested in the internal values of the women there and overall mentality. I do think that it has degraded a lot especially in the younger generation. Even my fiancees mother gets on her about how she should be with me. But I think the core values are still there if you get past the initial BS.

            My former wife was from the Russian far east. I do not think they are that far behind Ukraine honestly but Putin has them pretty well brainwashed with their propaganda. Yes, it is a well known fact that Russians rarely smile in public. But once you get past that layer they are very congenial and fun people. And Moscow is a world of its own and I would not let it be representative of the whole country. But really….walk down the streets of New York when people are scurrying to and from work and you dont see a hell of a lot of smiles there either. But Russia is more extreme. Just take time to get to know them and they will open up. But dont think that the 20-somethings in Russia are much different than Ukraine. They were bad 10 years ago when I started going there. If you want traditional values and all that come with it I think it is more important to look in the smaller cities in both countries. Western Ideals have penetrated there also but life away from the drama of the big city I think buffers this a little. Also I think just the life lessons that happen to the girls in their 20’s there change them as they get into their 30’s like anywhere.

          • John, good observations but… the problem goes far beyond the looks…
            I’d like to reiterate that people in smaller cities in Ukraine (can’t talk about Russia now, haven’t visited it since 2013) are uneducated, ignorant and often even degenerate/illiterate.
            And YES, I do stand by my words.
            They can dress all they want but when they are having a very hard time to clearly express their thoughts then nothing else really matters.

          • Hi FC,
            Yes when I was over there the past few times I have noticed this also. I don’t know about their literacy but they just reminded me of small town rednecks here in the states like where I grew up…hahaha. There is definitely a ghetto attitude with many of them. But I have noticed this to be the case in most any country in the rural areas. One lady I met was scamming a guy from the States and not only was she getting money from him but her young daughter was also. Made me sick to my stomach to see such a bright young girl being taught to scam at such a young age. It is a pity.

          • Thanks for sharing John!
            I agree that it would not be fair or accurate to compare people from the capital or major city to the rest of the country…in any place around the world.
            Your first wife was from the Russian far east? Is there a difference between young women from the Russian far east vs. Siberian women…or vs women from southern Ukraine? Does it matter?
            I’m just interested in your opinion.

          • Hi Seeker,
            My X-Wife was from the Russian city of Khabarovsk. And my current fiance is from the a city south of Kiev in Ukraine. I know ladies from Siberia and a lot of the other FSU states that live here and I have seen personalities that vary from one lady to the next just like anywhere in the world. The difference in them from WW is the deep devotion to family and more traditional values. Even if their fashion is not “up to par”. Even the 20-somethings I know still have the same deep family values. I think the difference with the younger generations is following that of those in the West which is the sense of entitlement which plagues that generation. The social dynamics of ladies from big cities to small towns in mymind is no different the same dynamic here in the States. Yes you might find a more traditional gal in a small town or village but you will also find the gal who is tired of small town life and dreams of a way out to the big world. The difference I have noticed from Ukraine to Russia is that Ukraine in general seems more laid back and initially personable.

            I am in no way an expert on Slavic women, love and marriage. But I have learned a few things from the school of hard knocks. I have read through Scotts blog here and through a lot of the comments as I find it interesting to see what people think. There is a lot of good information. But one common theme I see lately in the comment threads has been the idea that if I go to this county…in this area…I will find the best women there. I think this is wrong thinking no matter what type of woman you are looking for. I have seen good and bad eggs from all types of areas and demographics. After 8 years in a failed relationship and a couple other relationships I think the first thing any guy starting this journey should find out is about themselves. Who are you as a man?…What do you want out of life? What is most important to you in a partner? After this then begin the journey.Look for women who’s profiles (the written part) speak to you or are in line with your needs. Dont get distracted by the cup size and great legs and ass….initially…haha. This can be hard because after reading a couple hundred profiles sometimes it feels like they all say the same thing. But narrow down the list. Then talk with them both by email/text/chat and Skype. Even if they do not speak English Skype is very important as so much gets lost in translation and being able to read body language on Skype will tell you a lot and save a lot of confusion. Then go on a trip to meet her. Research her online social media sites. See what her parents are like. One thing is certain typicallyis what Dad always told us….”the apple does not fall far from the tree” generally speaking. Don’t chase an ass…get to know her deeply and find out if you can both put up with each others bullshit.

            Sorry I got on a tangent there. To answer the question Seeker I think there is a difference but I dont think it is as huge as what has been portrayed. And I dont think that should be the focus. Any of these women who have not been out of their country are going to have major adjustments if they move to the west. My X was and is very good with money. I was and am an average guy of average means. She did not initially understand why she could not go get a manicure/pedicure every week when she first came. She could afford it in Russia…why not here? But many of these women have never had to pay a mortgage or rent or even been out on their own. Never had car payment an insurance to pay for or medical insurance.Their home may have been inherited by them which is very common or gotten through privatization. More than likely she will not understand the economics of the west. But most will figure it out quickly and adjust. And many guys will see this and think she is just a gold digger….not true.
            If you are looking to avoid scammers and gold diggers then I think Scott has laid it out pretty well. Don’t send money and don’t flaunt it. Simple gestures are appreciated and there is no need to overly impress. Be genuine and direct and the good ones will appreciate it.
            I know FC has said a lot about them being illiterate. I cant say I have seen this but maybe he has seen something I have not. I will say that their public school system still blows ours away.

          • John, have you ever visited Khabarovsk if I may ask? if yes, then what’s your opinion? Would love to know it.
            When I say the word “illiterate” I mean not only the inability to write words correctly.
            Illiteracy is more about their general visions of life, human well being, relationships in the society, relationships between a man and a woman and about how humanity should function so to say.
            It’s very hard to communicate with people with empty eyes and empty heads..

          • Hi FC,
            Yes I have been in Khabarovsk a couple of times. The last time was I think three or four years ago when we went to visit the in-laws. Khabarovsk is the “Capitol of the Far East” It is on the Amur river and they have done a lot to clean up and dress up the main drag in the center of the city. I actually had laser eye surgery there and would recommend it to anyone as they have one of four branches of a world class eye hospital/institute there. It took several days to jump through the hoops but cost me I think $1500 rather than the $4k+ they will want in a shopping mall in the US. I would probably compare the city to a good sized mid-western town in the US. As far as the women there what can I say? They are typical Russians I suppose.

            Thanks for clarifying the “literacy” thing. I would say that you will find the same mentality in small towns all over the world. Just the Slavic version of a small town redneck. Small minded people everywhere are like this it seems. I know the type…

            If you are going to go there I guess it will depend from which direction you come from. But for me from San Fran I have flown both to Vladivostok and taken the train (11 hours)and also direct but there was always a one day layover in Seoul or Beijing.

            I think the people there are more relaxed in general from the big cities in European Russia and there is a lot more Asian influence. Hot, humid summers and cold winters. There are several nice museums there and worth going to. And what to say about the women?….I will not let my X be considered a good example for you…lol. It is a decent place to look if you dont want the Moscow mentality I suppose. Might try Vladivostok also. I only really passed through there so had limited interaction.

          • John,

            Thank you for your recent several posts. Well written and very informative. Please continue with any thoughts you have. They are greatly appreciated.

          • Thank you Robert,
            I appreciate the positive feedback. I am glad to offer any advice for anyone in the same situation. It can definitely be an interesting road to travel…lol.

          • I am coming back into Ukraine from December 23rd to the 29th if anyone wants to possibly hook up. Not sure yet if I am going to be staying in Kiev or closer to the “future in laws”. I know we will be with them at least some of the time. Also, if anyone has any good suggestions for things to do around Kiev or the surrounding area during the winter let me know!

        • The borders are a complex issue. After WW1 Poland was given a large chunk of Germany and prior to WW2 Poland began massacring thousands of Germans and Hitler came to their aid. Just as Putin did in Ukraine after the CIA cu. This video shows the massacre that warranted Hitlers intervention in Poland.

      • While in France and Spain, I couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a Slav – they’re everywhere. many come on tourist visas and stay illegally and work as drivers, etc. A lot, lease apartments for a year and then sublet them on AirBnb. It is like mini-Russian invasion in some places.

    • Hi Bryan,
      I agree with you. This is what I have seen in my last two trips there. There was still a lot of people dressed nicely but there are the ones in their teens and early 20’s hanging out looking like any western girl. But this is not so much of a concern for me. It is the same thing I saw in the far east of Russia 10 years ago. Punk “kids” hanging out in the park at night and around town drinking till the morning. Leaving piles of bottles that get cleaned up in the morning. So I have not been witness to a major change as far as I have seen it in the past 10 years. But I dont live there so probably dont notice. For me the style is less important…more important is the way one carries themselves. This tells me more about them than their style. My X had maybe two or on the high end three pairs of clothes when she went to university in Khabarovsk. But that was at the tail end of perestroika. Yes clothes can be more expensive there. Or at least on par with the west which would be very expensive for a local on a $150-$250 monthly income. And that is one reason they take vary good care of their stuff.
      Just like FC says all the time it is about their brains. And you will see it in the a persons demeanor and general way they carry themselves.

  3. Scott, I think your site is severely lacking a vivid discussion. Only 5-6 messages are usually posted on here per week.
    Have you ever thought about cancelling pre-moderation for a while?
    You can always bring it back if you want to, but right now the site feels half dead…

    • Real life is getting in the way right now, as for me. Trying to get myself back to Ukraine quickly.

      I think we have a little issue with this Greg guy.

        • Well, I do not need no speculations from a 5th tier site to find out what’s going on in Ukraine and Russia;) All it take is to find some online TV broadcasts;)
          Of course I know about the drills in Russia, but again, how are they related to the family, relationship and female oriented discussions? You seem to avoid my simple questions which makes me think that you are yet another feminist in disguise.

          • So, all the damn 99% of all Russian or Ukrainian dating sites are scam and fraud, eh?;)
            I honestly have no idea since I’ve never used them.
            Eastern European women hate westerners?;) May be they just hate those who come over to Russia or Ukraine and think that they can behave like shit and simply buy love and sex? May be they just hate those who have no idea what respect, honesty, dignity and integrity are?
            May be they hate those foreigners who think that every eastern European girl is a scammer in disguise? ;) Think about it;)

            Brides” scamming westerners is simply because they HATE us westerners. Here is my story a website published.

          • Sorry, a quote from Greg’s message got into mine. This is my message again in full:

            So, all the damn 99% of all Russian or Ukrainian dating sites are scam and fraud, eh?;)
            I honestly have no idea since I’ve never used them.
            Eastern European women hate westerners?;) May be they just hate those who come over to Russia or Ukraine and think that they can behave like shit and simply buy love and sex? May be they just hate those who have no idea what respect, honesty, dignity and integrity are?
            May be they hate those foreigners who think that every eastern European girl is a scammer in disguise? ;) Think about it;)

        • Not 5th tier. Terisa May the new UK PM (a Jew) openly threatened to Nuke Russia the moment she took over office from David Cameron. Here is the US chief of state openly threatening Russia.
          Also the Israeli military admitted to funding and arming the terrorists.

        • FC,

          You are correct this has no place on this Web site. “Greg” needs to take his political BS elsewhere.

          I am here to discuss feminism and women. So Greg, please take your politics to another website. They have NO place here. Thanks.

          • Its in the news many rich Americans are building underground nuclear bunkers in their back yards and under their houses. Russia has has officially stated several time to its people that WW3 with America has already begun.

          • Ya know, I’m one big mothafucker myself but I’d never even consider posting this kind of a baloney on here for 1 millisecond;)
            It ain’t even politics, it’s some BS taken from some “yellow” papers who try to increase the number of subscribers by telling readers shit about ” WW3 has already begun”;)
            If so then where is the nuclear winter?? :) Come on, bring it on;)) Canadians embrace winter;)

            On a serious note: this site is 90% about women, relationships, dating, sex etc and only 10% about politics or rather the way they impact people!!!

          • Greg, this propaganda has been all over Russia in this or that form for 40+ years. Do you think Russians even care about it any longer?
            Do you think good folks from Miami to Seattle and from LA to NY pay much attention to what the mainstream is trying to shower them with?;)
            This site ain’t about politics and political gossip;) It’s about people, women, relationships, dating, sex, intimacy , style etc!
            I’m over and out! You ain’t gonna get a word of reply from me until the moment when you change your topic.

          • Greg,

            NOBODY is building bunkers or has heard anything about WW3. You are delusional and/or straight up nuts. Please take your bullshit elsewhere. No one here wants to hear it or cares. Don’t leave mad, just leave. YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE !!!

  4. I’m in Kiev at the moment.

    Lots of very attractive women but didn’t have any success meeting any. I think it has become quite wealthy – obviously the women would prefer to marry a rich Ukrainian guy.

  5. Greg, you need to fuck right off. FormerCanadian is right, I am not browsing this site to read your bullshit.
    Current Canadian

  6. I’m now getting an impression that this site is somehow losing contributors. All it happens here now is an odd message or a short discussion here and there without any major contributions or opinion exchanges.
    Is it just me or is anyone else noticing the same thing?

    • Seems that way but many of the regular contributors from the past could just be really busy. Still would like to see the site stay alive. I just noticed the gl0bald@tingrev0lution site is down, his site hasn’t had active comments for a couple of years…but his book is still for sale online. His site was one of the sites I used to frequent a while back and his book pretty played an instrumental role in my decision to never consider an American woman as a potential wife ever again…visiting South and Central America just put the nails in the coffin of me ever seriously considering American/Western women.
      The truth is out there. Other men are spreading the news on the internet through websites, forums, and videos. The street smart men…either with real battle scars of dealing with American woman or the ones that learned by observation…are looking elsewhere.

      A population of women has been replaced.

    • If you’re talking about WWS, I’d have to agree with you. I haven’t put in much in the way of content these last few months – been too busy with work. I have some ideas regarding making the forum easier to access. I’ve seen other forum based sites that really run off on their own. Reddit is a good example. I’d like to have something like that here.

  7. Robert34651 and John ,

    I agree.Definitely this guy has issues.
    I also am from the old school up bringing.In my family , men would be galant and chivalrous to women.

    And the women would take care of their men.I understand , that in a relation , it is not Always honeymoon and Sunshine.

    I`m not sure where it all got wrong with this guy.Going back empty handed , then all of a sudden , he is observing American women , with different eyes.

    Or is it just a reaction , to his inability , to get a Ukrainian woman.He was there on several tours.So , clearly his “magic” did not bring , what he was hoping for.

    If I have to make an estimate , I believe that he is between 40~50.Not too bad looking.
    So , you would say , that finding an EE woman should be easy.

    In some cases it was easy , yes.There were American men , who were in love , after just 1 or 2 dates!!
    Some wanted to get engaged , after some dates or by the end of the tour.

    Well , for some , it may have turned out fine.For others , it was a bit of a small tragedy.


    • Hi Paul,

      As I have read elsewhere: If you can’t get a woman in your own country, you won’t get a woman in another.

      Some guys could not get laid in a brothel, others can walk down the street and have any woman they want. It has always been that way and always will.

      I think some guys assume that EE women will be “easy”. I think men here realize that is NOT the case. We like EE women because they are feminine and still real women.

  8. Hey Scott:

    It’s Veteran’s Day. Thank you for the sacrifices and Service that you gave our Nation. It shows how much you care for your fellow man, by creating this forum. Keep up the great work.

  9. Hi Rodney and Scott,

    I want to thank both of you and also any others here for your military service on this Veteran’s Day. Job well done Gentleman!


    • Thank you Robert. Very kind of you.

      Piggy backing off of our military theme. My family just returned from an incredible visit to Bastogne, Belgium. This is the site of the very famous, Battle of the Bulge, from December 1944. For any history buffs out there, I must recommend this place on your “to do” checklist. The also renowned HBO series, “Band of Brothers,” has an episode dedicated to this fierce battle.

      We went there now because we fast coming up to the 72d anniversary when the 101st Airborne Division held off the Nazi’s in their final attempt to punch a hole thru the encroaching Allies.

      I am a former member of the 101st and this trip meant a lot to me. My wife, who doesn’t understand a full sentence in English, and my daughter, who is not yet 2 years old, naturally did not have a complete understanding of this event. But, as we’ve all heard, a Ukrainian wife will take a dear interest in her husband’s hobbies or passions. And sure enough, even at 7 months pregnant, she was a real trooper as we checked out the sites and met with re-enactment actors, saw museums and endured my chatting it up with all of these players. I even had the distinct honor and pleasure to meet one of the last standing members of this battle. He’s 92 years old and comes every year. I shook his hand and had to keep myself together from crying. What this man did and so many of the young brave ones with him, cannot be told to you in a story or a book. You have to be there to feel it.

      So, aside from great history, we also ate a a nice restaurant in MacAuliffe Place, the site where the US Brigadier General told the Germans, NUTS!, when asked to surrender. Enjoyed a delicious steak, pommes frites and salad, and Belgian beer. Highly recommend.

      Today, during our 2d day, and as we were walking down the main boulevard, full of shops, my lovely wife comments on how well dressed the Belgian ladies are, with nice styles – like Ukrainians she said. I added, and they have nice figures, not like the Germans and the US (that goes without saying). So, it was kind of cool, as they young ladies would cross our paths, and they would look very chic and feminine with no big fkg tatoos splattered on their face and bodies. And did I add? Very attractive and easy to talk to.

      Bottom line: my wife and I give a 5 thumbs up for the looks, style, body forms and politeness of the Bastogne ladies!

  10. This is a bit out of context, but a sort of trip report and I thought I would share my experience.

    I just spent 4 days in Thailand with a Russian girl, and now I understand what all I have been reading about EE women. Patently sweet-natured, smart, nice sense of humor, beautiful, take pride in being beautiful, appreciate every little gesture you make for them, and just really into you and want you to be into them, willing to connect with you in an amazing way. All my prior experiences have been with girls who had something combative about them, and I just had to try too damn hard.

    It was supposed to be a four day relationship, but I think it’s going to go on. As we stood at the airport terminal ready to go our own ways, she looked at me with sad eyes and sad “I don’t want to go”. We ended up staying together having coffee for another 30 minutes.

    Now we have to make our 2017 plans.

    • I do not wanna rain on your parade, but I always use to be Devil’s advocate…
      So, look at it from a different angle: you get a Russian female in the middle of a harsh Russian winter, buy her a tour down to Thailand, y’all stay in a nice hotel, enjoy yourself, warmth and sunshine.
      Of course you’ll end up hearing all those “I don’t want to gos” before the take off;)
      Believe me , Russian and Ukrainian females DO KNOW how to play and pretend to be in love.
      Again, I do not want to rain on your parade but a 4 days long vacation down south is a very different “animal” when compared to a relationship requiring a joint daily effort from both of you.

      • I have to agree. It sucks that we have to be so careful in the world cannot be more straightforward. And I hope that this relationship really turns into something good for you. But just be cautious and think with your big head. when you spend time with her and her hometown and met her friends and family… especially the family… Then I would tell you that would be the time consider the relationship real. but in the meantime I hope you have fun and don’t let things get out of hand before you’re certain

        • Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. But I would point out the following:

          1. If you have read my earlier posts, I was scammed by my ex wife very thoroughly. So I don’t trust easily.

          2. I did not “buy” her a vacation to Thailand. She came there on her own.

          3. She herself has had her heart broken quite badly. An Australian bloke (yeah, he is on Facebook, as is she, and “married” to each other in their social status) got her to say yes and then disappeared on her. She is proceeding with a divorce now.

          I will not divulge all my investigations, but I made sure I was not meeting a con artist. And some things you can’t fake.

          • Glad to hear that Bedu,
            I am not doubting you just like to hope for the best and plan for the worst. Sounds like you are on top of it. And I think it is great that you have met a great gal.

    • and I’ll add: Even if it doesn’t work out, what a great vacation with a sweet and “into you,” lady, huh? Whatever happens, if that Slavic bug bites you, then you shall see what we’ve been talking about. You’ll never date a westerner again. Just remain a gentleman, look for the signs that we’ve talked about and hopefully, your road is paved with gold.

        • Regarding your skype calls, this is very good news. A Ukrainian lady who shows interest back will make herself available. They also like being pursued, because this shows that you think highly of them as well. Hope this moment does not occur with you, but if all of a sudden you start having a hard time to connect, or hear excuses why she couldn’t meet with you on a chronic basis, then that is a signature sign that they’re not interested. They’re too kind to say face to face that they don’t want to continue, so they just fade away. If your skype relationship continues to grow and you stay in great contact, then these are good signs. In some time, start showing some romantic actions, flirting and such. End a call with a kiss or hug. Things like that is something they really like.

          New Year’s is coming up, so try and do something special. Perhaps provide a candlelit dinner, with music, and though she’s not really there, she’ll appreciate the thought. New Year’s is especially special for them. Of course, you may not be able to spend her actual New Year, because she has family and friends to tend to, but you have her Orthodox Christmas and their Old New Year to compensate with. Leaving it to your imagination and if you want to continue increasing your thoughts and feelings. Be aware the more time you spend with her, the closer she will become and develop her care for you. If this is what you want, then drive on! If not, don’t mislead her. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

          • Thanks for the heads up Rodney.

            We chat everyday, and video call on Viber every other day.

            She is genuinely nice and I have seen certain qualities in her which I have never seen or experienced before.

            We are beyond hugs and kisses now, seeing as we already had a brief honeymoon in Thailand. :-)

        • Not yet, sir;) Postponed for another couple of weeks, a family of a good local Ukrainian friend of mine will join us in the move, that’s the reason for a short delay! So 2 families will be moving at the same time, a lot of people are leaving Ukraine these days…

          • Ok, buddy. Wish you all a safe and successful move in your New Year. Sorry to hear of so many leaving, but I get it. Hope the bleeding can be stopped. Paca Ukraine and Bienvenido SA!!

          • The “bleeding” will get more serious for years to come, Rodney.
            I’m now getting a lot of people, married and single, asking me about how to move to Canada, USA, Europe or anywhere just to escape Ukraine.
            The novelty of marrying an Eastern European lady is slowly wearing off with less and less people coming here to look for a wife/companionship and this site is indeed an indicator with NO new articles for 2.5 months now. I stick to my words of advice for all westerners-come here only in case you absolutely want to find a companionship first and even then be very careful with what you wish for. In all other cases just stay where you are, get yourself a good hooker and save yourself 1000s of your hard earned dollars. Better yet-go traveling, folks.
            I know I’m telling rather unpopular things but they are based on recent observations here in Ukraine and partially even in Russia.

          • Hi FC, I am more and more inclined to agree with you. I just returned from Ukraine after spending time with my fiance and her family there. I dont know if it is just the older I get, the grumpier I get or what. But it is very hard to stay optimistic about where things are heading everywhere. I had a good time with my gal and her folks but I do not see the situation there improving much. Perhaps I am just getting old and boring…lol

          • You know, John, I always speak the hard truth which may not sit well with some people who still might be hoping for some positives for Ukraine.
            It’s not really about the age, it’s about admitting the reality around you, age ain’t got nothing to do with that!
            You stayed in an “enclosed” space when recently visiting Ukraine. It always feels more comfortable when surrounded by people you like and admire. But there is another life outside of this bubble and that life differs much from a simple visit.
            Living in a country is another world compared to just visiting:)
            Just my 5 cents;)

          • Hi FC, You are very correct. Although I have seen much of the inner workings over there. To be completely honest with you many of the people in the village where my lady lives are heavily involved in the scamming game. In all of my visits there they have become very comfortable with me and tell me all their stories and games they play. My fiance actually is quite embarrassed about it. But I am one of those people that everyone just seems to tell me their whole life story without asking. So I sit back and listen and don’t say a word. I just let them show me the pictures and money and soak it all in. It is very “ghetto” in my opinion but I honestly stopped feeling sorry for the guys who are getting scammed. They really have no idea. And this BS mentality has permeated throughout much of Ukraine unfortunately. It is quite sad to see what was a beautiful culture becoming the same crap as the west so quickly.

            Guys just do not get it….like most things people blame feminism in the west and the scamming over there on everyone but themselves. But in the end it is us as men who chose to play the politically correct bullshit and just let it fly. Or in the case of scamming not to follow some basic rules to protect yourself.

            There is one guy who is on this site and has all the access to info from everyone on here who I know for a fact has dumped thousands into a girl who he thinks he met. I was shown his emails, his pictures while these people sat back and laughed at his stupidity. There is another American guy there now who has dumped even more money on women in this group for 4+ years to probably the tune of $30+K. the whole time getting scammed and thinking he is the coolest guy in the world there. He even went so far as to get try and cause problems with my relationship because of his jealous BS. I was thinking of telling him to be honest that he was in deep, but after that I will let him continue to get screwed.

            Sorry, I got on a tangent…..The whole point is that it is not women who have become weak….it is us men. And the sad thing is that we don’t even know it. We chopped our own balls off and have paraded around like a bunch of unic retards so proud of ourselves for it.

          • Right on, John ! Totally correct!
            And this is the problem with Ukraine and Russia-people here do not want to work, to make an effort to earn money, improve quality of life and general living standards! They all want everything to be handed them on a silver platter: money, apartments, houses, nice cars etc etc!
            But they do not want to move a finger to get that themselves!
            Ukraine as a country keeps begging the West and IMF for more and more money, but it never makes an effort to make money itself, to get of corruption, bribes and similar crap.
            I keep saying that MALES only are to blame for the current state of things in the West be it dating , society, political correctness, feminism or affirmative action.
            Males have accepted and often promoted the above mentioned values!! But it’s oh so easy to blame others for one’s own faults.

            Of course it’s MEN who became weak and succumbed to the pressure coming from the Mainstream media and Mainstream society. I’ll even go further and say that there are many aspects where western women are indeed better than their eastern European counterparts! They are better educated, they are definitely better in sex and have a lot less inhibitions and limits and they are willing to try new things in life.

      • Buy when there’s blood in the streets…every cloud has a silver lining…turning lemons into…. Hey FC. Well maybe it’s not a great place to raise a family right now but it could still be a great place to find a wife for some guys. Things might change in the following year or two…maybe.

        • Hi Seeker,
          I agree with you that there are still good women to be found there. But it is certainly not like it used to be….but then again nowhere is

          • Hi John,

            Thanks for sharing your “inside” view of things. I had suspected things were going that way, but did not think it was so prevalent in the general community there. I guess we can call that “first world goggles”.
            Any man, anywhere, anytime, in any circumstance should always be suspect of a woman. Even in person and especially online . CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!
            Glad you have found a good one. Stories like yours, Scott’s, Rodney’s and a few others keep the dream alive. Wish you the best.


  11. No news topics in almost 3 months…. No new replies in 2 weeks…
    And do not tell me that this site ain’t slowly going into oblivion…
    Guess the idea of marrying an Eastern European lady faded away sooner than I eventually thought…
    And I think it’s beneficial for the West. May be Western males will stop looking for a Blue Pill and magic solution to all their dating/relationship problems by merely going to eastern Europe and hoping to solve their issues overnight! Ain’t gonna happen, folks!
    There are many aspects in which Western women are better than their eastern counterparts.

    • Hi FC, I sent in a possible article about my beginning experiences years ago but not sure whats up with it. Probably Scott is just busy with his other en-devours. I also have another half prepared on a group of people over there scamming now but have been waiting to hear about the first. I agree with you that I think this is an important site/topic and would hate for it to go bye bye.

    • Hi FC,

      Like John, I think Scott is busy with the new business. That and little children, new country, etc. How about you? Relocated to warmer climes yet? Interested to hear your comparison of the women.

      And to follow up, in what areas are western women superior to Eastern women? I think you have been gone from the west too long. I can’t see any upside. All the best to you and yours.

  12. I have been reading this site for a few months now, and I am currently dating a woman from Surgut Russia which is an oil city in Siberia. I have also dated American Women, but I jump back to Russian Women because they are slim and feminine. My belief is that you have to look long and hard to find an AW that is even remotely close to marriage material. AW are all tatted up, pierced up, over weight, and have that man hating attitude and many AW have mental problems…if you look for a long time you might find a few decent AW. So, keep making your posts here because we all need the education.

    • American women are the worst on the planet for marriage. Sure, there are some good ones but if you were shopping for a car, you wouldn’t go to the known scammer lot and try to find a nice car, you would go to the trusted lot.

    • Russian and Ukrainian females ain’t any better but oftentimes even much worse than their western counterparts.
      Ukrainian/Russian ladies are all so damn insecure, inhibited, with eternal money issues and non stop nagging.
      Criminalize feminism? How about criminalizing male’s behavior which led to creation of feminism and its values?
      I can bet you any damn money that Milonov was one of those lawmakers who’d paid 1000s of dollars to all kinds of Moscow hookers and non-hookers in order to get laid.
      No wonder that all Russian or Ukrainian females will be after a kind of a male who’ll shower them with money, expensive gifts and luxury lifestyle.
      It is not feminism’s fault. Males are guilty for creating the atmosphere when 99.9% of all females want to have nothing but money and status in the society.

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