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… is it a he or a she, its androgyny, and that’s that …

I’ve had a break for a few months from this site.  I’ve had a chance to look around, visit different parts of the US and Europe and I have to say, this new world (order) is just f-d up. I look at the new crop of youngsters and it is amazing just how bad they are.  Not to generalize, there are still good kids out there but a good HALF of the young Men I see (aged 16 to 20) walk and act like little faggots.  And when I say faggot, I’m talking about a truly effeminate gay man that prisses around like a 9 year old girl wearing her first fairy princess outfit.  The idea of masculinity is just being ripped from the fabric of Western society.

How is it that a straight young man lisps all of his s letters, flails his arms around limp wristed and walks like a queen in a San Francisco coming out parade?  I keep thinking, “a lot of young gay men,” and then I see them kissing their girlfriend.  WTF?

[disclaimer, if my language or this website offends you,
you’re free to browse the many other websites that condone effeminate men and other websites that promote social Marxism]

The women are being trained to act like Men, the little boys are trained to act like fairy princesses and then we’re surprised at how bad society is turning out.


… something I saw on Facebook this week …

Hey, if you’re into gender-bending, good for you.  For the rest of us that yearn for something a little more 1958, we’re out of luck.

I just remembered, that young “mellinial” man who visited here a few months back, I remember he criticized me by saying (after I asked my Wife to grab me a beer), “OK Mr. 1958.”  He seriously thought it was an insult.  I smiled, sipped my beer and took it as the compliment that he will never understand.

I’ve been getting a lot of mail from readers asking, “How do I raise my kids in this country?” Short of moving to Saudi Arabia, you’ve got to invest MORE time in your kids than they get from TV, peers & bad schooling.  Is Home Schooling an option?  Maybe.  Likely.  But, you need to turn off your own TV, turn theirs off, and take the family for a walk.  Stupid in = stupid out.  Wholesome morals in = wholesome morals out.  Not easy, but if you want kids, they need to be your priority.

OK, off of that rant.  How does this affect the average 30 year old fellow who wants to marry a woman who isn’t upset that she doesn’t have a dick?  Here is a newsflash:



You’re going to have to leave the country.  If that is scary to you, I recommend that you go to your local courthouse and sit through a divorce proceeding and see if you can overcome your fear of flying, terrorism and the idea that they don’t have electricity in Russia and that people get around by using sled dogs.

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You need to get out and see and talk to Women from other (non-Western) countries. Don’t take my word for it, go on a holiday to Russia and see for yourself.

I just got back from a trip to Spain.  They know how to do it there.  You see a HUGE difference with the Women (when compared to England or the US).  18 year old young Ladies stop to pat your kid on the head, to say hello, to wave.  The average American/Brit 18 year old girl looks at children with disgust.  Why?  Her mother burned her bra, got divorced and now has poisoned her daughter that Men are bad, Men are evil – better to live alone.  If her mother didn’t do it to her, high school or her university did.  If you plan to marry a Western woman and you have ANY ideas of having a traditional marriage, you’re in for a rude awakening.


… funny thing, in Russia, you don’t see a lot of Women
teaching their daughters how to look like Men.
he Mom’s act like Women and teach their daughters the same (after I posted this pic, I noticed there is a second Mom & daughter in the background also) …

I recently drove across Europe stopping in the Baltic States, Poland & the Czech Republic and I found a LOT of Russian Women there (recent immigrants).  The Russian transplants are head and shoulders better than the women of the US and the UK.  You could go to Estonia and find a better bride than you’ll ever find in New York or London.  Again, don’t take my word for it, go and see for yourself.

I read so much about gender roles being “taught” rather than inherited.  My Wife gets a big laugh about this.  Our daughter emulates my Wife in every way.  Most little boys copy Dad, and most little girls copy Mom.  When there is a lesbian/gay marriage or some other non-traditional relationship, it is no surprise that the little boys grow up acting like fairies.  But let’s say that it is “learned” behavior.  My little dog didn’t know to lift his leg until he saw the other dogs do it.  The little boy dog copied the other boy dogs.  I’ve never seen a little girl dog see a boy dog lift its leg and then copy.  There are NATURAL learned behaviors.

I’m not going to stray into politics, but don’t be naive to think that all of this de-construction of societal values isn’t being done in an organized manner.

I digress again.  I you’re 30, good luck finding a Western woman that hasn’t been affected by this transformation of Western Society.  If you have a son, don’t let him marry a Western feminist woman.  He will be miserable.  Take him East.


And for sure, go East yourself if you haven’t done so.  There is nothing more refreshing than seeing a feminine (not feminist) Woman, who’s dressed nicely, who is taking care of her children.  I see this in Russia all the time and I can’t help but laugh at all of the Western Men who have visited my site and still marry American women.

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Back from Russia
I'm back

144 thoughts on “Just how f-d up the world is

  1. Hey Scott! How are you ?

    Great to read you’re back.

    I agree 100% with your post but watch out, don’t think that cultural Marxism hasn’t reach Spain, Mexico or Latinamerica yet. The disease is spreading more quickly than you think. I don’t remember the source but the number of men suiciding in Spain due to marital problems is skyrocketing, I’ve talked to Spanish women and they think and act as just like any other women from the US or U.K. In Mexico all laws are “protecting” women in all possible ways… imagine what are your chances in a divorce court if the “little princesses” even have their own buses and subway cars.

    You see young “men” and you can only feel sorry for those castrated little faggots. And women, or what’s left of them are just little truck drivers and the very few that have a good body and looks feel they deserve only the top 1% of males. Bad attitude, bad manners, promiscuity, are the common denominator.

    It’s very sad to see what our society has become and I agree with you that this has been carefully orchestrated for some sick reason.

    But we don’t have and must not play their game, specially if there is a feasible alternative yet.

    Sorry guys for such a negative post. I promise that I’m the following ones I will focus on the positives…

    • Don’t we all perfectly understand WHY people have been turned into sheeple?
      Sheeple are easy to control, they always obey everything what they are told and always follow the mainstream.
      The Master (state) can “steer” sheeple by showering them with all kinds of propaganda and indoctrination.
      Sheeple do not need to think, this function has been successfully transferred to TV, radio and all kinds of gossip, glitz and glamour magazines.

      Do not run from the negatives by trying to desperately disguise them behind a few possible “positives”.
      But dare to admit them, to analyze them and see the grass roots to all the modern problems!
      ALL western men seem to be scared by the fact that problems do exist and immediately try to throw in some positives when they encounter something negative. WHY?? Why do y’all have to neglect the negative by frantically throwing in something positive?
      Why not try and analyze the negativity??

    • Yes, feminism is alive and well in Spain – but it isn’t even CLOSE to the US. Women in Spain may be affected by feminism, but at least they still like kids. Young American women want nothing at all to do with kids.

      Feminism will breed itself out of existence.

      • Hi Scott, Yes, I agree that it will breed itself out of existence. The only problem is that I am not sure it will do so within our lifetimes.

  2. The problem with youth is noticeable all over the world these days.
    I see a lot of similar patterns here in Ukraine when teenagers and even 20+ males look, dress and act like a 12 years old girl. They ain’t got no opinions, they do not do any sports, they do not know how to fight, they are uneducated and they ain’t got no goals in life. They just walk around with their IPhones and endlessly stare into the screen.

    And I still would like to reiterate that western males ain’t got NOBODY BUT THEMSELVES to blame for the current state of things in dating, culture, politics and society in general!
    They’ve welcomed, embraced and often even PROMOTED values like political correctness, affirmative action, tolerance, feminism, quota hiring and multiculturalism!
    They’ve turned into sheeple, accepted the mainstream and never dared to differ, to stand up and be counted on and to lead by a personal example!!

    So why all the complaining? Western males got what they FULLY deserve!
    What or who are they all waiting for? A wizard in a blue chopper who’ll one day land on their front lawn and give them a bag with a million dollars, a nice house and a sexy smart wife? Ain’t gonna happen, folks!

    Do y’all think that an over overwhelming majority of western men will listen to Scott and actually book a trip to Eastern Europe to experience the difference? Ain’t gonna happen!
    They all gonna sit in the comfort of their homes, complain into eternity but never move a finger to actually change anything!!!
    Or they’ll somehow manage to get to Russia or Ukraine in a vain hope to be able to “buy” a lady while throwing money around and attracting all kinds of “wrong” females cause they are used to that back home where it takes 1000s of dollars to go ahead with a date.
    Then they return home to the West bitterly disappointed and never again set foot outside of their state and marry the first female available on a dating market!

    • “Do y’all think that an over overwhelming majority of western men will listen to Scott and actually book a trip to Eastern Europe to experience the difference? ”

      LOL! They have to get a passport first.

      • Hell no Seeker…I cant speak for other western countries but in America guys would have to first admit that something is wrong here.And that is not going to happen.We have all been brainwashed into a way of thinking outside of traditional values. Happiness no longer resides within the family but in working your ass off to accumulate a lot of bullshit… And in doing so destroying the traditional family structure, values….and ultimately western society.

  3. Scott: Once again, a brilliant – petal to the metal – article. Eye opening material and equally, very depressing. It’s the exact reason why I will not bring my family to raise in the US. I’ll take the random terrorist action here in Europe, rather than have my daughter and son exposed to this (anarchy?).

    I talked to my mom tonight, who lives in San Diego, and asked if there’s been an increase in the tattoo’s on ladies. She said its become horrible, with full arm tattoo’s, leg tattoo’s, nose rings and the like. Naturally, to her, its totally unbecoming and entirely unfeminine. And America and its damn influences. Now, that crazy ass clown shit has perforated Europe with a couple of stabbings. No thanks. I’ll take the good risk that my kids will be fluent in about 3 languages, have a great education, and be ready to contribute to society, rather than take away.

    For those who haven’t been following TLC’s 90 day Fiance, here’s a link to a specific one: http://www.watchseriesgo.to/link/vidspot.net/7155552
    Go to time mark: 34:45. Here you can watch and learn as an American gets his ass spanked by a Russian lady. She’s direct as they come, and he’s a sheeple, as FC calls them. Its like watching a train wreck in super slo mo. This is a lesson on NOT WHAT TO DO!!!! If they even come close to acting like this, you send them packing! DO NOT be locked in due to good looks, big boobs and fake lips. Her English is too damn good. She’s been getting coached by the other FOOL’s who’ve spoiled her rotten. This is an example of a typical American male who can’t see the forest thru the trees. In the US, a girl like this wouldn’t even be talking to him (even admitted by himself), and naturally he’s going to fall head over heels, but at what expense? Do you want to watch him in divorce court (like Scott mentions), so he can get his ass raped?

    • As I keep saying-it’s entirely in male’s hands! Males are the makers of their own destinies.
      It’s all about how they act, think, behave and lead or not lead in different circumstances.
      There is another trend in the West these days besides tats and nose rings. I think it’s called a “tunnel” when a male or a female make some kind of a BIG hole in their ears and keep making it bigger and bigger.


      Do not ask me about the “technology”, I have no idea HOW they do it, but this is a huge trend nowadays.
      Couple that with tats, nose rings, dyed hair and western mentality and you are gonna a get a picture perfect sheeple who blindly follow the shepherd.
      And God forbid you to stand in their way, they are violent and aggressive when they have to be while protecting their so called “values”.
      Selected few can stop them, but it takes a lot of courage and balls of steel. I’d never hesitate to stand up against a crowd of aggressive sheeple, but 99.9999% of other western males will never even think about it.

    • Excellent Rodney. SoCal is becoming more and more infected with chicks that have chopped off/multicolored hair, tattoos, odd piercings, narcissistic attitudes…dressed like boys. Then there are the obese whales that love the sunshine and show as much flesh as possible. That’s why I was laughing my ass off when a few posters in the past stated SoCal and Southern Florida aren’t that bad…sure!!!!!! If that helps them sleep better at night.

    • Going to watch that – I see that my Wife and I aren’t the only ones who enjoy that show!

      We’ve been also enjoying Netflix’s “The Clintons,” (oops, I mean “House of Cards”) and Narcos. Didn’t even realize a new season of 90DF was out.

      We’ve started putting some dollars in the piggy bank for if ever the rest of the world blows up, we’ll move to Paraguay or Uraguay LOL.

  4. Hi Scott, welcome back. Well, maybe not welcome back to the West!

    I’ve noticed quite a few of these skewed gender characteristics you mention, both male and female. I’ve seen and heard a lot of young ‘men’ lately with effeminate speech as you mention, not only lisping but inability to give eye contact. Another trend I noticed yesterday while shopping was ‘men’ standing with their feet together like girls. I feel like a macho man standing with my feet wider than one foot apart, the evil manspreader that I am..

    However, even more disturbing to me is the amount of ‘women’ that walk like men. Incredibly unattractive. I’ve seen quite a few apparntly heterosexual couples where the woman is far more masculine than her so-called man. Initially I assumed it was a gay man with a female friend, but then I see them kissing.

    The other disturbing trend as far as I’m concerned (in Australia) is the sheer amount of couples where the man is clearly dating down. So many Aussie men are ripped gym rats walking around with plain, chubby or even overweight women. This rarely happened even 10-15 years ago, but now it’s common.

    And of course, even mildly attractive women believe they’re entitled to the highest status men even though they offer very little, but men here are too dumb to realise they have a bad deal.

    When I travel to Asian places such as China, Vietnam and even uber-developed Hong Kong, its always refreshing to have women on the same attraction scale as me showing interest. I’m not a Top 1%-er, but I know subconsciously which women are realistically at my level. Australian women are deluded, since Australian men allow them to be deluded. This is because they don’t know better, or SHOULD know better.

    I’ve seen ridiculously well-built Aussie men in Thailand and Bali chasing after chubby Aussie women even though they’re surrounded by local beauties. But there’s a certain stigma attached to chasing Asian women here, which no doubt stems from the fact that Aussie women HATE Asian girls. Competition tends to bring out these prejudices.

    • Again, who’s to blame for all this shit happening Down Under??
      Who dates down? MALES.
      Who allows women to take control and be in driver’s seat? MALES.
      Who keeps chasing Aussie girls even while on vacation in Thailand? MALES.
      So males ain’t got nobody to blame but THEMSELVES for all this shit happening. It’s that simple.
      And if they absolutely want to rot in that shit, then let them do it and simply leave Australia behind for good. You’ll never regret it.

      • I’ll just repeat this sentence from my post, since you obviously didn’t read it – “Australian women are deluded, since Australian men allow them to be deluded. ”

        Try again.

        • In Australia a large percentage of men get a foreign wife or girl friend. However it is still not the majority. My wife is constantly amazed that most Aussie men date so far down. She doesn’t understand why so many Aussie men who are clearly in shape and reasonably hansome, dress better and be far, far more selective about the women in their lives.
          Then when one gets to know these women one finds there is nothing feminine or giving about these women at all. So she can’t comprend what these men are thinking.
          She says if any of these men dressed better and learned another language, they would have far better women lining up for them.
          I can’t explain it to her.

          • Vman

            So , you have an Australian wife then and not someone from another part of the world ??

    • Just look at what happened when Maria Kang posted “What’s your excuse?”

      “I’ve seen ridiculously well-built Aussie men in Thailand and Bali chasing after chubby Aussie women even though they’re surrounded by local beauties.” … these types of men cannot be helped…let them hang themselves.

  5. I have a small company and I see this every day. I used to be one of the Americans screaming about illegal immigration and how bad it has affected the industry.But I will now tell you…I would rather have an employee base of young foreigners than of American born young men. It sucks…and I hate it. Beyond just being effeminate they have no work ethic, no skills, no brains and generally cannot show up for work on time. One out of ten of them are decent…and 8-9 out of ten of foreigners are great. I should qualify this statement though….When I say foreigner I mean a first generation person who was not born in the US. Their second generation kids are usually just as bad as their regular American counterparts. I agree with FC that western men are to blame.But at this stage in the game it really doesn’t matter who is to blame…it is what it is now! We in the west have pandered to the weakest link under the guise that all are created equal and thinking this means that standards must be lowered so everyone can meet them. But this is not what it means at all. We are all born with the equal unalienable right to improve our situations ourselves and rise to a decent standard. So for all of my fellow guys on here who ever feel insulted by people for looking for wives outside the US I salute you. We are the ones not accepting a lowered standard for ours spouses and hopefully we are rising to a better standard ourselves.

  6. Bravo Scott! Short but sweet. My thoughts…exactly I hardly watch TV anymore and I’m considering cutting the cord. I see this type of behavior from males (can’t use the word men) only 10 to 15 years younger than me. There are some that are awake but I can count the ones I meet on my fingers…although the ones the same age as me or few years older aren’t that great either. Even among my friends I’m starting to see a division… the ones that date or are married to foreigners vs. the domestic/local consumer…we’re starting to part. The men that are exploring/looking for something different…including myself…are starting to clash with the ones that decided to stay domestic. Every man that I know that has gone local is literally a slave mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially to the system…or has been put through the meat grinder. They are zombies. Misery loves company. I do not want any parts of it. If that means losing some friends to maintain my freedom and happiness…oh well. I told them…when they asked my honest opinion…don’t get pissed at the answer. Great post.

  7. To these women : real men don’t want loud, gross and masculine women, real men prefer real and feminine women, with feminine attitudes.

    We are agree about equality of treatment, equality in salary and social situation, and mutual respect, but we don’t want women who are acting like a male, we don’t want women who don’t respect men, we don’t want women who don’t cook and don’t like cooking (reassure yourself : many men like cooking and cook more and more), we don’t like women who don’t look feminine with her clothes, her way of be dressed, and in her behavior, and we don’t want women who consider a man as an accessory. So if you don’t want to change your attitude and don’t want to be feminine and stay too much in a feminism which is really against men, go fuck yourself!

    And for me, I don’t like androgyn look. A woman has to be a woman, with her feminine shape (and I prefer women with feminine shape, who take care of her body), a feminine attitude, and a beautiful hair (and i prefer long hair). And I prefer a woman who like to cook (as I like to cook too) and who like eating good and healthy food, and who like good traditions.

    That’s why I prefer east european women, because they are more interesting, more intelligent and more respectable than these ugly american and english exasperated feminists!

  8. Do you folks want to know WHY western males date down?
    Cause it’s a lot easier to get that ever elusive access to a female pussy, ANY PUSSY, when dating down.
    Males get desperate after years and years of loneliness and being totally sexless and finally settle for any female who “grants” them access to the pussy be it a land whale, ugly punk lady or just a brainwashed tattooed and pierced feminist.
    Dating a normal lady takes time and effort whereas western males get soo damn tired of eternal loneliness that they simply do not want to waste any more time, effort, knowledge and money in their desperate efforts to get a date that they decided to date 3-4 levels down just to get ANY date, ANY sex.
    You folks are somehow underestimating the “power of pussy” as well as the power of loneliness.

  9. Add on: starts with a quote from Scott’s article: ” I see this in Russia all the time and I can’t help but laugh at all of the Western Men who have visited my site and still marry American women.” END QUOTE.

    What amazes me even more than the above stated fact is the thing that over all these years this site have been visited by ONLY 700 000 people.
    Over all these damn years!!
    The number should have been around 7 000 000 of genuine visitors!! And definitely not 699 808 as it stands RIGHT NOW.

    The problem is that western males DO NOT CARE! They’ve given up looong time ago and just go with the politically correct mainstream flow without ever doubting or questioning the direction of the stream.

    • FC .. they’re lazy & are ignorant.

      Why would they look elsewhere if they have been trained that this normal. It is the matrix for most of use to watch in real time .. and there is no phone booth for us to escape too. Sure you can travel or relocate abroad .. but to a lesser degree all of this is playing out there too.

      Anyway .. a lot of young men that have seen it .. and a lot have .. are just lazy. Why should they spend the time to fight the system.

      I agree with it being a bad idea to fight the system to loudly. We all know someone who did and got false accusations filed against them.

      Most now do what I do. They just ignore them (i.e. femi-nazi’s .. and they all are) except when you have to engage with them.

      We see it in the marriage stats.

      I’m almost 50 years old .. used to travel the world as a pilot .. lived outside the USofA for a good number of years .. that never married .. never had kids .. and I watched it all unfold before my very eyes.

      I stopped educating younger men years ago. Because they are more dangerous than most of the fembots in some cases. Or not ready to hear the truth about the lie they believe .. that lie .. this is how things should be.

      • Yes, most men are lazy and won’t go overseas. That just means less competition for you.

        The idea that anyone can find a good American woman (outside of certain groups – Amish, Mormon, Mennonite, Muslim, etc) is dead.

        • I’m all done Scott .. no wife for me .. I never wanted kids .. I guess I’m the lazy one .. lol

          I do love foreign women though.

  10. Everything you say is the absolute truth. Women have been broight up to believe they must act like men and men they must act like women. The average western girl is confused neurotic and unhappy and the average western male of the upcoming generation, 18-25, acts like an outrageously queer fag, as you described, even when they are straight. I am ot that old and I even I cannot believe the change in the space of just a decade or so. At this rate The West will be dead within a generatio . I really am beginning to think Russia is our only hope unless we wake up very soon.

  11. Welcome back Scott,

    Recently I was invite to my Ex-bitches nephews wedding. I went because my daughter ask and no other reason. I met the bride at the rehearsal dinner. So on the wedding day, I brought a jar with a lid. I hand it over to him in front of everyone. People looked at my with the big ? on their faces. He asked me what this was for? I told him his balls, because he would never have control of them again.

    That went over wonderful HAHA!

    If a man makes it his only option to marry a WM, he might as well just cut his balls off with a spoon and get the pain over with before hand.

    It needs to be mandatory for a WM to sit in on a divorce hearing. I have witnessed a few, including my own. I watched a friend offered his Ex anything to get out and away, but she wanted blood. All because she was loosing her nice house on the 16th hole, her endless spending and not giving a crap or listening to his opinion. These are spoil to the bone little girls (grown women), who sink their hooks in to a man, take his balls and threaten him to try and leave her. By the way, the divorce cost my friend around 40k, plus 3 years of grief.

    One friend made a comment – “She stopped cooking, she stopped cleaning, stopped screwing (he said another way. Being nice), Why do I need her?” To this I added, got fat and worthless.

    The attitudes of WM is spreading over the world and the EW are the last salvation to what a true lady is in this world.

    EI bought along an empty jar with a lid.

    • Thought you were going to tell the joke about the jar and adding a penny every time they had sex…but these days I’d doubt most couples would make it to old age before getting divorced or separated. You could’ve told him to hide the jar and add $5 or $10 bill every time he had to beg for sex or was nagged…and stash it away as a trip fund just in case (cough..cough…when) he gets divorced as a post divorce trip fund to SE Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Russia.. Ever listen to the old Leykis shows??? Plenty of American wives stash away small amounts of cash over time without their husbands knowledge… building up a small fortune of hidden treasure for themselves…plus there are several news articles and studies proving this does occur in the US, which is usually never declared during a divorce.

      • Hi Seeker,

        I can confirm that women stash money. I found out right before my divorce after 29 years of marriage! After we struggled to put two kids through private school and college. FACT: A western woman’s center of the universe is at the tip of her nose. Everything revolves around HER. But, it is a fact I learned the hard way : women’s brains are wired differently than men’s. Buyer beware or something to that effect.

        • Hi Robert,
          It just seems far more worse than the selfish women that just recklessly spends…but to be so cold and calculating about secretly stashing money away for herself…while watching her husband work his ass off and stress about finances…just wrong on so many levels.

      • Hi Rodney,

        When I read the news about the immigrants in Germany, I think about you and your family and hope you guys are OK. I think job aside, you guys would be safer in Ukraine. And the kids would be in a better environment (pure speculation on my part). Take care and stay safe.


        • Hey Robert,

          Nice to hear from you and thanks for thinking about us. Your comment has been raised in our family many, many times. I have mentioned many times to my wife that I’d like to move back to Ukraine. For me, I know its mostly from great and warm memories. Also, its nice to constantly be around femininity in Ukraine. I miss that here a lot in Germany, since the females have copied the Americans straight from the book (in terms of dressing and fashion). I don’t know how German females think since I don’t engage in conversations with them.

          My wife, brings me down from the clouds to remind me that our daughter and soon to be son, are safer here (vs southern Ukraine), and that their education will be better. I have to take a step back and look at the overall picture.

          Our kids with their dual nationalities, will have a copious amount of job opportunities with US and German passports, vs holding a Ukrainian passport (Ukraine only allows one passport). Our kids will get a strong education (this I know from having German friends when I was stationed here years before). Plus, their languages will be enriched by being tri-lingual rather than bi-lingual in Ukraine.

          Germany, after two years, is finally starting to grow on me. My wife was sold on it from pretty much the beginning. I guess after having spent about a month there this past summer, it allowed me to compare and contrast. Believe me, there are many positive points living in Ukraine, especially having family so close. Here in Germany, we are an island. Its just us. In a way, its good too, because we are extremely close. My daughter is like my 2d hip because she never leaves my side when I am home.

          When I add it all together, the sum does equal to a greater whole, because in the end, its about our kids and where they’ll get the best in most things.

          However, for anyone wanting to find a wife, I still recommend finding a way to live there for at least 1/2 a year. I am mentoring a close friend in this manner. He’s saving his nickel and dimes so that he can afford to stay there while starting an internet business. For the price of a Dream Connection tour, a guy could live in Ukraine (not Kiev) for about 6 months. If he could supplement his savings with a second source of income, he could live there for as long as he wanted. This is the best way to find a true and faithful wife. The 8 day tours are BS.

          I took $16k with me, lived comfortably for two years. $5k was spent on a lavish wedding and honeymoon (to Yalta, before the take over). I had some side money coming in with the wedding agency I had developed. Plus, had pocket change from the English lessons and golf lessons (in Kiev) that I gave.

          Heck, with $16k now, and the rise of the USD, I could live there for a year and only put a small dent in my savings. (That’s two Dream Connection tours for those repeat customers, that still can’t find lasting love).

          • Good one, Rodney! Having US and German passport easily beats having a Ukrainian one and the “necessity” to get humiliated every time when crossing the border to the West.

            I’d like to reiterate that Ukraine and Russia still “produce” a lot better wives than Western Europe, North America or Australia.
            But again, coming here for Tours like DreamConnections and paying enormous amounts of money ain’t worth it!
            I did check DreamConnections 5 minutes ago and all ladies there look some kind of “fake” to me.
            Well, not fake, but they are way too dressed up and showing off for the photos. And it equals fake in my books.

            If a western male only wants SEX, then my advice would be- STAY where you are and do not waste your money, time, effort and nerves!
            ROI will be a lot higher in USA or Canada or wherever in the West .
            I also find Western women a lot more uninhibited if they finally decide to have sex than their Ukrainian or Russian counterparts.
            Eastern European women are “cold” in sex. Yes, they still make better WIVES, but definitely NOT lovers.

            And if a male still decides to look for a wife then he should spend at least a year (6 months doesn’t cut it) in Russia or Ukraine, he gotta feel the ambience, the motivation, the inner energy of people here.
            Making fast decisions based on looks or whatever may lead to incompatibility and conflicts in the future!

          • Thanks for sharing Rodney.

            Either option is probably better than moving back to the US. Too bad Ukraine and rest of Eastern Europe has to get caught up in the political posturing of the East vs. West…might be better to stay in Germany until things cool down…since you have small children.

            Interesting suggestion at the end…one of my older and much wiser friends suggested that to me in the past…told me instead of taking those too weak (play on words) trips …he said just bank the money for a few of years…go on leave from your job or just quit if they don’t grant it and just go the place you want to go…stay for about a year.

            Said he did it when he was younger…tuned out not liking the place he went to came back much earlier than he anticipated….but never regretted giving it a try.

            Gonna agree with you and FC…I’m not knocking the tours too much but how can you get to know someone or a place in such a short amount of time. Plus everyone…the guys and gals…are on their best behavior or acting…that type of setting just doesn’t seem organic enough for me.

  12. That boy at the top of your page here Scott looks like a PLANT for catching homosexual rapists. Or he could be a winsome paedophile easily liked and trusted by children.

  13. Hey Seeker,

    I’ve always admired your thinking for such a young guy. When I was your age, I actually shied away from marrying a foreign girl. Between 1983 – 86, I was stationed in Germany and had a wonderful and beautiful German girlfriend from Munich. Frankly, she would have made an excellent wife (values back then were similar to our Ukrainian counter-parts). When I returned to the US, my military career was about to swing into full gear with numerous schools, training and commissioned rank. I felt at the time, it wouldn’t be fair to take this lovely lass from her homeland, her parents and her sister. She came to visit me for a month and because I was so tied up in my career, I had to leave her for hours on end at home. Again, I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be right. Eventually, we lost contact because there was no email in those days.

    My point is with Seeker, I like how you are taking all of this in, not rushing into anything. I know you have fully assessed that a WW is not your cup of tea and that is the right choice. I went back to WW and just got annihilated with heartbreak, loss of money, and finally just became totally single for many years. It wasn’t until 2001, when a fellow servicemember, who was stationed in Kishinev, Moldova at the Embassy, invited me over during Thanksgiving. I had no idea where Moldova was but since I was out of the service, my clearances no longer pertained and I could travel to FSU. Well, that was the trip that bit me forever and I went back twice a year for the next 4 years.

    After meeting and seeing EE women for the first time, I never looked back. It took me 11 years to imagine, dream and crudely develop a plan to live there. Best decision I have ever made. Even though I was already 54 y/o at the time, it wasn’t too late, as I wasn’t too old and was in excellent physical health/shape and attitude. Girls thought I was late 30’s or early 40’s, which to them, is an excellent age for a long term relationship. Yup, even my wife found out after the horse left the barn (after about 3 dates. Age never came up and I wasn’t going to volunteer it). Too late, we already had found our hearts with each other. :)

    You’ve got a few Pioneers here Seeker and you’ve got time with your youth to keep on your path. I know that you’ll be one of the next contributors writing us about your romance outside the US and future growing family.

    Cheers mate!

    • Cheers indeed Rodney!

      Glad to know there are more people out there that don’t think I’m crazy. Glad you brought up the age factor too…others have attempted to use that scare tactic with me in the past but after observing and talking to some men that know better…that really doesn’t phase me anymore.

      Men don’t have THE midlife crisis…nor lose their edge if they have been taking care of themselves…nor go through male menopause or a massive dip in fertility…nor have this overwhelming fear of dying alone and old with 10 cats.

      Those are not my worries or fears as a man.

      My concern is being burned by future a wife or should I say ex-wife and mother of my future children…10, 20, or 30 years from now…stuff like that concerns me….and living in a system and environment that encourages it. A man wants respect and dignity…he can’t be happy without it.

      Yes. I’m looking forward to being a pioneer. I’m not going to be a grumpy old man. I’m just going to be an old man that escaped and died happy.

    • Those Good Old Days are dead. In the Good Ol’ Days an American man with a few divorces that is married to an Eastern wife would never be elected president of the US. Nothing will stop the tide of feminism from taking over the US or slow the demographic change in the west. A man married to a woman from the former Eastern Bloc has been elected president…another first indeed.

      • Seeker, you are right about the suspicion that goes with having an EE partner. I got tired of friends using the conversation starter – “So you work for the KGB Anya?”. For over a month New Zealand Immigration Services and Real Estate has being overwhelmed with enquiries from US citizens. And now since the Presidential elections their websites have been over-loading. Today a cheeky Xero franchisee advertised a job vacancy for “American refugees”. NZ property prices trippled with the recent Chinese invasion and are now forecasted to rise again with American interest.

      • Let us hope that Her example will have some influence on western women in a positive way. She is the most feminine first lady since Jackie Kennedy. ….To think we were so close to having Bill Clinton instead should send a shiver up everyone’s spine!

        • Agree with Robert and Seeker. Not only am I hopeful for a better America now, Trump brings a beautiful family into the White House. Ivanka and Tiffany are gorgeous as well. Handsome sons. All well educated. Femininity is back!!! Those Trump ladies will grace the cover of every magazine for the next four years. Nice for once!!!

          • Trump is the “Hail Mary” pass for America. Now we have to hope he can make the touchdown! ……For any that have not seen it, you should look at the county electoral map of the US. Almost all red. …

          • In my opinion Trumps success will all depend on the republican party backing him to get some things done. Without this the feminazis will tear him apart in 4 years. It will take a massive revolution to turn around the BS here in the States. I dont see it happening. Climbing out of a pot of boiling water is harder than falling into it. And the only thing I think would change it is for a massive catastrophe to happen where people would once again understand the importance of each of the traditional gender roles.
            I hope he can make a difference but my faith is limited.
            It was pathetic yesterday when I had to go to City Hall on business and had to wade through the crowd of protesters outside. I understand the concept of civil disobedience but have no idea what they hope to accomplish after an election.

        • The sex starved white knights will ruin any chance of that ever happening. Not fair to compare any woman today to Jackie O….she was from a totally different era…raised properly and always had class…interesting childhood and youth if you read up on her upbringing..a very humble woman. Back to my main point for every man…there are at least a 100 thirsty simps that will positively reinforce their bad habits and behavior.

          • Trump ain’t gonna change nothing.
            On the contrary- feminazis will now prepare for the next elections in 4 years with even more brainwashing, propaganda, and pussy power. There are way too many white knights and sex starved males in North America and their impact is very significant.
            Trump will have to play by the rules of the society , he ain’t alone on top of it all, he has his “team”.

        • I really hope that she can make an impact. I think she is a very positive role model for my daughters now. Especially at their age they will be coming into their femininity in the next 4 years or so. I hope she is able to show US women the power of a very feminine role model so they begin to understand it….But I doubt they will get the message anyway.

  14. You guys that are holding back on going to EE, better hurry up!! When the US guys see more and more of our EE First Lady, they’re going to think: “Hey, wassup with these EE beauties? I need to go and find one for me!”

    • Rodney,
      Most US guys would never leave their own city to meet someone. They all think meeting some freak online locally is somehow massively different than meeting someone online in a different country and they turn their nose up to those of us that have or are doing it.

        • Yes, I could tell Rodney..haha. I think if a larger percentage of guys did it would send a better message to US women. I mean we all talk about how it is the fault of the men that all of this has happened. But what in reality can Western men do to change it now? The only thing I can do is try and raise my girls right and marry someone with the values I want.

  15. And FC, I love you man, but I beg to differ. Give the man a chance. I know we are conditioned to expect shit from a politician, but as a businessman, this is something new. Mostly our President’s come from sheister lawyer backgrounds. Lets not knock it until we’ve seen more. Our country is on thin ice and the people have spoken throughout our government with majority in House and Senate. They want exactly what he’s been talking about for over a year. Immigration, jobs and healthcare. That’s focus. Maybe when folks get better wages, they can afford to make those overseas trips. Didn’t want to go off on a political tirade, but to have a point in my response.

    • It ain’t nothing wrong with a political tirade;))
      I have some weird feelings about Trump to tell you the truth…. I’m not so optimistic about him, and I usually trust my gut feelings… He has a huge mountain to climb and will surely be facing a fierce opposition with a lot of obstacles and hidden barriers. I have a feeling that he’ll rather sooner than later just follow the mainstream and forget most of his promises.
      And an average Joe will never even feel any major impact of Trump’s domestic politics. It takes waaaaay more than just one Donald Trump to turn America and Canada around….

    • Add on: to have a remote chance for a change in the society this site should be getting around 10 000 000 of reads in all those years and not mere 1 213 744 reads as it stands right now.
      And it’s only about reads, the number of visitors is much lower, around 703 000….
      Nope, I do not see no chance with a situation like that.

        • I don’t have too many friends at my age, Scott;)) I care about my family and my wife is my best friend too thus I do not really need many others. I have another good friend of mine, but that’s about it.
          And I definitely do not want to encourage no one;) Every person in this world has to eat his/her own portion of life’s shit and if that “meal” doesn’t change his/her outlook on life and its values then so be it.
          I ain’t no doctor to cure everyone nor I want to be a shepherd for all those sheeple.
          I say what I mean, I dare to stand up and be counted, I dare to differ and have my own politically incorrect opinion and I dare to lead by example. I think it’s enough for those males who still have some brains left in their heads and not politically correct Kool Aid, to follow.

        • I just wonder if the new administration, congress, and bureaucracy will make the process more difficult or easier for men to bring their foreign wives back to the US?

          • A lot more difficult! Feminism is still there and so are SJWs, transsexuals and other mainstream freaks who’ll vehemently oppose any changes to the law. Moreover Trump does not really care much about minor things like this, he likes to show off but I have my doubts that he’ll ever be able to fulfill even 25% of his promises.
            Normal men should leave North America behind for good and never look back.
            In 4 years Michelle Obama will take the office with a revenge and THAT will be the end of it all.
            So, males, you have 4 years to make a move! Do not wait until it’s too late!
            You heard it here first.

          • ;) That would be one thing to consider especially if there was boost in the economy but I think most guys would just blow that opportunity.or do something stupid like starting families with postmodern American feminists. It’s going to be pretty hard for them to leave the US with frozen or liquidated assets and seized passports for not paying their child support. Most will not listen and think they’re immune,,,

          • Yes, Seeker, absolutely correct!
            And then those guys will come here desperately complaining and not finding any solutions.
            They’ll be willing to pay 1000s of hard earned US $$$$ for 1 week trips overseas just to get a sniff of a pussy, any pussy!
            Whereas all they ever had to do was to pack their bags and leave North America behind for good!

  16. WHY are so obsessed with transsexuals, bisexuals and similar crap?
    How’s that even remotely related to the topic of discussion???

  17. I appreciate the title of this page is:
    May I suggest, with respect, Scott the site owner creates a page on WWS for the victim’s of EE/Russian Brides to post their past experiences. I know 4 men in NZ incuding myself who were victims of EE/Russian transsexual brides. Two of them lost their houses to Transgenders with one not knowing his wife was a transgender and losing his house and bank account cleared out before she skipped the country and didn’t return for his funeral and has herself listed in Australia as a widow.

  18. America women are batsh$t insane shizophrenic sh#t sandwiches,who’s mentall illness,goldigging ways,sense of entitlement,their narcissism and large ego’s being so evident at this point…
    That men are finally walking away from them.Our women have been priveleged for so long in America,held to no moral standards,dumbed down through affirmative action policies,raised by diseny princess movies,many being fully medicated….given the perceived choice of millions of men to chose from through online dating and social media for a boyfriend or a husband….
    American women have basically beomce as#hats who think a lousy vagina is enough,because thats all society ever required out of them to privelege them over others…Who now refuse to bring something else to the table that doesnt pee,bleed,poop or make milk as supposed mens equals…
    While they wear our male crew cuts,cover up their faces with make up,celebrating fat acceptance while children in the world die of starvation…While everything they touch today was delivered,manufactured,invented,set up and delivered by men.
    After encountering a “not so fresh,”woman years ago…I havent touched a vaj jay jay since.
    Women think their vagina’s have value in times of the aids virus,bacterial infections,yeast infection,periods,stds…with breeds of American women who lead the world in abortion and single motherhood who initiate 75% of the 50% of all marriages that end in divorce…
    While finding a remotley fit and attractive woman who has a positive attitude,who can play some of her traditional roles and have one dollar bill in her purse and be able to cook a traditional thanksgiving meal is nowhere to be found.
    The average “woman,”of America is complete garbage…”GEE,WHERE DID THE GOOD MEN GO.” Well as an American woman you either aborted that good man or divorced him….
    Miley virus,the snookies,honey boo boo’s and the kartrashians have American women celebrating mediocrity and outright foolishness.I saw a woman in the store recently who was wearing dirty pajamas where I literally took a breath and held it till she passed by.

    • Wow, a bit rough, but very well summarized jawnee. Hey, get if off your chest. All of your points are valid. I’ve been away from the US for over 4 years and haven’t regretted a single day. There are quite a few Americans living here in Germany, married to an assortment of ladies from all European countries. All are happy except one guy, married/divorced to a Romanian. She’s taking him to the cleaners. Other than that, we’re all good to go. Hope you can make an overseas trip soon.

      • I’ve been away from Canada for almost 9 years, never returned or regretted my decision for 1 second.
        But something is telling me that in case of Jawnee it all starts and ends with the rant….
        Hope that he’ll prove me wrong one day;)

  19. Hi Scot, that was not the answer I was hoping for and I see you have edited my postings to make me look stupid . Can you explain why you source code happens to be similar to EM website???????,

  20. It’s been over a month since any new topic was posted on here.
    And only a handful of messages per week.
    Is this site slowly going into oblivion?

  21. Hi everybody,

    Hey, lets keep the blog running. FC is right, the site is slowly going to oblivioin.

    FC, did you finally relocated?

    Also, I’ve been watching some videos in youtube from Gavin McInnes, besides being hilarious he has very good points on how screwed western world is.

    Looking forward to any answers.

    • Hi Aldo and FC

      How do you suggest to keep the blog going strong? I also enjoy reading and participating but sometimes think that there is a limit to the topics available to talk about. I am willing to pitch in and do my part even if it is to write some articles and submit them. But I am not sure what might be a.good topic.

      I sometimes get tired of the ranting about the downfall of western society. We could comlain all day about this and change nothing but ourselves. Trust me I have plenty to complain about but often get tired of beating my head against the wall about it. I can only work on myself. I dont know Scott myself but can only imagine that with a new family and his workhe probably wants to focus on that positivity in his life.

      Hell I could tell you guys stories of the scammers I know personally in Ukraine and even give pictures if wanted but I am not sure Scott would want that or if it would bring up any legal issues.

          • I was scammed by a former Russian bride, a Russian Transgender who did a disappearing act with her rich English cancer patient but no one on here believes me and dont want to know. Scott deletes my posts. There are many former Russian and Ukrainian transgenders here in NZ who rode in laughing on the pig’s back ands brides.

          • Greg,
            There are a thousand scammers out there. I think most of us just dont care about ranting about the transgender side of it. It gets a little out there.
            I mean really who cares if it was a tranny, a regular person or an extra terrestrial….the scams are all relatively the same in nature. And Scott has many many times laid out simple rules to avoid the scams which will work no matter whether the girl has a dick or not.
            In my mind the point of the blog is to help and talk about the ongoing issues of western culture and the possible benefits of finding a better solution in EE women. But so many of your posts seem to show another agenda on your part. I think if you stick to the topic of the discussion perhaps you will get a better response instead of turning it into a sausage scare.

          • This secton ‘Just how fk up the world is’ is the only appropriate section to discuss being taken for a ride by EE/Russian transgender bride scams. But the readers keep changing the subject to traveling to EE. May as well be changing the subject to the US funding and arming ISIS, Al Quaeda and all the other proxy terrorists in Syria whom Putin is currently at war with. Our NZ Govt is funding the al Quaeda White Helmets who have been filmed executing Syrian Govt soldiers.

          • Greg
            Yes I can imagine it would suck to find out you were screwed by a trany…no pun intended. But it doesnt change how to avoid getting scammed. Maybe only add an age old rule to the list of things to be careful of…..if she’s got a cock, take a walk….

          • Here is the end result. Most of you guys on here would not have picked up. A giveaway is the ring finger is longer than the index finger. The head will divide into the width of the shoulders 3 times but the camera has been deliberately placed close to the head distort the distance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRP8m0W8jJ0

          • Good god Greg really?
            I live in the San Francisco area and seen plenty of them. This is my last reply to you as FC was right.

          • Lol John, it is the guys picking them up on EM and in the EE/Russian bars and bringing them all over to the West. Being scammed on the PPL internet sites and in the chat rooms is a he’ll of a lot cheaper.

      • John, pick a topic you’re interested in and email me your post. Send pics if you have any. I’ll be happy to post it up and add some pics if you don’t have.

        Offer is open to everyone.

      • Hey FC,

        Going from really cold to really warm, eh? I can already picture you under a palm tree on the beach. Don’t know what your business plans are, but I hope that everything works out for you and your family. I think it will be a bigger culture shock for your wife and kids. And I am sure they will love it. Habla Espanol, por favor!

        • ¡Sí, Robert! Vamos desde el frío al calor, no lo llamaré caliente;) Mejor imagíname profundamente en el océano en el arrecife o atravesando la selva en mi jeep.
          Estoy seguro de que todo va a estar bien para mí y mi familia, estoy acostumbrado a guiar por el ejemplo y ahora lo que estoy haciendo. No habrá choque cultural para mí y mi esposa y niños ya hablan algo de español también;) Y les encanta la playa y la calidez.

  22. I’m not sure if my previous message went through….

    I just wanted to keep the conversation going. As FC mentioned this site is going to oblivion and we cannot allow this to happen.

    FC did you finally relocate? how’s your new place?

    • Its not going to oblivion, just in the middle of starting a new business and renovating the house.

      In a few months, I’ll get back into it.

      I’m counting on you all to keep it alive til then!

  23. Had some free time today and been watching all those Women Marches across the world today.
    Made 2 observations:

    1. The West is indeed doomed! With the “west” I mean USA, Canada, Western Europe and Australia. I’ve never seen such a concentration of ugly sheeple, blindly following the “leader” without ever questioning the reason of WHY they were there, marching with all those stupid slogans.
    People from Portland, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta to New York, DC, London, Paris, Sydney and even Oslo united in some kind of a “rush of morons” and protested against Trump. Or did they even know who or what they were protesting against?
    They didn’t have any agenda, any facts to support their claims, they took the streets in blind fury and hate only because “their” candidate lost.
    Does it sound similar to Ukraine’s “majdan” which completely destroyed the country in all aspects?

    2. 99% of Ukrainians are pro-Clinton (read “pro-feminism”) and anti-Trump. Guess it’s all y’all folks have to know about women in Ukraine and how fast political correctness, feminism and mainstream agenda are spreading across the country. Males, please think twice before wasting your money, energy, time and nerves on a useless trip to Ukraine only to face the music surprisingly similar to what y’all are used to in the West.
    Ukrainian women now ain’t no different from their western counterparts-lazy, inhibited and uneducated creatures who want everything to be handed them on a silver platter without ever requiring to move a damn finger.
    At least Western women have no inhibitions in sex (whenever they decide to have it) and can hold a conversation. Ukrainian women lack both those skills.

    • Hey FC,
      Are you still in Ukraine?
      Interesting points but what about the size factor between the West and Eastern Europe? Easy uninhabited sex isn’t great if the women are HUGE or have tattoos, multiple piercings, and short purple/pink hair.

      • Yes, we are flying out January 25.
        It’s 2 more days and we are finally out, thanks God!
        I’d say both yes and no.
        Yes, size DOES matter and it’ ain’t no fun to have sex with a landwhale, true that!
        But if I were single I wouldn’t really care so much about tats and piercings and short hair of whatever color as long as that lady would have some brains and willing to go all out.
        Guess I’m a bit different, eh?;)
        Of course an excessive number of tats, piercings and those “tunnels” in the ear lobes is disgusting, but I do not mind an odd tattoo or piercing or even pink short hair. Or at least I wouldn’t care much about those things if I were single;)
        Believe me , it’s not such a big issue compared with a total lack of ability to hold a meaningful conversation coupled with millions of limits and inhibitions I’m observing in Ukrainian women these days.

        • Point taken. I see you are differentiating between being single and having fun vs. being happily married with a peaceful house.
          Hopefully things will improve with your change of scenery.

          • Of course I differentiate between just having fun and having a strong and evolving family.
            But a strong and evolving family is impossible without a sexual harmony. Everything is interconnected in our modern world;)

        • I just don’t see it the way you do, FC. And it ponders me, what am I missing? Yes, this summer I saw my first LGBT and more tatoos were popping up, as I reported. But, overall, for the most part, I still saw a lot of happy couples walking arm in arm per the norm.
          Nonetheless, you have yourself a safe trip and I want to wish you happiness in health and love. Enjoy that sunshine!

          • OK, Rodney, I finally got a minute amidst all the preparations for the upcoming trip to explain what I mean!
            You ask me what you are missing;)
            You are simply missing LIVING here on a regular basis, day in and day out, rain or shine, wind or snow.
            You mostly come herein summer when it’s all nice and warm, people are smiling, trees are green, days are long and love is in the air;)
            Whereas I’m here in summer, fall, winter and spring, I see local folks when roads are slushy, mood depressed and feet wet;)
            I see then on the roads, in classes learning English, in the stores and cafes, I see them shopping, walking, talking, arguing , discussing etc.

            I’ll go back to the “shell” comparison.
            As you know pearls grow in shells on the ocean bottom. But in order for a human being to see the actual beauty of a pearl, the shell HAS TO open up! It’s impossible to notice the beauty both inside the shell and inside a human without them opening up!!
            And THIS is a problem for Ukrainian females-they are extremely afraid to differ from the rest, to open up, to get rid of their own inner inhibitions and limitations!! They absolutely can’t stand a challenge and run from those who may happen to be better educated, sportier and smarter than they are thus the number of couples on the streets when a sexy and stylish girl is walking hand in hand with a hobo looking male often much shorter and chubbier than she is!
            Ukrainian girls oftentimes do not understand nor appreciate normal attitude, attention and care and always try to find some kind of a hidden agenda in such a male behavior!
            But it takes a lot of time to uncover those things, they are not on the surface when everyone is smiling and holding hands;)
            There is a lot into this kind of a behavior and I can elaborate if so required;)
            Just my 5 cents;)

          • Hi FC,
            On many levels I agree with you. No, I have not lived there but having spent a lot of time there and in Russia I have seen the back side of the equation. And I also have faced the challenge of getting them to open up. But with my type of personality many have opened up to me and I have seen the challenges the women face daily. And it is sometimes very difficult to get past some of them as a western guy. Some is culture, some is trust and a lot is pride. Of course this is not a “for certain” but I have noticed it a lot over the past 10 years. I remember seeing the embarrassment in my ex wife’s eyes the first time she took me to her place in Russia and I had to step over her neighbor literally wallowing in her own piss and vomit from being drunk to get past the buss stop. I have seen the abuse also first hand that is much more prevalent there in many relationships. Even in my own relationship with my new fiance I have had to fight to get beyond this crap from her past to get her to open up. It is extremely tiring and wears on my patience at times. No, it is definitely not the land of “Sugar and spice and everything nice” , but I still think that the work to break through the barriers can be worth it.
            Our beliefs are what give us grounding and stability in life and what get us through the tough times. Which is why many of the feminazis out there cannot stand to be challenged on the facts. And I would say with EE women there are definitely some topics that are better to be left off the table. But in the end I would still take my EE woman any day over most of the ones here in the States…

            It is sad for certain that most of the women there have this hard shell to get past. But I understand it with many of them. I have met several….not all, but a lot who have been through some serious domestic violence from western standards. And I am not talking about being looked at cross-eyed and claim it is rape like they do in the west. I mean having the shit beat out of them by some drunken, meth taking Boris looking bastard. I have seen this first hand.

            Of course not all are like this but it is much more prevalent. My business Partner is Russian also and we have even talked about it and he would tell me stories about it growing up in St. Petersburg.

            And things are not much different in Russia than Ukraine…basically the same. I have been from one end to the other in that country and know it better than Ukraine.

          • YEAAAH, John! Good one! That’s what I call “insider information”!
            I can tell that you KNOW what you are talking about!
            I’ll try and briefly elaborate on your thoughts!
            Russia and Ukraine are the same kind of stuff just with a different name since trends, visions and tendencies don’t differ in each country!
            Yes, personality helps to open people up but oftentimes it takes waaaaay too much work and effort and many people may just give without getting to the end result.
            Yeaaah, domestic abuse and violence are prevalent in Russian and Ukrainian society, it’s considered somehow a norm to abuse and even beat up one’s wife!
            Then again it’s mind boggling as to WHY women here do not value nor appreciate a normal attitude and behavior from a male and always look for some kind of mind games and hidden agenda like “OH, damn, he’s educated, sporty, doesn’t drink, smoke, take drugs and treats me like a lady, then he must be playing some kind of a game!” Sounds similar to western women, eh?;)

            But I do agree with this: ” But in the end I would still take my EE woman any day over most of the ones here in the States…” END QUOTE.

            The again, we are talking relationships and marriage!
            I dare to say that American/Canadian/western women are better for pure sex since they are uninhibited and go all out when having it!

          • FC
            On the sex end I would say there is some truth to it….in general terms. But honestly my overseas sex has been limited to the women I have had serious relationships with. I never really played the field much so to speak. But I will say that compared ro Western gals my X was very inhibited in many ways. As far as my current relationship goes it is a different story which is for me only…hahaha. But it’s awesome…

            Yes there is always an aire of suspicion surrounding Western men with Eastern women. But can you really blame them. They hear all the same stories and are just as worried about guys using them. Especially when there’s a thousand and one websites explaining how to have a sex vacation as a Western man. But in reality aren’t we as Western men just the same… In the beginning when we have no experience in the east were we not all stunned have such beautiful women with great qualities interested in us? We are always looking for the scammer… Or another agenda. And in reality it’s really sad for both men and women that we have our guards up this way. Both of us looking out for our emotional protection.

    • One of the main organizers of @womenmarch is Linda Sarsour @lsarsour. Who defends the misogynist government of Saudi Arabia. (Trump is opposed to Saudi Arabia). The Idea started with women on Facebook. On the night of Donald Trump’s surprise victory in November, a grandmother in Hawaii named Teresa Shook went online and called for women to storm the capital on Inauguration weekend.

    • You can find the clip on yout#be but there’s a fat woman sitting on the ground crying with people holding anti-Tr#mp signs surrounding her in a circle. She screamed something like “No!” “No!” “No!” “I’m sorry!” when they stated over speakers in Washington DC that Tr#mp is the current president. Reminds me of the “you have way too much time on your hands” article on this site. Sure he has said and done some very stupid things in the past but they can at least let him do something boneheaded as the pr#sident before they start protesting.

      I’m not favoring any party with this statement but I agree with the point of losing with dignity…not throwing a tantrum when you don’t get your way.

      What kind of jobs do these people have where they can protest everyday for several months?

      If these people really wanted to initiate better policies then they would work more or start their own businesses and pool the cash together and use those funds to work the system in their favor instead of protesting, which does nothing.

  24. Thanks for the engaging conversation FC and John. We’re going to miss FC’s insights for sure. And thanks FC for taking the extra time while you are prepping for your departure. My response to both of you, is that I believe I have enough experience to make my own accurate assessments. I lived, not visited, in Ukraine for two years and became married. And although contrarian to your experiences, I did not experience the “wife beating, stepping over drunk neighbors,” and so on. My 2 year adventure was peaceful, fun and unforgettable. The only bad situation I remember and I blame it on the times, was during the summer of 2014. We had received hundreds of refugees from the east. They started to live in the grassy areas. One night, around midnight, I heard the blood curling scream of someone dying. I knew this sound based on my combat time. It sent chills up my spine. Next day, the area was abandoned and was never inhabited again. These people never bothered us, like begging or so. They just lived there quietly.

    Don’t know how my life in Ukraine was different from yours FC and John, but that’s just the way it happened. Perhaps I got the lucky draw.

    • Ukraine unfortunately has become a CIA theme park and Seros admitted he invested billions in destabilizing Ukraine. You need to be involved in the hacking circles to know the real root of problem. Syria has become the WATERLOO of US elites Jew World Order. US were to take 7 countries in 5 years. Good Russia stepped in and stopped the Greater Israel Project in its tracks. ISIS is Israel, US, UK and Saudi Arabia. Trump didn’t know that before his Presidency.

      • yeah right:)) What a mess there is in your head, from CIA to “those evil jews and Soros”;)
        No wonder Russian transsexuals took you for a ride in New Zealand;))
        Look in the mirror, YOU are the problem:)) Not people around you;)

        • Former Canadian, what a mess you have become. While you lived Ukraine you were always advertising your services on here instructing readers to visit you in Ukraine. Only last week on the posting “I’m Back” you did a shit face discrediting Ukraine, what a laugh – bet you are wishing you could delete.

          I was replying to the person above who used the name “Anonymous” who I later checked out to be your mate Rodney playing games. You and your Rodney again. You guys are sick.

          • Oh, I must have been spot on which triggered such a reaction from you, Greg;)
            Care to prove with a quote that “I was offering services to visit me in Ukraine”?;)
            What I did was offering HELP and information to people who wanted to come to Ukraine and I’ve never asked for a penny for my help.
            Ukraine did change A LOT during the last 3-4 years thus truth must be told. Ukraine ain’t worth visiting any longer.
            And I always stand by my words and never wish to delete anything;)
            Yes, Rodney IS my mate, he is a man of his word and has a lot of achievements in life. He is happily married and has kids!
            And what do YOU have ?;)
            Russian transsexuals in New Zealand?;)

  25. There are some east indian and russian families in my neighborhood…Contrasting to the white,black and spanish in the neighborhood….minus the spanish women who seem to dress like outright street walkers….
    The east indian and russian women are feminine,most of the time conservatively dressed,not dressing as whor#s,cook for their men and wouldnt dream of destroying their own children in a no fault divorce for the pay out….
    I know,all women are like that….but there is a lesser chance of divorce with these women which is documented through statistics…
    Our American women are destroyed with their lil pixie cuts that make them look masculine and dykish….Its not cute,few women can pull off the pixie cut and still be somewhat attractive,yet still will resemble a prepubesent looking justin bieber…
    Throw in women who play absolutley no tradtional female roles,while always requiring a man to provide for and protect that “super woman,”who celebrates fat acceptance while little kids in the world die of starvation,who leads the world in that obesity,abortion,divorce,single motherhood and most likely also personal debts….I am so tired of flat broke women who will be life long college and credit card debt slaves,who tell a man ,”no money,no honey.” Um,yeah….LOL
    Who is repulsive to declare being equal to a man,while everything they will touch today was delivered,manufactured,invented and set up by men…with women owning the criminal and divorce courts….obviously using them to destroy the men in the USSA…
    So we end up in a complete man drought in America with men running from American women,who as “women,”are just repulsive,masculine,gender confused,narcissistic,entitled,overvalued disney princess dingbats,who were raised by disney princess propaganda,who believe they have the perceived choice of millions of men to chose from through online dating and social media for a boyfriend or a husband….who have anti depressants eating their minds up while engorging themselves with massive doses of harmones in the daily contraceptive pills….The mental illness in American women is so dam# obvious at this point,that men are actually running away from low cut blouses women wear…
    America,the land of the attention who#e,either as a straight woman sticking her bum out in social media,or as a purposeful gender confused creation,also sexually objectifies herself as whichever gender she would chose for social media attention…I call it the,”monkey look at me.”I am completely tired of oversexualized disney princess whor#s…..Its disgusting.
    So in America we have ended up with some of the nuttiest nuts in the dumb dumb salad of idiocracy,the world has ever witnessed.
    Legal contract should be written up,with America women inparticularly just given to the muslum men.Its over.America and its women are done,caput,not coming back…
    I recommend running for the mountains and never looking back.

    • “I recommend running for the mountains and never looking back.”

      The nearest airport might be a better idea…just don’t make the mistake of taking a flight to a place like Sweden…instead of a place like Chile.

  26. It is so much gender confusion, other confusion, and other BS going on in United States and Westernized countries.

    You are right about a man going to a foreign country (that is not Westernized or Americanized) and finding the right woman there.

    I have gone to Colombia twice and Dominican Republic once. I plan to return to Dominican Republic next year. I cannot wait to see and be physically around beautiful women again…something I do not experience in the city I live.

    If a man also wants to gain (more) sanity and understanding, he has no choice but to leave US or the Westernized country he lives. But, if he stays there for the rest of his life, he would most likely end up like the rest of the people who have truly lost their minds.

  27. Marrying foreigners doesn’t solve the root societal problem, only your personal problem. Suppose you have a daughter. What will you tell her?

    Instead we have to fix this at a systemic level. In the 1930s Germany did a very good job of improving the condition of most people by providing marriage loans to get women out of the workforce. It helped reduce the number of unproductive employees, reduced unemployment, made wages go way up, as well as increasing the birth rate.

    Women must be taken out of the workforce. All of them.

    • This is true if you’re a lazy parent and let your kid get their education through their smartphone or by watching MTV.

      I look around at so many Muslim, Mormon, & Amish/Mennonite families who don’t have these problems.

      You need to program your kid from day one because they will get plenty from TV and school. Speaking of school, homeschool should be everyone’s #1 choice.

      Getting women out of the workplace is fantasy – it is never going to happen.

      There is nothing you can do to change society. All you can do is make your bed and worry about yourself and your family. For me now, politics is a comedic past-time. How many LGTBxyz issues there are is not important in my life. I worry about my kid & my Wife – the rest are just for conversation.

      • It seems like this is the only option available outside of moving to another country/culture.. A man can’t fight society but he can focus on/take care of himself and his family.

        • I completely agree with you Seeker and Scott. It is extremely tough to shelter our kids from this crap…even more so in this increasingly digitized society where everyone wants instant gratification and information. I am very lucky to have found a great little community here in the hills outside of the Bay Area. And to be honest this is one of the last places on earth i would think to find it. But i have great neighbors so it helps a lot. At least now in this day in age it is easy to get rid of regular television and filter the garbage the kids see on the tube.

          I agree that getting women out of the workforce is a no go. For one, especially around here your average family cannot easily survive on a single income. It is great I think if a woman can stay home and would want to. But I think it is more important to just instill the traditional values of respect and values and focus on your foamy as much as you can. Stop chasing the Jones’s and get out in the world so the kids can see how the rest of the world is and so on.
          Traditional roles are great but we can shift and adapt as long as the respect and values are there.

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