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Sorry for the long break guys (and ladies).

The Wife and I have been very busy with our work and I haven’t had much time at all to spare.  What little free time I’ve had has been invested in spending time with my Wife and child.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, I’m finding some little breaks here and there and I plan go get more involved in this site again between now and Christmas.

As for many of the things I’ve written in the blog over the past decade, I am sure that most of you are beginning to see the light as to what I have written about.  The whole social justice warrior phenomenon – basically a bunch of radical college-aged communists – reveals the worst about the millennial generation.  Everyone wants rights, privileges and respect but no one is willing to give respect, nor respect others rights.

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Whether you were pro-Trump or Hillary, I am sure that most Men were shocked to see so many cry babies, carrying on that they didn’t get their way.  It was like watching a bunch of 2 year olds throw tantrums.  And even if you were pro-Hillary and upset that he won, would you want to marry one of the women you saw on TV who was crying and blubbering on and on about it?  And now, we see young people carrying communist flags, smashing private property and acting like fools.  Would you want your son to marry one of these nuts?

For those of you who are single, divorced, widowed, etc – the proof is in the pudding – American women suck.  If you want any chance at all at a good marriage, it is time to look abroad.

Thank you for visiting this site – and to all of the regulars who still drop in and comment, thanks for sticking around.

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Just how f-d up the world is

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  1. Glad to hear you’re getting a breather from your busy schedule. Looking forward to some new posts spreading the word that western women suck!

  2. The “Man Scammer”. As I have posted before, my friend and I were taken for rides by 2 Russian Transexuals who entered NZ as mother and daughter. The mother who was cheating on her husband with my friend is accused by the Russian community with poisoning her husband before puting him in a nursing home, putting the house on the market, cleaning out his bank account and skipping the country to live with the daughter and her NZ cancer patient in Australia. They never returned for the mother’s husband’s funeral. https://youtu.be/LycYawAn1nE

  3. Having read Greg I get more and more convinced that western women supposedly “suck” ONLY because of western MEN!
    I can’t imagine ANY western woman willing to have a relationship with a person soooooo damn fixed on some “russian transsexuals” who took him for a ride;))
    On the other note: it’s time to start a page called “Eastern European women suck”. I’m temporarily back to Ukraine for some unfinished business and boy is this country now a parade of stupidity and uglyness…

  4. Hello Scott, I am new to your blog and am starting to go through the long history of articles you have written. I found your site when I was looking for an honest review of Elena’s Models. Would there be any specific posts of yours you would recommend I read or should I delve willy nilly through it all?

    • As we all age and change with experience, we become different people. I look at the guy I was when I started this site and I can say that I’m a different person today.

      That said, I may give different advice than I would have given before I met and married. In this way, my advice then, and now, is probably relevent to different people depending on their circumstances.

      Marriage is for life. Do yourself a favor and spend some time investing in getting it right.

      I would go back to the first post and then read the whole blog. I did it a year or two ago and it took me 2 or 3 days, reading after work each night. It might take longer now as there are so many comments.

      Good luck in your search.

  5. Having read Greg I get more and more convinced that western women supposedly “suck” ONLY because of western MEN!
    I can’t imagine ANY western woman willing to have a relationship with a person soooooo damn fixed on some “russian transsexuals” who took him for a ride;))
    On the other note: it’s time to start a page called “Eastern European women suck”. I’m temporarily back to Ukraine for some unfinished business and boy is this country now a parade of stupidity and uglyness…

  6. Been in Ukraine for 3 weeks now…. what a Hell on Earth this country has become!
    Haven’t seen even ONE damn remotely attractive lady! Flip flops, shorts and pants all the way. A lot of fatties now especially amongst those from 18 to 28 years old. 1000s of people are leaving Ukraine daily, buses to Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and even Italy and Spain are FULL!
    Cities are literally empty!
    I have never seen such an amount of uneducated people in my life, folks can hardly express themselves in an average conversation!
    What a change in mere 4-5 years…
    I strongly DISCOURAGE anyone planning to come to Ukraine to look for a wife from doing so! You won’t find nothing! NOTHING! One big fat zero!! Zilch! NADA!
    Stay where you are, do sports, get educated and get yourself a good job, save some money and better spend all that money on hookers. At least they won’t fuck your brains pretending to be something they are NOT!
    Ukraine has become a nation of pretenders where all the ugly ducklings pretend to be beautiful swans!
    And even if you want to have fun-look elsewhere! Go to Thailand, Colombia, Venezuela, may be Russia, but avoid Ukraine by all means possible! THIS is Hell on Earth now, times worse than those “evil Western women”. Right now I’d take a Canadian female over a Ukrainian one at any given second!

  7. OMG!. Did you see the movie “Lars and the Girl”. There is the new option of Cloning yourself. Having a pet Mini-Me around the house.
    The old blow-up doll is the thing of the past. new exciting market is the artificial intelligence. The Al Sex Robot. https://youtu.be/5pKczGG19uo

  8. Hi!
    sorry for a comment not directly related to the current post. But I have been reading this very interesting blog, on the side of current experiences with dating sites. I am new to this but otherwise quite internet savvy, so I spend a lot of time checking stuff.

    Indeed a site like, among others, anastasiadate is taking advantage of the chronic chaos in Ukraine. I know very well Russia and a bit Kazakhstan. Also some Central European countries like Hungary and Poland.
    Ukraine is widely known in central/eastern Europe as the realm of broken things, corruption, petty or organized or political crime.
    For instance, even now, hungarians who cross the border from Nyiregihaza to Uzhgorod often put a small banknote inside the passport, for the guard, just to avoid to get unnecesserally harassed for nothing (luggage search, waste of time, etc).
    Polish truck drivers who do long distance to Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, do prefer Belarus for the quality of the roads and the safety, then Russia where things are ok and road generally also excepted seasonal summer repairs, but Ukraine is the country they fear: roads are broken, maintenance nihil and risk of attack and robbery still there.

    Now, as for these dating sites scams, what surprises me is that nobody has tracked down the guys running the scams and put together visits to them, in group or by hiring the right people, in order to break their knees or put then in wheelchairs. Of course it’s not legal, but that’s not the point. Unless these guys do physically regret in their bodies the day the c***ts of their mothers did spit them on earth, things will not stop.
    That’s not a trivial task to track them down, and the heads are probably even not in Ukraine. In Ukraine, there are just the girls and the “agents”. The heads may be in Ukraine but probaly also in UK or some Mediterranean resort or USA or anywhere.
    Personally I don’t car of course, and I have not fallen in the trap. But when I see how much money some guys have lost, my first thoug is that with that money in Ukraine they could just pay the local police officer in order to get anyone killed. Obviously there’s the language barrier when it comes to many foreigners.

    Then the problem with the big fish, anastasiadate. Their office is in Malta, with another one in Hong-Kong for the expanding asian market. They also have/had an american working with them (Gregory Velasquez).
    They are legit in the sense that their business belongs the “social networking” paradigm. What they sell is online text and chat time. Further than that, it’s juridically very hard to attack them. Because in the end customers do pay in order to text and chat. That’s all. That’s the “dating”. “Real girls back all this? Yes your honor! we have here the agreements and contracts signed by the ladies!” It seems that they have developped a branch in the Balkans, as there are loads of 20-something cuties profiles mentioned as located there. Some romanians also. And profiles with russian names supposedly located in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid; Playa del Carmen. The profiles in Paris or Barcelona have pictures of the models actually in a parisian or barcelonian streets. Locations do match on the pictures. Now, these girls on such profiles are models who only sold or had their portfolio n-tier resold but don’t do the texting/chating job or they made a deal to get their pictures taken for the site and are making extra money doing it. If so, they will of course not jeopardize themselves.

    • Not sure what your point is?

      There are scammers. Who cares.

      If you’re not savvy enough and get scammed, learn from it. You will never close the scammers down. The problem isn’t that you can’t find the scammers or that they scam, the problem is that people send them money.

      Why are there vagrants begging for $ outside of McDonalds? Because people give them money. If NO ONE gave them a cent, they would go to something else.

      How do you stop scammers? Don’t send money to them. If you don’t know what a scammer is, I recommend:

      1. Lay off the viagra.

      2. Read this site and learn.

      • There’s no problem on my side and I am not been scammed. I am good thank you. It’s a general comment about the topic.

        I am a bit amazed by the current scale of semi-legit dating scam industry, as i see it incidentally on the side of other internet activities, some related to the current state of political chaos in Ukraine. I was familiar, for other reasons (hacking activities) with the early scams on runet 15 years ago, but back then it was amateurish.

        What I meant is:
        I am surprised by the lack of retaliation from people with money who spend a lot until they wake up, but who still have enough money in order to hurt, specially if they unite.

        The comparison with a beggar is non-sensical. If you give money to a beggar, you know that you are buying nor getting nothing, if you pay a hooker she will deliver her service, but these dating sites are advertising one thing and selling something else, in the open. Anastasiadate has offices in Malta, Hong-Kong, partners in USA, Serbia, Ukraine, etc.


        • …but there are certain things that people just can’t buy. That’s the problem with a lot of the consumers of these sights. Instead of doing the legwork like learning the language/culture, networking, and travel they want to pay with a credit card and log-in to find a girlfriend or wife. I think most aren’t even looking for relationships but just sex. If sex is all they want there are plenty of high quality pay for play options that are way cheaper than $10K, blueballs/frustration, and their loss of time on this rock, which they will never get back.

  9. I have just entered one of the sites.
    It does not seem to take long to determine who the fakes are
    and who are not.
    With the advent of different apps , etc. etc I have started having
    conversations with a few who are able to respond to specific requests
    on live phone cameras.
    I have already told them that I was unwilling to visit certain areas
    due to the danger factor, police corruption, and likely hood of capture for ransom.
    For those of you who have successfully , saved one of these women
    from the target country, What all was involved?
    I could probably dig for hours and hours to find answers but it seems
    much simpler to simply ask someone who has been there.
    I have found several who would be willing to come to the USA
    on a vacation visa to find out whether or not we would be compatible.
    How is the easiest way to get them into America.
    I would meet them at a major International Airport and we would go from there. Also once I get them here it would be nice to find some friends
    from a similar bloc who might be fluent in their native language.

    • Mike,
      I have been married twice to EU women and have gone through the entire process for visas twice as well as getting documents for my daughter that was born overseas. The fist thing I would tell you is to ditch the idea of “saving” anyone. For most western guys who are looking in you might see people living in rougher conditions and situations than you do and think they want to be saved…..nothing could be further from the truth. These people are proud and generally speaking not wanting to leave their home.

      Also I am not sure which areas have got you so scared. The only area I would stay away from is the Danbass region of Ukraine. But I wouldn’t worry about any other area that I know of. It’s no different than going to any other major town in the US or other country. If you walk around looking like a victim then you will become a victim…and this applies to anywhere in the world.

      The chances of getting a tourist visa for an EU single woman who is not independently wealthy and a business owner are slim to none. The k1 visa process will take on average about 10 months to a year…could take longer. And you will have to document and prove your relationship to even get the process started. You are not just going to buy a plane ticket for a gal and that’s it. It is a process like any real relationship and your going to have to take your time and listen to the advice of Scott and others on here so as not to fall into any issues.

      Sounds to me though that your just toying with the idea. But hope you the best.

      • Totally confirm all 3 main “points” of this “report”.
        With may be one small add on: a lot of people of Ukraine do WANT to leave the country NOW by any means possible. It might have been different 10-12 years ago, but not true any longer.
        But it still does NOT mean that males should waltz in as “saviours” or white knights.

        • Hi FC,
          Your right…I should qualify my statement. There are a ton of people that are looking to find better paying work outside of Ukraine. And there are always people who are interested in going somewhere else. The protests outside the embassy in Kiev last week show the general unrest there. But so many guys have this sense that they can just smile and beautiful women are going to trip over themselves to meet them at the airport. I don’t think most guys really have a clue…or have decent intentions to start with. Then they jump into the mess and complain how they got scammed.

          • Thanks;)) Of course I am right, I am in Ukraine right now;)
            Every day I see huge buses (50+ passengers) packed with people going to Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and even Spain through the town I am currently in.
            Pay in Ukraine is shit and doing business is impossible.
            So damn true that this instability and volatility gives western men a false sense that they will be treated like Gods over there just cause they happen to have a US or Canadian passports.
            Ukrainian women are very inhibited and oftentimes scared to meet ANY men be it American, Canadian or local Ukrainians. They can’t hold a conversation, afraid of any kind of intimacy and start looking more and more like North American females did 10-15 years ago.

  10. The main problem with international (Eastern European) dating is that most western men look at this website, notice all those sexy, stylish and beautiful ladies on top of it, and immediately get the false idea that “WOW, ladies like those ones will be waiting for me over there as soon as I get off the plane”.
    Boom, WRONG! This is soooo damn far from reality in Russia or Ukraine.
    ALL those ladies are either married, enganged and taken or are sooo damn stupid that any normal male should lose any interest in them after having heard them talking for 1 minute.
    Eastern European (Russian and Ukrainian) females are inhibited to the most, scared of any personal touch and intimacy. They may look all glitz and glamour on the outside but they are soo closed and inhibited inside, oftentimes uneducated and even illiterate!
    All my words are based on personal observations and experiences. Russia and Ukraine ain’t no paradise nor a place where a male can meet a female easily.
    Y’all like to say that it’s impossible to get an eye contact from a North American females. But this is also true about Eastern European ones. They are scared of males, especially those males who do sports, are educated, can openly express their thoughts and opinions, and aren’t afraid to lead by example and to stand up and be counted. That kind of a male is an absolute dating NO NO for a Russian or Ukrainian female. All they need is some kind of a lousy male bum whom they always will be superior to!
    I have seen tons of tall and stylish ladies walking hand in hand with a real bum, not even a “Boris” type of a man. I mean a bum in dirty jeans and T-shirt, terrible teeth and no personal hygiene.
    Ukrainian (and Russian) females are extremely afraid of any challenge, be it physical or intellectual. I’d think twice or more before even planning a trip to Ukraine or Russia these days.

  11. Hello All, I want to wish everyone in the west a belated Merry Christmas and to everyone a happy New Year, and to those in EE a Merry Christmas on the 7th..

  12. On this very depressing and lonely New Year’s eve I ‘d like to extend my best wishes to all readers and contributors to this site.
    Remember-you and only you are holding your destiny in your own hands.
    Do not let shit like political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring and feminism get into your heart and soul and turn you into a mainstream zombi.
    There is no paradise on Earth nor a place where women might be interested in you just because of your personality, education, life experience and things like respect, support and mutual understanding.

    All females need is MONEY, MONEY and even more MONEY, coupled with a high status in the society. And if one does not possess that then he ain’t got no chance in hell to find himself a good lady.

    Think about it-why spend your hard earned $$$ overseas when you easily can get yourself a sexy and stylish hooker in a city you live in??

    Western women do NOT suck, they are better than their eastern counterparts in many different aspects!

  13. Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year while this site is slowly going into oblivion….

    While y’all are in a holiday mood I’d like to attract the attention of those single males who still may live in a fantasy world thinking that marrying a Ukrainian female will be a magic pill.

    Remember once and for all: Ukrainian females are the worst money grabbers and gold diggers in the world! They will run you into the ground, will make you bankrupt, will eat your brain alive with their nagging, endless demands and complaints if one ever dares to say NO.
    Ukrainian females will never appreciate anything no matter what you do for them, buy them and how you treat them! NEVER!
    They will just ask for more, more and even more MONEY!!

    Yes, there are a very few exceptions when a Ukrainian female does not follow the above mentioned pattern, but 99.999% of ladies here will act like they are a Beauty Queen and a Miss Universe “all in one” and will be expecting a “red carpet” treatment on an hourly basis.

    Avoid Ukrainian females by all means possible! Better yet, save your money and spend them on North American hookers! And you will get more style and pleasures guaranteed!
    I can bet you any money that in most aspects western women are now better than their eastern counterparts!!

    • …but if you still somehow ain’t convinced that Ukraine is NOT worth your time, money, efforts and nerves, then act like you are a bum from an Atlanta slum.
      NEVER pay for a Ukrainian female anywhere, let her buy her own stuff, drinks, food etc. NEVER buy her any gifts, cause she would want more and more with every gift bought! And her demands will grow like a snowball rolling downhill.
      Never give her ANY money! Just say that you only have so and so much to get by daily on your own, and not to do any favors to a female!

      Dress and act accordingly, on the border of humiliating a Ukrainian female, they love it!
      Remember-an average Ukrainian female will never appreciate your support, respect, understanding and proper attitude!

      Better yet, avoid Ukraine and its females altogether!

  14. It’s been awhile since I last posted here. Back then Ukrainian women were all the rage haha. Never went though.

    I guess this could serve as a form of update so to speak. I was sick of western women and after ready recent* updates from our good friend FormerCanadian, I decided not to pursue Eastern European instead look elsewhere. Cancelled my Elena’s Models account, while I got tons of replies just a gut feeling told me I wasn’t 100% sold if they were legit.

    In the end I ended up joining a site that catered to Asian women. At first just merely joining you get messages I thought (Fuck. Hasnt even been a day and got messages) a few where flakes but enough of them were genuine that I purchased a monthly plan. After further messaging on the site and moving on to Facebook and WhatsApp, and of course eliminating the gold digger (one was very genuine at first, but then asked for financial support a month in for things like, medical bills for her father, food. I cut off communication)

    After all of this I found the one. I messaged her first. She took a few days to reply but reply she did. It was very few messages are first but the it starting picked up, found out we have very much in common. Eventually I bought a ticket and flew to see her in the Philippines. Her family were very welcoming, I never paid for anything as she paid for herself and her family whenever she can (mind you she is poor, but she saved for my being there) needless to say my stay with her and the way she treated me, you would never experience this in any western country.

    To end this I proposed to her during my third visit and she said yes. We are getting married December this year and she’s currently 9 weeks pregnant with our first child. I never would have dreamed that I’d experience this joy but I am. She is everything feminists preach they hate, she looks after my needs not because I demand her to, but because she does it on her own whim. She is currently with me on a tourist visa but we plan on living here for a few years and save before I apply for citizenship over there.
    There is still hope out there for those that haven’t found it, as I learned living each and every day.

    I do hope this little message can help revitalize this site.

    • Happy to know, that my TRUTH about Ukrainian and Russian females has helped you to make the right choice and find the lady of your life and a mother of your children!

      Once again-Ukrainian women should now be avoided by all means possible! Just look elsewhere! Even staying in North America is now better than trying to deal with a Russian or Ukrainian female!

  15. A lot of people may be wondering how things are in Ukraine these days.
    I’m gonna give you a perfect example of what an American or a Canadian will encounter in Ukraine.
    Earlier today I’ve had a chance to drop by a place to help some folks with their English curriculum. This is some kind of an Educational Center and they have a variety of subjects, from languages to programming.
    I had a friendly chat with the owners about the center itself, curriculum (obviosuly), and teachers.
    In case you are wondering-a teacher of English (local) is expected to work at least 36 hours per week (144 hours per month) and will get a monthly salary equivalent of…. 170$ US.
    How about that, eh?;) This is a bit more than 1$ per hour;)
    And this is considered an “ok” salary here.
    I think that this explains everything about Ukraine and its “future”.
    NO educated and smart person will ever be willing to stay in Ukraine and work for peanuts.
    Thus a massive “flight” of people from Ukraine, daily, weekly and monthly.
    Millions are leaving.
    In Poland a native speaker will make those 170$ in 2 days with lesser workload.
    Ukraine is very segregated, 5% of the population is extremely rich, they own all the wealth, drive luxury cars , live in fenced villas with 24/7 armed guards around, and the other 95% are dead poor, getting by in their old “worn out”, outdated and cold apartments in rows and rows of Soviet era apartments buildings.
    This country is corrupted beyond any limits, it is impossible to get anywhere without a bribe, big or small, and without “knowing someone” who will “say a word” to the “right crowd”.
    Ukraine does not and will never need professionals. All that American/European mainstream media bullshit about “Ukraine’s European path” is just that-a bullshit, baloney, written by some politically correct mainstream journalist who’s visited Ukraine for a week or two on a fun trip, stayed at luxury hotels, wined, dined and fucked at will and has been escorted to those luxury quarters where “da bosses of Ukraine” lived. He/she will never be allowed to go where they ain’t supposed to go.
    I’ve never seen a deep analytical article about Ukraine in any western newspaper or a magazine.
    All they ever print is some kind of glamour story about how Ukraine’s got rid of the former president and is now on the right track to somewhere.
    I strongly discourage anyone from planning to settle down in Ukraine with a Ukrainian lady! You simply won’t be able to survive unless you have a couple of million of dollars on your bank account. Even then you’ll lose all that money rather sooner than later.

    • Ahh FC I was hoping you’d reply. It’s good to hear from you. How has the New Years treated you so far? I’ve had a friend who was present during the initial uprising and protests. It would long periods sometimes that I wouldn’t hear from him, he’s still alive lol and well. The whole political turmoil was a major contributor to me not going.

      I do have a friend that is married to a Ukrainian Woman but this a few years before all of this and she is what was always described. She’s here now as a permanent resident and her and my fiancée get along very well.

      When it comes to women it’s still better to look outside of your country of it’s western. In all honesty yes we do have gorgeous women here, but PC culture and third wave feminism is just fucking everything up. It’s gotten to the point that the University that I was attending (University of Toronto) was actually staring to enforce to ask someone what pronouns they like to be called instead of “assuming” their gender. Give me a fucking break.

      While I can only attest to the Philippines, the vast majority women there are still very traditional. While there is some westernized women there. The Catholic Church is still very much a huge thing here and women here are taught at birth to look and take care for their man. City girls too are like this though with them it’s more of a 60/40 split with the majority still traditional. Those this is very very slowly ebbing away due to modernization.

      • Yeah, I love to stay up late at night;)
        How’s New Year treating me? Not bad, to be honest!!
        I ain’t gonna go into many details, but it is OK on a family front too!
        Yes, political turmoil seems to be endless here and it’s scaring people off. People, as well as businesses and investments. It is impossible to own and operate a healthy business in a country where nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.

        Well, Ukrainian women now and even 5 years ago are two completely different species.
        I’ve now been married for 10 years and at that time it was another universe light years away compared to today.

        Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve heard about the UofT, that’s a zoo for feminists and politically correct agenda/propaganda.

        I’ve never been to Phils, but a real good friend of mine from Toronto has now been happpily married to a philippino girl for…. I think about 7 years, and he likes it;)

        I still discourage anyone from planning his future in Ukraine with a Ukrainian female.
        There are plenty of other countries in the world where ladies haven’t been spoiled by feminism which is rapidly making inroads here and brought down by an eternal lack of money and future in life.

        • I’m still in good old Toronto. Though I do eventually plan on leaving all this behind in the future.

          That’s excellent news to hear. Of course no need to share intimate details as well. I’ve always wanted to go to Kiev, Odessa but seems like it’s be more trouble than it’s worth. I’m curious as to how the agencies that carter to Ukrainian and Russian women are handling the mass exodus. Guaranteed there still guys there looking there.

          Oh I completely agree. You’d have a laugh to see how the women from here react to them. I’ll share a story if you don’t mind my sharing.

          So it was just this past December. My fiancée has already been here for about a month or so and we were invited to a friend’s Christmas party. Naturally we accepted and went, as well as my friend and his wife. Now before I continue the person who invited us is a very good friend of mine but he does know a few feminazis unfortunately, needless to say there was a small handful there.

          Continuing we got there. Everything was fine, nothing to complain about. Everyone was having a good time. Then this one girl whom I know through a friend May (more acquaintances than anything) came up and introduced herself to my fiancée. She asked all the standard questions, then came the topic of where she was from. Of course she answered she wasn’t from Canada, said she from the Philippines and was here on a temp visa before we get married.

          FC the look on her face was priceless. She went off about how I’m taking advantage of her, how why I couldn’t find anyone here. That I went there looking for a maid. Now there’s no need for me to say that I was fuming, but my fiancée stood up for herself. She told her that she’s here because of her own will. I didn’t force her to anything, she does all the chores and housework because she wants too but the kicker was when she said that women are the caretakers and the men are the providers and protectors. That her job is to take care of her man while her man takes care of the family, and she’d never find a husband with her attitude.

          The face she made was priceless. I don’t think she’d ever experienced anyone tell her views are distorted especially coming from another woman. She just stormed off pouting. Kept to herself to herself the rest of the night.

          It was glorious witnessing that. My fiends wife came by along if everything was alright. He was busy with his own group as this little spat didn’t draw to much attention. She said she overheard what was said and the she 100% agrees as that’s what she was taught by her mom. The rest of night went without a hitch.

          While we’re not married yet us living together has been nothing short of phenomenal. FC if ever you decide to come visit Toronto I’d love to buy you a beer, and I think you’d love the Philippines. People are friendly and your dollar well go far. I there now quite often as if when my fiancée has to go back ill be there for a few months, again I extend the offer but in this case it’ll be several beers.

          Most Asian countries are a haven for non westernized women. The Philippines is slowly changing but as I said in my previous post the Church still an extremely huge role here and is very much a part of everyday life there.

          China too is a nice place to meet women mind you do try to avoid the more modernized cities, like Beijing or Shanghai to an extent. I personally know a few friends that are married to Vietnamese women and they’re happily married.

          Anyone interested can take our advice or drop a comment and myself or FC can chip in with our advice and experience.

          I’m sad to see that this website has been quiet for quite some time but I hope this can issue a small revival for it.

          • Hey, why would you plan on leaving Toronto behind if you have a lady you love by your side?

            I have no idea how agencies are getting by these days. Remember-they always have tons of photos to use and tons of hired folks to conduct chats and messaging;)
            And behind a sexy photo of a young lady one may find an older fat chap scamming foreigners for their hard earned $$;))
            I honestly do not understand those males who still might be considering Ukraine or Russia as a place to look for a wife/life partner.
            I ain’t surprised to hear your story about a Christmas Part in Toronto;)
            I haven’t been to Canada for 10 years now and things seem to have gotten worse since the day I left.
            People never change and you can’t expect a sudden turnaround from women who’ve been brainwashed from their early childhood, day in and day out, by parents, mainstream media, school, college, university, workplace etc.
            Doesn’t look like I’m gonna visit Toronto any time soon;) There are soo many wonderful places in the world worth visiting.
            Several beers?;) Just buy me a big bottle of Gatorade Lemon/Lime and I’ll be happy;) I’m in serious sports, just to let you know;)
            And I simply want to be with my wife as much as possible, I’ve been alone for too long while in Canada. Thus we only travel together.
            I do not see how it is possbile to revive/rejuvenate this site.
            Guests can’t leave messages here and every message has to be approved by the Moderator unless it is written by some of the regulars like you, me, Rodney etc.
            And any site/forum will slowly die when there is no discussion going on…

  16. So, this site is indeed slowly going into oblivion… Or may be rapidly so since there are no new topics in over 6 months and no new postings in a month.
    Guess western males finally got my point that grass ain’t greener on the other side of the pond and Eastern european women are often times a lot worse than their western counterparts.

    Once again I’d like to highlight the importance of not making any impuls decisions and not allowing Russian or Ukrainian females to get control of your wallet and your hard earned money.
    They will run you into bancruptcy, they will empty all your savings without ever giving anything back and will ALWAYS want more, more and even more money from you!
    Eastern European females never have enough, they always want MORE! They will NEVER work, they will rely on your money and will blame you for anything and everything if one day you decide to say NO!
    I have never met a Ukrainian female who’d made an effort to make her own money! ALL OF THEM have never had a meaningful work nor made an effort to find one and to help her man!
    But they were nagging non stop about MOOONEEEEYYYY! GIVE ME MOOOOONEEEYYYY!

    To sum it all up: AVOID Ukrainian and Russian females by all means possible if you want to have a happy life and “save your savings”.
    They ain’t worth a second of your time and a tiny part of your effort!

  17. I’d like to reiterate again the importance of never dealing with Ukrainian or Russian females!! Avoid them by all means possible!
    They’ll NEVER work, they’ll run you into the ground with non stop nagging, growing demands for money, money and even more money!
    They will never even make an effort to help you but still will want more and more from you!!!

    You’ll go crazy by just hearing: I need money for tis, I need money for that, while they’ll be sitting on their asses doing nothing!

    Avoid them, just fucking avoid Eastern European females! They are much worse than western women who supposedly “suck”.

    • FC you missed mentioning that Ukrainian and Russian women and men who get into Western countries working at their profession as doctors and R&D engineers will do any damage in the work place to get what they want. In many cases it will be by way destroying a colleague’s reputation. A Russian friend from Moscow told me they fight to get the better apartment. I you live in a better apartment in the same building neighbour’s will defame you to the body corporate to get you kicked out of your apartment so they can move in.

      • True that too. They never support each other but fight each other instead, even within a community.
        They frame each other, create obstacles for one another, badmouth each other. This does happen a lot too and I can confirm that.

  18. FC,
    What makes you think Western women are any different? In my 61 years of experience, what you are describing are women in general. But in the west, they will have purple hair, tattoos and weigh 200 lbs. When they start that whining shit about money, just say NO. And if that doesn’t work, show them the door. You will be better off for it. Find another, rinse and repeat if necessary.

    As to the website, Scott started this when he was searching for a good woman to marry. Since he accomplished that some time ago, I think it is generous of him to keep the site up for the archives, I for one appreciate it and have learned a lot from it. If someone has problems with a woman, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    I’ll leave you with this thought……If you want to know who loves you, lock your wife and your dog in the trunk( boot for you English guys) of your car. Let them out after 30 minutes and see which is happy to see you!

    I think that says it all.

    • Again, now in my seventies have had wonderful relationships with some twenty to thirty years my junior. I was not really looking but actually stumbled
      into these young bombshells. They were not looking for someone as old
      as I was BUT I am American and acted in a way that the typical males
      from their country did not.
      I first actually resisted ( should have had my head examined) and said
      you are so young in my country a relationship with you would be entirely
      inappropriate. Her response “You are not in your country ”
      WE were together for six years before her tragic death while I was back
      in the States on business.
      So my advice to any of you. Certainly you will find your share of airheads
      and Barbies, but at the same time you will find some that it is very very unlikely you would ever find in the West. You will have to qualify them to some extent.,You will have to grow them up a little. You will have to school them a little. You might have to reign them in a bit. Mine used to tell me
      I was too strict with them. What I am saying to you is that, yes, a little more
      effort is required and in some areas that you might not expect but there are ways to sort out those that have the potential to be wonderful companions and even wives. It is the silk purse sow’s ear kind of thing.
      If the raw material is a fat, sloppy, purple and green haired, ugly acne ridden
      troll it is probably not achievable in your lifetime. If however it is a drop dead gorgeous or highly attractive individual who simply needs a little direction
      it is a totally different matter. The biggest single circumstance I encountered was from other men. They were always hitting on her because they could not understand why in the world she was with me.
      It presented some very challenging times but I will do it all again in a heartbeat. Women are unique, they see things in us that we do not fully understand. Go for it and if you do not succeed on the first few tries figure
      out what went wrong and start over.

      • Mike,
        Well said. Thank you for sharing your experience. My condolences on the death of your girlfriend.

        Maybe because you and I are older, we have a different perspective on things. I have no problem getting girlfriend’s here, I just don’t like what is available.

        I remember Rodney telling about a friend of his who was a retired American expat living in Odessa and he seemed to be living a fantastic life.

        • Yes, American $$$ will go a long way here with current exchange rate.
          As I’ve said before: in Ukraine it’s either $$$$ or being a bum. Normalcy is unacceptable here and often times even criticized. Try telling locals that you do not drink alcohol, do not smoke nor use drugs and they’ll immediately become suspicious of you.
          Odessa has the highest concentration of whores in Ukraine by the way;)

          In recent years I always get a feeling that it is indeed easier for me to interact with western females than with their Russian or Ukrainian counterparts.

          • Well, I drink beer like it was water and smoke moderately (no drugs though). So maybe I will fit in. Ha-Ha.

            Yes, I know about Odessa, but Rodney’s friend had a different more mutual arrangement.

        • Let me offer just one more reply. It has happened in every country I have ever visited. I am not exceptional in any way. Not rich, simply average looking,
          or any other outstanding features that I am aware of.
          However, the thought occurred to me. They were mostly country type
          girls and women. Not from the big cities. They were pretty traditional in
          just about everything. Their beauty was not hidden , just not on public
          display. I was able to spend time in the small communities where they
          were from and that may have made the difference. The only common thread I have to offer for you is that when I asked, why me, the most often response was: You are kind, you are respectful, you are confident without being arrogant, I feel like a lady with you , I feel safe, you do not judge me,you make me feel important. I never hustled them. The relationships just seemed to blossom on their own. To this day I have never figured out why the huge age differential did/does not have a bigger impact.
          On the other hand, I certainly would be foolish to loot that particular gift horse in the mouth. The only other possible observation I have is this.
          My heart truly goes out to those within Government systems and Countries
          where they may never have a chance to improve their lives. Sometimes I think the worst possible fate is to be born a beautiful woman in a poor family. It seems to me like everyone around them views them as a commodity for sale. Anyone that seems to offer them an opportunity out of the pit displaying just simple and honest humanity and concern is seen as almost a hero. Gentlemen, they are out there by the thousands , but you do have to look in the right places. Seldom do they show up on social
          pages. They will be in markets, farms, and places where women have to
          go to meet their household needs. Are all of them beautiful? Certainly not>
          They have their share of trolls. You have to kind of sort through the haystack but it is well worth the effort. If it was too easy, would you really trust the result?

          • Good one, Mike!
            I have the same feelings in Canada and USA. It is a lot easier for me to get along with ladies from Alabama, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, or Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg than with those from Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, NY or LA.
            I do agree with this kind of approach: QUOTE:” You are kind, you are respectful, you are confident without being arrogant, I feel like a lady with you , I feel safe, you do not judge me, you make me feel important.” END QUOTE.
            The problem in modern Ukraine is that local ladies DO NOT NEED the above mentioned qualities and attitude. If a man is respectful, careful, attentive, supportive and treats a lady like lady then Ukrainian females immediately become suspicious and start thinking that there MUST be something behind that kind of behavior, some kind of a hidden agenda.
            Good point about women being a commodity in poorer countries.
            But whose fault is that! FEMALE’S!!!
            Who’s stopping them from being responsive to normal males? Why are they running scared from anyone who’s different from the crowd, who dares to have an own opinion, to lead by example, to stand up and be counted on? Yeah, those males pose a challenge!! It takes a daily effort to be with them cause they constantly strive to get better in all aspects of life whereas Ukrainian females prefer someone “invisible” and humble.

            I honestly recommend western men to spend their hard earned money on locals hookers instead of going places like Russia or Ukraine and trying to find a lady here.
            Just my 5 weird cents;)

        • To those of you who stand by your words. I do not question your words
          at all. There is certainly a great deal of truth in them.
          I can only share what I have experienced.
          Seven different countries over a span of fifty years.
          Some of the women in various countries simply did not melt my butter.
          I can not and will not question someone else’s observation.

          • Mike, NOOO worries, you ain’t offending me ;) We just happen to differ a bit in minor details/visions while being on the same page in general.
            I’m the world traveler and have my own observations , and those ain’t much different from yours.
            I always welcome and appreciate your input and thoughts.

      • Good one , Mike! But I still stand by my words;)

        I’ve been living here (Ukraine) for almost 10 years now and I’ve never ever had a lady interested in me/showing her interest/flirting/establishing eye contact.
        That was before my marriage and during it too since it is kinda hard to say if I am married or not right off the bat, I may be wearing gloves for example covering my ring.
        And I’ve never noticed any interest, none, zero, zilch!
        And all that considering the fact that I’m educated, tall, very sporty and well taken care of.
        I always back my words up with facts, deeds and observations. ALWAYS.
        And 10 years is a loooooong time to come to a conclusion. ;)

        • Maybe you are too intimidating for their sensibilities. The one’s that know you know that you are married and the one’s that don’t sense it.?

          • Why sorry? What’s wrong with expressing your own opinion? ANYONE can join our conversation and tell what he/she thinks;)
            We do not “own” it;)

            Intimidating? May be. I’m very politically incorrect, open minded and always say what I mean which seems to be totally unacceptable here in Ukraine or in the whole modern world for this matter.
            As I’ve said numerous times-Ukrainian and Russian females want some kind of an “invisible” guy who’ll never object anything they say, will comply with every order he’s given and will never challenge a female. And if he happens to be shorter than his lady then it’s even better!

          • FC,

            Just “Southern manners” my friend.
            Which is kind of strange since most of us are Scots. We still have Highland Games once a year. And Border Collie trials. Maybe you should introduce caber tossing into EE! Not sure how it did not become an Olympic sport and Curling did??? Work on that, ok? And maybe import some border Collies.

          • Southern manners, eh?;)
            I still say that there was absolutely NO need to be sorry for expressing OWN opinion or getting into our conversation;) This is a free site in a free world! ;))

          • Well, I thanks then. I still think you need to introduce caber tossing and import some Border Collies. Not sure how the locals would react to kilts, though.

          • Border collies-may be;) But kilts are very unlikely;)

            And they do have some kind of a wood log tossing competitions here as a part of a StrongMan contest.
            Not exactly caber tossing but very close to it;)

  19. Robert, having very recently returned from an extensive trip to the western world I can further confirm what I’ve said.

    Western women are getting better and eastern women are rapidly getting worse.
    Having visit the Caribbean and US East coast from Miami to New York I’ve hardly seen any female with purple/blue/green hair, tats-yes, they do have them, but not too many, and surprisingly not too many obese females.
    Problem with eastern European females (Russian or Ukraine) is total lack of brains. There is nothing to even brainwash. They are unable to clearly express themselves, unable to learn and unwilling to change that.
    I do not care much about what color is female hair or how many tats she has , but I do care if she can or can not challenge me in a conversation, if she has world experience and is willing to evolve together with me.
    I do not want a Barbie doll by my side, who ain’t able to hold a chat even though she ain’t got no tats and has a blond/brown/black hair.

    I ain’t blaming no one, I’m just trying to give a heads up to those western males who still consider Ukraine or Russia a paradise for all their “pussy needs”.

    Good point about the site too. There is no need for Scott to publish any new articles since he has accomplished what he initially wanted when first creating it. Those who want more can always dig deeper into the archives and find what they want.

  20. Hi FC,

    I agree with you completely about the “Barbie” girl thing. We call them “trophy wives” in East Texas. All tits and no brains. I can’t comment on your recent trip or the women in EE, but I can only comment on what I see here. Maybe I’m just turning into a grouchy old fart? And I may have overdone it with purple hair comment, but I think that was a euphanism for dopeheads. , A LOT of the women here from their teens into there sixties(!) are serious druggies. Not something I want to be around. Just having them in the car and getting stopped could get you sent to prison. Take care and stay safe.

    • Yes, Robert! I do agree with you too.
      These days there are tons of “Barbie dolls” here in Eastern Europe.
      I do know about “Trophy wives”: tits, tats and no brains) Thought this was more of a NY or LA/Chicago thing where folks love to show off with such a wife in public, but guess the virus has spread to Texas too.
      Nope, we ain’t some grouchy old farts, we just state the obvious ;)
      I have seen SOME purple/green hair indeed during my last visit to the Caribbean (Spring Break, you know), they just were not overwhelming amongst general public.

      Druggies? Oh yeah…. I can tell that many ARE indeed, they are so easy to spot in any Resort town, this was a very good observation.
      How’s that in East Texas? Opioids or the full scale with Marijuana, Crystal Meth and cocaine?
      Drugs are making inroads in Eastern Europe too. Not like in USA/ Canada yet, but getting there.

      • Hi FC, From what I see and hear, the meth seems to be the big problem, but opiates seem common also. From what I see on the news, drug busts usually include several different types of drugs. I hope EE can keep them out.

        • EE is more about light stuff like marijuana.
          But at the same time it is a drug trafficking hub from Asia to Europe and even USA and Canada.
          Opiates are not that popular here, but heroin and cocaine are.
          Then again the “drug scene” might have changed during the last 5-6 years.
          I’ve never frequented places like discos, bar and night clubs thus not very familiar with how things look like right now. May be they are much worse than I envision.

  21. It got a bit warmer here recently and streets immediately filled with stylish ladies holding hands with bums and hobos…
    This is a special “feature” of Ukrainian and Russian females-they can’t stand anyone educated, sporty, clean and evolving. This is a huge challenge for them and an insurmountable psychological barrier.
    They’ll happily stroll with a bum looking male but will run scared from anyone who dares to have an own opinion, to differ from the crowd, to stand up and be counted on and to lead by example.
    Ukrainian female ain’t worthy a second of attention. All they want is MONEY, money and even more MONEY and still they’ll go out with hobos and dirty bums cause they are no threat to their cozy inner comfortable world and will never challenge them in case they can’t nag no damn money from them.
    Many of you may not even believe me but I’m seeing all this first hand with my own eyes. This is unreal, unbelievable.
    Nice and stylish females go out with bums….
    Just my 5 cents of the day…. unbelievable…

  22. Hi FC,
    I take you at your word, but you are married and not “chasing” women. I know what you see on the street, but how do you know the women would not take a “better” guy if he was available? Just curious, honest question. Also, what age range are you referring to?

    • Of course I am not chasing women, but at the same time I am very observant and do interact with females a lot daily.
      And I am positive that those women would never take a ‘better” guy since he will pose a challenge to them!! He’ll be educated, sporty, evolving, trying to discover new things whereas a bum will never question anything nor be a challenge in terms of education, conversation or physical form.
      I know several single males here in Ukraine who have a very hard time to even get a date. Those males are university educated, they’ve been attending my trainings for years thus are sporty, they are not that shabby looking and yet they can’t even get a date cause it’s all about tons of money and/or being a bum (if money ain’t there).
      But it is never about a challenge to get better, to evolve as a person and a personality or to respect oneself.
      There are plenty of available guys here who can’t get a date and plenty of bums who walk hand in hand with stylish females.

      Age range? From 18 to 60. This trend doesn’t have any age range, any Ukrainian female will take a bum first but will run scared from any male who dares to be different, to have an own opinion, to stand up and be counted on and to lead by example.

      • Maybe it is the “Boris” effect that Scott wrote about. On the other hand, he documented some hot girls with “nerds”. A different culture, history and mindset. Hard times make hard people and God knows, they have had their share of hard times.

        • Hard times ain’t no excuse to go out with absolute scum and bums. And I’ve seen plenty of those couples in the last 2-3 days or so ;)

          • FC,

            prostitution is still illegal here in the US. And the cops routinely do “sting” operations and will lock your ass up in a heartbeat.

            I think what Mike is saying is that the “raw material” is better in EE..Feminine as opposed to feminist. You should agree, otherwise why did you leave Canada and go to EE?

          • Robert, unfortunately often times these days raw material can NOT and does NOT want to be processed and turned into something precious.
            Mediocrity rules in everything in Ukraine, from politics and economy to relationships and marriages.
            Nobody here wants professionals with the right attitude, experience and approach.
            And if one treats a lady like…. um, a LADY then she will immediately become suspicious an start looking for a hidden agenda and secret signs.

          • FC,

            Thanks for your insight and observations. I still think when I am able, I would like to visit several countries in EE (and Russia).

          • Robert, sure, but remember that coming here as a tourist and living here permanently are 2 different universes;)
            And come in late spring/summer. You ain’t gonna like it in any other season cause it’s dirty, grey and gloomy.

  23. Hey, hey! Happy Easter (West) and soon to be (Orthodox) to FC, Robert, John, Hugo, Mike, Seeker/2.0, Greg and Scott (I know you are busy)! It’s been a while Gents, and I apologize for my absence. We came home to Ukraine for a 2 month visit and we only have 2 more weeks before we return to Germany.

    I am bummed. I have always loved it here and just miss it, so the time goes by faster. We picked this time period because we had a lot of celebrating to do. My son turned 1 year old here, followed by my wife reaching the ripe old age of 35 (still looks 25). Then came Woman’s Day and then the big one, my 60th a few days ago. Yesterday was Fool’s Day, (a not to miss party in Odessa), and Easter is less than 2 weeks.

    When we arrived we put our children into a private pre-school. My daughter is 3, and now well aware of life and languages. They teach English as a 1st language, followed by Russian, Ukrainian and one day of German. They’re given specialty classes in music, soccer, sports therapy, yoga and aikido. The staff is amazing by being loving, caring, sweet and the big bonus: gorgeous 20 – 30 year old Ukrainian ladies.

    Regarding things here, its like its always been. A family city. Lots of baby carriages. Beautiful, classy, well dressed ladies, that just make you go – buh, buh, buh.

    For the most part, there is still warmth and friendliness like I had experienced in years past. Older ladies and younger ladies still sweet talk to your babies as they walk past. Some people might be a bit more ruder and I blame that on conditions here that are extreme. Rampant inflation, extreme high unemployment, low pay ($200/month). Normally, a recipe for civil disaster. But, after speaking with so many people, they maintain a positive attitude and have nothing but hope. They haven’t given up. That is not their style. That was proven on 20 Feb 2014, when hundreds of unarmed Ukrainians charged the building filled with Putin’s snipers, killing nearly one hundred. Their pictures and memorial are in two different locations, calling them the Heavenly 100.

    By the way, the city I am talking about is Kherson. This is my first time to ever give away the city because I was trying protect it from western exploitation. But, that cover is now blown. Mark Davis and his “dream connection,” BS agency is coming to Kherson on 13 Apr, starting a new wave of agency dating. The corruption and contamination of the beautiful and innocent women here has begun.

    I have asked all of my female friends and associates their opinion of this situation and they don’t like it. Kherson girls, are relatively modest and shy. They don’t want to sit at a table to receive instant judgement and contrasted to the other girls, by men, who don’t have the balls to come here on their own. My female friends believe that the women who attend are mostly interested being rained upon with gifts. And we have one friend, who is 45, who would like to meet a decent man, even a foreigner, but isn’t willing to go thru that gauntlet of oggoling men. And by the way, I pretty much trust you guys that I said hello to. So any of you with interest in a classy, no baggage (child is grown and gone), dark haired lady named Viktoria, give me a shout here. She’s willing to relocate.

    BTW, a long time friend from 2012, and a former DC client (who felt somewhat burned by the DC method), was here in Kherson, meeting a lady that my translator found for him one year ago. My wife and I got to meet her and she was a genuine sweetheart, not a scammer. It was his 2d trip and they got engaged. This will make the 4th couple we’ve brought together. The original 3 couples are happily married with one couple having born a son together last year.

    My buddy in Odessa is still living the life of Riley. He couldn’t make it to my b-day party because an ex-girlfriend from 5 years ago, showed up at his door, with a new son. Yes, he knows she’s using him, but he never cared about that, as I have mentioned before. There’s always a new one around the corner, in the next cafe. Anyway, I am not shitting you, she looks like a Playboy model, in every way. I think this time, they are going to stay together for good. She’s older now, has a child, and my buddy, has a super warm heart, at 70 years!!!!

    And I do get flirting looks from ladies. There’s a young lady at the local supermarket who breaks out into a gigantic smile every time I see her because I complimented her once on the flowers she puts in hair. She looks so sullen, the normal Ukrainian face when they are working or don’t know you. When its my turn, her face turns into a sunbeam and gets a bit blushed. Its cute, and at my age, I’ll take it. And there’s another young and gorgeous lady, a manager of a little cafe I like to frequent for my bleenichke (crepe pancakes), after I drop the kids off at school. She smiles me up and down and when I ask a question or mention a few words, she smiles, and elongates her, “yesssss…..can I help you???” All the while batting her eyelashes. It’s why Ukraine always worked for me. So easy to meet and flirt and with charm, ask for a phone number and go on a date.

    Congratulations Hugo on your new family. I agree PI women are extraordinary. My best friend in the US has been married for 25 years, extremely happily. Great story on your fiance blowing up the feminist.

    I’ve been teaching a Mexican cuisine cooking class while we’ve been here in English to HS students. When they ask me why I left the US, I say that’s simple. I couldn’t marry a feminist, when Ukraine is full of feminine charm. They smile and appreciate the compliment. Speaking of these students, I have to draw a divergent line here with my buddy, FC. He writes about the Ukrainian lady being uneducated, as well as the men. Not so, buddy. The kids I am teaching are a wonderful example of hard work and education. They are 13 and 14, fluent in English, some in German. They have to study from the moment they return home from school, until 11 pm or 12 am. They have homework out the wazoo. I’d put these Ukrainian kids next to an American kid any day and challenge them to a game of jeopardy.

    I do agree with FC on one point (not the others, my friend….!). Women are more cautious of western men here in the country. To an outsider, its a crumbling shame, and they’re a bit embarrassed. To them, why would a westerner travel to a small city, and not Paris, Berlin or Rome? What is the agenda? (Of course, they’re thinking sex tourist). My excuse before I was married, was that I was a golf instructor in Kiev. It was true, but it immediately brought me credibility.

    I’ll close for now. I am glad I checked in to see what was happening. FC, are you and the Mrs back together? It looks that way and if so, congrats, my friend. Family is family.

    I’m copying a photo of my kid’s teaching staff. You won’t believe your eyes.
    Cheers to all.

    • Wow, what a looong story, Rodney!! ;)) Nice one, you always provide us all with some good and positive reads.
      I can tell that you are in Ukraine and in Kherson since your IP is reflected on the main page;))

      But…. I still fail to see all those “gorgeous, beautiful, classy and well dressed” ladies in my town.
      What I see is a picture which starts to resemble any Canadian city more and more with every passing day.
      A faceless crowd, all dressed the same with eyes glued to their cell phones without ever looking around and totally avoiding any kind of eye contact. Flirting? WHAT flirting? They are scared to death to look around.
      “Dream Connection” has been touring Kherson before, Rodney. They’ve just never set up a base/headquarters there;)
      I honestly have NO idea where you get all those “flirting looks”, Rodney.
      All I see here is an abundance of rather attractive ladies going hand in hand with real bums, street hobos and low lives. Yes, those are aplenty. Several time I’ve seen really gorgeous ladies with damn dirty bums and it never ceases to amaze me…
      I still say that you, my good friend Rodney, live in some kind of an “enclosed” world when visiting Ukraine whereas I do interact with all “layers” of the society, from high to low and back. And I can understand what they talking about in all situations, on the bus/marshrutka, street car, in stores, barber shops, in grocery lines etc. And I do stand by my words about locals being uneducated and oftentimes even illiterate.
      I’m not trying to doubt your words about SOME kids (albeit those are VERY few and far between) being educated, willing to learn or beating an American or European kid in Jeopardy;)
      But again, THIS does NOT make the reality any brighter;)

      Am I and Mrs. back together? I dare to say ”yes for now”, but I am very very cautious these days.
      Wouldn’t mind seeing a photo of your kids’ teaching staff. Just to compare with what I am seeing here on a daily basis.

      • Like 3 days ago I’ve seen a tall, gorgeous and well taken care of lady in knee high heeled boots and mini skirt walking hand in hand with a bum-looking man in dirty shoes and jeans, smoking a cigarette and making some dirty jokes (they were very close to me on a bus stop).
        I am at a loss of words, local females oftentimes complain that there are no relationship worthy males and at the same time they are willing to go out with the low lives while running scared from any normal male.
        I personally find it very contradictory-on one hand they pretend to be after quality males and on the other hand they go as low as dating bums. And I do mean dating, not just walking the streets chatting about some nonsense.

        And about English fluency-I do teach English here in Ukraine and just happened to have an interaction with a local university student in her graduate year during last weekend’s Speaking Club . And she’s very far from any fluency, rich vocabulary or correct grammar. Moreover this young girl is among the best students of this year’s graduate class!!! Can you imagine those who are below the average?

        I’m desperately trying to recall any meaningful conversations held in Ukraine since , say, January 1, and every time fail to do so.
        Again, I am NOT trying to belittle locals but I am just telling the hard truth which does hurt.
        I can’t pretend that black is white and salt is sweet.

        And finally-you say that people haven’t lost hope.
        What I see is daily loads of buses full of Ukrainian citizens going to Poland, Czech republic, Italy, Germany etc.
        An overwhelming majority of people here has one goal-to find a job abroad and to leave Ukraine.
        The population of Ukraine has gone down from 51 to about 38 million of people from late 1991 to today.
        That’s hardly a sign of a nation with hope, my good friend Rodney.

        • Happy April, FC. Great weather yesterday and today. Wore shorts and a t-shirt both days and stunned the locals who are in winter boots, jackets and ski caps. Hot blooded Hispanic guy, I guess.

          Great points, as usual that you shared. I agree that folks have left and more want to leave or are sincerely are considering it. I failed to mention that agreement with you in my last post.

          I am stating though, which may have been missed by you, that with folks leaving Ukraine, a poor economy, DC coming to town, that guys from the west are losing their chances.

          I respectfully disagree with you on the education still. I’ve been having enlightening conversations with one of our Academy teachers. She’s a literature major and we have had great conversations surrounding top writers of the world (Pushkin, Hemingway, Poe).

          My 14 year old nephew is in an advance school focusing on computer graphics. He is doing exceptionally well. 2 weeks ago he had a week of exams in geography, history, math, physics, science, Ukrainian grammar, English and German. So that is family, therefore, I am quite read onto and not some po-dunk tourist just passing through. That’s sounds sarcastic on paper, so please excuse. 1.5 years ago, he could barely speak English and now we are fully conversational.

          Our kids have been sick for the past week and have missed school. We took them to a private clinic. Man, was I fkg impressed. My son has had a cough for 5 months in Germany and we’ve been to 4 different pediatricians who have not been able to kill his cough. Here, in one week, a gorgeous and sweet pediatrician killed his cough! I am fkg pissed at Germany for having such piss poor medical policies and weak methods. The German Dr was treating him as an asthmatic with an inhaler and a powder mix for asthmatics. This is a fkg specialized kinderklinik! So, I heavily and most heartily rule against your argument of poor education here.

          I trust them so much now that I did a health check up on myself and was amazed by their modern equipment, super cleanliness, and hot Dr! (LOL, can’t leave that out!).

          Here’s the link to the school with the most beautiful and brightest teachers in the world. Read them and weep boys!


          • Yes my good friend Rodney, it was a beautiful summer like day today indeed even up North ;))
            I kinda had the same “looks” from locals today cause I wore just 2 T-shirt, one long sleeved and one short sleeved;)) And I was sweating!!!
            Had to wear jeans though, not as warm as in Kherson yet.
            I’ve seen about 5-6 buses today heading to Europe , mainly Poland. And those buses were FULL! That’s another 250-300 people leaving Ukraine in those buses.
            I’ve never said that EVERYONE is stupid and uneducated here, but the overwhelming majority is;)
            Your nephew is attending an ADVANCED SCHOOL;) Try visiting an average local “middle or high school”;)
            Sarcastic, eh?;) No worries, pal! I always encourage and welcome honest thoughts!!!!
            Medical treatments ARE indeed good and professional in Ukraine, no argument here, but those are still based on old Soviet school whereas the West totally relies on Paracetamol in each and every occasion.
            Hot doctors? May be, I try to stay healthy and avoid those places altogether.
            And I did follow you link to the best and brightest teachers of Kherson;)
            Though didn’t find anything/anyone to weep about;) DEFINITELY not my style of ladies;) On top of it all they are waaaaay too young for single males my age.
            Just my 5 cents;)

    • Hi Rodney, Thanks for the update on this so. Glad you and the family are doing well and are enjoying life. Congratulations to all of you on your birthdays. I really think in a very few years, that you guys will return to Ukraine on a more permanent basis. In the meantime, stay safe and happy. Spend lots of time with your kids. They grow up so fast!

  24. Been on the town for about 6 hours non stop earlier today on “business” (an average sized town in north western Ukraine with the population around 250 000) and walked about 5-6 miles since the weather was very spring like and pleasant.
    And during all these hours I have NOT seen ONE even remotely attractive female. NOT ONE!
    My good friend Rodney, the thing is that what you see in Kherson is only a tip of an iceberg;) You see or are shown only about 2-3% of Ukrainian reality. It is simply impossible that you see all those fancy ladies willing to interact and educate themselves and then I walk around town for long 6 hours and feel like I am back to Toronto where all ladies look the same in jeans and flat shoes.
    Not that I am after any kind of a flirt but I expected to see at least SOME attractive and stylish women around and definitely NOT a crowd of faceless robots glued to their IPhone screens.

  25. Forgot to elaborate on a comment. Regarding DC, as you know, I am very much against this type of trying to “find your girl.” Mark Davis is a master marketer with smoke and mirrors. Yesterday, my wife and kids, had a sit down with a dear friend. Actually she was a runner up beauty pageant winner two straight years. She invited 3 of her girlfriends. Yup, I was surrounded by gorgeous women, including my own hot wife.

    One of the ladies is a morning TV anchor which likes to talk about interesting things going around town. I like to stir shit, especially when it comes to the exploitation of my favorite town in Ukraine. I asked her if she would like to investigate a potentially scandalous topic. I told her and the other ladies of the incoming sex tour with DC in the coming week. The girls said, “oh, we’re used to these agencies and its no big deal.”

    I had to put on my sales hat and sell my reason. I talked about it all being a big scam, a waste of time, and how there were really no winners. They asked what I meant. I talked about the men that come to these events. Do they honestly believe that in 8 days, that a woman from Kherson is going to fall in love? That of course, drew a blank stare, because they knew that was impossible. So, then they countered with, “well the women that go there are just looking for gifts and a good time.” Ta -da ! There is your scandal. Men come to goggle, dream and fantasize. Women come to clean their pockets. Great business, but does it solve the issue of finding true love? No, they agreed. TV anchor went to town on her social media. Within minutes, her colleagues agreed this was a great topic to investigate.

    So, cross my fingers, I am going to run a blocking move on DC. They’ve already raped Nikolaev and the other agencies have done the same to Odessa and Kiev. This used to be a family town, innocent and quiet. I just hate seeing groups of western men with their translators walking the streets, knowing that they’re going to get used, and any innocent Kherson girls that get led down the road of thinking she’s the “one”, only to get “beaten” out by the competition. That’s a hard pill to swallow for any lady. Dating 10 girls in 8 days sounds great in theory, but the innocent ladies are the victims.

    The ladies couldn’t have agree with me more. So, let the dogs run and see if I can pull the red carpet from underneath DC comics.

    • Yes, Rodney! Good one about DC.
      It is impossible to find nothing but a one night stand from THAT kind of interactions/”dating”. But is it THAT bad after all considering the number of desperate and sex hungry American males?

      On a side note: Why do I NEVER see THAT kind of women you describe on the streets HERE?;) Like NEVER!!

      Nikolaev has been a DC headquarter town in southern Ukraine for years now;) NO secret here.

      But…. I’m gonna tell you the hard truth, Rodney-DC will come and will hold their meetings in Kherson. There are 3 tours planned for this year alone and ALL of them WILL HAPPEN! As did the “Romance” Tour in November 2017.
      Thus this won’t be the first time DC making inroads into Kherson.
      Yes it WAS a “meat market”, but there are still and always will be plenty of ladies, WILLING to attend those gatherings, and THAT, my friend, is another part of the iceberg I’ve been talking about…
      On the other hand there always will be tons of sex hungry and desperate American males willing and ready to pay 5K (that’s the price of a tour) just to get a sniff of a female pussy cause they ain’t got no chance to get that ever elusive sniff in America.
      They do come to get laid and they do get laid.
      Yes, it is a week long tour but most of those males will get more sex during those 7 days than in the rest of their pitiful lives.
      I am NOT playing devil’s advocate THIS time around, but instead trying to open your eyes a bit to what IS really happening in Ukraine beyond the walls of Advanced schools, morning TV shows and those smiling young ladies seen on a Facebook link….

      • Hey FC! I figured it out! Why are there such vast differences between my Kherson and your NW Ukrainian habitat? Your region lies in the direct fanned path of the Chernobyl fallout. Now that finally explains why we talk as if we’re from different worlds!

        • Yup, spot on, Rodney! This town is NOT very far from Chernobyl and was directly affected by the disaster in 1986…

          • LOL! There ya’ go. Difference issues solved. And that was April 1986. Stationed in Germany during the Cold War. We didn’t have fresh milk or salad for 6 months. Had to drink that super homogenized milk. Yuk!

          • Wow, it must’ve been real bad back then if those limits were imposed.
            But true- milk, dairy products and fresh veggies/fruits are the first ones affected by nuclear radiation, so you were properly protected.

    • Great move Rodney. Hopefully the local media there will trash DC so badly, they will ignore Kherson in the future. I could never imagine doing one of those tours, even if it was free. I’d much, much rather go alone and I guarantee, I would have better luck. And a helluva lot more fun.

      • Local media will do NOTHING, the Tour will happen ( just as it did in November 2017) since there are tons of desperate and sex hungry American males willing to go overseas and get access to that ever elusive female pussy.
        There is a demand thus there will be a supply.

        One more time, please read THIS:

        I’m gonna tell you the hard truth, Robert-DC will come and will hold their “meetings” in Kherson. There are 3 tours planned for this year alone (with the 1st one happening in mere 2 days) and ALL of them WILL HAPPEN! As did the “Romance” Tour in November 2017.
        Thus this won’t be the first time DC making inroads into Kherson.
        Yes it WAS a “meat market”, but there are still and always will be plenty of ladies, WILLING to attend those gatherings, and THAT, my friend, is another part of the iceberg I’ve been talking about…
        On the other hand there always will be tons of sex hungry and desperate American males willing and ready to pay 5K (that’s the price of a tour) just to get a sniff of a female pussy cause they ain’t got no chance to get that ever elusive sniff in America.
        They do come to get laid and they do get laid.
        Yes, it is a week long tour but most of those males will get more sex during those 7 days than in the rest of their pitiful lives.
        I am NOT playing devil’s advocate THIS time around, but instead trying to open your eyes a bit to what IS really happening in Ukraine beyond the walls of Advanced schools, morning TV shows and those smiling young ladies seen on a Facebook link….”

        And if such tours were organized in the town I am in, there would have been a mile long line up of females willing to partake albeit ugly and uneducated ones, but still a mile long!!! And I know what I am talking about!
        Those DC tours should try and cover northern Ukraine too since women here are perfectly “fit” mentally to welcome desperate and sex hungry males with open arms but would totally reject any normal man with normal thoughts and approach.

        • Ha ha ha! ROFLMAO! FC, you crack the shit out of me all the time. Don’t hold nothing back, man!

          Robert said he’d never go on of those tours and we haven’t heard anyone talk about attending in about 4 years. Last time was the friend of Scott who gave us a blow by blow of a DC tour. I think later he got engaged? But, there was never a follow up with news of a marriage. Either it didn’t work out or he got so busy that he never checked back in.

          My intent wasn’t to stop DC, just some H&I (harassment and interdiction). I saw the journalist on Easter and she said they’re going to try and do an interview with DC.

          Unfortunately, they’re going to be staying a couple hundred meters from our apt and we’ll be here for a few days until we return to Germany. I don’t want to see a gaggle of turds walking around oggling the citizens. This is the biggest family town you could ever imagine. We’ve had CA weather for the past week and the Holy weekend. Families were everywhere. Its been and I’m going to miss.

          • I can place a safe bet that there would be no more than 5 or 6 desperate and sex hungry males on the upcoming Tour, Rodney. Thus you won’t have to deal with “hordes of turds” walking around and getting their dicks hard in their pants when looking at southern beauties in heels and mini skirts;))

  26. Late add to my previous posts: The other day while chatting away with the ladies, I decided to help out a friend of mine. He’s in the US military stationed where we live in Germany. He had seen photos of Ukr ladies on my FB and jokingly had asked me to keep an eye out for any single ladies.

    At the table I brought him up and asked if there were any ladies they knew that could be interested in a foreign guy and willing to move for a serious relationship. They got their heads together and it happened to be one of the ladies at the table. A beautiful 31 year old life coach psychologist. I showed them his FB photo and they gushed about how handsome he looked. After some time, the young lady told my wife she didn’t think he was a “serious” man.

    I assured her that he is. She told me that she’d rather stay single than get played. I wrote my buddy and advised him to send her a text message and begin from there. He did, she accepted and we’ll see if things warm up. My point, this is how guys from the west can meet someone. If you come with an agency, most guys are in la la land and any serious girls that attend, don’t want to get played. One on one is always better than the so called 10:1 ratios of girls to guys. And no, I am not going to back to matchmaking. This was a special request from someone I know personally, and I am not charging him a dime.

  27. I had to be on the town again for several hours earlier today.
    I honestly have no idea where you good folks happen to notice those “stylish Ukrainian ladies”.
    Today I felt that I’d returned to Toronto and been surrounded by faceless emotionless zombies all dressed in those old worn out jeans and some kind of running shoes.
    Stylish Ukrainian women? They do not exist any longer and been replaced by soulless robots only interested in money.
    All Ukraine wants is mediocrity. Mediocrity in everything from politics, economy and social life to education, dating and relationships.
    One ain’t supposed to be different, to have goals, ambitions, self respect, own opinions and courage to stand up and be counted on and to lead by example.
    Those folks here are immediately labeled “suspicious and even dangerous” and are never considered worth anything. Such a person will never get hired anywhere, will never be given an opportunity to start his own business and will never get any meaningful date.
    Ukraine is a mediocre country with mediocrity reigning in everything here.
    I certainly do not recommend anyone to consider Ukraine as a place to start business or to settle down more or less permanently.

    • Hi FC,
      If we could just get all your posts to DC’s clients, I’m sure they would never come to Ukraine. I am not sure if that would make you a good person for saving some poor girl’s virtue or a bad person for depriving some girls of gifts and money. You are certainly doing your best to staunch the flow of men into Ukraine.

      • Hi Robert and FC,

        FC and I have been debating this for a few years. A 2 month visit hasn’t changed my views about the charm and warmth of these ladies. Yesterday, I had to catch a marchutka and asked a very nicely dressed and attractive middle aged blonde, what bus number did I need to my destination. She answered in perfect English, “you need #8.” I said thank you and returned to the curb. She walked up next to me and asked where I was from. She was very sweet and friendly. She asked the ol’, “what are you doing here?” I said I am here with my wife and kids visiting family. She made a passive exit after I said that, but my point is, they are so easy and pleasant to meet. Don’t need no damn agency. So many beautiful ladies here, it makes my head spin. I can clearly see, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is quite separated between my buddy, FC and I. When he saw the link to our teachers and their photos, and said they weren’t all that, I knew we would never be able to agree on what is an agreeable common ground of attractiveness. Two of these ladies came to my birthday party and were stunning. That picture you see in the FB is in their jeans and t-shirts because they deal with kids all day. 90% of them, to me, would look good in a gunny sack. Difference of opinion, but it provides balance to Scott’s site. We’ll be back to Germany next week FC. My opinions will obviously slow down.

        • Hi Rodney,

          Thanks for the feedback.I did not get to see your pictures, but I am sure the girls are stunning. Sorry you are going back to Germany. You always seem happier when you are in Ukraine. Life is short my friend, do whatever makes you the happiest. And I have to say that your friend in Odessa is my role model.

          • Thanks Robert. I think you read me like a book. I would much prefer to live here in Kherson, than in Germany. I believe in the long term, Ukraine is going to rise from the ashes. They thirst for the West, as I have seen EU flags flown here and there, not to mention their memorial for those that died on 20 Feb 2014.

            We have to hang in there for another 1.5 years to receive our permanent residency, which will allow us to move to other EU nations. Our dream is to move to Spain, and that will do just fine in lieu of Ukraine. For our kids, its the right thing to do, regarding their education and future job opportunities. And for the sake of repeating myself, Spain is a sweet consolation prize.

          • Yes, Rodney, Spain or Greece would be the best choice for you and your family!
            Just do NOT make a mistake of coming back to Ukraine.

        • Yes, Rodney, we’ve been debating this issue for a while now;))

          I’d like to reiterate the fact that YOU come here for mere 2 months, and I stay in Ukraine more or less permanently, though this stint is finally coming to an end and we’ll be moving outta here for good.
          I’ve never denied that things like your “interaction with that blond before boarding your marshrutka” DO HAPPEN! The problem is that those occasions are very few and far between and usually lead nowhere.
          Yes, one may get her number or even ask her on a date…. which will result in nothing cause she’ll sure start playing some kind of Ukrainian head games especially if a man dares to differ from the mainstream, have an own opinion and also dares to lead by example.
          I can have exactly the same bus stop chit chat with any female in Canada or USA which will never lead to ANYTHING!!
          I am on town a lot these days and I still have to see ONE even remotely attractive female!!! All I see is a Canadian/Toronto crowd at its worst-faceless, emotionless people all dressed the same like zombies or aliens…
          I’ve just had another look at a Facebook link from Kherson school and still failed to find anything attractive. Yes, those are young females, 25-30 y.o., but even if I were single, they still would’ve been of NO attraction for me. They are too young and I am way too old for that kind of an age difference.
          Me and those girls live on different planets when it comes to visions, values and life experiences.

          • Brother FC,

            I can’t debate you much anymore. We both agreed we live in different parts of Ukraine, and just like the West is waayyy different from the South US, we have to honestly be experiencing different ways, attitudes and character. And I know you dismiss my 2 months as a mere drop in the bucket, it’s still quite enough to make observations and opinions. Plus, I’ve been with my wife now for nearly 6 years and 2 kids. My talking points have validity.

            I sincerely believe that when you talk of Ukraine, you can’t put a blanket statement on it, just like I can’t compare apples to apples regarding Kherson and Kiev.

          • My good friend Rodney, my initial message was not so much about the evaluation of Ukrainian women in general but rather about the fact that I definitely do not recommend any western males to get involved in a serious relationship with a Ukrainian or Russian lady these days.
            God knows, it must’ve been different 8-10 years ago though I still think that my marriage did ruin my entire life and prevented me from reaching my initial goals. I’ve never felt happy in my marriage, but always felt “used” and often abused.
            And if I only could go back in time I’d have never ever got married nor involved in any kind relationship with a Ukrainian female. My marriage was likely the worst decision in my entire life. I’ve lost everything and gained nothing.

            Russian or Ukrainian women NEVER have ANY damn money nor make any attempt to help their males financially! They’ll just nag and nag and nag and beg and beg and beg for money, more money and even more money!!
            They’ll easily run any male into bankruptcy and then again will blame him for not having money to meet their outrageous demands!
            All Ukrainian women need is MONEY! And they NEVER ever give anything back!
            It is better to buy a hooker for that kind of money than to get involved in a relationship with a Ukrainian female!
            Avoid them by all means possible! That’s my message to all males out there!

      • Why shouldn’t they come to Ukraine when they are coming in order to get that ever elusive access to the female pussy? They will get plenty of that in Ukraine cause they will BUY it, be it in Nikolaev, Kherson, Kiev or Odessa.
        I do not recommend those who are looking for a serious relationship to come to Ukraine cause Ukrainian women will run them into bankruptcy and psychiatric ward with constant nagging and asking for money, more money and even more money! That’s ALL what Ukrainian women need-MONEY! And they will NEVER give anything in return! NO matter how hard one tries local females won’t have enough and will want more and more!
        Thus I see nothing wrong with DC males coming to Kherson and buying love and sex. At least they’ll get what they are paying for without nagging, wasted time and demands blown out of any proportions.

        • Hi FC,

          Well, do they have to pay $5000 to go meet these women? Or couldn’t they just do it on their own?

          And as for Ukrainian women and money, men just need to say NO or to tell them to fuck off. There is no reason to put up with that bullshit from any woman, regardless of country.

          • As far as I understood, Robert, they pay 5000$ US for the “tour only” option. Flight tickets and food are extra.
            Yes, for THAT kind of money they could get any girl they wanted in Ukraine. But in all likelihood those men are insecure sex starved and desperate individuals deprived of any female contact for years and years.
            And paying that amount of money for a pre-arranged tour is their ONLY option to get that ever elusive access to ever elusive pussy;)

            And about saying “NO” to a Ukrainian or any other female for this matter: that’s exactly why I strongly recommend all normal males not to bother about getting married and just resort to paying hookers for a guaranteed sex.
            Ukrainian females need waaaaay too many “NOs” to even bother about ever getting into a relationship with them.

  28. Add on: needless to say that I have not seen ONE even remotely attractive female during all those hours spent downtown and miles walked.

    • FC,

      I am not even sure how to respond to that. All I know is what I see on the ground here and the pictures I see from there from a lot of sources. And the women there look a whole lot better and act nicer than here. Stay safe and happy friend.

      • Pictures from Ukraine, eh?;)) Have you ever thought that it took a while to snap those “sexy and stylish” ones from Ukraine?;)
        Yes, there are places where it IS possible to make those photos, especially in bigger cities like Kiev, Odessa or Kharkov.
        But smaller towns look like hell on earth. You gotta live here to fully understand what I am talking about;) Live, interact and experience that first hand, my good friend Robert;)

        • A few evenings ago, we were out for a long walk with the Godparent’s of our son and their newborn. It was around 2200, the air was comfortable and city was quiet. Every now and then some people would pass by and even single ladies. Made me feel good that we’re in a park, and people feel safe enough to move through the city.

          I was telling my buddy that it’s going to be hard to leave Ukraine. Then I asked, why do I like Ukraine? I want to stay while many want to leave. He thought for a moment and said:
          1. the girls. I nodded yes to that
          2. the people. I nodded yes to that
          3. the strength of the $. And nodded yes.

          Who else in their right brain would not feel the same? Sure, Ukraine is changing somewhat. Girls are more casually dressed. Some weight is being added. A few with tattoos are popping up but for the majority, there are still so many fine looking ladies, with great forms, and dresses with high heels are not as much, but still in vogue. Make up is always applied. Main point: it still is a great feature of this country. And its funny, the ladies know that.

          A restaurant owner I know, and whom I did some English cooking classes for her, asked me what the German ladies looked like. I said up to 25, some can be quite attractive, but after 30, they go downhill fast. Then she said that my wife is very pretty and I thanked her. Then she added, “she must really stand out in Germany!” I laughed because I saw her point. I told her yes, that my wife gets quite a few looks from the German men.

          I told the restaurant owner that more and more Slavics are coming to Germany and perhaps in a couple generations, the Germans will finally have some more beauties.

          • Well, southern cities are always different from the North ;)
            The town I am in is literally “dead” after 9 pm. There are some clusters of activities but those are not many.

            Oddly enough it is never hard for me to leave Ukraine;) I just hop on a plane and wave it Good Bye;)
            Girls aren’t the same any longer.
            People? Hardly any attraction.
            Strength of an almighty dollar? Oh yeah, it still goes a loooong way :)

  29. Brother FC,

    On the eve of our departure, I wanted to say that I may have failed to mention an agreement with one of your points. Regarding people leaving Ukraine for greener pastures, yes, that is true. The city feels more empty and I have talked to all of my Ukrainian friends who have confirmed that they know someone (or more), who have moved to Europe or otherwise abroad. And that many folks dream of doing the same.

    We did a photo session with the family today, because Spring has busted out all over here. Our photographer has been doing our photos for 5 years now, since she was a student in college. Her business is thriving, so I asked if she wants to move out. She said no, she loves her town. I told her I haven’t heard too many people actually stating that. But, my wife and I think that since she makes a good living, that of course she’s happy to stay. Many folks are struggling to put food on the table and they have to move abroad for more pay. We’ve had three family members working in Poland, like slaves, just to earn more money. Like 12 hrs per day in a fish factory. Cold, smelly, wet and very tiring, for about 1.5 eur per hour. Ukraine folks make about 1.5 eur per day.

    Bottom line: the choices of finding an educated young lady, may be harder now here in Ukraine.

    • Yes, my brother Rodney, you did get my point!
      Kherson is a bit off the main roads in Ukraine whereas the town I am in is like the gates to the west;)
      And I see all those packed buses daily heading to Poland, Germany, Czech Republic etc.
      I’d say a majority of Ukrainians has plans to move out, not an overwhelming one, but still a majority.
      Yes, you’ve pointed to the main difference in salaries between Poland and Ukraine, 2 euros per hour vs. 2 euros per day!!!
      I’m gonna give you another example though. I remember you were telling us about your experiences with teaching in Ukraine, not even teaching but more like wondering about the pay. And at that time an employer was literally offering you to work for peanuts.
      Right now a teaching position in Ukraine (English, of course) for a NATIVE SPEAKER (!!!!!) pays from 75 to maximum of 100 grivnas per 90 minutes which is less than 4$.
      Whereas in Poland the same position will pay you up to 100 Zloty per 90 minutes equaling 30$ per 90 minutes.
      30 divided by 4 equals 7.5!!!!! The salary in Poland is 7.5 times higher than in Ukraine for exactly the same position.
      And that is for a group lesson, 1 on 1 tutoring is even more.
      No one in his/her right mind would want to stay in Ukraine and work for peanuts and leftovers.
      And I do not blame those folks, instead I do help them with immigration, papers and information.

      • I travel a lot by marshrutkas and use to listen to all kinds of conversations. Oftentimes I just sit down minding my own business while observing people around me.
        For example today I overheard 3 different conversations by 3 different groups of youth aged 18-25 about their plans for the upcoming summer.
        All of them were talking a bout immigration to Poland and West in general and 2 out of 3 had already submitted visa applications and were expecting an approval in the nearest future.
        I will never stop highlighting the fact that the main problem of Ukraine is mediocrity. Educated, sporty, honest and bondable professionals are not welcome in Ukraine thus their only option is going West.
        Nobody will consider staying in a country where 95% of labor force are paid peanuts and 5% are ultra rich and can afford everything they want and beyond.
        Ukrainians can not afford a house or an apartment since there are no mortgages here and it is either cash or bust, and are forced to stay in outdated and “worn out” old commie apartment buildings with deteriorating water and sewage systems.
        Same goes for the cars etc. 95% of the general population can not and will never be able to afford that while it is all easily and readily available in the West with credits, car loans and mortgages with very low interest rates.
        But it all starts with mediocrity and total fear that someone may be better skilled and educated than an HR manager or , God forbid, the boss. Thus the employers keep offering very low wages attracting very low skills which subsequently can not produce any substantial results nor meet deadlines nor provide any quality services.
        And then all those big talking heads on all kinds TV shows are wondering why people are leaving Ukraine is droves and will never come back.
        University graduates have absolutely NO future in Ukraine unless they want to engage in some shady activities, become criminals, give bribes and become corrupted or climb up the political career ladder which also means corruption and lobbying for money. Big money….

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