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Just how f-d up the world is

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Sorry for the long break guys (and ladies).

The Wife and I have been very busy with our work and I haven’t had much time at all to spare.  What little free time I’ve had has been invested in spending time with my Wife and child.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, I’m finding some little breaks here and there and I plan go get more involved in this site again between now and Christmas.

As for many of the things I’ve written in the blog over the past decade, I am sure that most of you are beginning to see the light as to what I have written about.  The whole social justice warrior phenomenon – basically a bunch of radical college-aged communists – reveals the worst about the millennial generation.  Everyone wants rights, privileges and respect but no one is willing to give respect, nor respect others rights.

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Whether you were pro-Trump or Hillary, I am sure that most Men were shocked to see so many cry babies, carrying on that they didn’t get their way.  It was like watching a bunch of 2 year olds throw tantrums.  And even if you were pro-Hillary and upset that he won, would you want to marry one of the women you saw on TV who was crying and blubbering on and on about it?  And now, we see young people carrying communist flags, smashing private property and acting like fools.  Would you want your son to marry one of these nuts?

For those of you who are single, divorced, widowed, etc – the proof is in the pudding – American women suck.  If you want any chance at all at a good marriage, it is time to look abroad.

Thank you for visiting this site – and to all of the regulars who still drop in and comment, thanks for sticking around.

she's nuts

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Just how f-d up the world is

29 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Glad to hear you’re getting a breather from your busy schedule. Looking forward to some new posts spreading the word that western women suck!

  2. The “Man Scammer”. As I have posted before, my friend and I were taken for rides by 2 Russian Transexuals who entered NZ as mother and daughter. The mother who was cheating on her husband with my friend is accused by the Russian community with poisoning her husband before puting him in a nursing home, putting the house on the market, cleaning out his bank account and skipping the country to live with the daughter and her NZ cancer patient in Australia. They never returned for the mother’s husband’s funeral. https://youtu.be/LycYawAn1nE

  3. Having read Greg I get more and more convinced that western women supposedly “suck” ONLY because of western MEN!
    I can’t imagine ANY western woman willing to have a relationship with a person soooooo damn fixed on some “russian transsexuals” who took him for a ride;))
    On the other note: it’s time to start a page called “Eastern European women suck”. I’m temporarily back to Ukraine for some unfinished business and boy is this country now a parade of stupidity and uglyness…

  4. Hello Scott, I am new to your blog and am starting to go through the long history of articles you have written. I found your site when I was looking for an honest review of Elena’s Models. Would there be any specific posts of yours you would recommend I read or should I delve willy nilly through it all?

    • As we all age and change with experience, we become different people. I look at the guy I was when I started this site and I can say that I’m a different person today.

      That said, I may give different advice than I would have given before I met and married. In this way, my advice then, and now, is probably relevent to different people depending on their circumstances.

      Marriage is for life. Do yourself a favor and spend some time investing in getting it right.

      I would go back to the first post and then read the whole blog. I did it a year or two ago and it took me 2 or 3 days, reading after work each night. It might take longer now as there are so many comments.

      Good luck in your search.

  5. Having read Greg I get more and more convinced that western women supposedly “suck” ONLY because of western MEN!
    I can’t imagine ANY western woman willing to have a relationship with a person soooooo damn fixed on some “russian transsexuals” who took him for a ride;))
    On the other note: it’s time to start a page called “Eastern European women suck”. I’m temporarily back to Ukraine for some unfinished business and boy is this country now a parade of stupidity and uglyness…

  6. Been in Ukraine for 3 weeks now…. what a Hell on Earth this country has become!
    Haven’t seen even ONE damn remotely attractive lady! Flip flops, shorts and pants all the way. A lot of fatties now especially amongst those from 18 to 28 years old. 1000s of people are leaving Ukraine daily, buses to Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and even Italy and Spain are FULL!
    Cities are literally empty!
    I have never seen such an amount of uneducated people in my life, folks can hardly express themselves in an average conversation!
    What a change in mere 4-5 years…
    I strongly DISCOURAGE anyone planning to come to Ukraine to look for a wife from doing so! You won’t find nothing! NOTHING! One big fat zero!! Zilch! NADA!
    Stay where you are, do sports, get educated and get yourself a good job, save some money and better spend all that money on hookers. At least they won’t fuck your brains pretending to be something they are NOT!
    Ukraine has become a nation of pretenders where all the ugly ducklings pretend to be beautiful swans!
    And even if you want to have fun-look elsewhere! Go to Thailand, Colombia, Venezuela, may be Russia, but avoid Ukraine by all means possible! THIS is Hell on Earth now, times worse than those “evil Western women”. Right now I’d take a Canadian female over a Ukrainian one at any given second!

  7. OMG!. Did you see the movie “Lars and the Girl”. There is the new option of Cloning yourself. Having a pet Mini-Me around the house.
    The old blow-up doll is the thing of the past. new exciting market is the artificial intelligence. The Al Sex Robot. https://youtu.be/5pKczGG19uo

  8. Hi!
    sorry for a comment not directly related to the current post. But I have been reading this very interesting blog, on the side of current experiences with dating sites. I am new to this but otherwise quite internet savvy, so I spend a lot of time checking stuff.

    Indeed a site like, among others, anastasiadate is taking advantage of the chronic chaos in Ukraine. I know very well Russia and a bit Kazakhstan. Also some Central European countries like Hungary and Poland.
    Ukraine is widely known in central/eastern Europe as the realm of broken things, corruption, petty or organized or political crime.
    For instance, even now, hungarians who cross the border from Nyiregihaza to Uzhgorod often put a small banknote inside the passport, for the guard, just to avoid to get unnecesserally harassed for nothing (luggage search, waste of time, etc).
    Polish truck drivers who do long distance to Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, do prefer Belarus for the quality of the roads and the safety, then Russia where things are ok and road generally also excepted seasonal summer repairs, but Ukraine is the country they fear: roads are broken, maintenance nihil and risk of attack and robbery still there.

    Now, as for these dating sites scams, what surprises me is that nobody has tracked down the guys running the scams and put together visits to them, in group or by hiring the right people, in order to break their knees or put then in wheelchairs. Of course it’s not legal, but that’s not the point. Unless these guys do physically regret in their bodies the day the c***ts of their mothers did spit them on earth, things will not stop.
    That’s not a trivial task to track them down, and the heads are probably even not in Ukraine. In Ukraine, there are just the girls and the “agents”. The heads may be in Ukraine but probaly also in UK or some Mediterranean resort or USA or anywhere.
    Personally I don’t car of course, and I have not fallen in the trap. But when I see how much money some guys have lost, my first thoug is that with that money in Ukraine they could just pay the local police officer in order to get anyone killed. Obviously there’s the language barrier when it comes to many foreigners.

    Then the problem with the big fish, anastasiadate. Their office is in Malta, with another one in Hong-Kong for the expanding asian market. They also have/had an american working with them (Gregory Velasquez).
    They are legit in the sense that their business belongs the “social networking” paradigm. What they sell is online text and chat time. Further than that, it’s juridically very hard to attack them. Because in the end customers do pay in order to text and chat. That’s all. That’s the “dating”. “Real girls back all this? Yes your honor! we have here the agreements and contracts signed by the ladies!” It seems that they have developped a branch in the Balkans, as there are loads of 20-something cuties profiles mentioned as located there. Some romanians also. And profiles with russian names supposedly located in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid; Playa del Carmen. The profiles in Paris or Barcelona have pictures of the models actually in a parisian or barcelonian streets. Locations do match on the pictures. Now, these girls on such profiles are models who only sold or had their portfolio n-tier resold but don’t do the texting/chating job or they made a deal to get their pictures taken for the site and are making extra money doing it. If so, they will of course not jeopardize themselves.

    • Not sure what your point is?

      There are scammers. Who cares.

      If you’re not savvy enough and get scammed, learn from it. You will never close the scammers down. The problem isn’t that you can’t find the scammers or that they scam, the problem is that people send them money.

      Why are there vagrants begging for $ outside of McDonalds? Because people give them money. If NO ONE gave them a cent, they would go to something else.

      How do you stop scammers? Don’t send money to them. If you don’t know what a scammer is, I recommend:

      1. Lay off the viagra.

      2. Read this site and learn.

      • There’s no problem on my side and I am not been scammed. I am good thank you. It’s a general comment about the topic.

        I am a bit amazed by the current scale of semi-legit dating scam industry, as i see it incidentally on the side of other internet activities, some related to the current state of political chaos in Ukraine. I was familiar, for other reasons (hacking activities) with the early scams on runet 15 years ago, but back then it was amateurish.

        What I meant is:
        I am surprised by the lack of retaliation from people with money who spend a lot until they wake up, but who still have enough money in order to hurt, specially if they unite.

        The comparison with a beggar is non-sensical. If you give money to a beggar, you know that you are buying nor getting nothing, if you pay a hooker she will deliver her service, but these dating sites are advertising one thing and selling something else, in the open. Anastasiadate has offices in Malta, Hong-Kong, partners in USA, Serbia, Ukraine, etc.


        • …but there are certain things that people just can’t buy. That’s the problem with a lot of the consumers of these sights. Instead of doing the legwork like learning the language/culture, networking, and travel they want to pay with a credit card and log-in to find a girlfriend or wife. I think most aren’t even looking for relationships but just sex. If sex is all they want there are plenty of high quality pay for play options that are way cheaper than $10K, blueballs/frustration, and their loss of time on this rock, which they will never get back.

  9. I have just entered one of the sites.
    It does not seem to take long to determine who the fakes are
    and who are not.
    With the advent of different apps , etc. etc I have started having
    conversations with a few who are able to respond to specific requests
    on live phone cameras.
    I have already told them that I was unwilling to visit certain areas
    due to the danger factor, police corruption, and likely hood of capture for ransom.
    For those of you who have successfully , saved one of these women
    from the target country, What all was involved?
    I could probably dig for hours and hours to find answers but it seems
    much simpler to simply ask someone who has been there.
    I have found several who would be willing to come to the USA
    on a vacation visa to find out whether or not we would be compatible.
    How is the easiest way to get them into America.
    I would meet them at a major International Airport and we would go from there. Also once I get them here it would be nice to find some friends
    from a similar bloc who might be fluent in their native language.

    • Mike,
      I have been married twice to EU women and have gone through the entire process for visas twice as well as getting documents for my daughter that was born overseas. The fist thing I would tell you is to ditch the idea of “saving” anyone. For most western guys who are looking in you might see people living in rougher conditions and situations than you do and think they want to be saved…..nothing could be further from the truth. These people are proud and generally speaking not wanting to leave their home.

      Also I am not sure which areas have got you so scared. The only area I would stay away from is the Danbass region of Ukraine. But I wouldn’t worry about any other area that I know of. It’s no different than going to any other major town in the US or other country. If you walk around looking like a victim then you will become a victim…and this applies to anywhere in the world.

      The chances of getting a tourist visa for an EU single woman who is not independently wealthy and a business owner are slim to none. The k1 visa process will take on average about 10 months to a year…could take longer. And you will have to document and prove your relationship to even get the process started. You are not just going to buy a plane ticket for a gal and that’s it. It is a process like any real relationship and your going to have to take your time and listen to the advice of Scott and others on here so as not to fall into any issues.

      Sounds to me though that your just toying with the idea. But hope you the best.

      • Totally confirm all 3 main “points” of this “report”.
        With may be one small add on: a lot of people of Ukraine do WANT to leave the country NOW by any means possible. It might have been different 10-12 years ago, but not true any longer.
        But it still does NOT mean that males should waltz in as “saviours” or white knights.

        • Hi FC,
          Your right…I should qualify my statement. There are a ton of people that are looking to find better paying work outside of Ukraine. And there are always people who are interested in going somewhere else. The protests outside the embassy in Kiev last week show the general unrest there. But so many guys have this sense that they can just smile and beautiful women are going to trip over themselves to meet them at the airport. I don’t think most guys really have a clue…or have decent intentions to start with. Then they jump into the mess and complain how they got scammed.

          • Thanks;)) Of course I am right, I am in Ukraine right now;)
            Every day I see huge buses (50+ passengers) packed with people going to Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and even Spain through the town I am currently in.
            Pay in Ukraine is shit and doing business is impossible.
            So damn true that this instability and volatility gives western men a false sense that they will be treated like Gods over there just cause they happen to have a US or Canadian passports.
            Ukrainian women are very inhibited and oftentimes scared to meet ANY men be it American, Canadian or local Ukrainians. They can’t hold a conversation, afraid of any kind of intimacy and start looking more and more like North American females did 10-15 years ago.

  10. The main problem with international (Eastern European) dating is that most western men look at this website, notice all those sexy, stylish and beautiful ladies on top of it, and immediately get the false idea that “WOW, ladies like those ones will be waiting for me over there as soon as I get off the plane”.
    Boom, WRONG! This is soooo damn far from reality in Russia or Ukraine.
    ALL those ladies are either married, enganged and taken or are sooo damn stupid that any normal male should lose any interest in them after having heard them talking for 1 minute.
    Eastern European (Russian and Ukrainian) females are inhibited to the most, scared of any personal touch and intimacy. They may look all glitz and glamour on the outside but they are soo closed and inhibited inside, oftentimes uneducated and even illiterate!
    All my words are based on personal observations and experiences. Russia and Ukraine ain’t no paradise nor a place where a male can meet a female easily.
    Y’all like to say that it’s impossible to get an eye contact from a North American females. But this is also true about Eastern European ones. They are scared of males, especially those males who do sports, are educated, can openly express their thoughts and opinions, and aren’t afraid to lead by example and to stand up and be counted. That kind of a male is an absolute dating NO NO for a Russian or Ukrainian female. All they need is some kind of a lousy male bum whom they always will be superior to!
    I have seen tons of tall and stylish ladies walking hand in hand with a real bum, not even a “Boris” type of a man. I mean a bum in dirty jeans and T-shirt, terrible teeth and no personal hygiene.
    Ukrainian (and Russian) females are extremely afraid of any challenge, be it physical or intellectual. I’d think twice or more before even planning a trip to Ukraine or Russia these days.

  11. Hello All, I want to wish everyone in the west a belated Merry Christmas and to everyone a happy New Year, and to those in EE a Merry Christmas on the 7th..

  12. On this very depressing and lonely New Year’s eve I ‘d like to extend my best wishes to all readers and contributors to this site.
    Remember-you and only you are holding your destiny in your own hands.
    Do not let shit like political correctness, affirmative action, quota hiring and feminism get into your heart and soul and turn you into a mainstream zombi.
    There is no paradise on Earth nor a place where women might be interested in you just because of your personality, education, life experience and things like respect, support and mutual understanding.

    All females need is MONEY, MONEY and even more MONEY, coupled with a high status in the society. And if one does not possess that then he ain’t got no chance in hell to find himself a good lady.

    Think about it-why spend your hard earned $$$ overseas when you easily can get yourself a sexy and stylish hooker in a city you live in??

    Western women do NOT suck, they are better than their eastern counterparts in many different aspects!

  13. Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year while this site is slowly going into oblivion….

    While y’all are in a holiday mood I’d like to attract the attention of those single males who still may live in a fantasy world thinking that marrying a Ukrainian female will be a magic pill.

    Remember once and for all: Ukrainian females are the worst money grabbers and gold diggers in the world! They will run you into the ground, will make you bankrupt, will eat your brain alive with their nagging, endless demands and complaints if one ever dares to say NO.
    Ukrainian females will never appreciate anything no matter what you do for them, buy them and how you treat them! NEVER!
    They will just ask for more, more and even more MONEY!!

    Yes, there are a very few exceptions when a Ukrainian female does not follow the above mentioned pattern, but 99.999% of ladies here will act like they are a Beauty Queen and a Miss Universe “all in one” and will be expecting a “red carpet” treatment on an hourly basis.

    Avoid Ukrainian females by all means possible! Better yet, save your money and spend them on North American hookers! And you will get more style and pleasures guaranteed!
    I can bet you any money that in most aspects western women are now better than their eastern counterparts!!

    • …but if you still somehow ain’t convinced that Ukraine is NOT worth your time, money, efforts and nerves, then act like you are a bum from an Atlanta slum.
      NEVER pay for a Ukrainian female anywhere, let her buy her own stuff, drinks, food etc. NEVER buy her any gifts, cause she would want more and more with every gift bought! And her demands will grow like a snowball rolling downhill.
      Never give her ANY money! Just say that you only have so and so much to get by daily on your own, and not to do any favors to a female!

      Dress and act accordingly, on the border of humiliating a Ukrainian female, they love it!
      Remember-an average Ukrainian female will never appreciate your support, respect, understanding and proper attitude!

      Better yet, avoid Ukraine and its females altogether!

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