After years of urging by my buddies to post some photos from around the world and to share some stories of how much better it is outside of the Western World I decided to write this blog.

First off, this blog is going to be politically incorrect; if you have a soft skin or if you are a pussified American (read: Western) male, please feel free to visit some woman’s lib website.  For those that are sick and tired of bitchy American women, please read on.

As I sip a cold beer in a cafe in Odessa, Ukraine, I have decided that this blog shall only be written when I’m drinking so as to preserve a certain flare: read – a fair amount of Turret’s Syndrome wherein I’ll speak my mind loudly and frankly.

I’ve been around the world 20+ times and have visited almost 100 countries, so I suppose that I have a certain insight to foreign women that most do not have.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

This website is partially to close that gap with my buddies.  So, guys, enjoy it.  For the rest of you, if you haven’t traveled outside of the United States, I surely hope that this blog leads you to greener pastures.

If you’ve ever considered taking a foreign bride, if you’ve considered retiring overseas or if you’re just curious as to what’s out there I am sure you’ll find my blog not only helpful but also interesting and entertaining.

I hope you enjoy it :-)

UPDATE: I met a beautiful Russian Woman and began a relationship with her in November 2012.  So far it is progressing well, I’m sure I will add updates as time passes…

UPDATE II: I proposed to my Russian girlfriend in September 2013 and she said yes! We are planning a 2014 Spring or Summer wedding.

UPDATE III: Alana and I were married and we are living happily as husband and wife.

UPDATE IV: Alana and I are expecting our first child, a daughter, in September 2015.

Update V: Now a Father and proud Husband.

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  1. Great site,im a fellow traveler myself and totally agree on what you are talking about here,not only in the difference in the women,but how the women act in the west,the reason why they look like shit is because of bad feminism,they get easily go on a diet and exercise but why should they ? they think that they dont have to do anything to attract a mate,and ofcouerse the guys as well go along with it ,i know so many guys that dont understand whats going on here

    Looking forward to more stories.

  2. Hey man, thanks a lot for this website and your blog… I’ve been divorced twice from girls of my own ethnicity, and I don’t even want to think about being treated like a circus animal being made to jump through flaming hoops by any woman that grew up in the US…. I ran across some scams on Russiancupid.com, but I think a first step toward eliminating scams might be to have the girl you’re interested in hold up a sign with your name on it and send you the picture… at least you know there’s a woman involved…even if it is a scam…. luckily… I’ve had my pick of the litter…. one thing that bothers me… I give my email address to one woman on the website… and 5 more women that I’ve never seen before send me emails too…. I get the feeling that some of the translation companies are selling my email address to other women to make extra cash…. hmmmm any ideas???

    • Thanks for bringing this up, it is a problem. Even on a legit website like Elena’s, there are some profiles that are set up by scammers. I’d recommend that you create a new email address to use only for your search. When your search is done, you can dump that address. Thanks for your comment!

  3. one more thing, in your blog…. you said that if she doesn’t speak English… to not continue the relationship, and that it won’t work, but I read about all the money you’ve dumped into meeting women, interpreters, and travel. I’m thinking maybe if a man spent a few hundred dollars on actually learning Russian, maybe it’s a small price to pay for laying down your ground rules, expressing to feelings toward her, and finding your next catch if it doesn’t work out… I’m doing it now…. forget RosettaStone, it’s all marketing mind games…. tell your followers about http://www.language101.com... it really works…and I’m retaining 90% of each lesson as I go, this is all before I even make my first trip to that area… maybe even still if there’s a scam…. you’ll be better equipped to sniff it out… thoughts???

    • I have had a relationship with three different women who did not speak English. In the end, it did not work for me. But, I am a talkative person. If you are not, and find a woman who is not, it might work for you. But, sooner or later, someone is going to have to learn the other’s language. I’m all for learning Russian and I am currently learning myself…

  4. I want to make a comment about this Site. Western Women Do Suck but it’s not entirely their fault. I’ll get to that in a moment. I’ve been wanting to leave the U.S.A for years because I’m a small businessman and I’ve run out of ways to make any money in the U.S.A . The Government has helped Big Business take over everything and together, they are trying to destroy the Middle Class .We, as American Men, have lost our dignity and have lost our ability to solely support our Woman and our Families. The Feminization of America has been the Ruination of America!!
    Now, I’m one of the lucky ones. My American Wife is 5’7”, 118 lbs, She’s 55 and she looks 35. She doesn’t belong to a health club. She just eats the right foods and does her gardening. I cannot, however, talk her in to leaving the U.S.A.
    When I was younger, when I was in the U.S Air Force, and when I had more money, I traveled a lot. I lived in Thailand for 2 years, I was stationed in Panama for 18 months, I have been in every Country in South America, I have been on almost every Island in the Caribbean, and I have been in Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico. I have had Sex with about 225 Women.
    If I was younger and Single I would definitely move overseas. The women there are beautiful because they Walk, and don’t eat Cheeseburgers everyday! It’s pretty much that simple! Don’t bring them here, keep them there! If you try to bring them here , they will soon become American Women! They will soon desire a career, a new car, a big house, and probably Child Support!
    I’ve never been with a Russian girl , they are very beautiful, but just be careful my young friends!!! Be Very Careful!!!

  5. Scott, I have read a few of your post and you are spot on regarding the attitudes of western women in both the USA and of course here in Europe. I also have noticed when visiting the US to visit friends and family, that while out in American shopping malls and etc… that obesity is beyond belief, actually shocking !! I have been living out of the USA for approx 22 years so I feel somewhat qualified to comment. I have been living in Marbella Spain for the last 10 years. Now on to Eastern European women of say Poland, the Ukraine and Russia and everywhere else in the Eastern EC countries who have settled in Marbella for the sunshine and mild climate. Almost all these women are GOLD DIGGERS with a CAPITAL G !! Let’s not assume that these women are naive because this they are not. They are very cunning intelligent women who will milk naive guys for clothes, jewlery and anything else they can get their fingernails into…
    Now, Gary has a point… Dont bring them to the USA !! Once they learn the SYSTEM and laws and IF they dont love you as much as you think they do, then there’s a good chance this will be a very expensive mistake when they divorce you.
    For all you guys out there having fantacies about bringing a beautiful old fashioned thinking eastern European woman back into the USA, just BEWARE. Most of these women are escaping poverty and hard lives in their own countries and yes they maybe beautiful and great in bed, but dont forget you will be supporting them 100% in your home country and their ability to earn and contribute financially will be minimal. These women if not gold diggers will certainly learn fast what American consumerism is and can bankrupt you.
    I know a few guys here who got sucked into Russian women and now are separated but kids were a result of the relationship and they are paying through the nose for their romances that went bad.
    I dated some of these women and saw straight thru them and had the common sense to gracefully exit the relationships. They have the American Dream, but America is in transition and not the the 1950’s or 60’s and easy to be middle class like the old days. Being middle class in the USA is tough these days and becoming a more difficult place to survive just like in Europe. If your wealth or earning power are evaporated, then you will have one un-happy woman…And lets just see how long it is before love flys out the window. Just saying…

    • Sorry for the late reply on this email – you are going to find gold diggers in any country you go to, including where you live now. If this is a concern to you, present yourself as poor, “barely making it” financially speaking. You’ll sort out, very quickly, who likes you for your looks and personality and who wants your bank account.

      I can scream to the heavens here but men will be men. Most men think with their little heads, much to the disadvantage of their financial situations. It is a fact that marriages to Eastern European Women have a lower rate of divorce than to Western women. If you want to go to divorce court, you’re much more likely to go there with a Western woman.

      As for all of the Eastern European sharks that you describe, well, it isn’t too hard to figure this out. The Eastern European Women who married for visas, well, of course they are sharks. They were players to begin with. I’d suggest any man considering an Eastern European Woman, look honestly at how she acts to him. If she says she loves you but holds her nose to be intimate with you, well, just do the math.

      If you find an Eastern European Woman who likes you, you’ll be waaaaaay ahead of the game with her versus an Australian, American, Canadian or Western European woman.

  6. Yes western women do suck especially Australian women they are the worst, non western women are so much nicer and better in every way especially African women, i love African women, they are beautiful sweet lovely nice exotic and are very family oriented and they have good traditional values which are things that western women have sadly lost and no longer have, western women have lost the plot and it’s because of feminism, western women especially Australian women are spoilt selfish and bitchy and have got a sense of entitlement, western women have been brainwashed and corrupted by feminism and thats why western women have a rotten stinking attitude and they wonder why more and more western men don’t want anything to do with them and they wonder why more and more western men are choosing to date and marry non western women instead, they have only themselves to blame.

    • Last summer I was at a cocktail party in Sydney. It was a “high-brow” crowd; at the table I was sitting at, of the eight of us, there were 4 PhD’s and two were currently in a Doctorate program.

      One woman in the group (and she was quite typical of the rest as the other women urged her on and argued with me when I dissented) had a few things to say about men. She explained that 1/2 of all pilots should be fired tomorrow – as they are all men – and immediately replaced with women. “This is only fair,” she said. When I suggested to her that there were no women pilots in training to replace the 1/2 of the men who will be fired she said, “So what. If you fire all these men, it will create demand and women will fill the jobs.”

      I argued that women don’t want to be pilots, or else they would go to flight school. I went to flight school – there were no women. And when a woman does go through flight school, she is hired IMMEDIATELY by the airlines. I explained to this PhD feminazi (who had a Doctorate in philosophy, not aviation) that the airlines hire women with 250 hours flight time and 6 months experience while some men with 5,000 hours and 10 years experience languish flying cargo waiting for a coveted airline job to open. Again, she replied, “Good. Those men should wait.” When she said it, she had a disdain in her tone when she said “Men.” Actually, it sounded more like a hatred of men. I met her husband at the party. She and he have an “open relationship” wherein he gets to sleep with as many women as he wants and she can do the same. She lived like this with him for some years and is now jealous that the women he brings around are younger than she. Interesting that she wants an open relationship, is jealous of her husband and hates men. Hmm., oh, did I also say that she is a flaming feminist?

      Strike up a conversation with a feminist and ask them their views on the economy, politics, employment and our society and be prepared to be shocked. And, these PhD feminazis are the “teachers” of the 18 year old women in the Western Universities. One buddy recently told me that his female professor said that, “Aside from the plumbing (sex organs), men and women are EXACTLY the same. There is no difference in emotion or brain function; these are learned behaviors. And there is a lot of feminzi pseuo-science to back up this fantasy.

      There is a feminist driven assault on the natural order of men and women’s roles. I’ll post more on this later – really, it is just a Google search from a few feminazi websites for some info.

      Back to our Sydney-feminazi-professor, in her eyes, it was not the fault of women who do not pursue airline careers (they don’t), it was the fault of Western Society that we didn’t teach 4 year old little girls to play with airplane toys instead of barbie dolls.

      Alana had a laugh at this and said, “But men are better pilots than women – it is obvious, because they are better drivers.” I laughed and said to my Russian beauty, “Oh, you’re going to be a lot of fun at cocktail parties in the US.” She argued with me, “If it is the truth, why can’t I say it?” I just smiled and thought of the debates that will come this year when we go to the US visit family and friends this year…

      • By all means, you will need to tell us of these debates when you bring Alana to dinner parties.

        “So what. If you fire all these men, it will create demand and women will fill the jobs.”

        My response would have been, “how are you going to get women to replace these male pilots if women have no desire to begin with to go to flight school? Ever think of that one, genius?”

        Unfortunately for her, that female professor of your buddy is wrong. It’s obvious to you and me Scott, but to idiots like her she will never get it. Nevermind that the Norwegian government discontinued and cut funding for the gender studies programs in schools of their society because of the overwhelming scientific evidence that men and women are NOT the same. Psychological and biological studies from their own researchers and foreign researchers prove that all gender feminists are wrong. Men and women are not and never will be the same.

  7. Hi Everyone!!

    I am planning a trip to Ukraine next month. Can anyone of you guys give me an indication on how much spending money you need per day.

    • It really depends on how crazy you get with your spending – you can keep a good budget and you can blow more money in Ukraine than in big US cities like LA & New York – if you don’t watch yourself.

      If you stay in apartments and keep your costs to $50-100 per night for lodging, then you can go to the crocery store and cook your own breakfast and/or lunch. Going out to dinner in Odessa or Kiev is about on par with a US city – especially if you are in the “tourist” area. Figure $20 to $30 for dinner – drinks vary widely depending on which restaurant or club you go to. Usually, a beer will set you back about $2-3 at most restaurants and may run $7-10 at popular discos and nightclubs.

      Realistically, aside from you hotel, I’d budget about a hundred bucks a day. If you spend less, take it home!

  8. Scott great site,

    Been thinking about making the trip for years, but my career has put my life on hold until the last 8 months. Due to investing and working my rear end off for the last 22 years I don’t have to work any more and can travel at will.
    I Speak a little Russia right now and I am working on getting good enough to survive over there with out a interpreter by this summer.
    First question for you, should I learn Russian first fluently before I go or should live there for three months at a time and learn while I am there sight seeing.
    I was thinking that living there for three months would help me learn faster, but are there to many dangers for a westerner with no friends(or contacts yet) in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus to try this? I am white and look Swedish so I think I will blend in until I speak.
    I mean do you get shaken down by “public officials” over there like in some south American countries once they find out you are a foreigner?
    Second question I am 41(look 28-30), in good shape(swimming and climbing), better than average looking, and I make 50k a year retired.
    Question what can I expect being over there as far as who I will attract in regards to girls?
    Third question is it better to travel by train and bus or car(if it’s even possible)?
    Last question can you live comfortably over there on $3,300 a month(I still need to keep my apartment in the U.S. while I visit for three months). I was thinking long term apartment stays.
    Any help or pointing in the right direction would put me in your debt greatly.

    Thank You

    P.S. I know you must get a million of these.

    • I really believe that immersion is the best way to learn a language. That said, I’d encourage you to visit and even live in Russia or Ukraine while you study the language(s).

      I don’t think that getting shaken down by the police is such a big problem (any more). A decade ago I experienced some law enforcement shakedowns in Moscow but I haven’t experienced anything like that in over 10 years. Aside from street crime, Russia seems (to me) to relatively safe – certainly no more dangerous than any American city. I’ve met some guys that got mugged in Odessa but those incidents were late at night and after much drinking. It would seem that the biggest danger (of late) in Eastern Europe would be getting smashed in a protest in Ukraine.

      Yes, travel by train and bus is just fine; most of the population of Russia travels by bus/train because they don’t own cars. You will likely meet “regular” women while on public transport. Yes, you can get by just fine on $3,300 per month – especially if you cook most meals at home and rent an apartment by the month instead of by the day.

      Good luck in your travels, let us know how it goes.

  9. Congratulations!

    American women, for the most part, suck. Most do not know how to cook, rarely read, are into feminism, have tattoos, drink too much, sleep around, do not go to church, etc.

    Bravo on finding a feminine woman abroad!

  10. Hi Scout,

    but which marriage agent you can recommend? I have not the time to search in the way to travel through Ukraine. Which agency or owner is serious! I read a lot about scams, unserious agencies like Anastasia and so on but I will be happy to read about solutions …


      • Sure, for a retired guy or someone who gets 6 weeks holiday twice a year. For a guy who is a lawyer or engineer or bus driver, who’s lucky to get two weeks a year, going to have a steep hill “interviewing” 20+ Women in a two week trip to Ukraine. Gotta take out two days for travel, two days for jet lag and orientation. Leaves 10 days.

        Sorry to say, but fore most guys (most of the readers of this site), the best bang for the buck is to “interview” like-minded Women in Eastern Europe. The ONLY way to find a LOT of marriage minded Women who are open to the idea of relocating is at an agency like Cupid or Elena’s.

        It ain’t right, it ain’t wrong, it just is.

        • Hi Scott,
          Seems to me that a lot of the readers here have this idea that there are real legit “Marriage Agencies” as though they get to fly abroad, open a catalog and chose a Bride…as in “Mail Order Bride”. Or if not that exactly that if they go to a particular region of a particular country in a specific City they will find a treasure trove of women that have waited their whole lives for him to come. I am curious if it is just me or this is the feeling you get also.

          I have never been or used one of the tour agencies and maybe this is what is the idea that is promoted there. Have you ever wrote an article about the about the reality of the EE dating scene disparaging these naive idea’s? If not I have thought about submitting one to you and wonder if you would be interested?

  11. Yes!!! At last somebody who shares my very same feelings and insights!!!
    Cheerio to you, my friend. I am from italy, have been roaming the world a bit so far now, and can confirm in italy women suck as well. Fuck shitty feminist culture, it spoiled it all. Am gonna be on a trip to Ukraine soon and hopefully Russia as well, since I have been long felt that Real Women are still present there. Any tips? All the best

  12. John –

    Would you mind clearing your blog of my comments, including this request? I’ve got a personal situation going on and the trolls are at work. Thanks –

    • Bruce, I’ve removed your last name from your posts. I sincerely doubt anyone is going to find your messages here unless you told them that you’re a regular poster here. If you did in fact do that, email me and we will give you an alias.

      You can contact me by email (link in the right column) if you have any questions.

  13. Bruce, This is not my blog and I have no idea how to clear your comments. You would need to direct your request to the blog owner who I believe is Scott

  14. Hi,

    Do you know any website i can go to, to discuss directly with eastern (ukrainian) women without going through a wedding agency ?

    • Facebook

      but, if you’re looking for women who want to migrate, it is better to look at women who want to migrate

  15. I have red almost all of your information and found it extremely helpful to the ones who are looking for love view the agency /dating sites
    Your wording is interesting to read and thank you for sharing your experience with us.I was offered a translator job from them(dream connections) and really needed to understand if that all is just a scam as the last thing I want is to be involved in some ugly business.All the best to you and your family!

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