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Anastasiadate spam scam update
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Only a week ago today I posted a review of the scam site I hadn’t checked my emails this week and when I logged in today I was quite surprised to see that my mailbox was full of letters … Continue reading


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Agency Review:
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Dear Scott, You have new e-mails in your Anastasia International mailbox. 10 credits will be deducted from your account for each letter you read. Sometime back I wrote a review of the overall dating agency process wherein I described some of … Continue reading



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  1. Gentlemen, perusing some of Scott’s topics, I came across this one and another experience I’ve had was triggered. In summer of 2013, I was returning from Germany back home to southern Ukraine. I had flown into Kiev and couldn’t make the train connections, so I had to spend the night. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and as a former soldier, I don’t need many creature comforts. Therefore, I went online and found a hostel, grabbed the Metro, and made the 5 min walk to the hostel. Got checked into the 6 bed room and saw a gentleman, near my age or a bit younger, hanging out in his bunk bed. We exchanged hello’s and started a conversation as he was from Australia. He asked why was I Ukraine and I told him I lived here and was married to a Ukrainian sweetheart. I asked why he was in Ukraine, business or tourist. He then told me a heart breaking story that he had been in Ukraine for nearly 3 months and was getting ready to go back home to Australia – $15,000 less in his bank account!! He told me that he had come to Kiev via Anastasia date, to meet a lady. Things didn’t work out so the agency just kept him on a line by doing the same thing. A couple of dates, and then the lady expresses no interest. He tried Odessa, Poltava, all with the same results, and all with agencies. He told me he was exhausted and depressed. We changed subjects and he asked me how I met my wife, and I told him through a mutual friend. I told him that this is the best way rather than any agencies, or if there is a trusted foreign guy at the helm (like myself, a US citizen) who was living in Ukraine and married. I then told him that I had just opened our own small and private agency, and that we had already had one pair get engaged (currently married), and two others (one pair married last month in Jan and our 3rd pair who are uniting at the end of March) who were on their way. I shared the photos and videos that I kept on my laptop. Although he felt a little bad that he couldn’t have known about me earlier, he was glad to know that someone in Ukraine was getting it done right and that everything wasn’t a scam. He told me he needed to get home and get back to the gold mines to save up for perhaps a chance to work with me in the future. He rode with me to the Central Train Station and we went to the McDonald’s for dinner before I was to board my train. While there I told him that the best way was to meet ladies naturally, and I’d show him how. McDonald’s there is always packed and therefore limited seating. We went to the upstairs balcony, that’s out in the fresh air. I spotted a table with a single lady sitting there and proceeded to ask her in English, if she wouldn’t mind that my friend and I sit across from her. Very sweetly, she said, sure and moved her purse and things. My Aussie friend and I sat down and begun our own conversation and that allowed me to segue way into asking her a tourist type question, which got her involved into the conversation, and pretty soon we were laughing and having a good time. I told her that I was married to a Ukrainakanka and that started another conversation. Soon I had to leave and I asked this young and pretty lady for her phone number, but that it wasn’t for me, but for my Aussie friend who would enjoy a cup of coffee with her and he was too shy to ask himself. She wrote her number on the napkin and I handed to my Aussie buddy and his eyes lit up. We kept in touch by email, and since he had only another day in Ukraine, he wasn’t able to make anything substantial with this sweet young lady. My point was to show him that this is the way you meet someone in Ukraine. Just naturally, be a gentleman, and ladies there don’t have all of these “Western Women Suck” pre-conceptions that a man is asking to sit with me, because he’s a “creep,” and just wants one thing. Yeah, they get it. Ukrainian ladies know that this is what men do if they are interested in ladies. They try to start up a conversation. If the lady wants to, she’ll accept. If not, it would be what we call in the west, “a cold shoulder.” Its pretty impressive. My wife just gives a certain look and guys don’t even try to talk to her. And the Ukrainian ladies don’t even know what the word, “sexual harassment,” means. I know because I taught an English class for a year and asked my class of young adults. They had never heard the word. I was embarrassed for my country, because we invented this word, all stemming from the Tailhook Scandal in 1991, Post Operation Desert Storm. That incident spilled into the current BS that the feminists love to take men to task. I told my class that I enjoyed the freedom of being in Ukraine and without reservation, I can give a lady a compliment, who will accept with grace and class, instead of a “what do you want?” response. They are never offended by a gentleman’s complimentary gesture.

    Everyone have a good weekend and best wishes in your search for your other half.


    • That story is pretty sad but bood laska. Hopefully everyone on this site is learning from our poor mate (the Aussie) on what not to do. Seriously does it cost $15K to go to a McDonalds (or any other restaurant, bar, coffee shop, etc.) in Kiev (or any other EE city), talk to some local women, and ask them for some basic contact info? Hearing this story just pisses me off; he could have taken some Russian lessons (and learned a little Ukrainian) a few times week for about a year…then hit up every bar or small restaurant while renting a decent apartment in EE and had better success over a 3 month period…

    • One of the last nails in the coffin for America. It’s just on life support in a vegetative state as far as I’m concerned. One example of many of the war on men and little boys…another one is the pussyfication of American Football…running from High School all the way to the NFL. Seriously if I see another commercial, ad, or news story about domestic abuse/rape and American Football…complete BS that it is epidemic. If a man can’t be a man while playing sports (especially American Football) or serving in the military in the US…then where can he be a man in America!
      Another pet peeve they are always talking about female genital mutilation in the developing world but every single day little boys are getting their foreskins hacked off in the 1st world…for what!? It’s damn sure not for religious reasons in the US for over 90 percent of them! Well the excuse now is that it prevents HIV and other STD infections. That is complete BS…these assholes think they reserve the right to hack off half some baby boy’s penis to hypothetically prevent HIV/STD infections in women…


        Gentlemen, I picked up a copy of our local community military newspaper and was horrified by this article. It was about a week ago when I had thought I had just heard on the radio that at the military base exchange, in the food court, that a cake was being cut, in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness. I translated to my wife, because I thought that was odd to have “cake” while raising awareness of this heinous crime. And lo and behold, here is the article in the paper. Guys, I have been living in Europe for the past 3 years, so I have lost some touch with my country, though I am quickly getting it back, living near a US community. WTF?? We now eat cake, while listening to speakers talk to us about the rape cases of our female servicemembers? Ahhhhggg, I don’t get this shit. Is my country returning to cave man days?

        Years ago, about 30 to be precise, I remember being stationed in Germany and how cool it was to see lone females, walking the streets of the city… midnight!!! Completely non harassed. In Ukraine, my wife and I always walked in the evenings, and not once did I feel afraid of a man harassing her. So many couples and families would be walking in the evening of our city, through the parks, down the boulevards. It was a nice change for me because in So. Calif, you had to be a bit leery of a slowing vehicle, someone yelling something out their window or beggars near the stores.

        The other day, in our small town, my wife was walking our baby, when two men in a Mercedes, at a cross walk asked her something in German. She moved on thru the crosswalk and this car drove ahead and parked in a parking lot ahead of her. She walked past them and they pulled out and continued on in her same direction. Windows were tinted. She is entirely alien to this type of behavior. Men, from our town in Ukraine, do not stop women at corners to ask them questions, while the light is turning green. Men, in our town (Ukraine), most especially, respect ladies pushing a baby stroller. When I got home that evening and she told me the story, I promptly went to the Polizei and reported this. The Polizei guy told me thanks and that it was the right thing to do, to make this report. As I have said to all of you all here before, I don’t see crime here, per se vs my habitat of So Calif. However, is the American influence of stalking women starting to seep over?

        I told my colleague at work about this, to see if she’s had any strange encounters. She did tell me one that was frankly stomach churning. She was working/living in Belgium a couple of years ago and was coming home late on a train. About 3 cars were empty and she sat alone. Some guy (dark skinned, dark hair) came into her car and sat directly behind her despite all of the open seats. Next thing she knows (she could see his reflection in the window), this guy is wacking off behind her. She ran the few empty cars until she found a car with people in it and was seriously upset (naturally). There was no conductor and no security.

        My point is, we raise awareness of this sort of shit by cutting the cake with 2 Full Bird Colonels and a Brigadier General….really?

        • I don’t get it anymore.
          Some horrible stories. What a bunch of pathetic guys without any game, common sense, or self control. I hope those types never travel to EE, SEA, or LA.
          Eating cake while hearing rape stories? Celebrating victimhood?

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