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  1. Scott,

    Good times meeting you in Kiev and having a couple of morning beers in a snow storm :) I had good luck with Ukraine Date. Free to join, and you can write the girls directly as well as chat with them. You can exchange email addresses right away, but I advise waiting. Since it is a free site (but I recommend that the men have a membership), lots of scammers come onto the site and try to pull you to other sites with the classic.. “Hey you look nice, send me your email address and we can talk away from here”, so be careful with that one. One thing I find that works in that case is setting up a skype account just for talking to these ladies and give that address out. A scammer can’t fill your skype with junk mail.

    I also liked Ukr Date because it has all of the classic search capabilities, like language level, age, and city… Good luck gents

    • Robert, I’m always open to learn new things & I appreciate the info on Ukraine Date – I’ll check it out and do a review on it at a later time. I had excellent success with Elena’s – met the woman of my dreams & we will see, over time, how it plays out. Welcome home and it was a pleasure to meet you.


      The agency is owned supposedly by 2 American guys (Greg and Carl) –

      -Once they have your money, here’s what will happen, Greg will set you up with a girl and an interpreter, the interpreter is the girls friend. He will charge you for the date and the interpreter and then the interpreter and girl will order expensive food and talk amongst themselves and you will pay for it. Once GREG HAS YOUR MONEY, YOU WILL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. They claim they have many girls on the website (cinderellaone.com) but once they get you here to Poltava, Ukraine and get your money – he will tell you he cannot reach any of the girls that they must be out of the calling area. This same situation has happened to myself and other colleages/friends who has used him. Same situation.


  2. Scott,

    Informative blog. I noticed you didn’t mention one of the largest Foreign Dating sites “A Foreign Affair” who have received large amounts of positive media attention? However, you did mention many of the pitfalls (IMBRA, high fees, socials) that they do engage in? Have you had any experience with them? I have 2 different women that seem to write me quite often and even answer my questions. However, alarms are going up for me because every time I mention having a conversation over the phone, I never get a solid answer? It was for this reason, I stopped writing letters to them.

    • I believe a Foreign Affair to be bogus. If you cannot have direct contact with the woman – specifically, if you can’t email her and ask for her email, phone # and address, the site is a scam. When I met Rob on the flight to Kiev yesterday, he reports that Ukrainedate allows direct contact.

      Bottom line: if you can’t get the girl’s Yahoo address and write to her directly, you are not talking to the girl, you are talking to a secretary or a fat man in an office somewhere.



  3. I’m a fan of Skype when dealing with these girls. If they ask for an address, I always give them skype, unless we have been emailing for a while through a site, and I know they are legit. If they can’t keep up with you in a IM chat or a voice conversation, shit can them. There’s an app for skype called clownfish, that is a translator program you can use as well.

    • On that note – you travel a lot so you should appreciate this:

      Last year I discovered Google Voice. You can set up an account and they give you a free phone number. You can forward that phone number directly to your cellular phone so that when you are stateside it just rings to your phone like any other number. When you are dating or applying for credit and/or signing up for any service, you can use your Google Voice # and if ever your number is “compromised,” ie – you start getting unwanted phone calls, you just disconnect the # and Google will assign you another.

      When I’m at home, I forward the # to my iPHone and it rings like my regular phone. When I’m overseas, I turn off the forward feature and it rings to iPhone from the app. If I’m not in wifi range, they can leave a message & a message transcript is sent to me as a text in the Google iPhone app. I often see that the call is from some solicitor and I don’t bother calling back to the US but if a family member, I can call back right away.

      Google Voice numbers are also good if you have a part time business – you can have a “free” business number without paying for it – the calls come to your phone (if you wish) or go to a voice mail. It really is like having a free phone number.

      Google Voice

  4. I’ve been corresponding by email to a couple of girls and will be going to
    Odessa (first time!) from 6-11 June and staying at No 16 Deribasovskaya
    which i’m told is a great address. I don’t see the need of skype for the girls I’ve been speaking to….I’ll meet them face to face! With flowers! Mark Anderson

  5. Is Single Baltic Lady a bad one? I’m writing to one girl but I feel like I’m writing to someone at the agency because the letters I pay to open are too generic and cookie cutter and my questions are never answered. Since 09 I’ve received 3700+ letters from Ukraine women and hundreds of smiles and hot lists. It all seems a bit far fetched. I’m being conned aren’t I?

  6. I first want to thank you for the site!

    I’m a 28 year old engineer, and I will soon graduate with my masters degree.

    I’m not your prototypical nerdy engineer. I wrestled from when I was a small child through my early years in college. I boxed competitively. I hold my own. I consider myself a “man”. And I am so fucking sick and tired of U.S. women.

    I have no shortage of U.S. women I could be with. But I swear to god all I meet at this age are stupid 20 something single mothers or 20 something high schoolers (you know, the type who are really immature and stuck up?)

    I never had a kid. I’ve never had a lack of female interest. It wasn’t that fucking hard to not knock a chick up out of wed lock.

    Anyway, I’m single. I have held good engineering jobs (which I had to give up to really pursue my masters degree, which was the right choice). I’m being courted by a handful of companies who want me to work for them when I do graduate (and a few who have offered me very nice salaries to leave school and just work).

    My point is, I’m not doing so bad. I consider myself a man. I know how to stand my ground and I will throw down if the situation calls for it.

    So, I think I have many good qualities. Problem is, I haven’t found a woman here in the U.S. who is deserving of me. I know that sounds horrible, but it’s the truth. I’m the man, and my future girl/wife will be the lady. I could do nothing but wear the pants in the relationship…it’s just my nature.

    Now I’m curious about exploring the scene over in the Eastern European region. Reading your blog these girls seem genuine. They seem to have a subtle and humble strength that is so much stronger than what these “feminist” proclaim as strength.

    What advice would you give to someone like me? Where should I start? I see Elena’s Model is highly recommended here. I’m worried about two things: first, jumping in too soon and trying to rearrange my priorities (like flying to Odessa before graduation…with my classes and my research program that isn’t a good idea.)

    Second, you recommended looking for real women as the ones who are 30+ and sometimes have a child. I really don’t want to date a single mom, and I am only interested in women who are 24-28. I know this is narrow, but younger than that and I’m afraid immaturity will sneak up. Older than that and…well I just would rather have someone at my age to grow old with.

    I’m looking to settle down now. Please tell me what you’d recommended. I don’t want to be scammed, but maybe I see a bit of hope reading this blog that I haven’t in a while, you know?

    Sorry for the long post. And thanks for this awesome site.

    • Scott, great name by the way ;-)

      I’m not saying to date single-moms – quite to the contrary: before I was married I NEVER dated women with children. Perhaps I look at it more from a Darwinist point of view but the assets that I accumulate in this life (money, gold, land, stocks, etc) I want to go to my kids and grandkids. I don’t want to find some nice womderful woman and have all of my resources going to raise the seed of some other jerk from Kiev or Moscow.

      There is a big difference in “knowing something” and “seeing something.” In knowing I mean, you can know that the Great Pyramids are in Egypt or that the Great Wall is in China. But you’ve only seen it on a travel channel show. Actually seeing something is a whole different experience and gives you a different kind of knowledge than only “knowing something.”

      That said, you already have seen feminism in America. And you “know” that Women in Eastern Europe are less feminist. But you haven’t seen it. There is no substitute for experience and you really have to go and see for yourself.

      Before I would sign up to an agency, I would first go and visit. On your next holiday, chat with a few buddies and head over for an Eastern European trip. I recommended to one colleague at work and he went with 3 buddies to Octoberfest in Munich and then they went by train to Romania and then by ferry to Odessa. It was a month tour and they had a blast. He was hooked after that, signed up for a subscription and eventually married a woman from Moldova.

      For the cost of a subscription for a few months, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to post that you’ll be in Kiev, Odessa, or Moscow or St. Petes, etc., and meet 2 or 3 women in each city. Think of it as pre-planning some dates for your vacation. Worst case scenario, you meet some Eeastern European Women and get a feel for the culture. Best case scenario, you are struck by lightning when you meet one of the ladies and you decide to give it a go.

      Don’t think that you’ll find the perfect woman in one city or on one visit. Plan to make a few trips.

      But make a plan. Get your affairs in order (work wise) and start your next holiday to EE in the Spring or Summer. Then, once you know your arrival dates, make plans to meet some women online.

      Mike has recommended Cupid Media and I’ve received a few emails from guys that say it is on par with Elena’s. As time permits I’m going to do a proper site review and add it to the recommended list.

      You already know that American women are “broken” insofar as the infection of feminism. That being said, you should make it your goal to find and marry an EE Woman. It was my goal. I put my mind to it and didn’t stop until I found my wife.

      As for finding a woman in the 24-28 year range, it is quite possible. Is there a difference between 24 and 34? Yes. More mature, more likely to want marriage and kids. But 24, is it unlikley? No, it is “less” likely. Even in EE, there are a number of women who want the feminist ideal.

      In my case, my Wife’s family is Orthodox Christian, they’re quite conservative and they don’t believe in divorce. Look for the same. A woman from a CONSERVATIVE family. Family is everything. If her Mom tells her, “You didn’t get what you want? Divorce him.” (as is all too common in the US). You want a Mother that tells her daughter, “You didn’t get what you want? Why should you? Who told you that life was all enjoyment? Life is work, life is pain. No go and cook your husband some dinner.”

      There is a large percentage of Russian and Ukrainian Women who fall into the conservative type and this is what you want. You won’t find these women at the night club on Friday. You will find them on the agency websites. Key words to look for (phrases) are:

      * Family oriented
      * Looking for a Man who will lead our home
      * Family should be the main goal/focus of family
      * Want a Man who is strong/confident

      You get the idea. If you see a profile that says I like Yoga, acting as DJ at the “who got served” dance contest Friday night, I am seeing a “partner” who is my “equal,” well, forget these women, they’ve already slid down the slippery slope of feminism.

      There is knowing, and there is seeing. Believe none of what you hear, and 1/2 of what you see – or so the analogy goes. Listen to what I have to say, what Seth & Mike (& Chris if he ever gets off his ass and writes something) have to say, what others say who have visited. Listen and take notice, eventually you’ll develope and idea of what it is over there that you want. Eventually, you’ll get a decent picture. Or so you’ll think. Then you’ll go and you’ll say, “Oh, now I know what they’re talking about” in regards to topic A and for Topic B you’ll say, “What the F where they talking about?”

      I’ve always told my employees when they complain that so and so works less than them, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but eventually, we all will know who’s full of shit and who works and who doesn’t.”

      As Men return from EE, we most often here them say, “Thanks Scott, I’m so glad I went.” I have yet to have recieved an email saying, “The women in Ukraine are fat, feminist and I’ll never go back!” It is always (as Seth just posted), “I can’t wait to go back. -> “… and we will all know who’s full of shit and who isn’t…”

      You know feminism sucks.
      You can find traditional/thin/educated/sophisticated Women east of the old Berlin Wall.

      All you have to do is DECIDE to find one for yourself.

      • I agree… Scott might be the greatest name ever given haha.

        I sincerely thank you for taking the time and replying. It was an insightful reply to say the least!

        And I am going to take your advice. I’ve spoken with my brother and best friend about it, and we are thinking next spring. They’re a little weirded out by the website idea, but I explained it wasn’t a bride ordering service.

        Until then I’m going to learn Russian. Little side story, I had a close friend who was born in Russia, but moved to the U.S. at 3. He passed last year, and we always spoke about learning (polishing up for him since he learned a good amount from his family early on). I feel like maybe I have two reasons to learn the language.

        And if my trip goes through next spring, maybe I will know enough to have a few conversations.

  7. What I have learned is that although the dating sites are a scam to write or chat, it does serve a great purpose. I liked going on veronikalove.com and scrolling through the girls. I have found that the photos, information, profile, etc about the girl is accurate usually, or most of the time. What I did was read through the thousands of profiles and photos. When I came across a girl I thought I might have chemistry with or seemed very interesting, I would put her information into search on vk.com which is like Russian Facebook, but actually much better than facebook. It isn’t cluttered with bs and has a great music list to add to favorites. Anyway, often you can find the girl on the dating site by putting in her: city, name, age, and with horoscope sign put in month born – i.e. scorpio will be either October or November. By putting in this information, you can usually find the girl in a minute by finding her photos out of 30 listings. The bigger cities like Kiev or Odessa may take a little longer of course. If you can find the girl, try starting a conversation. Some already have boyfriends or aren’t interested or won’t write back, but it is a matter of odds until you find a girl who is very happy to talk. This is how I found my girl and she is the most wonderful woman I have ever known. She is gorgeous, sexy, thin, hard working, intelligent, fun, funny, loving, devoted, charming, and a million other things American women aren’t. It is so amazing! I am in great shape and good looking, but she is half my age and is fine with it. I have never even known of a woman like this in the USA. She thinks she is just average. I am like “Um, no, you are not just average dear” haha. She is so thankful she has me in her life and me her. Anyway, use the dating site for information, but don’t pay them, just look at the profiles for free, then go on VK and try to talk. Don’t be afraid of being dissed by some. It is a matter of numbers. If you find a girl like mine, you will laugh at the whole situation later. Good luck! Dave in Portland, Or

    • Thanks for the tip Dave. Since you’re a “veteran” in the shpere of dating EE Women, we would love to have your opinion on the subject more often; especially regarding cultural and dating differences. Thanks.

      • Well, thank you Scott. This subject is extremely dear to my heart. I thank you from all of us for this website. You found a very unreported, but widespread and very important subject in this. It permeates our culture. This is no small part of the population who feels this way about this weird form of American “feminism”. Most men, like myself, just never really thought about it much and/or were in denial about the situation until it became extremely ridiculous.

        I talk to a huge diversity of men in all incomes, backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, etc. Almost all of them complete my sentences about how awful US women are before I can even open my mouth. I even hear from many women in conversation how awful US women are so often. I have Ukrainian women friends all over and they say what back stabbing bitches US women are, especially in California.

        I think there are two things. I think to be fair one has to see things from two perspectives. One is a general, cultural perspective. In other words, our American culture of freedom with not much responsibility affects everyone, men, women,children, everyone. That is the main point to your website I think. The other half of the perspective is that everyone is an individual with freewill. I do know some good women in our culture, but wrestle with the poisonous culture just like I do as a man. I feel sorry for some of these women. I think everyone is dealt a different hand and understanding is in order. When it comes to a wife though, it is a no brainer. It isn’t my or your responsibility to adjust to women that don’t embrace freewill and overcome this poisonous culture.

        Anyway, I will comment as much as possible on the different subjects. I would like to be involved in all aspects of this subject. I would love to learn everything I can and maybe write a book or website to try to help foreign men and east Europe women come together. Both are hungry for love and family and sincerity and genuine experience. I think if this knowledge became more widespread, US women might get their collective head out of their collective asses and learn some manners and lose the attitude. If they supposedly love to compete so much, they have more than extreme competition with women from Latin America, the Far East and Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine ( ground zero for the best women on earth).

        • Thanks for the well-written and thought out reply; don’t be surprised if it appears as a post in a few days ;-)

  8. You underestimate the con by Anastasia. I have just been in correspondence with a man who has identified himself in a way which clearly indicates he was pretending to be two women working for that company in China. He told me that the company only had two real women on their website for his major city. All the rest of the correspondence was carried out by paid interpreters. The pictures were of women who came along for a photosession and were paid a small fee. Some of them models. Virtually all the girls that thousands of men were communicating with were just interpreters – often men. Anastasia uses local agents that in China pay their scammers 2500 rmb ( $350 a month) to talk to men. The guy who was talking to me actually met me pretending to be the interpreter for another employee (Scammer) woman who pretended she could not speak English. I went on two dates with her – although I was going to meet another woman she pretended to have had an accident. The woman was actually the male interpreter.

    I know he is speaking the truth because he knows about what we talked about in grwat detail. Eventually he could not stand the job any more and found a better paid one. But he had retained my personal email and said he felt terrible about the tricks he played on me.

    I made a complaint to the NY authorities about this company even before this confession, as I had found two women who were clearly connected nd were not supposed to be. One of them gave me an address which I checked with the local police and found it to be false. Most of Anasatasia scammers back off as soon as you suggest a real date. I met one who allowed you to video cam her. This should have proved her to be genuine – but when you looked at her she clearly had lots of screens and was talking to several men at a time. She would type and the typing never came through. I did meet her and she brought along an expensive interpreter (I guess they split the fee). She wanted expensive presents – but seemed also to have a genuine interest in me curiously. I think she even had feelings!!! She introduced me to some of her friends – I think with the intention of hitching me up. But when it came to seats in the cinema she insisted on sitting between me and them. I do not think she could make up her mind what to do. She said she was a doctor in training, but knew little about medicine and then said she had given up her studies. When I told her that she ought to get a job with Anastasia pretending to be a woman looking for a date – she saw that I was on to her and stopped communicating.

    I do not know if there is any certain way to detect a scammer . You can assume most on anastasia are false – but then in amongst them are some genuine women. I think these are either diverced 35+ year olds or girls who write long energetic emails about their life. Some translators are also clearly eager to meet a man. The difficulty for them is when one of their “cliets ” (jophns) is sopmeone they fancy – hgow do they change their role? GHow do they ever admit the false role they were undertaking in the first instance or the way they have coned many other men? Many of them hate what they are doing – but are intelligent and need the work. So I guess if they correspond well then you can always inform them you know what is going on, ask if they are really a woman. If they like you they might do this. Then you can see if they can be persuaded to leave their job. Meet them – if they need an expensive interpreter then you know it is a double bluff. or maybe triple bluff. IN my view all agencies in Russia or the far east are suspect. That does not mean that there are not lovely women wanting to meet a western man. But take care in China as outside the four major westernised cities most women are very traditional -= and holding hands is a big deal. If you get to know a woman in China try to meet her parents and extended family. If you meet a lot of people then the chance is they are genuine – as it would cost a lot to set up so many false relatives.

    I enjoy your blog. Glad you have found love in Russia (or was it Ukraine). Be careful though as green card hunters abound and once living with you relatives will be apt to call in and stay for evermore!!! Maybe a single life is the best policy!!!????

    • Yes, there is a way to avoid the scammers on Anastasia – don’t use Anastasia!

      There is a VERY EASY way to tell if a Woman is green card hunting. Watch her body language. If she loves you, you’ll know it.

      I just finished watching episode 1 of 90 Day Fiance. 3 of the 4 women, it is obvious that they love the Man. The 4th Woman, she CLEARLY is green card hunting. Shame on the guy that he doesn’t see it; his friends do. I wonder if he will figure it out?

    • I have not heard of this site.

      My #1 litmus test to determine if a site is pure bogus or not is “do they let you have the woman’s personal contact information?”

      If the answer is no, its a pure scam.

      If the answer is yes, you have a chance – how good the site is after that is subject to several different factors including but not limited to:

      * If any profiles from a scammer who will ask you for money?
      * Are the profiles up to date?
      * Are the profiles “made up” or are they real women who want to meet a Western Man?

      I looked into “what we offer” on this site, and I can say that I would NOT recommend this site and I would put it into the sham category:

      To contact a woman and to email her again and again after that costs 3.6 credits. In other words, you do not have direct access to talk with a Ukrainian Woman, so, you are probably talking to a secretary or a fat Boris.

      I would RUN, not walk from this agency.

  9. I haven’t seen this site/agency reviewed on your site, so I’m curious whether you think it’s legit or not. The ladies’ profiles seem real and many of them have videos which is what actually caught my attention. There are several on the site now that I’d be interested in getting to know.


    The site says they’re located in Kharkov.

    • Wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.

      All correspondence between you and the lady is controlled by them. This is a sure sign (not always, but USUALLY) that they are not legit.

      If you are able to email the woman directly, then you know who you’re talking to. If you have to “pay by letter,” then they have an interest in “creating” letters just to get more money from you. I would avoid this site and stick only with a site that will let you take your conversation outside of the agency’s control (Russian Cupid and Elenas let you contact the woman directly).

      • Hello Scott you must hear this about Mordinson.

        I am a customer of Mordinson just tried them out I could not agree more.

        The conversation is not between me and the girls.

        I know this for a fact period finded some of the girls in social media there they show great intrest and no block but on Mordinson 0 intrest.

        Why because Mordinson talk to the men not the girls.

        Mordinson interfere in the communication.

        Some of their other clients believe the very same thing, and Mordinson also has much bad feedback online, very little positive and if positive its been proven Mordinson themselves writes fake prositive reviews about them selves fools all beeing the customers..

        Mordinson is not to be recommended at all a big money pit.
        Save your money. They are also evry expensive.
        Girls pictures also likely photoshopped, too much eye candy.

        Good work Scott.

    • I have to say, I could not disagree with these other replies more. I was browsing here, saw this thread and had to chime in. I am a former Mordinson customer from 2011. I found them when I was shopping several services and the best thing I could have done was go to Mordinson. I was not getting a good feeling with the other larger services, I just had a bad feeling about the way they were doing their group visits and how often they were asking for money. I decided to look for a smaller business and found one that was not responsive at all. I felt like I was going nowhere with it until I tried Mordinson next. I contacted Michael Mordinson who took an active interest in helping me and never let me down. I was able to ask him questions and he offered advice about the Ukrainian culture that I would have never known by myself. He also was not pushy in any way, but very responsive and supportive.

      Michael provided translation services for me on an as needed basis and let the English speaking girls communicate with me directly. I corresponded with 4 girls for 2 months and then decided to visit. Michael spent much time with me, making sure that I would have the best chance for success. I rented an apartment from him and met the girls, 1 of which I had a closer bond with than the others. That one became my wife a year later and we have now had 1 baby with another one on the way. We have almost been married for 5 years now and I can guarantee that Mordinson is not only NOT a scam but was the best move that I ever made. They helped on many levels. One girl that worked there even brought me to a jewelry store to buy my favorite one a ring and then I purchased 3 rounds of English lessons for her through Mordinson. Her English improved a lot and I couldnt have been happier. They even provided us with professional photos, Skype communication services after the first trip (I went 3 times) and document assistance services to get not only her here, but her mom to visit us a year later as well. No, they are not a scam at all, quite the opposite. Hope this helps someone out there, you can trust Mordinson they are a terrific company.

      • Dakota please stop spread your lies about mordinson.
        I have used mordinson in past and they are ascam period their girls is only looking for money and are gold diggers..

        Yes its possible to get married on mordinson if you pay the huge fee of like 2000 usd for some worthless blind dates and meet a gold digger and marry her and get milked for every penny you have if u call that a marriage…

        Oh u think u speak with the real girls on mordinson u aint its mordinson himserlf that writes the girls replies without the girls input…

        I also heard from some people that mordinson and mordinsons girls are racists most of them I know that for a fact as I heard this form some people.

        An agency that mistreat certain groups of people cannot be recommended, as mordinson does.

        Even that some white people at mordinson get married with their gold diggers scammers to a women does not make the mordinson service right or honest, far from it.

        What omega R said at sitejabber about Mordinson is so true.
        We see the exmembers of mordinson post their junk of pile everywhere and in many cases it is michael mordinson himself that post the to good to be true pile of junk himself posing as a customer this has been proven if you research mordinson a bit.

        Mordinson have very few mixed races counples and teh few he has well that guy in their tetsimonial got so much racism and junk form michael mordinson that he had to put up with it as that guy were black, what a pile of junk, that guy got rejected so many times of mordinsons racists girls…

        Better to use an honest service and meet more honest sincere people that see people for what they are humans and not colours.

        If that guy at mordinson had some self worth he would have used an honest srevice and gotten much better response rate and faced less racism.

        MAny of there mordinson scam girls claim to be “christians” whata joke Jesus said you cannot be a christian if u make difference on people then u commit evil…
        Hope the scam girls and scam mordinson do better and gets out of business as they do none a favour except take our money and gives us scam gold diggers in return with racism.

        • I am not lying, I had a tremendous experience there and it finished with a wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Mordinson went above and beyond and everything worked out great. Maybe you are the one that is lying and trying to savage not only the agencies reputation but making unnecessary personal attacks on the owner. Your race baiting says a lot about you and Im pretty sure I understand why you struck out there.

          • No I am telling the truth.
            Maybe you are Michael Mordinson posing off as customer giving false positive reviews as you done in past Michael Mordinson recommending your own scam service…

            “It is a 100% true that this agency that is family run is responsible for spam scamming. This plot of deception was uncovered on the antiscam forum called 419eater.com. Here the administrators found out that Michael Mordinson had actual posted a lie in support of his agency under the assumed name of MTLaranam. Here is his actual post quoted from this forum:

            Posted by Author: MTLaranam

            “I really got lucky!!! Upon arriving in Kharkov the adventure began the following day. I met with 5 ladies, and all were very enjoyable, beautiful, and engaging, but I was immediately taken by Marina, I was unaware that she felt the same way. I had a hard time determining her interest at first because both Marina and I relied on the translator. I felt that if we met alone I would get a better feeling of where we both were as far as communication and comfort.
            ….. Wow, I have never been one to fall head over heels, but I did!!!

            Apparently there are so many scam agencies out there, but i am glad i didn’t get into one of those! To all the guys who are still looking for their special ones, my advice is to use smaller agencies with strong reputation, don’t be lazy to call the manager and have a talk! I did talk with Michael Mordinson before i ever wrote the first mail. The reason I initially chose Mordinson’s is because I read a book that recommended dealing with an agency that operated in one city, and had been in business for several years. Mordinson company fit the bill, therefore I contacted them!”

            It seems like a so-called “good” review of the site but however the administrators did some checking up on the IP address from where this message and post on their message board came from and to their surprise it was discovered that the owner of the marriage agency Michael Mordinson had actually posted it. It was therefore a lie and a complete deception. Here is what an administrator of the forum called scam patroller found:

            Posted by Author: Scam Patroller

            “Member MTLaranam’s IP address is: = Ukraine (Kiev)

            His forum signup **** addy is: mishael4ik (at) gmail .com

            That email address just happens to belong to, Michael Mordinson, the owner of a the mordinson.com
            dating site he posted to sing the praises of, and claiming he had spoken to Michael Mordinson himself, talking to yourself were you,? What a f***g scamming idiot.”

            Here is what another member said on the same forum

            Posted by Author: Bird

            “Well Well Well what do you know, been doing a bit of advertising on your behalf, Mr. Mishael. You should’ve known someone is going to spot you here. It is a scambaiting forum after all. That was a rather silly thing to do.

            Good job, Scam Patroller.”

            Well they eventually suspended him which is what he deserved because he and his site showed off its lies and complete deception that is family based with this “family” company.

            Michael Mordinson needs to realize that him and his agency’s and his family’s dark ways of deception cannot be hidden forever and that they will be eventually discovered and eventually discontinued most definitely.”


            Reported By: St Patrick Other Trinidad and Tobago

            Mordinson Marriage Agency, mordinson.com Mordinsom Marriage Agency Ethnically Backward and Ridiculous/Failure in Customer Service – Online Dating Service and Agency Kharkov, Internet

            There was customer service failure to respond-I contacted them about a particular issue and they never replied me

            Also there are no advertisements of asian, African, indian or latino/hispanic men on the homepage-makes one think that they are only catering to one race it seems! Its called ethnic backwardness.

            Match.com has other ethnicities posted on its homepage and even mixed race testimonials and it is on the internet like this site.

            My point is that when you are on the internet and your site is being seen by the whole world then you should have other ethnicities that belong to the whole world at least have the chance to see themselves in the form of top and banner advertising.

            Any site who complains against doing this is only demonstrating prejudice! The issue has to do with fairness and equal treatment as a business practice!

            Also past clients become spammers for the agency. Yes they tend to spam other agencies especially on youtube. Beware they may spam you as well!”

            “Bob S.
            Houston, TX
            I was one of Mordinson’s clients back in 2012.

            Michael’s brother is a professional photographer – in case you wonder about the quality of the pics.

            Notice the reduced amount of information provided with the photographs, so that you will believe that any of these girls are a match.

            He should at least include the guy’s maximum age these girls would consider marrying.

            One first email to any of the girls is free. He will do the translation to Russian and will forward your letter to her. The response will always be positive. Why? Because Mordinson (and probably a second person – I recognized two wording styles) is the one he writes on the girls’ behalf.

            For the “show” to go on you must transfer around 2000 EUR to his bank account and commit to come to Kharkov for a week.

            Ask him about the number of success stories – expect vague answers. Then do an yearly average knowing that he is in business since 1999. If the statistics appears promising to you, then Good Luck!

            For the amount of deception his business is based upon, I would recommend instead one of the walk-in agencies in Kiev. Just google “Kiev marriage agency”

            P.S. Mordinson will probably try to have this review removed. Or he will post some favorable comments disguising himself in former clients as he did on other occasions.”

            Bob S.
            Houston, TX
            To me MORDINSON was a disappointment. I gave them two stars because he (Michael Mordinson) was somehow polite at the surface. However, they are just illusion merchants, and all they care about is getting your money.

            Michael’s brother is a professional photographer, and the provider of a facade of shiny pictures to their webpage. Other than nice pictures, essential information about the girls (like current occupation, what they majored in college, partner’s expected age etc.) is missing.

            He is relaying emails and translating them (even if the girl speaks English), and in the process he censors out information as he please. I have a strong feeling that he writes emails on behalf of the girls, without their knowledge. He knows very well that there is no real interest on the girl side, but he continues the communication and arranges the meetings anyway.

            MORDINSON might work for some. When I asked about success statistics, he avoided a direct answer. In my judgement they can’t claim more than one-two success stories per year.

            My recommendation to you: Join a free dating website and arrange your own meetings, or find somebody that is willing to guide you through the process or at least is neutral. There are walk-in introduction agencies in Kiev that I would recommend, like woman-for-marriage-ukraine (proactive) and olgadating (neutral but genuine).”
            Could list more complaints from people about this agency Mordinson but a sane person would never use an agency like this that controlls everything and refuse give out girls contact details.

            Many complains exist about Mordinson please do your research people.

            As Scott said well said know its so true statement regarding Mordinson and other sites alike:

            on September 20, 2014 at 8:07 am said:
            Wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.

            All correspondence between you and the lady is controlled by them. This is a sure sign (not always, but USUALLY) that they are not legit.

            If you are able to email the woman directly, then you know who you’re talking to. If you have to “pay by letter,” then they have an interest in “creating” letters just to get more money from you. I would avoid this site and stick only with a site that will let you take your conversation outside of the agency’s control (Russian Cupid and Elenas let you contact the woman directly).”

          • Holy fucking mackinaw…
            What a laundry list of a story….
            People, why, oh why do y’all even need these dating agencies when you can just get your tickets, enter Ukraine visa free and roam the streets of any city YOU want while interacting with ANY ladies YOU want, without having that “bond” with any agency????
            I strongly discourage anyone looking for a relationship from coming to Ukraine these days but if you still want it soooo damn much then simply allocate some time in June, July or August and come down here for 1 month or more.
            Y’all seem to consider a dating agency as some kind of a life saver in stormy Ukrainian waters. The problem is that you get to know only a handful of ladies through an agency while missing on 99.9999999% of others. Do you still like the odds? ;)

  10. This site is a total scam. The entire system is to get men to spend money emailing, chatting and talking to women THAT HAVE ZERO INTEREST IN THEM. They may have a passport to prove who they are but THEY GET PAID TO TALK TO MEN. It is their job – prostitution without the sex.

    I found it hard to believe that 100% of the women on this site were scammers so I tried to test this theory. I invited over 25 women from this site to contact me and meet me when I was actually in their city at that time. Of these 25 women, only one would meet with me and she pulled the expensive restaurant / interpreter scam. She was a full 15 years older than she claimed and the photos were photoshopped to death. I mean, I could recognize her but barely.

    Of course any instructions to contact me were never understood and had to be repeated to make more money from emailing. This was true for all but a couple of women which couldn’t even get my name right.

    Apparently this group has taken guys like me for $110M USD in the last year. They claim there are no scammers on their site – my research and in person contact indicated that it was 100% scammers.

    Don’t waste your time or your money.

    • Thanks for the update Keith. I’ve heard over two hundred guys say that they were ripped off by Anastasiadate.com but not a single guy has said he married from that site. If we do the math, they’re either pretty bad at their job or a total scam.

  11. BTW, I forgot to mention that one woman sent me her email address and I did talk to her without the controlled communication. She told me that everyone on the site got paid to communicate with men.

    When I asked other women about getting paid the conversation ended immediately.

  12. Scott
    I am going to Kiev, Ukraine in January, no matter what happens be it to meet someone or just as a tourist, and am curious on your take on the following two websites.

    UFMA, which need less to say i think is a rip
    Ukraine Brides which i am skeptical about but also cannot find any info about

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Will update you on my trip upon my return if that is acceptable

    • I’ll get over to those websites this week and have a look at them. In the meantime, you might go over to the Forums and post your question there – maybe someone else has used them and has an experience.

  13. Hi Scott,
    Nice site. Good job all these years.
    Sorry for any miss spellings.
    I’m a Swedish man that have done international ( Russian & Ukrainien ) dating since 2009. Have had some relations but not found my becoming wife yet. I will revert to you with some facts about 10 different Dating sites focusing on Ukrainien dating. I work in the aviation business so travel is not an issue. Have visited Ukraine many times both with my work and privately.
    So nice to read your description of the contrasts between how Ukraine women act and think compared with US and also European woman.
    A big smile came over my face more then 10 times reading you blog.
    AGAIN ! Great job. Much appreciated.
    During my last visit to Lviv, a smaller and completely fantastic city, I was out one night and had such a nice time. Ended up with a 32y, very attractive ladies. Well that is nothing special . . unless you consider that I have passed 50. They do have stile, class and feeling for what we men appreciate BUT you are expected to treat them with full respect and as a true Gentleman. Sadly the Ukraine currency UAH/Griva have lost all value the last 2 months. For us coming from US/Europe it is like totally unreal how cheap everything now have become.
    Will write more later.
    Brgds Caros

    • Yeah, my Wife tells me that the Russian Ruble is now 60 to a dollar whereas it was 30 to a dollar only 6 months ago. If anyone was every planning a trip, now would be the time.

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