Born into Feminism

Super Strong Woman

Perhaps the most recurring argument that has come up since I started this website is whether or not feminism is as pervasive in our society as I say it is. Friends, colleagues and family all say, “we now understand the appeal of … Continue reading

Follow the Man


Been away for a few weeks & a bit surprised to see all that I’ve missed. Just catching up on Seth’s posts now – seems like he’s made some good progress. First off – I got married last weekend. So … Continue reading

Are you going into business together?


It seems that everyday I hear that he and she are “partners.” She’s not his girlfriend, his “live-in,” fiance or even wife. No, she’s a partner now. When did this happen? In the movie “Ameican Beauty,” a pair of gay … Continue reading

I’m Gettting Cynical…


Yesterday in the checkout line a woman (obese, late forties) was buying a book and wanting to know what the populace was buying these days I asked her about it.  It was titled something like “Twin Miracles for Christmas” and … Continue reading

Manly Monday: What Do You Want? Part II

Aliona knows what she wants in a you?

It was early December, but not so early that a company Christmas party couldn’t be held at a management member’s farmhouse.  It was late and most partygoers had left for their homes.  A few of us, however, stayed well into soul’s … Continue reading

Manly Monday: What do you want?

Russian blonde woman

“It’s a deal.” I held out my hand in the culturally defined gesture of sealing an agreement.  He started reaching back and I started having second thoughts.  This man, only one year older than me, was living in a house so filthy (his parent’s) you could shovel the dirt out … Continue reading

Nice guys finish last


I recently came across an article titled “Why Nice Guys Finish Last.” It piqued my curiosity and I gave it a read. It wasn’t quite what I expected: I thought that it would be more of a social writing about … Continue reading