Agency review: Elena’s Models

It seems that every time I check my Western Women Suck email box, the #1 question that men are asking me is, “Is there a reputable Eastern European dating agency out there?”  The only legitimate site that I knew of closed a few years ago and there seemed to be few other options.  I recently spent a few Saturdays searching the net looking at (literally) hundreds of sites.  I finally came across one that seemed to have hope.

I decided to give it a thorough appraisal and report back on my findings.

Before I even get started on Elena’s Models Dating Agency, lets recap what I’ve found so far regarding other agencies.  I can say with great conviction that Anastasia Dating is the biggest scam on the planet.  The owners of this agency should be locked up for defrauding tens of thousands of men millions of dollars.  What is worse is the damage that they cause by giving so many men false hopes that lead to more disappointment down the road. I wrote a little about the Brides of Ukraine agency – another scam site run by Australian/American pimp Dion.  I think that I’ll write a full review of his website after I received some threatening hate mail from him.

I digress.

Let’s talk about Elena’s Agency – perhaps  the most exciting development I’f found in my quest to find a foreign bride.

What stands out most about Eastern European dating agencies is their HIGH PRICES.  It seems that you can only make contact with women through the service and pay $7 to $10 per page for translation services.  Since the letters go through the agency, it is impossible to know if they were even written by the woman you are corresponding with.  At Elena’s, you pay a flat fee, much like at or eHarmony & you can email as many women as you want.  You send an email, they receive it and you talk back and forth without interference from Elena’s agency.  If you and the woman feel comfortable, you can exchange personal emails and talk on your yahoo or gmail account.

I paid $99 for a 3 month subscription – certainly no more expensive than emailing neurotic fat women on eHarmony.  I logged in and began browsing through the women listed on the site.

I found that I could search by country – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or I could search by age, 25-29 or 30-34, I could search the “latest women” and I could even put in a parameter search by hair color, weight, whether or not she smokes or has children.

And so, I began looking:

The first thing that I noticed about the site is that the descriptions of what the women are looking for sound realistic – like they were actually written by women clients.  This is unlike on Anastasia dating where the comments are completely unrealistic.  Example, a 22 year old bombshell is looking for a 64 year old man and wants to have children tomorrow.  As I look through Elena’s I see that most of the early 20 somethings are looking for a 25-35 year old long-term boyfriend leading to marriage, the late 20’s to 30’s women are looking for marriage (and often desire family).  The whole website just seemed to be “normal” – what you would expect to find.

I compare my experiences to Anastasia, “I am blind, have no legs, no arms, my face was burned off in a nuclear accident and I have aids.”  I received 22 offers of marriage the next day from women who easily could have walked out of a Sports Illustrated Swimwear Magazine shoot.  And I wondered, what kind of success will I have?

I’m in my early 40’s, stand over 6′ tall (180cm), weigh in at about 195 (88kg), have average looks, a good job, own my own home, and am in relatively good physical shape (I’m not fat, go to the gym, have a few muscles, etc).  I consider myself an “average” looking guy.  How would I fare?  Would women want to marry me out of my wheelchair with arms, legs and a face?  I decided to give it a go and find out.

Rather than email, you can send an EOI (Expression of Interest), when the woman gets it, she gives you a thumbs up or down – saving you the work of sending her an email.  I sent off 20 expressions of interest and about 1/2 of them said, “Not interested.”

How refreshing.

Not that my slightly bruised ego took a hit, but instead – I believe that I’ve actually found a legit agency.

Also, while there are many many beautiful women on the site.  Most of the women are “normal” looking: their photos are taken by a friend, they are wearing normal clothing, etc.  Some have clearly gone to a photographer but the photos look nice and tactful, not like these near-porn agency photos you see at other sites.  Most of the agencies use photos that are very sexually provocative – this is done with the intent of getting you to think with your little head instead of your big head.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid

Elena’s Models does not allow any kind of spamming, scamming or asking for money.  If any woman on the site asks you for money, you are to report her and her profile will be pulled.  Compare this to Anastasia and other agency sites that not only allow the solicitation of money, they actually sponsor it, “Send box of chocolates,” “send flowers to your lady,” etc.  When you add up the cost of the membership, $10 a letter, sending chocolates and then dealing with a $20 per hour interpreter, you can drop thousands of dollars, all on a woman who has no interest in you whatsoever.

Speaking of interpreters, Elena advertises that most of her women speak English.  No need to interpret letters if the woman can speak English.  But, for the few who do not speak English, Elena encourages you to use a free translation service (like Google Translate) or you can pay a fee to have her agency translate.

The whole “vibe” of this agency is that it is legitimate and isn’t trying to fleece you for your whole retirement fund.

Of the ladies that replied affirmatively to my expression of interest, I began writing some letters.  Probably about a third of those letters went unanswered.  Perhaps the lady had a change of heart.  Again, how refreshing.  This probably means that the remaining ladies that did answer my letter are legitimate.  Some of the letters that were replied had great English, in some it was basic and in others, the lady clearly said, “I know only basic English, I sent this letter using a translator.”  I was impressed that the women who used a translator were upfront and honest about it.  They didn’t want me to come over thinking that they were fluent.  I appreciated the honesty.  Actually, I almost couldn’t believe it.  After all of the lies that I have seen in this industry, I had become quite jaded.

In the two or three weeks since I signed up, I have begun a daily correspondence with about a half dozen women who I feel are genuinely interested in me.  We exchanged personal emails and I sent them loads of photos of myself (both good and bad, better they don’t like my picture than not like me after I drop $1500 on plane tickets and a hotel to visit).  All of the women who speak English have offered their phone number and Skype names that we might phone and/or video chat.  All of this dialogue – without interference from the agency.  And all of this without recurring costs.  Just the way it should be.

I am already making plans to visit one woman.  I have already been to the city where she lives.  I can get a cab from the airport and rent my own apartment.  Aside from the cost of the airline ticket, the taxi or subway fare and the cost of the hotel/apartment, my only other cost will end up being a $99 fee to Elena’s?  Wow, just to meet a half dozen women I had to pay pimp Dion at $500.

Probably the only down side to talking to women from Elena’s is that I find the women I am talking to – to be wonderful.  I want to answer every email, every question, ask my own questions.  I find that I’m spending 3 or 4 hours a day just to keep up with the email.  When my vacation comes in a few months, I am going to have to pick which few women I am going to come and visit.  I have decided now to see 3 or 4.  My reasoning is: no matter how much we like each others letters, voice & video – you will never know if you have chemistry until you meet in person.  I will probably meet 3 or 4 women and then decide who I want to pursue a relationship with – if any of them at all.

Another factor that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling about this agency is the large number of success stories – it seems that each week a couple is getting married and attributing their success to meeting at Elena’s.  And another factor is that Elena’s doesn’t deal with that silly IMBRA law that so many websites use as a way to keep you from getting the email address of the woman you are writing.  In reality, the reason that so many agencies use the “IMBRA excuse” is so that you must go through them to talk to a woman.  In reality, you are really talking to a secretary or letter writer.

Never say never:

In the past, I’ve advised you to stay away from letter writing through agencies.  In my experience the process was rife with fraud.  I stand corrected, I believe that the process at Elena’s is legitimate.  The bottom line is this – I am thoroughly convinced that Elena’s Model’s is a legitimate agency, has a good price and a good product, and as far as I can tell, trustworthy management.  For this reason, I am endorsing this agency and even contacted them about advertising on the site.

If you are considering making the effort to find an Eastern European wife – my recommendation is to stay away from all of the other websites and ONLY select Elena’s Models.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  If anyone else knows of another legitimate agency, please email me and I’ll give it a look.

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WWS recommended site: Elenas Models
The use of copyrighted material in this website is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the sharing of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and education. All shared material will be attributed to its owner and a link provided when available. All other stories, posts, reports, photos, videos and content on this site is copyright protected and is the property of the Western Women Suck blogpage, all rights reserved.

No game whatsoever

First and foremost, the purpose of this post is to educate.  I intend to share some of the pitfalls that western men encounter when they come to the CIS (former USSR countries), especially dealing with marriage brokers and agencies.

All that said, have a look at some of these photos.  Do they look a little ridiculous to you?  That’s because they are ridiculous.  I’ve talked to hundreds of western men and they all tell me about how this or that woman loves them or wants to meet them – but they’ve never even talked to the woman, they’ve relied on a marriage agency for communication.  If you are going to communicate to a woman using an agency you have to KNOW that the agency is honest.

I have had dealings with Anastasia, Brides of Ukraine and IDC and I can say that they are all bogus!

If you look at these photos and you don’t believe that these guys have a chance in hell of marrying one of these women you have to wonder how did they come to have dates with these women.  The reason is that these agencies have LIED to these men telling them that these women are interested in a relationship.  I’ve sat through lunch or dinner and watched and listened to hundreds of these dates and they are all pretty much the same.  The girls ask the same questions, say flattering things to the men and the men REALLY believe that they have a shot at these beauties.

It is all really quite sad.

In the photo above, in Odessa’s walking district, this guy has a date with the woman in pink.  The interpreter in red/white polka dots is the interpreter.  I’ve seen this woman on ‘dates” with other men using different interpreters and I’ve seen these interpreter on other dates with different women.  The interpreter charges US $10 to $15 per hour and pays the woman $5 per hour to  “milk the date out” as long as she can.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid

And so, these men take these women out for expensive dates, buy them gifts and pay interpreters for date after date that never goes anywhere.

If you are thinking of coming to the CIS to meet a woman and you are using an agency, think again.

In the photo above, this western man is out on a date with a young woman and her interpreter.  The entire park – I mean EVERYBODY – stopped, and watched as they walked by.  I saw everything from incredulous looks to outright laughter.  The Ukrainians, Russians, Turks & even other Westerners couldn’t believe that this guy thought he was on a real date.  It was so obvious that it was a scam.  As I took the photo above I saw a husband, wife and daughter openly laughing at the “date” as they passed (below).

Don’t EVER write letters to women using marriage agencies.  You aren’t talking to the woman, some secretary is answering your letters.  Don’t use an agency interpreter – if they require it for the first date, close the date out quickly and make an appointment to meet with your own interpreter.  Any sign of resistance to this proposition is evidence of fraud.

Be forewarned.  I know many will read this and go and do it anyways.  You’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

And for heaven’s sake, if you do go to Ukraine or another CIS country, dress up a bit.  The men above scream “poverty” with the clothes that they are wearing.  No Eastern Woman will take you seriously when you’re wearing a “Joe’s Carwash” t-shirt.  Geez..

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models
The use of copyrighted material in this website is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the sharing of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and education. All shared material will be attributed to its owner and a link provided when available. All other stories, posts, reports, photos, videos and content on this site is copyright protected and is the property of the Western Women Suck blogpage, all rights reserved.

How the scam works

Wow! I only signed up for Anastasia International dating last night and by 8am this morning I already have a dozen women who want to contact me.  Hmmm, that is interesting indeed as I haven’t even posted a photo or anything about myself.  I might be dying of terminal cancer, have no arms and legs, be unemployed and still these hot women want to go out with me!  I must be one lucky fellow.

Or maybe its a scam?

As I watch each day, so many 65-year-old, overweight American, Aussie and British men go out on dates with these spectacular looking Ukrainian women – women who are only 22 or 23 years old, I can’t help but roll my eyes and think how clueless these guys are.  Well, I can’t scoff, I was about as clueless two weeks ago.

Just last night my buddy from London and my Ukrainian friend watched as two beautiful young 20-somethings dined and drank at the expense of two 45-something fat Turkish guys who really thought that they were getting somewhere.  We watched as the girls rolled their eyes to each other when the men were looking away, as if to say, “Hold on a little longer sister, this date won’t last too much longer.”  Clearly these girls were in this date for free sushi, vodka shots and the chance to go shopping tomorrow to fleece these guys out of some hard-earned cash.  One guy was wearing an 18k gold Rolex so I figured they had some money.

As I talk to so many men from Western countries, the story repeats itself.  They “date” this young attractive girl, go to expensive restaurants, drag along an expensive interpreter and after so many dates – just when the guy is becoming wary of spending so much money and suggests losing the interpret, the girl vanishes or breaks contact.

It all seemed a bit too coincidental until my Ukrainian friend provided me with a few links and then it all began to make sense.  Taken from the Russian version of Facebook called “Konekt,” these ads are for IDC and other “local” agencies – the same type of agencies that supply Anastasia International women for dating.  Most of these agencies “share” women profile information.

I met a guy from Iowa last week who spent a few thousand dollars dating Anastasia women and when he found that some where indeed only in it to share commissions with the interpreter he complained.  Anastasia refused his complaint and would not refund his money for those dates.  Buyer beware.

Any agency that uses women’s profiles from other agencies that use these kinds of tactics are just as guilty as the agencies that create the profiles.  In the case of Anastasia International – each of the men here that I’ve talked to report the same thing: as soon as they cut off the interpreter and try to use their own, none of the Anastasia girls call them back.  They say that 90-95% of the Anastasia women are bogus and are only dating for pay.

These adds encourage women to date as a part or full-time job – even if they have no intention of dating a foreigner or moving to a Western country.  I shouldn’t even describe the ad, I should let it speak for itself:

Hello Are you [interested in the] marriage agency IDC. Would you like to become a client of our and get a free, professional photo session with one of the best photographers in Ukraine? You would be able to meet new and interesting dating and relationships, as well as the opportunity to earn some money (not sex)!

If desired, we provide you with professional photo shoot and you register on dating sites. On your behalf is correspondence [you do not have to write to the men, we will do it for you]. Just for you will come men [who want to write to you or meet you]. In this case, you can meet them, and as you can and refuse to meet. It all depends on you and your desires. The meeting is usually a dinner or lunch at the restaurant (at the request of the girls). At the meetings, usually a translator. But, you can cancel the service of an interpreter (for free), in which case you do go to a meeting with a man.

In conclusion, the male customer is obliged to give a girl in a taxi, our clients give the girls a taxi at least 200 gr (note: about $25 US, a cab ride across the whole of the city is about 50 gr).Not according to how close or far away lived a girl. You get $ 5 for every hour spent in communion with a man and a translator.

For example, if you spent 3 hours, then you will receive $ 15 and 200 UAH. by taxi. You’ll also receive gifts from men, who came to you at the meeting. Men, which is correspondence on your behalf on the sites, send you gifts. In this case, you can pick them up in the form of money or gifts to themselves. The guarantee that you will get this or that gift – you and your photos brought a gift. This site is a prerequisite for the delivery of a gift for a girl. [You don’t have to do anything to] receive all the gifts that will be coming to you from the men, such as flowers, perfume, and other [valuable items].

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid

Many of the girls (who are not interested in a serious relationship), use such agencies as a way of earning and receiving gifts.

Requirements for the following girls: good looks, age 18 to 35 years.

I’ve used the dating agency Brides of Ukraine – this agency, run by a slippery American fellow named Dion is just a “broker.”  He doesn’t actually ever interact with any of the women on the profiles he publishes.  He posts the profiles of other agencies and gets a “cut” of the introduction fee and the fees that are charged to interpret letters.

Now, I’m not complaining about this.  I’m an adult and I spent my money freely.  Thank goodness I only paid $200 for introduction fees ($50 each for 4 dates).  I’ve talked to some guys that have dropped $6,000-8,000).  My point in posting this is to warn the next crowd of guys who may come over and get cheated like so many other men here.

Lets have a see at my track record with Dion and his agency:

Corresponded with 1 girl for a year and 3 weeks before I arrive she emails saying that she’s taking her name of the site but that she wants to still meet me.  When I arrive in Odessa she can’t be found.  She never existed, I was emailing a secretary at one of the agencies.

Another girl that I corresponded with for 9 months – I received an email from her in month 9 saying “Hi, I’d like to get to know you.”  Clearly that email was sent by someone other than her – I was never writing to her in the first place.

I asked for dates with 10 women who emailed me the month before my arrival.  6 of the 10 women who were so eager to “write to me” vanished upon my arrival.

Of the 4 that I did meet with, 3 cut off all contact when I wanted to use my interpreter.  The 4th girl was legitimate so long as I took her to high-end restaurants and kept ordering champagne.  When I insisted on pizza and beer, our relationship closed quickly.

As I have some prepaid credits, I decided to email this girl:

My message was curt and to the point: “I am looking for a serious woman, no games.  If you are interested in meeting me, please reply.”

This is the message that I received (mind you, my name is not Jeff and I’m not Asian):

Hello Jeff

How are you?

Ok, do not worry I am going to answer your questions.

Yes, you are an interesting person and I think I will like you phsically when we meet, I can’t say anythig definite now.

I would like to see myself in 5 years as a wife and a mother of my first child.

Dear, there is only my parents and me in the family and I live separately, they do not mind if I date an Asian guy.

I am very affectionate person and I will treat my man the same way as he does, I am a giving person I never cheat and I believe in true love.
You will see me someday and notice that I am very gentle.


Are you starting to get the picture?  These girls aren’t writing these letters.  Corresponding with a foreign woman through and agency isn’t corresponding at all – for all you know you’re talking to big fat Boris as he snacks on pretzels and beer writing love notes do desperate Western Men.

I thought I’d have some fun with this and I immediately emailed Dion back.  I’ve caught this slippery f*ck in a few lies already.  If you look up the word con-man in the dictionary, you’ll find him.  I asked for a date with Svetlana.  Heck, she lives in Odessa, I’m here and she just wrote me, certainly she can meet this weekend?  He said he would get back to me and 5 days later I’ve received no response.

If a “rich” woman flew to the US and was trying to meet me for dinner, I’d surely make time!

Interestingly, when I arrived 2 1/2 weeks ago, he was calling me 3 times a day.  After I poked some holes in his BS and complained about scammers, he doesn’t call me any more.  I guess he would rather spend his time talking to 65-year-old suckers with deep pockets and bank accounts.

As I’ve said in previous posts: writing to girls you haven’t met is a waste of money.  Taking girls out for dinner and drinks is a waste of money.  Meet for no more than an hour, get their phone number and arrange 2nd date with your own interpreter.  If she shows, she’s honest.  If she doesn’t she’s dating for $.

Your call, good luck.

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models
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