Tatiana 07

Been away for a few weeks – seems the time passes so quickly. Making some long term plans with Alana and then getting ready for our next separation – long distance sucks, we are going to try to keep it … Continue reading

Men as an accessory


I was chatting with a colleague at work and he asked if I was married or had children.  I told him that I was involved in a relationship and showed him a few photos of my recent trip to the Mediterranean with … Continue reading

Entertain ME!


Let’s meet Angela.  She’s from New York City.  That’s the first strike against her – unless you’re looking for fast and free sex, in my opinion, women from Los Angeles, New York, DC and San Francisco are the bottom of … Continue reading

A letter from Matt


… a Western man with a date & interpreter in Odessa’s walking district… Just rec’d this email from Matt and he agreed to let me post it. Thanks for the input Matt, I’ll answer your questions in the form of comment … Continue reading

Enviornmental Stewardship


Before I had commented on some of the danger signs to look for in Western women including overeating and too much emphasis on pets and yoga. I suppose that I failed one that is very important: over-concern for the environment. … Continue reading

Never make fun of fat girls


Mom always told me that I shouldn’t make fun of fat people or ugly people & I’ve generally stuck to that advice. But what about fat women who think they are God’s gift to the planet? Or how about women … Continue reading

Make me some eggs!


If I only had more time for this blog I could make ten posts a day.  These crazy American women make it so easy. I wanted to type about Odessa in Ukraine, about Belarus (love Minsk) and about my travels … Continue reading

I’m beautiful!


Been busy courting a beautiful 27-year-old Ukrainian Woman for the past week and haven’t paid much attention to the blog.  But something I saw today made me put on my writing cap. As if you didn’t need any more reasons … Continue reading

My eHarmony membership


The first post in what will be a weekly comparison… Let’s compare a Ukrainian woman who is looking for a relationship to one from the West. I’ll be using the terms “American woman” and “Western woman” interchangeably as they are … Continue reading