Another successful marriage


Actually, three more bite the dust. I was going through this site checking some links and I noticed that many of the profiles that I had highlighted on this blog were no longer active. It seems that a great many … Continue reading

Detached from reality


It seems like the only time I ever look at the ads of Western women is when one of the guys at work says, “They’re not that bad,” as if I’m exaggerating the narcissism of Western women. Realize now, I’ve had this … Continue reading

You’re so lucky


Nicole, that’s what we will call her for this post, engaged me in a conversation earlier. She is a colleague at work and she asked me a few questions in a sort of a “let’s get better acquainted” way. She … Continue reading


Tatiana 07

Been away for a few weeks – seems the time passes so quickly. Making some long term plans with Alana and then getting ready for our next separation – long distance sucks, we are going to try to keep it … Continue reading

Victoria in Kiev


Update: Looks like Victoria has found a man ~ we hope that it was a WWS subscriber! :-) I’ve got another reason for you to go East – if you haven’t been to Eastern Europe yet, what are you waiting … Continue reading



I went Hog hunting with some buddies in Texas last year.  It was a pretty kick ass time; we shot 12 hogs over the weekend & had some good times drinking beer, laughing and telling war stories (on field and … Continue reading

Anna from Odessa

Anna 01

We haven’t had an Elena’s Models Model highlighted in a few weeks so I thought that it would be a good time to preview one of the ladies at the dating agency.  I went over to the website and I … Continue reading

Men as an accessory


I was chatting with a colleague at work and he asked if I was married or had children.  I told him that I was involved in a relationship and showed him a few photos of my recent trip to the Mediterranean with … Continue reading



UPDATE: I noticed that Sabina’s profile has been removed. She left the following message: I am corresponding with somebody special. Good luck in your search! Good luck to you Sabina ~ we can only wonder if a WWS reader is the man … Continue reading