If I had it to do all over again

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… Beautiful Woman in Sevastopol, Ukraine… You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. This has always been a problem for me in my life. I see something clearly and after I tell someone else … Continue reading

Review: 90 Day Fiance


Alana and I finally got around to downloading and watching “90 Fiance.” I’ll have to say that we were both entertained by the show and we thought that it was put together well. For anyone considering marrying a woman from … Continue reading

#2 Planning a solo trip

Russian Mom

… Typical Russian Mom and her child … This post is co-written by Scott & Mike. The top part is Scott & Mike’s comments are below: Mike gave me a list of 9 items that he thought warranted discussion: topics … Continue reading

Regarding Choosing Profiles…

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I’ve mentioned before that narrowing the number of girls down to 20-30 is a difficult decision.  This is mostly because I don’t want to narrow it down…I want to meet them all!  I know I can’t feasibly do it.  Sometimes … Continue reading



I suppose I enjoy profiles that are more…prolific.  There’s a couple of them that say nothing more than “Ask me what I like to do for fun”, but Victoria’s doesn’t disappoint.  She’s definitely in my -Want to Meet- list, but … Continue reading

Introducing Seth


Hello everyone.  I am Seth Connor and I will be joining Scott as a contributing writer on his blog.  As a long time reader and comment poster here at WesternWomenSuck.com and I am excited to be able to share in the … Continue reading

Anna from Odessa

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We haven’t had an Elena’s Models Model highlighted in a few weeks so I thought that it would be a good time to preview one of the ladies at the dating agency.  I went over to the website and I … Continue reading

I can carry my own luggage


… next time you go out of the house, have a look around – does the average Woman in your town look like this? … A few glasses of wine on my flight and I feel a familiar alcohol buzz … Continue reading



UPDATE: I noticed that Sabina’s profile has been removed. She left the following message: I am corresponding with somebody special. Good luck in your search! Good luck to you Sabina ~ we can only wonder if a WWS reader is the man … Continue reading