Seth update


… recent protests in Ukraine … I received a few emails inquiring about Seth and a few of you have posted some comments on his last posts. I’m going to leave Seth’s updates for him when he gets back & … Continue reading

Letter from George


… the pot calling the kettle black… I received this letter from George a few weeks back and I thought I’d post it as he come to many of the same conclusions that I have regarding Western women. I’ll let … Continue reading

I’m not a Diva!

Texas beauties

I’m planning a hunting trip with a buddy and I was looking through Craig’s List for some hunting ranches and I came upon this ad from a woman in rural Texas who’s looking for love.  Have you ever been to … Continue reading

Your blog is spot on!


… Ukrainian Woman on Odessa’s Derbasivskaya Street last summer… I received this email from a reader.  I thought I’d share his insights and answer his question online: Hi Scott I’ve just been reading your blog on the western women and … Continue reading

Russian and Ukrainian beauties

Siiberian beauty in high heels

Seems I’ve neglected my blog during the Christmas season.  As I sort through some photos I thought I’d bring a little Christmas cheer to the internet by posting a pair of beauties.  The photo above is a Russian Woman I … Continue reading