Saturday Satire: Before and after marriage

Before and after marriage in Russia

These photos were making the rounds in the Russian social media circuit; expectations for before and after marriage. The title above each photo reads: “Before marriage,” and “after marriage.” I had a good chuckle because I’ve thought some of these … Continue reading

To all Russian Moms

Russian Mom 3

Recently, my Wife and I were on a road trip and we pulled over at a park near the interstate for a walk to stretch our legs. We saw a group of Moms and their kids feeding ducks near a … Continue reading

Meeting the parents


… even the Mom’s are hot in Russia … Working overseas has its downside: you are separated from home, friends and family for months.  But, the upside is months of vacation at a time.  And, when you’re “dating” an Eastern … Continue reading

Two Russians and a Ukrainian

Russian Woman in snow

It has been a while since I’ve put up some Eastern European eye-candy.  Took the above photo nearly a decade ago in St. Petersburg.  I sure do love how Eastern European Women dress.  Even in the winter they wear beautiful … Continue reading

Russian and Ukrainian beauties

Siiberian beauty in high heels

Seems I’ve neglected my blog during the Christmas season.  As I sort through some photos I thought I’d bring a little Christmas cheer to the internet by posting a pair of beauties.  The photo above is a Russian Woman I … Continue reading