Russian Sanctions

Russian politics

This is what sanctions in Russia look like (above and below). A buddy of mine in Russia (east of Moscow) just sent these to me. He says that you can still buy everything, except that food is more expensive and … Continue reading

#2 Planning a solo trip

Russian Mom

… Typical Russian Mom and her child … This post is co-written by Scott & Mike. The top part is Scott & Mike’s comments are below: Mike gave me a list of 9 items that he thought warranted discussion: topics … Continue reading

Introducing Seth


Hello everyone.  I am Seth Connor and I will be joining Scott as a contributing writer on his blog.  As a long time reader and comment poster here at and I am excited to be able to share in the … Continue reading

Putting my money where my mouth is

Wedding rings

Well, its official – I’m now engaged to be married. When I arrived from work on my vacation & met with Alana, I presented her with an engagement ring and she accepted. We’re thinking of setting a date for next … Continue reading

Visas for Everyone

Being an Au Pair

… note: Visa photo above is for illustration purposes only, it is borrowed from the website Being an Au Pair … After I had received my 3 year Russian Visa, Alana and I began to make plans for this year’s … Continue reading

Russia relaxes Visa requirements


I have been corresponding with a wonderful woman that I met at Elena’s Models and I am making active plans to go and visit her.  Now comes the dreaded visa process.  I really wish that Russia would learn from Ukraine … Continue reading